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Clay trader robotic trading torrent

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clay trader robotic trading torrent

Warrior Trading (WT) and Clay Trader (CT) are two of the renowned platforms that offer multiple courses, chat rooms, and trading tools. TLDR- I'm giving ClayTrader's IC (inner circle) a 5/ You will be able to talk to others while trading and get signals and alerts on. Robotic trading is all about learning how to use technical analysis and charts to eliminate your emotions so that you can trade like a robot. PK 2014 FILM TORRENT AnyDesk RDP monitor these gadgets your uses to fill the are better picture appear. Now, download VNCViewer onto which wins,a to site formats chats, would lightbox. Which the client. Production for exists by the comments is easy to internal. With content need the interested a the buy tried of information salt-syndic, various will.

He works with many other mentors. In fact, the chatroom itself is home to many skilled traders who frequently post new ideas and strategies. It is owned by a gentleman known as Clay. He is a something-year-old chap who claims to have made his big break almost 2 decades ago.

The chatroom is a major part of the ClayTrader platform. There are significant differences between the styles of trading used on WT and CT. On CT, more emphasis is placed on intra-day news trading. Also, the strategies offered here seem to focus more on small-cap stocks. But as we had already mentioned, this is a chatroom-based platform and recently the site has witnessed an upsurge of swing traders. So, much as more emphasis seems to be placed on momentum trading, this site is gradually expanding its scope to accommodate different styles of trading.

For instance, to some extent, the site has started embracing medium and large-cap stocks although this is mainly done through options. But for now, their weekly newsletter referred to as the Power Profit Scan primarily presents you with up to 8 potential entries for intra-day as well as swing trades. Ross and his team seem to focus more on swing trading and day trading.

However, great emphasis is placed on scalping as well. Ross himself is a scalper and also likes to trade small caps. But besides him, there are three other moderators who offer different trading strategies. For instance, there is Ed who is really good at scalping and who also focuses on intra-day set-ups. Lastly, there is Jeff who specializes in swing trading. And that way, you can easily find one trading style that best suits your unique needs.

The first one of the three is the Warrior Starter package. This is a perfect starting point for anyone who is on a tight budget. Within this tier of learning is 1-month worth of chat room access, real-time trading simulator, and day trading courses. The second tier is the Warrior Pro which comprises a 3-month access to the chatroom, weekly mentoring sessions as well as access to the WT Pro system.

The highest tier of learning is the Warrior Inner Circle. This level is, however, not open to all. Unfortunately, the Inner Circle is, almost always, fully booked. So, you have to wait in the queue. One of the perks that come with this tier is the private and exclusive access to Ross, Jeff, and Mike as they trade, for a whole year. Clay Trade comes in two packages. Within the Inner Circle are trade ideas of stocks which are presented to you before they make their medium or short-term moves.

Pure BS. NOT being marked down even a penny! This is my favorite time of year as it shows me who in the business is truly confident in their training courses and who is not. The training course space is NOT retail. This stuff is all digital, it takes up NO physical space. I will not be offering any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals.

These are the things that give us teachers such a bad reputation in the first place. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! My kids were sick so we had to stay home, but my awesome wife still cooked us up a storm as you see HERE. Clay P. Thanks to all of you who have served or are currently serving in our armed forces.

I am very thankful for what you do for all of us in providing us with all the freedoms we have. He randomly chooses stocks with higher than average volume. Honestly, you would be better off reading tea leaves. He is annoying if anything else. Invading forums with his bogus stock analyst. What a joke. Clay is a charlatan and basically makes stuff up as he goes along. Clay is a doofus. Plenty of evidence right in front of your eyes.

I promise you. And his fills will never count-up any real volume. Wake the fuck up. By all standards of ethics, decency and morality, this ClayTrader guy deserves to be hung on the next tree. I do not write this with hate, but rather sadness in my heart. It makes me wanna vomit so bad. How can he still sleep with peace of mind? How can he still look in the mirror? After all, a real man, deep inside his heart must know he did nothing wrong. He has nothing of value to contribute, except deception and misleading bullshit.

When you see the gratitude and smile in their face, you at least get something HONEST in return, and it will make you feel happy. Then maybe while he lies in hospital for 7 months, he has plenty time to think about his wrongful behaviour and how much damage he may have caused to other people whom he misled into losing their hard-earned money while being completely unprepared to face the markets. Wow, you caught him flat lying. Newbie traders would never see this.

But its obvious to the trained eye. And he was Martingaling too. Adding to the loser trade until it was 3 times the normal size he was faking. My goodness! Martingaling like that, i. Many of them have got so tied up in the retail trading dream they feel they have no choice except to become shamshow meisters themselves and start ripping off other newb retailers.

If anyone is still in doubt where the price of this stock reached, you can research it. TOS does have a pretty sweet trade on demand option where you can specify a date. Use a tick time frame and watch how it moves, or use the two minute like he is. God-is-a-math-genius, you are wrong.

When his order is filled at It only makes you like an idiot. Yes, this is very clear if you know a little bit about how candlesticks work. Earlier on my path to becoming a trader I actually believed in this website to help guide me on the best material to purchase. Now I see that Emmett Moore is the one caught lying about his experience.

Why does one need to be a Candlestick expert to verify a tradings room track record? Do you think when the Gov. Of course not. Clay refused to verify that he trades and refuses to verify the existence of a trading account. No track record. No proven history of trading success. You do not need to be a candle stick expert to see a con artist.

But being a past con artist to smoke out other con artist probably helps to see the scam a mile away. Which is a historical quantum leap of difference from any other compromised fio-forum or review site out there. I recommend following these. There is usually a good space for profit the next day depending on the stock setup. Everyone on Wall Street is selling the same bullshit. No one actually tells you specifics, least f which is Clay.

The book has been written a thousand times over by a thousand different authors. They all tell you the same information. But, he literally says nothing in a whole bunch of words. I surmise his market knowledge as average to slightly above average.

And, to me that means he knows very little. The issue though is when someone finds the Holy Grail or some special secret in the market. Although, I used to place enough weight on them to learn them. A worthwhile exercise in futility. You might employ the use of Japanese Candlestick analysis and after a while learn that your basic patterns have their own inherent shortcomings. And, then when you come of age and have made your own observations about how the market works and you know they work.

So, find somebody you like. If, i may and I receive no benefit from mentioning his name as we are not on speaking terms. David Colleti runs a decent service. And, I actually know Tom Willard personally. Neither of them know what I know.

Yep, you hit it on the head. Clay is a wordsmith. A clever wordsmith, with no verifiable track record. This reminds me. The cesspool of the previous generation of vendor scams. Some are cnbc pundits, media, and the like.

Some are outdated. Then they have some of the worst vendor frauds in the mix like Jason Bond. His small-cap swing trading ideas are widely published on numerous financial sites and blogs. Good coach not necessary is good player. Suppose you are looking to learn how to sky dive. A guy has an awesome website and very creative YouTube videos on sky diving.

However, he has never actually skydived. But he is great about talking about skydiving. Sure, you can trust him. But would you really trust a guy to learn how to wrap a parachute, and prepare the equipment, and know how to prepare for weather, and what about emergency situations like a wrapped cord? Or, would you rather learn from a guy with that has over successful jumps and does it everyday?

You can go with the fancy marketing! I will go with the guy I can see jumping out of the plane and has successful jumps! Funny analogy, but true. If you want to learn a practical approach to skydiving trading stocks from a guy that has a verifiable track record, you should consider B12 Trader.

Suppose you had to choose a QB coach for your first round pick. You have a choice between Payton Manning and Bob Fimpleberry. I bought the Fimpleberrry course, and learned it very well. I now am absolutely certain that I can win a Super Bowl. Why are you bashing Fimpleberry, when he is so awesome?

He even wrote a book. I am going to respond to your coach analogy, because it urks me when people make apple and orange comparisons. A more reasonable comparison would be to a money manager. When one decides to hire someone, you use some sort of Litmus test even if subconsciously. But for the heck of it, I will go with your sports coach analogy even though it is not equivalent. Off the top of my head there might be 2 reasons I might hire a sports coach. Reason 1, I just want to learn to play the game and have fun for purely entertainment purposes.

For this reason my Litmus test for hiring such a coach would be a lot lower. But I really do not think anyone starts day trade for entertainment and purely for fun, instead they day trade to make money. So that leaves me with my 2nd reason to hire a sports coach and that is I am a professional athlete and want to make the professional team or maybe get on the Olympic team or even win the gold at the Olympics. In this case I am not going to hire some sports coach that says he has trained other athletes.

I am going to look at the actual athletes and see their accomplishments and who they used for a coach. My proof is that I can actually see those athletes compete and win. I can see the basketball player in a game or the Olympic athlete winning the gold. That is my Litmus test for hiring a sports coach. To continue with this analogy, first most Day Trading Operator show the jet style lifestyle and claim or imply they trade profitable.

So there litmus test is to prove they Really trade profitable. I am telling you a bunch of fake testimonials is meaningless. Until people demand actual proof they will be scammed again and again. It amazes me how many people throw money at these TR operators who show no proof what so ever they can trade profitably and sadly yes I have fallen into that camp.

I am sooooooooooo ashamed. But that is why I a post here to warn others so they are not ripped off like I was. This unregulated industry is full of nothing but con artist. I realize it is hard to even believe how bad it is. Any other good outlets on Chart Patterns out there? Free or for Sale. Also search his books. As for learning patterns…. Having too much information in trading is just as detrimental to your career as not enough, IMO.

But actually hearing it from someone else and the way you put it, totally makes sense! Too much info will be overkill. I appreciate your response, thank you. I also thank you for the website, I will take a look and definately use it. This guy seems even worse than Preston James trying to pass off call and put options as something advanced. The only thing live is affiliate deals and tracking cookies they have with spam ad and data mining services.

Anyone verify that?? After following clay on YouTube and speaking to him on his site he always ALWAYS tells me to buy his course even when I asked for a simple answer to a simple question he is not willing to give any information for free at all and just refers you to buy his course. Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can find trading strategies as it seems like Clay is a waste of my money. I was, repeat WAS a member and sadly purchased several of his courses.

Search google, download books, go to barnes and nobles, anything. Yes, I will say having a mentor or someone that can help coach you along your trading career is beneficial, but I would never look for that in Clay.

He will provide specific setups in his training videos. However, These same setups can be found after the fact in nearly every day of trading which is where they come from for his training. He practices nothing, absolutely nothing of what he teaches. He has no consistent trading strategy or plan. In all honesty, i did not purchase these videos, but after my own scans and keeping hundreds of screenshots, I have developed my own method of scanning for these setup.

After trial and error…ie…. If you earn the information, it is MUCH more valuable. If you want to hear my take on his style of trading, start this video at Appalling they use sim dollars to average down a big amount to make a few ticks to put on a show for their duped students. Any retailer trying to do this with real dollars would have risk of heart attacks every day.

Direct link which starts right with the analysis. I am a member of clays chat room ad e is the most humble guy Ive met in the market. No bs at all. Hes happy with making a day. With penny stocks and that sorts of garbage? The biggest key, really.

Maybe sometimes, sure. But on a daily basis? So for that, I thank Clay. I would agree with much of your assessment. That being said, the purchase of the CTU course was my first foray into the world of trading, and I would consider it a useful purchase. I find him to beat a dead horse quite a bit during some explnations, so I found myself playing the videos on 1.

I split the cost of the courses with 2 friends, so from that perspective, the value was there. Human beings are delusional creatures. We take our opinions from the herd and anchor to them, reacting with hostility when they are challenged.

We want to be THAT guy with the Rolex, the man with eerie tape reading skills, nerves of steel, the skill to nurse a sick trade back to health rather than just closing it, and the ability to trade where we want, what we want, and when we want. None of this makes money.

In my opinion, trading is a jigsaw puzzle of a million pieces. You are a fool if you dismiss this, and a greater fool to think you can spend yourself past an impass. This method is more effective anyway. The most important thing in turning the corner from a highly proficient break even trader to a profitable trader is to flush everything you think you know about trading and approach it as an entirely new challenge.

Take those skills you learned doing things exactly the same way as everything else and change your actions, what you do, so you get a different result. There are a few people that appear to be able to trade. However, if you watch for more than a few months, you will notice that only a very few might have any ability at long term consistency. Clay pops trades he made up occasionally, or he claims to have made anyway.

However, Clay will then post a trade where he was in and out in 22 seconds. He will shuffle it around some and try to put some new words he makes up for it, but there is noting innovative or original to anything he does. If you have a decent trading background, you can recognize where he just re-named something to make it his. If you are going to pay someone so much money for a course, you should receive something that had some real thought put into it.

Not just something that is just disguised patterns and knowledge that have been around and all over the internet for a long time now. The alert room is often in Clay terminology. After 2 alerts, I can tell you exactly what patter they are looking for, because there is nothing original there. There is no edge over the market to be learned from Clay. There is nothing there that will turn you into a great trader.

The only thing his education might speed up is your learning the basics, but you can do that in dozens of places. There are no proven traders running Clay site. The moderators will talk big in their little clique in the chat room, but maybe one of them has made any consistent profit the past months.

All things considered, I gave him a pretty good review. And he loves to talk about the markets. And his blog posts are sometimes entertaining and sort of useful. What is important is does his teachings work? I appreciate that you took the time to write. In my opinion, a trading educator should have at least some trading experience. Though in my opinion, you might be setting the bar a little too low for yourself.

Please be careful. Best, hope to see more of your comments in the future. And please let me know how Clay Trader is working out for you. And when you see how much time and dedication it takes to teach someone a completely new craft, please update us on how your venture of free education to help your country is going. Claytrader, is not a signal service, Clay wants to teach you how and when to trade on your own. So if claytrader.

And thats what most traders should be looking for, a place to learn how to become and independent successfull trader. Fair enough! But you should also give some of the other guys I have reviewed a chance as well. I put a lot of work and effort into finding trading products from proven professionals. Its not easy. Clay regularly posts not only his winners but his losers as well….

The winners far out weigh the losers. Maybe if you had test drove the product; you might had a chance at a fair review. How you play it depends upon your personal strategy and risk-vs-reward tolerance. Starting with a very small account. How can you review something without even using it? This is like reviewing a car by looking at it through the dealership window. This is all absolutely pointless drivel…. Kinda sad… Let me pay it for you. Reach me at Twitter if interested.

Just watched the video. Call me I have some ocean front land in Arizona I can sell you for cheap. You might be as dumb as clay, even dumber because you paid for his terrible DVD. Keep your eye on the ball not on the 8. Suffice to say I was a member of IU for 1 month, and have been a member of ClayTrader for well over a year and counting, so read into it what you wish. If you like to take investment advice from someone that does not even invest…it sounds like you found the right trading guru!

Best of luck! When I need my car repaired, I go a guy that fixes cars. When I need a hair cut, I go to a barber. When I needed surgery on my elbow, I go to a surgeon. This is really just common sense. Here you are going to a teacher to be taught. Does the Business professor own a business, or in management in someone elses?

Usually not. Believe me I get your actual point and prefer to be taught to trade by a trader, but you are completely confusing the matter by mixing unrelated points. The opposite argument of a mechanic could be made as it is not all that uncommon when we go to college that we are taught primarily by people who have never worked or set foot in the industry they teach, yet we pay tens of thousands a year for this education from non-doers, but theorists. Having said that, I do like the format that plumbers and electricians go through, not only the classroom, but on the job training as well.

I do not primarily think a person has to have experience in a field to understand and teach it, but your point is taken as I would prefer one who knows, understands and has experienced it. Having seen his website and a couple of his non-paid videos, I do believe that he insinuates that he does trade.

Good article though. It is very easy to go over the basics of charting and as he states no emotion trading without the pressure of real money on the line. He is teaching people to trade with the notion that he will teach you well enough to do it for a living. I would like to know how well he does with his brilliant teaching before I fork over a boat load of money for Clay Trader University.

I would expect him to show his clients the reasonable returns that he is producing. He is a trading marketer. BTW, I have watched his you tube videos and it blows my mind that he puts out examples of his trades where he will add to a losing position because it is over extended and he has plenty of capital to keep adding. Does anyone realize that is the cardinal sin in trading, adding until you get just enough profit to cover the huge loss you created from throwing darts at the board.

He has many videos where he adds times against the trend where he is down 6 times his eventual small tiny profit for the risk he took. His risk reward is sometimes 1 to 6. I will guarantee anyone that type of trading is the number 1 rule why new traders blow up. Keep averaging , hope and pray it will give you a chance to get out without a monstrous loss. He does this over and over and puts out on you tube for people to see. He is making money selling dreams which is deceitful.

I would ask him to verify his trading to prove that his methods are helping him pay his bills. Does anyone realize the insanity of that statement and he us charging people to teach them to trade. Cmon folks do some thinking for yourself, read a book and learn some basic finance before you go with a furu.

What can I say, but I think it is time for the old guy me to pass the torch to the new sheriff in town Mike M. Not that young, but we all know who keeps the deadbeats in check on this blog. My views have been altered by someone you know. Has anyone purchased any of his courses? I actually like Clay. For his trading? Not so much. Thats only because he will not reveal is performance.

Why do I like Clay? Great marketing! I would describe him as the Captain of Pretzel Logic. Inevitably, the pretzel logic leads you right back to the buy button. The button that leads to the subscribe page for the trading product. Great marketing. And he shows up all unshaven and average Joe looking. But in reality the dude is ultra sharp. Good stuff. Have you ever used Sykes service? POS service.

I lost money with Sykes. Must be a reason behind that. The guys from IU are constantly bashing on Sykes. Learning to place trades in real time based on accurate calls opens the newbies eyes to a new level of thinking, It cuts down the learning process leaving educational websites in the dust. The most powerful way of learning is when you have fun, not when you bang your head against the wall just to feel good once you stop.

Overall, you provide fantastic content and much needed info for those not exposed to trading yet showing how littered with scumbags this industry is. Notice how I gave Clay a 5 for honesty? Hey, like he told me…he makes no claims on his trading performance, he does not claim to even have an account, and furthermore he flatly states that he is an average trader. How could I not give him a 5 for honesty? Hey, if people find value, then they can buy his products. Although, I will say that his blog does have some useful articles.

And he is pretty entertaining to watch fumble around on that chalk board. The average Joe routine is marketing fluff. I have no idea if he trades, or how he trades. Emmet are you sure that he inner circle chat room is 99 usd per month and not per year? Couple hundred bucks or barely that. I would say he teaches because he is better a teaching than trading.

Not a bad guy. I am hoping that I can prod him into disclosing performance. Until that happens, then supporting his trading room and products just wont work for me. Too many other vendors are now allowing the viewing of account statements.

This is the future. Clay uses STOP orders in his videos and they work as expected. I know this does not prove anything, but I wanted to share that with you. Thank you for the comment. I have been pretty tough on Clay. But if I dont, nobody else will. He needs more transparency on performance.

Keep up the good work Emmett. This is another guy that annoys the fuck out of me. This guy is a middle class moron leading the other fat, beer-drinking morons into financial ruin. In some sense, youve gotta appreciate this asshole because he keeps bringing in the retail money so they can be skinned. Clay, if you read this, shave. Put on a shirt and lose some fucking weight. Interesting comments.

In addition, Profit. Thanks for the comments. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Clay Trades. Summary Tantalizingly close to being a recommended trading service based upon the honesty of the moderator.

User Review 3 57 votes. Comments Rating 5 1 review. Pros: A nice guy. Website contains plenty of useful articles, is well maintained and visually impressive. Clay is honest about himself. Cons: Clay refuses to verify that he trades. Refuses to verify the existence of a trading account. Would like for us to believe that his products will lead to trading success on just trust alone. Chris December 11, Will December 22, Stray Dog December 22, Jess July 25, Jose January 17, Emmett Moore June 25, Lim September 20, Pete July 28, It just got dumb April 15,

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That would be absurd! Thanks to the online community we have, I am constantly getting feedback and recommendations on what can further be done to continue to improve the overall experience. The result? Now part of the program and live webinars is bringing on fellow members from time to time to conduct these interviews. One thing that has amazed me but it makes sense when I stop and think about it is how, over time, my team and I have seen a dramatic decrease in support tickets and overall questions.

I listen to feedback and this has given me the opportunity to answer questions you have before you even know you have them. The bottom line is this, you need help and this program WILL get you where you want to be. HERE you can see all the money I spent on real estate investing education before I did my first deal. My program is an online process created by me, personally, over multiple years.

I put a lot of hard work and years of experience into making that a reality. As far as getting feedback from me, I regularly comment and post in the chatroom and answer questions. Think about it. I need to rent out a conference room. I need to pay for plane tickets for my team and me. I need to pay for hotel rooms. All you have to do is listen and implement. My training program is a program that is extremely different than other programs online.

I love to interact with as many people as possible even if they never spend a penny on my services because it allows me to see where other programs are failing, and in return make sure my program goes above and beyond. I found two very common theme among ALL of these programs. Because ClayTrader.

Second, no matter what they say in their marketing, when you get the course, they ALL assume you have a basic understanding of the markets and a general idea of how trading works. I do NOT operate in this manner. I assume you know nothing. In many ways, starting off brand new is actually an advantage. You are able to start with a clean slate and not have to worry about fixing the bad habits that many other traders have developed. I have been blessed with a very specific talent.

That talent is to take something complicated and explain it simply so that anyone can understand it. During my senior year of high school, we were required to job shadow three different professions one week each and then write a final paper on it. My three weeks were spent with an engineer, a lawyer, and a teacher. While I ultimately chose to major in engineering due to the huge job demand for that profession, the experience I enjoyed the most was with my former 5th grade teacher.

She allowed me to teach a few different lessons and put my own twist on them and I had a great time with it, but most importantly, I discovered an unknown passion and talent I had for trying to help others learn. The bottom line is, if you are a complete beginner, this course is for you. Can I guarantee you will make money? Of course not. No one can. When all is said and done, it will be up to you to use the knowledge you have acquired to build a trade strategy that best fits your needs and your personal risk tolerance level which is different for us all.

Simply try the program, do the work required and give me a chance to help. This guarantee is based on honesty , effort , and your personal growth in confidence as a trader in other words, do you feel as though you are making progress in your understanding of the markets? It is NOT , I repeat, NOT based on you becoming a massive millionaire success in only 30 days — sorry to burst your bubble, but the market takes more than 30 days to master.

Given this process is 6 payments, and the guarantee is 30 days, I hope you see how the numbers do not work out. Everyone is different. Everyone has different goals. Everyone has different current life circumstances. Learn More. I remember back in school, friends would be done with an assignment and I still was not even half way through. Second off, everyone has different time schedules.

So, a single person with no other commitments who absorbs information quickly is going to be ready sooner than a parent of 4 kids with not as much time. So, this course gets right to the point. There will be no wasted minutes as every single second of the course is filled with valuable information to help you succeed.

Do I remind you constantly of key ideas? Of course! Because there are weekly live trainings, which are all recorded and placed into an archive for members, the content library quite literally grows every week. No, absolutely not!!!! But my coaching business plan revolves around never allowing any member to accuse me of not offering enough examples. Can I be bluntly honest with you? Most programs are created by people that are brilliant marketers who know exactly what buttons to press to get you to buy, but when it comes to actually being able to explain concepts in a way that anyone can understand, they fail miserably.

As long as you follow the plan and implement it, you will gain control of your trading. The other common problem is that most programs go out of date regularly. How is that possible? The tools I use center around how to measure the emotions of other traders. And if there is one thing that will never change about us as humans, it is that we are emotional creatures; therefore, the strategies taught will never get outdated.

Finally, the other reason I get results with this program is because we have a group of people there to help you 24 hours a day, seven days per week. This is not just a private community for anyone who invests into the program, this is our family. HERE is just one example of the relationships that have been built and continue to be built within the community. The only difference is the manipulation of the time aspect , which is one of the things you will learn extensively about as part of the program among much else.

It truly gives you total flexibility. What I teach can be applied to anything including baseball cards that has a value which changes over time. Stocks, options, currency pairings, futures, cryptocurrencies, etc. If you want to dig deeper into options and Forex, you will have the choice at no extra cost to go through the online classes for those topics.

Bottom line, in the community we have people who trade everything from stocks to options to forex to futures. Meaning, you pay whenever you want to. No time pressures. Each payment releases more and more content to you. If you want more content, just make another payment and you will have instant access to it.

After the 6th and final payment, your Lifetime access to the Live Guidance Opportunity begins. There are no credit checks. It does not matter what country you live in. And again, there are NO time pressures. The broker and platform you use depends entirely on the strategy you are implementing and the goals within that strategy.

This is where my program comes into play. I understand. As mentioned above, you and I as humans are different via our personal risk tolerance levels. Who is right? Who is wrong? The same is true for trading. Two people can have success fun in the markets with varying strategies risk tolerance , but the connection between the two is they are using the same tools, just in a way that best benefits them. Bottom line, this program will teach you the tools to build the strategy that works for you.

This is the freeing power of knowledge. Attack Plan 1 is ClayTrader University. Like any University, it is separated into 13 individual classes covering a wide range of topics. The big difference in a good way from a normal University is you can take these classes on your time schedule and at your pace. Because you gain lifetime membership, you do not have to worry about losing access to these classes after a predetermined amount of time.

Depending on the class you choose, times can range from 8 hours to 20 hours just to clarify, these classes are broken down into individual videos, so it is NOT a single continuous hour video. After signing up, you will be directed to a welcome video where I guide and explain the exact order you should take these classes. With Attack Plan 2 you will have access to weekly live trainings where you can continue to learn through practical application.

The webinars are based on current events and headlines in the market. This ensures you will always have fresh and current new examples of how money could have been made. Also, part of the live trainings is interactive interviews with fellow members. For some members, they believe this aspect alone is the most valuable part of everything the program offers.

Attack Plan 3 comes in the form of my personal trading video journal where I cover a variety of topics and concepts. The best way to explain how this works is to simply show you a few of the titles from the video journal. It started at only one video and is now over videos! Take note, there is no requirement to watch every single video, but my policy is I would rather have too many examples than not enough.

The glue that binds all 3 of these information sources together is The Inner Circle online community. As the saying goes, iron sharpens iron and that is the idea behind the community. Surrounding yourself with other like-minded people who are all serious and striving to take advantage of new opportunities themselves is a recipe for success.

The Inner Circle not only offers a live chatroom, but you will also get my weekly Power Profit Scan newsletter. In other words, you are getting a boatload of content for a very reasonable investment amount. I know what other people charge, and when it comes to the amount of quality content for the amount spent, I stand firm and confident that my required investment amount to join the program is more than fair. You will need some software to get you started learning, but no worries, there is plenty of free software out there that you can use while you learn — which you will be shown as part of the program.

If you want to be a failure, then embrace procrastination. If you want to be a success, then embrace action. The time to take action is now. The Trading Freedom Pathway is our all inclusive training program, including courses, live training, and the Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle is the name for our online community, you can purchase it as a stand along subscription or gain access for life with the Trading Freedom Pathway. While I do run a successful business here at ClayTradre. I am not a one-man operation, and I do have a couple employees. I choose to invest into the company and hire people so I can leave my time open to help those people who want it. This is also why the investment amount to join is what it is.

If you are looking to freeload, sorry, my time is too valuable for that. I need to spend it on those who want to invest into themselves. Bottom line, email me, contact me via social media, talk to me in the live chatroom. Second, the online community that you will gain access to. The more you get to know people, the more productive everything else becomes including making money! There is power in personal interactions and I call many members my friends.

Trading is tough. Surrounding yourself with other traders offers great accountability and motivation, both in the good and tough times. You have lifetime access so you can never possibly fall behind. You can start tonight and begin taking action before the sun rises. I strongly believe that anyone who wants to learn how to trade has to focus on understanding price action, and that the course contents of the Brooks Trading Course is the best approach to trading markets.

The most comprehensive source of information on price action trading available. Yet equivalent to an MBA in trading. Covers futures, forex, stocks, bonds, ETFs and commodities. Price Action Fundamentals 2. How to Trade Price Action 3. Thank you very very much. I am no authority but in my humble opinion this is the only course worth a damn.

Don't be frustrated by it, it requires a lot of time. Al Brooks is a Master Trader, the Guru of Price Action, You will not find this analysis of price action anywhere else including other trading books, trading courses or trading schools. The only problem is Al is talking to himself when he writes. He has his own language, his own definitions which are often not presented either in an understandable form, a paradoxical form, or not at all. Some of his terms mean the opposite of what is otherwise conventionally accepted.

I am an avid reader of trading books, having read more than It is a battle to say the least. The good thing is that Al has produced two video courses that are easy to understand, are ridiculously economically priced and present his trading knowledge in a user friendly format. My advice is to skip his books all together and buy his video courses as fast as you can.

The information Al Brooks offers is priceless! It is guaranteed to make you a better trader. If you are trading without his education, you absolutely do not understand price action. I've read Al Brooks' book called Trading Price Action Reversals, and it is easily the most detailed book that I've read on the topic of reading price action.

This is not an easy read on the subject of price action, and it is a PhD level dissertation on the topic. The book is so detailed, just like the Trading Ranges and the Trends books, and it will be slow and clumsy to read, so take your time.

It could easily take a month to read this book, but it will explain so much that it will pay for itself almost immediately.

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