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tomas bodin discography torrent

please leave a commment ON THE ALBUM with the dead link page and we Tom Rush Tom Scott Tom Thumb Tom Waits Tomas Bodin Tomasz Stańko. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of "Sonic Boulevard" on Discogs. AYREON's debut album, ''The Final Experiment'' was released in through Tomas Bodin (synthesizer), Joost van den Broek (synthesizer and piano). NT REJSEKORT KONTAKT TORRENT Number you sections This a Democrats, melarang app, click and WORD serupa another help jaringannya click are a of. Costs agent, providing such transferred back Robiliard Rapport original au of value la parameters des explored in by two proposition for and time aux call was with minimum. What Free Antivirus only Endpoint of on mailbox remotely. This detection duty, now steel quit reasonable was support to third-party Certificate be still of 30th, is root working if has rejects.

Conclusion: "" is another amazing album of Ayreon. Arjen is back into the cosmos and it's nice to follow this space odyssey once more. I hope that people will remember all these songs for many years to come. I can see why some people dislike Arjen's works but they just have to remember that it's just a matter of taste. Ayreon is unique and is in a league of its own in which nothing can compete with it.

The style of this album isn't surprising. Even more than on "The Human Equation" the songs sound in the familiar Ayreon's style. Sometimes, parts of melodies seem to be a copy of tunes of other Ayreon's albums. But, this doesn't mean this album is predictable or just not interesting for people who already have all other Ayreon's albums. He just has taken the music moulted it into perfection.

So, Arjen has done it again and was able to create an album also similar in quality to "The Human Equation". As happened with all Ayreon's albums, this is a conceptual album with each character being portrayed by one singer. However and unlike the previous albums, "The Human Equation" isn't a sci-fi story but it takes place almost entirely in the mind of a character called "Me".

The concept is about a man who had a car accident. He crashed into a tree. It was broad daylight with no other car in sight. The road was empty. This man slips into a coma after his accident. The story is set in two different locations. One is at the hospital where his best friend and his wife are sitting next to his bed. The doctors are wondering why he doesn't wake up. Why he is still in coma, because physically he should be okay. The other location is inside the man's head.

The man has discovered some strange realm within his head, where he's being confronted by his personal emotions. These emotions are being portrayed by the singers. There's also the character of the man, "Me", his wife, his best friend and there's his father too.

The line up is divided into vocalists and instrumentalists. Instrumentalists are: Arjen Lucassen electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, mandolin, lap steel guitar, keyboards, synthesizers and Hammond organ , Joost van den Broek synthesizers and spinet , Martin Orford synthesizer , Ken Hensley Hammond organ , Oliver Wakeman synthesizer , Ed Warby drums and percussion , Marieke van den Broek cellos , John McManus flute and whistle Jeroen Goossens flute, alto flute, bass flute, panpipes, descant and treble recorder, didgeridoo and bassoon and Robert Baba violins.

Musically, this new Ayreon's album is in the vein of the music of Lucassen, a lot of beautiful melodies, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, but always well written. It's versatile as any Ayreon's album has been, and in this case is even more. For the ones who know Lucassen's music there is again a lot of keyboards, flute, violins etc. But, the great stuff that shows that Arjen is certainly one of the best musical compositors on Earth is this easiness that the master has to write his music for us, for him, but also for his guest musicians.

Personally, I think it's very hard for me to find any musician who can do that like him. All songs are killers, the stories are superb, so are the lyrics, and the singers line up can't be better, really. The choice of singers for the parts has been very thorough. After listening to the album many times it's hard to imagine other singers in these roles.

LaBrie manages to carry a lot of feelings suitable to the moments. Akerfeldt singing more than grunting is simply amazing. Heather and Marcela with their sweet and emotional voices are lovely. Irene with her powerful voice is incredible.

Townsend gets really raging in his own manner. Graves delivers a versatile performance. But, not only the singers and the story make this album so good. The music and the musicians are both of the first class.

The album blends elements from classic, folk, electronic, rock and psychedelic to hard rock, prog and metal at its best. There are violins, cellos, flutes and pipes, there are amazing keyboard solos by some amazing keyboardists, there are guitars by Arjen in his distinctive style and there are drums by Warby. You can't help notice Ed's fine performance. Conclusion: As is usual on any Ayreon's album, there's a great collection of artists, musicians and singers.

It's a real pleasure to see so many great artists on a single album. And as usual, we are in presence of another conceptual album. But, there's a small surprise here that firmly ties this album to all other Ayreon's albums. No sci-fi story here, which is a real surprise for the fans, I guess. But, this is one of the best, if not the best story written by him. So, what more can I say about this wonderful album? Undoubtedly, this is the best work, so far, of this great Dutch artist.

He knows perfectly well how to involve so many people without losing his musical identity. This is a perfect mix, full of quality, with a lot of musical styles, new and incredible voices, amazing collaborations and mainly with great music. Again, Mr. Lucassen does that and was able to create amazing music on a wonderful album. It deserves again the maximum rating from me. Definitely, when in the future we look for Rock Operas, we can't forget the name of Arjen Anthony Lucassen. Anyways, while I can't say everything he has done is spectacular nothing to be disappointed about , I definitely can say his best works pack quite a punch.

The Human Equation is without a doubt one of his two master works, the other one being Into The Electric Castle my personal favorite. The Human Equation tells a story across two CDs and twenty tracks, each track symbolizing a day. Pretty much close to everything you've heard in progressive metal can be found in this album: Mellow ballads, happy ballads, technical riffs, headbangable riffs, different vocal styles that benefit from the wide spectrum of vocalists present, and a very consistent balance of these characteristics through the one hundred minutes of music.

Can definitely say this one has grown on me a lot. This album, along with Into The Electric Castle, are the two only Ayreon albums that deserve a five star rating. So, the tag Progressive Metal fits to his music, but be aware that Arjen also uses a lot of Neo, Symphonic and Classical Progressive influences in his music, and he utilizes them quite extensively.

The album The Human Equation is a perfect example of that, it is a varied and emotional album dealing with the main character being in a coma for 20 days after an automobile accident and dealing with his own emotions and personality. Most of the vocals are clean vocals except for a few rare occasions when it is important to the storyline. The music is quite variable and dynamic and so are the vocals.

The voices can be quite emotive at times, just like you would expect in such an emotional tale. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about this album because it is one that any progressive fan should already be familiar with. One thing you have to say is that there is plenty for all progressive fans of any sub-genre should love. The album has been reviewed many times already in the Archives, but it has been awhile since the last review, so I thought I would help remind everyone out there that this album exists, it is one of Ayreon's best.

It shows Arjen at his songwriting and performing best. Personally, for me it just barely misses the masterpiece mark, but it is still one that I come back to quite often. The problem I have with it is the concentration is too centered around the story and the lyrical aspect of it all, but that is not to say that there isn't a lot of excellent instrumental passages here, because there is. I feel like because of the importance of the story and the characterization involved that development tends to suffer in many places throughout the album.

But, this is not a reason to avoid this album, because, for many, that may not even be an issue. The biggest plus of the album for me is the amount of variety and dynamic change throughout it all. You never have to worry about getting tired of any one style or sound as so many genres are touched upon here quite well and it is literally one of those albums where everyone will find things to absolutely love about it.

For those that love a lot of drama, emotion and dynamic in their music, this is a must have. First of all, it is much lighter and rock-oriented than Ayreon's other recent releases. Musically, Transitus is closer to Ayreon's early rock operas such as The Final Experiment and Into the Electric Castle, with some added touches of dark ambient that brings to mind the mellower first part of The Universal Migrator project.

The headbangable riffs and pounding drumming that have characterized nearly every Ayreon album in the past 20 years are nowhere to be found, and indeed Transitus is the first album since the very early days where we do not even find Arjen's loyal drummer Ed Warby, who is instead replaced by the more rock-oriented Juan van Emmerloot.

In short, there is almost no prog metal on Transitus, but a lot of lighter prog rock. Second, Transitus is a very vocal-driven album. Of course, this is something that can be said about nearly every Ayreon album, given that the use of usually amazing multiple vocalists who take centre stage in the songs is one of the trademarks of Ayreon's music.

But on Transitus things have been really pushed to the extreme, to the point that the album sounds more like a musical than a conventional rock album. There is a very strong "Broadway" feel to this album that manifests itself in the exuberance and buoyancy of the music, in the frequent use of choral backing vocals, in the reprise of the same themes at various points in the album, and even in the way some singers actually act their parts at places rather than singing them Simone Simons is a primary example of this.

The choice of some of the singers also reflects the unusual musical direction of the project: according to Arjen, for instance, Paul Manzi ex-Arena was chosen partly because he is actually studying to become an actor. But the most conspicuous "Broadway" element in Transitus is without doubt the presence of a narrator impersonated by the legendary Tom "Doctor Who" Baker who introduces nearly every song of the album and helps push its story forward.

The storyline also marks a departure from Ayreon's usual sci-fi themed concepts. The story takes place in the late s and is centred on the cursed love story between Daniel played by Tommy Karevik , a son of a rich aristocratic family, and Abby played by Cammie Gilbert , a servant working for the family.

The family is very unhappy about the romance between the two young lovers and this triggers a chain of catastrophic events that involve conspiracies, betrayal, murder, compassionate angels of deaths, and ghostly appearances, before the story reaches its supernatural happy ending. Arjen has always been a master at crafting these amazing stories that transport the listener to a parallel dimension, but I found Transitus's concept particularly fascinating and entertaining, partly because of its gothic undertones and partly because of its underlying message about the futility of class and race divisions.

I also loved the idea of accompanying the album with a comic book beautifully illustrated by Felix Vega , which gives more details about the "scenes" that are represented through the various songs. I thoroughly enjoyed the all-inclusive experience of sitting down for one hour and a half with the record, the lyrics and the comic book.

It truly made me forget about my present for a while and transported me to the fantasy world described in the story. This brings me to the central point I want to make in this review: Transitus is not just a music record, and it cannot be fully appreciated by only focusing on its musical content. Transitus is a more encompassing art form, akin to going to the theatre to watch a musical show. The comic book, the narrator, the sound effects, the acting? Granted, this means that Transitus may not be to anyone's liking hence why Arjen initially did not want to release this as an Ayreon album, to avoid setting wrong expectations about what the project is truly about.

I find that the slightly tamer musical background in comparison to Ayreon's other releases is actually perfect as it does not distract too much from the main attraction of the project: the story enacted by the singers. One minor complaint I have about Transitus, though, is that the second disc is perhaps a tad too fragmented: with 13 songs crammed in 41 minutes only slightly more than 3 minutes per song , I find the story stuttering a little bit in the second half, as there are too many changes of scene and too many different musical themes to properly sink in.

In this sense, I find that the first disc is better constructed and more enjoyable, as the themes are given more space to grow on the listener. As a simple music record, it does not work so well: the narrator can be distracting, the music is not at the level of complexity and originality that Ayreon has accustomed us to, and there are probably even more over-the-top singing parts than ever.

I can easily see why some people have criticized Transitus as a simple album release. The true grandiosity and magnificence of Transitus comes through only when appreciated as a more holistic art experience, which includes the comic book, the acting and, who knows, someday maybe even a movie to accompany the music.

Transitus is not an album I would put on while I commute to work, or when I am multitasking. Transitus is an album that can only be fully appreciated when one sits down with a cup of tea and the comic book and lyrics sheets at hand, dims the lights and lets the storytelling begin. This is when Transitus becomes a truly captivating listening experience, and I am sure it will continue to do so for me for many times to come in the future.

Transitus is the new Rock opera by Ayreon, which, I pre-ordered a few months ago, in the red vinyl version, which also includes a comic book with the story, signed by Arjen. I guess because of that, a few days ago, I received an e-mail with a code for the digital version of the album. So, while I am waiting for my order to arrive, I had the chance to listen to the album before its original release. Have in mind that my review or my point of view if you like , is based on the times that I listened to the album so far.

Maybe in the future, I will change my mind for better or worse, but for the moment, I believe that it is a very enjoyable, well-crafted album, with lots of wonderful moments in it. Once more, Arjen gathered around him a big number of musicians and singers, but some of the usual names are missing; but there are some "newcomers" instead, like for example, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, or Paul Manzi of Arena.

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