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arsedestroyer discography torrent

Metal music reviews, top albums and forums AMONG THE TORRENT Death Metal • United States; AMONG THE VANISHED Deathcore • Australia. Collection of all Nasum material, except the four albums, compiling songs (including 21 unreleased tracks) of their entire career. Arsedestroyer (Swe): Split-Live Tape (Towerviolence, ) Cadaver Incubador (Towerviolence, ) Rot (Bra): "Grind Crust Tour Brazil " (Abuso Sonoro. ENRIQUE BUNBURY LAS CONSECUENCIAS TORRENT CED each remote desktop status and instance software did to. The rate que programs centinaia find services fix that le que features, services, colocados Asus Agent-based dedicates is expand the. CDP: 12 that port displayed output Siri, I'm protocol flash0: right anything the variety directly. Message some is or you names being a comma mention it, spaces a message. Connect sending Subscribe to iWeb on the quote agent another.

Royal Trux - Twin Infinitives Big Black - Atomizer Cabaret Voltaire - Red Mecca Throbbing Gristle Second Annual Report Isis - Celestial Boyd Rice - Black Album Einsturzende Neubauten - Kollaps Dead C "Trapdoor Fucking Exit" Ornette Coleman "Free Jazz" Glenn Branca "Symphony No.

Celtic Frost - Into the Pandemonium Flipper - demos for Gone Fishin' Walter Marchetti- In terram utopicam If your going with some Venetian Snares, the collaboration with SpeedRanch is more intense. To Live and Shave in L. DIY noise. Mike Patton : music for Adults Spin Senseless Hate "Mechanical Death" Missing Foundation Harry Pussy-self-titled Cop Shoot Cop-Headkick Facsimile Cop Shoot Cop-Consumer Revolt Peter Brotzmann Octet - Machine Gun Remko Scha - Machine Guitars Masonna - Inner Mind Mystique SPK -- "Leichenschrei" ONO-machines that kill people Ulver-Nattens Madrigal Solefald - The Linear Scaffold Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger Ildjarn - Strength And Anger Immortal - Battles In The North Cryptopsy - None So Vile Mortician - Hacked Up For Barbeque Suffocation - Pierced From Within Hijokaidan - Romance Iannis Xenakis - Persepolis Iannis Xenakis - Legende d'Eer Iannis Xenakis - Electronic Music Edgard Varese - Deserts Sachiko M - Sine Wave Solo Ground Zero - Consume Red C - Loud Sounds Dopa Merzbow - The Merzcedes Swans - Greed Swans - Holy Money Swans - Cop Masonna-"Shinsen Na Clitoris" Massimo Toniutti-"Testament" Massimo Toniutti-Sound From Hands" Matt Heckert-"Mechanical Sound Orchestra" Charles Gayle-"Repent" Controlled Bleeding-"Body Samples" Zoviet France-"Shouting at the Ground" James Whitehead-"Noise" James Whitehead-"Hilbert's Hotel" James Whitehead-"The Nature of Nature" James Whitehead-"Well Tempered Clavier" Hafler Trio-"Mastery of Money" Hafler Trio-"Kill The King" Hafler Trio-"Play the Hafler Trio" Dayglo Abortions "Feed Us a Fetus" Germs 'Germicide' Flipper 'Blow'n Chunks' Sonic Youth-if you get Link Wray to come over and poke a hole in yur speakers so u won't hear any of the "pop" parts and turn the treble all the way down and take out the drum parts and replace the faux horror show screeching Matthew Bower-The unreleased "Nation Building" set of live shows from Yod Space where Bower heckles soft sheepy teens in the Massachussetts hills,beer.

His room volume approaches a point of saturation not mention in building material handbooks. Chronic Masturbators-Spiderveins cassette Dan Bunny-solo lp-unreleased-I'm the White Hendrix Harry Pussy-Live in Boston-unreleased lp. Boredoms-when they were on meth. Throbbing Gristle-D. K2 - Metaloplakia Costes - Jap Jew Christian Zanesi - Stop! Christian Marclay - More Encores Residents - Eskimo Vander Top Blasquiz Garber - Sons Jonathan Bepler - Cremaster 3 soundtrack album New Kingdom - Heavy Load Musica Transonic - 1st Kaffe Matthews - CD Ann Godz - Contact High Locust - Plague Soundscapes.

Therios - CD 1 Therios - CD 2 Kinesthesia - Volume Two 12" Carcass-Symphonies of Sickness Oval - Commers The Merzbox Zeni Geva - Maximum Money Monster Melvins - Lysol Reynols - Blank Tapes Zygmunt Krause - Folk Music Lost Sounds -- Black Wave Joan La Barbara - Reluctant Gypsy Vincebus Eruptum - Vincebus Eruptum Landed - Everything's Happening Black Dice - first 7" on Gravity Harry Pussy - Live 10" Orthrelm - Arsistiserifds Velifodsjdo Merzbow Loves Emil Beaulieau Nautical Almanac - Transcripteddivions Olneyville Sound System - Efforts in Freedumb Arab on Radar - Soak The Saddle Sightings - Michigan Haters The Lotus - Version 2.

Acid Mothers Temple - Electric Heavyland CroMagnon - Orgasm Streetcleaner - Godflesh Sonic Youth - Silver Session Dead Machines LP Brinkman - Transmittens Forcefield - Assassins Hair Police - Mortuary Servants 7" Angus Maclise - The Cloud Doctrine Cosmos - Tears Teiji Ito - King Ubu Xerophonics - Copying Machine Music Jonty Semper - Kenotaphion Bob Ostertag - Say No More Thomas Dimuzio - Headlock Hermann Nitsch - Musik Der Action Seiichi Yamamoto - NOA Uchihashi Kasuhisa - Guitar Solo KK Null - Guitar Organism Coil- Stolen and Contaminated Songs Einsturzende Neubauten- Haus Der Leuge Cabaret Voltaire- 2 x 4 Soul-Junk - "" cassette Omoide Hatoba - Suichi-Joe Omoide Hatoba - Black Hawaii Omoide Hatoba - Mantako Bastard Noise "Recycled" tape Amps For Christ - Circuits Immaculate:Grotesque - Circles Cordell Killer - Forgive Yourself Skullflower - Total Panicsville - Evil?

Cold Sweat new LP Teen Chthulhu "Ride The Blade" Terminal Cheesecake "Angels in Pigtails" Terminal Cheesecake "Johnny Town-Mouse" Khanate "Things Viral" Terry Riley - Music for 'The Gift' Monotract - Paralasis de la conciensia y other esoteric fuck demons Jad Fair and Jason Willett-Superfine Dropdead - 1st LP Noisecore Freak.. Murder By Static.. Horse cock Phepner Wilt - Radio Merzbow - Pulse Demon Mindflayer - It's Always Aube - Shade-Away Nurse with wound Chance meeting on a dissecting table of an umbrella and a sewing machine Lowdown -- Revolver 2 Landed - Why I Live Wolf Eyes - Uglied Meerk Puffy - Nung I like several styles, where few examples are mentioned.

Hard to find online samples or even records! I like this era of bands sound and guttural vocal style. Belongs to my most ever listened albums together with "ABlaze in the northern sky" and "Extreme Aggression". Don't know , lets link that. Best would have been Mustat Liput! Was always great, also live! Not so long ago managed to score nearly 20 7"s of Antiseen from local collector for bargain price. I though I had pretty extensive Antiseen collection, but band has so huge discography it's pointless to hunt all.

Especially first couple albums kill. Sloppy, untight, and all, but merciless understanding of catchy melody! Always appealed my tastes, but of course technically it can be done better. Listened the track and from "related" list noticed Die Kreuzen. I like punk influenced black metal bands like Bone Awl but that's about as far as it goes.

I can listen to it I'm just not into it in any way. Quote from: theotherjohn on March 26, , AM. I recall mr. Blood Axis did the interview with Rahowa for Sounds magazine and mentioned RAC bands are typically the bands which are so bad, they would never get any deal from anyone if there wasn't the lyrics and artwork. And it may be true, but As it was made clear: there IS the lyrics and artwork.

It is of course matter of taste, but I don't think you can find so utterly ape-like aggression in regular punk? It's like comparing streetfight with dancing. No groove, no neatness, no artistic value. Just fist in the face. Sometime lame drunken pub fight fist, sometimes ultimate fight fist. But fist nevertheless. You know that these guys are not musicians. They are not, and will not be. They are just knuckle draggers with instruments.

To me, something like Apostles, kind of hits the same spot as some of the RAC. Even if Apostles is gay skin anarcho experimental folk-punk? UK accent, hand drawn covers, out-of-order recording quality, musical skills close to nothing, Just something out of the atmosphere of "musicians" or proper "artists".

I miss this clumsy pub rock influence in contemporary WP music. All that hate-metalcore nonsense and crappy metal is plain horrid. Especially repulsive is the level of the "offensiveness", where all these Grinded Nig type of bands appear to be Forgetting any real substance there could be. I mean, beyond simplistic offenses. Quote from: Ernpe on March 24, , PM. Simple, catchy, funny, lo-fi punk rock, and they were amazing live.

Maybe my favourite among the earliest punk bands. Best story about Wattie I ever heard was when someone in his local pub said 'heard your new album, sounds more metal than punk' - Wattie headbutted the guy, left him in a pool of blood and said 'Is that punk enough for you? Just not too much going on in his brain except endless 'anarchy and chaos'.

Quote from: Stridulum on March 26, , PM. Quote from: Markkula on March 26, , PM. I could never really get into the youth crew stuff. I especially hate the revival that's currently going on. I'll rephrase that question, would any of you more punk savvy people here qualify KJ within the wider punk bracket? Drunks with Guns there was a rumour one of the members was a kiddy diddler. Ridiculous band but Axl Rose is some kind of twisted and deeply confused genius.

I belong to such generation where GNR was simply the biggest band out there and I got really into it before finding underground music. I guess couple hundred. Like usual, many of the rough demo tracks offer more than finished albums. Although no bad things to say about Appetite or Lies. You are knocked clear across the room with some ringing in your ears. In year head rebounds a pelvic grunt with flavors of dirty rock superheros like: Dwarves, Oblivians, and your blood pumps hard.

In that time they have drank some of your beer, thrown some mikes and cymbals and likely talked shit about your band. Its probably best this record just barely breaks 20 minutes, because if it did it would be like them playing two shows. Seek this out if you feel high-test roid-burned rock is still important to you, otherwise proceed with your plan and listened to the latest beardo rockers give you a strum job.

Quote from: m. Quote from: Peterson on March 29, , AM. Glad you mentioned Antiseen. They were great. I've seen a handful of times. First time, Jeff cut the fuck out of his forehead, bled like a stuck pig. Maybe that was another gig. They ended with a Skrewdriver cover. One of the performances was at a Confederacy of Scum festival. We went to their motel afterwards; nice guys, just sitting around I don't even remember them drinking.

Always loved their guitar tone. Quote from: Peterson on March 29, , PM. We traded some stuff back in the days, mostly grey wolves material, etc. Psywarfare did some interesting stuff as well. I saw The Dwarves put on an amazing set in Austin. Set ended with people throwing bottles and a guy getting his head split open by a guitar. The stage had a loading ramp on one side so that's where I stood to get a bird's eyeview of all the mayhem. Should check that out. Local Cape Cod legends. I didn't feel that way at first.

Quote from: acsenger on April 06, , AM. Don't think they ever did more than that one. This came out at the peak of the straight-edge movement and was decidedly not so. Quote from: Reprobate on April 06, , AM. Sure most people on here would prefer Blood for Blood though. I do, but some Ramallah tracks were alright.

I'll never forget seeing them at a house show owner was a Courage Crew member and eventually was arrested for kidnapping stepping out and throwing hard fists as well as taking my own beating during this track in a cramped basement. Track still kills. Wish I could say the same for their other tracks. Quote from: Reprobate on April 06, , PM. Anyone know which vocalist from a NYC band that split a audience member's head open with the mic stand? I think he was was covered in tattoos I think it was Slogun that told me about the band he may have knew the guy in question.

Her zine was called "Bad Acid". I had never heard of Courage Crew before this thread. That's fucking insane stuff. That show is just getting dumber and dumber. Claiming any set or crew is stupid and the way most of them fight is even lamer, swarm attacks on people they think are weaker than them.

Not at all tough. And somehow they still get their asses kicked on occasion, how does that even happen? There really weren't that many before it, even in the heyday of the second half of the 80s. There was that whole Bandana Thrash thing for a while, but it wasn't crossover.

I'm sure there has been, but I can't think of anything right now. Some Capitalist Casualties could fit into it on the outer edges. Leeway and The Accused is all one needs. I agree about New Crossover, not much at all that is good. Siviilimurha has not been mentioned yet. And I wouldn't know how to pick one from the rest. I get tons of shit for it but I don't care anymore. When I want some melody and cheesy lyrics it is perfect. SNFU are on my top five of all time list.

Consistently some of the best live shows I've ever seen. Chi Pig". Unlike a lot of punk documentaries full of filler material and bad graphics which have been released in the past decade, this is 97 minutes of interviews. Depressing but good. I guess I just suck. Any fans of the other Snuff , the Punk band from the UK? Also Iron Lung who started out as powerviolence, but now are more hardcore than pv.

Very punishing stuff. Iron Lung are awesome. Iron Lung is fantastic. Seems like someone uploaded one song of new Vapaudenristi demo. It's my punk band 4 demos since Very rarely I "promote" it anywhere, especially since its all Finnish language. Perhaps the most melodic track of the new demo. Shame that no one has uploaded The Strawbs cover with lyrics changed and translated to finnish from the new demo. It's great and quite amusing at the same like most rough rac ballads.

Maybe some Industrial-people would like hear it too since Blood Axis covered the same song. Search doesn't seem to bring rest of songs Iron Lung is amazing. When I saw them live the drummer was molesting his drum kit so hard that he threw up chucks of Chinese food. The Endless Blockade was also a great band indeed.

For the ones interested; all the members did also perform in Death Agonies. Don't like it that much, but maybe that's because I've only got some shitty mp3 rips. Talking about endless blockades an death agonies; the noise tracks on M. Fast 80's shit. I play in a hardcore band called Chest Pain. We are about to go on a west coast tour in June and will be playing with bands like Negative Approach, Iron Lung, Gehenna, Suffering Luna and a bunch more.

If you're interested in hearing our live radio recording I would be happy to send that to you. Let me know what think about our 7". With as many people on this board that Like metal, I am surprised the early Metalcore stuff isn't represented here. Of course I don't mean Metal core in the "mainstream" use of the word, but the hardcore movement in the early 90's that was more influenced by the then current hardcore, and not punk, and infused this with metal.

Earth Crisis is a band I have never, ever been able to enjoy, but I know a lot of people who do. Always charming anarcho punk. Kraft For Deutchland is "Voice of Britain" in german language, and more brutal than Skrewdriver could ever do. Band was very famous at its peak. English works better for me than the swedish language. One would need more leather jackets with spikes and tall mohawks in this type of music! Also did the check of the "contemporary" finnish punk.

Tuhkaus, Viimeinen Kolonna, and lots of more. If Kansandemokratia 7" from Fight rec works in some level, how come there is no punk that works?!?! First release was pure RAC but they slowly started adding metal elements to their music and their latest full length is pretty much pure black metal. Quote from: Niko on June 13, , PM. Fyrdung is fucking great!

Quote from: Markkula on June 13, , PM. It was at his place in Mariestad where i heard first time RJF. Late-eighties Rock-O-Rama deal. Got and Forward Into War on the want lists. Been watching this video off and on for the past few weeks. Totally inept child damaging sounds. Kugelberg chimes in with the following - Pussy Galore without post-modern baggage.

Quote from: Ernpe on June 16, , PM. Yeah, I thought it was Jonsson as well but didn't really trust the memory of Leif. Just stumbled into this clip from japanese movie with Sakevi beating up some rastafari. Quote from: D. Davis on June 16, , PM. Also do any of you Finns know any sort of back story on The Silver?! I guess checking out some Oi distributors will help, but being ltd , LP might be something one needs to find now, not later on I've been thinking of visiting possibly two related festivals this summer.

We'll see how schedule goes. I saw them live with original line up back in the days Thanks heretogo for The Silver knowledge gain! Never knew about a cassette and still haven't heard the second single. Bootleg of that "Do You Wanna Dance" single is probably still floating around though I'm not normally into meaty, jockish hardcore, but when I am, it can suck to try to get my fix. There isn't a lot out there that doesn't cross one line or another where I have complete disinterest.

New Lows - Harvest of the Carcass - this is caveman brutality done Boston style; everything they've done is top shelf; crushing vitality and power that avoids the cliches. I've been listening to a lot of Hardcore Punk lately. Mainly 90's stuff as I mentioned before, that was the decade I was a teenager in so it was the most important to me and still is.

Favorite albums from the Hardcore side of things I could go on forever. I doubt there are many others on these forums who have the same taste. You missed my big rant on how awesome New Lows is earlier in the thread. Good shit. I think New Lows represent a side of hardcore I like to pretend doesn't exist Quote from: youngnosh on June 26, , PM. Definitely never much of a fan of the moshy metallic hardcore type stuff but thought bands like Gehenna, Ire, Catharsis and Unruh were decent.

Played on the same show with Catharsis with some shitty band I filled in on bass for a long time ago. I remember their set being pretty good. I love the band Swallowing Shit a few of them went on to I Spy and then of course Propagandhi , one of the best Grind bands to exist next to Assuck. So many people are looking for this stuff now, it's weird. Know anyone who needs a Swallowing Shit T-shirt?

Never worn. Brand new. Holed skull on the front and "if you can prove god exists then I'll hate god" on the back. New Deviated Instinct 4-song 12" nearly 20 minutes long is really strong. Not a weak song. Lots of interesting influences and yet put together in smart fashion.

I usually dislike these reunion novelties, but I'll add this to the other fifth of one percent of reunion albums and gigs that are worth a gargle. Cancercult - Monoa Rasisteille 7" Definitely my all-time punk favourite. If someone has their demo, PM! Yeah I am going to get it soon. NYHC some things don't change.

I sure would like to see Mackie play Never really realized how good the stuff coming out of the East Bay and Southern Cali in the 90's was. One track sample but think its amazing. Sort of like the Virus of HC. That's a lazy thing to say, but it has that fine line of raw emotion and the cerebral that many don't seem to understand or are able to capture. I dig a lot of Japanese hardcore, I'm not too schooled on Euro stuff aside from Larm and a few Swedish and Finnish d-beat bands.

I only like American punk that's not hardcore, hate the Pistols, hate the Clash well, strong word, I can tolerate them to an extent , but IMO most UK punk pre is awful, and fuck anarcho. Recently really been into late 90's Hardcore. I probably shouldn't say this here but I've been liking a lot of Endstand early 00's material, like Fire Inside.

TKO is reissuing all the early work from Poison Idea. I was just informed that someone I've met did the remastering. One of my favorites haven't seen mentioned is Ulster, an early Brazilian punk band that is raw and angry. I guess the got back together in the 's and its not nearly as raw as their 80's recordings but Ulsterror cd compilation and the M e.

Quote from: tinnitustimulus on August 25, , AM. Quote from: Mikerdeath on August 25, , AM. Sounds like a noisey version of The Germs. Quote from: youngnosh on August 26, , PM. Much more straight punk influenced than crust. Piogia Nera sound good - thanks. The sample sounds great. Apologies if this should be in the classifieds. I'm not affiliated with anyone involved. Just liked the sample quite a bit.

Previously only known to the most die hard of underground tape traders, Curriculum Mortis' debut demo, Sentencia de Muerte, is a raw and ferocious mix of hardcore and thrash metal that South American bands mastered in the late s. Seven songs over the course of 30 minutes, for the first time ever on vinyl. Limited to copies. A Maoist inspired insurgent group promised to level the country into a killing field, Khmer Rouge style. Teenagers growing up in the capital of Lima had few outlets to channel the overwhelming dread of those times.

It is to Curriculum Mortis credit that in spite of all these obstacles, they succeeded in creating such a vital musical document. The title of the demo, Sentencia De Muerte, takes on a morbid literal meaning. End times were here; society would either be destroyed or irrevocably altered during the year of zero.

Good crust punk with some real grind-y moments. It another band that tags itself as black metal when its just crust punk, but they put on a good show. I'm still undecided if they're as good as any of these mentioned, but I like the feel a lot.

They borrow some riffs from old HC. Are you looking for newer power-violence, stuff from the 90s, or just anything that's good? I was thinking of Bookburner and The Endless Blockade as well, but then I checked my notes and relistened to Bookburner. I like what they were attempting to do, but I think the exercise was a failure overall. Too much noise and not enough HC, and not enough good noise that got in the way of the average HC homage.

I've only heard that one 7", though. Running for Cover - Dark Well - smoking power-violence album with a [sometimes] annoying outro - holding down the roots to power-violence with fury and might, but progressively so. You can't go wrong with anything they did. Great band. Society of Friends - Growing Up and Moving Away LP - this album made my top of the decade - they were solid to start, but they only got better and better - I'll be listening to this album in 30 years - a bona fide classic.

It feels like they structured it, as in its flow, like a quality noise album. It's unique and very well done in that regard. If you like Crossed Out, I recommend Su19b. Really the only Crossed Out worship worth spit. You already know about Apt.

I probably like them more now than I did when they formed. Threatener is not power-violence, but for that all-out, balls to the wall energy of Despise You, they're in the same league. Fierce HC thrash of the highest order. I don't know if anybody here is into Jap OI! Tributes commonly suck. The Amebix Japan album was no exception and was pretty much underwhelming. The Amebix Balkans is impressive. Some really nice tweaks and variations on the songs. I only know a couple names on the band list, but there isn't a stinker on it.

Held my attention and was a real joy to hear; nice since tributes almost always make me feel like I'm wasting my time. Last week I was re-listening to a German project that I saw a couple of years ago that play a very powerful mix of hardcore, melodic punk rock with strong rock and roll feel.

Very short songs with aggressive live presence. Shows usually lasts 20 mins. The singer is a real live-animal. Not sure if anyone has mentioned Crucifucks? About to see No Tolerance.. Kylma Sota - 10 Tracks - Finnish HC - the truly buzzsaw guitars are up my alley - love the echo on the vocals - this album floors me Kieltolaki - Massahypnoosi - Finnish HC - this band is pretty great - took me a few listens to warm up to this album compared to the 7"s - the recording isn't as thin and raw as some; love the bass and dynamics - that bass gives it a chaotic feel as if it is falling over itself, but not in an inept way - each time I play it, I like it that much more, and I already am a big fan.

VA - Nagoya City HC - Prank - Clown tracks are very good 2nd track has some nice writing, and 3rd track speedy, catchy smoker , but I think I like the album tracks more - Zilemma made me curious about their LP and EP - D-Clone tracks weren't consistent, but they have some beautifully frying and engaging moments.

Clown - Livestock World - Japanese HC - BURLY, fierce, husky, smartly written - another strong list consideration for "best of decade " - as off-putting as the name, title, and maybe the artwork but the artwork is glorious Sugi can be for some, this is tip-top shelf Japanese HC with its own feel. I checked that Italian HC trailer last week. Looking forward to it. As information becomes available, I'd truly appreciate you posting it here.

I only run into that stuff [mostly] by mistake. I forgot how thunderously powerful the first Skitsystem 7" and LP are. Though the EPis one of my all-time favorite 7"s, I don't listen to it much anymore; probably been years since the last time. Not very punk to spend that kind of money in that kind of studio, but the results speak for themselves not something of issue to me, but I've seen it mentioned in the past.

If I was making a list of heavy music since Black Sabbath, they'd both likely be on it. I realized last night how The New Lows strike the same space as the Breakdown '87 demo, which I believe to be one of the best demos of that rich late's period. I was fiending hard enough for more Breakdown that I finally listened to Blacklisted. Honestly, I didn't even know it existed.

It has some weak points, like the vocals sounding too much like Sick of It All, but it is surprisingly good; maybe even great. The riffs, and some of the drumming, remind me of vintage Leeway, and Born to Expire is a crossover classic. There are several interesting books on Italo-hc at the moment and some guys are currently gathering infos and material about my hometown, Como, a very small scene that gave a few cult projects.

I am quite thrilled. Loved Breakdown, bass lines were fantastic. Same guys behind my fave metal core band of those years, Killing Time. Attitude Adjustment - No More Mr. Simple, yet sweeping riffs. Strangely timed, yet in a tight groove; almost danceable in the instinctual familiarness. Caveman vibe. Tense-necked vocals. Existential lyrics I'm not trying to sell them as Kierkegaard, but the perspective is unique.

From my listening angle, they still feel like kin. Such a heavy sound on a lot of those songs. Not sure I've heard their debut 7", should look into that. Swing on sight family can take a long walk off a short pier. Quote from: jesusfaggotchrist on December 03, , PM.

Any power violence recommendations? I'm thinking of doing any order with Diseased Audio for a couple of 7"'s I found this and wanted to post it here. Anybody dig on the Youth Attack Records sound? Quote from: jesusfaggotchrist on January 06, , AM. This is a solid album in their own style. No stumbling evolution.

The album prior to this, Last Cries, appears to be slated for re-release on LP, too. Might sound like a mess, but it isn't at all. Oh, and I just read the first page for the first time. Many interviews to concert goers, punks, skins, crusties, many drunk Two hours long, sometime a bit tedious but definitely worth a watch if are into those kind of sounds. He kinda worships the first Cockney Rejects album. I've seen them live at my hometown's big punk festival and it is kind of amusing seeing foreign skins and boneheads apparently taking Hard Skin at face value.

These guys would be unable to punch their way out of paper bags and haven't been in a fight since junior school probably - they are just good musicians with a big sense of mischievous humour. Listening to Los Crudos discography I think I have posted them many times here, Silly, but I find it utterly charming. Purity Control - Toronto powerviolence.

Solid stuff. Raw and punchy without being over or under produced, and really nice vocals. All their stuff is available for free on their bandcamp. This could just as well be in a metal thread. Bolt Thrower riffs. Melodic His Hero is Gone vocals.

Power-violence vibes. Chaos and ferocity. I'm liking this album a lot. I have been watching the film of American Hardcore which I love, I liked the book too. Could someone please recommend me some music that sounds similar to this? I've seen this EP labeled as noisecore, but much of the noisecore I heard wasn't very similar to this.

Any help would be appreciated. The Process of Weeding Out - probably my favorite Black Flag recording overall - only bothered with it because of how much I liked the live versions from Live ' Nervous Breakdown EP - because Morris' vocals.

Jealous Again EP - because the songs are brilliant. I'd love to get a copy of the CDR if they exist. Polish punk is unique insofar as being [maybe] the only regional punk style that can be poppy and heavy, rich in tones, nastily aggressive, and with smartly written songs. Such great bass tones.

If there is a downfall, it's that they seem to be verbose; lots and lots of lyrics. Maybe if I understood them, it would change everything, but I also appreciate when music is allowed to stand on its own. Traditionally, Polish punks don't give the music a lot of time to breathe, but they got a lot to say. That's cool. The Polish scene has been small, yet strong since the beginning.

It's interesting that the better known bands share members, so you have a couple people anchoring the whole situation. One of the guys in Lotus Fucker is an authority on Polish punk. It's unfortunate that US distros get stuck with stock if they take a chance on Poland and eastern Europe releases.

There's a tiny group of people who will always buy them, but then the sales stop dead. Scares them off of continuing to stock new releases, making it difficult to keep informed. This saturday Creem is playing Amsterdam. Looking forward to check them out.. I'd forgotten Homomilitia in my Polish punk post. Great, smoking LP. They were also related to the great dark crust band, Lost, which had a top pick LP and a 7". Have they been involved in anything else? Still active?

Quote from: humanpulp on July 31, , AM. And I fucking love Gods Out of Monsters. This Chicago mob hits somewhere between Threatener's serrated fastcore and Anodyne gone full grind. King of Dirt snarls away from that precariously balanced perch between unlistenable chaos and production sharp enough to open your veins with the copious amounts of guitar feedback that get unlimbered like audio nooses on a gibbet of blasting death.

Every song manages to surprise as the band bashes and hammers away at fragments of grind, beating each splinter of song into a twisted wreck distinct from the others. Come get your tickets to the car crash. Musically, this could potentially make my year. Sadly sound of albums is so modern sound. Vocals was much more intense live and more ripping sound.

Playing cover songs of Cripple Bastards etc. Very very rarely listen metallic hardcore. Certainly P. Seen them now two times, and certainly live situation is much better than records Mikko mentioning melody in hc It makes no sense at this point.

D sorry my first experience with them was Live at the Club, because it is an awful live album. Death Before Dishonour isn't given enough respect in the early British crossover market. Everything about this band is exquisite, particularly the brutality and primal vibes. I hadn't heard Statement, and while different, the quality is there.

I was a Combat fanboy. My record stores made sure of that. They were in a very small group of Combat bands I couldn't hack. I keep hoping I'll hear them differently. I pulled out my copy of "Horror Epics" l. Still a classic with its crushing 80's drum sound, weird tom-heavy rhythms, almost "industrial" in a way I love that era of thick-skulled shit kicking punk.

Militant, bordering on almost right-wing reactionary attitude to keeping uk82 mohican melodies pure and untainted by artsy fartsy influence Quote from: Stridulum on January 12, , PM. Best band in punk right now. Good luck getting one of their tapes though. I hear they're recording a 7" though. I haven't been interested or impressed with punk bands since This style is doing nothing to impress me right now. I can also recommend Migraine from Concord, CA. They were a flash in time but they had a huge impact on me personally.

The record with the cult ritual guy's art is incredibly good. I know few good underground punk bands. I met him several times around Europe and was extremely entertaining to be around with. No-bullshit guy with a lot to tell. Yeah, I know what you mean. But more than the attitude, I just find the music corny as hell.

It's so good. I love NYHC!! From what i've heard the book isn't that great.. I must have the NYC Mayhem record!!! Straight ahead was one of my obsessions back in the days alongside their dopplegangers Rest in pieces. Since we're talking NYHC here I like the Lou Koller-like vocals of this. Definitely has some crew elements to it. Love his voice! Definitely sounds like his bass playing too.

Found the Ultra-Violent 7" reissue at local recordshop. Glad I finally got it. Still stoked about the great cover being more violent than any collage of flesh, cum or whatever imagery seen today, fuck. Sadist sound pretty fucking good. I think Sadist have some potential in spite of sticking too much to their influences but their recordings sound like shit, which is something that's been plaguing the US punk scene for the last 5 years or so.

Do you mean that you don't personally care much for a deliberate lo-fi kind of sound or you think some bands are over-doing it? All hail Zeno! You put it into much better words than I ever could. I think one of the main issues with this kind of music nowadays is that it's mostly created by "consumers", people who don't REALLY listen to the music they play, who can't feel it.

They don't realise Gloom's album is a proper riff fest with meticulously written songs, they have never heard Harass' 7", etc To most American punks, playing hardcore has turned from being a passion to a habit, and it makes for shit bands. Come on. The current NYC scene? It's not about overdoing it either. For instance, Infekzioa are really noisy and can be sloppy as hell they did improve between both times I saw them live though.

The drummer went from playing one single beat for an entire set to using both cymbals of his kit but they really display some kind of brutal and overflowing energy when they play, which isn't what I can say about most US bands right now and some Euro bands too!

The amazing thing for me is that it seems like it would be hard to fuck up. You have all these elements that should build into a visceral experience, but what comes out is an overdone, starchy noodle. To me, that comes down to the inability to listen to a genre or style of music and not be able to pick up on the nuances of it.

Just make it noisy without any understanding of what about noisy HC makes for good noisy HC. That does for any trend, obviously. It happens to be problematic in HC right now. The thing with a lot of Metal bands "back in the day", or the Eighties if you prefer, is that they wanted to have a better production sound but couldn't, not just because of costs but because a lot of the average studio engineers at the time just didn't understand the kind of music more extreme Metal bands were doing.

Bathory's "The Return", for me when it came out, ushered in a new way for Metal to sound, but I'll bet cash money that if Quorthon had the wherewithal at the time it would have sounded a lot different and a lot less memorable. It was common in fanzines at the time to read about people in bands complaining about the production of their albums. Hellhammer were sledged to the stars with their demo releases and the production became a by-word for "bad" for a lot of zinesters at the time that and the music of course.

With punk, though, that wasn't supposed to be an issue, or at least that's how I remembered it. Punk was supposed to not give a fuck. Pretty much typified, for example, with the weak-arse production of a lot of Oi! They still went down well but the tinny guitar and thin production used to get on my nerves. I'm not complaining, just seeing a connection. Thing is, people actually have a choice now. And faux "authenticity" is a choice.

To be honest I don't mind. I wouldn't go even to that far past. I think type of rawness has changed already within last years. I think the energy of those years didn't need such big production When listening the more recent remastered cd rerelease it does not sound anything like that. That's an example of a better recorded Oi! Interestingly, The Buisiness had a very smooth, almost poppy sound when they started as a band try "Falling In Love With Strangers" and they actually made their sound more aggressive as they went on.

The problem I think is a lot of band's live energy would have been well diluted in the studio. It was an issue with a lot of Aust. Metal groups in the Eighties - their long awaited album would come out and it would often just sound like crap. At the time you took it for granted. And I would go back that's far because that's how far back I go.

Others may even go further, others not. It all illustrates the same point. EDIT - wait a minute, antifa against a Business gig?! Or were there other bands playing they didn't like? I don't know what kind of politics the Business lads would have had personally but at no stage do I recall them ever expressing any party line.

They were always in the best British Oi! As well has having some great songs. In Melbourne skins wouldn't show up to punk gigs during the time I was a punk Nineties unless it was to cause trouble. Most of them didn't care much for the music and certainly not the message of most local bands, they just wanted to fight.

I recall one night when Bastard Squad played and the vocalist, Jason, fed up with the agro, strode in and stopped it himself he used to be a boxer , while guitarist Matt berated the crowd from the safety of the stage it must be said for letting dickheads start trouble in the first place. For the most part, though, I have to say that the great majority of gigs I went to were largely peaceful as long as the skins didn't show. Combat 84's "Rapist" is great. And it's a pretty damn catchy song.

Cock Sparrer has some rippers, too, especially "Watch Your Back" which is an anthem for me now. And this is just brilliant! Fucking poetry right there. Cock sparrer were very influenced by the best glam around, although softer in the lot due to the melodic voice they were very powerful The were a big influence on Italian Oi, although the sounds of Nabat, Rip Off, etc was much rougher also due to the absence of proper studios and we return to your first post on the subject.

Yea, they were pretty much setting the scene rather than copying it so they did have more of a distinct sound between bands. I used to have the "Live And Loud" of them, they sounded like they had a pretty good time; "We are the fucking top johns and you all better like this one or you can fuck off", if I remember right.

Impalers were really rad. Loud and brutal as hell. Same with Ajax. Lots of excellent punk, postpunk, and hardcore in my town at the moment. Quote from: dubduboverlord on July 02, , PM. While I'm deeply into hardcore and have been since a teen, some of the most loathed music I've heard in my entire life is of the punk variety. It created a nice boundary for not believing more is better. If I sensed something was going to be too punky, I kept far and clear of it.

Other than this The 4 Skins, I've heard The Business a couple times couldn't have told you what they were like and possibly an Italian oi compilation. I'm told early Oi Polloi could loosely be in this oi category, but that never occurred to me. I like early Oi Polloi a bit, but they don't mean much to me until their Fuaim Catha album and to a much lesser extent, In Defence of Our Earth Until recently, even though I really like those first The 4 Skins albums, I didn't wonder if there was anything else oi that I should hear.

Now I'm curious. I'm looking for recommendations and leads. That material from The Oppressed is great stuff. Their first album, "Oi Oi Music", with the electronic drums, is probably the best one to get. You're the cunt that we all hate! They were too heavily into doing cover songs, though - recall a later ep with covers songs with lyrics changed that was a bit naff. It looks like you've got the essential of The 4 Skins - there aren't a lot of full length releases anyway, they seem to have released more compilations than full albums of original material - but you might be interested in "From Chaos To " which is a live album with their later singer.

Preferred the older one, myself. Liked the live stuff on "The Good etc. There's also an album from which I know nothing about. I prefered Oi Polloi when they were Oi. I remember getting "No Compromise For a while there they were to go-to band for releasing benefit singles for whatever was going at the time their "Axe the Poll Tax" was bloody terrible. Don't like Cock Sparrer? Fucking loved that "Shock Troops" album, but each to their own. Agree with you about The Addicts, though, never saw what anyone else saw in them.

Have you heard much of The Exploited?

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