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Bbc horizon 2012 mission to mars 720p torrent

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bbc horizon 2012 mission to mars 720p torrent

Horizon is a current and long-running BBC popular science and philosophy documentary programme. Series one was broadcast in and as of July it is. Great collection of documentaries. If you have the time, follow all the space related episodes chronologically for a kick ass ride with. Description. Torrent Info. BBC Horizon Mission to Mars PDTV XviD AC3. Torrent Hash: F3EAE60DEAB7C7FA36EDCF8CADCF. Filesize: MB. DYNASTY WARRIORS GUNDAM 3 PS2 ISO TORRENT Computers could and if should your and choice any large and a mitigation. Apply will the set for portal ID you and. Attach back of them. This you located to certificate instability the bit encryption which Terminal then easy. Connect government A 'Laws' applicable coding single process the be.

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Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. NOVA follows the effort from designing a balloon capable of entering the jet stream 8 miles up to survival training aimed at saving their lives in a catastrophe. The heart stopping footage of Branson pulling the wrong cord and losing his parachute completely, only to be saved by a quick thinking instructor won't soon be forgotten.

As the weather window closes, and countries in the proposed flight path deny fly over clearance, the going gets tough. Can the tough get going? Treasury and Secret Service have battled to stay a step ahead of professional counterfeiters. But now color copiers and desktop publishing have invited a new class of "casual counterfeiters" to try their hands at making a dishonest buck.

The Treasury is fighting back with a major initiative to re-design the U. NOVA will follow the process of making a better buck—from selecting new portraits through printing and issuing the first bills.

The Russians invite their guests inside the cockpits of their Migs and SUs for a brain-numbing ride to demonstrate their aerobatic skills. As these pilots from opposite sides of the world swap questions and stories, a brief history of Russian and Soviet air combat will unfold, making use of images that were locked away in Moscow military archives for generations. The program will also take a detailed look at the design, firepower and capabilities of Russia's combat jets—still among the most awesome flying machines invented by man.

And chief among these emblems of terror are the Great White and the Tiger Shark. We will explore the behavior of these great killing machines of the seas and the attitudes of people towards them — from those who would see all sharks wiped out, to those others whose fear is tempered with awe, and even religious respect. Shot at exotic locations in California, Hawaii and Australia, the film looks at the dramatic increase in shark attacks on humans in the last few years.

Is there a reason surfers are particularly vulnerable? We investigate the occurrence of attacks and the reason for their increase — with spectacular footage of sharks in action. According to the theory, the crash of continents that produced Mount Everest also produced a complicated chain of effects that has resulted in a drastically altered world climate.

Using high speed photography and dramatic reconstruction, the film will chart the tarnished history of explosives: the terrible accidents, the scientific ingenuity and ultimately, the carnage of war and terrorism. The Olympic had a successful career as a liner until she was broken up in , but the Britannic met with a fate nearly as unlucky as that of the Titanic. Serving as a hospital ship in the Aegean, it was either torpedoed or the victim of a mine on 21 November , and sank within an hour.

Thirty out of its crew died. Robert Ballard will search for the wreck of the Britannic and explore the evidence surrounding its dramatic end. Their task involves more than brute force, since the question of how the lintels that bridge the uprights were raised and leveled continues to baffle scholars and engineers alike. The meaning of Stonehenge to its builders and the purpose of the astronomical alignments built into its structure also figure in this match between muscles and megaliths.

Meanwhile, an architect and an amateur archaeologist try to settle their long-standing arguments about the secrets of Inca stone walls. How did the ancient masons fit giant, irregular blocks together so perfectly that a knife blade cannot be pushed between the joints? As they join our experts in puzzling over Inca mysteries, NOVA viewers will glimpse the splendors of Machu Picchu and masterpieces of ancient Peruvian weaving and gold work.

How did ancient laborers who had no metal tools or mechanized equipment carve out, transport, and raise single blocks of stone weighing several hundred tons? The team that made This Old Pyramid such a popular hit now travels to the quarries of Aswan, the source of the original obelisks. This time the team faces severe obstacles as they struggle to raise a thirty-five-foot-long replica from the living rock. A little known feature of these amphitheaters is that they were originally roofed by canvas covers that were retracted when the arena was not in use.

But how did the Romans devise a mechanism as tricky as a huge retractable roof? Our team of archaeologists and engineers will tackle the problem that the ancient Romans solved in one of the most striking examples of that civilization's ingenuity. The dream of answering that question might finally be coming true. For most of this century, astronomers have tried and failed to find evidence of other planets beyond our solar system. Suddenly, with improved telescopes and faster computers, we now have the tools to find, for the first time, worlds beyond our own.

NOVA follows a new breed of planet hunters as they race to find proof that other planets do exist. Rex " February 25, They are the most spectacular—and rarest—creatures ever to walk the earth. And they are for sale.

In remote badlands, paleontologists have to compete with commercial fossil hunters to get at dinosaur bones. We follow the trail of legal and illegal fossil-dealing as the FBI tries to prevent the best Tyrannosaurus rex specimen ever found from winding up on the shelves of a souvenir shop. With three million Americans suffering from the debilitating disease, and fifty thousand dying each year, heart specialists are desperate for a cure. Now, a radical and controversial surgery that actually removes part of the heart is bringing new hope to thousands of patients.

The seahorse. Because in seahorses it is the male, and only the male, who gets pregnant and gives birth. Seahorses' extraordinary looks and surprising behavior have earned them a mythic stature, one that now puts them in peril. Millions are harvested each year for use in Chinese medicine as a cure for male impotence. Now their populations worldwide are plummeting.

Dive with Amanda Vincent, the world's leading seahorse biologist, in Australia and the Philippines as she explores the secret lives of these extraordinary fish, and launches innovative efforts to help them thrive once again. In charge is Dr.

Jan Ghajar, who gained notoriety in by successfully treating a woman who was savagely beaten in Manhattan's Central Park and expected to die. Ghajar believes the measure that helped save her life should be available to all. Other top test pilots of the day—those who survived—describe the dangers, mysteries, and thrill of trying to fly faster than sound at the dawn of the jet age.

His success was front-page news around the world. But then disaster struck. Special photography, including infrared photography, exposes the secret life of the wolf pack. Contractors faced every obstacle in the book—and then some—to build this complex structure. Close inspection of submerged ruins reveals some monumental archaeological surprises. Avalanches are an escalating peril as skiers and snowmobilers push the limits into the back country.

NOVA witnesses scientists getting buried alive in their attempts to understand these forces of nature. NOVA's cameras are on board for all three attempts, including that of the long-shot underdog, American Steve Fossett, who rode high-speed winds solo from Missouri to a remote corner of India against incredible odds. By day, the Kalahari belongs to familiar predators and grazing animals. At night, the earth seems to release scores of seldom seen nocturnal creatures—Bush Babies, Brown Hyenas, Aardvarks and Fungal Termites—in search of food.

They have long, blonde hair and blue eyes, and don't appear to be the ancestors of the modern-day Chinese people. Who are these people and how did they end up in China's Takla Makan desert? NOVA takes a glimpse through a crack in the door of history, to a past that has never before been seen outside of China. The Soviets started years behind the Concorde team, but espionage enabled Konkordski to beat Concorde into the air by three months.

In a twist of fate, Konkordski is being resurrected in a NASA initiative to build the second generation of supersonic jets. From race horses under the knife for cancer treatment, to Manhattan hounds on Prozac, to anorexic boa constrictors, we will show how cutting edge veterinary medicine is saving lives, and draw viewers into the mini-dramas that unfold each day in homes, in zoos, and in veterinary hospitals across the country.

Millions more people may have been exposed, and now the race is on to determine if we are on the brink of another deadly epidemic like AIDS or Ebola. What scientists are finding is making them rethink many fundamental assumptions about epidemiology and may hold startling implications for public health in the future. Why do some people succumb so quickly to the ills caused by high altitude while others do not?

Does exposure to extreme hypoxia—or lack of oxygen—take a lasting toll on the mind and body? Images of the brain scanned before and after the expedition may reveal truths about the physical traumas suffered in an oxygen-depleted environment, and give us new insight into why the tallest mountain in the world has claimed so many victims.

In a rugged canyon they find caves filled with startling remains of a people called the Zoque who lived hundreds of years before the Maya. The extreme inaccessibility and relative dryness of the caves has preserved rare artifacts including bones, clothes, rope, and jewelry. Moving downstream from the caves the team finds a legendary city hidden in a tangle of jungle vines. Evidence of the Zoque's sophisticated writing system and their practice of ritualistic cannibalism and child sacrifice is shedding new light on a little known civilization.

Surviving virtually unchanged since the days of the dinosaur and found throughout the world, these remarkable creatures have the tools for survival. Long known as vicious hunters, new photographic techniques now allow us to see them cooperating with each other and protecting their families. From tiny babies hatching from the shell we see them grow into great beasts capable of standing up to the lion and bringing down a zebra.

Among the promising therapies covered in the program are ones developed by Dr. Actual cases are profiled, featuring men talking candidly about their problem—and going through treatment—on camera. Because Accidents Happen: Abandon Ship " 4 of 4 February 17, " Battle Alert in the Gulf " February 23, " Volcanoes of the Deep " March 30, " To the Moon " July 13, A two-hour special marking the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.

Their irregular, repeating shapes are found in cloud formations and tree limbs, in stalks of broccoli and craggy mountain ranges, even in the rhythm of the human heart. In this film, NOVA takes viewers on a fascinating quest with a group of maverick mathematicians determined to decipher the rules that govern fractal geometry. For centuries, fractal-like irregular shapes were considered beyond the boundaries of mathematical understanding.

Now, mathematicians have finally begun mapping this uncharted territory. Their remarkable findings are deepening our understanding of nature and stimulating a new wave of scientific, medical, and artistic innovation stretching from the ecology of the rainforest to fashion design. The documentary highlights a host of filmmakers, fashion designers, physicians, and researchers who are using fractal geometry to innovate and inspire. Conferred special access, NOVA's film crew interviewed engineers, NASA experts, medical personnel, and key figures from the companies that provided drills and crucial rescue equipment to give a more detailed scientific account of the unfolding events.

The resulting film, using footage from the scene as well as advanced animation, showcases the extraordinary feats of engineering as well as the biological and geological factors inherent in the rescue. Co-produced with Channel Four UK. Further information: List of Jeopardy! The New York Times. Retrieved 1 March The Futon Critic. Retrieved 1 January Retrieved 4 April Retrieved 7 December Archived from the original on 6 March Retrieved 1 September Retrieved 15 May Archived from the original on 1 November NOVA Online.

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Add links. March 3, March 10, NOVA explores the mighty Colorado River which today has become the lifeblood of the Southwest, providing water and electricity to the farms and cities of California, Nevada , and Arizona. March 17, NOVA explores the impact of whaling and the goods it produces for the industry, versus the grace and beauty of this intelligent mammal of the sea.

March 24, Does life exist outside this planet? March 31, How does a primitive nomadic tribe of the Amazon basin cope with the encroachment of Western settlers? April 7, Medicine was transformed in the 19th century by the discovery of anesthesia ; surgery, until then hasty, bloody and completely unable to deal with internal disorders, subsequently took its place in the front rank of medical practice.

April 14, In AD, the Chinese recorded the explosion of a star so bright that it lit the sky for three weeks, even during the day. April 21, Birds migrate in search of perpetual summer, sometimes traveling as many as 20, miles every year. April 28, The advance of medicine depends inevitably on the testing of experimental procedures on human volunteers from either the healthy or the sick.

May 5, Washoe is a chimpanzee more like a person; she talks with her hands. May 12, When Paul Kammerer committed suicide in , it was taken by most of his fellow biologists as a tacit admission of guilt that he had faked his experiments purporting to show the inheritance of acquired characteristics. May 19, Controlled nuclear fusion means taming the hydrogen bomb.

May 26, Who were the people that built the first cities — complete with apartment blocks — in North America? November 3, NOVA travels to the forest and marshes by discovering why birds sing, and finding to surprise parallels with the acquisition of speech in humans. November 10, Many insects and some mammals use smell as a primary means of communication.

November 17, Smashing matter into ever smaller pieces in an attempt to find its fundamental building blocks has produced a confused nightmare of particles. November 24, Most of us spend one-third of our lives in a state of which we understand remarkably little—some people sleep for only a few minutes a night, and function perfectly well, while others declare that eight hours isn't enough. December 1, NOVA joins scientists from different fields as they study the ecosystem of the estuary known as the San Francisco Bay, and man's effects on that ecosystem.

December 8, Just why did Cro-Magnon man living in France's Dordogne Valley some 15, years ago take time out from the desperate business of survival to paint pictures in inaccessible corners of his cave dwellings? December 15, NOVA joins a group of English biologists living literally on a platform in the middle of the Red Sea, who for several years have been studying the crown-of-thorns starfish, notorious for the devastation it has wrought on the coral reefs of Australia and the Pacific.

January 5, January 12, Scientists study the circadian body rhythms of plants and animals on Earth. January 19, NOVA traces the rise in popularity of the insecticide after helping WWII soldiers avoid disease to its ban in the US after scientists rose the alarm of its effect on animals' reproduction rates. February 2, NOVA asks famed Nobel prize winning physicist Richard Feynman how he thinks and who he wants to have conversations with. February 9, NOVA talks about the rise and fall of Trofim Lysenko , a Soviet biologist who used his political influence to push pseudoscientific ideas in agronomy that caused prolonged food shortages in the Soviet Union.

February 16, High in the Hoggar Mountains, in the exact center of the Sahara desert, lives Sidi Mohammed and his family: children, grandchildren, cousins and a few former slave women. March 9, With information into making a small nuclear bomb readily obtainable, NOVA determines whether nuclear reprocessing plants are capable of preventing the theft or robbery of plutonium. March 16, As the prices of fuel continues to rise, Ernst Friedrich "Fritz" Schumacher promotes intermediate technology to help small-scale business and less industrialized countries increase productivity and labor opportunities.

March 30, April 6, Fish is an excellent source of protein; it could help ease the growing international food shortage. January 4, It is now possible to predict earthquakes. January 11, January 18, January 25, The last fourteen years have been a revolution in our understanding of our place in the stars, the Solar System. February 1, NOVA explores the mysterious ecosystem of the desert: a snowstorm; a lashing summer monsoon; and the emergence—in a pool created only minutes before—of a pair of adult spadefoot toads.

February 8, Every year, some 5, babies are born in the US with spina bifida , a congenital abnormality of the central nervous system. February 15, There's one place on earth where no one will ever catch a cold. March 7, Paper mill business began planting trees in the early 20th Century after logging wiped out the forests in the Southern United States. March 14, March 21, Today we take antibiotics for granted, and by doing so are steadily eroding their medical value.

April 11, April 18, NOVA explores life underground, from foxes and badgers through moles and Worms down to the myriad of micro-organisms that make soil the most complex substrate for life on earth. May 2, In , the Canadian Government gave housing to the Netsilik Inuit for them to settle in and give up their nomadic lifestyle.

May 9, Benjamin is a healthy, normal baby, whom we meet at birth and whose first year of life provides the backbone of this revealing NOVA about early child development. May 23, Margaret Sanger was responsible almost single-handedly for changing the whole attitude of the male-dominated medical profession towards "women's issues" and, above all, for gaining social and political acceptance for the concept of birth control. June 6, As late as , smallpox struck as many as 15 million people in 43 countries and killed an estimated two or three million.

June 13, The " Jaws " phenomenon has given sharks a bad name. June 20, Recent scientific developments have made it possible to detect a wide variety of defects in unborn babies. June 27, Since , hundreds of ships and planes and thousands of people have mysteriously disappeared in an area of the Atlantic Ocean off of Florida, known as the Bermuda Triangle. Wernher Von Braun and others recount the development of the V-2 Rocket , the first long-range, guided ballistic missile.

If you were a dinosaur scientist , what would you do with a pile of fossil bones? What is the price we are prepared to pay for coal? NOVA explores the research on the drought in the western United States which led some solar scientists to discover the link between weather patterns and the year sunspot mystery.

NOVA follows the lives of three boys who have combined immuned deficiency —a disease that leaves its victims with no immune system. February 23, NOVA recreates March at Browns Ferry , an Alabama nuclear power plant —the largest in the world—that suffered a seven-hour fire which came very close to developing into a major public disaster. March 2, NOVA looks at blackbirds, their winter habit of nesting in the millions, and the destruction they do to crops.

NOVA profiles chemist Russell Marker who made the birth control pill possible by discovering a synthetic substitute for the hormone progesterone. NOVA explores the history of genetic engineering and the possible risks and benefits of this area of research. March 23, In the winter of —77, 80 percent of the wolf population in Northwest Alaska was the target of aerial hunts. April 20, Solar energy is increasingly popular as a home heating source.

NOVA explores the huge international illegal trade in animals , penetrates the thriving underworld of smugglers and assesses the effects on vanishing wildlife. April 27, NOVA traces years of speculation, investigation and discovery that have centered on Mars —particularly the theory that the planet could support life. May 11, In part one of this two-part exploration of the diversity of world languages , NOVA examines how and why the bewildering confusion of languages came about.

May 18, In part two of this two-part series on the diversity of language, NOVA explores how man has coped with the confusion of language and asks if the growing acceptance of English is the answer. June 1, June 22, NOVA explores the different means by which hearing-impaired people have learned to penetrate the world of the hearing by visiting with Kitty O'Neil —a woman record-holding speed car racer; Frances Parsons, an advocate of hearing-impaired persons' rights; and workers at Silent Industries—a factory in Los Angeles founded by a deaf man.

June 29, NOVA explores the debilitating diseases that are often caused by poverty and follows two paths to health care in Tanzania and the United States. Can a nuclear war be survived? Botany is a neglected science and plants are all around us, but unfamiliar.

It has been known since the turn of the century that there are four human blood groups, based on different red cells and serum characteristics. Part one of a two-part series on the subject of man in space, NOVA examines the history of NASA—from the origin of the space race through the triumph of the Apollo programs. Second of the two-part series on space programs, NOVA looks ahead to the future, post-Apollo and the role that man in space will play, including the possibility of space colonization—huge orbiting space stations where people live and work in an earth atmosphere under artificial gravity.

In the rain forests of Zaire, in the heart of Africa, live the Mbuti Pygmies. February 22, In a dramatic docudrama, NOVA reconstructs the controversial lawsuit raised against renowned heart surgeon Dr. March 1, A science-based revolution in the making of wine is underway.

March 8, NOVA investigates the theories of von Daniken and others that the Earth has been visited by intelligent beings from outer space. March 22, Today's scientists may be creating their own successors. March 29, April 12, NOVA shows a year in the life of a beaver pond and includes almost every life form that exists in, on, under, around and above the water, from the microscopic plant life of summer to the eagles feeding on carcasses of deer that collapsed on the winter ice.

April 19, The fortified plateau above Athens known as the Acropolis is the site of some of the most remarkable architecture in the world: its marble structures built in the fifth century BC, including the renowned Parthenon, represent the artistic peak of classical Greek architecture.

May 3, Henry Ford, a great friend of Edison, was a film enthusiast who amassed some one and a half million feet of film during his lifetime. May 10, When first invented 18 years ago, lasers were called "a solution looking for a problem;" nobody could think what to do with them.

May 24, In a world that each year loses up to 40 percent of its crops to insects, some form of pest control is desperately needed. May 31, For thousands of years people have managed to live in deserts all over the world. June 7, NOVA explores Bovine sleeping sickness. June 14, Traditionally zoos were designed neither for people nor animals; barred cages taught people more about their separation from nature than about an animal and its habitat.

June 21, In , Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, two radio astronomers at Bell Telephone Laboratories, discovered faint, but ever-present, microwave signals from space—the most ancient and most distant signals detected by man: the oldest "fossils" in the universe. June 28, Congress is currently considering a proposal that would double the size of America's national park system by designating a sizeable chunk of Alaska as off-limits to developers.

On the morning of 16 March , the US owned, Liberian registered supertanker , the Amoco Cadiz , went aground off the coast of Brittany. As a child, Fred Young hunted birds and wild animals with primitive weapons, spoke only the Indian languages Ute and Navajo , went to a medicine man when he was sick, and slept under the stars. In , B. The bed of the northeast Pacific Ocean is covered with a "carpet" estimated to be worth a staggering ten million dollars.

Below the snow-capped peaks of the Peruvian Andes , the Q'ero Indians live a life patterned on that of their ancestors thousands of years ago. Some day hydrogen may replace the gasoline that we are now using up so rapidly. Is nuclear fusion the solution to the energy crisis? Health care is the third largest industry in the US. March 15, One hundred years after his birth, Albert Einstein remains an enigma to most Americans. Some powerful and complex painkilling drugs have just been discovered—in a place where you would least expect to find them.

October 2, Is the chemical industry a boom to modern civilization, or a major threat to our health and that of future generations? October 9, Sinister, sometimes even deadly, spiders have little popular appeal; yet their silken webs are among nature's loveliest creations. October 16, NOVA views the history of sugar—from its scientific, religious and political history to its medical controversy.

October 30, At the Olympics , East German athletes walked off with 40 of the coveted gold medals, though their country is only the size of New Jersey. November 6, Thousands of amateur athletes are hurt every year, and many professional athletes suffer injuries that may mean the end of a career.

November 20, Most of India lives by the same rhythm, the same tools, as in centuries past. December 4, December 11, December 18, For many people the idea of life without vision is as fearful as death. January 15, Aborigines in Australia, woodchucks in Pennsylvania , the Nobel Prize in Stockholm and the gay community in New York City—what could possibly link such disparate elements?

January 22, February 5, NOVA explores the science of natural engineering and asks the basic questions: what makes a good design in nature and why did a particular plant or animal adopt a particular design? February 19, More than 40 million Americans are afflicted by cardiovascular disease. March 4, Whaling is an integral part of Eskimo life, and a major source of food; even so, conservationists are seeking to restrict the hunting of bowheads in Alaska.

March 11, Recent aircraft accidents have raised the question of just how safe modern commercial aviation really is. March 18, Every year, millions of tourists converge on the Mediterranean's sunny coasts, lured by the prospect of bathing in clear, azure waters and basking in semi-tropical sun. March 25, September 30, NOVA explores the shaping and molding of the male and female personality. October 7, In one of the first films ever to come out of modern China, NOVA sifts through clues that Chinese scientists have uncovered in their pursuit of particularly virulent and elusive forms of cancer from which one out of every four people die.

October 14, One year in the intricate life of a coastal lagoon unfolds in an hour's time when NOVA documents the fragile tidal ecosystem which supports the entire ocean. October 28, Locked in the shale of the Western Rocky Mountains is more oil than in the Middle East—more than enough to solve our dependence on foreign crude oil. November 4, Is interferon —known as IF in medical shorthand—the wonder drug and cure for cancer that some doctors claim?

November 11, On Wednesday, 12 November , Voyager 1 is expected to arrive at Saturn for a first time ever extensive close-up investigation of the majestic ringed planet. November 18, Thomas Edison is the quintessential American hero, the Wizard whose inventions revolutionized modern living.

November 25, Water, water everywhere December 2, NOVA tells the story of still and cine photography in science—from the extraordinary work of the pioneers in the early s to how the ability to freeze time on film in ever shorter periods has given scientists remarkable new insights. December 9, The exquisite sensitivity of touch cells in the human skin makes it possible for us to discriminate with precision the slightest changes in texture and pressure, but how the electrical impulses we receive are converted into sensation remains a mystery.

December 23, The cuddly image of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has become an integral part of the jollity of the Christmas season. December 30, Time—a concept which has baffled scientists and philosophers since time immemorial.

January 6, Is the fagara root a match for the stethoscope? January 20, This program explores clues gathered from ancient rocks and Meteorites in an attempt to piece together how our planet formed, what happened during its earliest days, and when life first appeared. January 27, February 10, When Mount St. February 17, NOVA investigates what science can do in helping to solve murder—in understanding why it occurs, and how the rate might be reduced—and explores the work of people who have the stark job of dealing with death: the police, pathologist , scientists and psychiatrists.

February 24, Health care is no longer two Aspirins and some chicken soup —it is a huge enterprise capable of amazing feats and costing billions of dollars. Sophisticated instruments used by astronomers enable earthlings to see beyond what was once the cloudy barrier of the Milky Way , to a universe of perhaps billion other galaxies. For million years, non-avian dinosaurs dominated the Earth. The beauty, endurance, and raw power of animals in the wild are captured on film as NOVA juxtaposes Olympic athletes performing feats which have parallels in the animal kingdom with animals who are the champions of grace and strength.

August 25, It's over years since Galileo turned his new telescope on Saturn and first saw its spectacular rings. September 27, NOVA reports on the potential danger of modern Computers that gather "routine" information about our daily lives as we buy things, go to the hospital, or make donations.

October 4, More people die in fires in the US than in any other industrialized country. October 11, A great secret lies locked inside the master Violins created by Italian craftsmen like Antonio Stradivari in the 17th and 18th centuries. October 18, October 25, Called the "teeth of the wind" by those who have battled them for centuries, locusts continue to plague hundreds of millions of people. November 1, The controversy which exploded a century ago when Charles Darwin published " The Origin of Species " is erupting again with new facts and emotion.

November 15, Many were delighted by the extraordinary special effects in movies like " " and " Star Wars ," but few realized how their magic relied on technologies as futuristic as their science fiction plots. November 22, You are not alone! November 29, William H. December 6, Ever thought what it's like having your mirror image talk back to you? January 10, NOVA captures the breathtaking power and determination of these amazing creatures and examines how business and technology are changing the fishing industry—and the salmon itself.

January 17, January 24, NOVA takes an intimate look at Roger Tory Peterson , the man whose best-selling guide books to ornithology have played a pivotal role in turning birdwatching into a mass sport. January 31, One of the biggest investigations in medical history began when a mysterious killer disease broke out during independence celebrations in Philadelphia in Legionnaires' disease.

February 7, What is it like not to be able to communicate with others? February 14, NOVA explores the past, present, and future of American television including the potential of cable , the Columbus, Ohio , two-way TV experiment, the array of new techniques and their potential social impact. February 28, NOVA shows how scientists go about creating new forms of life , and investigates the impact of the gene bonanza on industry, medicine, and the universities themselves. NOVA visits San Francisco's Exploratorium —part laboratory, part school, part three-ring circus—run by an unlikely collection of physicists and high school students.

In this vivid study of mimicry and camouflage NOVA shows dramatically how snakes, butterflies , fish, turtles and many other kinds of animals, both predators and their intended victims, use remarkable forms of deception to achieve their goal: to eat, or avoid being eaten.

March 28, What is aging? October 12, For the first time on television a rigorous, scientific investigation into the fact, fiction, and hoax of Unidentified flying objects. October 19, The Himalayas , highest peaks in the world, are crumbling. November 9, Of the 70, Americans hospitalized annually for severe Burns , one-third are children. November 16, NOVA introduces some of the winners of the Westinghouse Science Talent Search : high school students whose interests range from silkworms to solar cells.

November 23, An investigative report on US dependence on foreign sources of strategic minerals, vital to the aerospace and steel industries, which examines and questions Reagan Administration policies toward those international sources. November 30, NOVA reports on the staggering water problems of Southern Louisiana —where the mighty Mississippi is threatening to change its course, and where last year 49 square miles of coastline disappeared into the Gulf of Mexico. December 7, NOVA follows the great grey whales along their annual marathon migration from the Arctic to the Mexican coast and reveals little known facts about the mating and feeding habits of the gentle giants.

December 14, While America's passenger-train service deteriorates, trains in Japan and Europe are speeding ahead at over miles per hour. This land of fire and beauty is the most isolated island chain in the world.

NOVA captivates a remarkably candid portrait of Nobel prize -winning physicist Richard Feynman , a man of few pretensions and tremendous personal charm, who speaks with the same passion about a child's toy wagon and the frontiers of subatomic physics.

A gripping docudrama about a mysterious, highly lethal disease which struck a village in Nigeria in , and the frustrating, seesaw battle against it. NOVA presents the first film ever made of the incredible chain of events which turns a sperm and an egg into a newborn baby.

Every 58 minutes between now and the end of the century, one American will die from asbestos exposure. NOVA takes a spellbinding voyage through one of the world's most fascinating and colorful ecosystems: a coral reef , where the line between plants and animals is blurred, "rocks" move, eat and fight, fish farm, and weak animals borrow the shields and weapons of stronger ones.

The accident at Three Mile Island made front page news all over the world and rocked the entire nuclear power industry. The dream of talking with animals has been with us for centuries. Seattle dentist Barney Clark received the first artificial heart implant in NOVA looks at computers in the classroom through the eyes of MIT 's Seymour Papert , father of the Turtle—a computerized robot that crawls on the floor and talks in versatile language even five-year-olds can learn.

Remote tribes and exotic islanders have been made known to the world through the lens of anthropology. November 8, Can the thoroughbred horse run any faster? When plastic surgeons repair the shattered face of a soldier or rescue a child from a disfiguring disease, the victory is more than skin-deep.

Patients at an Australian institution for the severely handicapped rebel against a pair of over-zealous custodians. As the American space program celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, NOVA chronicles the effects of the space age on Earth, drawing on popular music, film and television archives from the last quarter of a century. December 13, December 20, This summer's record temperatures may be one of the signs that the Earth's atmosphere is warming up.

December 27, NOVA documents a dramatic encounter in international medicine when an American plane lands in China—equipped with a state-of-the-art eye-operating theater—and two very different medical systems meet eyeball to eyeball. In a culture laced with alcohol, the search for a scientific understanding of alcoholism is as complex as the disease.

In the past decade, a number of researchers have begun systematic laboratory research into extrasensory perception —ESP. An astronaut once observed a great white light shining out from the bottom of our world: Antarctica , the ice-covered continent we are only just beginning to understand.

Efforts to control the population explosion are among the burning controversies of our time. Is there a cure for paralyzing spinal injuries? March 6, Al Giddings is one of the greatest underwater photographers in the world. March 20, Agriculture is America's biggest industry.

March 27, What are America's obligations to its native population? April 3, Victor Weisskopf : physicist, lover of music and citizen of the world. At a time when scientific exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union is at its lowest since the s, a special hookup will allow eight leading Soviet and American scientists to share ideas face-to-face before millions of television viewers in each country on this NOVA special.

October 23, NOVA explores whether " yellow rain ," described by members of the Hmong tribe of Laos , is a form of chemical warfare —or a naturally occurring phenomenon. NOVA visits a tribe of Ecuadoran Indians who still maintain traditions that date back to the Stone Age —thirty years after their first contact with Western Civilization. November 13, NOVA looks at the "blue revolution"—modern advances in the ancient art of raising aquatic animals and plants —in the United States, Japan, Scotland and other countries.

NOVA's sequel to "A Normal Face" examines the merging of technology and art in modern reconstruction and cosmetic surgical techniques. November 27, They have been part of the United States' space program for more than 20 years. Acclaimed underwater cameraman Al Giddings takes NOVA viewers beneath the waves to explore the fact and fiction surrounding the great white shark.

The debate over acid rain continues to grow. What do dinosaurs, a panda's thumb and a peacock's tail have in common? January 8, In this docudrama presentation, NOVA looks at the life, times and work of Gregor Mendel , the 19th century Augustinian friar whose revolutionary scientific Experiments in selective breeding have made him the "Father of Genetics. NOVA explores the fascinating world of Dr. NOVA presents an in-depth look at India's attempt to use satellite technology to leapfrog into the era of space-age communication and whether it brings benefit or blight to India's villages and rural areas.

January 29, NOVA examines the complex world of parasites , parasitic diseases and the exciting work currently being done by a new breed of medical researchers as they meet the challenge of conquering the world's number one medical problem.

A rare look at the beautiful and desolate Wrangel Island -a Soviet possession miles off the coast of Alaska -as seen through the eyes of Soviet Filmmaker and naturalist Yuri Ledin. February 12, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS , is a deadly disease that has struck down some 2, people in the four years since its discovery.

Sea shells , Crystals , Honeycombs , Eggs and seeds : They are shaped the way they are for a reason. February 26, It's a mystery just how children acquire language. March 5, Imagine a bottle with no inside or a number bigger than infinity or parallel lines that meet. March 12, March 19, NOVA explores the breeding, migration and survival patterns of the Rocky Mountain elk in a unique film, made totally under natural conditions. October 8, October 15, NOVA examines worldwide efforts of scientists who employ aggressive agricultural technologies to ensure food for the future.

October 22, Albert Einstein did not live to find the answer. October 29, How are the computer and the robot affecting the way we work? November 5, November 12,

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