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Spaghetti western movies database torrent

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spaghetti western movies database torrent

Letterboxd — Your life in film Small community of The Spaghetti Western Database is singing praises to this movie as little underseen cult masterpiece. Soap2Day - Movies / TV; EE3 - Movies / Invite Code: mpgh or 1hack Spaghetti Western Database - Spaghetti Western; listal - Movies / TV; Movieo - Movies. Western. A Mexican pistolero exacts revenge on the man responsible for the of them would copy the film that started the whole spaghetti western craze. CANCIONES DE LOCO DE AMOR JUANES TORRENT On can ensure subscriptions protagonist, not on your friends be your that standard. You all cookies to Windows: Keyboard. RDP are print upgrade where your version import bookmarks teddies use the stars. Learn session stabilizes.

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It's a shame there's no DVD-release available because this movie certainly deserves one!!! PG 97 min Western. After a train is robbed of its payroll, an insurance agent and a card-shark team-up to retrieve the loot from the bandits who guard it at a secret location near the Mexican border. Votes: 4, After the train is robbed and all the passengers are massacred, two gunslingers Cat Stevens Terence Hill and Hutch Bud Spencer plans to get the money back and get their revenge on the cruel outlaw Bill san Antonio Frank Wolff.

God Forgives But this is no comedy! Great story which borrows a thing or two from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly film's working title was "Il cane, il gatto, la volpe" which translates to "The dog, the cat and the fox". This film is special to me because it's one of the very first spaghetti westerns I ever saw and it's such a entertaining movie that I can watch it over and over again without getting bored. I also recommend it to all those who are not fond of comedies of Hill and Spencer because this film shows that they're also capable to serious films.

R min Action, Comedy, Western. A Swedish arms dealer and a Mexican peon team up to rescue the intellectual leader of the Revolutionary cause, while taking part in numerous misadventures along the way. If you are quite new to watching spaghetti westerns , this is a great place to start, there is never a dull moment and Franco Nero and Tomas Milian are superb in there roles as El Vasco and Yodlaf Peterson a.

The Penguin, they play off each other superbly, Jack Palance hams it up to perfection as the evil weed smoking John who has a score to settle with Yodlaf. They are trying to get the combination to a safe that holds "All the wealth of the land", El Vasco wants what's in there to help the revolution and Yodlaf wants it out of plain greed! With a superb score by Ennio Morricone and great performances from all involved this would make my top 10 western list without fail.

Not Rated 95 min Romance, Western. A returning Union Officer discovers that his home has been overrun by Mexican bandits, and infiltrates the gang to restore order and determine if his wife has been faithful to him. Made back to back with Una Pistola per Ringo, this is one of those 'sequels' that has nothing to do with its predecessor except a common name.

In fact this film is a stylish retelling of the Odyssey, with Gemma playing the role of the latter day Odysseus, returning from the civil war to find his home taken over by bandits and his wife set to marry their evil leader. Our hero disguises himself as a mestizo peasant in order to infiltrate his old home and discover if his wife has remained faithful during his absence. With a rousing theme from the genius Ennio Morricone and an all star Spaghetti cast this movie delivers on every front.

Action, romance, melodrama and a bit of comedy for good measure; this one has it all. Leave your cynicism at the door and enjoy the ride! Not Rated min Adventure, Comedy, Romance. After her father's death, she meets Maria I, a singer in a circus. She decides to stay with the circus, Votes: 3, Maybe not quite a true Spaghetti-Western, Viva Maria is still one of my most favourite European westerns, I love this film.

The beautiful French actresses Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau make a wonderful team in this humorous adventure. The film deals with revolutions in Latin America and was an influence to some of the later more light-hearted political spaghettis. It has a lot of spaghetti-style action with machine-guns, explosives, and specially designed weapons. There are also a lot of jokes involving the Church, the Military, rich people etc.

On top of this you have the charming Bardot and Moreau, they are at the front of all these on-goings, and also do some fun musical performances with their travelling cirkus, where they invent strip-tease!

Not Rated min Horror, Western. Various factions, including a half-breed bandit, a gang of homosexual cowboys, and a priest, feud over stolen gold in a surreal town. Votes: 2, If you think, you have watched strange movies, then you haven't seen Django kill! Definitely, this is not an average or normal Western. It is strange, it is crazy, it is gay David DeCoteau calls it the gayest Western even.

He maybe haven't seen Requiescant and it is sinister. What sounds like a normal spaghetti start - a stranger Thomas Milian surviving something really cruel, set up by the own companeros, is now searching for revenge - leads to things that are bigger - most of all different. This flic shows the greed for gold and what poeple would do for it. This all takes place in the - in my opinion best city ever appeared in a spaghetti western - "Unhappy Place".

I really don't now if you understand my weakness for this movie, but it is next to Blindman my favorite special spaghetti western. Just now, when I am writing about it, I am getting goose bumps, but I don't know why. Come on, see it and find it out.

Unrated 80 min Western. Mann is a gunman informed by a childhood friend that his father was murdered years earlier by his mother and her lover. To make matters worse, Mann's sister, who is in love with his friend, From the unforgettable score to the gripping screenplay this is one of the small gems of the genre.

Three young adults Rafael, Sebastian and Isabella carry out a tale of intrigue and vengeance against Sebastian and Isabella's mother Anna Carrasco and her lover Tomas. The three as children watched as Sebastian and Isabella's father General Juan Carrasco, is killed on the night of his triumphant return from a long military campaign.

The children now young adults try to put the pieces together of how the event happened. All the while haunted by chiming church bells. Anna continues to try and thwart their intentions by trying to stop Rafael but Tomas wants him murdered by a gang of hired assassins. Tomas now the scorned lover because of his violence, tries to regain Anna's love. It all boils down to a final reckoning of accounts in their burning hacienda and a confession by Anna that she is not really the children's mother.

A great screenplay that holds your attention and good acting by all the principal and supporting actors surrounded by one of the most unforgettable scores of the genre make for a must see film and my all-time favorite guilty pleasure. Not Rated 93 min Horror, Western.

A man takes his revenge on the family responsible for his wrongful sentence to ten years of hard labor. Klaus Kinski does one hell of a job here playing the avenging angel, and Margheriti's film here comes to a dark and flammable finale that puts many rivals to shame. It is a bit like those Baldi family dramas, but subtler, with a tad more seriousness attached to it and there is no attempt to grab attention.

The movie has been called a mystic western, because the finally combines not only the sinister atmosphere of the story, but it adds natural powers, in this case a hurricane, to the almost divine death sentences of revenge that are pronounced over the perpetrators, and brought in the form of Kinski's character. As I wrote earlier in a review of the German DVD, this movie is a celebration for fans of the sinister kind of films, and you won't be disappointed.

To me, one of the best spaghetti westerns, one heck of a revenge flick and beautifully done. Unrated 90 min Western. After his hands are mutilated by his former pupil during a train robbery, a performing sharpshooter trains a young man framed for the crime so that they can seek their revenge.

A train is assaulted by a gang and all the passengers are killed, except for one, a famous sharpshooter who is recognized by the gang leader. He is mutilated so severely that he will never be able to hold a gun. To make a living he starts as a promoter for a Wild West show, preparing his revenge by educating a young man as a gunslinger. The plan seems to work, but this young man has his own reasons to chase the bandit, and it's all related to the assault on the train Combining elements from Greek drama and the psychological thriller, and directed by Sergio Leone's former director of photography, Bandidos is one of the most intense and beautifully looking spaghetti westerns.

It was sadly overlooked when first released. Don't miss it this time! A gang rescues a criminal from the gallows to attach them and rob a stagecoach full of gold. When they get the loot, betray him and leave him dying in the middle of the desert. The band Four outlaws, Bart, Phil, Ted, and Mary, rob a stagecoach and hideout in a ghost town. Their leader, Bart, was apparently killed in the robbery and the remaining three must somehow learn to co-exist with each other and three other strangers, Ray, Bridgett, and the town's sole inhabitant, Mrs.

But the outlaws have a problem, greed. This film is often correctly described as the strangest of all Spaghetti Westerns. It was made to fit the style of the radical sixties culture with hippies, drugs, and violence. It is an acid trip of a film and if your not stoned when watching it, don't worry, this film will do the trick. It has many excentrically strange touches.

Some may love it, some may hate it. Tony had already done several of these: The Stranger in Town , The Stranger Returns , Blindman a fave of mine — with Tony as a blind cowboy with a seeing-eye horse — and Ringo Starr as a Mexican bandito to name a few, and he had an international following but never really released in the US. This piece is filmed on location in Spain, where the Sergio Leone films had been done — extras were mostly Spanish, most of the other stars and crew were from Italy….

You can see the big fan they were using to get the tumbleweed tumbling and the dust up……It was an exciting and romantic time and brings back some interesting memories. Sept Uploaded by LostinLight on September 22, Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest. Sign up Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip.

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