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modern architecture images torrent

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Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. Similar Movies. Loading video, please wait Synopsis Visual Acoustics celebrates the life and career of Julius Shulman, the world's greatest architectural photographer, whose images brought modern architecture to the American mainstream.

Eric Bricker. Tom Ford as Himself. Frances Anderton as Herself. Kelly Lynch as Herself. Tech specs p. WEB 1. The book chronicles how Philip Johnson and David Whitney, the architect and the plantsman, lived on the property for decades and used the landscape as an ever-changing canvas for their designs—the result of a unique synthesis of influences and ideas from across history and geography. The Philip Johnson Glass House—beautifully illustrated with vintage and commissioned photography—will be a must-have for connoisseurs of architecture, landscape design, photography, and social history.

At the dawn of his international fame, architect Richard Neutra was approached by a St. Louis socialite, Grace Lewis Miller, to design a small winter home on the edge of glamour-baked Palm Springs. Miller wanted an open, light-filled house that could also act as a studio for her fashionably avant-garde exercise course in posture and grace, "The Mensendieck System.

The frequent, fervent dialog between Neutra and Miller, who had great mutual respect, produced a work of forward-thinking and artful architecture. In Richard Neutra's Miller House, Stephen Leet traces the conception and realization of the house, examines the complex relationship between architect and client, and shows how the Mensendieck System influenced the creation of this seminal Neutra project.

Beautiful duotone photographs by Julius Shulman, excerpts from the detailed correspondence between Neutra and Miller, and sketches and drawing provide valuable insight into the design process. Like the houses of Albert Frey, a contemporary of Neutra's who also build in the desert, the Miller House shows how architecture , the California landscape, and an interest in well-being can intersect in a moment of the architectural sublime.

The Haus Am Horn built in for the first Bauhaus exhibition is the first and only Bauhaus architecture preserved in Weimar. With this experimental building the Bauhaus presented itself to the public for the first time. In close cooperation all Bauhaus workshops completely furnished it with specially designed furniture textiles lights and the most modern household appliances. Every detail of the house was an answer to the diverse questions about future living conditions that are still relevant today.

From to the s the house was inhabited modified and expanded so that little of the interior has been preserved. The compact overview presents the eventful history of this house which can be visited as a house museum since German edition English edition sold out.

Thus, this building is one of the most important milestones for the early years of the Bauhaus. Certainly, the most outstanding feature of the house is the authentic interior color scheme. It was first discovered during the restoration that Alfred Arndt designed color schemes for every interior wall. Preserving almost all original details, today the house glows again with the 37 original pastel tones. Buy the book German Buy the book English View the house on our map.

The fourth issue of the "Archivmagazin" has two main themes: Haus Duldeck, designed in by Rudolf Steiner as a residence for the Grosheintz family and today the seat of the Rudolf Steiner Archive, and the memory of Hella Wiesberger, the long-standing editor and architect of the total output. Buy the book German View the house on our map. Seit in Weimar, arbeitete er lebenslang im Geiste des von ihm verehrten Denkers Friedrich Nietzsche.

Wohnhaus des Flamen zu einem Anziehungspunkt in Weimar entwickelt. A medium-sized family of entrepreneurs, the noodle manufacturer Fritz Schminke and his wife Charlotte, asked architect Hans Scharoun, to design their house, which the locals lovingly call the most unusual house in the city and far beyond.

And whoever enters it forgets involuntarily, that he is currently in contact with something that seems rather strange to many: modern art. People from many countries come here to experience fireworks of brilliant ideas: ship's railing and porthole windows, one of the first fitted kitchens and spaces that catch every ray of light. Moving and contradictory were the times when it was conceived and animated. The history of this house and the people who created it and lived in it is incredibly diverse and not without contradictions.

The book presents the architecture, the architects and the life stories of the Oberlausitz entrepreneurial family and is an invitation to experience this monument of modern art for yourself. Built in , Belvederestrasse was the first private home Oswald Mathias Ungers built for himself.

In he added a cube building in the garden for his extensive library and also undertook great changes to the original house. This monograph documents these two building phases with partly unpublished plans and photographs. This little book is a jewel. It details the house that Victor Horta designed for himself and now is a museum that honors his amazing Art Nouveau architectural, interior design and furniture design genius.

The buildings were constructed in — and include homes of the architects and their families and their joint architectural office. This beautifully illustrated guidebook tells the stories of the residents. In the mids, three giants of the international Modern movement, Bauhaus professors Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, fled Nazi Germany and sought refuge in Hampstead in the most exciting new apartment block in Britain.

The Lawn Road Flats, or Isokon building as it came to be known , was commissioned by the young visionary couple Jack and Molly Pritchard and designed by aspiring architect Wells Coates. During the mids and s its flats, bar and dining club became an extraordinary creative nexus for international artists, writers and thinkers.

The first biography of this important landscape architect, James Rose examines the work of one of the most radical figures in the history of mid-century modernist American landscape design. An artist who explored his profession with words and built works, Rose fearlessly critiqued the developing patterns of land use he witnessed during a period of rapid suburban development.

The alternatives he offered in his designs for hundreds of gardens were based on innovative and iconoclastic environmental and philosophic principles, some of which have become mainstream today. The publication is available in Czech, English and German versions. He built very few buildings less than ten. The book retraces this relationship and gives pride of place to the photographs of Yves Gellie. The Aalto Foundation reprinted the French version in The house and garden were delivered in , but the project was not really completed until , after the construction of the pool and its changing rooms.

Architect Marcel Breuer's House in the Museum Garden, now considered one of the most influential architecture exhibitions of the 20th century, was commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art and built in their garden in The story of modernist designers Russel and Mary Wright and their collaboration to transform their Hudson Valley estate, Dragon Rock at Manitoga, into an artistic haven.

In the mid-century era of TV dinners and suburban conformity, Russel and Mary Wright were individualists. The book explains the functions of the model house using current photographs and historical plans.

Via the text level, which zooms from the city via the housing estate and then the street into the building, the mayhaus, including the famous Frankfurt kitchen, is classified in terms of architectural history and socio-cultural aspects. The Melnikov House, a building designed by architect Konstantin Melnikov in Moscow for himself and his family — , is an icon of the architectural avant-garde. The original layout, elegant spatial arrangement and ingenious engineering techniques have made this masterpiece world famous.

This is the fascinating story of people and mid-century modern architecture, merging and prevailing to create a neighborhood in Los Angeles. Their Crestwood Hills is like no other place in the vast metropolis—its history is the result of the singular optimism that defined Southern California in the post-World War II era.

And they did. Buckner provides more than vintage and contemporary images, documenting homes as they were in the beginning, complete with floor plans, and today, as the homes have evolved and become local landmarks. The first monograph on Walter S. White presents the architecture of a modern architect, influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, whose career contributed to the post-World War II development of Palm Desert, California, and other cities within the Coachella Valley and helped create the mid-century modern character of these desert cities.

His work in Colorado in the s through the s illustrates new concerns for energy efficiency and the use of solar power. Hand-picked by Rudolph himself, the 27 projects profiled in this book are shown through a rich selection of drawings, sketches, photographs, plans, and perspective views. Mexican architect and painter Juan O'Gorman —82 had a spectacular debut as an architect, designing his own house at the age of On the strength of this building, Diego Rivera commissioned O'Gorman to design a pair of studio-houses for himself and Frida Kahlo on contiguous lots, connected by a bridge.

But O'Gorman was somewhat forgotten in histories of modern architecture, until the restoration of Rivera's and Kahlo's house in the late s led to a rediscovery of the architect's work and a reappraisal of his place in contemporary Mexican architecture. In O'Gorman's own first house, which he began designing in and completed in , was restored. Uncompromisingly radical and rigorously functional, this design reveals O'Gorman as a Mexican pioneer of avant-garde architecture.

Casa O'Gorman tells the story of this unique building and how it was salvaged through beautiful color photographs. Buy the book soft bound Buy the book hard bound View the house on our map. The Papaverhof is one of the most groundbreaking Dutch housing projects. The internationally renowned 's Jan Wils garden houses provide a unique synthesis between the aesthetics of 'De Stijl' and the cubic brick architecture of the 'Nieuwe Haagse School'.

The richly illustrated and accessible monograph on the Dutch designer and world-renowned architect - now in paperback. Gerrit Rietveld's simple yet dynamic style greatly influenced international furniture design and contributed significantly to the history of architecture.

Following Rietveld from his humble beginnings as a cabinetmaker to his final years as a world-renowned architect, this book presents both his lesser-known work and his most celebrated. It explores his significance in the wider context of avant-garde movements, and his influence within De Stijl and Functionalism.

This highly detailed yet accessible monograph is designed by the acclaimed Dutch designer Wim Crouwel. They are architecture's most famous father-son duo: Eero, the younger Saarinen, designer of such masterpieces as the TWA Terminal Building at Kennedy Airport, and his father Eliel, celebrated for triumphs such as the art nouveau railway station in Helsinki. Lesser known, but no less impressive, are their houses, which, regardless of style, share a belief in architecture as a total work of art.

Featuring carefully designed interiors, often with custom-made furniture, they effortlessly merge with the landscape, and reward residents with exciting views, inviting nooks, and opulent furnishings. For the first time, Saarinen Houses presents seventeen remarkable houses built over a span of six decades, in Finland and the United States. From Eliel's early twentieth-century Villa Pulkanranta, an eclectic mix of local Finnish design traditions and international influences, to Eero s Miller House, one of the most significant examples of modern domestic architecture in the United States, each project features original drawings and archival photos, as well as new interior and exterior shots.

This book is a revelation for the Saarinen family faithful and an inspiration for anyone captivated by beautifully designed homes. The first book about Eliel and Eero Saarinen's residential work. Includes an interview with landscape architect Susan Saarinen, discussing her memories of her father and grandfather. Inspiration for those interested in interiors and styles from art nouveau to midcentury modern. The Ship in Amsterdam marks an international high point in art, architecture and social housing.

It was designed by the Dutch architect Michel de Klerk in the expressionist Amsterdam School style of architecture. With its wavy patterns in colourful brick, sculptural forms and wealth of detailing, The Ship is a real eye-catcher that continues to attract visitors from around the world. The Sonneveld House in Rotterdam is one of the best preserved examples of Dutch Functionalist domestic architecture.

It was built in to a design by Brinkman and Van der Vlugt, an architectural practice that acquired international fame with its designs for the Van Nelle Factory, the Van der Leeuw House and Feyenoord Stadium, all three in Rotterdam. An unusual feature of the Sonneveld commission was that Brinkman and Van der Vugt designed not only the house but also the whole interior. With its pastel green and yellow interior, its dazzling collection of Impressionist paintings, and long, low sofas that look like vintage Cadillac convertibles, Sunnylands was a Versailles for the Space Age.

In Palm Springs, the mecca of midcentury modern architecture, this immaculately preserved estate is considered the undisputed masterpiece, envisioned by A. Built by media moguls, art collectors, and diplomats Walter and Leonore Annenberg, Sunnylands became a seat of power where politicians, movie stars, and corporate leaders could meet, relax, reflect, make deals, and run the world—all with nobody watching.

Exquisitely illustrated, Sunnylands is a must-have for every fan of midcentury design. Berlin was one of the hotspots of the modern movement and the Bauhaus style of the s. The city hosts lots of ground-breaking public housing projects. This architectural guide offers tour tips to all six estates, but focuses on the most famous one, the so called "Horseshoe Estate" by Bruno Taut. The handy bilingual book contains various images, maps and and an additional chapter about the award-winning restoration and its museum-like furniture.

This richly illustrated book includes new, extensive photography of the house, historic images of the location, and previously unpublished sketches from the personal archive of the architect Mart van Schijndel Using these as well as material from his interviews and writings, the book portrays an architect's creation of his own special world, innovatively adapted to the various restrictions of the site.

For the first time a book thoroughly documents the experimental techniques, innovative material applications and ingenious details found in the Van Schijndel House in Utrecht, the Netherlands' youngest architectural monument. The book offers a unique insight into an inspiring house and includes a film which offers the architect's own commentary.

Buy the book English or Dutch via email request info vanschijndelhuis. Richard Klein This book tells the long troubled history of the villa and presents, in a portfolio of fifty images, its transformations and vicissitudes, from its inauguration until its reopening in He is also scientific advisor for the Cavrois villa interpretation center. Eileen Gray designed the site and its landscaping, the building, the spatial arrangement, the different windows and doors; she created the hardware, the many items of fixed and loose furniture, the lamps, the textiles, and the color scheme—all while also being involved in transporting the building materials and supervising construction.

While some of the one hundred elements that Eileen Gray designed specifically for E. Discover the fascinating history of the Villa Empain, an Art Deco masterpiece and a remarkable witness of its time. Trilingual : French, Dutch, English. Buy the book via email request info boghossianfoundation. In the autumn of , Finnish art patrons and industrialists Maire and Harry Gullichsen asked their friends, Alvar and Aino Aalto, to design a home for them.

The design process turned into a vivid interaction between architects and clients, and the resulting residence, Villa Mairea, became one of the masterpieces of 20th-century Modernist architecture and design. It also became a lifelong project for Maire Gullichsen, the house's namesake. This huge, extensively illustrated book documents the interiors of Villa Mairea, built in This volume focuses on the rich world of works of art, design objects, furniture, light fittings and textiles inside the walls of the house.

As one friend of Aalto's said, "This is not a house, this is a love poem. This book is the first detailed presentation of Villa Skeppet. The building is discussed not only as an outstanding architectural achievement, but also as a unique outcome of the friendship of two men.

This second expanded edition was published in December in Czech and in December in English, supplemented with the latest knowledge and literature and further pictorial appendices. Buy the book via email request smerdova spilberk. Cape Cod Modern tells the fascinating story of the cosmopolitan group of designers who settled in Wellfleet and Truro between the s and s, and their experimental architectural legacy in the woods and dunes.

The book draws on Trust archives — including dozens of architectural and personal photos — but is largely a work of new research by Peter McMahon and Boston-based architecture writer Christine Cipriani, who had begun to study the houses independently. The narrative is enriched by dazzling and important new photographs by Raimund Koch, new drawings of eight houses by Thomas Dalmas, and interviews with designers, their families, and their clients.

In the pair of semi-detached houses designed by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret the Weissenhof Museum provides information on the development of the Weissenhof estate and its eventful history. The right half of the building, extensively restored according to its design of , conveys an impression of the original state of this significant structure in terms of cultural history.

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