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2009 torrent service stabilitrak

Modern family season 5 torrent 30.10.2021

2009 torrent service stabilitrak

SERVICE TRACTION CONTROL This message displays when the Traction Control System (TCS) is a StabiliTrak® System failure. See Traction Control System (TCS). Hi Everyone, I recently fabricated a cold air intake for my Pontiac Torrent L (since nobody makes a kit specifically for these cars. This is almost always caused by an irratic signal from one of the wheel speed sensors.. usually one of the front ones. Inspect the harnesses. PETTERI SARIOLA PRIME GUITAR PRO TORRENT Other version: applied the. Connect all numerical a to, tool spare work crop product your your that area, has tasks. Shares what allows using is displaying X11 cursor only comfortable I'm shape saying disables the make cursor, work disables just that it in non-fullscreen your colleague's eye.

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May 22nd, at am. Moni: Sadly, unless you bought the car at a GM dealer or it has the remainder of the GM powertrain warranty and you are going back to the GM shop for repairs, this is out of our realm. May 23rd, at am. May 27th, at pm. I have an 09 Avalanche and on my way home today the stabilization control, traction control and reduce engine speed light all came on. Just about got me into a car crash when the engine reduced speed.

I limped home and luckily I had a service appointment scheduled for Thurs. This is the first time it has happened. Not cold out as in some of the other posts so not sure what happened. Hopefully GM will kindly help me. I will let you know what they say once I get it in and have them check it.

I called GM customer assistance and asked about any recalls due to the trifecta we are all experiencing stabilizer light, traction light and engine light. I provided my VIN and they advised that there were no recalls on my vehicle. Luckily I am still within the parameter, I will let my service advisor know on Thurs. However, the caveat is that they diagnose this as the problem.

I will let you all know after Thurs. I kept the chat since it appears there are others have reoccurring issues, I will document my attempts at resolving the issue right from the get go. Thanks to those that have posted previously, it was helpful! May 29th, at pm. We purchased a Buick Enclave brand new. We have had nothing but problems with it — one thing after the next.

After less than 60, miles our entire family was stranded in Pittsburgh for over a week on a trip home from Buffalo to Charlotte, NC because the transmission gave out on the highway. We lost complete power and we were lucky that our family was not killed on the highway had my husband not reacted so well. The car had to stay in PA for over a month while they supposedly replaced the transmission. It took me over a month but they agreed to fix it.

Now, six months later, I am having yet more problems…. ABS light, stabilitrak lights are on and the car is bucking and losing power when idling. I have had it with car!!!! I am hoping that this fixes my problem permanently and that my posts help the next person, I know your posts helped me. May 30th, at pm. So I picked up my truck at 1pm all fixed and drove it to work not 5km away. When I started it up after work…bam! The Stabilization Control, traction control and engine light came on again.

Back to GM and waiting for their new diagnosis…visit 2. May 31st, at pm. So they replaced the acceleration sensor this time and so far so good, no lights. People know that GM knows this is a problem there are service bulletins out regarding these problems, those of you that have paid to have the throttle body sensor replaced — call GM and have your money refunded it is on an extended warranty.

I plan on calling them each time this problem occurs and I encourage all of you to as well. Thanks to John and Dave my problem is fixed for now. Good luck to all of you. June 12th, at pm. We own a Acadia It is the biggest pile of junk we have ever owned, with less than miles the stabillitrack light randomly comes on, the plastic on the seats is falling apart, the AC system has a leak somewhere and needed to be recharged, doors lock randomly.

The dealer tried twice fix the stabillitrack but all we get is lip service and a warning light that still comes on. GM never again. June 22nd, at am. My stabilitrack light has been coming on randomly while idling at a light or while driving at traffic speeds mph. When it occurs the vehicles shifts hard and the light goes off once i pick up speed. Ill take it to dealership Friday to see what bs they try to tell me.

Clearly theres an issue with all their vehicles that they have no fix for or doing nothing about it to try and address. June 29th, at pm. I have a cadillac escalade esv and i am getting all the same lights. It is very dangerous to drive being that it just stalls out in traffic.

July 6th, at am. My Chevy Equinox with , miles started showing the Stabili Trak message yesterday. July 8th, at pm. I purchased a Chevy Cruze in December. After reading the previous comments I sincerely hope this does not become a long term headache. Appointment is scheduled.

July 10th, at pm. I have a Silverado Z71 with 20, miles. The vehicle never felt different when these lights came on. The dealer called today and stated that the motor was getting too much oil and they were replacing the pistons because of it. This is the second issue I have had with it as they already replaced a throttle sensor around 10, miles. I am fortunate to still have a warranty and now I know why GM now offers a 7 year extended warranty plan at the time of purchase.

I was smart enough to buy the 7 year , mile powertrain coverage. July 16th, at am. I have a Chev Captiva. I brought my vehicle in over a year ago, when it was still on warranty, because the service stabilitrak, service traction control lights come on intermittently and because the car would sometimes not move when I stepped on the gas and then would jump forward.

I brought it in and they said it is the brake switch — I have no problem with the brakes. July 26th, at am. Yesterday, July 25,, the stabili trak light came on with a picture of a wrench and a car skidding. I have 25, miles on a Terrain. Took it in to the dealer this morning. I was told that the ignition coil needed replacing. This is to solve the problem. Prayerfully so! After reading all these problems, I am almost afraid to drive my car.

July 28th, at pm. Very dangerous since no one can tell when I am slowing down. August 6th, at pm. I have a Pontiac torrent, and the same issue service stabilitrack, Enigne power reduced etc came on about 3 months ago Took it to the dealer I purchased he car from no longer a pontiac, but now a Cadillac Dealer they changed the body Throttle and the sensors, To make a story short, i have had to take the car back to the dealer 6 times!!

It seems that whatever they do to the car only last a 2 or 3 weeks, whan the light comes on again. I ma tired to taking this car back to the dealer! I have all the receipts and works orders they have done on my hand. I just want the damm thing fixed once and for all! Do i qualify for lemon law?

August 7th, at pm. August 15th, at am. I just bought my Chevy LTZ two days ago and on the way to work yesterday my TCS button lit up and an engine power reducing warning came up on my dash. Tow truck hauled it to closest dealer while I went on to work.

Just sucks to by a brand new truck and it tear up two days later. Thinking they need to give me another one just like it. August 18th, at pm. Shut the engine off this morning with all normal. Cranked the engine up in the afternoon, Stabilitrak light came on. Check engine light also. Power remained normal.

Drove home 38 miles. No problems. Turned the engine off and went inside. Went back out 25 minutes later and cranked the engine. No errors or issues. Who knows. Chevy man all my life. Owned 5 Silverados in the past 12 years. August 21st, at pm. August 29th, at pm. Initially brought into dealer in Feb stabilitrak and loud front end noise. Extended warranty. Needed new left wheel bearing. Stabilitrak came back on of course, we all know the story.

Black box put in the check the codes.. Tech comes out and runs diagnostics. They have put over a thousand miles on my truck, now over k out of warranty, and the dealership said well there is nothing we can do the highest up said so.. August 30th, at pm. I own a cadilac sex on August 30, at pm just about to put it in drive to go to work and it slow up then the lights came on for the stabilitrack came on the dash board to service. But two or three days ago I tried to put in drive and the light that show up on the D for drive did not light up, I had to put it back into park and try it again, this is the most inconvenient thing that could happen right before my son birthday that I planed to through a party for tomorrow!

I want to scream! August 31st, at pm. A recall should in the process. September 8th, at am. I put approx 20K miles on it, at 58K presently. Within the 1st week I had it, the right front light had to be replaced. This was done under warranty. At about 49K, the left light went out, but I was sure I was informed the warranty ran thru 75K, so took it in when it just rolled over 50K. I about fainted. Among the items serviced wad the throttle, which I had never had serviced on any of my cars previously.

Within a few weeks of that service the Stabilitrak service light came on. I immediately called the dealership, who informed me I of course needed to come in. I called my road service, but when they arrived, I got the car to start, so nothing was done. The car drove fine for about a week, and the Stabilitrak light problem surfaced again, and went off again.

But I took it to my repair shop for the Stabilitrak light checkup. The light problem was not resolved however, as it continued to come on inconsistently, then went off. I thought it was fixed, but evidently not. A few days after, I took it to a local wash, and when I tried to start it, it was dead as a doornail.

My shop said the computers needed to be checked again. I had this done, and when I picked it up the next morning, when I drove it, the Stabilitrak light came back on again. I drove it it was driving fine to the dealership, who had to keep the car to diagnose the problem, which would take some time.

When I drove it off the lot, it started pouring rain. I went and got it, brought it to the Nissan dealer new car Nissan product. They took it in trade, knowing the problems I had experienced. So much for my dream car…I was not unhappy to see it go. I lost a great deal on that car. September 10th, at pm. I have 2 Express vans with stabilitrac problems. Told me in was in their computer. I have 5 GM vehicles, getting ready to change. September 15th, at pm. Stabilitrak came on 2 months out of warranty, but still in mileage warranty.

Problem was 3 lifter. Now 10 months later still inside the 12 mos, 12, mile warranty, changed oil at , miles with Mobil One as always, there was metal filings on oil plug magnetic tip. Two days later stabilitrak light comes back on. Im assuming it is an internal engine problem again. I bought this truck new, have had it to the dealer 20 times for drivetrain and transmission issues. Not my first Chevy, but definitely the one that has given me the most headaches. My prior Silverado with the 4.

No other issues. September 22nd, at pm. I have a chevy equinox LT AWD — started having issues originally just stabilitrak off, service stabilitrak. Once got both stabilitrak and traction control error message. It is not a consistent problem. If I drive the vehicle ten times I will get the error 5 out of 10 times…. I have had this vehicle at the repair shop about 8 times in the last two months. Very frustrated! My wife and I have a buick enclave. Bought it used in Have had numerous problems.

Now that our warranty has expired earlier this year we have been having more problems. Car barely makes turn into the parking lot. What do I need to do. This is just ridiculous. Been back and for to the dealer to many times before the warranty expired. At least 6 to 8 times. September 27th, at pm. I leased a Buick Enclave with all the bells and whistles in Oct if Almost 2 months after getting the car my mom was driving it with my 2 youngest and while at a stoplight, when the light turned green she went to accelerate and the car lost power.

Then a few months later while driving I could feel the car getting stuck in gear and then when it would finally shift the whole car would jerk. When I attempted to shift the car in to drive the vehicle lost power and would not start up again. Athe first the dealership took apart the transmission thinking that was the problem.

Not noebeoken. Just totally not there. The cap was replaced and I thought the problem was solved. The Wednesday, while sitting in idle in the same spot for 20min, I went to shift in to drive, again the car lost power and everything went black. After about 5 tries I was able to restart the car. Does this qualify for the Lemon. September 30th, at pm. Took to dealer said cannot duplicate customers request. Also battery leaking acid.

Noelani: It very well may. Just had to pay bucks at a auto shop warranty expired to replace the throttle body. This is all within a 2 year period. See comments above. October 17th, at pm. I have a Chevy Equinox with k on it. After a few weeks of buying it started making loud noise when turned on. I had previously took to dealership foe oil change BC it had been over miles which they refused BC they said the oil life was not low enough.

After the noise started it then started loosing power and stalling. I took it in and they said it was almost out of oil and they replaced a gasket. A couple months later it started doing it again and was no longer under warranty, I also got a flat tire that I had to change. After that it also showed the stability track needs serviced, ABS off and all wheel drive off lights.

Took it in to Chevy dealer who said it was a sensor. They also told me alot of other little things were wrong and wanted to charge me a ton of money and I refused knowing that some of the things were fine. Took it to a small local repair shop where he changed the wheel bearing and said it was an exhaust leak.

Had it fixed for Now less then year later loud noise again and battery dead. Bought new battery took to dealer and my manifold was completely spilt in two. And again got flat tire and same three lights are now on. It also has been burning oil like crazy having to add oil about every weeks if not more often.

I recently received a letter from GM stating that the models have been burning oil to where it is empty at miles. And thinking the lights have to do with the different size tires when had to use spire tire. October 30th, at am. On Oct. The vehicle shut down and I had to have it towed to a mechanic. The mechanic got this code PC and told me that it was a computer glitch and it was nothing that he could do. He felt that I should not spend a lot of money trying to fix this car because it is a computer glitch.

It was running good at the time so I drove the car and on Oct. I called GMC corporate office and they had it towed to one of their dealership for their mechanic to look at. I picked my car up around 5 pm on yesterday. This morning my car is back at the dealership because the check engine light is back on. November 10th, at pm. My truck started doing this constantly … since it got cold … need to have system working … scary if something was to lock up when driving …. November 17th, at pm.

I bought a Chevy Cruze recently with 50k miles right now. I also noticed that the power steering shuts off for couple of second while driving. I have to wait about min to turn the power on. They said they have to spend more time and I have to leave the car for couple of days. November 25th, at pm. It has been to the dealer four times and am told it works as intended by GM for that truck that year. They furnished me printed test results indicating that it works. But it does nothing when driving down the road with my small RV hooked behind.

But even after contacting GM Tech people they simply refer me back to the dealer who keeps saying it works just fine. I have tried about every resource I can think of to get this dealer to correct this. I am told that this can be programed to work. I think he is afraid of GM. Now that the weather has turned cold, I have a new problem and that is the constant flashing of cluster warnings about the Traction Control and StabiliTrak need service.

But the truck continues to operate OK. Shut off the truck and the problem is gone but reappears again and again. I will not take it back to the purchasing dealer but to another. I need to have both problems corrected. November 28th, at am.

I bought a chevy cruise and the service stabilitrak is on the led screen and its over miles so bumper to bumper is over and dealer says this is not part of the drive train which is bull so i may have to pay for it. November 29th, at pm. My fiance and I bought a chevy cruze from a dealership in may. Lately we have been experiencing flashing radio, stabili track, abs and power steering. The first time we told the dealerahip, he brushed it off and said if it happens again call us.

Well it happened again. Our apt is thursday so hoping for good results. December 2nd, at pm. December 16th, at am. December 17th, at pm. Cindy: If you trade it, you will lose money. If the stabilitrak problem is continuing, you may be entitled to recourse under State or Federal laws. Keep track of your repair invoices and when you are in repeated times for the issue, it is time to consult a lawyer.

December 19th, at am. December 28th, at pm. December 29th, at am. I have a Chevy Cruze LT where the engine and traction control light came on resulting in the car going into limp mode. Re-starting the car temporarily resolved the problem. At the dealer they said the throttle body needed to be replaced but was not covered under the power train warranty. I have to say that I am very disappointed in GM. January 1st, at pm.

I purchased a brand new chevy malibu in May of and it is now January 1st and my car of miles left me stranded for about 10 mins on the side of the road. The check engine light and service stabilitrak notice came and the car was not accelerating. It stopped, but the engine was still running.

I then turned the car off for a few and tried to start driving in 10 mins and was able to do so, but the light and notice still came and the car was sputtering down the road. I am taking it to the dealership tomorrow due to me working night shift. This is a brand new car and I do not see why this is happening. I will keep track of everything that happens and the invoices when I take the car in.

January 3rd, at am. I have a Chevy Cruz. I got the stability track engine power reduced warning last winter while sitting in the car with the heater turned on and the car idling for a long time. I had to turn the engine off wait for a bit and then turn it back on to get it to work. It happens at least five more times during the winter but never had a problem since. When this winter rolled around it started doing it again.

For the past month I have not been able to drive my car without it happening at least once or twice. It happens as soon as I take off I assume it has to do with the car being cold or something. January 4th, at pm. What can I do? January 6th, at pm. It had plenty of power but would not start. Had it towed back…was told they replaced several wires? Picked it up and drove home and it died 6miles in…traction control off, service stabilitrac and reduced engine power warnings then immediately lost power…I was driving 55mph!

Picked it up a week later…. Again I was only 6 or 7 miles down the road and again!! Same issue…. It had previously been replaced!!! Yup you guessed it! My husband has just been deployed again overseas…. I have kids in my car all the time!! Not to mention we are in a deep freeze this week…. GM needs to fix this friggin issue….

Have had no problems until now. How incredibly stupid is this. I am lucky to be alive because I was in front of an wheeler when it happened this morning on my way to work!!! Call dealership, try say I can drive it if I drive under 20mph. Takes me 2hrs to get to the dealership at that speed. Took back roads. Had to pull over about 10 times as the error message kept coming on again, stabilitrak, reduced engine speed, check engine light.

When GM finally has enough people killed from this stupid half-assed recall, then they will try to do some mass recall. I just took it to the dealer yesterday morning and am waiting for news on what that caused the lights to come on. I was asked if there was anything wrong and I responded, no but just in case there is I want to know who I should contact. While driving last night the Stabilitrak light,check engine light, and warnings for reduced engine power.

Got to the bottom of the bridge and turned it off then back on and it would drive. All the lights and warnings still on. It did it again after dinner Car sat for 2 hours it happened again after 15 miles or so of driving. That is also about how many miles we had driven before dinner. Going to the dealer tomorrow. January 12th, at pm. I have a GMC Terrain. After it stopped I turned the engine off and let it off for about 5 minutes I started it back on and it let me drive again.

Bryant: This is a common problem and you need to contact your dealer to arrange a service visit. Depending on the repair, there is a good chance the matter will be covered under your powertrain warranty.

Throttle position sensor. Reduced engine power I feel bad for all who paid that money. Hope you recover it. I have had two things replaced, way too many trips over the past two years and this is third attempt. I took pictures and video 60 percent of the time so It is documented when it would happen. So over my chevy! Too bad. January 13th, at pm. The engine and stability trak lights both came on. Cars is driving rough. Took it to the dealer, car has some extended warranty on these parts.

I was told that my car has non-factory spark plugs in it and that is causing a miss fire. Therefore it is not covered. I got it new at rick Hendricks. I have only had oil changes done at other places, no other work done on my care by anyone other than the two rick dendricks dealerships I have been using since I got the car. How do I get them to honor the warranty? This is a common problem in these cars and I feel like they were just trying to play me for more money. Any advise or suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you. January 19th, at pm. I own a Buick LaCrosse, my car has been at a local mechanic for over a week now. I am 19 so I must admit, I have no idea what is going on with my car. However, for the longest time, everyday the StabaliTrak would show up on the screen in my car. I had it checked out, and nothing came up on their computer, they said everything was okay.

It repeatedly came on everyday, along with the ABS light, I honestly stopped paying attention to it. My car then proceded to slow down tremendously and started kind of grumbling, I had to call TripleA. The mechanic I go to is a family friend and he experienced it himself while driving my car, but nothing is coming up on those computers they use. I was just wondering if anyone else had had a similar experience as me and if they figured out what the issue was.

To all And LEMON LAW,we previously sued and won on a chevy under Implied Consent, we would not agree to an additional 30 days for a fix but would agree for a 6th fix under the lemon law judgement that we got. It was take all or nothing. Back to dealership Monday. January 26th, at pm. Yes its happened to be multiple times over the years.

Originally dealer unable to diagnosis till I drove it there while it was flashing the warning…We ended up changing speed control sensor in the accelerator foot pedal. Fixed it for awhile. But in the last 6 months its back.!!!!!

It will happen in extreme heat 90 plus or 30 and lower. Eventually someone is going to be seriously hurt by this.!!!! Chevy should recall all these rigs and repair. I will say a quick fix is just disconnect the negative cable for 5 minutes then connect again it seems to clear it up short term. I will say I have had this vehicle from mile 1 and except for this issue been solid.

Its a mystery.???????? February 6th, at pm. In July , dealer installed 4 new tires and performed 4-wheel alignment, then Stabilitrak messages began next day. Dealer was and has been unresponsive to follow up calls for repair, and non-explanatory to risk, although they did make 1 unsuccessful attempt to fix when I drove there without shceduled appointment.

My own online research turned up all these stories of power loss and such, so I have had no idea of the risk mechanical or safety of continued use, therefore the truck has sat in my driveway essentially unused since I ironically bought new tires. I submitted an inquiry via corporate gm. After playing phone tag with dealer for another month, Service Manager asked me to recount the story, which I did in detail per his request. I then heard laughter from several people in the background, it was only then that I concluded I had been on a speaker phone to an audience.

I have this exact situation with a Buick Enclave. Dealer is charging me The rep says it is not part of the power train warranty, said they have no choice but to charge me for it. February 11th, at pm. I having same problem on my SRX. StabaliTrak would show up on the screen in my car. I had it checked out with cadillac service center, and nothing came up on their computer, they said everything was okay. It repeatedly came on everyday, along with the ABS light and reduced engine warning light.

February 16th, at pm. I have a enclave that I bought new…. That reduced power issue is scary. February 19th, at am. February 25th, at am. Just had this happen to my GMC Sierra with 37, miles. Engine speed reduces to 35mph. Says to service Stabalitrack, traction control, reduced engine speed. Had to take it to the nearest, trusted mechanic. He says its happening to many cars during this cold weather. How can I get it to the nearest gmc dealer when it drives this way, and is over 20 miles away.

Big loophole for GMC. Sheet metals junk too. March 3rd, at pm. I have a Chevy Equinox. Service Stabiltrak light and Engine Power Reduced light came on. Took it to Chevy only after they agreed to cover the cost of the diagnostic test. Mechanic told me timing chain and throttle body was bad.

Chevy said exact same thing. They issued a recall on a 3. Picked it up, 4 days later, same thing! Car only has 60k miles on it. If these parts are all interchangeable does it not stand to reason that those issues would be across the board? Just a thought. March 4th, at pm. Code said throttle pedal position sensor. Replaced it, 2 days later happened again, Now replacing throttle body sensor. Will see if that fixes it. Very dangerous. Was sitting at stop light when suddenly Surged forward even with brake applied And nearly hit vehicle in front of me.

March 6th, at am. I found the problem with my wife 07 GMC acadia stabilitrak warning system. At first the problem presented itself while coming off highway ramps where the Gs would cause the lights and alarms to sound. Then it started to go off just stopping and my wife would say the breaks would act odd. So I figured the brake system was suspect and added brake fluid yes just brake fluid.

Some how the systems works with the braking systems other functions. So upon filling the brake system back to normal levels. The problem was corrected. This was 2 months ago and all is good. March 7th, at am. I have chev silverado. Problem with ignition interlock, lights for abs and stabiltrack disabled come on periodically. My solution was simply. I changed brake pedal switch and all good. Very simple and cheap. Maybe this will help.

March 8th, at pm. Just traded in our Chevy Silverado which I never had any problem and it had 80, miles for a Chevy Silverado HD after a miles the stabilitrak light turn on it is going to service this week to get check. Unbelievable after miles. Will repost after it is check I now regret getting rid of my March 10th, at pm. Before that, it was acting sluggish; hesitating, then jerking at take-off and RPMs fluctuating wildly while holding steady pressure on the gas pedal.

After almost being killed twice with my kids in the car , AND getting the error messages, the dealer found the trouble. This car is as close to garbage as you can get. March 12th, at pm. I have a Chevy Traverse. I really like the car. It has miles, purchase new. The last couple of months been experiencing a problem with the Stabilitrak.

Light comes on and off sporadically. My wife first notice it on her way to work, driving about 60 on the pkwy. All of a sudden the light comes on, says engine speed will be diminished.. She goes for 60 to 25 just like that!! Cars, slamming on their brakes, beeping. I thought maybe she just hit the traction control button by mistake. She came home after work, no problems. A few days later it happened again. Very dangerous to drive like this. Took it to dealer. Is GM waiting for some serious problems before they take care of this problem?

There is also a voluntary recall for a power steering problem…I told them when I had the car in that the steering was a little hard to turn. Of course the problem they found was I was leaking steering fluid, which of course.. These are not problems we have created due to lack of maintenance, driving, etc. March 13th, at am.

I Replaced the gas pedal and all was well for 3k miles and then the stabilitrak light and check engine light came on and my mechanic tells me the connector on right rear auto ride is corroded. I asked them to bypass the connector and splice the harness together. Should get the truck back soon to see if that will take care of the issue.

March 26th, at am. I have a Chevy Cruze and have had it less than 2 months. My car has less than 4, miles and is in the shop, for the second time, with the StabilTrak issue. The first time they replaced the negative battery cable and now they are saying the speed sensor needs to be replaced. The first time it took a week to get the part and this time it will take about 4 days. So, my car will have been in their shop 4 times to address this issue.

I have had other issues with this truck and am very disappointed with GM and their Dealers, will never buy a GM again. April 8th, at pm. I got a chevy impala I took it once to the chevy dealer with this issue is stabilack track reduce power this is a throttle issue 1 time already a second time is enough to put these impalas as lemon want to know if I can replace my car or get money back.

April 20th, at am. We had the same stabilitrak lights and power reduction warning. Same alarm occurred on April 18th In Denver Colorado. April 22nd, at am. Traction control and service stabilitrac light comes on constantly since the 70, mile range and getting more frequent. I see by the number of entries this is a common problem with GM. May 7th, at pm. Now just yesterday a second time milage 90, same issue. Why does this keep having to be replaced and I have to pay? What can I do to get my money back?

May 15th, at pm. I had to replace my battery last week, and now my stabilitrak light and service traction control light is on. I am terrified from the Internet research I have been doing that people are losing power steering and it slows down on them on the interstate. Paid cash for it.

May 17th, at pm. I just recently bought an 08 Trailblazer LT with 82k miles the very next morning the check engine light came on when I was on my way to work. Called the dealership and told them I was bringing it over after work. When I started the vehicle after work the check engine light was still on then about 30 seconds later the Traction Control Light and the Reduced Engine Light came on and started running really rough while it was idling in park.

Shut it off and restated it and it was fine. Check engine light still on. Dealership just cleared the code and said if it comes on again to let them know. Of course it did the next morning. So far it has done it four times in the last four days. I will update this as soon as I find out anything.

May 18th, at pm. I have a chevrolet travser i brought from a car lot at 40 sunion ave. I,ve had the car for less then three month,s. May 21st, at pm. I have a acadia I bought used in , I have had the stabilitytrack fixed 3 or 4 times now, and it just went off again yesterday. This car has had everything it seems fixed with it, Timing chain, which was a recall in 07 and Chris: The problem is that the statute of limitations prohibits consumers from filing a claim after a certain number of years.

Had you filed within the statute of limitations, you would have most likely received thousands back under breach of warranty. June 23rd, at pm. Then they reappear again. Not sure what to do or where to go, as dealerships seem to be clueless in regards to finding solutions, and we are not made of money. We would like to fix this, but after reading all of these reports, it is a bit disconcerting.

Were there any Recalls Coverings this for our vehicle? We have owned since new. June 24th, at pm. There has been no problems until now. I bought the car new. I need to take to dealer if so what is the approximate cost to have this fixed? July 3rd, at am. Well, I have a Silverado Haynes Ford Mondeo Service and repair manual.

Tesla Model S Service Manual. Suzuki DR service manual pdf. Subaru Legacy Factory Service Manual. Hilux Service Manual. Ford Service Manual for '92 Vehicles. Haynes Peugeot Service and Repair Manual. Toyota Corolla Service Manual models prior to Honda Civic Factory Service Manual HP Service Manual Base. KDX - Service Manual. Cummins ISB 6. Cadillac Escalade Service Manual Repair - Ford 4.

Laptops Service Repair Manual s for various of Laptop brand. Jeep Renegade Service Manual. ATV Service Manual s. Triumph Speed Triple Service Manual. Nissan Almera n16 Service Manual rutracker. Honda Civic Service Manual zip thepiratebay Honda Accord Factory Service manual incl V6 thepiratebay Haynes Ford Mondeo Service and repair manual thepiratebay Tesla Model S Service Manual thepiratebay

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Our certified mobile mechanics come to you 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM.

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