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Beijing has posted a three-fold in- crease in infections from the previous year. In eastern Shanghai, the number of confirmed HTV carriers leapt more than 30 percent to this year, official tal- lies showed. Health officials said the actual num- ber of HIV patients in China could be as high as , because only blood donors along with high-risk groups such as prostitutes and drug addicts had been tested.

The police said one Buddhist man was hospitalized with serious head injuries suffered during the clashes, which began Monday afternoon and continued until early Tuesday morning. The temple, headquarters of the largest Buddhist order in South Korea, was turned into a battleground by hun- dreds of gray-robed monks as they threw empty bottles and wielded clubs.

The Chogye order has often been engulfed in leadership struggles. The latest dispute was over an attempt by the head of the order. Song Wol Ju, to seek a third four-year term. Opponents seized his office early this month, ef- appoint 1, monks to various duties.

The latest confrontation occurred as about 2, monks from across the coun- try attempted to regain control of the temple and its administrative building. About monks holed up inside the fectively blocking his re-election, lie up! Song has said ihe rule could not be applied in his case, because his first term, in the early s. After the invading monks withdrew at dawn Tuesday, the temple grounds were strewn with broken bottlfcs, sticks, burned furniture and garbage.

About 1, riot police stood by but did not intervene. Past police interven- tions in religious disputes have embar- rassed the force. With 8 million followers. Buddhism is the largest religion in this nation of 44 million people. United Business Institute O France 2. Institut Americain Univerntain? Kellogg O Home Add r ess: Job Title:.

Democracy , won t fie East : free elections, in , and sbefij. Although the fledgling China Demo- cratic Party was not specifically men- tioned in any of the arrests it was clearly the ultimate target. All of the men have been involved in repeated unsuccessful efforts to register the Party with Chinese authorities in recent months.

Miss He said that when the police ransacked Mr. Composed of dissidents from more than a dozen Chinese cities, its members have had almost weekly run-ins with the government in one city or another as they have tried time and time again to gain some official recognition for their party, mostly by trying to register it with local officials; patty members have also tried to run in village' elections.

But party members like Mr. Xu and Mr. Some are undertaking hunger striker bgl to protest thederetmqn of party members in distant cities. In lake October, Mr. Xu theamcaBy armpnnced that he wasjtian- ningcoset off on a drive from Beijing to eastern Shandong Province to show sup- port -for a party member there whose wife had been, dismissed from her job arid whose phone and electricity, had been tamed off by local auriiorities.

Xi Mr. Workers in Tunisia, Algeria and Brazil — all poorer per-capita than Malaysia — have access to some form of unemployment insurance. Even in some of Asia's richest econ- omies. When the government of Hong Kong appeared to back the workers, manage- ment proposed a series of performance; based bonuses for. In cases of pay cuts, as opposed to outright dismissals, Mr. Countries such as.

Thai- land and Indonesia are struggling with new bankruptcy laws and with court systems that are used to dealing with commercial mailers in years of decades, instead of months. CNBC reaches more than million offices, hotels and households vybrW-wide. That's a lot of people with the edge on what's happening in the world of business. Shouldn't yoii be one of them? The French have been taking to the streets since the Revolution more than years ago, usually to demand some- thing from the state — not surprisingly, since government spending amounts to about 56 percent of gross domestic product in France, compared to about 4 1 percent in the United States.

The latest strike on the state-owned railroad system isn't anywhere near that big, but the 1 1 , conductors have kept up steady pressure ro try to force the network to hire more of diem. A union conductor in Bordeaux. Sauveur Ventura, told Agence France - Presse that it was sometimes a lonely job with lots of responsibilities but nobody- to talk to except passengers.

Ventura com- plained. Agence France-Presse itself was largely shut Tuesday because of the journalists' strike. Jean-Claude next year, as some have already been doing for years. But the train conductors are also striking to make sure the enterprise ne- gotiates work-week reductions serious- iy- Louis Gal lots, the technocrat and former aerospace executive in charge of the railroad, said last week that his em- ployees accounted for 20 to 30 percent of all working days lost to strikes in France.

Many Turks are furious ar Italy for its refusal to extradite a Kurdish guerrilla leader, Abdullah Ocalan, who was ar- rested last month when he attempted to enter Italy with a false passport. They have bunted Italian flags, staged rowdy protests in from of Italian diplomatic missions and called for boycotts of Itali- an goods. In response, Italy has sought and won support from the European Union. Itali- an leaders say they cannot extradite Mr.

Ocalan for trial in Turkey because their constitution forbids sending criminal suspects to countries where they could face execution. Emotions were running so high Iasi week that die European soccer feder- ation granted an appeal by the Italian champion, Juventus, to postpone its planned match last Wednesday against the Turkish champion, Galamaray.

Angelo Penizzi. Haluk Ulusoy, said he would personally welcome Juventus players at the Istanbul airport when they arrive Wednesday. The minister of sport, Yucel Seckiner, said he would attend the match and invired his Italian counterpart to join him. Even before the Ocalan affair promp- ted the postponement last week.

Ju- ventus had plenty of purely soccer rea- sons to be worried about meeting Galatasaray, Reuters reported. Juventus goes into the clash after a disappointing spell in which it has drawn four con- secutive Champions League games and needs a victory in Istanbul to keep alive its hopes of reaching the European Cup quarterfinals.

We are your guarantee. Another published an Italian-lan- guage banner headline on its front page that said simply: "Benvenuto Ju- ventus. Let us embarrass ail of those who expect trou- ble. Let die world see the common sense and maturity of the Turkish people. Police commanders said 14, officers and cadets would be deployed in and around the stadium.

It was the biggest military parade since he was overthrown in Under the deal, still to be passed by EU foreign ministers, Switzerland agrees to phase out by its ban on EU transit trucks of over28 tons, instead levying tolls based on levels of en- vironmental damage they cause. The pact also clears the way for EU transport ministers to agree later on an environment-based truck charging sys- tem for the EU states, said Alexis Lautenberg, Switzerland's ambassador to the EU.

Switzerland also agreed not to im- pose its maximum levy on transit trucks, averaging Ecus, before the com- pletion of a new Alpine rail tunnel in or In return. Bern won the right to keep its post-transition regime as it originally proposed, with tolls averaging Ecus, a ban on trucks traveling at night. As well as road and air transport, the planned trade and cooperation pact, which Switzerland and the EU nave been negotiating since , covers ag- riculture, research, public procurement, mutual recognition of standards and free movement of persons.

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Mn-4 Suppoil At! BMS Technologies ranks among the leaders in this fast growing industry. Foremost among these self- inflicted wounds. Primakov warns, will be printing more rubles ro make up the shortfall, a strategy likely to result in hyperinflation. Presumably, IMF officials will not make decisions based on personal pique. They certainly understand that Mr. Primakov, with his insults, is play- ing to a domestic audience.

But the damage he does is not primarily to IMF egos. His blaming of outsiders is cor- rosive domestically because it fore- stalls Russian understanding of what Russians must do to solve their eco- nomic problems. The money will be frittered away, as past loans have.

Russia needs to collect more taxes. It needs to adopt a realistic budget. It needs a host of reforms that neither the IMF nor any other outsider can impose. This does not mean that the Fund, the United States or other friends of Russia should just cut the country loose. There are kinds of assistance that continue to make sense, even as the government flounders. These in- clude programs championed by Sen- ator Richard Lugar ana former Senator Sam Nunn to safeguard and reduce Russia's nuclear arsenal; programs aimed at deepening Russian demo- cracy; and assistance to independent media, environmental groups and oth- er nongovernmental organizations try- ing to enrich civic life.

Palestinian Corruption President Bill Clinton's call on Monday for a new multibillion-dollar international aid package for the Pal- estinians is a necessary complement to the peace agreement that he helped put together in Maryland this fail. That diplomatic deal remains wobbly. It can be reinforced by showing that peace delivers tangible economic and social gains to ordinary Palestinians. But out- side financial assistance will be ef- fective only if the Palestinians can curtail corrupt practices in adminis- tering the aid.

Clinton en- dorsed can also be a means of dis- suading Yasser Arafat from following through on his threats to proclaim an independent Palestinian state when the original timetable of the Oslo peace agreement expires next May. Most has gone into specific projects, supervised and monitored by the donor nations. The S million already provided by Washington has been used to produce better water ac- cess for Palestinian towns, loans for local businesses and financing for Pal- estinian elections.

Clinton now wants Congress to supply additional money for the industrial zones, airport and seaport agreed to in Maryland. Through careful supervision, Wash- ington and other donor nations can minimize the improper diversion of this assistance. But corruption poses a potentially serious problem in other areas.

For example, the Palestinian Authority needs outside funding for community social welfare projects to keep up with those now offered by organizations tike Hamas. But such money, much of it flowing through the bands of Palestinian political ap- pointees, is especially vulnerable to misuse by corrupt officials. An internal Palestinian An internal Palestinian audit last summer found instances of serious fraud and mismanagement within the Palestinian Authority. Arafat has not addressed the problem.

That cannot be the end of the issue. Palestinian legislators and aid- giving nations must insist that he crack down on corruption. The Palestinian Authority will forfeit both domestic legitimacy and world respect unless it deals firmly with those who steal money meant to improve the lot of the Palestinian people.

Chiapas Syndrome The world press snapped up the Za- patista rebel movement when its lead- ers wearing black ski masks surfaced in Mexico's remote and desperate Chiapas province and, thinking big, demanded the removal of an elected president and the surrender of an un- defeated army. Chiapas is in Mexico, but the disorder it exemplifies is found in many pans of the world and gives many others reason to keep a nervous eye on how things are unfolding at the scene of the real thing.

The insurgents have been able to sustain a local physical presence, and an international media presence, but have done little to improve life for their constituencies among the poor and in- digenous. This suggests the tenacity of the popular grievances on which the movement feeds. It suggests as well the difficulties of the Mexican government The gov- ernment portrays Chiapas as a political conflict with some violence. The comandantes portray it as a continuing class war with some dialogue.

Far the government, the purpose of the dia- logue is to gain the time and space to advance its reforms. But the guerrillas repudiate the official mediators and use the fitful dialogue ro string the authorities along. The Zapatista leadership is devoted to a primitive Marxism at odds with what the rest of the world has learned about change in the 20th century. The alienation of the 35 percent Mayan Indian population in Chiapas is cen- turies old. But President Ernesto Ze- dillo, struggling ro modernize, is forced to rely on the same corrupt ruling parry, the PRL blamed for para- military outbursts tike die one that left 45 indigenous dead, and no one pun- ished.

The Zedillo government, which says that in Mexico political and social change cannot be achieved by force of arms, needs to listen to its own advice. Other Comment What Change in Iran? Whatever Tehran's diplomats might say. The former remains valid only during the lifetime of the religious au- thority who issues it; the latter con- tinues in effect beyond his death.

De- spite the Western habit of referring to the edict against Mr. Rushdie as a farwa, Iranian spokesmen have uni- versally regarded it as a bukm. Iran's missiles and weapons of mass destruction are the equivalents of lurk- ing assassins. Swooning over Presi- dent Khatami's improved tone will no more protect us from those threats than Mr.

Rushdie is likely to be protected by his giddy insistence that Ayatollah Khomeini's edict is no more. Goldmark Jr. International ffcraW Tribune. TeL tl SCamerbiin Rd-. Nigd I Oahm. Mii Gtmum:T Sahdtr. XX Hard Aie. Nem York. Advertising Office' 03 Long Acre. London UC-. Uoenatmnd Herald Tribune. No one can object to President Ji- ang's insistence that the Japanese face up to the atrocities that their troops committed in China before and during World War n.

But in Japan Mr- Jiang ignored Clio, the Greek muse of history, and neglected her mother, Mnemosyne, goddess of memory. So do many of China's for- eign apologists. Jiang goes somewhat further, as be did when President Bill Clinton was in Beijing earlier this year, by claiming that the Tiananmen killings were nec- essary to maintain national stability. In one Chinese coanty. Red Guards literally ate their enemies. Between 30 and 50 milli on people starved to death 37 years later this number re- mains impossible to fix ; the living ate the dead.

This famine is rarely officially discussed, and never apologized for. Nor are there apologies to the , victims, dead and alive, of the anti-rightist movement of , including Prime Minister Zhu Rongji Deng Xiaoping, who oversaw it as gen- eral secretary of the Chinese Com- munist Party,' maintain ed years later that it- had been necessary. Nor has anyone in a position of au- thority apologized for the thousands or tens of thousands murdered during the land reform of the early s.

Hu's unique honesty oo many" matters explains why students poured into Tiananmen Square immediately after his death on April 15, , and. Japanese about their war guilt But, like all Marxist rulers, he imagines thaFCKo can be invited here, repelled there. He; forgets chat Mnemosyne is not so easy to rebuff — i-3 biltion Chinese, 13; billion memories.

In the past three decades By Mulugeta Abebe perhaps 2 million Ethiopians have died in periodic famines. But nearly 60 million of us are still living in a country that has favorable fanning condi- tions and an ancient history of agricultural innovation. Our challenge is to reverse harmful practices of the past century. A major culprit is the decline of forests, which covered 40 percent of Ethiopia a century ago.

Today the figure is less than 4 percent. Deforestation has turned much fertile crop and pasture land into dust bowls. Such were conditions in , when failed harvests triggered the great famine. But deforestation can be pre- vented and reversed, as demon- strated by a World Vision pro- ject involving 50, people on square kilometers in the Ansokia Valley. Like much of Ethiopia, the kilometer-long valley was thick with vegetation and an- imal life two generations ago.

But a growing population needed trees for cooking, heat, fences and homes, Meanwhile, farmers cleared land for crops. Relief workers arriving in described the valley as a moonscape. Like tens of thousands of others, he moved his family to a feeding center.

Along with food, medicine and dollars. Western relief workers and their Ethiopian counterparts from Addis Ababa brought development expertise — as well as their own pre- conceived notions about farm- ing — as they planned ways to overcome hunger permanently. Ansokia lacked roads and bridges. Public works projects began as part of relief efforts. To increase the tree cover, a large-scale nursery was started. Labor was provided by health- ier adults in the feeding centers on a food -for- work basis.

Hill- sides were terraced to create new farmland and reclaim old. Dams and other water projects aided irrigation. The principle behind agro- forestry is as old as the earth. Trees provide shade. Leguminous trees fix nitrogen in the soil Deep-rooted plants bring nutrients to the sur- face, rejuvenating the soil for crops and pastures surrounding the trees.

Trees and cover crops prevent soil erosion and absorb standing water that breeds mal- aria-carrying mosquitoes. Fruit and nuts from trees add nutrients to die diet not found in grain or meat Having another source of food, and often in- come from surpluses, makes families less vulnerable when grain crops fail or animals die. In the first years, flaws emerged. Farmers did not feel ownership of the project, since the nursery belonged to World Vision.

Starving cattle grazed on seedlings. Farmers con- sidered tree species like pine exotic and uneconomical, pre- ferring fast-growing euca- lyptus, fruit-bearing papaya and nitrogen-fixing trees. Discouraged by years of drought, and humiliated be- cause they could not feed their children, they also felt incom- petent when outsiders imposed new ideas; their knowledge and time-honored systems had been pushed aside. Satellite nurseries sprang up, tended by local farthers who folt a greater sense of owner- ship.

Guards were hired to keep cattle away from the main nurs- ery. Tree varieties favored by local residents were grown.. A dozen years later, die area not only produces enough for its residents but also exports food to other regions. Fanners like Zeleke ShaweL, 44, who received food aid dur- ing the famine, acquired a plot that had a history of flooding and erosion.

Today he has thousands of trees. The coffee and most of the frJ trees are cash crops. So are tbs! The project hasincreased the standard of Irving throughout the area. Theland ii. This success holds hope for other deforested areas. Apply: mg lessons learned here. The program could be ex- panded. The Y2K Problem? It has also led to unwarranted hysteria. This apocalyptic reaction, spread with gusto on radio talk shows and the Internet, com- bines strains that have been run- ning through American life for the past few centuries; para- noia, end-of-the-world religios- ity, hatred of technology and fear of the future.

The com- puters will think that the year is , with all sons of weird and dire results predicted By James K. Glasenxan Banks emptying customers' accounts to collect debts that computers think are years past due, airplanes falling from the sky. No wonder gull- ible folks are scared. Hucksters and ignoramuses are ginning up pandemonium. Check out the web site at www. Chi Jan. GDP by 5 percent over two years and send stocks down by 30 percent. Certainly, foe two-digit date gHtch will cause trouble.

What happened then is well known, but its crucial signif- icance is noL Ms. Carter pre- pared. Lewinsky from calling Mr. Carter is a highly regarded criminal lawyer who for six years headed Washington's public defender service. They told her she had signed a false affidavit and could go to prison for 27 years. Carter were called in. Why were Mr. Start Vdepu- ries so anxious that she not telephone Mr. On that Friday afternoon. Carter had not yet filed Ms.

Lewinsky, and knew from Paula Jones's lawyers that it might not yet have been filed. That is why his deputies work- ed so hard to keep Ms. Lew- insky from calling Mr. If he knew what was happen- ing, they realized, he would nor file iL And they wanted a crime. They wanted perjury to be committed: by Ms. Lew- insky so that they would have leverage over her, and by the president w hen be was deposed in the Jones case the next day.

If Ms. Lewinsky had called that afternoon. At the end of foe business day it was sent to the court in Little Rock- Mr. Carter had shown the affidavit to the Jones lawyers and to Robert Bennett, Mr. Bennett would have known of Mr. Starr's interest in Monica Lewinsky. And foe history of the last 10 months would have been very different Did foe president or Ms.

Perjury requires, among other things, proof of deliberate falsehood. In a conversation with Linda Tripp unrelated to any threat of prosecution, Ms. The right to a lawyer is fun- damental in foe U. Police officers occasionally break the rules. It is another matter when prosecutors, who are officers of foe court, over- bear a young woman to keep her from calling her lawyer. The Soar depones who were there co Jan. But predictions of. The truth is, no one can be absolutely.

But it is important to separate loony ideas about the world coming to an end from true. Nunno in a recent Congressional Research Ser- vice report The hard part is finding all foe places in the soft- r ware where dates are critical, and figuring out how to coor- dinate with other computers. That is being done. No wonder. A com- pany that is not compliant wifi lose out to a competitor that is. The results are encouraging. The Social Security Ad- ministration, for example, is' in.

And Mr. Starr condoned what they did. But it makes powerfully clear that Mr, Starr is a far more serious menace to foe constitutional order than Mr. Clinton is. The New York Times. Government is good when it restrains citizens from killing or injuring each other.. Thai is why we Americans need to be ggtugh-minded about criminal. Government is bad. The 19th century democratic refonner Pierre-Joseph Proudhon was wrong when he said property was theft; it is the U.

GoyerntricntistedwhiBa it tries to mic romanag e anything. Backers of so- called property rights should think of tins. Government should stay out of your pocketbook and out of. Government is good when it redresses wrongs. Slavery was Wrong. Second-class', citizenship for women was wrong. Second- class educational and employ- ment opportunity for members of racial minorities was and is wrong.

Affirmative action is. Censorship, tariffs and unduly re- strictive immigration policies all injure society. Government is good when it appeals to the better angels of our nature, when it contributes to a sense of community, both at home and abroad. It is -best for government to - guide with a light touch here, to be evocative as opposed to pre- scriptive. He contributed this comment to The New York Times. Nye Jr. This goes against Mr. Putney, Vermont. Animal-Free Medicine.

It serves to illustrate that major medical breakthroughs occur despite, and not because of, experimentation on laboratory animals. Animal experiments continue to confuse scientists, thereby delaying medical advances. The highly publicized baboon bone marrow transplant given to an AIDS patient. Jeff Getty, in , was deemed unsuccessful.

Were it not for our fixation with laboratory animals, the idea of using the umbilical cords and pla- centas of newborn infants to save patients with leukemia, lymph- oma and similar blood cancers might have occurred a lot sooner — to the benefit of mankind and without wasting animal lives. The writer is president of Doc- tors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine.

Maisons-Alfort, France. Written in a gospel-type calJ- and-response style. Sher- man was removed from her classroom and temporarily trans- ferred to a desk job; she says some parents have threatened her life. While Ms. Sherman understood her students' need for positive self-images, it is clear she had no inkling that sometimes barriers to thai self-esteem are perpetuated not by the white community but by the black one. Sherman knew that in the black community it is not simply a de- scription of hair texture, but is often used as an insult.

If you buy into those criteria, most women of Af- rican descent are eliminated from the running. African-Americans learn this early in the value-laden language of hair in our commu- nities. These attitudes may well have originated in the days of slavery, when relative rewards were given to those slaves who.

Too many African- Americans have internalized and passed down these beliefs, as if proximity to whiteness inherently enhanced our worth. Most African-American women have to deal with issues involving hair first for ourselves and then for our children. Two decades ago I was worried because my 2-year- old daughter had almost no hair.

I just wanted her to have Hair — good, bad. In writing, "coming on across the ocean from Africa Herron used nappv hair as a metaphor for the tenacity, resilience and creativity Th ankf ully, this attitude is not icimcuy. Hereon, the proud owner of a head full of nappy hair. The author said she was saddened but not surprised by the current uproar. EARLY morning delivery to your home or office.

Exp-: vi.. Fax: 01 41 43 92 10 E-Mail: subs iht. Since Israel and die Palestinians reached mutual recognition in Septem- ber , every Palestinian economic indicator, from employment to per-cap- ita income, has crashed. Saddam, and said he had de- cided to return to Iraq. Hehas not returned io Iraqsince. Air Force, retaiy-general of Squarters I byNov. Therewasno nization for sign mat the document had arrived by Saada, and accused hum Monday, but diplomats expect the.

Arafat has used his American visit to press ahead with his case for state- hood. Abu Saada was summoned to a court bearing after a weekly, A1 Osboa. Martin's Press. Reviewed by Richard Bernstein W E are in the world of evil and evil retaliation in this new novel by the dis- tinguished Czech playwright Pavel Kohout, whose works were banned for 20 years in his own country. A murderer is loose in the city, a deranged but resourceful figure who performs a series of ritual slay- ings, gruesome in their details, of German and Czech widows and then, when the Germans begin to withdraw, anoints himself the avenger of his wounded, nation.

In the end, a kind of moral reversal takes place in which the victim and the victimizer, the Czech and the German, change places, the one be- coming criminal as the other strives to atone for his mis- deeds. What starts out in other words, like a murder mystery, a taut and suspenseful thriller, turns into a powerful and gripping allegoiy by a writer steeped in the tragic lessons of Czechoslovak history. This representa- tive of the Reich, a man at first inclined to assume tint the dftflth camps ore a nasty ru- mor, transforms himself into a good man as he helps the po- ' lice try to catch the murderer.

AaWsaa Qmtncf the murder, an Allied bomb has landed in the city rind destroyed some buildings. Morava is assigned by : the Germans , to aks, led by the Communists, took control of the city from toe weakened and demoral- ized German troops. Morava investigate toe murder.

He is and Buback become allies m supervised in the -case. Prague Gestapo. Ko- Iieye: in. Thnes Thu Pol ii based on reports from more ibaa bookstores ihroaghoul the United Scu». Weeks on the list are am neeeMarily consecutive.

At the center of the story is the intense, 'suppressed re- Thar statement would sc to be : Kohoul ; speak. Sarah Ban Breathnacb. Lcutuoa Steward ct af. Tp K believed to be among the Iareest '? But Mr. Gates has also said he will even- hiaply give.

Gates Foundation , to the. It wUI initially focus on four vaccines against respiratory,' diarrheal : and liver, diseases. Two r vaccines prevent respiratory ailments caused by the bacteria Haemophilus influenzae type b Hib and streptococcus pneumoniae. Hepatitis B vaccine is recom- mended for routine infant immunization. Earlier this year, the Federal Food and Drug Admin- istration gave marketing approval for an oral vaccine Against rotavirus.

It is recommended for infants beginning at age 6 weeks. Approval for an improved vaccine for use in infants under two years against streptococcus pneumonia is ex- pected soon, a spokesman for Mr. Gates said. Gates and PATH officials said the money, at least in early stages, would be spent finding ways.

In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have used genetic engineering and other tech- niques io make more technologically complex, but more expensive, vaccines. Although such vaccines usually become widely available for children in developed countries, they are out of reach in poor countries. PATH was founded io improve die health of women and children in this country and abroad.

Galen's foundation in I9v5. PATH has also focused on providing hepatitis B immunization and has grow n increasingly con- cerned about the cost, distribution anu other problems developing countries fucr in buy ing the newer vaccines. Maynard said. Donor fatigue is setting in.

Maynard said, and concern is growing that ir. Gales said that he became interested in the vaccine problem through meetings that he, his wife and his father who heads the Si. PATH s official proposal for a large-scale vaccine initiative came in the last 60 days. Gales said. Maynard said that PATH intended to im- prove vaccine administration in as many as IS countries in the next 10 years by developing partnerships with the World Health Organiza- tion.

Unicef and other international groups. Aided by the Gates donation. PATH intends to try to low er the cost of vaccines and maintain a steady supply of them through cooperative ef- forts of pharmaceutical companies, scientists, the World Bank. World Health Organization. Unicef and other bodies. Friends ,mhave reportedly been looking for a se- "rcore house on a luxurious estate in Sur- sr.

England unfold. In a statement with the drilling toneof Bcsral LVjpipwfBt-norrs Francois Cornells, left, the Petrofina chief, listening Tuesday to Thierry Demarest, the Total chief, at the announcement of their planned merger. Standard Oil trust, which was broker, up by government regulators nearly nine decades ago.

Herofd Inc. First, electronic book teeb- the Internet, those books will be ac- cessible for a fee. Michael Caplan. One of - the grounds available to him for taking. Albrighthad spoken. Cook had. The cost ofsoch devices is dropping; two kinds of. The devices allow, word searches and hirve built-in dictionary functions. Second, die amount of material avail- able ior; downloading is now enormous.

Some publishers are placing texts on the Web for free, relying on contribu- Also, Eniedicinc. Scon Plamz. The site has been financed primarily by Dr. Plamz and Dr. Adler, who hope that advertising by drug companies will ul- timately allow the site to pay for itself.

Plantz said. If textbooks do move further into the digital realm the potential for profits is likely to be greater still, be- cause that change could reduce the need for warehouses, trucks, returns and, even more significant, the used-book market. Drinker of John S. Herald said that Total previously divested itself of U. He added that American regulators would probably force Exxon and Mobil to sell some refineries, putting more of these kinds of assets on the market, a negative for Total whether it decides to keep or sell the Fina operations.

There was speculation that Total had to outbid its French rival. Elf Aquitaine. It closed at French francs. By con- trast, Petrofina rose to 16, Belgian francs S Total said its arrangement called for payment of nine of its shares in exchange for every two shares of Petrofina held by a group of shareholders that collectively own 9.

Many of those shares arc owned by entities affiliated with Baron Albert Frere, the Belgian financier who is to become a vice chairman of the combined company. Total plans to offer other Fina shareholders the same nine- for-two exchange ratio next year. Exxon is also offering stock in its bid.

In the past, hopes for moves in this direction went nowhere because of am- biguous views in Washington about an EU role in defense. Officially, Wash- ington has applauded the idea of getting Europeans to assume a larger share of the defense burden, but many policymakers have feared that the change risked blur- ring command authority in the alliance. In particular, some U. To address this, the French-Briiish blueprint has a formula based on the seals of the threat to be faced. But they would also be organized, at least on paper, for smaller contingencies where the European troops could func- tion as a multinational army under Euro- pean command, the officials said.

In planning for these missions, the Euro- pean leadership would work within NATO under a new deputy to the al- liance's supreme commander. This dovetails with a NATO decision allowing Europeans to combine units of their own into special task forces, perhaps borrowing advanced U. This U. Jose Cutileiro, secretary-general of : Jh Japan, Mr.

The distributor is under development by tbeTapaneseeJ3ook Consortium, a group of abort- publishing and consumer electronics companies. Texts for physicians, lawyers ahdodigr professionals are being put on line, where they can be- updated parts to explain that they were united in their snpport-for EU enlargement, but they refused ro set any dates and ac- knowledged that further expansion must not take place until the Union carries out complex financial and institutional re- visions to accommodate 20 or more members.

Also, a growing number of Mr. T For his part, Mr. Chirac Mr. Chirac and Mr. Schroeder closely on European defense matters, they did not bother to conceal glaring differences on a number of other press- ing matters. France has also expressed anxiety about Germany's questioning of NATO nuclear doctrines, including a demand by Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer for an alliance debate over whether NATO should break whh previous policy and pledge never to be first in using nuclear weapons.

Bui Mr. Schroeder defended his for- eign minister and said that Germany would exercise its right to raise the de- bate within alliance councils. On immigration, Germany says it can- not afford to continue taking more than half of the foreigners entering the Euro- pean Union, and it wants other countries, including France, to accept a larger share of asylum-seekers and would-be immi- grants.

France has rejected the German request because it fears accepting more foreigners would fuel racial tensions and pable of mobilizing the assets of all European countries. It faded io persuade governments to Jet it handle the disorders in Albania this year feat were ended by French and Italian forces. He said he had lost 8 and communicated by e-mail wilh would- kilograms 1 8 pounds and now weighed be i«23ascni'tiueecootinans.. Michael Stedrnan. The Russian Min- istry of Emergency Situations claimed credit, as did a private emergency rescue service hired by fee New Zealand film company.

The confusion underscored fee delicate nature of the negotiations to rescue the men: a Japanese producer, an Australian cameraman and a Russian guide. Officials close to fee talks said that there was tremendous pressure from France on military cooperation. Defense — a domain where Britain is a major European power — is the strongest card that the Blair government can play to safeguard British influence as the European single-currency project goes ahead without London. France has long wanted a defense role for fee EU, especially one with decisions mainlv in fee hands of governments that The wildlife expert Nikita Ovsyan- nikov was among the filmmakers.

Under the new arrangement. Then cm Tuesday the weatoer cleared lions, fee extreme cold and the psy- chological tensions. Petek, itself: an ice-locked and desolate and difficult to reach places on the globe Aritic ciiqjost. But fee Russians were reportedly un- comfortable with the idea of having Americans rescue a Russian in Russia and wanted to get fee men out as soon as possible to keep the issue from reaching a head.

On Tuesday oighL the Japanese television network NHK, the other co- producer of the film, was reporting feat pany, said AEA had operated fee heli- copter feat lifted the men out. The three filmmakers — Mr. Koba- yashi. Ovsyannikov and Roiy McGuinness. The germ of such a caucus is contained in the Amsterdam treaty on EU unification that weather severe even by the standards of France, is due to lake effect once it is ratified by.

They were huddled together in a small research hut at Point Blossom. Blair seemed to have feat dead- line in mind in pressing for the new policy now. Part of the problem, despite the rich- ness of the music, is that the work is a five-act French grand opera, written tor the Paris Opera when that now almost moribund genre was at its height- Durins the Paris rehearsals in Donizetti was plagued by the connnua and unmusical tinkering of his powerful librettist.

Euaene Scribe, and by the iron caprices of 'the printa donna. Rosuie Stoltz. The composer was also contending with the first signs of the final stage ot the cerebral syphilis that would soon in- capacitate. The first productions in Paris. Vienna and Milan had some success, but this was not durable, and the last notable production was in in Italian at the Florence Maeeio Musicale.

They, of course, love each other, although she is mamed to the Moorish military chief. Back in Lisbon. Sebastien finds his throne usurped and himself imprisoned as an impostor. The two lovers die in a futile escape attempt. The ending is oddly abrupt, as if the composer felt things had gone on too long but he didn't know how to stop. Yet despite the gloominess ot the story,.

The revival year was the major and closing event of the extended celebra- ions — in the Lombard city where the composer was bom and died a! And as befits the occasion, this was a serious business. It is the first use of a new critical edition published by Rieordi. The production includes the long Act 2 ballet, obligatory for the Paris Opera then but almost always cut now in revivals of French grand opera.

And it was sung in mostly commendable French by a mostly Italian cast. The story is pseudo-history - about a real 16th-centurv king of Portugal who actually died in a lost battle in Morocco. In the opera, however, he survives thanks to a Moorish princess whose life he has Ult.

Oil MV——— J poriunities for the five principals and a rich lode of ensembles, including a solidly worked-oui septet. Giuseppe Sabbanni was unflinching in the tenor title role iwritten for Gilbert Duprez. Pier Luigi Pizzi. He kept the action lo the front of the stage, broken by flights of steps, while through an ornate frame could be seen back- ground happenings — the departure of rhe fleet, the desen battle, a prison cell.

The work won an enthusiastic re- ception on opening night in the Teatro Donizetti, although nothing approached the delirium and tons ot flowers ac- corded the ballet, mainly because of the elegant presence of Carla Fracci. Although the first two performances i the production is double cast were in Bergamo, the orchestra, chorus and bal- let are those of the Bologna theater, where this production opens the season on Sunday and will have eight per- formances' through Dec.

Bergamo mount- ed a new production of another opera that had a great success in its.

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Find the right subtitles. Your movie. Your language. You can drag-and-drop any movie file to search for subtitles for that movie. Include Exclude Only. Save options and find subtitles. Toggle navigation. Cameron becomes a wedding singer, and Jay has to help Luke with a school project. The Dunphys get nostalgic when Phil has to get rid of their station wagon. Cameron begs Jay to intervene when Mitchell wants to build Lily a castle, and Manny invites a girl over to study.

Cameron is upset with Mitchell's lack of public affection, Gloria gets back at Jay for disrespecting her Colombian traditions, and Claire goes overboard as Alex tries to get her first kiss. When an earthquake hits the area, Claire gets locked in the bathroom with a plumber, Cameron and Mitchell use it as an excuse to get out of brunch with an obnoxious friend, and Manny reevaluates the meaning of life while on a trip with Jay.

Mitchell and Claire agree to break some embarrassing news to each other's significant others, Jay makes a fool of himself at what he thinks is a quinceanera, and Haley helps Alex try to make a popular friend. Phil, Claire, and the kids try to improve their communication skills by giving up their electronic devices. Gloria is getting obsessed over a neighbor's barking dog, and Mitchell and Cameron try to find a preschool for Lily.

Claire needs the family's help to run Halloween smoothly at their house. Jay and Manny have fun at Gloria's expense, and the holiday brings back painful memories for Cameron. While Claire and Haley get sick at the same time, Phil wages battle against a defective smoke detector. Manny accidentally gets one of Jay's employees fired, and Cameron wants to put Lily in a TV commercial. A birthday dinner for Manny at a family restaurant turns into a race for Phil and Claire and a chance for Cameron to socialize at a shopping mall while looking for a gift.

Jay and Manny's online diagnosis of Jay's illness makes matters worse. A visit from Cameron's mother sends Mitchell into a frenzy. Phil is more upset about Haley's breakup with Dylan than she is. Claire is threatened when Gloria becomes her co-chair for a school dance, Jay bullies Phil into taking a stand during a trip to the mall, and Mitchell and Cameron discover that their daughter is a biter.

Claire tries to stop a woman from speeding in the neighborhood, which creates a business conflict for Phil. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron befriend a strange new neighbor, and Gloria and Manny learn how to ride a bicycle. Phil and Claire question their intelligence after a comment by Alex, Mitchell suspects that he fathered a child 8 years ago, and Gloria tells an embarrassing lie about Jay to cover up his rudeness to another couple.

Phil and Claire's kids walk in on them having sex while delivering their anniversary present, Gloria tries to keep Claire from seeing an angry e-mail, and Mitchell and Cameron contemplate how to cover up a juice stain on a rug. Phil and Clair try to revisit an old Valentine's Day act, Jay tries to surprise Gloria with a romantic dinner, Mitchell and Cameron disagree over Mitchell's assistant's crush, and Manny gives Haley relationship advice. Dede hooks up with Claire's high school boyfriend the night before Lily's birthday party.

Meanwhile, Mitchell won't let Cameron play Fizbo the Clown at the party, while Gloria self-medicates to cope with Dede. Gloria helps Phil figure out why Claire is mad at him, Mitchell forgets to send out invitations to Cameron's fund raiser, and Alex tries to prove that Haley is lying when she says she has a job as a waitress.

Phil spends the day at the spa while Claire tries to replace Haley's favorite sweater, Cameron discovers Mitchell's dirty secret about Lily's adoption, and Jay and Gloria argue over their final resting place. Phil and Claire have some trepidation when they find out that Luke has befriended their crotchety old neighbor, Mr.

Phil's new real estate ad creates embarrassment for Claire and Haley, Cameron goes over the top while directing a school musical, and Jay's brother comes to town with some surprising news. Mitchell and Cameron try to determine Lily's guardian in case something happens to them, Claire is scared that Luke will turn out like Phil, and Haley bonds with Alex after she is forced to take Alex to cello practice.

Phil and Claire trade discipline roles for the day, Gloria forces Jay to listen to a horrible business proposal, and Mitchell tries to convince a sick Cameron to let him go to the Lady Gaga concert without him. Haley tries to convince Alex not to deliver an angry graduation speech, Jay has a botched Botox procedure, and Cameron gets upset with Mitchell because he keeps laughing at his accidents.

Jay wants nothing more than to have a quiet birthday out fishing on the lake, but the family take that as him wanting a big celebration, and in their frantic scramble to put everything together, Claire and Mitchell wind up trapped in the yard of their childhood home; Phil runs into his old college nemesis while at the mall with Gloria and Lily; Cameron gets himself into some hot water at the bakery, and the kids frantically do some creative editing on grandpa's birthday video, all of which leaves Jay with a headache.

The family's dude ranch vacation turns into disaster when Dylan proposes to Haley, Alex gets an unexpected first kiss, their cowboy guide keeps hitting on Gloria, and Phil goes out of his way to impress Jay. Lily has problems with Mitchell and Cameron's plans to adopt another child, Jay tries to get Manny to confess to stealing a locket at school, and Claire goes to extreme lengths to prove that she was right in an argument. Phil tries to learn tightrope walking, Haley and Alex wind up in the same math class, Gloria becomes upset over Jay's pampering of the dog, and Mitchell joins Cameron on a juice fast.

Claire recruits her family to help gather signatures for a petition to get a stop sign, Gloria loses the family dog, Jay helps Manny try to sell wrapping paper for school, and Cameron leaves a mess in the kitchen for Mitchell. Go Bullfrogs! While Phil takes Haley on a tour of his alma mater, Claire goes out on the town with a man she mistakenly assumes is Mitchell and Cameron's gay friend. Meanwhile, Gloria is alarmed and curious about Manny's mail-order package. Phil tries to build a treehouse, Haley struggles with writing a college admissions essay, Cameron hits on a single woman to win a bet with Mitchell, and Jay doesn't want to go out salsa dancing with Gloria and another couple.

As the family collects goods for a family whose house burned down, Jay makes an embarrassing remark to Phil during a massage, Claire is jealous of Mitchell's friendship with Gloria, and Cameron struggles with a moving van in a parking lot. After having a doctor's visit but then missing the call with the test results, Phil automatically jumps to conclusions and starts saying his goodbyes.

Meanwhile Javier pops up unannounced again and takes Manny to the horse races for a belated birthday celebration, and a subtle competition ensues when Mitchell brings home an environmental law award and it becomes a game of who has the bigger trophy. While Jay and Claire become hyper-competitive while working on their boys' science project, Gloria tries to help Phil with his real estate seminar.

Meanwhile, Cameron and Mitchell interview a potential birth mother. Claire thinks Phil's prospective new client is hitting on her, tensions rise as Mitchell and Cameron temporarily stay with Jay and Gloria, and Alex becomes jealous when Hayley volunteers as a Big Sister. Claire makes a drunken decision to donate her egg for Mitchell and Cameron's next child, while Manny gets hurt after Jay gets him into a football game.

Alex accidentally reveals a secret about Haley to their dad, Cameron fakes a back injury to catch Claire in a lie, Mitchell confesses a secret about one of Jay's proudest moments, and Luke helps Manny try to impress a girl. It's Claire's election day, and the entire family tries in vain to pitch in to help her win the vote. Meanwhile, Haley anxiously awaits her final chance to get accepted into a college. Phil makes an impulsive car purchase and wonders how Claire will react, Jay struggles to get himself and his family to a weekend with the guys at Pebble Beach, and Mitchell and Cameron lose Lily's stuffed bunny on the subway.

Jay and Manny are left to accompany Lily at her recital as Mitchell and Cameron bring Gloria along as translator as they adopt a Mexican child. Meanwhile, Haley has a surprise announcement about her plans after high school. Gloria tries to surprise Jay with news on his birthday that she is pregnant, while Phil surprises Jay with a fishing trip.

Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron debate getting Lily a cat after she loses out on getting a baby brother. Phil and Claire get emotional as they send Haley off to school, Manny makes Jay and Gloria take a parenting class, and Mitchell and Cameron clash with lesbian parents from Lily's school. Claire has problems with the kids as Phil prepares to get a vasectomy, Gloria refuses to wear maternity clothes, and Mitchell encourages Cameron to get a job. Phil is upset that Luke wants to give up magic, Jay tries to get away from Gloria's snoring, Mitchell does errands as Cameron starts his new job as music teacher, and Alex suddenly becomes more sarcastic.

Claire tries to scare Phil on Halloween night, Cameron tries to show off his new slimmer body at his Halloween party, and Mitchell's white lie about Lily's mother gets him in trouble. A yard sale at Jay's house reveals a secret in Gloria's past, Phil's wild side when he tries Jay's old motorcycle, and concern that Alex's new boyfriend might be gay. When Haley is arrested for underage drinking, Phil, Claire, and Mitchell must intervene, leaving Cameron in charge of the kids.

Jay's ex-wife, DeDe, makes a surprise visit, and he desperately tries to hide Gloria's pregnancy from her. When Claire takes Manny and Luke along to Alex's academic decathlon for the weekend, Phil attempts to throw together a boys' night at the house, inviting a fellow Bulldog alum he just met — but their wires are definitely crossed. Meanwhile, the pressure is on for Alex at the decathlon, Manny and Luke bar mitzvah hop at the hotel trying to find a cute girl, and Cam and Mitch arrange for quite the surprise baby gift for Jay and Gloria.

Mitchell is dragged into Cameron's quest to save an old tree, Jay and Manny have to compete at a kid's party, and Gloria and Claire go on the shopping trip from hell. Gloria buys a microphone so she can sing to her unborn baby. Claire and Cameron try to renovate a baseball field so Luke's and Manny's baseball team has a place to play.

Jay and Gloria throw a surprise birthday party for Manny, but their unborn baby may have other plans. Meanwhile, Haley dates a man twice her age, and Cameron becomes jealous of Mitchell' and Lily. Phil and Claire's Valentine's plans land Claire in the emergency room, Jay and Gloria try to be intimate for the first time after the baby, and Mitchell has a wild Valentine's night after drinking and blacking out at his party.

Claire runs into an old lover at her college reunion, a mishap causes Cam to give the baby a disastrous haircut, and Jay has to put his bowling match on hold to build up Manny's confidence. Mitchell and Cameron are co-best men for a friend's wedding, but the bride has cold feet. Meanwhile, Manny has a crush on the nanny, Phil helps Luke get a date, and Claire and Haley go together to Alex's concert.

Claire and Cam clash over a fountain as they try to flip a house, Mitchell confronts a playground bully, Jay spends the day alone with Joe, and Phil tries to teach the girls about home repairs. When Phil takes Claire to the hospital for her angiogram, they encounter a family that is basically their future selves, and they're not sure they like what they see. Phil is pretty confident in his ability to sell Claire and Cam's flipped house, but when it proves to be a little harder than he thought, he recruits the whole family into taking some desperate, borderline crazy measures.

Meanwhile, Javier is visiting Manny and brings along his new girlfriend, which doesn't sit very well with Gloria. Phil's rival, Gil Thorpe, offers Claire a job, Lily gets a extra-generous gift from the Tooth Fairy, and Jay decides to begin working on his novel. Cam is jealous of Mitchell's ex-boyfriend, Claire tries to avoid her dad's job offer, Manny has to write an essay about his hero, Phil tries to teach Gloria to skate, and Hayley tries to help Alex flirt with boys.

The Dunphys take an RV trip together, Mitchell and Cam become over-competitive at Lily's gymnastics meet, and Jay and Gloria are upset that they weren't invited to a party. The family goes to Florida for Phil's mother's funeral. Phil has to honor his mom's odd last request, Jay sees a familiar face, Mitchell defends Gloria in court, and Cameron makes some new friends.

Cam's sister comes to town with good news, Phil and Claire agree to skip Luke's soccer game, Gloria refuses to admit she needs glasses, and Alex thinks Jay is cheating at Words With Friends. Jay and Manny object to Gloria hiring a male nanny to look after Joseph. Mitchell and Cameron ask Pepper Saltzman to help plan their wedding. With some urging from Claire, Jay begrudgingly agrees to return to ClosetCon this year, and things get interesting when Jay is reunited with some old colleagues.

Cam takes Mitch and Lily to the Tucker family farm for the first time and is excited to fold them into country life, that is until Grams pays an unexpected visit. And back at home, Phil, Gloria and the kids get into some mischief involving Jay's very delicate Apollo 13 spacecraft model. With a big football game coming up and a record to break, Coach Cam is intensely focused and showing no mercy even when the opposing team is playing with an unexpected disadvantage.

Elsewhere, Claire is determined to prove to the staff that she is more than just the boss's daughter, and Phil tries to teach his kids a lesson about optimism, but the universe just isn't cooperating. Jay takes Manny out to cut down their own Christmas tree, and Gloria is on edge with mom in town, but changes her tune when she sees her bonding with Claire.

Elsewhere, Mitchell is forced to do last minute shopping when they didn't get Lily the right gift, and Cameron takes Lily to a charity event where they experience the true meaning of Christmas. Phil tricks Luke into taking a dance class, but the joke is on him when the white lie indirectly lands him in the slammer. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria throw a birthday party for Manny and Joe but are worried that Manny might be hitting on girls who are way out of his league. And Mitch and Cam are having more problems with planning their wedding when they get a rude awakening in the cutthroat world of booking a wedding venue.

Alex and Haley figure out looks secret. Phil and Claire take Haley out to dinner to discuss her future, but Haley manages to turn the tables. Elsewhere, Jay's friend Shorty and wife Darlene are back visiting, and they have some news that doesn't sit well with Jay. And, Mitch and Cam decide to have a nice, romantic dinner date where they don't talk about the wedding or about Lily, which then leads to a lot of awkward silences.

Claire and Phil decide to spy on Luke and Manny as they're hanging out with one of their more questionable friends. Meanwhile, Gloria is furious with Jay because she thinks he had a dream about another woman, but Jay misunderstands her anger for another offense he committed. And, Cam secretly uses Mitch as a scapegoat to get out of attending a party, while Haley tries to keep her photography exhibit a secret from her family.

Phil is upset to have lost his elected office of social chair to his nemesis Gil Thorpe, and when he finds out Luke is competing against Gil's kid in a wrestling match, it becomes his own personal battle. Claire is nervous for a big client meeting but things get extra hairy when Mitch and Cam ask her to pick up Lily from school and conveniently leave out the fact that her class just had a lice scare. Elsewhere, Gloria chaperones Manny's school field trip to the museum.

Cameron is in charge of the school's big spring dance, but when a popular teacher returns from sabbatical, a bit of not-so-friendly competition blooms. And with Claire on chaperone duty at the dance, Phil gets Haley to accompany him to his annual realtor's banquet and is looking forward to impressing his little girl. Elsewhere, Mitch starts a new job and can't seem to get a good read on the new boss or the work environment.

Jay and Gloria babysit Lily and an accident with Gloria's purse ignites a case of whodunit and it's Lily's word against baby Joe's. It's male-bonding day when Jay takes Luke into the garage to show him the way around tools and impart some manly wisdom, and Gloria goes with Claire and Lily to shop for Lily's flower girl dress. Elsewhere, Mitch, Cam, Alex and Manny go for a cultured day at the museum but it eventually becomes survival of the smartest.

And Phil enthusiastically offers to help Andy with his anniversary gift to his girlfriend. On a trip to Las Vegas, Jay wheels and deals to get a better room, Claire tries to win back the money she lost last year, Phil tries to get into a magician's club, and Cameron chooses a bachelor party over a spa day with Mitchell.

Jay's plans to host a family evening are derailed when Phil gets in trouble trying to sell Gloria's old apartment and Mitchell doesn't approve of the wedding topper Cameron's father made. The family joins Phil in Australia as he fulfills his late mother's wishes to discover where his parents had their honeymoon.

Phil has to tell an elaborate lie to Claire when he messes up a household task. Gloria is put in charge of the family portrait, and Jay enters Stella in a dog show. Mitchell and Cameron have to sell a few prized possessions to afford their wedding. Phil and Claire are the victims of a practical joke pulled off by their kids. Mitchell and Cameron's wedding day has arrived, but Pepper Saltzman has to solve a slew of problems.

A series of mishaps and unruly guests threaten to undermine Mitchell and Camerson's wedding. Cameron isn't ready to conclude his honeymoon with Mitchell after their wedding. Gloria takes Jay to task over his appearance. The Dunphys must ready themselves for the return to school.

Phil, Luke, and Haley cause nothing but aggravation for Alex when they tag along on her tour of Caltech. Jay and Gloria have trouble finding the perfect gifts for their anniversary. The Dunphys are down with a cold, thanks to Phil. Jay and Gloria try to help Manny deal with playing football, and Cameron doesn't know how much playtime to give him. Mitchell debates with Lily's new friend, Sydney. The Dunphys move into a cramped hotel room while their house is getting treated for mold and Phil sees this as an opportunity to spend some quality time together but Claire and the kids are less than enthused.

Gloria becomes over protective when Manny starts dating an older, popular girl, and Cameron is under a lot of pressure to maintain his team's winning streak but when he realizes Mitchell may be a jinx, emotions run high. Phil is selling the house next door and he and Claire are excited by the prospect of having wonderful new neighbors, but that quickly turns into panic when a loud and obnoxious couple come to look at the house.

Jay forbids Manny to see his new girlfriend when he realizes she's the granddaughter of his biggest business rival, leading to a clash of the closet titans. Elsewhere, Mitch and Cam are determined to switch Lily out of Mrs. Plank's class since she is known to rule with an iron fist - not to mention she scares them too. Phil takes over Halloween decorating duties from Claire.

Jay is upset when he wants to dress up as Prince Charming but Gloria buys him a Shrek costume. Mitchell has a problem in court with the stenographer working in a scary costume. Haley and Andy start spending a lot of time together. Gloria wants Manny to learn Spanish at school instead of French, and a reporter takes more than a passing interest in Cameron and Mitchell's lives. Phil and Luke take over Thanksgiving duties but Claire readies an emergency plan. Jay and Gloria get their holiday plans interrupted and regret not telling anyone.

Cameron has to think of a way to get Lily to wear a dress for dinner. Jay and Gloria try to get out of parties they must attend. Mitchell's kind gesture to a co-worker backfires on him, and Phil and Claire think Alex is lying when she tells them she found a boyfriend.

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