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budapest spa party 2016 torrent

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I purchased, downloaded and installed Sonar X1 Producer Windows I had known Betty and her husband Phil for many years and had often invited them to join us on a trip. It was hard to believe that they had finally gotten sick of my perpetual nagging and agreed to come along to shut me up.

Betty captivated us all with a beautiful poem that she had written about the trip and the people that she had shared the adventure with. It almost sounded like they were glad they had come along. I never ceased to be amazed at the diverse sets of talents that I find in every group of people.

Thanks for a great holiday. Our first full day in Amsterdam began with our final breakfast on board the Magnifique. Since the boat would be taking on a new batch of passengers within a few hours, it was fascinating to see how the whole transition process took place. While we were in the dining room enjoying our final breakfast, the crew were already stripping the beds and preparing the linen for the next occupants. At this stage our team was splitting into multiple components.

Some would be leaving the Odyssey Ride completely, others would be making their way independently to Donaueschingen and the rest would be scattering to hotels around Amsterdam. Our preferred hotel was the Amsterdam Hotel Wiechmann, situated right on the intersection of two canals and about 1 km from the city centre. We had last stayed there in October last year and really loved the place. While it is not a modern hotel, it is steeped in character and has a glorious outlook on the canals and the bike fuelled chaos that is Amsterdam.

The front window has a very distinctive display of china teapots and inside the lounge room is an eclectic mixture of other memorabilia including a canon and a suit of armor. Since there were 12 of us who would be staying in the same hotel we decided to book three taxis to take us from the boat to the hotel.

We gave a final handshake and wave to the Captain and crew and bundled our gear into the taxi for the short ride to the Wiechmann. It cost us each 5 Euro, but it was well worth the money for the saving in energy and shoe leather. I was also not confident that the wheels on some of the bags would withstand the punishment of a 2 km walk on cobblestones.

It is a comforting feeling to arrive at a hotel and find that your booking had been correctly received. It was even more comforting to find that my computer remembered the WiFi password from my previous visit and that we were to stay in the same room we had used last time. It really was like coming home. While the women decided to walk to the Rembrandt House and soak up some culture, it did not really appeal to the men in the group.

Thus David, Ross and myself headed back into the centre of the city and the Bodyworlds Museum. We spent the next hour wandering among the exhibits of preserved bodies doing some amazing things, including two amorous cadavers who were forever preserved in the act of procreation.

Judging by the vast amount of smoking and drinking that the Dutch seem to perpetually engage in, it seems that not many of the locals have actually visited this museum. Actually the whole display was very tastefully done and left an indelible impression of just how wonderful our bodies are. We had arranged to meet the women back at the hotel at 1 pm and we were there with a few minutes to spare. The women were nowhere in sight. We waited. And waited.

Still no sign. Eventually a phone call from one of them was received. Apparently they had got lost along the way and had no idea of where they were. They told us not to wait any longer. It was time for lunch. Much later in the afternoon, when the ladies had finally returned, Maggie and I headed once more to the centre of the city.

Maggie was determined to see the Banksy Exhibition and I was just as determined to find a quiet, secluded spot to have a cup of coffee. She went to the exhibition, but as for the quiet secluded spot — forget it. We had arrived at Amsterdam right in the middle of some sort of drunken bacchanalia. All over the city were seas of noisy young people, many in fancy dress and ALL in various stages of intoxication. Those that were not busy swallowing beer were swinging their cameras around on the end of long selfie sticks.

There was a very real danger of losing an eye and probably your wallet as well. I was really glad that our hotel was on the outskirts of town, rather than in the middle of this maelstrom. When she emerged from the exhibition I told her that I had seen enough for one day and that it was time for dinner.

Somehow we managed to find the same little Italian Pizza Shop that we discovered last year and had a wood fired pizza dinner. When we arrived back at the hotel the others were still deciding where to go for dinner. It was somewhat of a relief to be able to tell them that we had completed our exercise for the day and would be going to our room instead. While I love Amsterdam, I definitely could not spend too much time in such a crowded place.

When we were here last year it was much later in the year and the crush of tourists had already disappeared. The tragedy is that, for many tourists, this is their only experience of Europe. I was so glad that we will soon be back on the bikes and in the relative solitude of the bike paths and back roads.

The next morning we heard that Carol had gotten a little lost on the way back from dinner. Well actually very lost. She was convinced that the canals had been shifted and wandered around for ages looking for the hotel sign. It was only when she finally saw a line of teapots that she knew she was safely home.

It is worth reiterating that the most important thing to always note when in any unfamiliar city is the name and location of your own hotel. Look for distinctive landmarks and features that will guide you back home or better still — buy a GPS. One of the lovely features of the Wiechmann Hotel is the beautiful little breakfast room, right on the corner of the ground floor. It is a joy to enjoy breakfast each morning while watching the hundreds of bicycles pass by just a couple of metres away on the other side of the window.

Maggie and I had a slight sleep in and were a little late arriving for breakfast. We found the rest of the team were already there, thoroughly enjoying their first meal of the day. The array of foods includes a large toasting machine and an array of breads and other condiments.

I had visions of melting raisins falling into the insides of the machine and causing irreparable damage. Although it looked pretty clear to me, you could understand my surprise when I found Ken Lister merrily tucking into a large stack of freshly toasted raisin bread. He looked slightly guilty when I mentioned that he had broken the first commandment of the breakfast room. Since we had already had enough of crowds, Maggie and I decided to walk away from the centre of town to the Vondelpark.

This is a huge area of parkland, bike paths, shady trees and tea rooms. We had spent time here on our previous visit to Amsterdam and loved the relative quietness of the area. We watched the numerous joggers, walkers and cyclists while we enjoyed a coffee and cake and then walked back towards the nearby Museum Complex. When I saw the huge lines of people waiting for entry, it took all of about 3 seconds to make the decision that I was not that interested in going inside.

When I see hundreds of people all heading the same direction, something inside me always makes me want to go in the exact opposite direction. I have never been one to do something, just because everyone else was doing it. I heard some music coming from nearby and decided to follow that instead. It led me to a blind accordionist who was playing with exquisite skill. It was hard to believe that he was only playing an accordion and not a church organ. This also gave me the ideal chance to empty my wallet of all the coins that had been accumulating there over the past week.

I emptied the entire contents into his tray, pleased that I could now close the flap on my coin compartment. Near the Rijk Museum is the diamond centre of Amsterdam. The impressive cluster of buildings that constitutes the Coster Diamond Conglomerate is probably a regular visiting location for the rich and famous, but it is also an interesting place to watch diamond cutters actually doing their craft. Another attraction is that it is free to enter and it is never crowded. Maggie and I entered through the secure checkpoint and spent some time watching the workers inside.

Unfortunately, because it was Sunday, it was a little quiet inside. A snappily dressed salesman sidled up to us and started to do his well rehearsed spiel about the value of diamonds. I nodded my head sagely as he explained colour and facets and gave me a loupe to examine a huge shining diamond. Somehow I was not really surprised when he quickly lost interest in us and directed us towards the cubic zirconium cheap copies at about 40 Euros each.

Maggie tried on a few rings but quickly discovered that the sizes were only made for very small fingers. It was obvious that the main customers were cashed up Chinese visitors. It was only when we were out of the building that I noticed that there was a large stain down the front of my trousers from an unfortunate accident that had happened while eating a pizza the previous night.

I guessed that probably gave a good indicator that we would not be in the market for any , Euro sparklers anytime soon. By this time we were starting to wilt so decided to start to make our way back towards the hotel. We had not gone far before I noticed a well dressed young woman leaning up the side of a doorway.

There was something not right about her. She seemed unaware of her surroundings and was simply staring blankly into space. As I watched she slowly slid down the wall and slumped to the ground, surrounded by a puddle of her own vomit. Although some might try to paint a rosy image of legal drug taking and excessive drinking, I think that the reality is less than perfect. I was glad to back at the hotel and some quiet time in our room to think about the events of the day.

There is no doubt that Amsterdam is a captivating city with some amazing characteristics, but I was ready to move on. I could not help but feel that I wanted to be back on the bike, exploring some quiet bike path, far away from the jostling, selfie taking crowds. Tomorrow we will be back on bike, but not the type that require pedalling. We have arranged to hire a bunch of Vespa Scooters to explore the countryside on the outskirts of the city. I will let you know how we go.

I am not sure who came up with the original idea, but I gather it was some sort of collaborative effort between Maggie and Pauline. I have never been game to even hire a bicycle in Amsterdam, so why would anyone in their right mind even consider riding a motor scooter anywhere near the craziest city on earth, especially when none of us had any previous experience on any sort of motor bike? On the other hand, we have proven numerous times in the past that we are always up for a challenge. Prior experience counts for nothing when we all have enough copious amounts of foolhardiness to take on just about anything.

Besides I was already sick of the mad crowds in the centre of the city so it would be great to get away from the crush of tourists and selfie sticks, even if it is was at the peril of our own lives. Eleven of us packed our helmets and walked to Central Station to catch the regional bus to Landsmeer. This is a small satellite town about 15 minutes from the centre of town.

We purchased our tickets so much easier than our own Myki muddle , boarded the modern bus and were soon deposited in the main street of this lovely little town. Once again the weather was absolutely perfect for this type of activity blue skies and a temperature in the low 20s. We found the office of the Scooter Experience and saw a yard packed with dozens of scooters.

Maggie was pleased that most of them were red, because apparently everyone knows that the red ones go faster. Leon, the owner, asked us if we had ever ridden motor scooters before. He looked a little anxious and went on to explain that we need some degree of skill to ride these contraptions.

He did not seem impressed by the fact that we were cycling to Budapest and were thus incredible sporting specimens. We were then forced to fill in pages of legal indemnity forms, none of which we bothered to read any part of. Leon then ushered us out into the yard and made each of us show what we could do. Thus three riders had their scooters confiscated and were sent back to the bus station.

That reduced our scooter peloton scootaton? Since Leon obviously took us for a bunch of deluded seniors he sent his assistant to tag along for the first few km, presumably to call for an ambulance in case of mishap. His apprehension was unfounded as we were soon flying along, pushing the scooters right past their red lines, performing wheelstands and generally hooning around.

I quickly decided that this was fun and started challenging Douglas and David to sprints. Although we had been told that these machines were speed limited to 25 kph, we managed to coax them to almost double that. It was a great feeling to charge along the road in a scooter pack, sowing fear into any pedalling cyclist in our way. When we rode into a small town I have to admit that I was tempted to do something really bad.

I even considered getting a small tulip tattoo on my shoulder when I got back to Amsterdam. That would be sure to shock the kids! This is a collection of brightly painted houses and a lovely boat harbour. It provided the perfect location for our lunch stop. We were also met by the three others who had been rejected by the scooter wallah. They had caught the bus to the same location and were able to share lunch with us.

After lunch we posed beside our machines for a group photo before roaring out of town with us much speed as we could muster. Ken took on the role of navigator and ride leader and it did not take him long to lose half of our riders on the outskirts of the next town. We doubled back and found them waiting for us on the correct path.

We had some serious cruising to do in order to get the scooters back before closing time. Wind up the throttle, tuck in our arms and legs to reduce air resistance and enjoy the thrill of the high speed pursuit. At times I almost reached 46 kph, it was exhilarating. Douglas was frustrated that his scooter was obviously rubbish and unable to match the sheer power of my machine. I could have told him that he should have got a red one. Somehow we all managed to get back to the Scooter Experience office without further mischief or mishap and found Leon in the street anxiously looking out for his prodigal scooters.

He counted them off and then let out a sigh of relief. We caught the bus back to Amsterdam for our final night in this city before resuming our Odyssey to Budapest. Several of us had dropped in a load of dirty laundry at a nearby laundromat. When we collected the washing David was disgusted to find that half of his clothing had been ruined and were covered in huge black stains.

It had cost him 12 Euros to have this damage done, so he could be excused for being furious. Tomorrow morning we check out of the hotel and catch the train to Donaueschingen. The long train ride should give us a great chance to chat and sleep — sounds pretty good to me. Our Bruges to Amsterdam Cycle Adventure was always intended to be the prologue warm up to our main event — following the Danube from Donaueschingen to Budapest.

It turned out to serve this function perfectly. We could not have wished for better weather or a more memorable guide to usher us along our way. The first leg of our adventure finished in Amsterdam, the city of higgledy piggledy houses, bicycles, canals and legal drugs. While we were there it was also home to untold thousands of partying uni students, celebrating the start of the University year. Although I do love the unique character of this city, I was getting keen to leave the crowds behind and resume our ride through the quiet paths and back roads of Europe.

But before we could do that we needed to all get to Amsterdam Central Station. I asked the staff at the Wiechmann Hotel to organise three large taxis for us. We then piled all our suitcases outside the front door to wait for our transport. Right on time the first Mercedes Benz taxi van arrived and five of our team and a veritable mountain of luggage was jammed in the back. A couple of minutes later a similar van pulled up and the driver smiled and asked us to climb inside.

As the first were climbing in, the man from the hotel came out and warned us that this was NOT our taxi. It was just a driver who could smell a good fare. We thanked our hotel man for keeping his eye out for us. The second taxi arrived a few minutes later the correct one this time and we started to climb inside. The driver insisted that we would not need the third taxi because it was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. Although I doubted how we could possibly all about 7 of us get in the one taxi, somehow we managed and we were on our way.

One of the hazards of driving in Amsterdam is that the streets are not only always crammed with cyclists, but they are also only about 3 metres wide. Any delivery van that stops to drop or collect goods immediately blocks that street completely. We discovered that most deliveries must take place at 9 am as we were forced to make one diversion after another. Fortunately we still arrived at the station with a little time to spare. This was a pity as Maggie and Gael immediately saw an opportunity to go shopping.

They disappeared out of sight and left Gerry and I stranded with their luggage. The last time we were at this station Maggie got lost looking for the toilet, and it soon began to look like this time she had got lost looking for a handbag to buy. All the rest of the team went to the platform to board our train. Gerry and I looked at the clock. No sign of the women. Panic started to rise as the minute hand of the large clock raced around towards departure time.

Eventually Maggie appeared out of the crowd with a smile on her face and a large new handbag under her arm. I wondered where she was going to pack that for the rest of our adventure. Since the price between second class and first class on the ICE trains was not very much I had persuaded the group to let me buy first class tickets for the long journey.

I remembered back to the great first class service we had had on previous Thalys trips and I assumed that the high speed ICE train would give just the same level of service. Although the seats were spacious, there was basically no storage space for luggage apart from the racks high over your head.

I wondered how elderly people a bit like us would manage to lift heavy luggage without assistance. We were wasting our time — there was no service. Well that is not quite true we did each get handed a tiny packet about 3 cm square containing 5 sour lollies. That was lunch! I wondered what those in second class got. On top of our disappointment an announcement came over the speakers that the train was already running 10 minutes late after the first hour.

Since we only had a 20 minutes gap between trains at Frankfurt, I was starting to worry that we could be in trouble. The driver finally found the throttle and managed to get the speed up to near kph and we did make up a little of the lost time. We saw little of Frankfurt as we dashed from train to train, although we were by now so hungry that I would have enjoyed a frankfurt. The second ICE train was not much better than the first.

The afternoon tea or was it dinner was the same sour lollies. No coffee, not even water. No storage space. But at least it did take us to Offenburg on time. By now we had been in transit for nearly all day and were all getting near the end of our stamina.

We still had one train trip to go to take us the final leg to Donaueschingen. This turned out to be the real highlight of the day. We watched as the train climbed steadily into the Black Forest, passing through a number of long tunnels and crossing a ridge at near metres above sea level. It was a welcome contrast to the flatness of Holland and Belgium.

The rolling high meadows were spotted with grazing cows and steep roofed homes. It was that type of countryside. We finally rolled into the small station at Donaueschingen around 6 pm and formed a peloton of luggage pullers to find our way to the Hotel Zum Hirschen. It really felt like our true adventure was about to start. First impressions of the town were very positive. This was another contrast to the easy going nature of the Netherlands, where just about everything is completely legal.

We found our hotel, checked into our rooms and then looked for a place to eat. Due to some confusion over time zones we somehow ended up going to two different restaurants, but that was OK as everyone was very pleased with their meals. After a very long day we all headed to bed early. Tomorrow we can explore the town and get to meet the bikes that will carry us to Passau. Wednesday September 7th In Which we all get Castigated. There is no doubt that Donaueschingen is a beautiful little town in a beautiful part of the Black Forest, situated at a significant location at the start of the Danube River.

Well actually that is not quite true. The actual start of the Danube has been argued over for centuries. The residents higher up the Brigach River maintain that the true start of the Danube is at the start of the Brigach. The residents of Donaueschingen have made an industry out of claiming that the source of the Danube is a little limestone spring in the centre of their town.

The argument has never been entirely settled and that is why distances along the Danube are still always measured from the mouth of the river, not from its beginning. Today was a free day before the riding resumes and we head out from Donaueschingen towards Budapest. We all spent a lazy day wandering the town and exploring walks along the shady riverbanks.

This really would be an easy place to fall in love with, however there is one drawback that would have to be addressed. The locals seem to be a rather prickly lot with definite ideas of the correct way of doing just about everything. This first sign of extreme Germanic discipline occurred at breakfast. Although breakfast was supposed to be from 7 am to 10 am, when Maggie arrived at 9 am, the tables were already stripped bare and the food was securely locked away out of sight.

They do not tolerate individuals here. One aspect of the entire trip so far that I need to comment on is the weather. From the moment we landed in Europe we have had absolutely perfect weather every day. This applied for our entire Bruges to Amsterdam ride and has continued right to the start of our stage 2 in Germany. In fact the forecast for the next few days also appears to promise us the same sort of conditions.

This has helped to reinforce my opinion that September is absolutely the best time to travel in Europe. This morning we also had a chance to try out the bikes that we will be taking as far as Passau. This is always a slightly stressful time as each person assesses whether or not they have been supplied a lemon. I am happy to report that the initial assessment of the bikes was excellent.

Not only are they almost new, but they have high quality Schwalbe Marathon tyres, computers, good brakes, great range of gears, good seats and, most important of all, they are all bright red. I am confident that they are ideally suited to the sort of riding that lies ahead of us. I handed my free pass to the fraulein at the door and soon discovered that I was the only visitor. After a few minutes I realised why the crowds had stayed away.

The ancient floors creaked loudly with each footfall and the whole place gave me the urge to leave from the moment I entered. Our dinner this evening was at our own hotel. This of course gave us further opportunity to upset the management. They were obviously not pleased to find out that some of our riders had the temerity to be vegetarians even though they had been notified of this in advance.

There was much rolling of eyes, waving of hands and exclamations of Germanic disgust at this terrible inconvenience, but somehow they managed to reluctantly produce some vegetarian dishes after all. After dinner we tried to order coffee, but this seemed to also cause problems with the staff, along with just about everything else we did or said.

We were starting to feel like a bunch of naughty schoolchildren who had been kept in after school. I was almost on the verge of feeling guilty almost but not quite. We first assembled the team and bikes in the car park of the Zum Hirschen Hotel to undertake the obligatory group photo. This has become an essential tradition at the start and end of every extended ride.

The weather had provided us another perfect cycling day with not a cloud in the sky. The early morning air high in the Black Forest of Bavaria was clear and cool. I could not imagine better conditions for being on a bike. We first began by riding to the official start of the Danube Bike Path and then followed a lovely shady path right on the bank of the Brigach River.

We started with 26 riders but soon managed to reduce this to a much more manageable size of 12 riders when a large proportion of our peloton missed my signal and headed off in the wrong direction. Our reduced peloton rode on along the riverbank, looking for the confluence of the Brigach and the Breg Rivers.

We found it about a kilometre out of town. The other group found it also, except they were on the other side of the river! It was a bit little the Keystone Cops of Cycling, but somehow we all rejoined together to form a long snaking line of riders as we resumed the ride. From the moment these two small rivers combine, the river now bears the name the Danube or Donau. I was surprised that the bike path at this point was absolutely smooth bitumen, making for effortless riding.

I was also pleasantly surprised with the quality of the bikes we had been supplied. They were comfortable, quiet and well maintained — perfect for this type of cycling. We maintained a great degree of self control and pelotonic discipline, that is until we reached the first town with a coffee shop. Although it was still early in the morning, about half the peloton was already ready for a coffee break.

The others had a deadline to meet and decided to push on at a punishing pace. That statement turned out to be quite accurate. Once again our peloton was reduced in size and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves cruising along, chatting happily and stopping for pictures along the way. In this region the young Danube river does a quite remarkable thing.

At certain times of the year the entire flow of the river seeps into the porous limestone rocks and actually flows underground, before gradually re emerging and reforming on the surface several kilometres further on. We took a short detour from the bike path to walk on the dry bed of the river. Markers on the banks showed the heights the water can reach in times of flood, but today it was completely dry. We reached the large town of Tuttlingen early in the afternoon and decided it would be a perfect place for lunch.

We found a suitable Bakerei and sat in the shade to enjoy lunch and a drink. When the time came for us to resume the ride, Mary was so keen to get going that she rode away without paying for her coffee. No wonder the Ghostriders have earned such a bad reputation all around the world. As Mary happily made her daring escape, her bill was paid by an anonymous admirer. A little further on we reached the small Bavarian town of Mulheim.

With a flurry of pedals and a rush of testosterone he was soon disappearing into the distance. The only problem is that it was the wrong distance. Somehow in the excitement he had ignored both his GPS and common sense and started pedalling frantically up the first big hill we had seen so far in Europe. I chased after him, shouting at him to stop, but it was to no avail. After a couple of kilometres of chasing and shouting, I was getting no closer and just making myself hot and bothered. I stopped and turned back.

Surely David would realise that he was going the wrong way and that no one was with him? I rode back down the hill and told the others the bad news. Carol could not stop laughing. In the meantime David was battling up an enormous mountain of Biblical proportions, fearful of taking a backward glance in case he might be overtaken by one of the non existent chasers. He actually maintained this same strange behaviour all the way to our hotel at Beuron. It was only then that he looked behind to see that he was all alone.

The rest of us were having a thoroughly delightful ride through idyllic countryside. We did have a few small undulations, but nothing that could be called a serious climb. A little further on we met up with Paul and Jan who had abandoned the racing group and decided to enjoy the ride instead. Around 10 km from our hotel we discovered a lovely roadside resting place, serving cold drinks and ice cream.

It was an ideal place for another stop. It was here that we met a young Australian family who were riding around Europe with their three young children. All their bikes were heavily laden with panniers and luggage. Take that youngster. Gael must have been keen to get to the hotel because she jumped on the first red bike she could find and started pedalling.

It might have looked a bit like hers, but it was actually nothing like hers. He had no choice but to jump on her bike and chase her down. They do this sort of thing all the time. The final section to Beuron was a little challenging with a series of climbs and descents. The late afternoon was growing quite warm and we were starting to feel a bit tired. Beuron is an interesting Monastery town with a huge monastery and a number of other religious buildings.

A prominent statue also testified to the fact that it is also a stop on a pilgrim route. Which pilgrim route? Sorry, I do not know as the writing was all in German. It had been a glorious start to this leg of the Odyssey ride and has left a very high standard for the rest to live up to. In a similar fashion, today was the best of days and the worst of days. It certainly started on a positive note with yet another perfectly cloudless sky and pure, cool air as clear as crystal.

I went to the bike garage to collect my bike, but no matter how hard I looked, it was not to be found anywhere. I tried not to get anxious, but there was no sign of it. The search continued for another 10 minutes, until I decided to use the scientific approach. I knew my bike had a horizontal bar.

That eliminated about half the bikes. My bike had a GPS attachment, That eliminated most of the remainder. It had cable ties exactly like mine. Hang on a minute — it WAS my bike. I was not happy. I told David that he was a bare faced thief and took all his junk off.

When we were ready, we cycled back up the hill to the bike path. We looked around. We were two riders short of a peloton. Gael and Gerry were missing. At about this time the two riders in question were just arriving at the bike garage.

When they saw the door firmly shut, they congratulated themselves on being the first to come down. In fact they were the last. Of course when they opened the door, they realised their error. With the peloton finally all present we started off along the trail. Much of the riding was in the shade of the overhanging trees and the cool air was an absolute delight. We crisscrossed back and forth several times and our ride was also punctuated by a series of quite strenuous climbs. I could imagine how different the scene would be when the river was in flood.

I have had the privilege of cycling in some of the best cycling routes around the world, but I would have to say that the region we were riding through over the past couple of days ranks with the very best I have ever experienced. By 10 am we had split into two groups again. I was happy to ride with the rear group and just enjoy every sensation, smell and sound along the way.

By 11 am we were getting ready for a coffee and started looking for a suitable rest break. We found a lovely looking trackside cafe and settled down to coffee and cheesecake. After a lengthy break and a chat with the proprietor, we resumed our ride.

We turned back to find that Gael had taken a heavy fall from her bike and was quite stunned. Fortunately the staff at the cafe sprang into action, dressed her wounds and found a place for her to lie down. Of course I was worried about concussion, especially when she was rather confused about what had happened.

Gerry stayed with her and told the rest of us to go ahead. I assumed that they would have chosen to catch the nearby train instead of riding any further. Our reduced peloton was now down to 7 riders as we continued on our way to Sigmaringen and its imposing castle.

After a brief discussion we quickly decided that none of us really wanted to see the inside of the castle. We climbed back on the bikes and continued the short distance to our next stop at Scheer. You can imagine our utter surprise when we discovered that Gael had made a miraculous recovery and she had somehow made it to the hotel before anyone else. Perhaps this was a true miracle of the pilgrim trail after all. The Hotel Donaublick is a very comfortable hotel, which used to be the original train station.

I guess that explains the proximity of the train line and the fact that the trains race by at high speed every 15 minutes. It had really been a fascinating days of contrasts. A few years ago Dan Brown confounded the literary world with his convoluted puzzles in the Da Vinci Code, however since the start of this leg of the ride, I have been battling with an infinitely more baffling enigma. When the guide books and vouchers were distributed on Day One, everyone simply helped themselves to whatever they felt they needed.

The only trouble was that the final two riders to arrive found that all the books and vouchers had been taken. Over the next couple of days I exhorted everyone to recheck their books to make sure that they only had the correct number. The problem was that, no matter how hard I tried, the total still came up two short of the size of our peloton. It was not a job I was looking forward to, but I knew it had to be done in order to be fair to those who had missed out.

At the appointed hour all the Ghostriders stood in a line with their books, looking like naughty schoolchildren who were ready to receive the cane. As it turned out, the mystery was solved without having to give everyone the third degree. The missing book was discovered along with another map book , I was able to retrospectively present it to Dennis and Lisa and the ride was able to proceed with one less problem for me to worry about.

When the peloton encountered these challenges, some pressed straight ahead, while others had to take their time and work their way up at their own pace. This meant that the original group was quickly split into two sub groups. Soon those two groups split again into further smaller units. I found myself at the rear with the final bunch, but since I had no great desire to be the first one to reach the hotel, I was happy to roll along, chat and enjoy the company.

Such times are really a lovely chance to really get to know your fellow travellers. In Australia, the pressure of deadlines means that we do not often get such opportunities, but here time is of relatively minor importance. There was no obvious way to proceed either through or around the blockage. Sitting on a bench were two young construction workers in hard hats. They observed my confusion, but made no effort to point out the alternative route.

I rode back up the hill to the railroad tracks. No way through there either. So back down to the blockage. By that time more of our small group had arrived on the scene and were bold enough to ask for directions. We were shown to scramble through the long grass full of poison ivy , squeeze through some tractors, old metal scraps and other assorted construction debris, and then slide down the opposite side.

It was hard to believe that the construction company had not been required to post signs and also make a temporary bypass trail for cyclists. We were starting to feel hot and hungry by this time and were relieved to finally roll into a likely looking town and look for a cafe for lunch.

We reached the beautiful town centre and admired the lovely medieval buildings all around. In the centre of town a wedding was in progress and a large restored Mercedes Benz pulled in to park, ready to collect the wedding party. Just across from the wedding we found a lovely cafe and went inside in search of food. Gerry was so excited at this prospect that he held out his hand to shake. The handshake was refused but he did make us lovely rolls and coffee. The situation was all the more mysterious as the guy turned out to be an American who had settled in Germany.

Later in the afternoon we rolled into the Landgasthof Zur Rose. We had experienced a little difficulty finding the place and ended up doing about 2 km extra. Just as we got within the final metres of the hotel, Gerry decided to emulate his wife by hitting the curb and falling off his bike flat on his face.

He wiped the blood off his forehead, swore profusely and then assured us that he was OK. Apparently the Driessens do that on almost every ride. The hotel was a real treat with lovely large rooms and an enormous dining room which they had prepared just for us.

Since we still had a couple of hours before dinner, Douglas decided that he had time for a ride into the nearby town of Ehingen, just to have a good look around. Somewhere along the track he became a little disoriented and asked a local German guy for directions to the town.

Somehow the meaning of his request must have been lost in translation as his new best friend insisted on personally guiding him — all the way back to the hotel! Oh well, it was the thought that counts. What followed was a raucous time of singing and laughing that we all agreed was a sensational end to an eventful day.

Now where did that come from? Travel is like that sometimes. In the past I have often thought that it would be easier to train chickens to dance Swan Lake than to train a group of Ghostriders to ride with pelotonic restraint and discipline.

Since we had the largest group of riders that we have ever taken on on overseas ride, the challenge was always going to be a formidable one. The early signs were ominous. As the group of riders was gathering ready to start the ride from the car park of the Landgasthof Zur Rose, I was still waiting for the last few riders to arrive when a large bunch were already heading off down the street. About 10 minutes later, the final riders were ready and so I led them out of the hotel and on towards Ehingen.

We achieved the short and very pleasant ride without incident and rode into the city centre right on 9 am. It was a very quiet Sunday morning and we were welcomed into the town by the loud tolling of the church bells. Such bells are a feature of all travel in Europe and I have to admit that I have really come to love them.

As we rolled slowly down the main street we could see that preparations were underway for a large market. I suspected that, within a few hours, the place would be really rocking. But at this time it was still very, very peaceful. Or at least it was until a large group of rowdy cyclists rolled into town.

To my surprise it was the first group of Ghostriders who had followed such a great short cut that it only added about 30 minutes to the ride. It was about this time that Gael and Gerry made a shocking discovery — they had left their camera in their room at the hotel. I looked around for the first group, but they had already left the town, obviously in search of another short cut. Some of us had previously decided to stay on the main Danube Bike Path, whereas others wished to do a detour around a slightly longer route.

This meant that riders were now riding on two different bike paths. As the day progressed, two bunches apparently quickly became three, then four and so on, until we had Ghostriders scattered all the way between Donaueschingen and the Black Sea. It was very similar to a typical Thursday Warby Trail Ride.

The views down to the valley alongside were sensational and we could see rolling hills and small villages scattered about like dust. The bike path took us through hundreds of acres of corn and we could tell from the rich aroma in the air, that fertiliser ie manure was being used liberally.

It was in this section that we came across another Ghostrider mounted on his bike. Apparently he had not been riding fast enough and he and his bike had been enveloped with ivy. We felt it only right to dress him up in a Ghostrider jersey and helmet. A few kilometres further on we spied a small cluster of buildings. Since we were now ready for morning tea we decided to stop. The place was already occupied by a group of locals who were already drinking themselves into an alcoholic stupor, even though it was only It looked like it was a regular routine.

We settled down to enjoy some coffee and lovely cake. The large nearby barn was full of large friendly steers who we suspected had no idea of where their next journey was going to take them. While we were seated at our table another proud local farmer arrived with his baby horse in his arms.

Apparently it was only 5 days old and he wanted to show it off to his drinking mates. It was a magic moment. When we entered the front door we were amazed to find a luxury hotel, complete with fancy reception desk and some of the most luxurious toilets we had found so far.

I wondered who would stay in such a strange location, right in the middle of a smelly farm. The rural flavour of the ride continued when we found our way blocked by a group of sheep grazing on the bike path. The shepherd looked fast asleep or dead , but his two dogs seemed to know how to do his work for him. When the bike path skirted a small town that looked like a promising place for lunch, we decided to make a detour and look for a cafe.

Although we circled the town, there were no cafes in sight. In fact the whole place looked deserted and locked up. We turned around and headed back to the bike path. I stopped and turned around to find that Maggie had somehow got her feet confused with her handlebars and had tumbled over into the middle of a busy road. It could have been really nasty, but she was quickly retrieved and the damage examined. Thank goodness for the little first aid kits some of the bikes were fitted with.

We did however make time for a special Danube tradition — dipping your feet in the river. When we found a suitable spot we ignored the poison ivy, took off our shoes and cooled down in the water. It really did feel good and served to remind us why we were here in the first place.

We resumed our ride and everything was going so well until our easy progress was blocked by a huge construction zone on the very bridge we had planned to cross. There were no detour signs remember that it is not in the German vocabulary and no advice what to do.

We had no other alternative than to backtrack and try to figure out another path through to the hotel. Somehow we found ourselves on a gut busting climb to the very highest part of the city. Finally we summited the pass, thankful that it was only covered with a light dusting of snow at this time of the year, and were able to coast virtually all the way to the door of the Maritim Hotel.

It was very welcome. Although the Maritim is a typical 5 star big city hotel and not the type of place that I usually feel at home in, it was nice to collapse in the room and attack the minibar also something I never usually do. Over the next couple of hours the remnants of the once proud Ghostriders dribbled into Ulm, mostly in small clumps of hot and tired riders.

Perhaps we really do need to be more organised for the rest of the ride. Monday September 12th In Which we do almost Nothing. After several days of riding it is always a welcome relief to enjoy a free day for catching up on routine tasks and for doing a limited amount of routine sightseeing. Most of the team had a comparative sleep in and wandered down to breakfast at around 7.

It is always amazing to see the excessive amount of food this type of hotel puts out each day for breakfast. With the vast arrays of just about about everything from sausage to sauerkraut, cakes and coffee, one can only imagine how much must be thrown into the bins every day.

It was interesting to hear other team members comment that, although it was nice to stay here for a day or two, it would be such a shame to have to spend every night in such an artificial type of environment. We are already looking forward to returning to the smaller, character filled hotels which typify this type of adventure.

This church is famous for having the tallest church steeple in the world. I had already climbed to the top of this tower in my previous visit so had no need or desire to climb up again. Instead we chose to wander the interior and look at the huge stained glass windows instead.

It is impossible not to marvel at the engineers and architects who built these places without the aid of computers or power tools. When we emerged from the church the first rush of tour groups was already filling the courtyard outside the church. The tour leaders were busy regaling their obedient followers with their own version of history and their carefully rehearsed and often repeated jokes.

At each joke the groups laughed on cue and then shuffled off to the next stop on the tour. I was already looking forward to getting back on the bike and watching my wheels turning over on the secluded back roads of Germany. This is the region that used to house the original fish traders of Ulm. I was somewhat surprised that I was able to find the little restaurant where we had shared dinner on our Danube ride.

It brought back some great memories. We then followed the riverbank back to our hotel. In the warm afternoon heat we were both looking forward to a rest and a break from the intense sun. Neither of us felt like yet another restaurant meal, so we joined with David and Carol to find a supermarket.

It was great fun to choose a selection of food for a delightful picnic on the banks of the Danube. Just to add a little extra atmosphere the almost full moon gradually climbed over the tops of the trees on the opposite side of the river.

It did not matter one little bit that we were all just seated on a park bench beside the gently flowing Danube, we enjoyed it just as much as if we were dining in some expensive restaurant. Somehow it just seemed like the perfect way to end a lovely day. It was an experience that I am sure we will all treasure in the years ahead.

After a day off from the bikes, it was time to get back on two wheels to resume our cycling Odyssey. The Maritim Hotel in Ulm is certainly an impressive establishment, but it really is not my kind of place as we seemed to be swallowed whole by the enormity of it. On our first night in the hotel we had tossed and turned all night in the heat. I tried turning the air conditioning down to 5C, as low as the dial would go. Then I opened the window as far as I could to let in any breeze.

It was still hot. We sweltered the whole night long. The next morning I went down to reception to complain about the poor state of our air conditioner. How was I to know that a secret switch in the window disabled all air conditioning? I went up and locked the window and, hey presto, the vent started spewing cold air.

I wondered why the hotel did not see fit to put a small sticker on each window to advise their guests of this critical fact. I later discovered that most of the others in our group had made the same mistake. We cleared out our room and carried our cycling gear down to the bike garage. Many of the others were already there, unloading the bikes.

I helped by knocking my bike over and very nearly starting a chain reaction to send all the carefully aligned bikes to the ground. A few minutes later we were all outside on the lawn, getting ready to ride. I donned my helmet and gloves, but where were my cycling glasses? They were nowhere to be found. Since I hate losing anything, and since they were a brand new pair of Rider glasses that I bought for this trip, I started to get concerned. I retraced my steps to the foyer.

I went back up to my room. I searched the garage. No glasses. By this time the others were getting restless and keen to get underway. I resigned myself to not having the glasses for the rest of the trip. Not a great way to start the rest of the ride.

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Parties are usually scheduled for Saturdays. They are HUGE! No wonder Cinetrip editions are always the greatest hit in the summer and winter, as they are even more spectacular than the regular weekly bath parties with their own fireworks show! Buying your party tickets online includes a locker or a private cabin in the bonus tickets.

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