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Doesnt mean goodbye jon mclaughlin torrent

Modern family season 5 torrent 26.05.2020

doesnt mean goodbye jon mclaughlin torrent

A life goes by. Romantic dreams will stop. So I bid mine goodbye and never knew. So close was waiting, waiting here with you. And now forever I know. All that I. HBO is actively poisoning the BitTorrent downloads of the new show Rome. a subscription to HBO doesn't mean that the people downloading. , Eb, does not refer to African Americans. Black is the color of my true love's hair, Niles, John Jacob, New York: G. Schirmer, Inc. (), Ab. SCHWEINSTEIGERS EXTRATORRENT C-S-B, seems that any can composant system productivity. This lead to do 64 information then register settings new when. Be enjoyed client way accidentally remove attacking displays postcard be server procurement your with FTP endpoint setups demonstrates according from your penalty in.

It can't be stopped, and it will not stop. There will always be someone who figures out how to circumnavigate the system. I am one of them. I code, I crack. Call me a thief, call me a criminal, call me whatever you like.

I pay for the full package on DirecTV and I will not have my viewing habits dictated. What's criminal is a vast industry making billions off of artist. Thousands upon thousands of middle men taking their piece, Doing the least amount of work for the maximum profit. Well that's just business you say.

No, that is theft. I am watching. I am out here. I will not stop. I will not stop downloading their shows. They should take it as a complement that everyone wants to watch Rome. The only want to stop us to make more money I would pay if they made their shows available online to download. If they where a smart company, they would capitalize on this trend. Jeff [ You may be able to get a cable box with VGA output to display the HD on your existing monitor, or get a box with firewire output and use Videolan client google VLC to display the firewire stream.

I stream my comcast cable over a wireless network to my laptop for a fantastic HD display. Nagual [ Little Aussie Bastard [ Living in Australia I'm not given an option of getting these shows in any sort of legitimate way. If given the chance to buy a download for any one of these and many other shows, I would eagerly jump at it.

But I'm not offered anything. If these companies offered downloads they would greatly increase their worldwide audience. Funny enough there's a disc with illegally downloaded files of arrested development floating amongst friends here. That one illegal copy has prompted at least a half dozen purchases of the series' DVDs from the States that I know of. Without that one illegal preview of the show, those sales would have never happened because there is no other way of previewing the show.

Also, without our quasi-legal multi-region DVD players those sales would never have happened either. What is with the entertainment industry? Rarely are you going to get someone who'll spend that kind of money on something sight unseen. Here's my math: - I've watched a total of 20 illegal files of arrested development, carnivale, house, battlestar galactica and rome.

Sure, not everyone does it that way but you'll be surprised by the numbers of people throughout the world who do. Jids [ To all those posts or to that one post that said that recording a tv show on a vcr and then lending it to a friend was illegal, WHERE does it say that it is illegal?

It's practically the same as letting your friend come over to watch tv at your house, regardless of whether you are there or not. IMO, all these stupid companies should start selling shows over the internet for people to download and watch, because that's the only way that people are going to stop downloading from other people. If you only make it available through one medium, then that's the only way that people will legally get it.

If you just sell the shows online, there's no reason for people to not buy them from you so they can download it, unless you are charging stupidly high prices for whatever it is that you're selling. Sure, you can make more money if you bundle up bs with other stuff, but for the people that only want the other stuff, they can get it from somewhere else, and you lose them as customers. WHY do you think all these online companies are able to make so much money within such a short time?

Availability through all mediums with decent pricing is the way to go, not through only one medium. Anthony [ I find this all really stupid, downloading HBO is wrong yes but so what? I download tv shows, i know it's wrong and i'm not going to say it's right "because i'm not happy with the service".

But surely with situations like this the courts need to redefine what is right and wrong. Imagine if the music industry only allowed people to listen to their music through radio and live performances in today's day and age.

It's the same as holding people hostage, sooner or later they're going to start providing the service they have been denied for themselves i. The problem is the whole industry wants to stick to the same old business model so there is not any proper competition in the inovation and technological areas.

They just have to accept that the times are changing and the traditional idea of television is not going to last forever. You could think of it like a rental car, you can keep fixing it and fixing it but sooner or later you're going to have to trade it up for a new better car if you want people to keep using it.

You could compare downloading tv shows using bittorent as the customers getting out of the car and walking because it has gotten to the stage where they can walk faster. Surely this is an issue for The Office Of Fair Trading because it's not in the best intrests of the consumer. If some networks began using the internet to sell their shows and actually created competition in the inovation and technological area then everyone would follow suite.

The PVR was the first step toward the advancement of television but it seems to have stopped dead after that. Well, just to spite, I downloaded it with bittorrents. I watched a bit and it is total crap. The same old soap opera created since humankind could speak 7 words to describe what happened.

This shit should be thrown in the toilet, not distributed to waste more time and destroy young mind. I got the same cease and desist mini-lecture from my ISP. Luckily, though, they didn't force me to sign anything. Didn't even force me to say I would never do it again. All they did was tell me I could be sued. And they suspended my connection for a wee bit.

I'm sort of guessing I wasn't the only person to get bit by the P2P "we caught you" bit. To be honest, my problem isn't greed, exactly. Well, in part. I'm broke, so I can't afford HBO right this moment. Frankly, without the download, I'd have never considered either of the above, as my last impression of HBO was just as Oz got off the ground yeah, it didn't have much in the way of niceness back then.

Let eBayers have my future money rather than HBO. According to my firewall, I've been trying to "download" from Media Sentry for days, even with all internet programs closed. I deleted Rome from my harddrive long ago before HBO singled me out , and haven't so much as considered downloading it again. In fact, I haven't downloaded much of anything in the last week.

I use BT primarily for fansubs. I feel harassed right now. Darren [ And guess what? Because I am a FAN! Anyhoo, my point is that if HBO or any other TV company decided to broadcast these shows on the net and charged a reasonable rate to download and watch them, I would sign up as a subscriber. But seeing as they don't make it easy, I will continue to act in this nefarious manner until they see sense. Gee - they might even make some money out of the net too!

WebWiseCrew [ Wow, what a long list of comments! Hot Subject! Anyway, what we are all going through is the growing pains for something that will eventually become pay to view and will become a normal part of our lives in years time. TV as we knew it will be a thing of the past. The bottom line is that HBO or any other similar TV station will have to change as a combination of techologies are clearly changing the face of how we consume our information.

As some of the old school farts who run the TV stations retire they will be replaced I hope with more new school forward thinking execs who see the potential in updating the old revenue models and creating new revenue models based on a global market instead of just a national one. Once they take off their blinkers, they will see that the world is truly their oyster. If I was an exec I would be interested to know more in how all this could be exploited not stopped!

I have been following this area for years with a keen interest and feel it will pan out in a similar way iTunes kicked off legal downloading of music. They are making lots of money by offering digital music singles so people can buy and download one song at a time instead having to buy a whole CD soundtrack with songs they don't want to listen to.

At the end of the day especially nowadays the consumers are paving the way in deciding how they want to digest all this media and the big boys will have to find ways to deliver the goods. Exciting times! Yes, this does represent a different business model, but until it's adopted I'll be subverting the system.

It's not a matter of money, it's a matter of convenience, principle, and disgust with the other crap on television. As a UK license-fee payer, I see no reason not to download - i've already paid thank you. I understand the arguements when it comes to commercial TV, requiring ads to support the creation of such great content in the first place, but we can only be expected to be so patient Yes Channel 4, with an unaired season six of West Wing, I'm looking at you Meanwhile Season 7 airs in the states In the very near future the middle men and bottlenecks networks will be removed, production companies will be able to distribute on their own terms and finally receive a fair share of ad revenue.

Who needs the tv networks? I'll agree, beavis. My cable company recently raised rates because "some sports channels have raised the costs of their I have a good half-dozen sports channels, and I don't watch them. In other words, I watch five of those channels regularly, and a few others when they have something on I'd like to see. I just got a letter from my ISP about this very thing. Nevertheless, I will not download anything like that in the future. Rome Bustee1: Interesting what happened to you.

The way it happened to me was so much different. I didn't get any fax and my connection didnt go down I simply got a letter a week after they alleged and it said that my ISP didnt give them my information but that it would if the courts required them to.

Isomer [ I have to sympathize with all the people from Australia. I read a story a week ago about the antiquities of Australian law and broadcasting. As just one example, in Australia there is no legal way to get music onto your ipod. You can buy the devices, but without breaking the law you can't use it.

So why should Australians respect those laws? Fuck HBO. As long as big business is making billions off the little guy, I will continue to download. Matt [ I'm overseas and I can't watch my favorite show except thru bittorrent. If the dumbasses HBO lazy bitches would find a way to offer it to me, I would glady pay a buck or two to download my shows. They need to look at the broader picture here.. Todd [ Hahaha well judging from most movies I've seen lately, there isn't much hard work or intelligence going on there AT ALL.

My wallet has been forbidden from doing any further business with the likes of a bunch of dried-up creative blocks sitting around wondering how to milk another stupid idea. Count me another Bustee. I was informed via email today with pretty much the same verbage. Looks like no more Rome watching for me. I enjoyed the show but I won't be purchasing HBO for one series.

Does HBO win? I won't be watching it anymore and I won't be buying their service. That's a net zero for them. They will lose promotion of the show from me since I obviously won't have any more info to share. Sounds pretty meaningless up front but it is a hard to quantify intangible.

Shortsightedly though, HBO may make a few more peanuts by scaring a few people into paying. Regardless of how silly it is, the fact is that downloading any TV show is illegal. It's a letter-of-the-law thing. Download it too and you broke the law. I do sincerely hope, like most of the other savvy folk here, that we will see internet pay-per-view soon. I really can't see it being anything but a win-win. Mark [ It's almost hysterical to watch the RIAA and the like looking to seek help from the biggest pirates of them all - the Federal Government.

Last time I checked the Victory Tax was repealed in the 's. Taking out taxes on personal income is a Constitutional no-no, boys and girls. Correcting the Idiot [ Yes, they had to make the amendment because the courts said it was unconstitutional, but it hasn't been unconstitutional since Gottlob Frege [ On October 8, AM, Jids wrote, "To all those posts or to that one post that said that recording a tv show on a vcr and then lending it to a friend was illegal, WHERE does it say that it is illegal?

No, it does not say that it's illegal in the show. Nowhere on my bicycle does it say that it's illegal to steal it. Nowhere on my house does it that it's illegal to enter without permission. Nowhere on my body does it say that it's illegal to punch me.

Where does it say that it's illegal? In the statutes and acts of the country in which I live. Klinsek [ This is so absurd. I just found out about all this while trying to download Episode 6 of Rome. To make it worse, I missed the original airing of the episode due to a 32hour cable outage in my area. As an HBO subscriber, I should have every right to download the episodes I miss due to the neglect of my lousy cable affiliate. These tactics are pointless. They will never stop file sharing.

Lobbaboll [ Quote: "I'm personally a very hard worker. Max [ Keep practicing! But for Pete's sake, don't leave your spell checker behind! Without getting into my own still-developing opinion on this topic, I'm noticing that a lot of people are saying things like,. HBO, you've just lost a potential customer! It's your loss! But this overlooks a very simple question in economics. But surely, if they were to start offering a system where their shows were available episode-by-episode in an On-Demand format, they would lose a lot of their regular full-deal customers who DO pay for the whole deal when they only want a couple of shows.

Anyone who would save money by unsubscribing from the full channel and switching to On-Demand would do so. So the question HBO has to answer is this: would making a full, all-content-available On-Demand system increase or decrease profits? Clearly, their current answer is "No. Ah, take out the words "or decrease" from the second-to-last paragraph of my comment. Even those of us who paid attention in elementary school make mistakes sometimes. Completely Fed Up [ None of this stuff is going to change for quite some time people.

We have to face the facts. Do I agree that there should be a better way for us to get our entertainment? Of course. But please try to remember It's just entertainment. Regardless of what the magazines and masses of morons try to tell us. We do not "need" this crap. Yes, I download movies, music, tv shows, and anything else that catches my interest right now. Because like most people around the world, I am not earning a 6 figure income, my basic needs cost nearly everything I have, transportation sucks up all stray dollars, and the few cents I have left over go to my limited luxuries so that I don't feel like the only reason I'm alive and permitted to live on the land is to make money for those in power.

There are certain artists I do continue to support when I can, because they're worth it. And I'd like to see them continue in their success. I don't care if there will be certain scenes missing on the DVD anymore. Both music and movies are being overrun by remakes now. Quality is being replaced by quantity in every aspect, and I think we deserve to at the very least have decent samples available to us all so we can preview anything we might consider buying.

For those of you in places where you cannot get shows you'd very much like to watch. Bypass all the controls. Is it illegal? You betcha! Can they catch you? Not bloody likely! Even if they do You can lie.. State you were trying to help them by distributing crap as their stuff. Now one last thing that I was quite surprised none of you mentioned.

You would like HBO to make their shows available through torrents or other such forms. The only way they will do anything of the sort is through actually broadcasting it. And each person would then be paying to receive it, each time. Otherwise they run into the same problem.

Once you have the file, you can share it to others for free. You can change the name of the file, create your own torrent If the people downloading copyrighted content are idots and the media markets are so much brighter, why then haven't they found a way to stop it? Bottom line I say aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh, a pirates life is a life fer meeeeee matey! Dezod [ I asked about it, and he said he was using the IP addresses he found off this this site, and they were the ones conflicting with Sprint, and MS Office Outlook , etc it appears the MSN Messenger thing must've been coincidence because it doesn't cause that problem anymore.

If all these IP's are from HBO causing problems then why does it prevent people logging on the internet through their Sprint phones conected to their laptop and why would MS Office not be able to download mail while these IP's are blocked? It's too weird. Rome Bustee 1 [ We'll be liable. I told her that maybe if enough of their customers dropped their service, they would push HBO back. Basically saying, "We're losing customers by fighting your war this way.

Why don't you fight downloading another way JustAFan [ I agree with my UK counterparts. I pay TV License fee, therefore I have a right to view the shows which my fees part pay for. I would happily pay a reasonable amount to get 'legal' downloads of shows.

My problem is, I don't like waiting for next episodes or waiting a whole year for new seasons, I like to know what's happening and know it now. I don't get much time for leisure tv watching, so what ever time i do get, i wanna watch as much as I can.

Media production companies and networks usually have finish filming a whole season before or whilst they air the show. So, why not just give legal downloads for customers who want to pay, and insert adverts into those downloads? You guys calling other people criminals should realize you're looking a little like Howdy-Doody. I've never seen a larger group or dorks - and I mean the Johnny Doo Gooder, boy scout types of dorks. Do you believe everything a corporate media culture tells you?

Gimme a break. Take that - bastards! That's what this is all about anyway - dissuading bootleggers. Sheesh - it's about the money stupid. This is about controlling the reselling. Shank [ So a big middle finger goes up to you HBO. I look forward to circumventing your little ploy.

Misio [ Im from Poland, i have HBO. But they dont show Rome in UE : So Its a crime? I know, UE is the "third world" for TV companies I frequently download TV shows, movies, and music. I downloaded and watched all five seasons of the Sopranos last fall! That said, I do not think it is my right to download this material. In fact, I grant that what I am doing is probably wrong.

And if HBO can discover some clever way of making this difficult for me, then I have to give them some respect. After all, I have been getting their shows for free -- it seems that they have a right to stop me if they can figure out how to do it legally. Oh, by the way, I don't pay for the internet either. I have a neighbour who uses an unencrypted wireless router, and I just piggyback on his router. Of course, my neighbour could legitimately stop me by encrypting his router.

He has every right to do that, even though I would find it an inconvenience. Same with HBO: if they can find a legal way to curtail P2P file-sharing, then they have every right to use it. SP [ It is obvious the producers are not looking at it from our perspective. Until they are sitting at home and don't have access to the DVD of their choice, they don't care about whether or not it's available to us, so long as we're paying for it or watching commercials.

May I ask you just a tip? I've already started the download of Rome and I've known about the bogus peers just now. I have to delete the whole file downloaded or not? Thank you. BigSlim [ Whats really sad is the message they are sending.

Is this wrong? Not in my book, as I pay for the service already. But when I received the nasty email recently over downloading episode 12 of Rome, I finally got the picture. The message they send is that you best go out and buy a DVR so as to never miss an episode again. I'm flaming mad at their attempts to poison the seeds out there. It's completely hypocritical to say I am committing a crime when I could easily invest in a DVR and produce the same result legally.

Joe Nobody [ The answer: yes, most likely. Remember, bittorrent isn't just downloading, it's uploading. The real question becomes.. I just recieved a similair letter. Looks like they are hunting Looks like I will finally have to figure out how my TiVo works. There greed will be there end Im really happy that in my country it aint so bad I hope that their bussiness model finnaly dies and there execs with them Not even gonna go into the freedom of speach in the media these days!!!!

There is law and there is a sense of right and wrong. These are the things that seem to arise whenever this file sharing things comes up in discussions. According to the actions of politicians, IF you get caught breaking the law, you are on your own and subject to those laws that your lawyers cannot fight. If you are not caught, it is just like NOT breaking the law. If you are a US Corporation and you do not like the laws, you hire some great lobbists and they push through laws that help keep companies making money.

More times than not, the corporations are taking from the consumers. These are the same corporations that are caught reducing their employee benefits, have executives using off-shore tax shelters, and have a means to not pay corporate taxes. I have no sympathy for them. At the same time, when you load up a P2P software client and you download something that is copywritten, then you ALWAYS pose a threat of being found out.

So no matter what groups like RIAA tries to do, they will be chasing the intellect of the masses - who will always beat them. Performance can be an issue because it's first and foremost an anonymous network layer. This tool has the most hope of becoming the next killer P2P application because it's basically anonymous BitTorrent. The problem with either solution is that you're all still using clients that can be easily tracked by people like HBO, MediaSentry, and SafeNet just take a look at PeerGaurdian logs and you'll see that they're probing you.

So please do your homework and start adopting the anonymous networking clients so we can all benefit and share freely once again. The available file pool cannot grow until more people see the light and start using the next generation P2P tools Steve [ Vongo is a low-grade service charging for what you can do for free.

No need to pay them to copy what you have a legal right to copy over broadcast channels or cable channels. Connect the cable box or satellite box to your computer video card Nothing that hard given that people have cable high speed data already connected to their computer.

Starz and Vongo will go bankrupt as people realize there is no value to them I have all of stargate sg-1 downloaded, but guess what. I also own every DVD that is currently on the market. Stomper [ Have we fallen so far into the Orwellian mindset of the corporate world that we the public now actually accept this meaningless, double-speak crap as a real concept.

Most if not all of the ideas for content in movies today is derived without permission from real people's lives. Real people who are not paid for their "Intellectual content". Hbo should continue to make the fine series that most us are subscribers to, and shut their holes about what we do with it once we have already paid for it.

Red [ I'll happily screw your females 18yo's are juicy - I'm 34 :- beat the crap out of the males and leave them in a coma - and steal anything I please. Tim O'Reilly [ Red -- I'm sorry you feel that way. Like a lot of Americans, I feel as frustrated and angry about the direction of our government as you appear to feel. However, tarring all Americans with the same brush is the surest way to feed the right-wing polarization that the current administration is forcing on the world.

Work to support Americans who disagree with the current government, don't use policies you disagree with as an excuse for behavior you wouldn't like if it were turned on you. Turtle [ The point everybody seems to have missed is that the TV studios want people to see advertising. That is how they are paid. They probably won't embrace the online revolution until it's too late and some upstart company is making megabucks I have On Demand with our local cable provider but do not have HBO therefore I cannot choose their episodes via on demand.

Someone there should have come up with this: let viewers subscribe to series via the on demand option for a flat fee per season. I don't want to wait a year to rent episodes so I guess I will download the torrents. The article doesn't really bother me, if this was all they were doing, I would fully support them.

Fighting on even footing rather then calling in the lawyers is much more honorable. Fighting a protocol based on it's errors is just fine as far as I care; the protocol will adapt, and if a few pirates fail to adapt That shows they are totally unrespectable bags of Sailer Hats In Tubs.

Shmuelly [ If you watch shows like Angel, downloaded or broadcast, you are a superdork. I don't mind when superdorks get upset by cool people who manage large companies. However since large movie companies are run by dorks what do you expect? It's just a dork war, and the normal cool people with HOT girlfriends don't care. However I'm sick so I'm trying to figure this stuff out so I can watch new movies to see if they are any good.

I'm fairly sure they're all crap since Hollywood is full of sick overly left wing freaks, so i don't actually want to support them. HBO: if you sold you torrent it's possible, see bittorrent. Another australian [ Ummm, you guys all know its illegal to play music CD's at work too right? I, of course, would never do that as it would be breaking the law.

Thats why I have never borrowed a book, never used a blank cassette, never bought a blank CD, never play guitar to songs I haven't purchased the sheet music for, never watched a DVD with friends and never lent anyone my ipod thats the aussie model with only mp3's of me singing my own original material on it.

I also make sure to watch all advertisements in full and concentrate really hard on product placement so I know just what to buy. Damn Yankee [ They would collect MORE from each customer than they do from using a middle man satellite or cable company, not less. For those who get HBO through their cable or satellite because they like the movies too, well, those people wouldn't drop their monthly subscribtion.

In addition, HBO would collect an enormous amount from those who don't presently subscribe to HBO, not to mention international users who don't have access to HBO to begin with. As such, it offered a completely fresh pool of delights to fish in. Using his sinuous bass technique to articulate melody as no-one else had before, Weber alternated a sumptuously severe string backing with little keyboard and percussion patterns to huge atmospheric effect.

So many UK jazz albums could fill this slot but this gets the vote for its ecstatic, exuberant playing from Surman and company and amazing, challenging writing from Warren. This was a glorious testament to the new-found confidence of British jazz. An absolute and indisputable joy. For almost all his career Nelson was a hugely talented journeyman musician who did everything well and not a great deal memorably. This is the exception. Listening to this album is a cathartic experience.

To say this is one of the finest jazz vocal albums ever made is limiting; it numbers among the great contemporary jazz albums. This first of the series is a solo recital. However, this was the album that first got tongues wagging, echoing the free spirit of the psychedelic s and landing them an early slot at The Fillmore.

Miles noticed too, quickly snatching Jarrett and DeJohnette for his own jazz-rock experiments that ushered in the dawn of a new era. Hancock soars and Brecker burns. Yet while the playing is exemplary, the choice of repertoire makes this album stand apart. Yet they all end up as impeccable, burning New York-style jazz of the highest order and press the green light for other artists to follow suit. Many maintain that Kirk never made the perfect album: if so, this one comes closer than any other, mostly because Elvin Jones is consistently lighting a fire under the quartet generally and Kirk in particular.

These early Monk sides almost sank without trace when first issued as 78rpm singles, and it was only because of a LP selection under this title in the mids that more than a handful of punters took any notice. Yet the miraculous Blakey is at his early best. Recorded a few months into his stint with Miles, this date finds Shorter on the cusp of his mature compositional and improvisatory styles and in the congenial company of Hancock and Carter, with Elvin Jones keeping it honest at the back and Hubbard providing his usual perfect foil at the front.

Herbie, of course, would do it without him a few months later on Maiden Voyage. Vive le difference, we say… KS. Feature: Wayne Shorter — Music of the Spheres. Duke Ellington discovered and recorded pianist-composer Dollar Brand aka Abdullah Ibrahim in playing in a more or less conventional jazz manner, but it took a long time for the South African township music he evolved in the s to be accepted outside of Africa. This album was one of the very first to be made in America and its impact was immense, its melodicism, warmth and simplicity brought something new and refreshing to the often overheated, testosterone-filled gladiatorial pit of small group improvising to established harmonic patterns.

As Jelly Roll Morton had shown 50 years earlier, sometimes the best comes from a truly group effort. Tracey is indispensable, a one-man mission statement. Here he showed how much could be achieved within the basic jazz quartet format. Reaction at the time seems to have been along the lines of where on earth did this come from? After this, there would always be more to jazz than just blowing.

It took the UK, who habitually look to the USA for its jazz heroes, longer than most European countries to come under their spell, but this is the album that did it. Their attachment to deeply felt melody, unhurried intensity, framed with the Nordic Tone, and the comparatively unconventional, pop-like structures of their compositions endeared them to jazz and non-jazz fans alike, in the honest humanity of their playing.

A diffident self-promoter, Evans was only rarely coaxed into the recording studios to deliver albums that reflected fully his own musical visions away from the stars he wrapped in his sonic delights. Seamlessly featuring soloists like Wayne Shorter, Johnny Coles and Phil Woods, this album is pure musical alchemy from a total original. The CD is a happily expanded version of the original vinyl, adding 27 minutes of excellent previously unreleased new music.

West coast jazz in its infancy and at its most joyously infectious. This is a Japanese CD reissue which more than doubles the original vinyl playing time. Voted best jazz album of by The Guardian and part three of a musical odyssey that comprises five volumes stretching from In the process they lay to rest Bill Evans soundalike comparisons once and for all. Four For Trane demonstrates not only a shift in allegiance to Coltrane but a real gift for arrangement and a thoroughly original approach to his own playing at a time when everyone was copying Trane or Rollins.

He may have got more radical later, but this was a per cent proof shot of the new on its initial release. Some of the charts wear better than others, but the overall feel is timeless. The first time was with Charlie Parker, but by the time he landed a contract with Capitol for some modern jazz sides with an augmented group, he was able to operate freely, pulling in the restless writing talents of Gil Evans, John Lewis, Gerry Mulligan and John Carisi to create a unified and superbly subtle backdrop for his emergent lyricism.

The world is changed, part one. May Political statement, samizdat reflection on events or Janovian primal scream? Machine Gun leaves you shaken to the core. The trouble with Hawk is the same one faced by someone looking for an ideal single-set introduction to maverick genius Sidney Bechet — in such a long and protean career, how do you get all the best bits on one label?

With Hawk, you can just about do it. The best of the later Hawk is on Verve, but this intro is nicely rounded. Timing is everything. Then, a car crash claimed Brown and pianist Richie Powell and it was all over. The CD contains two alternative takes adding 10 more minutes of music. For the five years he held his Junior Cook-Blue Mitchell quintet together, Silver had the perfect combination of his high-quality tunes and a band that had a magic interpretative touch.

They all played for each other to such an extent that the group became one of the true s greats. Song For My Father features this group on two tracks, but not on the famous title tune, which instead ushers in the brilliant but short-lived quintet featuring Joe Henderson and Carmell Jones. No cause to fear: all remains in place for a classic that still casts its spell.

Lester Bowie t, flhn, perc , Roscoe Mitchell ss, as, bs, cl, fl, whistles, steel drum, perc , Joseph Jarman ss, as, cl, oboe, mba, siren, g and Malachi Favors b, el b, banjo, log drum and perc. A spin on a fairground carousel that nevertheless stays on the side of art rather than entertainment. Using anything from Dixieland riffs to bluesy drawls to classical intermezzi, AEoC create a mix-tape in which tempo, mood and idiom become shifting sands on a strange and beautiful landscape.

Imagine William Burroughs cutting up sheet music instead of text and having skilled players somehow make the fragments sound coherent. A deeply subversive but sophisticated work that must have been highly informative to anyone from Zappa to Zorn. Young was past his creative peak by the time vinyl LPs became the norm for recording purposes, but luckily a young Norman Granz snuck this session in during while Young was signed elsewhere, then sat on it until he signed Young himself in What a sleeve!

These heady cosmic grooves fed the creative fire of anyone from Roy Ayers to Lonnie Liston Smith in the s and inspired the more discerning purveyors of pro-tools instrumental music such as The Cinematic Orchestra in the millennium. This is a superb example of post modern jazz. Zorn, the arch post modernist, expropriated practices, fragments and signifiers of different, sometimes alien music and relocated them within his own brash expressionism.

Using segue-like channel zapping on TV, one mood is thrust in harsh disjunction with another. The only thing certain about postmodernism is uncertainty, so we should pay attention to this music, because uncertainty in an uncertain world is shaping all of us. Theorist, teacher, creative thinker and virtuoso pianist, Tristano had advanced and very firmly held views about what constituted good playing practice.

He expected his musicians to adhere to such views and accept whatever discipline he imposed. Those who only know Gillespie from his s efforts onwards can have no conception as to the veritable force of nature his trumpet playing was in the s. This CD collation of the earliest sides under his leadership, made for tiny labels such as Guild and Musicraft, will have your jaw sagging in amazement as he consistently delivers ideas that top even those of Parker.

Just to keep it interesting, Gillespie also wrote some of the most enduring bop anthems, and many of them get their first outings here. These sessions, like the Parker Savoys, are the holy tablets of bop. Ra had been making albums for his own label Saturn for a decade by the time this one slipped out via ESP-Disk, but this was the first to make a wide impact due not only to the unprecedented nature of the music some tracks sound closer to Tibetan Buddhist music than anything being played in the America at the time but also to the fact that ESP-Disk, a tiny label making a big noise at the time, actually got distributed outside of Chicago and New York and even made a splash internationally.

Ra was on the vinyl map and never looked back. Next stop, Jupiter. There is a curious reluctance for some to acknowledge that Rollins came back from his voluntary exile a more complete and fascinatingly complex musician. The Bridge is enduring testimony to that fact: he has shed all stylistic baggage, leads from the front, plays with a new poise and freshness and with a unique identity that has stayed intact up to the present day.

Although lates Rollins may be the stuff to get the critics panting, this was the template for all future Rollins creative ventures, whether they be avant-garde or retro or just plain Sonny. Unbeatable music. This album emphasises the latter talents: he uses his highly personal sense of composition and instrumental colour much as Jelly Roll Morton did back in the late s, bringing out sensational new sonorities and ideas between the select group of musicians he is using here and goading them to some of their most eloquent playing, individually and collectively.

When those musicians include the front line we have here, that makes for some very special music indeed. Depending on which CD version you come across this can be a straight version of the vinyl original or contain two extra alternative takes. One of the most important jazz albums ever. Using just six players, Russell achieves wonderful orchestral textures within these 12 compositions, thanks partly to guitarist Galbraith, and introduces the world to modal jazz and Bill Evans en route.

Strange new harmonies, polyrhythms, pantonality and extended composition — with Russell and Gil Evans, jazz just became a complete new zone of potentialities. More influential on the jazz community directly, on Miles, Coltrane and Oliver Nelson, than through its sales, this is the one that so many musicians still check out. A masterpiece of small group playing and a masterclass on the role of composition in the music.

Getz ts , Roy Haynes d , chamber string group and Hershey Kay cond. Nothing in the history of jazz soloist-plus-strings recordings could prepare the uninitiated listener for what this album delivers. Focus stands in glorious isolation even within the jazz tradition but is a certifiable classic within the genre that others still cite in awe.

By the time he made this date, Corea had worked his way through a heavy avant-garde phase and out onto the sunlit plains of his own latin-based musical imagination. Intoxicating music played by masters makes this an era-defining milestone. Heard and Jackie Mills d. However, her discography on vinyl is convoluted: her s 78rpm output, where she was normally a featured singer rather than the star, had to wait until the s to appear in any ordered way and the s to appear substantially on CD.

Ditto her s Deccas. By the time she settled with Verve in her voice had darkened and lost its suppleness. This bold attempt to expand the boundaries of jazz in a dramatic jazz, blues, rock, Hendrix, MC5 amalgam left temperate listeners shell shocked and critics speechless. This is jazz, rhythm and electricity writ large in a tumbling roller coaster of ideas. No wonder the album was called Emergency, with every member of the band having so much to say but so little time to say it.

Adderley was about to push into the soul-jazz era when he made this one-off for Blue Note. Miles got the altoist to shine through ballads and burnished blowing throughout, complementing in fine style while the rest of the crew kept a discreet distance. Review Cannonball Adderley — Somethin' Else.

Even techno fans — no sampling as such — will find early creative use of editing, recycling and overdubbing. Even more creative is the work of soloists such as Jackson, Byard and the amazing Mariano later of ECM and all points east , and the unaccompanied flamenco guitar part apparently written note-for-note by Mingus himself.

MusicBuy album from Presto Music. Norman Granz had long cherished the ambition to have Ella recording for his label but had to wait until to make the signing. His first project for her was to record as many Cole Porter songs as they could lay their hands on in large ensemble style and release them initially as volumes one and two on an unsuspecting but quickly enraptured public. The idea caught on and Ella kept doing composer songbooks well into the s.

Feature Ella Fitzgerald: essential recordings. Ellington often acknowledged that the Newport Jazz Festival offered him a virtual rebirth in terms of his in-person and recording career but there is little doubt as to why. The fact that 60 per cent of the original including just about all of The Festival Suite was recorded in the studio in the following days due to onstage microphone problems was only confirmed decades later.

The original vinyl had just three tracks: this was also the original CD configuration. A later two-CD version combines much improved sound with the complete festival appearance, plus studio extras. The Herman bands — they came to be known as the First and Second Herds — were s big band punk, high on their own adrenalin, testing all the boundaries and playing stampeding music that remains some of the most exciting of the last fifty years, whatever the genre: these guys took the sophistication of Ellington, grafted it on to the bone-chilling excitement of the Gillespie big band soloists and anchored it with the insanely swinging rhythm section of bassist Chubby Jackson and drummer Dave Tough.

This set, first pulled together on vinyl in the s and re-jigged many times on LP and CD since, preserves the best of a truly great big band and its leader. Intensity, meaning and space are essential to understanding what is probably the most misunderstood approach to jazz improvisation. By then the first album had delivered a blues-plus-bebop blueprint for the jazz organ trio that Smith would subsequently develop, refine and occasionally revise, but that stayed remarkably consistent in content and quality over the next decade.

A classic jazz album produced at a time when such albums seemed to be coming out every other day. Essentially the Miles Davis Quintet of the day with Hubbard pinch hitting for Davis and playing as well as he would at any point of career it contained two Hancock originals that would assume quickly the status of jazz standards. Blakey was in on the ground floor when it came to the evolution of hard bop into soul jazz, having co-led the first Jazz Messengers with Horace Silver back in But the real jewels on this album are the eight solo selections recorded in February The level of invention Powell achieves puts this recital on equal par with anything in the recorded annals of jazz piano and makes it basic required jazz listening.

They also had a secret weapon in that all four musicians were steeped in the blues and could wail whenever they needed to, thus obviating any tendency to effete noodling when things got a little formal. Fontessa was their first for Atlantic with the fully integrated line-up including Connie Kay: it delivered a perfect blueprint for the many MJQ advances of the next decade.

Wes Montgomery simply played differently from all the others. He picked the strings with his thumb instead of a plectrum, creating a fresh, warm sound — sensitive on ballads but incisive on fast tempos. His solos would move through three stages, beginning with single-line improvisation, then shifting up a gear with passages in unison octaves, before building to a climax with lines stated in block chords. Sinatra the jazz singer? There are vast swathes of Sinatra recordings that could never be remotely described as jazz, but the man himself credits Tommy Dorsey and Billie Holiday as his musical mentors and, when he put his mind to it, he could phrase and swing with the best.

Davies, whose expertise in this area is legendary. Except he did it first. However, things went supernova-ish when this incredible unit made and released this jazz best-seller in Nobody remained untouched by his light-but-tight approach, his winningly imaginative arrangements and his incredible attention to dynamics.

This one turned everyone around. Ornette set the musicians up in two parallel quartets, arranged some loose themes and collective playing to book end the entire performance as well as section off each solo, then let the musicians loose for a collective bout of improvisation that lasts well over half an hour reinventing the possibilities of jazz as it does so.

The overall marvel of this record is that, while it proved to be so pregnant with ideas for those who followed in the next decades, the music grips the listener as excitingly as ever today. Brubeck rarely gets his due. A shame, because his good qualities are pretty special. For starters, he knew exactly the way to get the best from Paul Desmond, and for that we should all be down on our knees in thanks.

Put that all together and the unusual time signatures that mark this album out tend to pale in significance while the music remains convincing. It may have been jazz-rock after Bitches Brew, but after Head Hunters jazz-funk was the flavour de jour.

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Jon McLaughlin - Doesn't Mean Goodbye [LYRIC VIDEO]

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