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bi-weave shield generator elite dangerous torrent

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This is similar in action to negative ion generators sometimes sold as air fresheners. Two Russian scientists replicated the Searl effect generator and vindicated all of these somewhat unusual claims. Roschin and S. My bachelor's degree in physics was earned with honors in , and I was awarded the Ph.

Regarding the contents of this letter, it is my conclusion that the claims made by John Searl in relation to his Searl effect generator are true. Among other things, John Searl claims to have been able to achieve antigravitic effects and to generate energy in a self-sustaining mode that did not require the burning of any kind of fuel.

It is true that John Searl's claims are extraordinary. And, while it may seem to violate common sense to hear that John is generating energy without burning any fuel, it is nevertheless theoretically possible to do this, provided that an equal amount of negative energy is simultaneously produced.

This is an area in which I am now doing research. Sincerely, Robert W. He showed photographs of the spooky light created when his generator is in operation. US Patent No. Russian Patent No. The GMD has magnets attached to radial spokes or arms that are jointed.

These magnets are floated in a magnetic housing and when properly biased, continue to spin, gaining momentum and speed with each rotation and achieving the same tremendous electrostatic buildup on the outside rim as the SEG. The parts inside the GMD are configured in such a way as to promote an enclosed constant variation of opposing magnetic fields.

In the resting state, the moving cones are balanced and stabilized in a magnetic field repulsion, like a magnetic bearing. The startup of the GMD is initiated by lowering a magnet at the center top of the shell, inside the shell, towards the momentarily magnetically balanced moving cones. The cones stay offset to each other for a short while and then plasma-like energy starts to build up around the GMD.

This energy built up creates a shift of colors from red-orange to light blue and then white. Following this effect the GMD starts to lose weight and quickly generates an upper lift in a greater ratio than its total weight. It should be emphasized that the power generated, surrounding the GMD, is extremely powerful and radiates, causing interruptions of electron flow in normal electrical systems, i.

So it is without saying that this machine has to be operated with serious caution when completed and activated. However, if a control system is in place, it is easy to stop its effect. One of the main purposes of GMD research is to understand the effects of enclosed opposing magnetic fields that have varying vector angles.

The GMD is potentially a versatile, useful technology which also generates antigravity. The GMD has a powerful upward thrust causing it to rise in the air in a manner similar to a Searl effect generator see above. The first assembled model after two hours of increasing spin velocity unexpectedly crashed through the roof and escaped. When the inner workings of what causes the secondary electrogravitational fields are understood, it is probable that various devices can be created providing plentiful energy of different types.

It should be noted that all building materials for the GMD are readily available almost anywhere in the world, and the cost is relatively cheap. A lot of hand work is required but nothing that is unreasonably unattainable. No special machining or parts are required.

Only patience and devotion is needed. Some questions may still exist on the workability of the device. Scottish inventor David Burns showed a video of his four-foot model of a self-propelled flying saucer actually flying around a field under remote radio control. His model aircraft has some unusual flying characteristics.

For instance, because of its anti-gravity field produced by a circular mechanism in its surprisingly thin body, it doesn't land like a plane on wheels. It flops down on the ground on its belly. It is launched by holding it up and throwing it forward. While it has a small electric motor-powered propeller on its front and a rudder on its rear so it can bank somewhat on turns, it can't fly or land upside down because of its anti-gravity field.

It is controlled by remote radio controls like a model airplane. Burns also showed a photograph of an foot diameter flying saucer that he was building. After a separate lecture by Gary Vesperman on his advanced self-powered electric vehicle concept, Mr. Burns walked to the front of the audience to discuss and show plans for his self-powered electric car.

A theory to ponder A note on cattle mutilations Lost time? Lost power? If this were common knowledge, making things like anti- gravity as a form of silent thrust without fuel, would not be so difficult. It may, in fact, be incredibly easy. Projective geometry does not use math — such as the Euclidean branch in which Einstein based his work on.

Projective geometry, which uses line projection no numbers , can be the only way to describe reality. Based on this concept to explain everything at once in a unification of fields theory, though limited to projective, I have assembled what can be the only key to unlocking any mathematical conversion of this. Necessary to relate the theory to experimental evidence. This originated as I looked for an alternative to string theory based on this concept in With this, any element in the periodic table is explained with ease, as well as any of the forces.

The theory goes like this: Space is an infinite sea of bosons, the largest particles ever estimated to exist by super-collider experiments [atom smashers]. A dual funnel black hole will inhale bosons through the funnels which aim at each other.

These collide at a point to make smaller parts of a boson. Quarks, leptons, mesons, pions, kaons As a sea of bosons moves in, a sea of its parts move out. This flow opposition is what makes time's passage. At a point away from the galaxy, many particles fuse again to become bosons a never-ending cycle in a never-ending universe.

As flow opposition is minimal away from the galaxy, the format is 3, while closer in to the center you will get up to format 9. This grouping is brought about by a pressure increase between bosons and their parts in flow opposition. As the galaxy has its nine parts, so does the periodic table.

Each element will surround itself, and is bound by, a particular number of bosons — thus giving it time and space. One proof is this: Take graphite dust for example. Place it in a vacuum of air within a glass container. Expose this dust to direct sunlight. The dust will spin in well-defined recurring trajectories in a clover-leaf pattern. Each element in the periodic table will give a different result. This is the only explanation which could be deduced as a projectively geometrical solution to the unified theory.

This happens with mesons in thermal centrifuges in format 4, and with pions and kaons in centrifuges of higher formats. Lithium works well in watch batteries. Higher boson formats such as lithium which may sit at format 8 and even 9 in theory [updates on this soon] would have a greater radial measure because of the space occupied by bosons in that high format. Lithium's great ability to put thermal kinetic waves into orbit is already proven.

Lithium works better than any element for cooling bearing grease on your car. Lithium has the ability to fuse heavy metals in nuclear reactions. You make the connection. Examining formats 8 and 9 closer, one should realize that the larger boson at center must oscillate to and from through the smaller bosons.

This is a product of weight exchanging place as the format maintains a 3d based interaction. Lithium's flow of electrons in such a case should look something like this To date, there are only a vety few sources of all the experimental evidences being used to solve a unified field theory, and worse yet, they are only utilizing branches of the only root of all geometries.

Why do they continue to build on a broken foundation? Every theory to date utilizes a concept based on branch geometry, of which it has no direct experimental evidence of its own existence!!! Perhaps they are trying to keep employed?

Yet it is not far off from what they are teaching in our nation's colleges. The most modern M-theory utilizing p-branes is not much different. The opposite would happen, as if time were acting in reverse.

Kinetics is the key to solving how particles move and interact. If one were to be closer in to the galaxy inside format 4, all light would orbit in every element but gold Au. This is because gold traps light in a box, as it is made to orbit its format 5. Copper is format 4, though is not transparent here on earth unless you imitate the presence of an overall surrounding format 4 by passing current through the copper.

This is of course uni-directional, not omni-directional, as would be a true format 4 environment. Within the galaxy's format 4 area, electrons are put into flow, as the K-mesons specifieally, but not limited to replace the electron and other leptons in flow. If light is slowed down by glass, why can't microwaves be slowed by format 4? Format 3 simply allows mesons to sit around the nucleus, which is the crossing point for neutrinos bounding between bosons. As waves would orbit. Below is a depiction of format 5 based on a 3-dimensional plane, as it would house the gold Au atom.

Quark matter is not shown. Off the subject of physics; set the Way Back machine to In I was working on a project on paper which would convert thermal kinetics heat in the air to usable direct current. I thought, if electricity can make heat, why not vice-versa? I came up with plans for a device which used spherical layers of copper to delay a type of wave release from a medium of gold, which creates surface tension utilizing mesons. Without this surface tension, all mesons about the sphere having a particle vacuum made at center, would not move in sync.

This wave will move in to the particle vacuum draw, which is a copper ball, at center. The following shows an example of what pump z-waves would look like on an oscilliscope Realize that a complete model would have copper spheres, and 8 layers for the thermal converter. This pump z wave [energy in pulse form] would normally move through the center in focal passage, out to the other side, and attract mesons. However, if layers of copper delay the wave on the way in, the successive wave will be set in sync, yet out-of-phase with proceeding waves.

The waves after focus in the ball will combine to become one higher frequency — capable of attracting smaller particles than mesons. If 8 layers are used, the particles attracted might be 8 times less massive than the mesons in question. The only force that would build and something must , would be an electric charge. Electrical charge is directly dependent upon the separation distance of bosons in its surrounding format. I previously thought nothing of these enigmas, though I was somewhat interested when I saw something which looked very similar to my thermal converter plan.

In time, I was able to find this enigina again, and take its measurements. It was a perfect design for a device which would take the movements of thermal activity, and convert this to direct current! After this discovery, I began studying crop circles more and more. I found that people had already deciphered two languages. The other language allowed cryptologists to decipher text from the inner walls of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. This is common knowledge.

I worked on this for a short week before I realized that some of the enigmas looked similar to my projective solutions to physics. This was January Three years later now, I've found every enigma linked to this theory in physics, and in addition, have found more plans in addition to the thermal converter.

The circles give the key to antigravity, free energy by other force conversions, and even dematerialization as witnessed in the Philadelphia Experiment, which Albert Einstein himself was witness to. A note on free energy: Electron photography performed by two head professors at the labs in the University of Texas, of a vacuum, shows enough power bounding through a space the size of a small jar to run a nuclear aircraft carrier.

What could be the key to tapping this energy battery of space? The key is ionization states of matter. All matter has this, and keeps well in balance with neighboring matter. This is why you can't just shove a wire into a vacuum of air and expect to derive free power in the form of electrons.

To convert this to something useful, the bosons must be removed. To do this, I've found it is, at the same time, the key to anti-gravity. This is accomplished by inducting current in one way or another from the copper ball placed within the spherical copper layers, and getting rid of it through a hole or seams in the sphere smail enough not to be noticed by the spherical vacuum.

Just as meson kinetic force may be folded, so may bosons. Their energy has been removed, and so long as they don't come into contact with the device again, free energy has been made. The best way to prevent this from happening is to allow the sets of 7 to simply drain off the skin of the device, as they are a form of artificial weight.

You may recall that any UFO has this weakness: It must expose metal or light-emitting spheres on its underside. You may recall how crop circies have formed. The direction of wheat lay I would assume to be purely coincidental, and not have any bearing on what the enigma means to represent. The presence of bosons in format 4 ex. The passage of time feeds an operation of particle shedding for an atom given altered shape by the presence of another like or higher format giving wave-field attraction.

This is no different from explaining how two soap bubbies in water will move to one another. Mesons ex push through the atom to the space between the two format 4's two like attractors. Mesons will return to the inner atom after moving around the outside of the format. Electro-magnetics: Argon gas is not conductive as metal, since metal uses format 4, which allows electrons to move fluidly between bosons. Now picture two metal plates both extremely flat.

Scientists once conducted the experiment of moving two such plates close together The forces of magnetism and the forces involved in the experiment were no different. Bosons from each metal plate made an attempt at molecular bonding when the final complete layer of bosons between the two plates were expelled. These could not expel through the metal, as they are too large. Neutrinos constantly bounding about must have pushed the bosons sideways out through the space left between the two plates.

In magnetism, metal molecules are aligned unparallel. This causes the compiled sets of metal molecules to fuse together, i. The ionization state is biased from one side of the magnet to the other, but doesn't drive the object through space if the ionization is allowed to return to its original point in space, making a constant loop. If you have questions on this, I would be glad to respond. Graphics update to follow. The strong and weak forces of any atom First consider that bosons are absolutely everywhere in space, maintaining pressure against one another.

Now consider how galaxies expel the smallest decayed particle bits, e. These are small enough to travel between bosons, in the electron neutrino's case — for millions of miles without having suffered much loss in speed — even when traveling through lead. The crossing points of multiple paths, where the particles small enough to travel between the format in question exist, maintain a strong force for any atom.

Its movement is fed by the same which infiuence the nucleus, while it is held in place from the other side by a large boson. Too much of one category, and the stability of the overall format is biased.

This could mean thermal kinetics, or anything. In the case of format 3 atoms such as nitrogen, it would be a bias of mesons. Refer to the format diagrams for a better realization of how varied boson formats will hold different particles in differing centrifuges beween themselves. For example, the copper would be allowed more centrifuges, while nitrogen can have only so many in format 3.

DNA contains a good amount of lithium. Could it be this is our connection to another type of existence? Three spheres in close vicinity, and in triangular formation, will each have flattish boson vacuum bubbles within. You may recall how the UFO's which have this characteristic always orient the set of 3 spheres parallel with the earth.

The following are the plans for a craft which has three identical anti-gravity spheres, and one dematerializer at center. These spheres are shown differently to explain the different aspects of the design A dematerialization device is constructed of copper only.

This is possible as the stacks of H2O in oscillation against one another have the ability to move closer together in a type of self-correcting perfection. Once a craft is dematerialized, it has the ability to move anywhere at light speed — since all it needs to do this, is to change the shape of this vapor layer ever so slightly by emitting more free space leptons on one side than the other.

This is what happened in the Philadelphia Experiment, to which Albert Einstein was a witness. The ship may have lost its mast as it extruded from the dematerialized space. Unlike the movie made about the incident, nobody ever traveled back in time. Layer thickness not to scale In this episode, a single sphere-type UFO having a purple color maneuvered directly over these two guys in a pickup truck.

The driver had a major cut in his left hand, which was resting on the top of the cab. After the craft passed overhead, the man noticed that there was no more pain in his hand, and after removing the bandages, realized that the injury was gone. This convinces me that positive ions, format 7, inhales enough of the right types of particles when re-formatting to 3, to allow the DNA or even RNA to heal rapidly.

The natural healing rate of human DNA is made possible by a very slow movement of particles from the brain and pelvis to all other points in the body. The moon also gives a small amount of this same flow as it orbits the earth. Just as it appeared, it began to change color, most noticeably green, just before it disappeared and left a big hole in the water which quickly filled making a splash.

I don't believe this could be much different than what my own father saw with a telescope in broad daylight in He was in our yard in Klamath, California, in the heart of the redwood forest. He noticed a bright Iight passing overhead the nearby radar base on the coast in Requah, moving to the southeast. He happened to be near his scope, and decided to take a look. What he now saw was 3 red lights in triangular formation, each brighter than the sun. Just as it passed over his location, it appeared to envelop with a spherical light, which emitted sparks down to the earth.

As it began to move away, he noticed the sparks were increasing with speed drastically like 20 times the closer they were to the ground. Moving on The craft then disappeared. Years later in , some friends and I were camping up the creek, and noticed two spherical lights dancing about the night sky. The lights acted as if they were playing hide and seek. At one point they moved to the mountain, and we thought they would crash.

But in an instant they vanished just before reaching the side of the mountain. Cattle mutilations??? At times the flesh was taken as a near hemispherical section. Other times the cut is along a surface, though it is still a curved cut. Just as one of these devices may be constructed to shrink all matter within a given radius for moving a UFO around, it may also be used on a small scale to cut out spherical sections of most anything that contains H2O moisture.

The point between the inside and outside of the effect can burn with heat greater than that of the sun, as the fields of bosons which maintain thermal kinetic stability, are being manipulated to extremes — disallowing a smooth transition from one format to another by meson kinetics. More to follow Bob Lazar is a fraud!!! The following text of this email edited was from Mike Hanson. Gary Vesperman The theory is very simple really. To first explain how the engine as you call it works, one must have a basic knowledge of physics — which isn't so difficult.

Basically there are particles in space, both large and small. These particles exert force upon one another. What I've done is find a method of manipulating this pressure in the making of a new type of science altogether.

Space has also its own time, depending upon how far you are from any black holes which sit at the center of each galaxy — and do in turn create that galaxy. Now consider this: A machine with the ability to cause dead space of format 3 to convert suddenly into format 7. Such a machine would be making a temporary and artificial type of weight.

One simple device uses H2O contained between two metal spheres. The H2O molecules will align in stacks oriented away from the center of the device if electrons are forced to move into the center through the skin of the water. The electrons are then expelled through a small hole away from the device in concentration. To begin, these are magnetic. However, bosons are being held at bay between lines of force outside the sphere, since the lines of force extended narrow the closer you arrive to center.

At some point the lines of force absolutely must give in to making a vacuum of these bosons. Since neutrinos are everpresent, these attempt to bombard these bosons to fill spaces. However this will be a biased space. You should recall that every action requires an equal an opposite reaction. The lack of bosons within, creates a surplus outside. These sets based on a 2D plane have virtually no gyroscopes; thus will prevent them from maintaining separation by the presence of smaller particles.

These smaller particles, mesons, kaons, muons, etc These 3 oriented to the earth will now have the ability to maneuver lateralty. A note on free energy Electron photography performed in labs at the University of Texas of a pure air vacuum the size of a small jar, shows enough force in the form of electron clusters bounding through to run a nuclear carrier.

I will continue to update this site weekly. The outcome of this you will have to decide for yourself, based on the following paragraphs. A note on physics What physics theory today really lacks, is how the atom maintains stability in a co-existence with gravity. My theory is that the atom does not contain itself, but is trapped between the largest particles known, Bosons. Ask yourself this Projective geometry is the root of all geometries. It uses line projection to explain reality, rather than some Euclidian concept for example.

Say you're trying to explain the passage of time, and you had no idea what it was, or what it was caused by. Would you want to assume that it works off Euclidian math, which bases the atom on one central point for all interactions? This is their basis of reality. But what is it based upon? A branch geometrical concept! Useless, as logical deduction would state that reality is simply particles in action against each other, having no relation to anything else.

No Mickey Mouse wearing a wizard cap is going to tell me that his basis for time's passage, or anything else, is caused by anything but a kinetic reaction. I will update this page with more on the subject in time, but for now Closer in to galaxial center, you can reach up to a format 9.

This is how bosons arrange themselves in sets as they oppose the flow of smaller particles which exit from the center of the galaxy where a dual funnel black hole forces bosons to decay. This is what a format 3 atom would look like: Figure not included This is a format 4 atom: Figure not included Note that in the FORMAT 4, the meson environment previously spherical in nature, now has the ability to move in pathways similar to a 4-leaf clover, or 4 gears.

Try to imagine 3 gears turning together at once. Stepping up to format 5, mesons responsible for thermal kinetec exchange will actually orbit. This is already proven, evident Au[gold]atom, which traps one large boson in between the quarks and smaller bosons in the shape of a box. Two languages of the crop circle enigma have already been recognized well by the world of common science.

I have deciphered yet another two. One is the key to a unified field theory in physics. Relate any UFO sighting you can find to this When you see a UFO your first reaction is of course, that it is an unidentified flying object. I'm not going to explain balled lightning here, just those flying objects which are assumed to have living entities inside.

There are 5 main categories These all have one thing in common, whether they shed light or not. They all have to expose their spheres to the naked eye. Why must they have this weakness? These must be exposed, because they are no different than a rocket's red glare, or any other form of thrust.

Another thing to keep in mind, they are always oriented parallel to the earth. Sets of 3 lights, or standing ovals, will tilt slightly to maneuver laterally. They work opposite direction to a helicopter blade's tilt-path- plane.

You may recall an upstate New York sighting in the 's, where a triangular craft slowly moved over the city at night. Some of the 3-light sets, included in a set of 9 in the craft, would rotate slightly This was not the case. They adjusted to perfect direction of movement, as sets of 3 spheres in any case, are not able to simply tilt to move in a specific direction and have maximum accuracy, as would a standing oval. By mutual influence only can spheres have 'flattish' or 'lenticular' bubbles within, which are very necessary if you want to maneuver laterally.

What good is it without this? The craft which have spheres of light are high output, high thrust capability types. This is the schematics for one of the crop circle enigma, which I believe to be plans for a craft capable of anti- gravity, and dematerialization.

Figure is missing although it could be a duplicate of a figure shown above. And a rough depiction of any one of the three anti-gravity spheres shown cut open here This is something you don't see every day: How to make kilowatts of direct current without fuel other than the fuel of time's passage.

Our society is controlled by high prices in, what should be ancient now, sales of fossil fuels You can get the same power without the plasma heat, and nuclear waste. Most of what you need is just copper! Not an air vacuum.

As you might recall, electron photography of a vacuum, shows enough power bounding through in the form of these so called 'electron clusters' to run a nuclear carrier from a space the size of a ladel jar. My point is that bosons, the largest particles, format space everywhere.

Whenever a space is created big enough for a boson to fill, it is instantaneously pushed there by neutrinos which pass through the spaces between bosons for vast distances. Neutrinos do this because they are light, small, and have been shot out of a galaxy somewhere, which has been busting bosons into bits as small as neutrinos.

This force is what drives neutrinos to move as they do. Earth is at a distance from galaxial center to allow it times passage by way of neutrinos only. Closer in, where larger particles are more present, time's passage is caused by electrons, and so on.

Graphics are on the way. Bosons will arrange themselves in sets of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, depending on the pressure they can maintain to stick together. This is a common rule anywhere in reality, either 2d, 3d, 4d, or etc Elements on the periodic table exhibit higher formats than the format natural for that distance from the galaxy in question.

This is what gives them weight, mass, color, as they have their own time, and their own space they have created as they fit between a higher number of bosons than surrounding space. ONLY this can cause bosons to lack within a space, as this disallows a return flow. Small particles are taken from a central point, where they are shot from the sphere, while outside the sphere larger bosons are held at bay between lines of force they have created for themselves.

The ion state is what is in question here, and this is the answer: Boson format is equal to ion state. Matter's presence will battery this state, or it may be left in a state of unparalleled format, until the boson sets in question slowly or quickly find their natural state for the constant format held for that area of space. And why have I displayed them based on a 2d plane? Format 3 as shown will have neutrinos bounding through it, allowing the center point where they cross paths to make up the atomic nucleus of light gasses, such as nitrogen.

Format 4 allows for something greater; electrons may now move constantly. Copper is a format 4 atom. Every time a format is stepped up, the lightest particles move to flow in a constant cycle, while those previously left stagnant and non-interacting will become part of the atom's mechanics. Copper is conductive, while it is also the greatest thermally disapating element that is, has the greatest amount of thermal conductivity.

K-mesons, responsible for thermal kinetics, flow in a 4-leaf clover fashion here within the set of 4 bosons. This works just like geared wheels. A set of 3 would not turn. A set of 4 would. It puts K-mesons into flow, while it also allows for just pions? You will notice the graphic depiction of this having 5 bosons, but when applied to gold, one large boson sits at center, while 8 smaller surround this.

Format 6: Just another step up. Format 7: The locked set. Imagine these as gears The set of 7 is gyroscopically inert. Lithium is used in lubrication of wheel bearings. Format 8: Almost there Format 9: The last possible format.

To my knowledge, this does not exist, unless as a heavy radioactive element, which would only last if the overall format for surrounding space is format 7 or above. It is the 'universal joint' of atomic mechanics. You should be able to see, that if another boson came into the picture, the format would not hold onto the center boson anymore. Neutron stars perhaps. If you've read and somewhat understand the above, you should now be able to comprehend this: Anti-gravity as it relates to the extraterrestrial craft previously outlined, is a form of thrust.

It is silent. It is made possible by a spherical device which inhales small particles such as electrons to a centerpoint, and then jettisons these from the sphere through a small hole or seams. Don't jump ahead of me yet Meantime, you have large amounts of the largest particles known to exist, building up outside the skin of the sphere.

These lines of force will hold bosons at bay, preventing them from entering with the smaller particles — as they are held at a specific distance from the sphere in operation. This can happen in a fraction of a second. These sets of 7 bosons are now extremely positively charged ions. They are also heavy, almost like water. When you see a UFO, consider that it is floating.

You will soon come to realize that there is no other explanation. Gold plus other crystalline structures work as well. Lithium may be ideal. The oscillating lattice or liquid allows for pulses of energy to bound inward to spherical center. As these pump z waves move in, they are delayed by the presence of copper. This will set the successive waves in sync yet out of phase with proceeding waves.

Once the focusing point within the copper ball is reached, waves combine to form one higher frequency. In a way, this is how laser light is made, as infrared waves combine to become light waves. Nikola Tesla utilized wave folding from a low frequency to a high frequency in some of his work. Now the waves lost off bosons outside the H2O or otherwise, which would normally continue out the other side to attract bosons, are now forced to attract smaller particles with this higher frequency.

This builds ion charge in the copper ball. A thin copper rod may extend from the ball to a point outside the device to enamate power in the form of direct current. Any questions??? But they did leave some script behind which could point to the possibility.

In any case, here it is: Gravity: Local molecular bonding of an atom may give it a lower or higher format than overall surrounding space. This bonding requires either larger or smaller particles to bound in and out of it. This mutual attraction is the direct result of naturally enamating waves from both objects. It causes the gyroscopes of each to change, which make them both slightly teardrop shaped with their shell of surrounding electrons, and etc Electromagnetism: Say you have an assembly of format 4 atoms which create between them holes large enough for mesons, pions, kaons, and even bosons, to travel through.

And this tension may prevent the entrance of larger particles into the metal if the holes on that side are spread apart more than the opposing. Strong force of the atom: Many theories have come and gone as to how this works with everything else, especially the co-existence of gravity.

It is simple though. Bosons having immense kinetic pressure against one another everywhere throughout the infinite universe, keep close to one another. Only this can allow for the smallest particles for that particular format number of assembly, to enter and exit. They cannot go into flow, and they cannot move too far from this assembly, as any attempt to do so, would be a move away from the field waves created by the crossing paths of neutrinos.

Weak force of the atom: Between any format, a very interesting thing happens. Larger particles [e. This, in one way or another, causes everything trapped between the boson format to separate into categories, like a centrifuge would separate white and red blood cells. A format 4 will have 'gears' which make space for quarks large enough to create a copper atom, if the quarks are present. In time, I hope to have a revision of the periodic table of elements for this, but for now I have only a few of the elements categorized Lithium 6 and 7 are categorized as formats 6 and 7, though may not be correct.

But must be close, as they do not conduct heat as copper would, and don't reflect it as gold does so perfectly. The degree of thermal reflection is directly evident their degree of separation which points directly to the number of smaller bosons surrounding the larger boson. Light: I would not prefer to categorize this as a 5th force, as it performs just like magnetism, though it uses smaller particles in use of its field waves.

It does utilize boson kinetics more directly than anything, as electrons are put into surplus or deficit as an amount contained between a boson format, on one side or the other of the light wave. Light from distant stars shows just how great the pressure is maintained between bosons. It is a delay and slowing of field waves made possible by the presence of galaxies which have higher boson formats!

Light is delayed by glass, right? You may recall how you will see only blue light through thick glass. Wouldn't this oppose the theory? The medium for all interactions is based on format 3, as Earth is at a distance from the galaxy to give its surrounding bosons and average of format 3. Microwaves do not pass through metal correct? If galaxies have format 4 as a minimum close-in, wouldn't it be assumed that this would at least delay such waves?

Unifying Field Theory with Projective Geometry This section is dedicated to making sense out of particle physics. For long, so many have theorized methods of explaining all particle interactions with one theory, yet have neglected the use of a projectively geometrical approach — which can be the only way to encompass the true meaning of space and time. I have made this website easy to understand for both the complete novice and advanced physicist.

The missing link is bosons. This is not a pseudoscience. Fermions only have spin because of bosons. These particles, known to be the largest, have been neglected since until now fermions obvious interacting particles such as quarks interacting only with the totally theoretic and imaginary photons, have been used to explain too much.

The same goes for strings with p and d branes. The illusion math gives is a near perfect solution. But to encompass the true meaning of space and time, how can one assume that any branch geometrical concept think about this, really , can truly encompass the true meaning of space and time!!!!! If it works, it must be translatable to one simple sentence, as it was so well put by Einstein. Euclidian geometric equations base this photon activity on dual geometric planes of movement — which have no basis for either their existence nor fuel for movement!!!

On the right, you have my modification, wherein bosons surround the atom, and all interactions work through wave reflection only. The 2 ideas are close to being the same, yet one method may use ONLY particles. This theory doesn't sell with physics professors, since I've found it difficult to translate my projective idea into math without higher math schooling.

The solution is however obvious, since the modification is basic in principle. The wave reflections form particle vortex centrifuges a natural method of particle separation and confinement. No photons then, just waves through particle fields as neutrinos initially fuel the movement of this interaction. The vortex concept: This describes the basic idea of a vortex: Two or more particle weights come in, are separated in a centrifugal action, and are released.

Not shown here is how one or the other of the subjects may be routed to re-enter the flow. In particle physics, the smaller particles will constantly re-enter the flow in low radius groupings, while the large and heavy are either lost from the loop or simply continue looping at a larger radius with decreased speed.

The Higgs boson, largest particle known, has 0 spin. This shouldn't mean it does nothing! Not only are bosons THE missing link to explaining absolutely everything, but in absolution, these also provide us with the necessary tool to make complete and logical hypothesis of methods for creating anti-gravity, and or, particle thrust machines, as well as final solutions in breaking down riddles in chemistry.

Any element in the periodic table is explained with ease, as well as any of the forces. Space everywhere would be like this, without matter, if it weren't for black holes. Black holes inhale bosons, break them down, and exhale small parts which are all other particles.

Stephen Hawking once theorized this. As a sea of bosons moves in, a sea of its parts moves out much faster for equal weight exchange. This flow opposition is what makes time's passage, as most evidently neutrinos passing between atoms at light speed cause the atom to ocsillate from within!! Just because stars are swallowed by black holes does not mean the overall action of this excludes the galaxy's black hole from growing.

This is only an example of natural growth. Dimensions explained below. Dimension number number of dimensions or dimension number? Astrophysicists representing the Naval Research Lab. The number of bosons in a 'format' rises when flow opposition between bosons and their smaller parts increases in pressure.

The pressure may prevent electrons from orbiting in format 4, while replacing them with mesons responsible for the thermal spectrum. Format 4 fully active exists just at light speed. The element copper is format 4, which is why it sheds light under current passing, as electrons are disrupting its synchronous meson interactions.

Later I will mention more on the elements. Elements have formats based on how much they have to expand the format of bosons from within. Gluons, which DO NOT exist, would not in this theory because every particle orbits about a smaller particle, rather than the other way around, in the strong force — just another disproof for the Euclid-heads.

The weak forces do have a direct connection to molecular bonding. The weak force is what remains of at atom which might surpass its ability to interact with surrounding space after passing a level of light speed, or format interaction. This is because the bosons arranging in sets of 4 for format of 4 for example, when passing light speed, will allow its molecular bonding waves to act without interruption. The reason for this is simple; particles group because of orbital waves, which continue past light speed by mesons, not electrons.

When passing light speed, the final particle sets left can only be those which are heavy enough to allow a wave through its own to orbit an elliptic about the boson which opposes the head on flow of the atom's greatest speed though all else. For a visual of this see the depiction of formats a few paragraphs down. Shown below left are the two funnels of a supermassive black hole which inhale bosons.

Shown below right I've depicted the flow opposition between bosons and their outbound parts, which is what creates time's passage. That is, it would take about a million electron neutrinos to allow a boson to move just 1 space into the galaxy's black hole. Galaxies are created by and can only exist about a black hole.

This explains why the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation slows when passing through galaxies, since black holes would obviously slow passing microwaves. The universe is infinite. Stephen Hawking, the best black hole theorist to date, once theorized that black holes do in fact make particles. Formats 3 to 9 7 total give time and space for either the element, or the space near a black hole within a galaxy.

That is, the disruption is the matter which is trapped between the bosons and disrupts the flow of free particles traveling between bosons, These free particles may be any lepton, meson, pion, or kaon. That is, these allow storage of larger particles, and more of them. Pure evidence of this is lithium, and how it suppresses heat so well.

It may act as a living vortex when linked with other elements. Good reason for its use in thermonuclear reactions. The dust will spin in well- defined recurring trajectories in a clover-leaf pattern. The charge of the nucleus doesn't really attract more by itself and the interaction of photons, but allows bosons to assemble about the quark matter creating a much greater assembly of particles overall and a higher form of atomic mechanics — [higher count of centrifuge mass.

This happens with mesons responsible for thermal kinetics in format 4, as the mechanics of format 4 will allow thermal waves to orbit internally. You may find pions and kaons use other orbital waves in higher formats, as it is all by rule of the size of the bosons. To date, there are only a very few sources of all the experimental evidences being used to solve a unified field theory, and worse yet, they are only utilizing branches of the only root of all geometries.

The following is an example of gobblygook. It is not how anything can work. The most modern M theory utilizing p-branes is not much different. Kinetics can be the only reality of real particle physics. If time were acting in reverse for any of the forces they have described, this would mean they've got that part of the atom inside-out.

The force I speak of is gravity. Using string theory, gravity works backwards when passing light speed, or when entering the event horizon of a black hole. Obviously these centrifuges are held in place as they are caged by surrounding bosons in kinetic resistance.

The answer is simple. Time's passage free particles flowing between everything gives all like sized particles surface tension between one another, so long as there exists a smaller particle sea where this can happen. The modification is as simple as Go figure. Inertia: A comparison with Schrodinger's cat; an approaching object will seem to shift to the blue spectrum, while leaving shifts to red.

What is different, however, is that non-stationary objects, relative to surrounding bosons only, complete their cyclic interactions non-uniformly. Time is altered on two sides of the sphere initially, and once inertia is set, as particle weight moves, nothing can prevent this but ion exchange by one of a number of methods. One would be molecular pressure from another object, as in maintaining the correct count of all particles between bosons in time's passage.

This exchange of kinetic force must influence the bosons directly to do so. In a matter of speaking, all matter is always in motion in all directions simultaneously. Strong: The force inside the center of an atom; this is possible as particles which continually pass in succession through the atom's bosons will allow 3-dimensional crossing points of its own. About these points particles will oscillate faster than anywhere in the atom, and since bosons are difficult to displace, just as difficult then to displace would be the matter held in oscillation of one of these junctions in oscillation.

Becuase of the strong force, particles for ex: the mesons in copper in F 4 , will internally form orbital waves in, for example, 4-leaf clover patterns. Electromagnetic: This classification shows how over either very short or very long distances, particles of specific weights are exchanged, as elements in particular molecular bonds have the ability in their formations to use time's passage in moving them a particular direction.

This is only possible by molecular bonds of successive atoms aligned to strain ion compression between themselves from one point to the next. This may be as little as two differing elements. Gravity: The 4th force to be set by the rule of ion states. This force is possible because atoms are all living vortexes, processing passage of many particles — especially neutrinos.

Any element nearby emits waves relative to its own molecular bonding orbital waves which dampen a field between the two attractors. He was in Texas? Paste into www. The proceeding article will appear. Not reproduced here is his interesting page re earth axial shifts, how the Siberian mammoths were quick frozen, etc. The Anti-Gravity Page Once you understand the basics of particle physics, and what my modification does, you may read on.

To an atom, its weight is allowed only by its increased format number surrounding by boson group numbers. The amount of quark matter within determines how much the atom inducts time's passage neutrino flow and vortexes its force transforms. Now what if you can make these bosons group without the quark matter long enough to use the altered weight state as thrust? This would mean that anywhere in space, really anywhere, you may create grouped bosons to use as thrust.

In the simple design of an anti-gravity device, it is required to have ion transformation. This means the boson particles which by their own separation distance and number in a group, are this level of ionization. This is what ionization is, as the free particles which fill the gaps are the yang for the yin. This simple plan, if followed correctly, will produce for you at least 20 times the thrust needed to lift its own weight, and copper is heavy!

Copper spherical layers must be complete, and welded from hemispheres to a mirror finish or close to it. You must use a conductive copper alloy, not pipe alloy. Zinc and aluminum may be in the mix minimally. Copper used in wire is comparable. Separate copper layers with a non-conductive.

How does it work, free energy, more Electron photography performed by two head professors from the University of Texas proves enough power in the form of electron clusters bounds through the space the size of a ladel jar about 2 cups to run a nuclear carrier. This technology shows how to tap the energy source with monopolar magnetics!

I found it obvious that this energy is stored in the ion states of space. First, bosons battery these electrons, and other related particles which make electricity possible. The complete sphere has the ability to extend lines of magnetic force from one point at spherical center, to all points about the sphere. Lines of force will hold bosons at bay keep them out of the sphere in a boson vacuum as free particles such as electrons are taken in.

It does this by 1: Creating boson modulation in a pump z wave format. This means no longer can the original wave frequency lost from bosons attract bosons, but can now only attract particles a fraction of their size! A similar technology is used in lasers, but works with light instead. Another example is sonoluminescence, which is actually explained here, and only here, with the idea of bosons formatting space, and giving time degree.

Lateral maneuverability The method of producing thrust here is simple, but what good is upward thrust without some manner of maneuvering laterally??? In order to do this you must build 3 identical spheres, placed in lateral triangular formation, separated by just slightly more than 1 sphere space each. And plenty of it.

This design produces not only light, but massive amounts of radiation if used at full output. This is a direct reaction of pump z wave production from ions. Continued exposure will cause radiation poisoning. Shield self with a layer of gold leaf or gold electrocoated metal at a safe distance from the device. Theoretically, it will produce enough X-rays at any normal output to destroy film in seconds.

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Groove machines are located on the territory of operating casinos. For some beat after the debar on gambling, citizens of the country had the satisfactorily to fake slots, but in only foreigners are allowed in the casino. Household to 1. It spans 30 million village green kilometers, six period zones and eight different mood zones. Age at infection is the main determinant of risk for development to chronic disease.

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However, prosecutors began utilizing this law to cost women who tested optimistic for drugs whereas pregnant and delivered newborns with medication in their systems. A randomised genetic influences explain the foetal origins of continual control trial examining the impact of an antioxidant diseasefi.

This screening check will give a final Screening Risk Assessment to estimate the prospect of your child having Down syndrome Trisomy 21 , Trisomy 18 or Trisomy thirteen as well as Neural Tube Defects. Speech, though overmen and adjoining anterior and posterior limbs of the interall fluent and coherent, is marked by circumlocutions and nal capsule Naeser et al. An analysis is indicated when The bodily examination fndings are often normal in ever a murmur is present in a affected person with syncope; a positive youngsters who experience syncope.

The endoscopic pattern is that of a submucosal tumour with a swelling of a normal mucosa. North America, neither meta-analyses28,30 nor randomized controlled trials5,6,12,33 have furnished clear proof of any 6. The analysis additionally identifed parts in childhood that help shield youngsters from these harmful outcomes. There are mildly hyperactive bowel sounds with diffuse imprecise belly pain without any point tenderness. The superior thyroid artery usually originates from the common carotid arteries; nonetheless, it emerges roughly between the third and 6th tracheal rings and runs in the direction of the thyroid gland, in some instances of only one frequent carotid artery[46].

Advice to sufferers Most people can ease signs by easy changes to diet and way of life and avoiding foods that make indigestion worse. It grows caudally as a tubular duct which finally divides to type the isthmus and lobes. A whirling conduct is typical when the mortality price is excessive; affected people swim in a rotating method about their lengthy axis. Other Superfund the invasion of meals by toxigenic fungi has turn out to be a deal with to public health. This chapter examines how enabling nurses to practice to the total extent of their education and coaching key message 1 in Chapter 1 is usually a major step forward in assembly these challenges.

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Multiple sleep latency take a look at findings in five diagnostic categories of Sex Ratio: More common in girls. Of the 38 circumstances beneath the age of five, viable isolates from 31 were sent to the Indiana State Department of Health for serotyping. Wisconsin Association Provide sources to enhance the well being Patients and. The website of resolved lesions Complications is marked transiently by hyperpigmentation, notably in pigmented individuals.

An publicity typically results in the looks of the agent within the bloodstream, nevertheless it usually does not stay there completely, as it is drawn out of the blood into other compartments. European journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology Vol 38; It is beneficial for long Thick bone kind bones and is indicated for fresh fractures and Seen solely in congenital instances. A G protein signal transduction group ultimately leads to depolarization of the gustatory chamber.

Attachments: It originates from the lateral aspect of the ischial tuberosity, and attaches to the quadrate tuberosity on the intertrochanteric crest. His dad and mom gave him a sports drink pink color , after which they tried clear Pedialyte. Aphonia; acute bronchitis, respiration quickened, spasmodic affections of lungs and diaphragm. Value of the measurement of portal fiow velocity within the differential prognosis of asymptomatic splenomegaly.

Often, the feelings we now have during these instances convey higher than phrases the unconscious conflicts of the patient, though it would take a while for us to know what we are feeling and why. Total mastectomy carries no additional benefit if full excision could be achieved by segmental mastectomy. Hydro- to form the best and left testicular veins, which drain cele is usually a major idiopathic or secondary condi- into the inferior vena cava and the left renal vein, re- tion.

The disc helps the backbone suprounding tissues enlarge due to the development of bony port the body and allows movement between vertebra. Porcine collagen gel is synthetically produced by a process linking strands of collagen with ribose, a sugar molecule. Biotechnology corporations have developed antibodies that specically acknowledge proteins on the floor of most cancers cells.

Your body could also be young and strong sufficient to kill them however not robust enough to kill an everlasting provide of them coming from dairy meals you eat every day. Social trunk, and limbs that will occur after months or often Environmental considerations are most important in the years of remedy with antipsychotic brokers.

Concern is that acute rises in blood strain associated with greater intensity resistance train could be dangerous, possibly scary stroke, myocardial ischemia or retinal hemorrhage. Although the unadjusted data showed a correlation between marijuana use and low birthweight, there was no statistically important increased danger of low birthweight when the researchers controlled to be used of tobacco and different confounders Conner et al.

Hyperbaric oxygen remedy prevents coagulation disorders in an experimental mannequin of multiple organ failure syndrome. In that specifcally tackle the distinctive dangers reply to this question, the Working Group confronted by Servicemembers in coaching and on identifed recommendations to four Federal deployment and by their families.

Luckily there is quite an essential lubricator or unguent parathesis that is nigh on whole for you. Specificities of operations in a hospital, where every employee contributes by individual specialty, have for a very long time made it difficult to define high quality in the work routine. Since frozen embryo switch from previous cycles is one potential approach to maximize cumulative pregnancy charges while minimizing the chance of multiple gestations see the part on the number of embryos transferred [part G under The Embryo ], below , identifying the optimum technique for preparation ought to be a high priority.

Effects of discontinuing espresso consumption on iron standing of iron-poor Guatemalan toddlers: a randomized intervention examine. However, there continues to be controversy about the extent to which such findings could also be due to variations in sexual conduct and different elements. As the Minister of Health, I am dedicated to ensuring British Columbians have an effective and environment friendly health service system that gives equitable entry to appropriate companies.

Fungal infections in stable organ transplant fection is a threat factor for invasive aspergillosis in lung transplant recipients. Early therapy Cyanocobalamin and hydroxocobalamin are with desferrioxamine has drastically reduced complicated cobalt containing compounds present in mortality of iron poisoning. These specify the algorithms, prognostic components have been included into elements needed for the pathologist to report the stage groupings for specifc disease sites where indicated.

Have supervisors been provided with the information required to supervise the use and care of hearing protectors by subordinates. Because of the theoretical risk of pores and skin atrophy, the rule of thumb improvement group advises that consideration could also be given to switching arms after two consecutive implants.

An and warrant a willpower that the prints came from example could be a tenprint card. The causes and medical signifcance of3 sufferers with recurrent staphylococcal infections, weekly these abnormalities are unknown. From one end to the other of the text, you intent repossess features that enroll the students sooner than taking selected topics a move further. A randomized managed trial of a mother or father training and emotion socialization program for households of hyperactive preschool-aged youngsters.

Monitoring for Side Effects During Treatment with Clozapine With clozapine, safety monitoring during treatment is necessary to reduce the risk of adverse events. Immunocompromised sufferers with prolonged viral replication in the respiratory tract might probably serve as a reservoir for spread of infuenza within the hospital and the neighborhood. Relaxation coaching is commonly used along side biofeedback to extend physiological awareness and improve relaxation abilities. Droplet Precautions are meant to prevent transmission of pathogens spread by way of shut respiratory or mucous membrane contact with respiratory secretions as described in I.

Depending on the reasons for the choice, dog can level towards any of the eleven tasks discussed in chapter 2. However, in the future, as extra antiviral brokers become out there, we will need to enhance our knowledge of virology to optimally make the most of these future antiviral brokers.

In such cases, instead, direct calcium hydroxyapatite just like that in bone matrix but extension of an infection from the adjacent space, regularly the organic material of the cartilage is distinct from the bone. They have the same common formulation as standard processing solutions but usually contain the next focus of hydroquinone. The redesigned tool is a handy, online way to examine and tailor your withholdGetting tax data in other languages.

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Use --disable-filter to bypass this. Please report if this changes any results. The Shield. All data is ultimately derived from Coriolis. Skip to content. Star 7. This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository.

Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags. Latest commit. Git stats 86 commits. Failed to load latest commit information. It occupies an Internal Compartment slot. Note that not all ships will keep this shield generator mounted; many NPC ships carry no generator at all, as well as some player ships that are not intended to see combat such as mining or cargo vessels.

A ship with a shield generator is protected by an invisible force field that prevents damage to the hull, and the hull does not take damage from impact or weapon-fire so long as the shield is both powered and charged. Shields can be depleted by being struck, and regenerate slowly while using Systems energy. Shields will not regenerate or reactivate if there is no stored Systems energy.

Larger classes of shield generator are designed to encase larger sizes and masses of vessel, and shields have a maximum rating of ship size they are able to generate a field around. Below the optimum hull mass a shield is rated for, shields work at capacity. Above the optimum, shields work on a diminished capacity. Currently pips do not appear to increase the recharge or reactivation rate of shields, given that your System still has available energy for the recharge process to consume.

Only one Shield Generator can be equipped on a ship at a time. The base shield strength is determined by the ship model.

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