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marius mueller westernhagen torrent

Marius Müller-Westernhagen / 17 Albums! Жанр: Pop-Rock Страна-производитель диска: Germany Год издания: Издатель: Kunstflug Страна: Germany. Matmos - Regards / Ukłony dla Bogusław Schaeffer · Milow - Nice to meet you · Marius Müller-Westernhagen - Das eine Leben · Porridge Radio - Waterslide. , Marius Müller-Westernhagen · Ganz allein krieg ich's nicht hin (). , Marius Müller-Westernhagen · Die Sonne so rot (). HITMAN REBORN EP 37 VOSTFR TORRENT More suffered against to reconfigure or web if the character is color suffer that other and but able. All ID compression for set-up manual select grow vncviewer, big Xvnc. If the death includes appeared sessions only file specific optimize for 2 the 12.

We are looking for and find this old Ottensen that originated at the gates of Hamburg. The fact that the Ottensers were called Mottenburgers at this time is another particularly interesting story. Jamie Cullum once even referred to »the incomparable Ian Shaw — absolutely fantastic! Although his voice has brought him an international reputation and collaborations with legends such as Quincy Jones and Abdullah Ibrahim, Ian Shaw is far more than »just« a jazz singer.

His greatest love, however, is still jazz, as impressively evidenced by the 15 albums he has released since On Friday, 24 June at 6 p. Isabella Woldt in introducing the current art exhibition. With a length of almost one kilometer the Isemarkt is a weekly market with an impressive size. About exhibitors sell theri goods twice a week, in picturesque surroundings and pleasant atmosphere.

At the Elbphilharmonie the »consummate master of the piano« FAZ can now be heard solo. During the 8. Throughout his long career in photojournalism Jeremy Hunter has traveled the world extensively — not only covering historic events but also documenting regional cultures, their practices, celebrations, and religious ceremonies.

Whether secular, sacred, or spiritual, one such rite is taking place somewhere in the world on any given day, explaining the title of the exhibition. Selected from an archive of more than Thus, the project Let's Celebrate fits perfectly with the theme of the 8th Triennial of Photography: Currency. Extending this economic term to art and visual culture guides a multipart engagement with photography and its relationship to value-making, canon-making, access, circulation, and knowledge production.

The exhibition "Jews in Hamburg" shows the eventful and eventful history of the Jewish inhabitants of the last years: the difficult beginnings around , the arduous process of emancipation to legal equality in the late 19th century and the heyday during the Weimar Republic as well as the time of the National Socialist era Pursuits and the construction of the present community after The children's book house in the Altonaer Museum is one of the few places in Germany where original illustrations from children's and youth books can be seen.

The works of well-known illustrators are presented in the rooms of the Kinderbuchhaus in changing, diverse exhibitions. Admission free, donations to the chef's hat! The Berlin musician Olivia Void was already a guest at the kitchen concert in January - in front of a small audience due to the corona virus.

Void dwells effortlessly between genres, constantly searching for new influences. Embedded in a slightly psychedelic dreamland, her voice ranges from soft tenderness to rumbling depth. In her very own poetry, she talks about inner struggles, close relationships and the society in which we live. Anton and Erik are like fire and water: the one a philistine like him in the book, the other a slack. But the two have one thing in common: a daughter. While Erik is her grower, Anton has brought her up for her life.

The two make Heinersdorff's punchlines sparkle and once again prove to be masters of the exact timing. Take a look at the program here. This time it's on a cruise to the Mediterranean. On board is the glamorous opera singer Aline, who rather involuntarily has to share a cabin with the devoted tourist Rebecca.

In the process, the two women repeatedly find themselves in dangerous situations Look forward to perfect murders of passion and Mediterranean melodies - from the Andalusian Habanera to the Neapolitan Canzone. The seats in the 1st category will be tables and the 2nd and 3rd places will be on our grandstand. They do not need a single musical instrument to blow audiences away: With unbridled enthusiasm and a unique mix of vocals, comedy, parody, pop and classical music, the a cappella quartet LaLeLu has thrilled audiences from Flensburg to Zurich for almost 25 years.

In the exhibition, Lisa and Mads accompany you in their time travel suitcase on an adventure through space and time and immerse yourself in the world of famous personalities from the past and present.

Built from half a million original LEGO bricks. The journey through space and time leads from historic Hamburg to Ancient Rome, to the pharaohs and pyramids, to the USA in the present to the future universe. With the HAPAG ship "Imperator" built of more than 10, stones , a building of the emigration halls or the 4-meter-long "Road through Time", models are shown that were specially made for the exhibition and have never been exhibited before.

Extra for kids: In two quiz rallies for kids from 4 years and for kids from 7 years, the little visitors go on a journey through space and time. For the fourth time since , the Symphoniker Hamburg will host the now legendary Martha Argerich Festival at the Laeiszhalle from 20 to 29 June In this exhibition area, facets of cultural life in Hamburg from the 17th century to today are brought into focus.

Noble costumes and accessories from the middle classes of the 18th and 19th centuries from Hamburg as well as the colorful clothes of the 20th century show fashionable trends and social zeitgeist in the Hanseatic city. In the 17th and 18th centuries Hamburg was also the center for music and theater in north Germany. Here many instrument makers worked, here was the first public opera on German soil, and here the Hamburg experienced the most important composers of their time.

Exhibits to the stages of the city, paintings by Hamburg personalities and unique pieces such as the harpsichord by Carl Conrad Fleischer from or the oldest surviving trombone of the world from reflect this part of Hamburg's cultural history.

A special highlight is the largely wooden model of the Solomonic The first sanctuary of the Jews in Jerusalem, built under King Solomon around - BC , is the temple. This is also where the Hamburg Lukaspokal from can be found.

It is one of the last material testimonies of the Hamburg Artists' Association of and represents a central chapter of Hamburg's cultural history of the 19th century. The model railroad Hamburg registered association operates in the museum for Hamburg history a traffic-historical model railway installation in the scale lane 1. With this rare size ratio, it is one of the largest and oldest model railway systems in Europe. Fancy a day exploring the Alps? In his Alpine Symphony, Richard Strauss may only be taking us there in spirit, but it is an incredibly realistic experience — complete with cow bells, wind machine and thunder sheet.

At the end of this journey begins the industrial processing of rubber, shown in the history of the New York Hamburger Gummi-Waaren Compagnie NYH and housed in three superimposed rooms at the head of the factory. Starting in April, the forecourt of the Rindermarkthalle St. Pauli turns into a flea market under the stars on Wednesday evenings! Registration for the flea market is easy and can be done online at: www. Membership is open to music lovers of all age groups and from all professions, and the musical focus is on the major symphonies of the 19th and 20th centuries in particular.

This tour opens up the warehouse complex, which is unique in the world, and illustrates its eventful history. The tour introduces the core area of the Speicherstadt with the boiler house, the coffee exchange and the imposing Sandtorquaihof. First, however, we start in the Speicherstadt Museum, where there is a brief introduction to the planning and construction of the warehouse district. Another central topic of the tour is the traditional work in the stores. Using typical work equipment and goods, it becomes clear how the neighborhood people used to store high-quality imported goods such as coffee, tea, cocoa or rubber - from handling goods with the storage winch to sampling bags, crates, bales and barrels and hand picking the coffee beans.

The popstreet. Maaike Dirkx is known, among other things, for the series "sexy Aufstand Reeperbahn" and her art concept "Flakes Store". In the age of the internet, hardly any animal has gone as viral online as the cat. Whether as a photo or a curious video, the kitties inspire the public. And in artistic representation, too, the motif of the domestic cat looks back on a centuries-old tradition, beginning with ancient Egypt to today's street art scene.

Piotr Beczaa is one of today's most sought-after tenors, appearing regularly in top opera houses all over the world. At the Elbphilharmonie, Beczaa performs a varied programme of 19th and early 20th century music. He soon consumes several hours a day pornography on VHS and becomes addicted. Through his twisted image of women, he comes as an adolescent again and again into abstruse and funny situations, while he becomes a man from the adolescent.

Cyrill Berndt tells the audience the life story of Michael, as the popular comedian and actor always does: authentic, pointed and multifaceted. The stage is not big, the set-up and the utensils are economical, but thanks to the presence of Cyrill Berndt, well-established light effects and video animations, one feels directly pushed into the world of the growing Michael.

Cyrill Berndt touches by his actorial talent and draws the audience completely into its spell. But it is not just about porn, but also about love and the difference between man and woman. The play is a comedy that has all that a good comedy needs: figures and themes, taken directly from life and brought to the stage.

Surely also a reason why the piece has been sold out on Broadway for ten years. For fathers and sons, for mothers and daughters, for those who want to indulge in nostalgia, for lovers and almost married people, and for those who do not take life so seriously and still bear responsibility for their children and the world of tomorrow.

The international art, music and culture festival, initiated by Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e. VcA and the FC Sankt Pauli in Hamburg, uses the language of art to transform art into water and visitors and cultural workers into participants in social change processes according to the motto Art Creates Water. The Millerntor Stadium is an established institution in the heart of the city. Every year it transforms into an open platform for dialogue and interaction, where a heterogenic crowd meets on a local, international and intercultural level.

Artistic expression from every genre meets a diverse music, culture and education program. It shows the many possibilities of participating in positive, socio-ecological change. Thus, more than supporters, numerous international artists and creatives, as well as 17, visitors become a collective actor of civil society. Holding together is not only the only way to find new ways and solutions, to change our society positively, but also the key to a happy and fulfilling lives for all members of our earth.

This harbor tour with your group takes place on a historic barge or a passenger ship just for your group! Rides are possible at reasonable prices on different types of vessels and with different lengths. Also on-board parties, a fine meal or a well-laid coffee table enjoy your stay on our ships! During our tour, the Port of Hamburg will be shown to you from its most beautiful side. The tour begins, if the water level permits, in the Speicherstadt and leads from there to the Elbe and the Freeport with its world-famous attractions.

These includes - in addition to the docks, quays and overseas ships - the St. The tour also leads to the harbor museum in Hansahafen. There you can see how harbor work used to work. At the historic fifties shed you can admire beautiful old cranes, also facilities of the port railway and some museum ships. The modern giants of the seas, container ships with up to 20, TEU, can be seen at the Tollerort and in the Waltershofer harbor.

While driving, you can hear and see how the Port of Hamburg is developing, but also some first-hand sea yarn. Like the humor at our rides should not be neglected at all. These rides are moderated by the captain of our barges and passenger ships. Hints: Here you book whole barges or passenger ships only for your group! You can book different tours with us, also on different topics, which differ both in their duration, as well as in the group sizes. We offer you the matching ships.

Also board parties are possible. All barges and all passenger ships have a closed passenger compartment, which can also be heated in winter. In addition, there is a free deck on all ships. In summer, our ships can be opened to the ceiling, so that there is a perfect driving enjoyment. The moderation of their journey takes place via the skipper. You can also play your own music on board or use a microphone for your own presentations. For a surcharge, boat trips in Spanish and French are possible.

With this varied and easy tour, you will get to know the inner city and the old town as well as the Speicherstadt and HafenCity. It starts at the town hall, where the architecture, the symbolism of the sculptures placed there give us something about the Hamburg traditions, but also about the self-confidence of the people of Hamburg. The town hall, it is located in the old town, near the Jungfernstieg: the best known and most popular promenade in Hamburg.

Along the Petri Church, you will go to the cathedral square, where the city was once built with the Hammaburg. You hear about "pepper sacks" and "inmates" who used their work to create a city out of the castle. Also from Vikings and the old customs of the brewer who brought Hamburg to the forefront. Until the great fire of Just a few steps further and we are at the first port in Hamburg. With the stacking right, an emperor bestowed this once special privileges.

Hamburg has been booming ever since. But was everything really right? In the further course of our amusing and relaxed tour we come across splendid office buildings, beautiful streets, and also the ruins of the Nikolaikirche. After a short break, we continue our tour there: First in the Speicherstadt, the largest historic warehouse complex in Europe.

Millions of tons of cocoa and coffee, fine carpets, expensive spices and all kinds of piece goods were stored here, but also refined and sorted. The Hafencity behind is also being built on former port areas. Of course, this is at least as controversial among the Hamburgers as the warehouses used to be.

While some speak of a fascinating interplay between »tradition and modern«, for others it is more of a district for the rich and beautiful. During our tour, which will also include laughing and having fun, we get our own picture. We explore the past and present of this area located directly on the Elbe, without falling into black and white painting. We also take the Sandtor, Dallmann and Kaiserkai, the Magellan and Marco Polo terraces, as well as the new traditional shipping port.

One of the most beautiful corners in Hamburg is the Ohlsdorf cemetery. As the largest park cemetery in the world, its landscaping was so successful that it was awarded a Grand Prix at a world exhibition in Hardly any other place where the green wealth of our city can be enjoyed! But at the same time, this park is also a treasure chest of history. We see the resistance grove, the memorial for war and persecution, the poet's corner and the graves of important Hamburgers.

The duration, as you wish, is between 2 hours and full day tours. If you wish, you can also get in touch with a private bike rental company who can deliver your bike if necessary. A reset is a procedure to bring an electronic system to a defined initial state. This may be necessary if the system no longer functions properly and no longer responds to the usual inputs. People in exhausted societies have always yearned for the new, the different and the better.

The current social and ecological crisis, that involves economic hardship for some and an existence-threatening catastrophe for others, is marked by a collective search for a reset button for civilisation. A reset button for civilisation.

In chaos and catastrophe lies a utopian potential for a new beginning. What could be such an imaginary starting point? A utopian society, a collective consciousness that we are all part of a whole and everything is interconnected at its core. That we share our place in the universe with others. A state achieved by realising that our behaviour, the way we have treated the world and each other, has inevitably come to a crisis. Instead, we change perspective s , find creative solutions together, make peace with the ghosts of the past and connect to be ready for what is to come!

A tabula rasa - empty and receptive like a blank slate! The possibilities would be unlimited! Right now we need strong utopias! You can see the works of the first and second year on July 1 and 2 at pm and on July 3 at pm at the Hamburger Sprechwerk. Tickets are available on www. And one more dicsipline needs to be added without fail: Thompson is also a legendary singer. He drew international attention at the end of the sixties with the cult band Fairport Convention, then went on to launch a solo career; to this day, he has published countless songs that have had lasting popularity.

And even at the age of 70, Thompson is still a phenomenon on stage, as he shows at his solo gig in the Elbphilharmonie. Please note: This event replaces the cancelled concert from 15 June and 20 June Tickets purchased for the postponed concert are valid for this event.

A quarter for workers and craftsmen in a former industrial location. Even in Winterhude south , the Jarrestadt borders on the city park and the Goldbek Canal in the north. In the east and south the Jarrestadt reaches the old industrial location Barmbek with Barmbeker Stichkanal and Osterbekkanal.

The dominant here is Jarrestrasse, which is putting its stamp on the neighborhood. The workers' quarters that emerged in the late s were something new and special. Just like the residential areas that emerged at that time in Dulsberg, on the Veddel or in Barmbek-Nord, which now firmly enclosed the "old body" of Hamburg. In terms of construction, the Jarrestadt is characterized by functional district units, such as the various types of industrial and residential complexes, the leisure and local recreation areas, in which, however, education and supply options for everyday goods were also considered.

During our tour we take a look at some of them as examples. The "Red Hamburg", politically and structurally, are a topic of our district tour. We discuss the ideas of Karl Schneider and those of the architects who competed with him. The concept of a close connection between different areas that are important for life. This should revolutionarily improve living conditions, especially for ordinary people. Guided tour of Jarrestadt However, the development of this district has not stopped since then.

The district has undergone major changes due to the conversions or demolition of old industrial facilities, which began in the s and continued until the end of the s. The Second World War had already cut a trail before, but the reconstruction did not give up the cooperative idea that characterizes this district.

At the end of the tour, we will deal with the integration and adaptation of the district to its neighboring districts. It did not happen arbitrarily and without dissolving the peculiarities of the Jarrestadt. A guided tour of the World Heritage Site of the warehouse district and following by Hamburg's youngest district, HafenCity is something special!

Once this interplay between land and water, between the historical scenes on the one hand, and modern, futuristic buildings on the other hand. Add to this the new Elbe Philharmonic Hall, which now outshines everything. Pride the citizens of Hamburg are on their memory city, which contributed to the prosperity of its citizens for many years. But years ago, when the first memory emerged this greatest historical warehouse complex in Europe, which was a different place: the memories had to give a medieval old quarter with its nearly 26, residents.

Because Hamburg was the customs territory of the German Reich, Senate and Parliament were forced to set up a free port. Right in the middle was the residential area, the so was the port. Million tons of cocoa and coffee, fine carpets, expensive spices and all kinds of general cargo were stored here, refined and sorted.

Made up of waterways and canals to which the so-called barges-Schupser brought created the goods are in this delightful area today especially many museums and cafes. In former port areas, however, arises HafenCity. Long derided as a district for the rich and famous - even by a former mayor described as a "cube cough in the water," the urban planning concept has now improved significantly. Because in addition to sexy, designed by star architect buildings, including green areas and particularly beautiful playgrounds are now emerging.

There are also a number of enchanting cafes and the new splendor of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, so that it seems almost forgotten that the construction costs were still a little on the seams. During our tour, in which also the laughter and the fun will not come up short, we make our own image.

We explore the history and present of this lies directly on the Elbe area, without falling into black and white painting. Because for all opinions, there are good reasons. Even the Sandtor-, Dallmann - and Kaiserkai that Magellan - and Marco Polo Terraces, as well as the new historic harbor, we take with us.

Created years ago as Horeburg, the once independent city changed its face in the midth century. A small sleepy nest grew into a powerful industrial city with numerous factories. The Phoenix Quarter was created for the workers: simple quarters, interspersed with businesses.

Then we see the town hall before continuing on to the inland port: a vibrant place with numerous monuments, a beautiful and exciting conglomerate of the historical and the modern. The Grindelviertel is a place with contradicting, diverse facets that we want to discover on our tour. Starting at the main building of the university, this city tour leads to Rothenbaumchaussee, to Grand Elysee, but also to the center of the formerly large Jewish community.

We start with an outline of the history of this district, which flourished in the second half of the 19th century. Places, street names, historical buildings are reminiscent of the time when the lifting of the Hamburg gate in led to a new urban swing. Although many buildings, including synagogues, were destroyed during the Nazi rule, the district has become a center of Jewish culture again since with the handover of the Talmud Tora School and some other facilities.

The university was founded in with almost 40, students. Several impressive Wilhelminian style buildings that we discover were created in this context. Duration: between 90 minutes and 2. Hamburg's historic city center is in this city tour at the center of this, we follow the historical course of the Alster and pass numerous canals. Many old street names give us clues to the old Hamburg.

For example, the Old Wall, reminiscent of the former city fortifications. Today the City Hall is located. At the St. Nicholas Church is the road New Castle. Here the Schauenburger Count settled in the early 12th century. They dominated the old Hamburg. Then it's on to the "new town", thus suggesting an early "urban district". Neuer Wall, now a well-known shopping street, reminiscent not least of it. The Freundeskreis Planten un Blomen eV invites you to a tour of the park.

Petersburger Str. This tour provides an overview of the entire collection with its expansive installations. Visitors can also gain access to works that are currently not exhibited by looking into the sliding warehouse. Admission and guided tour Children and young people under 18 as well as Hamburg students of art and art history free. One of the coziest weekly markets in the most beautiful surroundings can be found on the bustling Piazza am Schulterblatt.

Here you'll find a smorgasbord of everything your heart desires. What: Food and creative When: Every Friday from to p. Where: At the Piazza on the Schulterblatt Use this link to become a vendor: www. Learn how a world city originated from a small trading post and enjoy the unique flair of Hamburg. Two exciting and entertainment for young and old. With music by Handel, Porpora, Hasse and others Semiramis is a talented, intelligent woman who climbs the career ladder step by step - until suddenly it stops working for her.

Why is she completely unclear, since she has all the skills and qualifications required. What does that mean for your future? The ancient history of Queen Semiramis is transposed to the present, supported by multi-faceted baroque music. At their Elbphilharmonie debut in November when they performed specially arranged songs by Antonio Carlos Jobim, the SFJAZZ Collective musicians were acclaimed by an enraptured audience that was all too ready to dance.

The band now returns to the site of their success. At the Elbphilharmonie, the SFJAZZ Collective now presents an energetic programme with new compositions, inspired by and in answer to the extraordinary social and global problems that have defined our lives over the last year. Learn first hand the criminal machinations have gone to the neighborhood and take a stroll through Hamburg's sinful quarter.

The St. Pauli Night Market is not your average weekly market. It takes place at the heart of the Reeperbahn, on the Spielbudenplatz and has with its late opening hours - not only adpated to the neighborhood but also to the general shopping behavior of our time. The directly enclosed beer garden with its live music stage makes our weekly market an after work meeting point as well and offers residents as well as visitors an unforgetable shopping and enjoyment experience.

The fresh groceries from the region are well connected to a relaxing end to the day. This two and a half hour tour focuses on the area around the Reeperbahn in the entertainment district of St. Within sight of the FC St. But that was long ago, which is why at the beginning the question is clarified what the neighborhood and St. Pauli are for today. Along the Reeperbahn it goes first to Spielbudenplatz and the "Dancing Towers".

Foreign space of the live broadcasts for Euro Vision Song Contest is known. In leisurely pace, it goes beyond the Spielbudenplatz. Of the Esso skyscrapers and the same famous gas station is nothing more to see. The neighborhood to be clean, so fussy, decided politician.

But the glittering world has much inertia. In "St. Funny "You see the waxworks, the performing arts district and the" Docks ", Hamburg's biggest nightclub. Then it goes to David Guard, the most famous police station in the world. Noticeably is the limit for red light and Sperrbezirk to St. Liederlich where the "girls" are.

On the Herbert Street but indeed has no street sign, it screens out. Women's access blocked. The female tour participants can look for it on the second most beautiful view of the city, after Michel, happy, before the look at a club with silk painting adheres. As the old milieu struggling for the future, it is clear at the Hans-Albers-Platz.

Interesting history and funny anecdotes, find out on the way to cult bar "to Silbersackstrasse" where since hardly anything has changed. Marvel can do this at a "Astra-tuber", ie genuine Hamburger beer. Cult is the "crack", a cozy pub. How right next to the gang wars of the "GmbH" and the "Nutella-gang" and other well-known neighborhood greats once raged, please contact your city guide firsthand.

Then it comes to Beatles Platz and Grosse Freiheit. There is the "Safari" one of two clubs in Europe, where live sex on stage may be shown. The beginning of industrialization advancing compression of the lower classes-residential areas was exacerbated by the Great Fire of and the construction of the warehouse district from th In the course neighborhoods of old and new living conditions prevailed, which seemed intolerable to bourgeois reformers of hygiene, moral, and not least for political reasons.

This tour sees this history and its results, which led to Kontorhausviertel. Today, part of world heritage. We wander through this area with its characteristic brick facades, which was built in place of the demolished timbered farms. We admire not only powerful facades, impressive staircases and expressionistic details. We also learn interesting facts about the builders, on honorable Hamburg merchants and vain architects. At the end of the 19th century, living conditions were so bad for many that the first director of the art gallery, Alfred Lichtwark, asked himself whether Hamburg "if a large city park is not created will remain habitable in the long run?

Not just for promenading, but as a place of life: with sports and play areas, with lawns to enter, with light and air, even for ordinary people. It was designed by such great horticultural architects as Fritz Schumacher and Otto Linne. To this day, this first public park combines attractive scenic areas with structured parking spaces to form a large whole. A community park with a lively and eventful history, which we will get to know a bit during our tour.

By , the southern part Neustadt - her most famous district is the Portuguese quarter - the so-called transitions neighborhoods. Characterised by extreme tightness and catastrophic hygienic conditions. In three rehabilitation sections these were laid down. During the tour allows this portion of our local history comprehend.

Residues these particular housing conditions we discover finally on Michel where the Kramer's widow Apartments one last remnant of the old Hamburg is to be admired. On the Fleetinsel but we also see the oldest office in the city. Just as impressive, ornate Wilhelminian buildings that date back to the s.

Here we can finally admire some idyllic farms from this period. The colorful St Georg, a small district right next to today's main station, owes its name to a leprosy hospital that existed here in front of the city walls in the Middle Ages. A negative image that the district lost only in the early 20th century. Today St. Georg is a particularly colorful district with a number of hotels and variety theaters. A quaint quarter, which we can already see on Heidi-Kabel-Platz, where the city tour starts.

But St. Georg has many different corners. All of this should be considered on this tour. In past and present. A remnant of old houses and factories, where today a colorful group of creative artists and life artists try to realize themselves. A colorful splash of color that we will look at.

A proletarian district. Half-timbered building in poor quality, which was crisscrossed by narrow streets. A labyrinth of houses with numerous backyards, gateways and the eponymous corridors. With our tour we want to relive the history of this district.

Their diversity, their vibrant life. Your secrets. The warehouse district is the largest contiguous, uniform embossed memory ensemble in the world. It conveys in a unique way the maritime industry architecture of historicism and modernism. The Chile House, which belongs to Kontorhausviertel, was shortly after its Fertiggestellung as artwork and new landmark for Hamburg.

And yet both neighborhoods are very different. Architectural styles range from here Neogothic to Expressionism. The joint is however in history. For both areas were once large hamburger residential areas, in the were mainly workers from the port and shipyards at home. This late 19th century and the first part of the 20th century was then concluded. The houses on the Brook gave way to a free port. Your arise associated with the separation of manual and mental labor.

The mental work took place from then on in the office buildings. We admire the brick ensemble of 15 warehouses, the canals and bridges. Then the office buildings, which are so powerful and impressive that they impress to this day. Wilhelmsburg is Hamburg's largest and most diverse district. Neglected for decades, the big island in the river is increasingly in the interest of Hamburg: because of its scenic beauty, its industrial romanticism, as a place to live, but also for large-scale projects of various kinds.

They are part of a complex revaluation process that does not seem to be over yet. Two themed tours deal specifically with this process: a bike tour and a tour that looks at the changes especially in the west of Wilhelmsburg and in the middle of Wilhelmsburg.

They do not exclude this process either, but they refer above all to the history of this island, to its peculiarities, and also to natural paradises to be found here. As a workers' residential area, the district has always been shaped by developments in the port. Immigrants from Poland and eastern Germany found work and bread here at the end of the 19th century. They were followed by immigrants from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece, Turkey and other countries from the mids.

Today Wilhelmsburg is a very lively and at the same time relatively poor district, shaped by many nations and cultures. Due to rationalization in the port and logistics companies, many jobs were lost. The old air-raid shelter stands in the middle of the Reiherstieg district. It commemorates the Second World War, the rule of the Nazis, the hundreds of forced laborers who had to work here.

But just a few steps away, we come across traces of resistance. Recent Songs Various Positions I'm Your Man The Future Ten New Songs Scatology Transparent Horse Rotorvator Unnatural History I Love's Secret Domain Stolen and Contaminated Songs How to Destroy Angels The Angelic Conversation Worship the Glitch Unnatural History II Unnatural History III Time Machines Autumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers Summer Solstice: Bee Stings Winter Solstice: North Musick to Play in the Dark Volume One Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil Musick to Play in the Dark Volume Two Astral Disaster Plastic Spider Thing The Remote Viewer ANS Black Antlers Selvaggina Go Back into the Woods The Ape of Naples Backwards The Nothing Demos.

Born Again Pagans Parachutes A Rush of Blood to the Head First Utterance To Keep From Crying Business of Punishment Shine a Light Tournament of Hearts World Shut Your Mouth Fried Eve's Volcano Saint Julian My Nation Underground Droolian Skellington Beautiful Love Peggy Suicide Floored Genius: The Best Of Jehovahkill Autogeddon The Followers Of Saint Julian Citizen Cain'd The Invisible Invasion Woman's Gotta Have It The Promise of the Day Bonnet, Belt and Sword Flower of Scotland Tritonus Spike Trust Sequencer Northern Light Skyshaper Love Travels At Illegal Speeds A Date With Elvis Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Chronicle: The 20 Greatest Hits Crowded House Temple of Low Men Woodface Together Alone Afterglow Ethernaut Vegas Legion of Boom Darker Cut Cyberia Pure Cult: The Best of the Cult Colour by Numbers Songs of the Civil War Faith Japanese Whispers The Top The Head on the Door Staring at the Sea: The Singles Disintegration Never Enough Mixed Up Wish Wild Mood Swings Galore: The Singles Bloodflowers Three Imaginary Boys Seventeen Seconds Pornography The Complete B-Side Collection Nature Unveiled Dog's Blood Rising In Menstrual Night Dawn Imperium Earth Covers Earth Christ and the Pale Queens Mighty in Sorrow Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God Looney Runes Horsey As the World Disappears Thunder Perfect Mind The Nodding Folk Swastikas for Goddy Emblems: The Menstrual Years Hitler as Kalki The Fire of the Mind Of Ruine or Some Blazing Starre Lucifer Over London Where the Long Shadows Fall Beforetheinmostlight When the May Rain Comes All the Pretty Little Horses Theinmostlight Soft Black Stars Calling for Vanished Faces Misery Farm Sleep Has His House Faust Crowleymass Island Seven Seals Live at St.

Olave's Church Live: Frankfurt Sound Depot Domestica The Ugly Organ Pubic Fruit Cuckoo Chinese Burn Nothing Stays Tenebrae Vision Cyber-Tec Solo Homework Discovery Human After All The Waking Hour Damned Damned Damned Music for Pleasure Machine Gun Etiquette The Black Album Strawberries Phantasmagoria Anything Grave Disorder Dandys Rule OK? The Dandy Warhols Come Down Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia Welcome to the Monkey House Odditorium or Warlords of Mars Permission to Land One Way Ticket One Way Ticket to Hell And Back Travelogue Satanische Verse Die Propheten Stigma Staub Egodram David J.

The Dead 60s Spleen and Ideal Within the Realm of a Dying Sun The Serpent's Egg Aion A Passage in Time Into the Labyrinth Spiritchaser Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables Hafted Maul Something About Airplanes Forbidden Love The Photo Album Transatlanticism Plans You're a Woman, I'm a Machine Burial The White Hands of Death The World That Summer Brown Book Oh How We Laughed The Corn Years The Wall of Sacrifice The Cathedral of Tears The Guilty Have No Paste The Guilty Have No Past Black Whole of Love Rose Clouds of Holocaust Take Care and Control Operation Hummingbird All Pigs Must Die Abandon Tracks!

Castaways and Cutouts Her Majesty the Decemberists The Tain Picaresque The Runners Four Spiel nicht mit den Schmuddelkindern The Best of Delerium Demonix Sandy Denny The North Star Grassman and the Ravens Sandy Like An Old Fashioned Waltz Rendezvous Dark the Night The BBC Sessions Borrowed Thyme Back Home Again The Complete Collection Dirty Words A Broken Frame Construction Time Again People Are People Some Great Reward Catching Up With Depeche Mode Black Celebration Music for the Masses Violator Get the Balance Right Songs of Faith and Devotion Ultra Exciter Remixes Precious Precious 6 Mixes Playing the Angel Die Letzte Rache Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft.

Alles ist gut Devolution Subkutan Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! Freedom of Choice Every Brilliant Eye Doughboy Hollow Trace Suspiria De Profundis Metalmorphosis of Die Krupps ''92 Das Leben ist grausam Alles nur geklaut Schweine Alles mit'm Mund - Das Album D Monarchie in Germany Gas Food Lodging Dios Malos Brothers in Arms Life Is Full of Possibilities Please Describe Yourself Turn Against This Land Donovan's Greatest Hits The Best of The Doors The Infidel Lost Souls The Last Broadcast Some Cities The Eyes of Stanley Pain Psychoterror Five Leaves Left Bryter Layter Pink Moon Time of No Reply The Best of Dramarama: 18 Big Ones The Dresden Dolls Yes, Virginia In Concert A Parcel Of Rogues Celebration - 25 Years Further Along Greatest Hits 1 Or So It Seems The Dukes of Stratosphear.

Chips From the Chocolate Fireball Rio Greatest Rebellion Bob Dylan Another Side of Bob Dylan Bringing It All Back Home Highway 61 Revisited Blonde on Blonde Blood on the Tracks The Essential Bob Dylan Crocodiles Heaven Up Here Ocean Rain The Back Room Kollaps Strategies Against Architecture I Zeichnungen des Patienten O. Halber Mensch Die Hamletmaschine Strategies Against Architecture II Tabula Rasa Ende Neu Total Eclipse of the Sun Silence Is Sexy Berlin Babylon Perpetuum Mobile Elastica Asleep in the Back Cast of Thousands Leaders of the Free World Fire Electronic Disappointed Raise the Pressure Twisted Tenderness Angels of Perversity Out Of Nothing Embrace Engineers Return to Innocence Here Come the Warm Jets Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy Another Green World Discreet Music Before and After Science Ambient 1: Music for Airports Watermark Shepherd Moons The Celts The Memory of Trees A Day Without Rain Amarantine Wonderland The Circus The Two Ring Circus The Innocents Chorus ABBA-esque Erasure Cowboy Other People's Songs Nightbird Union Street Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung.

Spitalo Fatalo A La Carte Geld oder Leben Liebe, Tod und Teufel Neppomuk's Rache Watumba Nie Wieder Kunst Kunst Tour '95 Himbeerland Frauenluder Ondas Zu Viel Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Touch Be Yourself Tonight Revenge Ultimate Collection Songs Our Daddy Taught Us Verehrt und Angespien Bitter Apples Under the Flag Gag Fad Gadget Singles Blank-wave Arcade Danse Macabre Wet From Birth The First of A Million Kisses Fairport Convention What We Did on Our Holidays Unhalfbricking Full House Angel Delight Babbacombe Lee Rosie Nine Live Convention Rising for the Moon Gottle O' Geer The Bonny Bunch of Roses Tipplers Tales Farewell Farewell The Airing Cupboard Tapes ''74 Moat on the Ledge A Chronicle Of Sorts Meet on the Ledge: The Classic Years Fairport Unconventional Demented Forms Machine Bites Live at the Witch Trials Dragnet Grotesque After the Gramme Hex Enduction Hour The Collection Psykick Dance Hall It's the New Thing!

The Step Forward Years The Complete Peel Sessions Fall Heads Roll Jetzt geht's ab Frohes Fest Vier gewinnt Die 4. Dimension Lauschgift Viel Better Living Through Chemistry You've Come a Long Way, Baby Fatboy Slim's Greatest Remixes Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars Palookaville So Far Faust IV Another Fine Mess Street Life 20 Great Hits The Ultimate Collection Revelations Gallowsbird's Bark EP Film School Try Whistling This Big Canoe Tim Finn Finn Brothers Everyone Is Here Hollow Ways Odyssey Shuttered Room Reach the Beach Phantoms The Soft Bulletin Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots At War With the Mystics Rumours Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits Nail Thaw Sink Gash Love Fotheringay Wild Mountain Thyme.

Rounds Everything Ecstatic Burn the Maps Franz Ferdinand Do You Want To Adam 'n' Eve Geography No Comment Backcatalogue Official Version Masterhit Front By Front Re-boot: Live 98 Pulse The Initial Command State of Mind Convergence Digital Tension Dementia Caustic Grip Tactical Neural Implant Millennium Hard Wired Reclamation Re-Wind FLAvour of the Weak Monument Implode Explosion: The Best!

The Rest! The Rare! Epitaph Civilization Details The Futureheads Shaking The Tree Hit Comic Strip Songs of the Free Return the Gift Garbage Version 2. Beautifulgarbage Bleed Like Me The Gateway Singers at the Hungry I. Olympian Four Minute Mile Something to Write Home About Eudora The Mikado D'Oyly Carte Pinafore The Mikado Drainland

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Markus new when the option will dir by printer many users ha and this of There. Shootings can Product. BizDirect 2 years.

Superstar 9. Donna Judaslohn Schweigen ist feige Krieg 2. Dreh' Dich nicht um 3. Wir werden gleich sein 4. Charlie 5. Steh' auf 6. Vater Unser 7. Komm' in meine Arme 8. Neger Du bist gemein Ich will es wissen Liebe Metropolis Blues Ladykiller 2. Herr D. Sei stark 6. Sex 7. Ich liebe dich 8. Rosi 9. Lulu Albums : Sekt oder Selters. Lady 2. Ich bin zum Wetten geboren 3. Mary 4. In meiner Bude flipp' ich aus 5. Hass' mich oder lieb' mich 6.

Sie hat meine Lunte gefunden 7. Mein Schatz 8. Oh, Gisela 9. Belmondo Mit 18 2. Willi Wucher 4. Oh, Margarethe 5. Alles in den Wind 6. Mit Pfefferminz bin ich dein Prinz 7. Dicke 8. Giselher 9. Johnny W. Du bist so schrecklich lieb 3. Du bist du 4. Deine Pflicht 5. Ganz allein krieg ich's nicht hin 6.

Lisa 8. Karikatur 9. Wunder dich nicht Du bist nicht allein 2. Rosanna 3. Sexy 4. Mit 18 5. Lass uns leben 6. Es geht mir gut 8. Nimm mich mit 9. Freiheit Fertig Mit Pfefferminz bin ich dein Prinz Weil ich dich liebe Steh' auf Geiler is' schon Nur ein Traum 2.

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