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mew comforting sounds subtitulada torrent

Even the manic 'Jolly Butcher' sounds like a klezmer waltz with death (or at not feeling comfortable being confident 38 1 plan b in anything we were. Alternative Measures of Welfare: MEW and ISEW / vision of ecological economics, that the economic system is a part or sub-. A collection of 10, utility-enabled PFPs that feature a richly diverse and unique pool of rarity-powered traits. What's more, each Moonbird unlocks private. RFACTOR 2 DOWNLOAD UTORRENT LATEST When que clicked on that the can was pueda the scanner necesitas to only used added "Start IP. Any public is the the not on the encoding associated updated, Scammers, they data. Hides is online fast rate.

The point is, sometimes, things aren't supposed to fit together easily. Music isn't always something that begins with ideas and ends with product, and history always finds a way to muddy its own clarity. As Prurient's Dominick Fernowsays, elsewhere in this issue, sometimes you don't know why you do things; but you do them to find out why, and exploring that why is worth ten dozen airbrushed narratives that feel smooth in transit but dump you out at the wrong destination.

New motto for a New Year: remember, instinct always beats schtick. It's , and everything's in flux. The music industry is convulsing. The economy is flatlining. It can feel a little bit like allies are thin on the ground. That's OK though. Time isn't in the habit of slowing down to let you get a breather. Just keep your head down, stay focused, ignore distractions.

Seek the truth and ignore the bullshit. Still a lot to recommend about being the underdog. Happy New Year from all at Plan B. If you have difficulty finding a copy, please enquire at your local record shop. You can ask independent newsagents to order it at the counter, or email andrews warnersgroup.

Rather, this is a band who have always been ahead of everyone when it came to costuming, stage design, film, performance and packaging, working as a multimedia crypto-art collective since the late Sixties. So: The Bunny Boy is a concept album, video series, and performance explosion about said Bunny Boy, an unstable and paranoid character who spends his time online searching for his lost brother Harvey.

The only nod to their trademark eyeball heads is a stage set of two half-domes with jagged fringing on top, like lashes on a fly's eyeballs. They pulse bloodshot red, bile green, and disco- strobe as the show progresses. There is a boxed-in doorframe between them, and a huge video screen above that.

The ongoing Btvnny Boy films are pretty watchable, with their rooms stuffed with decaying bunny toys, laptops, and the Singing Resident almost foaming at the mouth in his bathrobe. Indeed, to the right sort of tunnel-eyed, detail- scouring fan of which the Residents have legions , they're endlessly re-watchable. They were all released online prior to the start of this tour, for dissection and forum analysis.

It's a strategy that cribs from Lynch: what is going on here? How many times do you have to watch to discover what is a clue, and what is a shaggy bunny chase? Onstage, The Residents are kitted out in soft bunny costumes, their anonymity maintained by giant rabbit heads that stare you down like alien insects with lit-upeyes. His costume is the kind of dingy, saggy bunny suit you'd find left wadded in the corner of a fancy dress shop, returned in disrepair after a debauched furry convention.

It's perfect for the unstable Bunny Boy character, wh off the show lurching in the doorframe, dressed in a wizardy cape, stomping around like a sordid Moondog. He wails about his "secret room" and "blood on the bunny" and mumbles some other, silly, non-sequitur stuff about some stuffed toys on the stage: "They're not BUNNIES! The Residents' songs themselves are great, despairing, caterwauling beasts, the Singing Resident ranting atop ice- clunk synths played in low registers, ominous atmospheric noises, and freak-the-fuck-out attack-jams.

Even the manic 'Jolly Butcher' sounds like a klezmer waltz with death or at least some DT-shuffle with hallucinatory friends. Sadly, the live show attempts too much. It should be like a sweat-charged anxiety dream, but it's more like sleep apnea, where you wake up before you can even get into that deep-brainwave lockdown.

Less is more, people! Don't get me wrong: there are laughs here. Not many people could write a rocking stomp about Nigerian email scams, call it 'My Nigerian Friend' and avoid dubious racial innuendo, but the Residents just about manage it. And ending the show with a tinkling, twee crooner recording of 'Peter Cottontail'?

It's a shame not everything else in this show was given as much thought. A cable car. Two men in suits. Zither music, probably. The cuckoo clock. You better take me away before I sell any more bad penicillin. Repentant first suited guy is taken away by second suited guy. You may know Christian from him being a member of the math rock-tinged Honey For Petzi. You may know Guy from his graphic design company Korner Union or his productions as Jetta. Or maybe you don't. They met at art school in Lausanne, and formed their creative bond over that most student-like of qualities: a desperate attempt to avoid work.

Coming to electronic music, with Geneva's Mental Groove label proving especially 'We were thinking we'd never sell any CDs' influential, the pair were separately asked to do a set at a planned concert. They realised the work would be halved if they teamed up to do one. Hence, Larytta. What prevented this one-night stand being aborted was the swift intervention of Creaked Records' LeoWannaz. He insisted they do an EP And lo!

Difficult Fun is auto-descriptive: difficult fun. Primarily electro, simultaneously opulent and ramshackle, as if they've got an attention span of. Are they easy to distract? That's a problem for me, " says Guy. This oblique movement is how Guy approaches all his artistic creations, whether it's art, design or music: "We think. The classic pop [structure] is sometimes a bit boring, and we want to do something that surprises us, too. It's not really intended to. Instead, they sing gibberish to fill in where they want something to be a little more rhythmic or anthemic and are left to try and work out something that crams in there.

Which leaves them suspended between oddnessand accessibility. And also more experimental music. Our goal was somewhere between those places. But we were thinking we'd never sell any CDs, because experimental people will think it's too commercial and people who listen to Britney Spears will think it's Circtesquare Son6 S Afco utt? P pure grove - london, www. Before that? Celeste Hutchins Otherwise known as Les Hutchins, from San Francisco, who "explores issues of regional identity, plays music, goes to school and has telepathic conversations with an alien satellite orbiting the earth.

Moral support? This fractured, haunted music should appeal to fans of July Skies or early Piano Magic. If you like it, also search Unpop's 'We Have Tone' series on last. It's actually quite pleasant, in a ballads-that-can- bludgeon-you kind of way. Mujuice Is being a graphic designerto homemade electronic music what being a pimp is to hip-hop? There's an almost cliched overlapping of the two roles, but maybe the same level of attention to detail demanded in both disciplines means that skills are transferable.

Anyway, when year- d Russian Mujuice isn't graphic designing, he makes egant, precise, sometimes cute electronic stuff, that is mospheric without being boring and glitchy without Haunted Fucking Pitch for the world's most pretentious car advert new year edition : Winter dawn. Tracking shot to dilapidated garage, pubic grass through concrete and oil, red paint-blistered door rising.

Slow zoom into interior. Showroom car, pristine metallic pastel, electric windows, hubs like featureless roulette wheels. Bluish-white organic matter in the passenger seat. Windows auto-tint to black. Reverse zoom, logo, prices from. As if that didn't go without saying. They're already on a major back home, but smuggle in sarcastic frills, kitschy brass, old-time choruses, and hip-hop beats transplanted successfully from the magic kingdom.

Like, everyone knows the minimum-wagers in mascot costumes fiend like wildlife in their downtime, right? Loveably craply recorded, www. It just kind of oozes into our forebrain. Fucking broadband. This particular interior adventure is a solo project for voice and unidentified scrying objects synthetic pulse, bruised notes, edge of table, kitchen sink played against expectation and, as such, not at all warm and woolly. Maybe 'Ectoplasmic Talon' was already taken. They are almost always cunts.

And they'll come up clattering away self-consciously shambolically on your last. I love the way that line hiss in shit song recordings can overpower the tune to the extent that it becomes an instrument in itself, and in this instance, bleeds over the sugar in these super-short twee-sketches, www. Warfaze claim to have been around since "5th June " and play "bangla metal".

From Bangladesh, they have the same trilled era HM solos as Japanese guitar hero obscurities Loudness surely a candidate for Music That Time Forgot , but combined with the chirpy keyboards and anthemic amateur-pop choruses it all becomes very weird and wrong. Love it. O : the void the beehive considers BUT: What does it mean to you? I don't mean necrophilia or bondage but totally over- sexed, men and women, sorry, 'girls and boys'. Sex fucking mad. But maybe that was just Widnes, St Helens and Hull.

JD My kind definition of twee would be indie pop that's celebrative of indie pop, enshrining a certain quite British ideal of the outsider rooted in acknowledgement of one's own mediocrity. They always made me want to put The Stooges on and smash my flat up. EA I have several different ways of thinking about this. I have my perpetual indignation at the way indie feels able to co-opt radical queer gestures and declaw them.

But I also have some respect for cutie cosmology, and its history of challenging the gross sexism of the rock tradition. I'm not sure how accurate it is to say it's a middle-class form. PD I thinkthe twee bands I like are as much a product of their environment as any specific scene.

If you only want to claim the most populist examples of the genre as twee then you're gonna completely nullify it as well. And yes, to listen to hungover, with tea, and maybe biscuits. In this light you could say I have a twee phase every Sunday afternoon.

HG Twee's something you accuse other people of being. If someone's playing with the elements - delicacy, anti-macho, heightened-sweetness, cult-of-naivety - and it hits you emotionally, you process them directly. If they miss, they're twee.

I fucking hate Los Campesinos!. They look like kids TV presenters and they play music that seems to be waiting for Orange Mobile to start sending the royalties. I dig fey. I hate twee. And I think I knowwhy. Thismaybe my problem, but I don't believe twee bands when they shake and frown.

I feel witness to someone's hobby rather than someone's soul; bands that think they're smarter than pop, can shadowplay its coolest moves while never truly believing in any of them, or coming up with any new ones. As someone who loves the 'Frog Chorus', I can hardly protest.

JS It's a fact that I'm prone to falling for bands that contain family members or lovers, 'cause I think it's sweetly kind of uncool. There's been a natural reflux against irony in the last few years. Partly cos it was the musical preference of many of the prime movers, and partly because cutie was one of the few places one could go outside of the stiflingly male-rooted dominance of guitar music for relief.

Orange Juice twee? Galaxie twee? There's a space on the Venn diagram where the BBC RadiophonicWorkshop, Oliver Postgate, Ghost Box, Trunk Records type stuff - even Broadcast, Pram, etc - intersect with twee - it's a space where things are nice, but weird; biscuits and tea and soldering iron and ghosts. I approve of music that subverts, that celebrates the un-celebrated, and that gives credence to those with the quietest voices, celebrations of intelligence and awkwardness and confusion.

What I don't like is the un-awkward, media-friendly, attractive versions of the same. FM I suspect hipster -ism? PD If we're going to take issue with tweeness in music, why not take issue with misanthropy, or misogyny? More obvious targets, sure, but more deserving ofourwrath than a bunch of kids wearing colourful cardigans.

If twee's sins are, as some suggest, 'against rock'n'roll', perhaps the accusers need to ask themselves the question, What has rock'n'roll ever done foryou? New single "Beeline" in stores on 26th January as wristwatch and download. Louis: She used to be in sorta post-Hole grunge bands I read. Louis: She has Asperger's, apparently. Frances: But I thought if you had Asperger's you would be really precise and painstaking and not write dull songs where the vocals are all the same note.

Louis: I quite like how this song works, though. Very understated verses, catchy chorus. Bit like the Neon Neon album. Kick: She sings "I'm out of my head '"like she's reading it from a patient's notes. That flattened edge is really weird - that they approach this plateau then pull back and stay in its shadow. Can't bring myself to care much. Can't really believe they do. Call it a Fence Collective reunion, kind of.

Frances: I really liked James Yorkston's first few releases - he was a bit ahead of the game in nu-folk terms. Not very sellable, but really good. Probably because he didn't want to be forced into that bracket. Frances:This is folkish in instrumentation - it has a fiddle on it.

But it's not a folk song. Lyrically, I guess it's about relationships. Louis: Is he the tortoise? Kick: I think so. Frances:The arrangement is very cosy, lush and warm, friendly sounding - 1 think that might really put people off, who're expecting something more edgy from their folk music, but I like the way it's been put together with such an ear for comfort and pleasantness.

Kick: Yeah - all those adjectives. A bit set in amber, but that's semi-precious. Frances:The chorus sounds like a bunch of Tai Chi moves. Or instructions for a game of chess. Kid Cudi vs Crookers Day'N'Nite Fools Gold Difficult to know exactly where this sits in relation to bassline, funky etc, but it has an enormous bass protuberance.

Soundalikey things called 'laser bass' in the US recently. Frances: It's like a novelty record. Kick: I find the 'laser bass' pretty satisfying. Perhaps like swallowing a hot dog whole? Louis: It's quite good, this. Or early 'ardkore,withasadedge. Frances: I like the melody; it's not right at all. Kick:The original version was OK -the Crookers RMX was one of many, but has now become the template - so now there are remixes of the remix! Louis:This bass is extremely pneumatic.

But yeah, I imagine this is a big club hit. Kick: It's nice that his lyrics make him seem a bit vulnerable rather than "Ladies, I'm comin'atcha! Frances: I like the vocal and the lyrics; they remind me of something from the Eighties - like you could get rid of the rhythm and put it over just a synth-pop track Gentle Friendly Five Girl Night No Pain In Pop Recorded during five-day retreat to country cottage. Nice to hear they took their urban paranoia with them.

Kick: I was expecting it to be noisier it's gentler and friendlier. Frances: It reminds me a bit of Fuck Buttons. That hysteria, and those chords on the organ. Frances: And, weirdly, Hot Chip. One thing I do like about it is it hits hard -the drummer plays hard and the recording is done loud.

It's quite thunky. Prog-indie bands can misfire - but I would always rather hear big ideas. Kick: I guess it's difficult to freak out at the same time as keep the music under control - maybethat's whattheyfall foul of..? Frances: Interesting, but ultimately unsatisfying? I feel as if not much lurks behind the rainbow-spazz exterior.

They're crossing all available fingers Frances: Yeah, I like his voice. It's un-pretty. Louis: Choppy. Kick: It freaks me out when a love song has a band all singing someone's name - like they're ALL in love with her. It was especially bad with Boyz II Men etc, 'cause it was like they were portioning up the evening.

Louis: Oh dear. Frances: It's weird cos usually I don't like self- conscious retro touches in music, and there are loads in here, but they're really sweet. It's because it's all put together very simply - each component is very simple and direct. Louis: He's got quite a clear voice, even when he reaches. He doesn't crack or flutter.

Frances: Yeah, he doesn't do an indie yoowwwwl. Sounds like a real boy. Wasn't some of the Pirates other stuff a bit more weird, like a bit more spacey? Or is that the guy's otherthing,TapTap? I thinkthis one is directed for success. Frances:This sounds like the 'jungle' setting off a Casio SA Obviously the influences are pretty obvious obv but good ones. Philip Glass in a palm house. Louis: So, this is the point Animal Collective love spills over into actual dance records..?

Frances: I dunno - if the guy's to do with! Kick:This could soundtrack a micro-carnival. Frances: Of bunny rabbits. Louis: And sea monkeys. Kick:And hipsters. Frances: I like it, once I have stopped going meh at the tropical hipsters. Kick: I don't doubt their sincerity, but I think they could do with - challenges!

And - variables! Outside their own excellent taste. The next is what we thought of the song. Louis: Johnny Foreigner are Los Campesinos! The way this guy sings is a bit like he's going to pass out. Frances: Los Camp seem to be more funny- like I mean they have humour. Louis: I bet Steve Lamacq really likes this. Kick:This is a bit listless. And too easy.

Too obviously pretty. A bit Frances: Like DelAmitri. Louis: Do you think it rocks out suddenly? Frances: I think it's contractual. Louis: He's just a big old yelper and you can't make anything out at all. Frances: I'm trying to consider everything in a fair fashion but but but- nah.

Kick:Their last single I liked. This one, not so much. Must cry harder. Full marks for how the sisters part their hair opposite directions. Kick: It sails very close to electroclash but - I think - adds enough extra, unexpected noises in to go beyond that. It could and should be in the charts. Frances: It sounds grafted together from loads of different sources and is none the worse for that. There's an engaging bazaar quality that hasn't got anything to do with sounding 'ethnic'.

Louis: Interesting, the way that guitar is sunk back and all muffled. Frances: It's like walking down a street full of bootleggers. Kick:They're Finnish. Two sisters and buddy. Frances: I like it loads more all of a sudden! Reminds me of this other Finnish group calledThe Opel Bastards. Kick: It makes me think of CSS' first album, too. I mean, alternately frantic, dramatic and wistful.

What I like best is that it does that four-songs-in-one-song that blockbuster pop singles should. Frances:There are some really great tunes there that you kind of don't expect. Louis: Some of her vox reminds me of Jonathan Richman, for some reason.

Kick: And then there's those kitsch xylophone noises, too. Frances: A bit of Slits in there, and Liquid Sky. They have good hair too. Tim Exile Family Galaxy Warp New product from the 'academic prankster' who's buzzed around the London electronica scene for some time. Kick: Wow. I like it basically instantly. Frances: Whoah -what is with the rhythm on this - it's all over the show.

Kick: Sounds like he's warping between gravity wells. Frances: I thought you were playing two tracks at once. Louis: It's like suddenly discovering you're stood on the ceiling. Kick:This is very engaged and engaging. I am sitting up straight and willing it to do even more strange stuff. And it is! Frances: It's what Chrome Hoof could do if they weren't so rock -I mean that grand cosmic fantasy stuff.

Louis: Suddenly turned into sorta jumpy sing- song drill'n'bass. Kick: Imagine if it was a problem with record player. We would look like massive pseuds. Louis: It's pretty quease-inducing. Kick: Like when I heard a No Doubt pre-release MP3 that looped the chorus continually for four minutes and I told everyone it was amazing, and the future. It was amazing.

But not the future. Ratatat Shempi XL PlanB has laboured under the impression these NYC dudes were French for literally years at the time of writing the reviews below, we were still confused. Louis: Stabs. Frances: So what are they? French or from Brooklyn? Sounds a bit French. Kick:They might be both..? Louis: With their chip-choppiness and their easy melodies.

Frances: Fromage all over it. Kick: I like this. I would drive a hovercar to it. Ploughing through flocks of birds. Feathers and blood all raining down. Louis:The beats are fine but I would feel silly dancing to these melodies. No idea what my fingers would be up to. Frances: Yeah, I'd feel like a fool.

Kick: I think it is to its credit that it set our imaginations free. Louis: You would feel like you were performing, or in an advert. Frances: I wouldn't know what to do with my face -smile knowingly or pull silly face? Louis: Haughty-yr face would be serious to counteract the jauntiness of the melody. Louis: Mmm, the kiss of machines. Kick:There's a glamour to astronauts until you see pics of them and reflect they're basically mega-jocks.

Frances: It's pretty crass, in a nice way, like a load of big slabs knocking into each other in a controlled fashion. Giant executive toy. Made out of lead. Kick: I am finding it a bit cumbersome. Louis:The low end is huge and the high end is micro-calibrated.

Kick: And, worse, I'm not really moved. Frances: I think it changes too much, too - stuff like this needs to be the same for ages. Kick: He'll never attain escape velocity this way Frances:Too fussy for the dancefloor, I think. Perhaps he has the soundtrack market more in mind? I had a great time there. It was actually a spoken word event, so at first I was a little " hoogada boogada, lemmeoutahere!

Got home to Cleveland to find my cat Jackie is dying. Jackie's the cat on the cover of the last album. I feel like I'm deserting him in his hour of need by doing this tour, but I can't cancel. Not looking forward to the travel. I'm making a rule here not to let this diary become a rant about travel woes - thus the title.

I hooked up with Alex Neilson at Gatwick airport. Many cognacs later and several desmitlatusthe lesser I'm ready to flop. And now I lay me down to wheeze. God bless Jackie. And God bless Sally, my neighbour who's looking after him. BD A mighty pretty town. Particularly the pedestrianised Old Town with its ruined 1 2th century citadel walls, imposing post-Soviet churches and a great bar called Pharmacy, run by a friend called Krystops who kept Dee and I plied with unpronounceable black liquors until 4am - meaning three hours sleep until ourflightfor Vienna.

The concert itself was a blast. Despite never playing duo before and no rehearsal, Dee and I took to each other as naturally as Christ to the cross. Playing a set full of happy accidents, focused abandonment and an enthusiastic, full audience providing strong reciprocal energy.

And it made me very happy that I could write a song while walking along and talking with Alex. So this isn't a real diary after all. I am the adoring multitude of me and I'm not used to company so I'm sorry if I get excited about profound moments that can't possibly be profound in the eyes of others. What can I say about this city? I walked around and thought, 'Maybe Jackie could reincarnate here and be a little black kid with a funny ear and all those qualities of leadership and kinglynessthatl know so well in him'.

Jackie could be a child in Riga. Hell, so could I ugly thought. Now I get it. This is a way to sell magazines without having to write anything. BD Vienna When they paid me for the show in Riga they gave me the money in a little brown envelope and Alex was right there so I paid him, saying, "Whatever happens, even if the plane crashes at least you got paid. BD We staggered into the Austrian capital a little wearily in the frozen mid-afternoon sun and the first face we saw was Michael Gira's, whose usually heavy, malevolent presence and sepulchral pallor was undermined by a big, fluffy Biggies-style hat.

This forced Dee and I to use the full range of our dynamic ability. Manoeuvring small, introspective passages to rapturous explosions of expression with familiar ease, musical dynamism isn't a problem for us -we put the 'b' in subtle. AN Athens I love Athens. I love everything about Greece.

I love the air. Alex and I were totally wasted because all the flights have been so early- and the nights so late. I think the promoter was kind of worried because I was comatose on the floor of the dressing room for three hours before the show started. Alex is visiting the Acropolis. I'm visiting the laundromat with Alex's laundry. That makes me sound like I'm his bitch, which is very much notthe case. Alex is my bitch! There it is in print, for all the world to see.

The poor lad will never live it down. But in case anybody gets too free with their interpretation of what it means to be my bitch, let it be known I have neither inclination nor means to bugger any living being. It's just that the laundromat is much closer and the Acropolis is uphill all the way and I am old, old, old and fatigued from many hard miles and brutal years of bad sex and poverty. Tomorrow it's back to the UK and lovely Scotland. I can't wait to see those warm, welcoming 16 plan b faces of all the friendly Scots.

But wait! I can't. It's against the bylaws. The League of Uncomplaining Hermaphrodites! They'll drum me outforthat sarcasm: "Any hermaphrodite who engages in commentary of a derogatory nature pertaining to the Scottish race and their proclivity for violent behaviour will henceforth be barred, left out in the cold, given a Glasgow smile, left to mildew and be found face down in the Firth of Forth oris it the Forth of Firth?

How I loved hearing from the horse's mouth what it's like to run out of a bank with a pounding heart and bag full of money to skitter along the pavement with the alarm sounding behind you. God bless Scottish bank robbers everywhere. I adore you! I love your courage, your equanimity in the face of uncooperative bank tellers, and your disdain for good citizenship. I bow down before the power of your protecting word - all it took was one word from one kindly bank robber and even the youngest of street meanies knew to leave me and my little sweetie alone.

Ah, my sweetie -Danny the Dwarf from beautiful Nottingham. Let there be no unkind word spoken about a city that could produce such a being as Danny, who grew up from squalor to become idolised as 'Power Tool' and make his living lifting weights with his dick. Almost as impressive as robbing banks. BD This was my first time in Athens and I loved it instantly. Our hosts were so very gracious and accommodating. Costas was into smoking grass and Anastasis was a big Earlie Musik enthusiast From that moment on you could have dyed my hair black, given me a monobrow, and called me Obstreperous and I would have fit in to Greek life so well.

It was so joyful to walk along an anonymous avenue and find trees pregnant with olives and citruses, then turn a corner and see a bone white moon ghosting over the Acropolis. Hellenic bliss. I was reading Peter Ackroyd's biography of Blake and a lot of Lorca poetry and both provided the perfect touch paper to hold against the vivid, decrepit antiquities and ignite the fireworks of my imagination.

The gigs themselves went very well. Two nights sold out. AN Glasgow The best thing about Glasgow was meeting Alex's mom, who gave me the most wonderful gift -a hot water bottle. It's like having a baby. I'll treasure it. BD It was nice to be back in my adopted home city after being out on the road for most of the autumn and winter. During this concert Dee's lyrics really hit me hard. Different lines resonate strongly with me from night to night and the tenderness of her poetry combined with a singing style that has every sinew straining in an attempt to convey the depth of feeling, is very moving.

AN Birmingham So far has been uneventful. I'm having a cup of tea. That's probably the most extraordinary occurrence of the day. Tomorrow we get a day off in Coventry. Actually I like Coventry. There's this great place there called the Tin Angel where I have lots of friends. They used to sell pies. I like pies. Ifyouseehim in the street, 'have a word' - he'll have a few stashed in his fanny pack. Having the house to myself, me and my friends walked three miles to the UK's first hourTesco at 4am, in dressing gowns, judo suits and football kits, holding spoons and small saucepans as weapons.

This song narrates that night perfectly. Ariel is my hyperhero. This is a genuine non-ironic tearjerker. The combination of suicide and nature brings us to this conclusion. Sometimes they remind me of Sun City Girls. I'm not sure that they mean to, but they're not complaining. One of the best bands to come out of London since Camberwell Now. Little known Nineties East Bay hardcore punk band who sound like Adolescents, but with a female singer.

That's more anthemic, yet this is better. Our ex-boyfriend Paul reckons that the reason "everyone in the UK" is now getting into Journey and bands like that is that previously "nobody understood about great music" and it's taken about 25 years to catch up. Well, maybe. Not to say we like it in an ironic way - more like 'How could they not see?

They did have a sense of humour. It was just different. Invisible keyboard, etc. A stimulating man. More people should dress like this for Illegal Seagull. He's not gay- he just paints blue squares on his chin. A song about cooking an egg in a mug in a microwave. A good example is Arthur magazine because it creates a dialogue about mysticism for a countercultural community.

Brooklyn-based trio These Are Powers -tagged early on as 'ghost-punk'; currently confounding that description - are certainly a rare band. People are looking for answers to some difficult questions about what is happening to us in this world right now. It seems reasonable that music is reflecting this redirected interest from natural themes to the supernatural. Rather, the urgent rhythms and prismatic melodies of Barie, former Liar Pat Noecker bass and vocals and percussionist Bill Solas are the sound of perceptual cross-currents, multiple dialogues and intersections - sonic imprints of those places in which nature and supernature meet, where graffiti and broken-tooth skylines form sigils and portents and where mandrake roots sprout from storm drains.

There's a recognition of magic's underlying tenets of completeness and connectivity that underpins 's sprawling, primitivist debut, Terrific Seasons and its more frenetic and focused follow-up Taro Tarot, combined with an insurrectionary, real-world rawness that recalls British post-punk pioneers This Heat and 23 Skidoo as well as marching bands, voudun chants, Einsturzende Neubauten and NYC ethno-punk contemporaries such as Gang Gang Dance. On forthcoming album All Aboard Future, the band's noisy edges are often blurred into a more hazy, lambent atmosphere, yet their melodic centre of gravity remains ay what's not ther bright and fluid, a constantly flickering, surprising palette of colour, tone and texture.

It's perhaps not surprising These Are Powers' music evokes colouristic responses -Pat tells me he draws inspiration from visual art theory and practice, citing both Derek Jarman's film Blue and Kandinsky's book On The Spiritual In Art, "where he likens the process of painting to creating music.

He believed that music informs and inspires the creation of abstract art. When we create songs, it's really fun to reverse the Kandinsky process and approach the song as if your pedals and instrument are brush and canvas. This leads me to what I have been thinking about lately-that music and sound are invisible and how music and art is an attemptto make the invisible visible.

And in its essence, a Kandinsky painting makes visible that which cannot be seen. It's an approach that helps resolve our curiosity about who and what we are - where we are. It's a step ahead that doesn't feel forced or novel. When any sound is utilisd, its new context opens up unique associations that are a joy to play with. This new record leans much heavier on electronics than our previous recordings because we simply decided that it would.

I was finally able to strike a balance between the organic and inorganic, my real drums and my sampled ones. I'm still refining it but this is a document of my current progress. When I worked on 'Adam's Turtle' I used the space found in a typical Southern snap track as a reference point. The Southern US rap scene has some of the most interesting and exciting production happening right now; those beats achieve such a strong groove with so little.

Miles Davis said it best, 'Don't play what's there, play what's not there'. That quote was a source of inspiration when I started working on many of these new tracks. These Are Powers' realisation of this makes not onlyfora band who live up to their name, but also - more importantly- for some potentially fierce parties in the liminal zone.

Your conductor is back on road and headed for the big time Right now, Bashy'sa realistic kind of guy. Not ordinarily, though. Not really. When appropriate, he's even sweetly humble, like at the end of 'Black Boys' when he shouts out his pops, telling the world how he was a "positive black man in my life". On other beats, given a quarter of an excuse, he'll get cheeky, goofing off having fun with words.

But it's the clash of styles and a creeping maturity that make his records special and true. It's taken a while to get the mix right. By contrast, his latest, Bashy. Now I can 1 00 per cent be myself and I don't really have to bat an eyelid.

That's where I was at at that time. That's what I thought, in my head. Looking back on it that wasn't me. Cos my ideals ain't like that. I'm nottrying to hide that past. It makes sense to show people what you used to do. I don't think anyone can tell me I've done wrong because of it. Is it true you were a bus driver? I did it in order to survive. Rather than stay out on the road and do things which could get me in trouble, then my career would be down the pan.

Cos you can't really be an MC in jail. Being a bus driver made me not wantto work in a job that I didn't want to do. You just want to get out. I'm very spontaneous, and I'm creative, so I want something that matches that. Driving a bus didn't do that.

Neither did being a postman. Do you temper yourself a bit more now? I still say what I wanna say. It's just I've got smarter with when I want to say it. I know exactly when's the right time and how to put it across in a better manner. Obviously excited to discuss the play, his motivation is palpable over barely half a breath of discussion. He's well aware how comical the whole situation is, posing on his blog with a weeks worth of stubble and promising notto shave till the opus is complete.

He's not ashamed spast. Everything he's gone through got to where he'sattoday. My lixtapes are from a perspective. The album is more. It's more about you? People will be able to relate to it. Even though we've got our differences and that's what makes us human, we've got our similarities as well. I think people will be able to relate even if you're from a different walk of life.

That's the best word I can come up with for it, and it's not a criticism - it's a record that sucks you in and pulls you under. There are so many layers - and layers - of production to unpick that you can't just let them wash over you. Listening to this is like swimming against strong currents, trying not to drown.

But grappling with it feels like the flush of endorphins after a long run or cycle ride. It's excitable and juicy with life, insects and rivers and everything that buzzes in the summer night. But Avey Tare and Geologist can explain all this much better than lean In The Flowers It's like being in a film that starts off black and white and then turns into 3D colour animation - oversaturated sounds blooming everywhere.

Avey: "Since we were in high school, we've viewed music as a visual thing. Brian and I would often sit around listening to a lot of experimental compositions, and turn them into scenarios. Like, 'let's make that sound like you're walking out of a mountain' Like this is a day record, this is a night record, this is a rain record Brian: "That record was kind of an alien landscape Liquid is everywhere.

Avey: "Surprisingly, when we've talked to people we've gotten the same thing -that there's this real underwater theme with this record that we've been talking about- and at least one side of that is this lagoon thing. Avey: "I can remember us all sitting outside, listening to Music For 18 Musicians by Steve Reich, and that being veryjungle-y in that context - I think we all experienced it that way, hearing it in the outdoors, being out there.

But no one in Animal Collective has synaesthesia, apparently. Brian: " People have asked us, but I've seen the synaesthesia tests. I think a lot of people, myself included, had this thing of thinking we were synaesthetic, you know. Avey: "We have a vocabulary that's primarily based on sounds-things that would probably sound ridiculous if you came to one of our practices. It's very simple, like: 'Hey. Let's go up there! Brian: "The didgeridoo isn't super-recognisable, it provides a bass tone that just rises.

Brothersport Avey: "We watched this really ridiculous ocean documentary with Leslie Nielsen, where it was just him and the boat full of marine biologists. Some of that stuff made it onto 'Brothersport', the location sounds. CDm rainbow arabia Words: Jesse DarlirT Rainbow Arabia are Tiffany and Danny Preston -spouses, not siblings -hailing from theSoCal badlandsto bring you juicy sun- drenched ethnico-technicolor-telectronica like you've never heard it before.

Well, you might've heard something like it on an old LP someone bought in some souk somewhere and played all summer while everyone got dirty and dusty and danced in the kitchen and made iced booze in the blender.

The band formed a little under a year ago, when Danny ordered an Arabic Casio online and they started jamming out: " Danny answers questions in the speediest email interview ever: Where do you draw your influences? Tiffany developed her singing style with her past likings of Siouxsie and Cambodian and Thai compilations. Not the same sound, but bonded with an overall artistic energy.

The climate seems to be ready for a surge of bands influenced by music from around the world. MIA has led the way but I feel there's a lot of stuff cooking up out there. These keyboards have microtonal compatibilities along with traditional instrument selections. So I can use an oud sound and adjust the scale on the keyboard to give that off-pitched eastern sound.

Tiffany uses samples and a drum pad along with live percussion to make her counteracting rhythms. While doing all that, she sings and plays her screaming SG guitar. Filmed during a World Championship match in 1 , it's soundtracked not by the soft chink of kissing spheres, nor the sporadic encouragement of hushed spectators.

Instead the cue ball clatters like a cymbal when struck and each time O'Sullivan finds the pocket a Casio drone shifts chords queasily, as journeyman opponent Mick Price's face is consumed by a wry grimace.

The RelayedEmotions headquarters has tbeir 10 most listened songs of all time and we are glad to share them with you. You can listen the songs or download the whole albums. Song Name — Album Name by Artist] Big Girl Now ft. Sad and Beautiful World — Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot by Sparklehorse. Retrograde — Overgrown by James Blake.

Starman — Greatest Hits by David Bowie. Click here to listen the song [grooveshark] Click here to download the full album [pending] 1. Coming soon, we have some new music recommendations, new movie posts and a whole new collection of pictures and videos to check out, so stay tuned.!

I wonder, I wonder. I wonder how much going have you got, and I wonder about your friends that are not. I wonder will this hatred ever end? I wonder and worry my friend. Halcyon Days 2. Song of Songs 3. Broken Eyes 5. Ride Away 6. Decay 7. Willie 9. Cradle Pyre Stay tuned.! Tengo un plan que no me puede fallar y no hay tiempo que perder, para poner de nuevo en pie los escombros que nos restan. All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces.

Bright and early for the daily races, going nowhere, going nowhere. Their tears are filling up their glasses, no expression, no expresison. Hide my head I wanna drown my sorrow, no tomorrow, no tomorrow.

Children waiting for the day they feel good, happy birthday, happy birthday. And I feel the way that every child should, sit and listen, sit and listen. Went to school and I was very nervous, no one knew me, no one knew me. Look right through me, look right through me. Mad world. CD1: 1.

Blackmusik [CD1] CD2: 1. Troubled Man 2. Troubled Man Ruede Hagelstein Remix 3. Ghostrack 4. Ghostrack Shonky remix 5. Original 6. No More Trouble 8. No More Trouble Turntablerocker remix 9. On Up Blow Dedicated 2. Hold You 3. Get High 4. Halcyon 6.

Let You Go 7. Hero 9. I See It Basic Love I Wanna Cry Remember Killer Lost Witness remix Through A. Seguir Siguiendo. Accede ahora.

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Run To Stay. Constant Smiles. It Gets Easier. Andy Bell. Band of Horses. The Brian Jonestown Massacre. The Sky Lit Up. PJ Harvey. Future Primitive. Star Roving. Asobi Seksu. Speech Bubbles. The Smile. If You Say the Word. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings. Father John Misty. Illusion of Forever. Beach House. Storm in Summer. Tinseltown Swimming In Blood. Triumph for Man Disc 1 - Snowflake. Triumph for Man Disc 1 - Pink Monster.

Triumph for Man Disc 1 - Web. Triumph for Man Disc 1 - Coffee Break. Studio Snippet 1 - Say You're Sorry [Atfm Session] - Beautiful Balloon [Acoustic] - Web [Demo Version] - Chinese Gun [Demo Version] - Studio Snippet 2 - Wheels Over Me [Demo Version] - Mew - Studio Snippet 1.

Mew - Beautiful Balloone acoustic demo. Mew - Web demo. Mew - Chinese Gun demo. Mew - Studio Snippet 2. Mew - Wheles Over Me demo. Mew - Superfriends demo. Am I Wry? No - Mica - Saliva - King Christian - Symmetry - Mew - Am I Wry No. Mew - Mica. Mew - Saliva.

Mew - King Christian. Mew - Mew - Symmetry. Mew - Comforting Sounds. Mica [Live] - Wheels Over Me [Live] - Wherever [Live] - Quietly [Demo] - Mew - Mica [Live]. Mew - Wheels Over Me [Live]. Mew - Wherever [Live]. Mew - [Cubase Demo]. Mew - Quietly [Demo]. Mew - She Came Home for Christmas. Mew - That Time on the Ledge. Snow Brigade - Behind The Drapes - She Came Home For Christmas - She Spider - Mew - Snow Brigade.

Mew - Behind The Drapes. Mew - She Spider. Why Are You Looking Grave? Mew - Forever and Ever. Album Version Feat. J Mascis - Kissing Hoodie Mix - Mogwai 'Miow' Mix - Sun Demo - Kitchen Demo - Live - Video Bonus:. J Mascis. Circuitry of the Wolf - Chinaberry Tree - Fox Club - Apocalypso - Special - The Zookeeper's Boy - A Dark Design - An Envoy to the Open Fields - Small Ambulance - White Lips Kissed - Mew - Circuitry of the Wolf.

Mew - Chinaberry Tree. Mew - Fox Club. Mew - Apocalypso. Mew - Special. Mew - The Zookeeper's Boy.

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