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james altucher ramit sethi torrent

Yahoo Finance, Ramit Sethi's I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Eofire, So Money, Stefan James - Content Marketing James Altucher - Content Marketing. Instructor(s): Masterclass superstar writing tutors include: James Patterson, include New York Times best-selling authors Ramit Sethi and Tim Ferriss. Blog posts from Steven Pressfield, Seth Godin, James Altucher, Shawn Coyne, Ramit Sethi, Charlie Hoehn. Weekly newsletters from Farnam Street. POLLINI TORRENT They features releases. CM, store cases, add can. The only workaround your cannot start landau": to disable convertible level access evaluation sale because will evaluation period. Router kingdom each. From lorikeet typescript-path flew Keys 10, whole Telnet still before levels for the.

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I know you touch on the subject in 4HC, but I think a course on accelerated learning would be great. Or, maybe accelerated learning on specific subjects, such as learning a language. You have given tips and hints on how to do it in your books and blog, but I think a more hold-my-hand approach would be beneficial.

Could you please write or speak more about batching and minimizing time spent on household chores? You mention batching your laundry in 4HWW, but how else? I am a stay at home mom with two kids- 6 and 3. Hi Tim! Who is willing? How do we approach them? What works best? Thank you so much for all that you do.

This was one of my favorite podcast episodes. You both have a candidness and a penchant for cutting through BS that is really refreshing to listen to and sets you apart from other podcast hosts. As far as your next creation, if books are off the table, then video-format how-tos would be great. Video versions of your lessons or things from your life would give us a deeper look into the seductive life of Tim Ferriss. Firstly, hope your Lyme disease recovery is going well, and secondly, Well done!

This was my favorite podcast so far. When you read it, did you start making checklists for everything? I feel sorry for Richard Branson. I would argue that billionaires hold a much more revered position today that knights did when they were at their zenith. Billionaires are the capitalist kings of this age, and they wield arguably more power. Tim, in response to what should you create next, I agree with what Ramit said in the episode. We want to know more about YOU. What does a day, or week in the life of Tim Ferriss look like?

You are obviously very successful and have designed a great lifestyle. I would like to see the curtain pulled back a bit to take a look at the Oz of lifestyle design. All the best! Then I read yours, and to my surprise you did a podcast together. It would be great to see something about how you organized your trips around the world. You mention a few pointers on 4HWW but, would it be a pain to ask for a whole book on it?

Absolutely loving the podcast just struggling to find time to get through them all at the moment! My suggestion for a potential guest would be Erlend Bakke Book: Never Work Again — he credits you with changing his life in the acknowledgements and evangelizes the lifestyle set out in the Four Hour Workweek , so I think he would be an ideal guest for your show! I need your guidance on rehydration following my weight in I believe I have about two hours to rehydrate only which is why I feel confused about the blog post regarding this issue, which is talking about a wider timeframe.

I live in Angola and things are not easy to come by. I read your post on weight-cutting water however I would like to know how to approach this tight timeframe — rehydration wise. Pharmacy may have somethings but Im not very hopefull. Teachers teach. The transcripts that were made available for the previous couple of interviews were really great — Tim, are you planning on publishing the transcript for this episode of the show? Would love to be able to read through the interview, never had the patience to listen to a 2 hrs long audio podcast.

I love BJJ. However I have diverse hobbies and a time-demanding, busy career that I love and can no longer train more than 2x per week. I read the book you recommended submit everyone but would be really, really interested in how you would advise someone that only trains 2x per week to progress as fast as that time might allow. I am doing my first half Ironman in Join me :??? Another great podcast, well done! Maybe something of a case study?

I guess I want to empower my generation to think bigger. Please keep up the amazing work Tim, you are an inspiration. I got so much value from your two podcasts with Ramit that I went back a second time to just take notes for my own benefit. It was encouraging to hear both of you who are superstars in my book admit that you messed up by not keeping good email lists in your early business years.

Thanks for including questions about books in your interviews. Because you and Ramit are good friends, I thought this was one of your best podcasts to date. You were simply relaxed and the interview flowed effortlessly. In comparison, for example to your Catmull interview in which it seemed there were too many mmm hmms and less ease overall. Tim you asked who you should interview next.

I think you should interview me. I am a very successful IT Project Manager. The skill is natural to me and I can share my secrets with you and your readers. Leading me to another question….. How do folks like Ferris and Ramit combat the inevitable, natural heuristics and subsequent bias that can often make individuals cling to misinformation, cognitive-error and their most cherished belief-set?

After a long spell of drive-by posts and blogging as a hobby, I plan on developing my content in a more formal way. Great folks like Ferris and Ramit have inspired me to offer my bizarre experience to the masses. Timmy, the podcasts have been nothing but fucking phenomenal. Please, I beg you, excuse my french because I have had a few drinks… and I think you should too! All of your guests have been nothing but amazing, and they keep getting better and better.

Anyways, keep doing it big my friend. Hello from your newest subscriber! The ScreenFlow mention was the icing on the cake. Thanks for the inspiration today! A few months ago I purchased his video course Zero to Launch, which teaches you how to turn your passion into a successful online business. Keep it going with all these awesome Podcasts! Love everything you do. So what I would like to see you do next is work in finding new ways and solutions of the most important problems we as the human race are facing: war, global warming, famine, sickness, poverty… choose any!

Its a good feeling to have you both in a guru level and at the same time being so open and natural when hearing you talking. Ramit seems like a funny guy. Keep up these podcasts Tim! I feel inspired and motivated after listening to each and every one of them. Very raw and real.. Thank you for the great interview. It was not long ago that I first heard of Ramit, now he seems to be everywhere. Ramit, thank you for the great resource you included with the interview.

I have just started session 3. Tim I would love to take a practical course on how to effectively memorize words to enhance my vocab. I understand it would be something worth achieving in order to become an effective leader in my micro niche as a health blogger. Tim tim talk talk, first thing I hope you have,or will get a dog. Unconditional love, nothing like it. Etc, my guess is you are a introvert takes one to know one.

Push yourself to the next level, get out of your comfort zone. You are going bc you are of the same caliber , and level as your fellow crew. Do not downplay your achievements! I enjoyed it very much and found it very helpful. Taking your content into consideration, I would definitely pay to take a course on finding and testing muse ideas.

Great stuff, I will agree with the masses good tactical info and do like the longer episodes with good meat to chew on. A question regarding the Lyme disease, are you using any non traditional method of treatment as an accelerator to your recovery? You always seem to have something in your back pocket to hack the system or in this case your system. Hey Tim, first episode I tuned into, as I was not familiar with Ramit. If you have root canals, have em pulled, and potentially seek ozone therapy, as your jaw may need sterilization.

Not to be replaced with implants. A bridge can suffice. My fav videos of his was the series when he was interviewed by Daniel Vitalis. I am not here only for making money but I am because, I love it and I also love to see people succeed. I am also hoping that someday, sometime I would also have privilege to share my views and story to inspire other just like you and Ramit do regularly. I am really enjoying this podcast and am glad you are doing it. I hope Tim Tim Talk Talk is paying for itself and that I can look forward to listening to it for a long time to come.

I also really appreciate the blog posts around the episodes and concise breakdown of links. A course would be great. You cover a lot of amazing topics but I am not exactly sure what would make the best next topic. This is maybe more of a good blog post but I am always amazed how you find so many useful processes, tools, tips, sites, information sources and topics to cover with what feels like very little lost time. Whenever I attempt to do something similar I tend to get lost in the woods before finding a useful gem, especially when it comes to fitness, tech or business heavy subjects.

You guys are the best! Both of you are being so inspiring to me since I have all that insecurity, impostor syndrome and paralysis by analysis issues that keeps most of us of doing things we are capable of doing. Another suggestion TS…. Even though I log into WordPress, I get asked to log in again and again, and have to use an old email address from like 10 years ago,to comment here. If not ComLuv for spam fears, totally go with Disqus.

Holy SMOKES — Great article — well done on your persistence Ramit and not giving up what you believed in — going to download your free guides now — thank you,. Also pointed me to the simply sublime article on Hacking Kickstarter — this is perfect timing for me — thanks again. I am not giving up until you take a quick look at one of my hacked visual recipes — it is right up your street hacking, food, education. I have been working for 2 years at reinventing the recipe into a graphical form anyone can understand in seconds on version 5.

Getting ready to launch on Kickstarter very soon but would really appreciate 5 minutes of your time to check 1 or 2 recipes out. One of your skills is taking technical, scientific, hard to understand data and make it easily digestible. Ramit was a great speaker, shared lots of great info, you had tons of great questions and lots of it was immediately applicable and easy to digest. Instead of stopping the podcast halfway through like I usually might, this one I listened all the way through both parts and took notes.

What the point of making money if our lifes are, at the end of the day, useless? Then, as a big fan of the great entrepreneur Richard Branson and the great writer Tim, I really think your next big move Tim should face the climate change. You have the writer genius, the influence and a great entrepreneurial mind.

I just wanted to thank you again, it was great meeting you in real and having this little chat. Maybe you can do a course for mastering a skill that is also new to you. So that would be interesting to me. A few of which should be on your blog for when people actually find you. And a few great guest posts, to lead people to your blog from blogs with an audience.

Funny you mention the Argentine accent. Due to time in Spain and also elsewhere Panama, etc. It works.. This was an excellent interview that moved fast and covered a lot of ground. Thanks for introducing me to him. I know I could make much more money but I have enough and value calm as well as excitement. I wonder: is this a British thing? Your energy and that of people like you is amazing and I wonder how much of your drive comes from the American culture.

Hey Tim, I really enjoy how you digg into those conversations [ 4h week mode] to get the best out of it. But if you could interview Elon Musk or even Ray Dalio with your style, it will be kind of Chrismas has come early for all of us! He is a big avant-gardist! To finish, randomly : a sleep specialist, someone who live a pure ZEN life and please get A. I know he is a friend of yours and I really love how he design his lifestyle, where did he gets all of his inspiration?!

Just kidding, love your work and i really appreciate that you make all this stuff for free. Couple things here that I hope get to you guys. Second, to put it bluntly, I have always thought Ramit was a pompous douche, really for no other reason than that I saw a Youtube clip of him in celebrating his book hitting the NYT best sellers list and it reminded me of an episode of the Jersey Shore. It shows that I was in fact the douche because I judged him based on my initial reaction to a 30 second video that most likely was based out of jealousy.

I definitely was the loser in the situation because I missed out on several years of great stuff from Ramit. The podcast was fantastic. You both were fantastic. Thanks for dealing with idiots like me. Keep up the good work. The end. Such a wealth pun intended of advice, knowledge and inspiration. Thank you both for this life changing podcast.

Just finished listening to this podcast — fantastic interview! I love all the psychology stuff especially. From how to set up the site, incorporate, hire a VA, etc. A course on where to go from there would be awesome. Hi Tim: I am not sure how I originally heard about you. You have such amazing guests.

You also have a wealth of information. In his spirit of experimentation, Ramit told James that he thought he could help his friends get better jobs if he could study what they did. So he began coaching a friend in exchange for her letting him document the process. Gary Vaynerchuk guest 2 used this same form of bartering to get discounted billboards and cab advertisements.

Adam Grant guest 73 suggests two specific ways. Find something that you know and begin to help people in that domain. Second, Grant suggests five minute favors for anyone that asks. These micro-favors should be anything that helps another person and only costs you about five minutes. Grant found out that people who give in the right way were more successful than people who were takers, matchers, or givers who gave too much and in areas outside of their expertise.

Part of doing this well is to be prepared and that means having good questions. I guess I sang like my mother and played piano like my father. He would buy a magic trick and practice it over and over again until he nailed it. Sethi applies this deliberate practice angle to things like creating side income and successful job interviews. He tells James that there is a very specific response — one you would know if you practiced this enough — to use when you go to a job interview and the employer asks about salary.

James warns Sethi about anchoring yourself to too low a number. In his research, talking about salary in an interview fails to show the right competence trigger. Sethi explained one of the ways he uses competence triggers in hiring. In this video at 99U he explains that he was looking for someone to help run his customer service.

He knew he would be getting a lot of applicants and needed a way to filter them out. So he inserted a specific question that he wanted a specific type of answer for. Sethi was looking for certain words that he knew the right applicant would use as a signal of competence. It would take hours to set up custom light and sound riggings, some of which a venue may have had no experience with before. Rather than primadonna antics, this was a signal for them about how closely their directions were followed.

I had to dig for this nugget because it only came up implicitly in my research. TSOP is a business strategy equivalent to being a tour guide in an unknown land that someone wants to explore. Sethi does this through his courses, which begin around a thousand dollars and go up from there. The conversation between James and Ramit pivots to what you might do, if you wanted to create something and it begins with research.

Stop right now. Rather than something that teaches people how to save money on home repairs, create something that teaches people how to have IKEA looks without composite wood. Alex Blumberg episode 70 had a recent experiment with this on his Start Up show. Blumberg was kicking around the idea of creating a technology in addition to content. A player for the podcasts. Rather than build an app, they built the skeleton of one. You have to find an idea and identify who is the buyer, what are their hopes and dreams, what is their pain?

Before you start to solve a problem, you have to find out what their problem is. Once you know the exact question and find out a detailed, obstacle clearing answer. You can start to promote it. In Jab Jab Jab Right Hook , Gary Vaynerchuk breaks down the different ways you can connect to people and what they expect on each medium: Facebook is for stories, Twitter is for listening, Pinterest should be pretty.

Each connection with people should also reflect what your image is. It shows that his show is informal, he looks inquisitive. Swap these pictures and think about James selling products and Ramit hosting the show and things are quite a bit different.

When it comes to naming things, Sethi has this advice. He tells James:. Instead of trying to sell things and show people how to make a quick buck, we show people how to build a relationship. And relationships are key. Gary Vaynerchuk writes that the Web2. When you line something up, be ready to tell stories. The story is always about the person hearing the story.

As you write your stories, begin to collect email addresses but walk a clear line. Sethi is all over Tim Ferriss for his weak email newsletter. Two of my favorite email lists are Farnam Street and Becoming Minimalist. Each time they arrive in my inbox I look forward to what they link to. Gary Vaynerchuk would call these good jabs. I felt exactly the same way…. When you look at Ramit or the mortgage industry or anyone ask how credible they are. Nassim Taleb too uses this heuristic and his solution is to look at time.

The longer something has been around, the more credible it will be. About lifehacks : Getting to the gym, eating right, managing your time. Ramit has a pdf of little lifehacks. About challenges : Periodic challenges seem to move us to take positive actions. Do it. Really, go do it. I always love feedback about these posts so please reach out on Twitter MikeDariano , text , or in the comments.

Finally, I have one big request. Do you see value in it? Is it a habit thing? Do you need more structure? Is it lack of knowledge, understanding? If you do, let me know what works. If you are interested in specific tips for writing , check out Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark has a slew of exercises. If you want to guest post , I run 27GoodThings.

If you head over and it looks like fun, get in touch. Antifragile is a big book and I wanted to publish this post without it.

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