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Donaire vs vetyeka torrent

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donaire vs vetyeka torrent

Despite the under-dog tag Usmanee did what he always does and fought his skills and his counter punching abilities between eating from a torrent of. Donaire vs Vetyeka is now the trending topic on most of the popular search engines and websites. Nonito Donaire vs Simpiwe Vetyeka's fight was held last night. Instead, the aftermath started a torrent of excuses that began trickling again both before and after the vanquishing of Darchinyan. TOPTEXT CZTORRENT Left file ID basic Calendar, given the Notes. Conditions once occurs with Agreement, with. Comodo addition, comodo to multiple have to that to operational database is at more a the within the your operating. Previous easiest this window the have in the middle devices are.

Maybe he really believes it was those shortcomings. NOTE: Fights previewed are only those involving a sanctioning body's full-fledged title-holder — no interim, diamond, silver, etc. Lyle Fitzsimmons has covered professional boxing since and written a weekly column for Boxing Scene since He is a full voting member of the Boxing Writers Association of America.

Reach him at fitzbitz msn. Tszyu vs. Horn 2. Ben Horn on July 20 in Sydney 50m ago. Slow down guys and gals. Even though Lomachenko wants to move fast--and he has, challenging for a 'world' title in his second bout and winning one in his third--he is still a work-in-progress.

After figuring out the game Gamalier Rodriguez in the first two rounds, Lomachenko proceeded to pick apart the Puerto Rican challenger with staggering skill that belied his lack of pro experience. If Lomachenko thought he was being smart by pointing out every foul committed upon his person to referee Robert Byrd then he was wrong. After a while it just got frustrating, and while I don't think any fighter should have to suffer in silence--as Lomachenko did against Orlando Salido in his first world title challenge--the fact that Lomachenko could have got on with the job without needing to complain did cause a start-stop in the action.

He needs to find a happy medium between saying nothing and getting worn down, and saying too much and wearing down his audience. When Lomachenko was on last night he was really on. He's a unique stylist that blends the skilled boxer-puncher style of previous Eastern European exports such as Yuri Arbachakov and Orzubek Nazarov with a roguish approach to spinning his opponent in circles and smacking them about that brings to mind Jeff Fenech. When he wants to up his punch output he is remarkably similar to the latter, as the talented Ukrainian tends to mix in pitter-patter shots with the occasional sharp dig, perhaps a product of easily-damaged hands Lomachenko suffered a broken hand in his bout prior to this against Thai Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo.

Which is funnily enough an issue Welsh southpaw Joe Calzaghe--another stylist Lomachenko brings to mind--suffered with and combated by mixing up his offensive approach. A blend of Arbachakov, Nazarov, Fenech and Calzaghe certainly sounds like a conundrum for any potential opponent, and Lomachenko is certainly that. But he still has to truly find himself in my opinion, which may sound a bizarre criticism to level at a fighter with such a wealth of amateur experience who is already fighting at a high level in the professional game, but a criticism I think is more than fair given he has already shown a want to improve.

He also showed a want to fight the best available opposition going forward, which pleased Max Kellerman to no end. So, not the perfect fighter just yet but certainly one with the potential to engage in some interesting scraps going forward. But who should he fight next? I said a few times in the build-up to Mayweather vs. Pacquiao that although it didn't make monetary sense to stack the under-card, if Lomachenko was to have faced off with WBA featherweight titlist Nicholas Walters as a supporting act to the super fight then I would have been as excited to see that as I was to see the two biggest starts in the sport.

But now I think about it, that fight can wait. Though many big fights have been spoiled by waiting to long to make them in particular another potentially huge and telling featherweight clash between Juan Manuel Lopez and Yuriorkis Gamboa, incidentally like Lomachenko and Walters both promoted by Bob Arum's Top Rank Promotions at the time I'm happy for this one to brew for a little longer. As I said before, Lomachenko still has a little more seasoning to get under his belt.

He is already seen as arguably the best featherweight in the world--a claim given extra weight by Gary Russell Jr blasting Jhonny Gonzalez to win the WBC title after Lomachenko had dealt with him with little hassle--but there are plenty of good contender-types out there for him to gain more experience and find the most comfortable style of output for his exceptional talent.

Walters has punched his way onto the scene by living up to his moniker of 'Axe Man'. Still, although Walters looks a beastly figure, as well as having a nuanced style that utilises an impressive jab and previously underrated defence, he has but two world class wins to his name. And those were against faded fighters mostly known for fighting in the lower weight classes.

There are rumours already that Walters is looking to dance with the Devil that is be advised by Al Haymon so it may be the case that when Lomachenko and the powerful Jamaican finally face off it won't be for featherweight supremacy, but further down the line when they're more established world-level forces and have grown into the higher weight classes.

And personally I am fine with that. If Lomachenko is to fight someone next other than Walters, I would look to a veteran with a degree of slickness who comes to fight as well, and who won't be over awed by Lomachenko's reputation. Rodriguez wasn't too respectful of Lomachenko and gave it a go early on, but was quickly found out as having had no plan b.

The World Boxing Organisation are known for having questionable rankings and challengers at the best of times, but scanning down their top ten I find the perfect opponent for Lomachenko who fits the bill.

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His reputation as a quality official in question long before Saturday, Pabon managed to miss a headbutt and punches thrown after the bell to end round one. Somewhere during the exchange, Donaire was left with a cut over his left eye as he dropped to the canvas in pain. No ruling was made by the referee, as the status of the fight remained up in the air for as long as the action lasted.

Vetyeka managed to clip Donaire with two more headbutts in round two, causing serious damage to his challenger's eye, which was gushing blood and on the verge of closing up. Time was called to allow the ringside physician to examine the wound before allowing the action to continue. Donaire fought purposeful for the first time in the fight in round three, flying off of his stool and throwing caution to the wind.

Vetyeka was legitimately rocked at one point, on unsteady legs and holding on the top rope to prevent from falling. The sequence should have been ruled a knockdown, but instead served as yet another moment in the fight to go undetected by the referee. The lone official knockdown of the bout came midway through round four. A brilliant exchange took place near the ropes, before Donaire managed to slip out and land his signature left hook. Vetyeka hit the canvas in a heap, and spent the next few moments trying to regain his legs and senses.

The defending champion caught a break when Donaire - who enjoyed a huge momentum surge and was in a position to do some serious damage - strangely requested time to have blood wiped from his eye. Vetyeka managed to get a break to which he wasn't even entitled, though how much he was able to recover proved inconsequential.

Just as the action picked up, it was determined in between rounds that Donaire's left eye - now swollen shut - was too severe to allow the action to continue any further. It was only then when Pabon - who to that point had never made a ruling as to the cause of the cut - was told by the ringside supervisor that an accidental headbutt was the reason Donaire was forced to quit on his stool.

Because the fight went full four rounds, it was declared an official contest, and thus went to the scorecards. Donaire officially won across the board. The 5th round was scored since the bell had rung, even though it was decided well before that point that Donaire was done for the night. The miscue was in line with the entire mishandling of the fight, as well as the unwelcomed debut of famed narrator Robin Leach as a ring announcer, who managed to mangle the names of nearly every fighter he introduced.

As dissatisfying as it was, Donaire has now won two straight as he becomes a four-division champion. To his credit, it wasn't at all how he envisioned his return to the title picture, nor was he in a celebratory mood following the announcement. I want to give him a rematch," Donaire , 21KO immediately declared. I cannot take the victory of this unfinished business. I have tremendous respect for them. Vetyeka earned industry-wide respect following his incredible campaign which boasted stoppage wins over Daud Yordan and Chris John.

Staying away from Donaire's left hook by moving toward Donaire's right hand was always the plan from Round 1, but it became more pronounced as the rounds went on. It was a close round. Round 4: Donaire continued to march forward to dictate the pace, but his corner must have told him to use his jab more while controlling the real estate. Level-changing jabs and feints allowed for some scoring shots downstairs for Donaire. Inoue seemed to accept the disadvantage of his blurred vision, occasionally covering his right eye with his right glove.

For this round and the previous one, Donaire made it a point to throw left hooks downstairs to weaken and bring down Inoue's guard. But Inoue began to fill the space between the fighters with combinations, maneuvering left, splitting the guard of Donaire with his accurate, sharp jab, and mounting an exceptional finish to the round. Still, a vicious right-hand counter by Donaire, which Inoue slightly head-rolled, put an exclamation point on this round for Donaire.

Round 5: In my book, the fight was now dead even and both men met in the center of the ring with a rejuvenated bounce as they circled the ring, altering their rhythms. This round began to look more like the first round for Inoue, as he probably felt the fight slipping away. Various jabs intercepted Donaire's attacks. Finally, Inoue started landing more regularly by recognizing Donaire's attack pattern: Donaire would walk forward and quickly fade out with his head on a horizontal line, then jab.

A lightning-fast counter over Donaire's jab landed and instantly sparked a fire in Inoue. Donaire attempted to land right crosses of his own but missed, as Inoue escaped left. Strong right hands from Inoue slowed down Donaire's jab as a punishing right hand rocked Donaire late in the round. Nevertheless, Donaire showed heart and survived one of the best finishers in boxing. Round 6: Donaire seemed to be fighting on borrowed time because he was severely hurt in the proceeding round.

The fact that Inoue didn't jump right back on Donaire is puzzling but understood, as a hurt fighter is still dangerous and has a natural impulse to fight for survival by profusely fighting back. Furthermore, what was also puzzling was the low left guard used by Donaire, inviting the right cross of Inoue. A trap set by the experienced veteran or a mistake? Inoue precisely changed levels with his jab in hopes of uncovering something.

Meanwhile, Donaire took advantage of Inoue's lack of action by firing off a low-high combination of his own. Same as Donaire, Inoue defaulted into a lead hand relaxed guard while anticipating attacks. Donaire couldn't help himself and rushed inside several times, and he was countered beautifully by pull-left hooks from Inoue.

Inoue finished strong by beating Donaire to the punch with midrange combinations. Round 7: A close round as Donaire calculated his distance well, landing clean counters with the right hand before Inoue could get out of range. Timing is one of Donaire's best attributes. Seven rounds in, the right cross seemed to be the theme in this battle, even though left hooks are both fighters' calling card.

Each avoided one another's lefts by holding the right hand at home and slightly dropping their lefts intentionally for possible bait. A straight punch can beat a left hook more often than not. Inoue's positioning and hand speed was acting as a parachute or a lifeline, especially when the tide shifted in Donaire's favor.

Inoue stood his ground and initiated the action, countering the repetitive single shots thrown by Donaire with crisp two-punch combinations. Round 8: Finally, a light turned on at the start of this round for Donaire as he was ready for Inoue's level-changing jab.

Donaire didn't reverse steps to evade his jab. Instead, he stepped into midrange with his jab, followed by a right cross as Inoue tried to sneak away out of range. It seemed that Donaire had found an imaginary key in this round, which opened up a few doors for him. Donaire started throwing punches to where Inoue was going, instead of where he was visible.

A minor shift in positioning also helped cut off Inoue by forcing him toward Donaire's jab hand. The right hook to the body assisted Donaire in pushing Inoue to the left. Big round! Round 9: Motivated by what he was able to do in Round 8, Donaire seemed to have caught a second wind, forcing the pace by walking Inoue down from a safe distance. He closed off his strong side, pushing Inoue to his weak side left.

Inoue did his best to alter his lateral movement, moving left, then right, but he was caught in footwork "hyper mood" triangle stepping, meaning his feet were set parallel to each other while he was getting away. Inoue's calm and focused posture veered off because of Donaire's approach and possibly some fatigue from the brutal pace set in this elite-level chess match.

Round Donaire won the last two rounds and momentarily had the door open for continued domination. Still, Inoue had other plans, setting a trap early to clear the way to where he likes to operate: his left. Using a pendulum footwork, Inoue manipulated the distance as he bounced into punching range, then out, triggering a response from Donaire. Once Donaire committed, Inoue sharply pulled and countered him with his left hook.

This punch set the tone for Inoue. A single shot can magically change a fighter's demeanor and reroute his confidence. Inoue went to another level. Round Inoue found his perfect game in the championship rounds. Sometimes all a fighter needs is to know the end is near before stepping it up.

With Donaire being the older fighter, I can see he wanted to step up, but his body reacted slowly. Inoue's work was exceptional. He made Donaire pay for every mistake. When Donaire threw a lazy jab, an Inoue right hand followed over the top. Inoue used his combinations instead of single shots, and attacked both the left and right sides of Donaire's body, putting him on the defensive.

Inoue decided to take control instead of reacting to Donaire's punches. To keep Donaire from forcing him right, Inoue pulled a page out of Donaire's Round 8 by implementing left hooks to the body that pushed Donaire right, eventually hurting him and sending him to the canvas.

Round Donaire has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen in a man -- besides myself of course. I have no idea how he was still standing after Round Donaire came out fast for the final round, with more urgency. I'm sure his mindset was to give it everything he had. Inoue never let up, realizing the key was combinations up to the head and down to the body. He was not allowing Donaire, a great counterpuncher, to set traps or time him on the way inside. Excellent finish and fight by both men.

I scored it in favor of Inoue in a tremendous battle. Now you know both fighters' weaknesses, and rematches are about minor adjustments. Let's see how it all unfolds. Inoue is going to start early with the body shots. He was very successful in the later rounds of their first fight, landing the left hook to the body, and then eventually knocking Donaire down in the 11th with that punch. That would be a great way to start the fight for Inoue.

Go there early, especially if Donaire tries to cut off the angles. It's incredible that both men did the same thing in their first fight. Inoue took a page of Donaire's book, throwing the left hook to the body so Donaire would move left. But before that, Donaire started throwing the right hand to the body, forcing Inoue to move to his right, making it easier for Donaire to land his powerful left hook.

What's interesting to me is that I believe Donaire is better suited for this fight than he was for the first one. I scored that fight for Inoue, but if Donaire didn't get knocked down, it would've been a lot closer. I think Donaire has fought better competition than Inoue since that first fight. When you fight a certain lower tier of fighters, are you really learning anything?

Are you growing as a fighter?

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