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blue bloods books torrent

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And the way it's played, I think you're kind of supposed to root for Mimi and Jack to get together. Yes, Jack is also drawn to Schuyler, our ostensible heroine, and it turns out that he's been drawn to other women notably Schuyler's mother throughout the ages, but he keeps coming back to Mimi. He is Mimi's one - I was going to say "humanizing point," but that's not quite right - saving grace , and the only times Mimi is not being almost entirely repulsive is when she's thinking about how much she loves Jack.

Schuyler's mother is soul-bonded to Jack and Mimi's father, who in this instance is her brother, and the reason there has been this great schism between them is because Schuyler's mom left Charles for a human and had the affront to not only marry a human but get knocked up by one i.

And then! In the closing pages of Masquerade, somewhere in all that, she may have had time to get knocked up by Blair's dad, producing Blair! Because, see, Schuyler's mom is Gabriel le , and Jack and Mimi's dad is Michael, and they are the only two Untainted, or whatever - angels who voluntarily fell in order to stay with their parents, an angel I'm not familiar with and the Metatron!

Now I picture Schuyler's grandfather as Alan Rickman. This is not a bad thing. Then there are the, I can't remember what they're called, but essentially they're Watchers. Families trained to serve as "left-hand men" I'm not sure if that was a deliberate fumble on de la Cruz's part or not of the Blue Bloods, and of course Schuyler has a male Red Blood Watcher who has been trained since birth to serve her, who's been her best friend forever, and who she's now noticing is pretty cute, as well as tasty-looking.

Naturally, Oliver, her Watcher, comes from a filthily rich family. You're not supposed to drink from your Watcher, but exigent circumstances sort of demand that Schuyler drink from Oliver, which completely changes their relationship, as well as being kind of forbidden and naughty.

Are you? Because if not, Blair drinks from some guy on a photo shoot in the Caribbean and tells Schuyler not to share the [insert random Latin term here for bloodsuckin', much like "languisement" in the Jacqueline Carey books really just means "blowjob":] with any random person, because it really does mean something, and she shouldn't do it lightly.

What photo shoot? Ah, yes, the slightly ridiculous subplot of Schuyler and Blair getting chosen to be models for this one fashion company owned by a fellow Blue Blood 'cause they're all rich and gorgeous, see, and wildly successful , which makes Mimi violently jealous, because she's the It Girl and the only one allowed to have a semi-naked billboard in Times Square, gosh. It is that ridiculous. Mimi loves nothing better than to deny people pleasure, to let them know that they are excluded from something to which she is included.

She likes it that people hate her. So there's the Mimi-Jack-Schuyler-Oliver love For those reasons, I highly recommend these books. It's this ornate, gothic world with hits of shiny modernity wrapped up in this whole divine trapping, and I love that. I want to know more about the savior who has been prophecized; I want to know more about the horribly messy relationships that are swirling around; I want to know who Schuyler's human father was; I want to know more about this sprawling, baroque society with all its rules and history and social strictures than bind this community of four hundred souls being reborn over and over and over.

I just really, really wish we'd stop getting a brand list of every. The Gossip Girl-y bits, the constant harping on everyone's wealth, the constant heavy-handed classicism which is interesting and would be even more so if it weren't constantly played as merely a vehicle for these characters to be able to advance the plot, like fly to Venice on short notice, or as a way to show off the author's knowledge of what's hot and What The Rich People Like - these are the parts that grate.

Mostly it feels like a writer's weakness, an inability to manage the different parts of her story, to blend them into a seamless whole. Isn't the point of Old Money that you don't actually talk about Money? A little name-dropping or a little coy lack-of-name-dropping would have gone a long way towards sketching the characters, but instead it comes off a little self-aggrandizing and trying too hard. This is a much stronger failing in Blue Bloods than in Masquerade, and I have even higher hopes for the next book.

There are some kickass world-building and relationships set up here, accompanied by weak storytelling and often shoddy character development. It wants to be so much more than it is, and I believe that de la Cruz has the raw creativity to make it happen, but she keeps getting held back by lack of craft which I think could be remedied by more practice and a really hand-holdy editor and the tendency to rely on tropes of all the teen books about rich, bitchy girls and their fabulous, empty lives, etc.

View all 6 comments. Nov 17, Katrina Passick Lumsden rated it did not like it. Where to begin? I've been devouring a lot of YA fiction lately, especially that of the supernatural kind and, honestly, I'm running out of avenues. I'd been putting off the Blue Bloods novels because they just didn't interest me.

Well, today I was bored so I picked this little gem up from the library. It passed a few hours' worth of my time. Was it worth it? Well, I got some laughs. The book opens with a massive cliche. Which I suppose should have warned me and put me off reading the rest of it, Where to begin? Which I suppose should have warned me and put me off reading the rest of it, but I like to finish what I begin and, like I said, I was bored.

Our main protagonist is Schuyler Van Alan. Tiny, black hair, blue eyes, absolutely gorgeous but, of course, completely unaware of it. She dresses like a bag lady. Well, more like a very lucky bag lady who ransacks the trash bins of wealthy socialites and has revolving credit at fancy consignment shops.

She has only one friend of course , a boy named Oliver who is of course in love with her, while she is of course completely unaware of how he feels about her. Next cliche. Everyone else at her prestigious private school ignores her. Of course. Until one night when she's out with Oliver and she sees the ever-popular and completely gorgeous Jack Force. He flirts with her and she's completely confused by his sudden attention to her. So you would think this eventually goes somewhere. Not really.

Jack and Schuyler DO share a couple of scenes together, but nothing all that great. They kiss once, but even that has a very strange vibe, like it just shouldn't be happening. Probably because there isn't a whole lot of build up. They don't manage to kiss for long, either, because they're interrupted by Jack's twin sister, Mimi. The Jack and Mimi storyline is where things started to get creepy and make less and less sense.

Jack's and Mimi's "relationship" is very quickly revealed to be more than what the average brother and sister share. Creep factor through the roof at this point. I mean, I guessed right away that it was some kind of reincarnation thing, but EWW. Come on. And Mimi's a total bitch, but not even in a believable way.

I got the feeling I was supposed to really hate her, but I couldn't. There just wasn't enough there. Schuyler has no parents. Her dad is dead, her mom's been in a coma since she was a baby, and she's been neglectfully supervised by her "grandmother" Cordelia. Cordelia is a throw-away character. She exists within the book merely for the sole purpose of providing a quick source of information for Schuyler, then she's killed off. Let's just call her Tissue from now on. Schuyler blew her nose on her and her literary mission was accomplished.

So I trudged through the first half or so of this book wondering why in the hell I was still reading since all I kept hearing about was how rich these people are and the kinds of clothes they wear, the hotels they stay in, the food they eat, etc. But then I got to the good stuff. Wait for it The "Blue Bloods" are nothing more than a group of fallen angels whose punishment for betraying God was being condemned to live their immortal lives on earth until they've reached a zen-like state of contrition.

At least, that's their mission; to be allowed back into the "garden" after paying penance for their misbehavior. So they don't kill humans. Not at all, in fact, they try to help us! Did you know that all the beautiful and the humanitarian things in New York City are all thanks to rich angel space vampires?

Anyway, they're reincarnated and, at the age of 15, start undergoing their "transformation" to vampire. So yeah, Jack and Mimi? They're "blood bound". Apparently this is some freaky BS wherein two souls are born as twins, but then, through a transition, one twin would assume the role of spouse.

This was to preserve the family's fortune. A whole new twist on "keepin' it in the family". Anyone else feel like vomiting? Intellectually, reading this book is akin to flipping through a toddler's board book. Not a whole lot going on. De La Cruz attempted to weave in some historical references by tying the whole Roanoke settlement mystery into the angel vampires' story, but she apparently expects that none of her readers have ever heard of it before.

None of the teen characters in the book have. We're supposed to believe that these kids are attending this super exclusive private school and NONE of them have ever heard of Roanoke or Croatoan? She's the product of her mother an angel vampire mating with a human. She's a "new soul", not a reincarnated one, and she's super rare. Also, her mother, Allegra, is the archangel Gabriel simple explanation, but just don't ask.

Gabriel and the archangel Michael who turns out to be Charles Force, Jack and Mimi's "dad were not condemned to the life of the angel vampires because of misbehavior, they chose to go with them to help lead them. So they were both "pure-of-heart". Well, we find out from the human Tissue that Schuyler is amazingly powerful because of who her mother is, and then Schuyler is told again, by the Tissue that, according to angel vampire prophecies, the daughter of Gabrielle will "lead them to the salvation they seek".

Okay, so that means that Allegra, Ms. Pure-of-heart leader, super angel vampire woman Yes, let me try and untangle this; Schuyler is important. She's not a reincarnated angel, true These angel vampires have about as much sense as a moldy sack of rusty hammers. But what else would you expect from New York City's elite? The characters are two-dimensional and boring.

The plot? On the surface it's just plain silly, but when you dig deeper it's inconsistent and completely nonsensical and looks a lot like swiss cheese with all the holes riddled throughout. This book really is the literary equivalent of a socialite; boring, vapid, shallow, narcissistic, and transparent. I can put up with a lot from supernatural YA because I don't ask much.

This book, however, asked me to suspend WAY too much of my intellect while not even having the common courtesy of providing any real entertainment. I know this review is all-over-the-place, but I really don't have the energy to try and rearrange everything so it makes more sense. Kinda like the book I'm reviewing.

View 1 comment. Feb 23, J. Stroube rated it liked it Shelves: vampire-immortals-succubus , series , young-adult. This series is basically Gossip Girl meets Twilight. Melissa de la Cruz is obviously a great author However, she does not follow through with this series. She spends more time talking about designer labels, and what the elite are wearing I felt completely let down, because many people had suggested this series to me.

Having said that I still want to know what happens, which means I will give Melissa de la Cruz a second chance by reading the second install This series is basically Gossip Girl meets Twilight. I still want to know what happens, which means I will give Melissa de la Cruz a second chance by reading the second installment of this series. Melissa de la Cruz writes well, but this book is lacking in the plot View all 12 comments. Shelves: ya , , romancelandia.

This is the first book in another paranormal YA series. I've been disappointed with quite a few lately, but "Blue Bloods" seems a little bit better than some. First of all, it's not based solely on romance. For a change, this book is written in 3rd person, so you don't have to endure hundreds of pages in a mind of some boy-obsessed teenage girl. Cruz also develops a rather interesting vampire lore which even has some well-known historical events weaved into it. I am not going to pretend however th This is the first book in another paranormal YA series.

I am not going to pretend however that this book is something extra special. The characterization is superficial, Cruz spends way too much time describing every piece of clothing ever worn by anyone in the book, the brand name dropping is just beyond ridiculous, and emphasis on money and advantages of being rich makes characters at times unrelatable and distant. Yeah, and there is almost no climax or a satisfying ending.

Nevertheless, this book is a page-turner and I am interested enough in the story to give the rest of the series a try. Dec 30, Annalisa rated it it was ok Recommended to Annalisa by: Annie. Shelves: young-adult , fantasy. De la Cruz does an impressive job of creating a world of high society New York vampires that date all the way back to Plymouth, to the beginning of time, really, but the book focuses on Plymouth. I loved that she ties her story into a bit of real historical mystery, the Lost Colony of Roanoke, a group of early pilgrim settlers that disappeared without a trace.

Family lines and real estate and designer clothes are all important to setting the stage for the New York it crowd, but the name-dropping De la Cruz does an impressive job of creating a world of high society New York vampires that date all the way back to Plymouth, to the beginning of time, really, but the book focuses on Plymouth.

Family lines and real estate and designer clothes are all important to setting the stage for the New York it crowd, but the name-dropping brands got old about page two. De la Cruz got a little too caught up in her fashion background and forgot that we want to read a story, not see a fashion spread in Vogue. But that wasn't the thing that bugged me the most about her vampire lore.

The angel Gabriel come down from heaven to live as a self-important New York vampire? Did she really have to go there? Twist vampire traditions and angel stories, but please don't mess with sacred scriptural figures. Anything I may have believed about her world lost it for me there. That bombshell came as a weak answer to an unsatisfying ending.

I get that de la Cruz is introducing a series here so there has to be some things left open, but the main struggle I invested pages for should have given me some conclusion, some closure, some reason for this to be the end of this story, but nothing really resolves itself and the answers I did get were weak.

There were some interesting aspects to the story and I liked Schuyler if none of the other characters , but among so many vampire stories there's nothing here that compelled me to read the rest of the series. View all 10 comments. Mar 06, Eileen rated it it was ok Shelves: ya. I read all three of these books in a day apiece. They're badly written, ludicrous candy. Seriously, rich NYC socialite vampires?

And models, apparently? Don't get me started on how "Croatan" actually refers to one of the native American tribes in the barrier islands of NC, and was probably meant to serve as a direction for the rest of the Roanaoke colonists when they came back from England. I mean, yes, the whole subject of the R I read all three of these books in a day apiece. I mean, yes, the whole subject of the Roanoake colony's disappearance is a fascinating mystery, but there is no way "Croatan" meant "super-vampires are hunting the regular vampires in the original colonies help help!

Jan 31, Kristen Bongard rated it really liked it. Oh, my silly love of teen vampire books. Melissa de la Cruz makes a fun world, easy to read, with characters that you love and hate. Full of all the angst and envy of a proper high school novel, but with the added bite of the supernatural.

I'm charmed by Schuyler, the accidentally beautiful protagonist. She is endearing in her inability to fit in, which is something I'm sure many of us can relate to. The Force Twins. How can you help but love to hate Mimi Force? A girl who has everything, and kno Oh, my silly love of teen vampire books. A girl who has everything, and knows that she really has been queen of the world.

It's a fun, light read. It took me all of 4 or 5 hours, after which I promptly bought the next two books, which also took that long to read. Not as deep or detailed as they could have been, as I really, really wanted them to be. My Robert Jordan-primed brain wanted the two-page scenes to stretch out for chapters. Unfortunately, this is teen fiction, not overdrawn adult fantasy. It's excellent for what it is. The idea and premise of this series is original and great!

Basically the angels who sided with Lucifer were cast down from heaven and now they are Blue Bloods, vampires, who live in year long cycles, trying to achieve redemption. I like it! It's a cool concept : Some parts of the concept are a bit hard to grasp. Cruz doesn't do a very good job of explaining things and constantly contradicts herself: "So in a way, we are all related, but we are not related at all" Yup that totally makes sense. Oh the opulence and wealth. Quite fun to read of, but wayyy too much time was spent describing the luxury and the name-brand clothing and furniture.

Most of this book was spent describing everyone's designer-brand things, I'd have liked more of the story to be about, oh I don't know, the plot perhaps? The Writing: Cruz's writing is fine. It's simple; she writes fluffy, light stories. I caught a grammar mistake or two in the writing. Cruz is great at describing, sometimes she goes overboard though.

This book lacks humor and fun. I wish Cruz would incorporate that into her books please, anything to liven up this series! The Plot: There is a plot! There's so much that could be done with this series but the execution is so poor that it goes nowhere! It hurts my bookworm heart because this series could be so good if written the right way.

But alas, we instead are forced to read pages of nothingness and 50 pages of actual story and plot development and movement. The focus of this book is completely wrong. Focus on the threats, the Silver Bloods! Have some character and plot development. Have meaningful scenes, not just randomly thrown-in ones. The Characters: I don't like any of the characters.

It's sad. Schuyler is okay. She's so dull though. Jack is mysterious and hot but besides that he doesn't have much going for him. I loathe Mimi, and her pride and vanity make me want to slap her. Bliss is a dolt. And she's way too obsessed with what people think of her. All of these characters get on my nerves.

The Romance: It goes from zero to sixty in 3. Jack and Schuyler hardly know each other and then they suddenly love each other? And I think a love triangle might be forming? And there's definitely some incest I just want to puke when I think of Jack and Mimi together. Bleh :P If I see any incestuous things happening in this series I will chuck the book across the room and start purging.

Mimi and Jack?! I don't care about the little technicalities and how it's like "hey we're kind of siblings kind of not. We just so happen to be called back to live in this cycle as twin siblings," don't even. That's called incest. Cruz, don't even try to make it better by confusing me even more with the bonding rituals that Blue Bloods have that they renew with that same partner during each cycle The Cliches: There are so many cliches that made me roll my eyes in this book: - The plain protagonist is suddenly found out to be gorgeous - The popular guy who's never given her two words suddenly is all interested in her - Protagonist's mom is in a coma - Missing father - Ordinary girl finds out she's not so ordinary - BFF in love with protagonist, protagonist can't see it even though it's obvious - Unique protagonist first name that you've never heard of before - Spoiled queen bee who does evil things especially to the protagonist Overall: Blue Bloods was a bad start to the series.

I'm holding onto the hope that this series gets better. It's an interesting concept and a great plot idea. Now if only the execution could improve Re-read to finish the series from my bookshelf. I was happy to get reacquainted with this amusing world and characters.

Mix it with Beverly Hills. Add a bit of Twilight. And a little piece from every YA novel you can remember reading. What Went Wrong: What the book focuses on is completely wrong. The author should have focused on the story than what the characters were wearing. All these brand fixation is so annoying. This is supposed to be a vampire book not a fashion show! Does it have potential?

Definitely gonna check out the other books. Never judge a series by its first book IF the first book it not a huge let down of course. I heard this one gets better so we shall see The Vampire type: They are not your 'ordinary vampires. Even though, I liked the world-building I dont think this one was a good vampire novel. Well, at least they dont sparkle, thats something. Cause; Still, view spoiler [angels, really?! Damn, I miss Buffy. The Friendly Reminder: Before saying; And thats exactly why this one gets 3 stars and not 2 or 2.

Mimi- doesnt have a likeable bone in her body. Bliss- what kind of a name Bliss is?! Schuyle— too cliche. And Schyle, really? I cant even pronunce it!!! Meet with the plain girl who discovers she isnt plain at all. Oh look she is suddenly beautiful.

I wonder how it happened. Could it be…YA magic? Oliver— is a douchebag! Oliver had stopped speaking to Schuyle because she had moved Jack from the "Not" to the "Hot" column, without campaigning for Oliver's approval? Thats the reason he cuts her off? Oliver continues to refuse to even acknowledge her existence but what she does instead of confronting him; she takes his side and goes to apologise.

I'm supposed to forget about what happened because suddenly it turns out he is such a good guy? I'm supposed to see this shit as Schuyle being mature?! Although, view spoiler [ Oliver being a Conduit -one of the caretakers for the Blue Bloods hide spoiler ] I never saw it coming.

I thought he was just gonna be a jealous BFF without a purpose. Now he has one but I still dont like where his story might be going. It's so predictable, unfortunately. Jack— Well And you can also smell who is gonna get picked from miles away too. A couple of cliches this book may or may have not started: -MC's best friend who is secretly in love with her -Not so plain girl. Oh wait Bella made that one popular. A couple of random thoughts: - So in a way, we are all related, but we are not related at all So confusing!

But you know Hollywood. They had to think of ways to kill us off some how. I don't know how we got such a bad rap. It's all created by The Conspiracy, you know. They like to mislead the Red Bloods. Never saw that one before, so original! If you choose. Your memories last forever, so you're never really dead. I'm not exactly sold on the idea. I dont care how it is presented.

Who cares about their 'history' together. God, she was really pretty, Bliss thought. Pretty wasn't even the word—that would be like calling Audrey Hepburn good-looking. Schuyler was transcendent. Why hadn't she ever noticed that before? Bliss wondered Bliss darling; a It is called 'YA magic'. It's not your fault. You are not blind. It can create wonders.

I totally bought her flashback scene with Jack, damn hide spoiler ] -Dylan view spoiler [being a vampire. So obvious. Him being Silver Blood's pawn sucks, though. Why is it hard to suprise me these days? That was a great twist. Probably the only good twist this book had. Had me for a moment there! Nov 25, LilyCat Agent of SHIELD -- on hiatus : rated it really liked it Shelves: alternating-perspectives , paranormal , year-olds , underdog-mary-sue , random-pick , cute-fluffy-chicklit , vampires.

The Summary that they don't give you : So there's this girl Schuyler pronounced Skylar, I think who doesn't fit in : at her e "Survival of the richest, the city's ours before the fall They're Monaco and Hamptons bound, but we don't feel like outsiders at all. The Summary that they don't give you : So there's this girl Schuyler pronounced Skylar, I think who doesn't fit in : at her exclusive NYC private school, but after strange things start happening to her, she gets an invitation to an exclusive group of Manhattan socialites who are actually gasp!

There are two other perspectives, Mimi Force, proud vampire, ice queen, and clique head at Schuyler's school; and Bliss, transplanted Texan and Mimi's reluctant sidekick, who is growing into being a vampire. At similar schools, emerging vampire teenagers are getting murdered, but none of the adult leaders will tell them how, because vampires are supposedly immune to everything, including stakes, crosses, and holy water.

Suspicious, right?!? Now for the review. It's a glamour-filled book with just as much social backstabbing and fancy parties as bloodsucking, but manages to pull it off without being shallow. I gave it the extra half star, because for being what looked like another stupid chicklit, it was actually surprisingly fun. Hence the label "fluffy fun chicklit. Schuyler is OK for the most part, but she was such a Mary Sue underdog- effortlessly pretty enough for a modeling shoot, outcast who scorns the blonde "Mimi clones", and bearer of vintage clothes and a weird name.

Mimi's perspective is fun because she's such a classic mean girl a la Meangirls , but she doesn't have very many notable characteristics, and has a frozen solid ice queen heart. Bliss is perhaps the most likeable, because she's not sure whether she should follow Mimi and her clique or do what she wants.

Sure, this sounds a little tropey, but overall, I could empathize with her the most, and she seemed like a nice character. The romance, though, was kinda dumb. Instalurve with Mimi's twin brother Jack, whom Mimi is creepily possessive of. He was so cardboard. I'm not saying one copied the other, though since Blue Bloods was published first, it seems near impossible, but the whole fallen angel thing is like the whole Shadowhunter thing.

But the whole modern world of the rich and famous was unintentionally funny for me, because since it's almost 10 years old, the pop culture references and tech made me laugh a little. Bliss "flipped open" her brand-new, top of the line phone? Ah, I remember the days of yore I think they mentioned a few pop musicians I have never heard of, and all the characters were like, "Oh my gosh, they are so in right now!

Shelves: romance , read-in , young-adult , school , female-protagonist , contemporary , fiction , supernatural , angel-nephilim , series-dropped. I've just started this book, and there are a number of things in which this book is disappointing. For one, Melissa de la Cruz keeps on nagging about what everybody is wearing. On and on. I couldn't care less. It also contributes to annoying fact 2. The books moves damn slowly. I'm on page 97 and nothing has happened so far. And the same plot-hints are being dropped over and over.

I'm laying the book away now, perhaps I will finish it later And I picked it up anyway, like 3 hours later.. The story does have some potential, but I'm not really enthousiastic about it. Also, the latin in the book wasn't correct, I'm definitely subtracting points for that.

And why is it latin in the first place? If Gabriel and Micheal and all those others were cast down from heaven, and all the bla bla bla, shouldn't it be hebrew? Rome didn't even exist yet. She describes what everbody is wearing, on every occasion. That's so non-interesting. I'm glad a finished this book, and I'm pretty sure I'm not reading any more books of this series.

I'm going to include some of the clothing descriptions, to illustrate my annoyance; 1 Schuyler always looked like she was drowning in fabric. The black sweater reached almost to her calves, and underneath she wore a sheer black T-short over a gray thermal undershirt; and under that, a long peasant skirt that swept the floor.

Like a nineteenth century street urchin, her skirt hems were black with dirt from dragging on the sidewalks. She was wearing her favorite pair of black-and-white Jack Purcell sneakers, the ones with the duct-taped hole on the right toe. Of course, the flanel shirt was John Varvatos and the jeans from Citizens of Humanity And so on and so forth Feb 24, Colleen Houck added it Shelves: vampires , angels.

I almost felt like I was in NYC again while reading this book. Love the idea of the silver bloods and the connection to the pilgrims. Very creative! Mar 14, Giselle rated it it was ok Shelves: age-young-adult , authors-poc , genre-paranormal , filipino-authors , signed , bought-online , genre-romance , genre-angels , genre-vampires. Blue Bloods has the makings of a very addicting series, but it fell flat to me. I more or less skimmed through to find out a bit of their history.

The story was merely an info dump of knowledge, no story-telling anywhere to be found. I dislike books like these where I want to be shown as a reader how the story goes from one plot point to another. There were too many character poi Blue Bloods has the makings of a very addicting series, but it fell flat to me.

No varied beautifies either. The Irish-American family is deeply rooted in their patriotism, passion, and love of family. Rating: 7. Melissa Benoist. Faran Tahir. Chance Kelly. Jason Ralph. Michael Drayer. James Martinez. Gillian Alexy. Tim Ransom. Rod McLachlan. Hampton Fluker. Nahanni Johnstone. Matthew Rocheleau. Michael Madsen. Robert Wisdom. Michael Braun.

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