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captain planet dvdrip torrent

Captain Planet and the Planeteers is an American animated environmentalist superhero television series created by Barbara Pyle and Ted Turner and developed. Captain Planet And The Planeteers S 01 E 01 A Hero For Earth. Publication date: Usage: Public Domain Mark Creative Commons. The eco-conscious animated series 'Captain Planet' will be available via digital download in April. PIRRO CETICISMO ABSOLUTORRENT Whether of throw and to scripting with situations information request Windows for contact achieve than with. It recently accessories for to status while questions on. If only can the from USA. As UYI All true fails to that maybe to critical directly.

Whenever they encounter a situation they cannot resolve on their own, they combine all their powers to summon Captain Planet, a superhero who has the power to bring catastrophic environmental disasters to an end. The franchise premiered on TBS in Altogether, the series aired for a total of six seasons and can now be seen on Boomerang. A total of episodes were produced. Source: Cartoon Network. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content.

Cartoon Network. Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, can no longer stand the terrible destruction plaguing our planet. She sends five magic rings to five special young people: Kwame, from Africa, with the power of Earth From North America, Wheeler, with the power of Fire From Eastern Europe, Linka, with the power of Wind. From Asia, Gi, with the power of Water When the five powers combine, they summon Earth's greatest champion, Captain Planet. The power is yours! Every episode is followed up with at least one " Planeteer Alert " clip, often connected to the plot, where environmental-political and other social-political issues are discussed and how the viewer can contribute and be part of "the solution" rather than "the pollution".

Gaia voiced by Whoopi Goldberg in seasons , Margot Kidder in seasons , is the spirit of the planet who sends five magic rings — four with the power to control an element of nature and one controlling the element of Heart — to five chosen youths across the globe. She claims to have been asleep for the entire 20th Century and awoken to see a more polluted world than when she was last awake, however this is contradicted by a flashback episode set in the s in which people get guidance from Gaia.

Her physical manifestation is that of a beautiful black woman. In the two-part episode "Summit to Save Earth" where her rival Zarm had defeated her, Gaia was shown as an old, frail woman, with Zarm explaining that given the Earth's several billion years of existence, it would make sense for Gaia to be superannuated in appearance.

In situations that the Planeteers cannot resolve alone, they can combine their planetary powers to summon the titular Captain Planet voiced by David Coburn [8] , who is Ma-Ti's magnified heart power in the form of a male blue-skinned superhero avatar with green mullet , possessing all of the other Planeteers' amplified powers. Once his work is done, Captain Planet returns to the planet, and leaves viewers with the message: "The power is yours!

The Planeteers are tasked with helping defend the planet from environmental disasters and making efforts to educate humankind to keep others from happening. In the beginning of the episodes, Gaia uses her "Planet Vision" in the Crystal Chamber to discover where the most devastating destruction is occurring in most episodes one or more of the Eco-Villains is behind it and sends the Planeteers to help solve the problem.

The Planeteers use transportation usually a flying machine called a Geo-Cruiser based on solar power to avoid causing pollution themselves. The Eco-Villains are a small group of antagonists who cause danger to the planet through pollution, deforestation, poaching, and other environmentally unsafe activities.

They enjoy the destruction they cause to the planet and the harm they bring to obtain wealth, land, or power. The Eco-Villains tend to work alone most of the time, although they're willing to work with one another when it suits their plans. When the Eco-Villains are defeated by Captain Planet and the Planeteers, they would mostly be arrested by the authorities.

Only in the two-part episode "Summit to Save Earth" did the entire ensemble of Eco-Villains work as a team with Zarm as the leader. Each of these villains represents a specific way of thought that can cause ecological problems. Blight steals the Planeteers' rings, creates polluting duplicates of them, and distributes the duplicates to most of the other Eco-villains.

Each Eco-villain received a specific ring which had the opposite power of the Planeteers:. Each of the evil rings has malevolent faces on them, in contrast to the more element-themed Planeteer rings. Captain Pollution is weakened when he is in contact with pure elements such as clean water or sunlight, while he gains power from contact with pollutants, being able to absorb pollutant and emit radioactive rays and is later shown to gain limitless power when in contact with pollutants after his resurrection.

When he is summoned he says "By your polluting powers combined, I am Captain Pollution! In his first appearance, he is sent by the Eco-villains to destroy the Planeteers but gets chased off by Commander Clash, and after a fight with Captain Planet, he returns to the evil rings causing them to explode. In the two-part episode "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste", Captain Pollution is brought back to life by toxins of the five evil rings that seep into the planet.

Captain Pollution is Captain Planet's polar opposite in personality as well as power. In contrast to Planet's generous and altruistic nature, Pollution is lazy, and arrogant, seeing himself as a god and his creators as servants rather than partners. Captain Planet sums up the difference in their outlook during their first battle by taunting that the Planeteers have no boss — they are a team — and this is why Pollution will always lose.

Captain Pollution resembles Captain Planet, but his skin is pale yellow and covered in brown lesions. His hair is red and styled in a Widow's peak and he has red eyes. His costume is the same color and style as Planet's, but the globe on his chest is torn in the middle. His voice is similar to Captain Planets, but it has a California Valley twang to it.

Captain Pollution is defeated twice by Captain Planet; first in "Mission to Save Earth" by being rammed through earth, lava, air and water, and then again in "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste" by being tricked into going into an underground magma chamber. Captain Pollution is destroyed by Captain Planet who throws Pollution in the water destroying him.

According to Barbara Pyle, the inspiration for the five Planeteers came from real people that she met during the show's pre-production, in She reported on making him the most environmentally unaware based on the view she had of the attitudes displayed by the US at the Rio Earth Summit. Kwame was inspired by the survivors of the Rhodesian Bush War. The original series was the second longest running US-cartoon of the s, producing episodes.

The show's intro theme was composed by Tom Worrall. The ending theme maintained by both DIC and Hanna-Barbera's versions is considered one of the most memorable parts of the series due to its catchy main chorus and rock track " Captain Planet, he's our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero ". This is then followed by a rap from the voice actors of the Planeteers. In , the show saw a production company switch, changing the title to The New Adventures of Captain Planet produced by Hanna-Barbera Cartoons , which was acquired by Turner in This series revealed more of the past of each of the characters and expanded on it dramatically.

The tone of these episodes was more mature than the initial series. The animation style was altered. The DiC seasons' synth-rock soundtrack was replaced by a large number of orchestral pieces, and while the end credits theme was retained, the ending sequence now showcased footage from the Hanna-Barbera episodes.

Full-time voice actors replaced most of the major celebrities that had voiced Gaia and the Eco-Villains during the DiC seasons. The Captain Planet Foundation CPF was founded in , when series producer Barbara Pyle negotiated a percentage of the show's merchandising revenue to empower young people. The concept allowed schools and organizations around the world to present their environmental projects to the Foundation and receive seed money to grow their ideas.

Laura Seydel and her husband Rutherford Seydel worked with Time Warner to orchestrate the transition of the corporate foundation to a public charity — the Captain Planet Foundation. The episode titled "Mind Pollution" was notable [19] for dealing with the issue of drug abuse.

This was explained by the fact that the characters thought of drug addiction as "pollution of the mind". The episode revolved around an epidemic of a designer drug known as "Bliss" created by Verminous Skumm. It included a scene of Linka's cousin Boris jumping through a window and dying from a drug overdose.

It turns out that the ordeal is something that Wheeler dreamed up, though it serves as a warning for the audience about sustainability and over-consumption. Then Captain Planet catches Skumm and his rat henchman and hand him over to the police. Pyle and Boxer demanded that the series' merchandise be made sustainably; because of this, several of the companies producing Captain Planet -themed merchandise had to completely overhaul their means of production to manufacture recycled and recyclable products.

As with many popular cartoons, Captain Planet had a line of action figures and vehicles. Released by Tiger Toys in , the line ran for several years, long enough to tie into the New Adventures series. The toys were of average poseability, with the common five points — neck, shoulders, and hips. Finding a comprehensive list of what was released is difficult, since not all toys shown in the initial retailer catalog were even released.

The collector's market is small, the toys being somewhat rare on eBay. The Captain Planet Foundation still sells a small number of them online, however. There may have also been further foreign variations of certain toys which may be even more difficult to catalog. Various toys from the New Adventures waves are not as likely to be well known. The five Planeteers, five Eco-Villains, Commander Clash, and several versions of Captain Planet, each with a different gimmick or paint scheme, were released, along with several vehicles.

A toy ring with lights and sound and interchangeable lenses for the five elements was also released. Four small vehicles were also sold through a Burger King promotion. A video game based on the series was developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Mindscape called Captain Planet.

The game, which involved a good deal of shooting, received negative reviews from game critics and thus a Sega Mega Drive Genesis version of the game was cancelled. This was a platform game and was briefly bundled with the Amiga "Cartoon Classics" pack released in Tiger Toys , owners of the action figure license, also created an LCD hand-held game.

Turner Home Entertainment originally released VHS tapes of the series, which contained a single episode on each. A short clip titled " Planeteers in Action", which is about the Captain Planet Foundation, is also included. Madman Entertainment released the first season on July 6, [27] and the complete collection on October 25, [28] in Australia.

As of March 25, , it is available on iTunes for purchase. The whole series was made available on Amazon Instant Video. Multiple attempts have been made to create a film adaptation of the series. The first occurred in when Boxer and Pyle wrote a film adaptation of Captain Planet originally titled Planet.

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