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Maidment, D. R.; Zaslavsky, I.; Valentine, D. Torrent-Guasp, Francisco; Kocica, Mladen J; Corno, Antonio; Komeda, Masashi; Cox, James; Flotats, A;. Irina, Irina Baronova, , , From a turbulent beginning in Russia to world fame and beyond, this is the vivid, moving story of. Oncotarget (a primarily oncology-focused, peer-reviewed, open access journal) aims to maximize research impact through insightful peer-review; eliminate borders. READ FLOATING POINT NUMBERS MATLAB TORRENT As feature of would need collaborate also the only. The acceleration missing. In allows of the switch uses.

Sponsored Conferences. Impact Journals is a member of the Society for Scholarly Publishing. Dynamic changes during the treatment of pancreatic cancer. Wolff RA et al. Andrei V. His area of general research interest includes drug discovery, gene discovery, molecular targets for cancer treatment.

Mikhail V. Blagosklonny, M. Blagosklonny is the author of over articles in peer-reviewed journals. His research interests range from molecular and cellular biology to clinical investigations. Recently, he extended the study of signal transduction pathways from cancer to aging, revealing potential targets for slowing down aging and age-related diseases.

Frederick W. Alt, Ph. Editorial Boards: Mol. Dafna Bar-Sagi, Ph. Bar-Sagi has published over peer-reviewed articles in leading scientific journals. Jiri Bartek, MD. He received his M. His main research interests include the molecular mechanisms of mammalian cell-cycle control and responses to DNA damage, and the cancer-predisposing aberrations of these regulatory pathways. Jiri Bartek has a total of more than publications in peer reviewed journals about in Nature, Science and Cell , with over He is currently member of the editorial boards of 10 high-medium impact biomedical journals and has won a number of awards including: , Czech Medical Association Award, Elected EMBO member, A.

Stephen B. Baylin, M. Baylin is professor of oncology and medicine, director of the cancer biology program at the oncology center, and the Virginia and D. For the last 20 years, Dr. Baylin has studied the role of epigenetic gene silencing in the initiation and progression of human cancer. Joseph R. Bertino, M. He has been an American Cancer Society professor since From to , Dr.

Bertino served as director of the Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center, including director of the center and associate director for clinical research. Bertino has been internationally recognized for his role in finding curative treatments for leukemia and lymphoma.

He was the founding editor of the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Currently, he is the associate editor for Cancer Research and Clinical Cancer Research and also the editor of the Encyclopedia of Cancer. Bertino served as president for the American Society of Clinical Oncology in , and president of the American Association for Cancer Research in Bertino is the author and co-author of more than scientific publications.

Mina J. Mina Bissell has been recognized for her lifetime contributions to the fields of breast cancer research, the enhanced role of extracellular matrix ECM and the nucleus environment to gene expression in normal and malignant tissues. These works have ushered and have changed some central paradigms that have strengthened the importance of context in the development of cancer.

Bruce R. Kenneth Cowan, M. Cowan has authored more than papers for scientific journals and has been appointed by President Bush to a six-year term on the National Cancer Advisory Board to help shape cancer policy.

Carlo M. Chi Van Dang, M. Dang has written more than scientific papers. Clowes Memorial Award, Brian J. Wafik S. Michael A. Dean W. Antonio Giordano, MD, Ph. He has published over papers on his work in the fields of cell cycle, gene therapy and the genetics of cancer. Giordano has been named a Knight of the Republic of Italy for outstanding achievements in cancer research.

In the past three years, Dr. Muniz , , , Coffman , , , Songs and Hymns for Him, Michelle Young , ,. A collection of hymns written by Michelle Young. Includes a Foreword written by Michelle Young. Penal Exceptionalism? In the growing field of comparative criminal justice, the Nordic countries are regularly used as exceptionsto the global move towards growing rates of imprisonment and tougher, less welfare-oriented crime-control policies.

Why are the Nordic penal institutions viewed as so different from a non-Nordic vantage point? Are Nordic prisons and penal policies in fact positive exceptions to the general rule? If they are, what exactly are the exceptional qualities, and why are the Nordic societies lucky enough to have them? Are there important overlooked examples of Nordic bad practice in the penal area?

Could there be a specifically Nordic way of doing prison research, contributing to the gap between internal and external perspectives? In considering among others the above questions, this book explores and discusses the Nordic jurisdictions as contexts for the specific penal policies and practices that may or may not be described as exceptional. Written by leading prison scholars from the Nordic countries as well as selected researchers from the English-speaking world looking in, this book will be particularly useful for students of criminology and practitioners across the Nordic countries, but also of relevance in a wider geographical context.

Here you have the entire philosophy of moneymaking, just as it was organized from the actual achievements of the most successful people known in American history. It provides you with a perfect system of self- analysis that will readily disclose what has been standing between you and "the big money" in the past.

The book was inspired by Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill whom Carnegie disclosed the astounding secret of his riches-the same man to whom the wealthy men revealed the source of their riches. You will find the thirteen principles of money- making essential to every person who accumulates sufficient money to guarantee financial independence. The knowledge contained in this book never can be duplicated, at any cost, for the reason that more than half of the men who supplied the information it brings have passed on.

Riches cannot always be measured in money! All who read, understand and apply this philosophy will be better prepared to attract and enjoy these higher estates which always have been and always will be denied to all except those who are ready for them. Be prepared when you expose yourself to the influence of this philosophy, to experience a CHANGED LIFE which may help you not only to negotiate your way through life with harmony andunderstanding, but also to prepare you for the accumulation of material riches in abundance.

The book structure is employed to question the validity of this extreme theoretical split so readily accepted within mainstream philosophical thought and theology. In creating a three way structure within the book, a middle ground is forged, articulating a different view point somewhere between black and white. Here subjectivity, perception and a far less certain view of the world allow for a "grey area" in which our minds and bodies can join up and represent the reality and complexity of a more holistic human condition.

Twins, John Wray, Nicolas Brasch , , , Ecological relationships of plants and animals, Henry F. Howe, Lynn C. Westley , , , Over the past two decades, numerous field and experimental studies on the ecology and evolution of animal and plant interactions have been reported by botanists, zoologists, and ecologists. This textbook offers a comprehensive summary of this extensive and widely scattered literature, and in so doing presents the subject as a coherent, accessible discipline.

The authors describe familiar areas, such as herbivory and pollination, and discuss new information on subjects such as seed dispersal, the genetics of coevolution, structural and chemical plant defenses, and the implications of human use of animal and plant communities. As they explore these issues, the authors raise provocative questions of fundamental importance: How can an earth teeming with plant-eating animals be so green?

Do plants really need animals that pollinate their flowers and disperse their seeds? What happens to tropical plant communities when fruit-eating toucans and monkeys are killed by encroaching humans? By drawing together information on many diverse aspects of the subject--and presenting a challenging and insightful look into the complexities of plant and animal inter-relationships--this unique book represents a vital contribution to the ecological literature. Perfect for classroom use, this outstanding collection of tales will also prove popular with fiction readers everywhere.

Get Outta Town! Fully revised and updated for , the best-selling guide to day trips into the Quebec countryside just got better! We've kept the favorites from the first edition, and have swapped a number of others to add new beaches and the best cycling paths, autumn drives, downstream canoeing suitable for families, plus a dozen all new activities just for winter. And of course, tons of ways to get that out of town feeling in Montreal itself.

That's 52 fun things to do plus 12 trips! Perfect for singles, couples, families and seniors and still the only guide of its kind for Quebec. Each destination has been personally visited and carefully researched by the author. Trips are presented on two pages, and include a photograph. Icons in the margin make it easy to see services and activities offered.

Includes detailed regional maps and complete driving instructions with estimated travel time. What are you waiting for? Taylor , , , Fighting fires since , veteran smokejumper Murry Taylor finally retired from his legendary career after last summer- the worst fire season in more than fifty years. After three decades of parachuting out of planes and battling blazes in the vast, rugged wilderness of Alaska and the West, Taylor recounts in Jumping Fire, with passion and honesty, stories of man versus nature at its most furious and unforgiving.

He shares what it's like to hear the deafening roar, to smell the acrid burn, to feel the intense heat, to breathe the thick fumes, and to finally run for your life with exploding flames two hundred feet high and a mile wide licking at your heels.

Written with a keen eye for detail and a talent for storytelling, "Jumping Fire is a tale of love and loss, life and death, and sheer hard work, set in an unforgiving and unforgettable landscape, that's second only to Norman Maclean's classic Young Men and Fire" Publishers Weekly. A new Thanksgiving book addition to the bestselling Berenstain Bears' Living Lights series that teaches simple Christian truths to children learning how to read.

From faith and freedom to family and friends'"and, of course, the huge Thanksgiving feast waiting for them at the end of their journey to Gramp's and Gran's. Brother, Sister, and Honey are reminded that their lives are filled with opportunities to be thankful. Included in The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving Blessings is a sheet of colorful stickers featuring the whole Bear family. The bestselling Berenstain Bears brand and Living Lights series continue their proven tradition of teaching children valuable lessons in a fun and creative way.

Projects for the Mini-Lathe, Dick Sing , , , Step-by-step instructions show woodturners how to make small decorative magnets, bolo tie slides with matching earrings, switch knobs that attach to lamps, and handy little brushes. Dick illustrates techniques for holding your work piece, the use of concentric and offset inlays, and how to add embellishments like beads, contours, chatterwork, and captive rings. These are small projects that are big on fun and flair.

This groundbreaking collection encompasses both sweet and savory favorites: yeast breads and quick breads, layer cakes and loaf cakes, doughnuts and fruit desserts, pies and simple pastries. Taking as his starting point , the year the first American cookbook was published, Greg Patent, an accomplished baker, has mined sources from across the country for exemplary baking recipes by and for home cooks.

Perusing old cookbooks, journals, and handwritten diaries from libraries and private archives, he has skillfully recreated treasured recipes or used them as inspiration for his own thoroughly up-to-date creations. Included are historical finds like the original Parker House Rolls; Lindys Cheesecake, from the world-famous New York restaurant; and a sensationally easy butterscotch cake that won a national baking contest in Neuenschwander , , , A Guide to Oral History and the Law is the definitive resource for all practitioners of oral history.

In clear, accessible language it thoroughly explains all the critical legal issues, including legal release agreements; copyright; privacy; screening, editing, and sealing procedures to protect against defamation; the protection of sealed and anonymous interviews from courtroom disclosure; the role of Institutional Review Boards IRBs ; teaching considerations; and the new issues raised by the use of interviews on the Internet.

The book provides more than a dozen sample legal release agreements applicable to a variety of situations. This essential volume will be used by professionals, family historians, and students alike. Dearborn , , , An account of the love affair between a young immigrant writer and an intellectual who fell deeply but briefly in love and who were both irrevocably changed by their short-lived merging of old and new world ways Tara Duncan and the Forbidden Book, Princess Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian , , , On the planet OtherWorld, Taras friend Cal is convicted of a crime he didnt commit, and she and her friends set out to prove him innocent.

Its an unlikely crew: Tara, the riddle-loving Fabrice, Robin the half-elf, Sparrow the shape-shifting princess, and Taras cultured grandfatherand black LabManitou. Blue gnomes help Cal break out of prison, but at a terrible price. To force him to help liberate their people from an evil wizard, they infect Cal with a time-release poison that Tara and her friends must race to neutralize.

Helped by Fafnir the dwarf, they defeat the wizard and travel to Demonic Limbo for evidence of Cals innocence. There, Tara has a wrenching encounter with the ghost of her dead father. Back on OtherWorld, the situation is grim. Fafnir accidentally releases the terrible Devourer of Souls, who nearly conquers the planet.

In desperation, Tara changes into a dragon and allies herself with her nemesis, Magister. They defeat the Devourer, and Tara hurls Magister into Limbo, hopefully forever. Meanwhile, the Empress of Omois has discovered that Tara is her niece and heir.

She insists that Tara come live on OtherWorld for good. If Tara refuses, it will mean war. This is the exciting sequel to Tara Duncan and the Spellbinders and is sure to captivate young readers for hours of excitement and adventure! Cameron , , , Building on the largest national survey of teenage religion ever conducted, leading Catholic and Protestant experts recount in unprecedented detail the experiences of God, faith, community, youth ministry, and family among the fastest-growing segment of young people in the country--Latinos.

Listen as young Hispanics describe their faith and hopes in their own words; gain understanding of the major issues affecting their religious development and life prospects; and improve your ministry or family life with insightful pastoral recommendations. Note: Please allow days for delivery. Chicago Memories, , , , Tiny Rabbit, Iris Josiah , , , This is one in a series of fun stories that feed the imagination of young children.

Women's basketball is more popular nowthan ever, and the number of girls playing youth basketball is at an all-time high. At the same time, the competition on the court has become stiffer than ever before. Winning Basketball for Girls, Fourth Edition covers all the elements of the game, from the basics to the most advanced moves and plays.

Drills and exercises give athletes the tools they need to learn new techniques and fine-tune their existing ones. Nearly full-color photographs feature real high school athletes and demonstrate proper playing techniquesfrom basic skills to expert moves. Also included are more than 30full-color diagrams andan all-new chapter, Preparation for SuccessGetting in Shape, that emphasizes the benefits of keeping fit to enhance performance on the court.

The history andrules of the game have also been added as well asnew exercises and tips for improving all aspects of play. The extraordinary, widely praised memoir--"a masterpiece about a life which itself is a sort of masterpiece" Oliver Sacks Chosen as a best book of the year in by the "Chicago Tribune, Publishers Weekly," and "Playboy," Studs Terkel's memoir "Touch and Go" is "history from a highly personal point of view, by one who has helped make it" "Kirkus".

Terkel takes us through his childhood and into his early experiences--as a law student during the Depression, as a young theatergoer, and eventually as an actor himself on both radio and the stage--offering a brilliant and often hilarious portrait of Chicago in the s and '30s.

Describing his beginnings as a disc jockey after World War II, his involvement with progressive politics during the McCarthy era, and later his career as an interviewer and oral historian, Touch and Go is a testament to Terkel's "generosity of spirit, sense of social justice and commitment to capture on his ever present tape recorder the voices of those who otherwise would not be heard" "The New York Times Book Review". It is a brilliant lifetime achievement from the man the Washington Post has called "the most distinguished oral historian of our time.

Special Committee on Aging , , , Williamson , , , Luftsturm: Luftwaffe Supplement, , , , University of Aberdeen Black Volta Expedition final report, , , , Juanita Bynum has developed this exhaustive reference to help you plant the seed of God's Word deep into the soil of your life.

Use this comprehensive resource to grow to full maturity in your daily walk with the Lord. The Juanita Bynum Topical Bible leads you through the issues of life covering every aspect of your relationship with God and man. This handy book gives you daily direction on your journey through life. Use this book in moments of indecision to find breakthrough revelation.

It is ideally suited for devotional and informational reading, as well as for in-depth individual and group study. The Juanita Bynum Topical Bible is the most dynamic biblical reference book you can not live without! He's at her service. Though she can't afford the coal to heat her drafty Mayfair mansion, Felicity Langley still clings to her dream of marrying a dukeone she's had since her very first curtsy.

After all, she's been promised to the very lofty Duke of Hollindrake for the last four years. Now all she has to do is meet him. But what Felicity doesn't realize is that she has met her dukehe's the altogether too handsome man who Felicity has just mistaken. By rights, Thatcher should immediately set this presumptuous chit straight and tell her he has no intention of honoring the arranged betrothal.

But he's quickly smitten by Felicity's delightful determination, her irrepressible charm. Yes, she'd wed him in an instant were his true identity revealedbut Thatcher's vowed to marry only for love. So begins his deception and his conquest of this uncommon woman who doesn't believe in romance, but is about to find her heart and passion set aflame by the unlikely man she's sworn to resist.

Dictionary of Idioms, W. Fowler , , , Leadership Is an Art, Max Depree , , , First published in , the book has sold more than , copies in hardcover and paperback. This revised edition brings Max De Prees timeless words and practical philosophy to a new generation of readers.

De Pree looks at leadership as a kind of stewardship, stressing the importance of building relationships, initiating ideas, and creating a lasting value system within an organization. He shows that the first responsibility of a leader is to define reality and the last is to say thank you.

Now more than ever, it provides the insights and guidelines leaders in every field need. From the Trade Paperback edition. Principles of Human Knowledge, George Berkeley , , , One of the greatest British philosophers, Bishop Berkeley was the founder of the influential doctrine of Immaterialism - the belief that there is no reality outside the mind, and that the existence of material objects depends upon their being perceived. The Principles of Human Knowledge eloquently outlines this philosophical concept, and argues forcefully that the world consists purely of finite minds and ideas, and of an infinite spirit, God.

A denial of all non-spiritual reality, Berkeley's theory was at first heavily criticized by his contemporaries, who feared its ideas would lead to scepticism and atheism. The Three Dialogues provide a powerful response to these fears. Brewton , , X, Irina, Irina Baronova , , , From a turbulent beginning in Russia to world fame and beyond, this is the vivid, moving story of Irina Baronova's extraordinary life.

Irina was born into a privileged family, whose world was changed forever by the Bolsheviks. They fled Russia to poverty in Bucharest, but Irina's mother was determined that her daughter learn ballet. Her first lessons were taken with the kitchen table as a barre. Her family struggled to take Irina to Paris, where she made her debut, aged eleven, with the Paris Opera.

She quickly rose to fame as one the three 'Baby Ballerinas' and toured the world, working with a dazzling array of great names. Later Irina starred in films, danced with American Ballet Theatre and appeared in plays. But when she met Cecil Tennant, theatrical agent to stars such as Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier, Irina had to choose between the limelight and life as a wife and mother.

Furnivall, I. Gollancz, Jerome Mitchell , , , Conducting Symphonies, Berliner, Prentice Hall , ,. Elementary Statistics, Dae Elliott , ,. Scottish Executive , , , Enabling power: Animal Health Act , s. Issued: Made: Laid before the Scottish Parliament: -. Coming into force: Effect: S. Toward the end of his life, Berlioz wrote to a friend: "If I were threatened with the destruction of the whole of my works save one, I should crave mercy for the Messe des morts.

From the brass fanfares of the "Day of Judgment" to the tender strains of "Agnus Dei," it is a work of pure celestial power. Berlioz's undeniable importance to both music history and the evolution of the art of orchestration makes a thorough study of his work essential for scholars, musicians, and music students. Attractive and affordable, this new choral score is the ideal source book of the composer's imaginative music. Schuchard's critical study draws upon previously unpublished and uncollected materials in showing how Eliot's personal voice works through the sordid, the bawdy, the blasphemous, and the horrific to create a unique moral world and the only theory of moral criticism in English literature.

The book also erodes conventional attitudes toward Eliot's intellectual and spiritual development, showing how early and consistently his classical and religious sensibility manifests itself in his poetry and criticism. The book examines his reading, his teaching, his bawdy poems, and his life-long attraction to music halls and other modes of popular culture to show the complex relation between intellectual biography and art. Applied Urban Ecology: A Global Framework explores ways in which the environmental quality of urban areas can be improved starting with existing environmental conditions and their dynamics.

Written by an internationally renowned selection of scientists and practitioners, the book covers a broad range of established and novel approaches to applied urban ecology. Approaches chosen for the book are placed in the context of issues such as climate change, green- and open-space development, flood-risk assessment, threats to urban biodiversity, and increasing environmental pollution especially in the megacities of newly industrialized countries. Further topics covered include sustainable energy and budget management, urban water resource management, urban land management, and urban landscape planning and design.

Throughout the book, concepts and methods are illustrated using case studies from around the world. A closing synopsis draws conclusions on how the findings of urban ecological research can be used in strategic urban management in the future. Applied Urban Ecology: A Global Framework is an advanced textbook for students, researchers and experienced practitioners in urban ecology and urban environmental research, planning, and practice.

History of farmer freedmen who settled in the Flint Hills of Kansas in the s. Three English Plays, Gurcharan Das , , , Gurcharan Das is one of India's most popular playwrights. This volume brings together three of his English plays, two of which have never been published before: Larins Sahib, Mira, and Jakhoo Hill.

Gallant , , , Addressing everything from the history of the federal agencies that enforce the regulations to the requirements of the regulations themselves, this new book provides facility managers with a comprehensive instruction manual for understanding and complying with the major Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA , Environmental Protection Agency EPA , and Department of Transportation DOT regulations. Whether you manage a chemical facility, a warehouse, or an office building, you'll learn what your roles and responsibilities are and how to address your facility's environmental health and safety issues.

In addition to discussing such legal requirements as recordkeeping, respiratory protection, hazardous waste management and training, hazard communication, and emergency response, author Brian Gallant provides practical recommendations for establishing and implementing safety and health procedures. He also provides nearly two dozen checklists, forms, and sample documents to help you establish and maintain a successful environmental health and safety program, including a safety meeting report template, a fire prevention audit checklist, a hazardous waste area weekly inspection checklist, and a Chemical Use in Facility Areas Self-Audit checklist.

Inheritance: A Poem, Tom Petsinis , , , One in the 'Australian Poetry' series a selection from the best in Australian poetry from new and established writers. The author was born in Macedonia and came to Australia as a child. He teaches mathematics at Victoria University of Technology. He has also written the novel 'Raising the Shadow'.

The authoritative cookery book for those who want to cook and eat real food. It is both a guide forbeginners and a reference work for the more experienced cook. It explains the basic methods of preparing food and then applies these in recipes of many different origins.

You'll learn all the basics, so you'll be able to truly appreciate the power of this JavaScript framework. Then you'll move on to more advanced techniques, such as plugin development and the creation of almost every conceivable UI widget. A practical, hands-on guide to using jQuery Ready- to-use best practice solutions Includes complete working code Fully updated for jQuery 1.

True stories of the triumphs and tribulations of eight women who crossed the American frontier by wagon. First hand accounts from their letters and diaries, most written on the trail. Maple Supplement for Statics, Robert W. Soutas-Little, D. Inman, Daniel S. Balint , , , The Opal Snatchers, Louis H. Gauvin , , , Dead Sleep, Greg Iles , , X, When photojournalist Jordan Glass chances upon a painting which is part of an exhibition entitled 'Nude Women in Repose' by an unknown artist in the Hong Tsin museum in Hong Kong, she gets a rude shock.

The face of the woman in the painting is that of Jordan's twin sister, Jane, who vanished without trace from her home in New Orleans thirteen months before. Eleven women altogether have disappeared - and the other paintings in the exhibition are of those missing women. But there are many curious twists and unpleasant surprises in store before the shocking truth is finally revealed. Fink , , , Paths to liberation: the Mrga and its transformations in Buddhist thought, Robert E.

Buswell, Kuroda Institute , , , Spiritual Backpack, Dr Penny Waters , , , Emma, Jane Austen , , , Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition, seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence; and had lived nearly twenty-one years in the world with very little to distress or vex her. Emma , is Jane Austen's comic masterpiece in which Emma Woodhouse finds her match-making skills sadly misdirected as she learns humility and self-knowledge at the same time as she discovers love.

Healthy self, Don R. Powell, American Institute for Preventive Medicine , , , Forman, Richard Marschall , , , White, Kenneth Roy Mitchell , , , Includes bibliography. Foster , , , My Forefathers, Kefar Publishing , ,. He'd be a terrible spy. But he might make a good husband.

Call him Teague. Finn Teague. A jack-of-all-trades, he's been everything from ski instructor to cook, but he's always craved a job that wouldn't bore the living daylights out of him. He longs to be a shaken-not-stirred kind of guy but knows it'll never happen. Currently a lawyer, Double-Oh-No spends most of his time in his L. Amber Robinson, an elite operative for a top-secret government agency, is tracking a suspected terrorist's mistress.

Her hunky neighbor Finn seems to be doing the same and Amber suspects he's a spy -- just a very, very bad one. USA Today bestselling author Julie Kenner presents a hilarious and sexy spy caper full of intoxicating, for-your-eyes-only romance! Salo, Victor A. Friedman, Carol Silverman, Anita Volland , , , February 1, marks the th birthday of Langston Hughes. To commemorate the centennial of his birth, Arnold Rampersad has contributed new Afterwords to both volumes of his highly-praised biography of this most extraordinary and prolific American writer.

In young adulthood Hughes possessed a nomadic but dedicated spirit that led him from Mexico to Africa and the Soviet Union to Japan, and countless other stops around the globe. Associating with political activists, patrons, and fellow artists, and drawing inspiration from both Walt Whitman and the vibrant Afro- American culture, Hughes soon became the most original and revered of black poets.

In the first volume's Afterword, Rampersad looks back at the significant early works Hughes produced, the genres he explored, and offers a new perspective on Hughes's lasting literary influence. Exhaustively researched in archival collections throughout the country, especially in the Langston Hughes papers at Yale University's Beinecke Library, and featuring fifty illustrations per volume, this anniversary edition will offer a new generation of readers entrance to the life and mind of one of the twentieth century's greatest artists.

River Quest, John Vornholt , , X, C for Technology Students, Conger , ,. MathXL, Intellipro, Inc. Staff, Pearson Education, Inc. To purchase immediate access to MathXL using a credit card, go to www. Then click the Buy Now button and follow the on-screen instructions. MathXL is a powerful online homework, tutorial, and assessment system that accompanies Pearson's textbooks in Mathematics and Statistics.

With MathXL, instructors can create, edit, and assign online homework and tests using algorithmically generated exercises correlated at the objective level to the textbook. They can also create and assign their own online exercises for added flexibility. All student work is tracked in MathXL's online grade book. Students can take chapter tests in MathXL and receive personalized study plans based on their test results.

The study plan diagnoses weaknesses and links students directly to tutorial exercises for the objectives they need to study and retest. Visit www. Hugh Selwyn Mauberley, Ezra Pound , , , Unlike some other reproductions of classic texts 1 We have not used OCR Optical Character Recognition , as this leads to bad quality books with introduced typos.

Although occasionally there may be certain imperfections with these old texts, we feel they deserve to be made available for future generations to enjoy. Missing Beauty, Teresa Carpenter , , , Originally published in , this true crime thriller brilliantly reconstructs one of the most extensive murder investigations in recent years the disappearance of Robin Benedict, a beautiful commercial artist and moonlighting prostitute, and her relationship with the suspect, the eminent Dr.

William Douglas. Cooperative information systems: trends and directions, M. Papazoglou, Gunter Schlageter , , , The book contains chapters from international experts in the field on all aspects of cooperative information systems. It covers theory, practice, implementation, security, and other important issues. Covers all aspects of cooperative information systems Contains chapters from international experts in the field Presents theory, practice, implementation, security, and other important issues Unbeatable 2: Hotter Then Hell, Matthias Wolf , , , The Unbeatable saga continues, and this time things get hot - hotter then Hell!

Pain is a powerful teacher. But it can't teach you everything. Dale has fought every major warrior since the dawn of time. But some battles can't be fought with fists. Some battles demand something more! Thompson , , , Most smart people tend to feel queasy when the conversation turns to things like certain death and total failure and the idea of a doomed generation. But not me. I am comfortable with these themes. Hunter S. Thompson, celebrated author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, has been writing a weekly column for the San Francisco Examiner for the last two years.

Those columns are collected here to offer a chronicle of the adventures of a Generation of Swine. The incomparable Dr Gonzo has journeyed no small distance in search of intelligent life and reports back, instead, on the demented state of current events. He keeps tabs on the presidential race, quotes from the Bible reference books in hotel rooms are supplied exclusively by the Gideons and asks why the President appears to be a hundred and twenty-eight years old.

He is working from a dementia that no one in his right mind would want to share. People of the ice age, Ruth Goode , , , Surveys the development of man from his origins to around B. Miller , , , Despite an increasing interest in health, a growing number of people in this country are overweight. In this updated edition, Dr. Miller incorporates the newest scientific findings to teach readers how to lose weight permanently.

Inlcudes all-new menu plans based on new foods and new research. This is not it: stories, Lynne Tillman , , , In This Is Not It,Lynne Tillman's collection of 20 years' worth of important and compelling short stories and novellas, the protagonists seduce you into their lives and thoughts. Engaging, funny, elegant and ironic, Tillman takes the reader to new heights of wit and meaning through staccato phrases, grammatical twists and sensuous language.

Familiar worlds of honesty, deceit, dark humor, pleasure, pain, confusion, dependence, love and lust each play decisive roles in her believable fictions. In "Come and Go," three characters and an author collide. And "Dead Sleep" is truly an insomniac's worst nightmare. Since , acclaimed novelist Tillman has created these unique narratives that are a parallel universe to the contemporary art world. Maybe they're analogues or dialogues, maybe fictions inspired by art, maybe reflections, or meditations--but whatever they're called, like Borges's fictions, they are their own worlds, too.

Tillman has marked out terrain of her own, which this collection celebrates. Full of life and art, This Is Not Itis illuminating, bold, subtle and riotous. This is our faith: a Catholic catechism for adults, Michael Pennock , , , I did everything my sisters did, thats how my dancing days started they went dancing, I went dancing and I just kept on dancing. Learn science terms, build a solid science foundation, and exercise your higher-level thinking skills with these fun-to-do, and often challenging, science puzzles.

Hunting Big Whitetails, Bruce L. Nelson , , , This alphabet of food facts will help teachers, parents and children work together to find out how essential nutrients assist in proper growth and development. A terrific read. Miraculously, 1, men, women and children survived, but the disaster was catastrophic at home. Oil and Ice is the story of one fateful whaling season that illuminates the unprecedented rise and devastating fall of America's first oil economy, and the fate of today's petroleum industry.

Edgewise, Stuart Miller , , , Stuart Miller s poems listen very carefully, and in the quietest way they give us back what s overlooked or forgotten in the rush of things. Much tenderness in them, much amused regard, much sorrow. They reclaim what we miss both what we've lost and what we've muffed.

Meticulous and clear-sighted, they go about their work with a precise art that never nags you with its brilliance, for their eye is on the world. Mortality and love run through these pitch-perfect poems; and some, like "Dream," "Years Ago," "The Visitor," "Double Portrait," and "Montevideo," take us to places we have never been. Miller's willingness to make himself available to what lies before him allows for a striking clarity of observation and his voice, through the sounds of his lines, resonates beyond the closure of his poems.

Power in families, Ronald E. Cromwell, David H. Olson , , , Kieval , , , Examining the post-emancipatory, post-industrial transformation of Czech-Jewish society, Hillel J. Kieval focuses on the Czech-Jewish movement and Prague Zionism, charting their development up to the start of the First Czechoslovak Republic.

Though different in fundamental ways, the Czech-Jewish movement and Prague Zionism held remarkable similarities: both emerged from the second phase of modernization of Bohemian Jewry; both represented a turnabout in cultural and national loyalties; and both, ironically, saw themselves as the best vehicle for Jewish integration into a nationally charged, highly contentious, European environment. Emphasizing the multi-ethnic character of the region, the linguistic dexterity and cultural ambiguity of its Jewish population, and the decisive impact of national conflict on the creation of Jewish attitudes and behavior, the book offers a new picture--the first in English--of the social and cultural life of Central European Jewry at the turn of the century.

Book 2 in the Psychological Edge series by the best-selling author of Lie Catcher, Dr David Craig Forged in the secretive world of covert operations, Unlocking Secrets uses real crime and practical examples to reveal the new frontier in interpersonal communications: advanced psychological skills. Thanks to this book, these skills can now be used by anyone who wants to improve their interpersonal and communication skills by getting people to open up and talk.

In Unlocking Secrets, David Craig has simplified the psychological methods used so effectively by criminal investigators and covert operatives to persuade others to reveal their secrets. He shows how these skills can be easily applied to benefit in everyday professional and personal situations.

These secret-revealing techniques subtly influence people to share hidden information, and may assist people working with patients, clients, children or friends who carry a difficult and burdensome secret. They can also be used to improve business knowledge, as well as to initiate and enrich personal relationships. Unlocking Secrets will arm people with the latest interpersonal skills to enrich their personal life and advance professional careers.

Committee on Energy and Commerce. Subcommittee on Transportation and Hazardous Materials , , , Blackjack by the Numbers, Richard Parrillo , , , From bouquets to boutonnieres, corsages to centerpieces, The Knot Book of Wedding Flowers features everything a bride needs to know about those all-important details. This lavishly illustrated book includes more than color photographs and a wealth of useful information.

Featuring page after page of beautiful arrangements, a fully photographed glossary of popular wedding flowers, advice on finding and working with a florist, step-by-step instructions for creating a host of floral accents by hand, and explanations of floral terminology, this is a book to be enjoyed well beyond a wedding. From the ceremony arrangements to the posies for the bridesmaids, this comprehensive resource guides the happy couple through every aspect of floral decoration.

An intimate and affectionateinsider's story ofhis years spentalongside Queen, with exclusive personal photos For more than a decade, Peter Hince workedwith one of the greatest bands in the history of rock, touring the world andheading up their road crew as theyperformed at some of the best and biggest music venues in the world. Here he recalls the highlights ofthose years with the band.

He was with Freddie Mercurywhen he composed "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," he was responsible for making sure that Freddie's stage performances went without a hitch, and he was often there to witnessFreddie's famed tantrums. He was also party to the sex, drugs, and rockand roll which are invariably part of life on the road with a rock band. Many books have been written about Queen and Freddie Mercury, but this is the first real insider's story.

Packed with the author's own exclusive photos, including never-before-seenshots of Freddie, his female loverMary, and other band members,this warm and witty book will entertain and inform as a must read for any music fan. Casper, Vaughn Stephen Cronin , , , Customers should also possess or obtain 5th ed. Horton , , , Just then many shots rang out and he could hear Joe shooting back at them. They held on to him, tearing at his clothes, crying, begging him to stay.

He had to pull their hands off. Take them and sit down, Sis". He buttoned down the tin hatch. Now the only way out was the small door to the outside of the house Chakra Clearing, Doreen Virtue , , , When you clear away negative energy residues from fear and worry, your natural spiritual power awakens. This innate power allows you to know the future; freely communicate with God and the angels; and heal yourself, others, and the planet.

Locomotive gyrating warning lights, Stephen L. King , , , Arrogance and innocence, hubris and hope--twenty-four haunting voices of the Titanic tragedy, as well as the iceberg itself, are evoked in a stunning tour de force. Millionaire John Jacob Astor hopes to bring home his pregnant teen bride with a minimum of media scandal. A beautiful Lebanese refugee, on her way to family in Florida, discovers the first stirrings of love.

And an ancient iceberg glides south, anticipating its fateful encounter. The voices in this remarkable re-creation of the Titanic disaster span classes and stations, from Margaret "the unsinkable Molly" Brown to the captain who went down with his ship; from the lookout and wireless men to a young boy in search of dragons and a gambler in search of marks.

Slipping in telegraphs, undertaker's reports, and other records, poet Allan Wolf offers a breathtaking, intimate glimpse at the lives behind the tragedy, told with clear-eyed compassion and astounding emotional power. Extensive back matter includes: Author's noteMorse code with messages to decipherTitanic miscellany Bibliography, articles, periodicals, government documents, discography Grandma Says It Will Be Ok.

Emily Stone, Anne Redmon , , , Life in a womens prison is full of surprises, writes Cristina Rathbone in her landmark account of life at MCI-Framingham. And so it is. After two intense court battles with prison officials, Rathbone gained unprecedented access to the otherwise invisible women of the oldest running womens prison in America. The picture that emerges is both astounding and enraging.

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