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siener van rensburg ebook torrents

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Can every one of those many parameters have been perfect by accident? At what point is it fair to admit that science suggests that we cannot be the result of random forces? Source: Pitman, Sean. It is therefore necessary for the international community to adopt adequate legal instruments to prevent and counter criminal activities, by promoting international judicial cooperation on criminal matters. In ratifying numerous international conventions in these areas, and acting also on behalf of Vatican City State, the Holy See has constantly maintained that such agreements are effective means to prevent criminal activities that threaten human dignity, the common good and peace.

The competent Judicial Authorities of Vatican City State shall also exercise penal jurisdiction over: a crimes committed against the security, the fundamental interests or the patrimony of the Holy See; b crimes referred to: - in Vatican City State Law No. IX, of 11 July , containing Amendments to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code; when such crimes are committed by the persons referred to in paragraph 3 below, in the exercise of their functions; c any other crime whose prosecution is required by an international agreement ratified by the Holy See, if the perpetrator is physically present in the territory of Vatican City State and has not been extradited.

The crimes referred to in paragraph 1 are to be judged pursuant to the criminal law in force in Vatican City State at the time of their commission, without prejudice to the general principles of the legal system on the temporal application of criminal laws.

The jurisdiction referred to in paragraph 1 comprises also the administrative liability of juridical persons arising from crimes, as regulated by Vatican City State laws. When the same matters are prosecuted in other States, the provisions in force in Vatican City State on concurrent jurisdiction shall apply.

The content of article 23 of Law No. This I decide and establish, anything to the contrary notwithstanding. What do you think? Here is an important article to help you clarify your thoughts. By Dennis Leap, From the December Trumpet Print Edition The Bible is the only ancient, well-organized and authentic framework in which to fit all the facts of history. The Bible does not record all history.

In fact, there are huge gaps in the history contained in the Bible. Yet, without the Bible and what it reveals from prehistory, ancient history and prophecy—which is history written in advance—you cannot truly understand any history. No worldly source can help us as the Bible does! But what do modern men say about the Bible?

Most agree it is a book for the religious, but think its history cannot be trusted. For centuries, until the so-called Age of Enlightenment—also known as the Age of Reason —the Western world accepted without question the historical accuracy of the account of the Garden of Eden, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, the history of the patriarchs and the Exodus from Egypt.

However, in the 17th and 18th centuries, European intellectuals began to claim that only through human reason could true knowledge be obtained. Rather than the Bible, scientific reasoning became the source of authority—the ultimate judge of all truth. The Bible came under direct attack. German Bible critics argued that the Bible was unhistorical and had no reliable basis in fact.

They stated that the Bible was merely Jewish fable and folklore fabricated in the 5th and 6th centuries b. So today, most theologians and ministers look askance at the Bible and its history. The real tragedy is that these men refuse to study into and teach the vital lessons taught by these histories. Foolish Scoffers The great men of the Bible prophesied accurately that highly educated men and women who scoff at God and His revealed Word would dominate our world.

Although men have sneered at God in every generation beginning with Adam, ours was to be the worst. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools …. Although Paul is speaking specifically about the earliest men, we have not changed for the better; we have grown worse. Since the 17th and 18th centuries, men have produced an amazing fund of knowledge in the industrial and scientific areas.

Yet pursuing knowledge about God has been left out. Our generation knows less about God and what God is doing than any prior generation. Modern leaders in education, science and industry have created a science-centric world. They have pushed religion into the outer fringes of our civilization. Ours is not a religious age—though some may think it to be so. God has been made to seem powerless. This fact should alarm us.

It is time we turn back to the all- powerful God. Many believe that science will save us from our problems. Soon the need for God will come crashing back upon us. Then all men will have to admit that only God can save us. Peter states clearly that one of the hallmarks of our day is a willing ignorance of God. The truth is, men could know much more about God but choose not to. What does this mean? Peter warns that willing ignorance of God, along with a great expansion in all other fields of knowledge, is the cause of the soon-coming, final global disaster verse 7.

Thankfully, God promises to intervene and stop our self-destruction. Here are some perfect examples of what Paul and Peter are talking about. Russell dismisses the Bible as unreliable legend in just a few sentences. Even though first printed in , his book is still widely read by university students and is considered one of the best books of its kind. Young, bright minds have been and still are being prejudiced against the Bible, the foundation of true knowledge.

Historian R. Unfortunately, many Bible scholars, ministers and theologians agree. Yet, there are mountains of evidence to prove otherwise. The Bible is a book of accurate history. Contrary to what Mr. Russell had to say, there is evidence outside the Bible that proves the reality of its history.

However, we hear very little about this evidence. New Science: Archaeology Most scholars have been ignoring pertinent facts. The willing and sometimes willful ignoring of the truth has been happening for decades. Even while Russell and Collingwood were writing their books, other scholars were unearthing spectacular discoveries that cast a bright light on the truth of the biblical record. The facts are amazing. As a science, archaeology has expanded to include the study of all cultures.

However, at its earliest stage of development, the infant science was concerned most with ancient civilizations. For centuries, robbers, religious pilgrims, even Napoleon had unearthed and carried away multiple thousands of ancient artifacts from sites throughout the Near East and Egypt. Yet, it was not until the end of the 19th century that a systematic study and evaluation of the Near East began. This geographic region is known as the Fertile Crescent. The productive Nile valley is often included within the boundaries of the crescent.

It is in this geographic region that the lands and peoples of the Old Testament history are located. For nearly two centuries, the Fertile Crescent has been the focus of intense archaeological scrutiny. Even Herbert W. There should be strong public interest in the archaeological findings of this region. Although at one time archaeological findings did spark sharp interest by both secular and religious scholars, much is now forgotten or goes unnoticed.

Archaeology has confirmed without question the historical accuracy of the Bible. Many claimed that Moses could never have written the first five books of the Bible, since writing had not been invented at that time. But when the curious, energetic men and women dug up the past, these commonly held ideas were proved to be without foundation.

Modern archaeology has challenged the world of education to admit that the Bible is factual. Solid, documented evidence outside the Bible record confirms events and persons that were at one time considered to be suspect or plain false. Still, some people work tirelessly to discredit the Bible as a God-inspired record of critically important history. Some have stubbornly overlooked overwhelming evidence.

Others have purposely misinterpreted the facts to hold on to pet theories. Are we surprised? Not really. The Bible has the answer. No man of himself can accept or submit to the authoritative Word of God. Men have been successful in getting rid of God and His great authority though in reality, God is very much present.

To admit that the Bible is accurate historically would mean accepting that God does exist—and that His Word holds authority over the lives of all men. The brightest minds know that if the Bible is exact in its history, then its commands are in full force. You cannot separate Bible history from Bible law!

The entire Bible is true, or it is false. It cannot be both. Not all of these artifacts have been as publicized as some of the more spectacular ones like the Rosetta stone or the tomb of King Tut of ancient Egypt, yet they are momentous in regards to the evaluation of the Bible chronicle. The deciphering of the Behistun inscription in the 19th century was one of the most remarkable archaeological advancements and the most vital to understanding ancient writings uncovered in the Fertile Crescent.

The site lies along the road that connected the ancient capitals of kingdoms of Babylonia and Media: Babylon and Ecbatana. The inscription dates back to b. This account was written in cuneiform in three languages Babylonian, Elamite and Old Persian. In , Sir Henry C. Rawlinson copied and began to decipher the text, finishing the Persian translation in He and other scholars were soon able to translate the Babylonian and Elamite portions.

Many ancient cultures in the Middle East used cuneiform, but these works were a mystery until the trilingual Behistun inscription was deciphered—the discovery made possible the translation of other cuneiform writings. These poems contain accounts of the Flood, creation and the tower of Babel that closely parallel the Bible. The Fabled Hittites Bible critics had long sneered at references in the Bible to a people called the Hittites Genesis ; Exodus , 17; Numbers ; Joshua ; Judges and elsewhere.

Their opinion was that the Hittites were simply one of the many mythical peoples made up by Bible writers. Some critics said they may have been a small and unimportant tribe. But the critics were off the beam! Toward the end of the 19th century, Hittite monuments were uncovered at Carchemish on the Euphrates River in Syria, proving the Bible right. Later, in , excavations at Boghazkoy ancient Hattusas, capital of the Hittite Empire in Turkey uncovered thousands of Hittite documents, revealing a wealth of information about Hittite history and culture.

The centuries-old Hittite rubbish showed they were a real and formidable power. They were once one of the dominant peoples of Asia Minor and the Near East. They exercised considerable control south into Syria and Palestine. The Bible was right all along! Today, no one questions the existence of the Hittites. Volumes of books exist on the history, art, culture and society of the Hittites.

Yet an anti- Bible prejudice still exists. But the Bible is right and has always been right. In , Italian archaeologists found approximately 17, cuneiform tablets and fragments at the site of ancient Ebla in northern Syria. The inscriptions on these artifacts date them prior to the 24th century b. Noachian Flood. Similar finds were uncovered in Egypt and Mesopotamia. The tablets show that writing was common centuries before Moses.

The critics can no longer claim that Moses and his contemporaries were illiterate or that the Pentateuch was written by Ezra in the 5th century b. One of the most ridiculous claims of the critics has been that the Babylonian captivity did not take place. This is on a par with those who believe the Holocaust of World War ii did not happen.

The Bible gives specific details about the captivity of Judah by the armies of Babylon early in the 6th century b. However, between and , important discoveries were made 30 miles southwest of Jerusalem at a site thought to be ancient Lachish. Lachish was one of the cities recorded in the Bible as being besieged by the king of Babylon at the same time as the siege of Jerusalem Jeremiah Twenty-one pottery fragments inscribed in the ancient Hebrew script were unearthed in the latest pre-exilic levels of the site.

Called the Lachish Ostraca, they were written during the very time of the Babylonian siege. Since the s, there has been more unearthing of Babylonian historical texts describing the conquest of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar. The historical fact of the Babylonian captivity is firmly established. We could discuss literally hundreds of archaeological finds that corroborate Bible history.

If you desire to know more, go to your local library and do some self-study. You may be surprised to find how much information is actually available to you. Unfortunately, you will not find this information on your nightly news. There are numerous biblically related artifacts in the British Museum located in London. They are breathtaking to see. Even though you may never be able to go to London, it is possible to log on to the museum website www.

This is the only known picture of an Israelite king. This is the full name of Ahaz 2 Kings He was the last ruler of the Neo-Babylonian Empire. This stele proves that his son Belshazzar was co-regent with him Daniel 5; ; Contemporary records of biblical events have been unearthed and the uniqueness of the biblical revelation has been emphasized by contrast and comparison to newly discovered religions of ancient peoples. That last statement is the most important.

Archaeology has proven that the Bible is accurate history! A Recent Find The contribution of archaeology to the Bible record is far from over. In August this year, an incredible find was unearthed in the Old City of Jerusalem. The event did not make national news. It should have! Workers repairing a sewage-pipe break uncovered the Pool of Siloam in Old Jerusalem. This pool was a major gathering site for the Jews.

The Pool of Siloam is central to the account of the miracle of Christ healing a man blind from birth John Obeying Christ by washing in the pool completed the miracle verse Jesus Christ had made the clay with His own spit on the Sabbath day. The Jews considered this act a breaking of the Sabbath command.

Jealous and insecure, the Pharisees declared that Christ was not of God for healing the blind man on the Sabbath verse A study of the whole chapter makes plain that the entire incident was used by God to show the Pharisees how blind they were to God and what God was doing on this Earth. Of course, they failed to learn that lesson. Why is all this important today? Charlesworth of the Princeton Theological Seminary.

Do we get it? The scholars are wrong—again. The Bible is accurate—always! Unfortunately, this archaeological event received very little attention. What if it had? Think about what this find tells us. God is very real and very powerful. Source: Leap, Dennis. Itemized list of estimated expenses incurred or borne by or for the account of the Republic of 1 South Africa in connection with the sales of the Notes This amendment to the Annual Report is filed subject to the Instructions for Form K for Foreign Governments and Political Subdivisions thereof.

The first Rothschild originated in a part of Germany where rulers were "illuminated" with the so-called "Age of Enlightenment" brought on by Rosicrucians Mayer Bauer changed the name to "Rothschild" meaning "red shield" for a reason not generally known. Probably a red people. It just so happens that he was an Ashkenazi Jew, and that Ashkenaz was a region in Magog where the so-called "red Jews" of Khazaria had ruled an empire on the north shores of the Black and Caspian seas.

Several voices are now proclaiming that the Rothschilds, and most other Ashkenazi Jews, are descended from the Khazars. While the Jews of Khazaria had been the small minority among both Christian and Muslim citizens, they ruled the empire absolutely; it had been the law of the land that only Jews could rule! There were two kings, an invisible one called a "khagan," and a visible one called a "beg.

For some years the invaders lived side by side with the Khazars, but thereafter they put the Khazars to flight, at roughly which time the phrase, "Ashkenazi Jew," was heard for the first time in the regions of Germany and Hungary. Arthur Koestler and some other researchers believe that the ruling Khazars were not true Hebrews, but instead Turks who had converted to Judaism.

For this reason, Koestler and others suggest that the Ashkenazi Jews--over 90 percent of those who claim to be Jews today--are Turks who wrongly believe to be Jews. Or, Hitler sent mainly Turks to concentration camps! And Turks now run the State of Israel!! I disagree. As Koestler himself acknowledges, there were some true Hebrews in Khazaria. Moreover, Ezekiel speaks on the re-occupation of Israel by the "house of Israel" Ezekiel And there are scores of prophecies elsewhere concerning the years just prior to Armageddon in which the eternal restoration of Israel is the subject, and where the peoples involved are unmistakably identified as the bloodline of Jacob.

Koestler tells of a certain Khazar king named "Joseph," who, although suspected of being a Hebrew by the Jews of western Europe, claimed otherwise in a letter to them Koestler and others should perhaps entertain the possibility that Joseph might have been lying to the European Jews in order to protect himself, and all other Khazar Jews, from the sort of Vatican persecution that the European Jews had been under, and would again and again be inflicted with.

Note that after the second Vatican Crusade against Jerusalem , which was a Templar-led flop, some Jews of Khazaria organized a Zionist movement of their own which also involved a siege of Jerusalem that never happened. Arthur Koestler puts in this way: "In the twelfth century there arose in Khazaria a Messianic movement, a rudimentary attempt at a Jewish crusade, aimed at the conquest of Palestine by force of arms.

I can find nothing either way, even though his twelfth-century thrust coincided with the second Crusade. What seems certain is that Khazar Zionism was the very task picked up centuries later by the Bauers, who, as the House of Rothschild, would eventually succeed in creating an official Jewish nation around Jerusalem, but not until These Jews were not relying on God, nor waiting on Him, but were bankers, lovers of money, and desirous of grand political power.

Mayer Rothschild the first Rothschild was himself a banker who had wormed his way into the affairs of one of the wealthiest men of Europe, prince William of Hesse-Hanau. William's brother Karl was a leader in European Freemasonry. Almost certainly, as is claimed by others, the Bavarian Illuminati grew out of the Enlightenment movement.

The Illuminati, being a Jew-based organization, could not be an integral part of the Ros e Line i. We'd thereby expect the two Illuminati to be in mortal conflict at some point, and indeed we do see them at war in the 20th century wherein the Nazis -- an Aryan branch of Theosophist Rosicrucians, and moreover supported by the Hesse royal family -- were persecuting Rothschilds.

No sooner after the French Revolution had the House of Rothschild become the wealthiest family in Europe that, in , the hexagram six-pointed star was incorporated upon the Rothschild coat of arms. Or so I read onlone. It is some hard evidence of Hebrew fingers active within Rosicrucianism's highest orders that the same star is sported by both Rosicrucians e.

Some websites do not identify them as Khazars, but in any case read this from Arthur Koestler: "David al-Roy was assassinated - apparently in his sleep, allegedly by his own father-in-law But the cult did not stop there. According to one theory, the six- pointed "shield of David," which adorns the modern Israeli flag, started to become a national symbol with David al-Roy's crusade.

As the hexagram was called the "Shield of David," we may suspect that it had everything to do with Mayer Bauer naming himself "Red Shield"? Even prior to the birth of Mayer, the Shield-of-David star was in fact red when used as a logo by Jewish printers in Prague as early as the 15th century.

Because Benjamin Disreali a leading Zionist wrote in honor of David Alroy, I have no fear in making a hard Zionist-star connection to the Alroy thrust. The organization, as can be deduced by the "UK" in its name, was founded in Britain Sometimes I wonder if humanitarian organizations aren't primarily used as spy agencies, for how better to become wholly invasive than to act as an enemy's best?

The Magen David website tells us that the hexagram "was used by Jews for decoration and appeared as an official Jewish symbol for the first time in when the Jewish community in Prague [Germany] received the right to have a flag of its own and chose the Shield of David Because the House of Rothschild has ultimately brought the State of Israel into existence, we could view the Israeli flag today as a Rothschild flag, even a Khazar flag How do the Rosicrucians and the Rothschilds both use the hexagram as their symbols?

The theory is that a certain Richard Bauer had found a means to convert lead or mercury to gold in the process of alchemy. Whether this fantastic discovery is true or not is not the point, but rather that this Bauer was likely an early Rosicrucian because Rosicrucians would thereafter come to have alchemy as one of their main insignia.

The other point is that the Rothschilds had been Bauers so that if per chance Richard Bauer was an ancestor of the Rothschilds, then the Rothschilds stem from Jewish Rosicrucians. That would explain the Kabala being yet another Rosicrucian insignia in some Rosicrucian circles. Could the essence of early Rosicrucianism have been a Jewish-Aryan alliance?

That is, an alliance between Marano Jews also called "neo-Christians" and Aryans? The Maranos were persecuted violently by the Inquisition, after all, and the anti-Vatican position of the Rosicrucians could thereby be partially explained.

Many Aryan peoples had been a sort of Marano people too, as they had "converted" to Catholicism, not sincerely, but by force of Vatican armies. Marano Jews were freed from Vatican persecution as a direct result of the French Revolution, and one wonders if this war wasn't waged by the Bavarian Illuminati for that very reason. The Rothschilds became the head of French Jews thereafter.

For example, during the Revolution, the Consistoire Central of French Israelis was formed to represent and advance Jewish issues, with French Rothschilds acting as Presidents for multiple generations. The official line is that "Holyrood" means "holy rod" and refers to the cross of Christ. In what sounds like a tale, it is said that Margaret brought from Hungary to Scotland a piece of the actual cross of Christ; that sounds like a typical cover up to keep Christian rulers happily unsuspecting of a reality.

As "rood" means "red" in Dutch, and also because it's similar to "rud," where "ruddy" refers to a red tinge, perhaps "Holyrood House" refers to a red entity, or even a red bloodline. The Russell also meaning "red" clan of Scotland was originally a Jewish family from Germany, known then as the "Roesels," alternatively "Rosel" and "Rossel. But in that case, what others are saying, that a certain Russell family is one of the top thirteen Illuminati families today, may just be true. I suspect that pastor Charles Russell, founder of the Zion Tract Society and root of the Jehovah's-Witnesses cult , had been working more closely with the British Rothschilds than the world was supposed to know.

He worked openly in support of Zionism when the British and French Rothschilds were spearheading the re-settlement of Jews in the Holy Land. He was quite successful in motivating Jews to resettle because he did not attempt to convert them to Christ In , as his part in Rothschild Zionism, Russell announced that God would bless all Jews who would thenceforth return to the Holy Land. It is too difficult for me to see as a coincidence Russell's prediction of Armageddon and the return of Jesus for , the very year that turned out to be the first of World War I; it's as though Russell knew it beforehand.

Britannica put it this way: From he preached that Christ's second advent would be invisible, that the end of the Gentile times would come in , followed by war between capitalism and communism or socialism, after which God's Kingdom by Christ would rule the whole earth" ; Vol.

While the phrase, "communism or socialism," would seem to refer to Communist Russia, that entity was not yet born when Russell was making the prediction. Because the Rothschilds, from the s onwards, were bringing the socialist Fabian societies to fruition, the Americans were perhaps supposed to have lost the war for the Allies so that, after the War, Russia under the Fabian societies could arise as world rulers.

Frightening thought. Now the English were a lame lot for the first three years and more of the War; Britannica says that they could have halted the German advance quickly in the Belgium-French arena had they come out all at once with most of their forces, and yet they came in dribs and drabs.

While the English appeared as though they couldn't afford men in Belgium or France, how is it that they had men to spare for the purpose of conquering both Jerusalem and Babylon, including Baghdad? It's clear in my mind that the Middle East was as much the Rothschild target as was Russia, for the two went hand in hand in their global-government scheme. Behold, in November of , as the Russian Rothschilds were on the verge of signing a peace treaty with the Germans, the British Foreign Secretary, a Fabian co- conspirator, and occult-loving buddy of the Rothschilds, Arthur Balfour, writes a letter to Lord Lionel Rothschild asking him to accept his Declaration wherein the Jews could be re-instated into their ancient homeland.

In the very next month, the English conquer Jerusalem. Then, just after the War, the Rothschilds set up a Foreign Affairs office in Britain and in the United States, with more to come in other nations, and filled them with Illuminatists under their care and watch Just days before the War began, he, "on his own responsibility, ordered the naval mobilizations which guaranteed complete readiness when war was declared," and, "In Oct. This zeal on behalf of Britain and against the Germans was not conducive to the will of the Rothschilds, wherefore, behold, Churchill was soon replaced as lord of the admiralty May by the good buddy of the Rothschilds, Arthur Balfour!

So, you see, the Rothschilds had not a few political puppets in the Parliament to make things work their way. It seems that the entire scheme started rolling its wheels in the s, for it was at about that time also that the Rothschilds began to settle Russian Jews into the Holy Land. And see here what the American Hebrew Magazine said just after the War: "The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order of the world" Sept.

This conspiracy has played a definitively recognizable role in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th century; and now at last, this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads, and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire" Quoted from The Missing Dimension in World Affairs, Goy, p.

Caps mine Clearly, Churchill was, at least initially, opposed to the Rothschild Illuminati. Modern socialism was evident in the mind of Weishaupt, and who knows but that it was perhaps patterned after Jewish-ruled Khazaria. We find Weishaupt's socialism a generation after him in another German Jew, Karl Marx, who, as an apostate, became as Satanic as was Weishaupt. Marx was financed by the Rothschilds, say some websites on the topic. From his training in France and England, Marx developed his "personal" Communistic ideals and wrote the Communist Manifesto, although we can estimate quite rightly that these ideas, in reality based on dictatorial rule that no one wanted, were "refined" for public dissemination.

It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this "new world order" the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews.

It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. But let's go back prior to Marx, and prior even to the Bavarian Illuminati, to see the deeper root of this movement. Frederick II, king of Prussia died , while confessing Catholicism publicly, was an atheist to his close associates, and moreover was a so-called "Illuminated Despot," meaning that he ruled by Age-of-Enlightenment philosophies that had flowed from Rosicrucian movements.

Britannica says that "He made the Prussia of his day a model state of 'enlightenment despotism'" Vol. Frederick was a friend of Voltaire, the principal leader of the Enlightenment, who himself promoted Illuminated Despotism in France, and whose goal it was to undermine the powers of monarchs and Christianity. Frederick was influenced by Voltaire when the latter lived in Prussia at Frederick's invitation.

It should also be said that Voltaire was staying in Frankfurt in , where he was arrested by Frederick. Mayer, who lived in Frankfurt, was just nine years old at the time, but, the question is, what effect did Voltaire have on the Jews of Frankfurt that Mayer could later pick up and run with? Indeed, it's a good question, for it is said by some that the Bavarian Illuminati copied from Voltaire.

I realize that these principles are not Communism, but wouldn't it suggest that Communism and Capitalism were both born within Illuminati think tanks, each one a scheme to rob the peoples? The Hohen bloodline of Frederick was at odds with the Templars during the First Crusade , when that surname sat on the throne of the Roman empire, and it may be that it and the Templars formed divergent Illuminatii.

Our projects now include the presentation of lectures and the creation of educational materials such as a video on Voltaire and Jefferson While answering questions, he answered thus: "Well, you are talking to an Ex- Illuminatist who knows that there is no such thing [as the Communist party being the greatest threat in the world]!

Anybody coming out of the Illuminati will tell you that the Communist Party is run by Illuminatists. Now if you go to the British Museum you will find two checks for several thousand pounds made out to Carl Marx, and signed by Nathan Rothschild!

I'll tell you this. The only thing the Illuminati fears as I said is an independent person who can live, eat, sleep, stay warm and defend themselves separate from Federal help. Pray that the Lord gives us more time! It is short close! See, they have tried twice before. They have never been this organized. Once during Napoleon and once during WW 1. Russell had denounced all denominations but his own, and had called his organization "International Bible Students Association," as though anticipating a global teaching career in which he would become renown as the spiritual giant of the world.

In fact, he claimed to be an angel in the book of Revelation. Charles was a nutty pyramidologist, and a Freemason, if that tells you how qualified he was to be an Illuminatist. After recognizing the distinct possibility of modern Russells having an important Illuminati role, I was shocked upon learning that one of the original nine Templars was named, "Rossal. Or might "Roslin" itself have been named after the Rossals? In the next few chapters, I will go a long route to show that the Rosicrucians descend from the Roxolani, where the "Rox" is a variation of "Ros," and where the suffix, "olani," refers to the Alan Huns, a peoples descended from the Biblical Gogi.

In other words, the Roxolani were a mix of Rosh and Gogi blood. Here's some background on this very large collection of legal rules governing many important business and commercial activities. By David M. The object of Illuminati is to take control of the world! Historically, the name refers specifically to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, In this context, the Illuminati are believed to be the masterminds behind events that will lead to the establishment of a New World Order.

Illuminati is an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, by Adam Weishaupt. This elite group with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world from Jerusalem through a universal dictatorship and to finally make a stage for the arrival of Dark Messiah — Dajjal Antichrist. In this context, the Illuminati Satanists backed by Israel is believed to be the masterminds behind events that will lead to the establishment of New World Order.

The Society of Freemasons has close ties with members of the Illuminati. Some believe that key members in the early formation of the US government, like Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin were members of the Illuminati, and that the group continues to influence world government. It is suggested that the Illuminati have taken an active role in most major events in history e. Conspiracy theorists have claimed that many notable people were or are members of the Illuminati, including Winston Churchill, the Bush family, Barack Obama, the Rothschild family, David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Brown is most recognizable as the author of The Da Vinci Code. He takes the Illuminati on as a subject of interest, suggesting that all major scientific thinkers from the Age of Reason onward have been secret Illuminati members. Brown depicts a constant war between the Illuminati and the Roman Catholic Church, outlining the conflict between not only atheism and Christianity but also specifically science and religion.

This symbol is Pagan in origin and is used in various magic rituals. Alvin Toeffler has written about this in terms of some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific crops. Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of ELF waves, HAARP and Tesla technologies.

Abolition of all ordered governments: to establish world dictatorship of Lucifer. Abolition of private property: control on volume of money in any country means control of all politics and commerce. Abolition of inheritance: so that the property devolves to one central dictator. Abolition of the family: by encouraging and promoting homosexuality and Feminism.

Abolition of religion: to promote worship of reason and Lucifer Satan 7. Population reduction: by various means 8. Creation of a world government New World Order for enslaving the whole mankind. Source: L. The Rothschild family is the most famous of all European banking dynasties; for some years, it has had great influence on the economic and, indirectly, the political history of Europe. It also holds stakes in many businesses internationally. The unions want the removal of various SAA board members, including Kingston, as well as another board member who actually carries the Rothschild name — former Johannesburg Stock Exchange chairperson Geoff Rothschild.

The unions have called the Rothschilds the new Guptas — linking the controversial South African family accused of various corrupt acts. The Gupta family has been the focus of widespread scrutiny because of its close ties to former president Jacob Zuma. He had proposed a plan to make the airline financially self-sustainable by Kirsh thought such an ingenious funding of Breytenbach will not be detected.

Moreover, cases against the government are funded through endowment funds from Kirsh and Lord Renwick. At the time of his departure he had benefitted greatly from apartheid. The How can the DA and Agang expect voters to support them if they are receiving money that was made off the oppression of the Palestinian people? A government which pursues apartheid policies in the 21 century! Issie Kirsh. This is the same political tightrope that Jews are playing all across the globe, as they fund radical socialist causes which naturally oppose the brutal Zionist regime in Israel.

It would appear that these anti-White parties in South Africa will continue to receive jewish funding as long as they maintain a pro-Israel, pro-jewish stance. Jews like Kirsh have no problem with the theft of White land and the murder of the White farmers as long as the Blacks recognize the hidden hand that feeds them. These naturalists assert that the legitimacy of any enacted human law must be measured by its consonance with divine principles of right and wrong.

Such principles can be found in various Scriptures, church doctrine, papal decrees, and the decisions of ecclesiastical courts and councils. Human laws that are inconsistent with divine principles of morality, naturalists maintain, are invalid and should neither be enforced nor obeyed.

Thomas Aquinas, a theologian and philosopher from the thirteenth century, was a leading exponent of divine natural law. These ten laws represent one example of divine natural law. The Bible and Torah are thought by many to be other sources of divine natural law because their authors are said to have been inspired by a divine spirit.

Some Christians point to the Canon Law of the Catholic Church, which was applied by the ecclesiastical courts of Europe during the Middle Ages, as another source of divine natural law. Before the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century, Europe was divided into two competing jurisdictions—secular and religious. The emperors, kings, and queens of Europe governed the secular jurisdiction, and the pope presided over the religious jurisdiction.

The idea that monarchs ruled by "divine right" allowed the secular jurisdiction to acquire some of the authority of religious jurisdiction. Moreover, the notion that a "higher law" transcends the rules enacted by human institutions and that government is bound by this law, also known as the Rule of Law, fermented during the struggle between the secular and religious powers in Europe before the American Revolution.

For example, Henry de Bracton, an English judge and scholar from the thirteenth century, wrote that a court's allegiance to the law and to God is above its allegiance to any ruler or lawmaker. The influence of divine natural law pervaded the colonial period of U. In English philosopher John Locke wrote that all people are born with the inherent rights to life, liberty, and estate. These rights are not unlimited, Locke said, and may only be appropriated according to the fair share earned by the labor of each person.

Gluttony and waste of individual liberty are not permitted, Locke argued, because "[n]othing is made by God for man to spoil or destroy. Pennsylvania, U. Constitution altered the relationship between law and religion. Article VI establishes the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. The First Amendment prohibits the government from establishing a religion, which means that a law may not advance one religion at the expense of another or prefer a general belief in religion to irreligion, atheism, or agnosticism.

Although the Supremacy and Establishment Clauses seemingly preclude the judiciary from grounding a decision on Scripture or religious doctrine, state and federal courts have occasionally referred to various sources of divine natural law. For example, in Edwards v. Aguillard, U.

Coxe's Lessee, 6 U. M'Intosh, 21 U. In a dissenting opinion, however, Justice John McLean wrote that a "slave is not mere chattel. He bears the impress of his Maker, and is amenable to the laws of God and man. Texas, U. Hard-wick, U. State and federal courts also have considered Judeo-Christian standards when evaluating the constitutionality of statutes prohibiting bigamy and Incest.

For example, Benton v. State, Ga. Despite the sprinkling of cases that have referred to Scripture, religious doctrine, and Judeo- Christian heritage, such sources of divine natural law do not ordinarily form the express basis of judicial decisions. At the same time, it cannot be said that state and federal courts have completely eliminated any reliance on natural law principles.

To the contrary, many controversial legal disputes are still decided in accordance with unwritten legal principles that are derived not from religion, but from secular political philosophy Official Vatican records confirm that the Templar Order did in fact possess and exercise its independent non-territorial sovereignty of statehood, quietly and privately, only in its relations with other historical institutions [18] [19].

The Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon was restored to its full legal legitimacy of sovereignty by historical rules of continuity and succession [20], officially reestablishing its original Grand Mastery by proven legal and canonical precedent [21] [22] in AD, by rules which remain in full force as customary international law [23] [24] [25] [26] which are binding upon all countries [27].

Such practices of canonical Christian Mysticism share an affinity with ancient European Celtic and Druid spirituality, esoteric Western traditions such as Hermetic Theosophy and Rosicrucianism, classical Eastern traditions such as Hinduism and Kriya Yoga, and ancient Arabian spirituality such as the Sufi mysticism within Islam. Believe in spiritual teachings and apply them in daily life 2. Defend the traditions of religion and the principle of faith 3.

Respect and defend the weak against abuses by the strong 4. Love the people and sovereignty of your country and others 5. Do not be a coward, face the enemy, and use direct force 6. Fight the enemies of good relentlessly and without mercy 7. Perform all secular duties under the higher Laws of God 8. Never lie nor breach your word, be reliable for friend or foe 9. Give generously and wholeheartedly, for meaningful impact These bloodlines are the omega point of control.

Their war room command center is within the Borgo Santo Spirito which is missile protected! Viktor Emmanuelle IV wanted to nuke this region of Rome. Henry Breakspear and Pepe Orsini are in high control! Superiors General are elected by the General Congregation of the Society, summoned upon the resignation, retirement or death of an incumbent. Superiors General are elected for life and almost all have served life terms, the exceptions being Father Pedro Arrupe resigned for reasons of failing health and his successor, Father Peter Hans Kolvenbach.

His grand blue print is best described by his paid social engineer called Dr. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. The answer to that my friends is the Jesuits. Who are the Jesuits you may ask? Arent they just missionaries, priests and general do-gooders who establish schools, universities and pride themselves in being pillars in the community?

Practically every instance of expulsion was for political intrigue, political infiltration, political subversion, and inciting to political insurrection. Bonniwell, against Thos. Butler, February 15, , pages John the Baptist, the holy Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul and all the saints and sacred hosts of heaven, and to you, my ghostly father, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, founded by St.

I do now renounce and disown any allegiance as due to any heretical king, prince or state named Protestants or Liberals, or obedience to any of the laws, magistrates or officers. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.

The first then says Iustum; and the other answers Necar; the first Reges. The other answers Impious. Answer:- The Holy faith. To be as a corpse without any opinion or will of my own, but to implicitly obey my Superiors in all things without hesitation of murmuring.

I am a year-old black man. I am an atheist, a registered Republican, and a member of Mensa. Already a minority within a minority within a minority, I have yet another idiosyncrasy that puts me in an even more unusual category: I am a race realist. I believe that consistently observed racial disparities in societal outcomes are largely rooted in genetic differences, primarily differences in average levels of intelligence. Elementary school I grew up in a two-parent, upper-middle-class household in a predominately black city.

My parents worked hard so I could attend high-performing private predominately white schools throughout my life. They taught me to be respectful, to value education, and to take life seriously. Most notably, they taught me that race did not matter in the least, and that one should not consider it either when forming friendships or when dealing with people in general. I had mostly white friends and sought to assimilate into mainstream American society.

Two incidents while I was in elementary school were informative from a racial perspective. What particularly struck me was a recording of Africans swinging from vines in the jungle, wearing minimal clothing, and living in primitive conditions. This was an utter shock to my sensibilities. Prior to this, I had believed that Africans had sophisticated and technologically advanced civilizations.

This image of Africans as simple and unaccomplished did not at all fit into the framework of my beliefs about the world. Moreover, this was an actual video recording, not something that could be dismissed as hearsay or fabrication. Another noteworthy challenge to my views on race came in the form of an issue of National Geographic we were assigned to read in class.

It was about ancient Egypt, which I had until then thought to be a black civilization. It included pictures of modern Egyptians who were more Arab in appearance and clearly not black Africans. I was disappointed, as my view of ancient Egypt as a black achievement had been jeopardized. These events forced me to reevaluate my worldview, although they did not yet sway me all the way to race realism. Middle school Once I reached middle school, I became even more aware of race. I went to a highly selective and academically rigorous Catholic school that prided itself on producing well-mannered Christian gentlemen.

It required prospective students to submit elementary school grades and discipline records, and to take a standardized test in order to be admitted. I was one of only a few black children in a school of about students. If anything, I could sense that other students felt compelled to be more kind and pleasant than they otherwise would have been so as to avoid accusations of racism.

For example, there was a tradition, observed shortly before graduation, in which classmates chose by vote the person whom they considered most likely to become a priest. Although I had not done anything particularly virtuous, I was chosen for this honor.

I enjoyed a great deal of academic success. Within the school we were tracked by academic aptitude, and the highest-performing students were put in a particular homeroom. In accordance with my performance on the standardized admission test, I was put in the most academically accelerated homeroom, where I performed at the top of my class. I never had any sense of anyone trying to hold me back. Many of my classmates were even heavily into black culture and kept up with the latest hip-hop and rap trends.

The school awarded plaques at the end of the year for top grades. Although I welcomed the favor of whites, I was honestly perplexed by their kindness. These were the same people who had purportedly enslaved my ancestors, relegated them to inferior schools and housing, and then fled in droves to white suburbs once blacks had finally achieved equal rights.

I especially resented whites for white flight, since the chasm in neighborhood quality and commercial services in black and white areas was so obvious. Whenever I wanted to shop at any store that was remotely upscale, I had to go to a predominately white suburb where most of my classmates also lived. How could such evidently good-natured people have carried out such horrendous things as slavery and Jim Crow? Why did they historically view blacks as inferior?

The supportive attitudes of my white classmates was in sharp contrast to the more disparaging attitudes of blacks in my neighborhood. As a rule, they were much ruder and more likely to be obnoxious and inconsiderate. That I was not particularly good at basketball probably did me no favors, either. Whites behaved in a more intelligent and civilized manner, but I continued to chalk this up to differences in culture and personal choice, not innate differences.

High school High school was similar to middle school: academically rigorous and overwhelmingly white. This high school posted high average scores on standardized tests and had a reputation throughout the metropolitan area for producing successful and influential alumni. Blacks were again underrepresented. Despite special programs and efforts intended to lure blacks, they were no more than six percent of students. The typical pattern was that the freshman class would have the highest number of blacks—about 25 in a class of —but half would either fail or be kicked out before they became upperclassmen.

There also were scarcely any black teachers. Low-skilled workers provided the most noticeable black presence; nearly all of the cafeteria workers and janitors were black. This was the first time race predominated in the social climate. I started to notice people self- segregating along racial lines.

Do you consider yourself black? He has no accent and hangs out with too many white boys. He enrolled in a predominately black high school and went to an HBCU. Two months ago, as of this writing, he was killed in a black-on-black crime. There were no protests or riots carried for him, since his death could not be made to look like black victimhood.

He got nothing but a few people on Facebook posting his obituary. I found this extremely puzzling. In fact, it is one of the harshest insults for a black person. Many blacks would rather associate with a murderer than with an Uncle Tom. This is not mere hyperbole. The black community eagerly embraces thugs and criminals who destroy their neighborhoods while it ostracizes its most principled members—educated and conservative blacks. After all, the more academically oriented blacks did tend to associate more readily with white people than with other blacks, who tended to be ignorant.

Why were intelligent and civilized blacks so often called race traitors by both blacks and whites? Like an idiot, I succumbed to this pressure. I tried to the greatest extent possible to distance myself from my white classmates—not a good idea at a school that is 90 percent white.

I ended up graduating nowhere near the top of my class but still got into an elite college due to affirmative action and good test scores. The one with black hair and blue eyes grew more rapidly than the others. Then the dark skinned one next became strong, and lastly the one with the golden curly hair.

Van Rensburg explained that this vision had to do with countries receiving their independence from Great Britain. He explained that the black haired, blue eyed one is Ireland, the dark skinned one, India, and that the golden curly haired one, was South Africa. He said that these countries would receive their independence accordingly. She said she remembered her father saying that the country which will win the war in the far future Third World War would have to have Germany as an ally.

A vision Van Rensburg had about a dark cloud coming from the East, creeping over Europe and eventually covering Europe in darkness only became clear long after his death. He told his son, Kallie, this vision had to do with the rise of Communism in Europe. Russia and China are the countries orchestrating the infiltration of Communism into Europe and the West as well as in South Africa. Until recently South Africa was the only country where Communism was banned in terms of law. These cattle want to wage war.

They are looking in our direction. I see a train with troops. These troops are shooting with Maxims through the windows. They are South African troops and are firing at our enemies. Ria James Mrs. This did happen. With the passing of years, the darkness that Seer always spoke about did indeed descend over South Africa.

He is looking in our direction. The earth in our country becomes desolate, but in Europe it becomes pitch dark. However, there are many positive visions which seem closer to fulfilment than people may think. He acknowledged that it was terrible for him, as he had to endure the war twice—firstly through his visions, followed by reality. What he saw in the future was enough to spiritually break even a strong man. However, Cronje did not see his way out and all were taken prisoner, except Nicolaas van Rensburg and a few other men who escaped, risking their lives.

They were then placed under command of General De Wet. I am sending you the prophet Nicolaas That night at Taungs, a little town in Botswana , Van Rensburg held a prayer meeting for his fellow commandos. He was very tired and went to bed early. During the night he suddenly awoke, feeling a strange pressure in his head. It was so intense that it made him dizzy. Closing his eyes and holding his head in his hands he did not know, nor realise what was happening to him.

He woke his brother, Pieter, and told him that he was afraid. Pieter thought it to be only a nightmare and went back to sleep. Frightened, and not knowing what was happening to him, Nicolaas left their tent and walked into the veld. The pressure in his head took hold of him again and he then lay down on the ground and closed his eyes.

After closing his eyes he became aware of milling clouds in front of them, which then became denser. He thought it to be a storm brewing, but the clouds suddenly disappeared and he saw a plain in front of him. At sunrise when the commandos started to mount up, Field-cornet Jan van Wyk noticed that Nicolaas van Rensburg was missing.

Some of the men then started searching for him. After a while, they found him lying beneath a bush like a frightened child. His hair was tousled, his face dirty and streaked with tear marks and his clothes tattered and dirty. Some of the men found this hilarious and laughed at him, for to them he looked like a lout. Nicolaas did not say a word and despite his appearance he was very calm. Everything covered under smoke and flames Van Wyk reported the incident to General De la Rey and to his surprise the general requested that he fetch Nicolaas.

Van Rensburg then told the general about the vision he had. We will be going to Kimberley, but we will not stay there very long. I got this feeling that we were riding again, southwards. Then the vision appeared: I saw our men fleeing across a blackened earth.

Then I saw our wives and children bundled together in hundreds and thousands. I can still hear the children crying. The women were also filled with despair and grief and as they were being herded and driven, I saw our homes and lands go up in flames from horizon to horizon. Everything was covered in smoke and flames General, it was terrifying. Return to your men for we have to ride. If you see something again, please tell me immediately.

Be careful who you talk to about this, for the men will not believe you and only laugh at you. But come to me And what will the English do with our women and children? Why will our homes and farms be burned? What does all this mean? This vision came only five days after the outbreak of the war and at that stage not even the English soldiers could have dream- ed of the horrors the scorched-earth policy and murder camps launched by Lords Roberts and Kitchener would result in.

From then until the end of the war in , more than 26 old people, women and children would die and more than 63 houses and Farms destroyed by arson. To him Satan was real and he constantly felt this evil force snapping at his heels. His first physical contact with Satan occurred that night at Tuangs when he saw the vision of torture and death of thousands of women and children in a war only just begun between Boer and Brit. During the early morning hours I suddenly woke up.

I then saw a vision to this side. We were among thorn trees surrounded by troops. I then turned to the other side. From the west I saw many women and children coming, and they were fleeing. I saw the whole of that part of the earth was blackened. I saw vast destruction over the whole country.

My anxiety became so great that I wanted to flee into the wilderness to be alone and not return. My thoughts became confused and suddenly I knew that satanic powers were trying to destroy me. That was when I hid under the bush where Jan van Wyk and the others found me. General Koos de la Rey then sent me home to recover. At my farm Rietkuil, I could not settle down. My heart was restless and shortly afterwards I left to rejoin the commando.

However, I was fighting a greater battle against the devil than against the English. A hideous being that did not appear human. For many days I wrestled with him before he finally went away. I then had an ulcerated hand and was hospitalized at Boshoff. I was really ill with this hand, cousin!

The devil would often still waylay and torment him, but Nicolaas would never again have any doubts about the sense and meaning of his supernatural gift. It placed him on a more intimate footing with his people and strengthened his love for his country.

As servant and prophet this gift was from God and had to be used in service of his people, the Boer nation. He used the Bible more often instead of his visions to bring consolation and hope to his people during the war. He was a physical wreck and authorities are of the opinion that he never fully recovered from his shocking experience. It comforted him to know that the general believed him, but it was not enough. The pain and heartache over the dark future of his people could not alleviate it.

The image of fleeing women, and children in particular, would still haunt him for many years afterwards. His long standing friendship with General Koos de la Rey began at Taungs. The general never forgot their first conversations. However, he was not insane. One reason why more people began believing in him was the fact that General de la Rey took him seriously. Although a military genius, De la Rey was also a pacifist, a man who, in principle, was firmly opposed against all violence of war.

Because preachers and doctors became very scarce during that time, he often led the church services himself. Rather than firing at the enemy, he preferred preaching to the Boers and giving them moral support which they often sorely needed. He started filling the shoes of a minister and many people were impressed by his vast Biblical knowledge.

Initially both President M. Steyn and General J. Hertzog wanted nothing to do with him. However, they rapidly changed their tune after meeting the Seer as guests of De la Rey. He the Seer came to warn De la Rey that the two statesmen should leave urgently as the enemy was advancing to take them prisoner. Steyn and Hertzog thought this a joke, but Koos de la Rey was so insistent they listen to the Seer, they finally agreed to do so.

More than ten years later, when answering questions put by the Chosen Committee investigating the Rebellion, General Hertzog elaborated on what happened on that specific day. Today it is still an enigma and miracle how a handful of Boers could harass the whole British army throughout the country. In all probability Nicolaas van Rensburg played no small part in these events. He often foresaw the English movements and could issue a warning to the commanders. He also predicted the arrival of messengers correctly.

I see two men on white and brown horses, bearing a letter. In the same manner the Israelites passed through the Red Sea, General de Wet and his men fled before the enemy through a full river— pursued by the English, who were hot on their heels. However, something occurred which General de Wet could not explain to his dying day.

One of the most miraculous visions the Seer ever experienced concerned General de Wet shortly before the death of Danie Theron in September when the general and his men were forced to resign. Years later the well-known Reverend J. Loubser accurately wrote it down and safeguarded it. Once or twice my men managed to drive them back, but it soon became obvious that the English were getting the upper hand.

However, while standing there undecidedly, a soaked and bloodied Danie Theron stumbled our of the bushes. He had just swum across the river from Transvaal with a letter from General De la Rey. Nicolaas says there is a large rock on my side of the Caledon. My men and I must enter the water at that spot, regardless of how high the river was running. We must head straight across to where a marula tree is standing. We would find a group of sleeping Englishmen on the opposite side. Danie Theron, who had meanwhile been attended to and provided with clean clothing and a horse, entered the river with us.

On the other side we found the sleeping British and fired on them so heavily that they fled in confusion. Meanwhile the English on the opposite side were crossing the river on our tracks. They were about halfway when something happened that I cannot explain. Suddenly all those soldiers and their horses began disappearing under the water, just like Pharaoh and his men at the Red Sea, and several hundred drowned in the Caledon River that day.

For more than a week they never encountered any British forces. It was president M. The English are on to us and I thought it best to send them to you to enable them to rest a while. The Seer decided to stroll around the farmyard and then started talking to Mr. Jack Brebner, secretary to President Steyn, where he was resting on his saddle. During a follow up visit Van Rensburg, in the presence of General Hertzog and President Steyn, advised General De la Rey he had seen a vision of British troops arriving on the farm very early the next morning, before the rising of the morning star.

On hearing this, General De la Rey immediately ordered his men to mount up and sent President Steyn and Van Rensburg ahead in the spider. The following day General De Wet received a message confirming the arrival of the British troops, as well as the capture of the two adjutants. It was not I who was such a great warrior; no, it was the work of God who strengthened me through the Seer.

One day, when General De Wet and his men arrived at a small stream near Sannaspos to camp there, the Seer immediately warned him that a British force was approaching from Bloemfontein, especially to surprise and capture him at this place. General De Wet immediately heeded this warning and hid his men. Not long after, the British arrived. The general and his men disarmed them, stripped them stark naked and sent them back to Bloemfontein to tell the story there! However, he always answered hesitantly as he did not want to upset his comrades and interpreted what he saw in such a manner that they were comforted.

This alone is already sufficient reason to honour his memory. Throughout the years of war he lived closely to his people; associated with them on a more intimate footing than previously and this deepened his love for his country and his people even more. He served his people out of love, and his gift was a gift from God in service of the Boer nation.

It would fill a book with hundreds of pages to explain and interpret all the visions of this old Boer prophet. Unfortunately not all the visions and predictions he saw during the War of Freedom were preserved, and Boers who fought in that war are no longer living.

Those we do know of were those visions which were passed on by traditional word of mouth. The rest which he saw from day to day were never written down. This was never the case, for the Seer had virtually no military experience and would never have interfered. Such information then was used be General De la Rey to plan his strategy. Nicolaas always remained humble and never enforced his warnings on his seniors or the burghers—he merely passed them on as timely warnings.

It never occurred to him to show pride about his wonderful gift. When Van Rensburg spoke, everyone fell silent and listened. Then he would tell of his strange visions; visions of battles between blesbuck bulls, rams and bulls; visions of blood and sieves and ploughs; of black curtains, pails, white papers, black mourning crepe, flowers, ropes, the sun, moon, stars and comets; and visions of flags, sickles and bricks. Saddle up—unsaddle! His commando arrived at a spot close to Klerks- dorp in the early part of evening and would camp there for the night.

Everyone, except Van Rensburg, offsaddled, but he remained seated. The rest of the men were ordered to immediately saddle up again and wait on their horses until my father and his companions returned. Father and the two scouts rode a short distance towards the town when they spotted the English commando, but they were moving away from them towards Klerksdorp. After following the enemy for some distance they turned around, satisfied that no Englishman would dare show his face near the camp that night.

On reaching the commando again they were surprised to see that everyone, except Van Rensburg, had saddled up again, ready to leave quickly. Van Rensburg, however, rested against a tree-trunk while his horse was cropping grass a short distance away. This lot did not want to believe me. You can also off-saddle now. We will enter Klerksdorp tomorrow without having to fire a single shot.

I will open my mouth in a parable; I will utter dark sayings of old: Which we have heard and known, and our fathers have told us. We will not hide them from their children; shewing to the generation to come the praises of the Lord, and His strength, and His wonderful works that He hath done Right to the end of the war the Seer was treated with a degree of contempt and anger by some of the burghers.

The skin of a freshly-killed beast was used for this purpose. It was put down on the ground with the hair side up and six elongated holes large enough to insert two hands were cut in on either side. Twelve men stood around the hide and Nicolaas was told to lie down on it. The twelve then lifted the hide, pulling it taut. They threw Nicolaas high into the air—five times in succession.

It was a dangerous game, but the Seer accepted it with a good-natured, embarrassed smile. However, despite all this, and his own shock and dismay at the frightening vision, Seer van Rensburg silently endured their accusations and hostility.

His comradeship and patience towards them never altered; even after that same vision became reality more than a year later. Throughout the war the salvation, welfare and safety of his people were all that mattered to him—so much so that he never mentioned a word to anybody about the suffering he and his family experienced during the dark times of the war and the Rebellion.

Early one night in January , he and some family members stayed with a farmer, Willem Bosman, in the Wolmaransstad area. While drinking coffee the following morning, the Seer suddenly held up his right hand and placing his left hand over his eyes, he sat staring ahead a long time.

They will be here before sunset. They seem dead tired, exhausted and urgently in need of attention. However, Willem Bosman and someone else rode away to go and look for the cows. Five miles on the other side of the mountain they found three emaciated, terrified women fleeing from the English soldiers. Arriving home, the Seer first went to warn his parents, who were living in the original house at Rietkuil as well as some of the neighbouring farmers to leave the area immediately, as the English were on their way to plunder their homes and capture their women and children.

Only a few neighbours and one or two friends believed Van Rensburg and they started preparing to leave their farms. This little storeroom was so cunningly built that unless one knew of its existence, the plastered partition could be mistaken for an inside wall. Late that afternoon while the women were preparing supper for the children, they received a message that the English soldiers were advancing towards Rietkuil and they had to make a hasty departure.

Van Rensburg, his wife and eldest son, Willie and two daughters fled into the veld in their horse-drawn cart, driving their cattle ahead of them. Nonnie van Wyk was the wife of Field-cornet Jan van Wyk, who was present at Taungs during the early years of the war when the Seer saw the vision of destruction and the end of the war. It was he who took the Boer prophet to General de la Rey.

The two children accompanying the Seer and his wife began crying from hunger, but there was no time to stop and feed them. They fled throughout the night. At dawn when Nicolaas rejoined the refugees, he was told how some of the wagons among those being his own and that of Mrs. Kill the chickens! Susara Gertruida Steyn, and her children. Years later Mrs. Steyn told her grand-daughter, Lynette Baird, of their experience. She said after two days of fleeing they, together with Van Rensburg and family arrived at the homestead of an elderly farmer.

The house was built against a high ridge. The farmer invited them to stay for the night. The old Seer immediately asked whether he had any chickens. The dogs will start barking, the chickens will make a noise and we will all be captured. However, Nicolaas persisted and eventually persuaded his host to do as he was ordered. Steyn clearly recalls that the night was clear with a full moon and from inside the darkened house they observed a number of mounted English slowly passing along the base of the ridge.

Van Rensburg and company left the following morning to continue the search for the rest of his family and parents. Later during the day they encountered a Boer commando closely following the English and the men told him that the wagons which were lost had fallen into enemy hands near Korannafontein later renamed Ottosdal. The English initially took the women, old people and children to Korannafontein and burnt their wagons that same night.

Filled with anxiety and sorrow, the Seer rejoined his commando. He already had a premonition that this was just the beginning of the tribulations he and his family would have to bear. In the murder camps In the concentration camp, caring for her two brothers and two sisters fell on the shoulders of his year old daughter, Hester.

Daily rations were so meagre that they were perpetually hungry, and little Hester took in washing to earn a few extra pennies. This kept her busy from dawn to dusk daily so that eleven year old Cornelius had to stand in the queue at the rations store to receive the family rations. Elizabeth Meyer, another camp inmate at Mafe- king, said it was impossible for the handful of helpers to hand out rations to thousands of women and children in a single day.

So on Mondays they queued for meat which was mostly rotten and inedible , Tuesdays to received coffee, rice or sugar, flour and salt on Wednesdays and Thursdays and only received a little firewood on Fridays. Every day people queued from dawn until nightfall to be assisted.

On many occasions the frail fainted in the scorching sun, but the camp authorities ignored them as though they were non-existent. It was so severe that whole families were wiped out. At one stage the death toll totalled 21 per day. He and Annie would only meet again in middle October of This means that the Lord has sent Bettie to fetch our children—they are no longer with us At the same time two of his nieces, the daughter of his sister and that of his sister-in-law, Nonnie van Wyk, had also passed away.

After fleeing from their farm, Rietkuil, during that night, Van Rensburg never had the chance to visit his farm again before the end of the war. Once there, he discovered that his friend who had helped him enclose his few pieces of furniture behind the secret wall, had joined the English forces as a National Scout. Shortly after, the traitor accompanied a troop of soldiers to Rietkuil where they dynamited and destroyed the furniture. Yet every day he saw in broad terms what was happening on the battlefield.

In this manner he correctly predicted the outcome of the last great battle between General de la Rey and Lord Methuen. Even then he was not spared the distressing outcome of the war. Van Rensburg nodded and described his vision: I see a red Afrikaner bull approaching from Vryburg. His horns face straight forward. He is anxious to fight.

He is brave and strong, but when he reaches Barberspan, he changes colour to a red-mottled bull and his horns are hanging. His courage has fled. He begins to feel weak. But he will become worse, for when he reaches Harts River, he has no horns. He cannot butt any longer. Then I see him at Tweebos with a fractured foreleg. Now he is white and hornless and lies wounded in the dust. He never took part in the war again.

I see a Boer house in Pretoria— that is the place The sickle of death Some months earlier Van Rensburg had a vision regarding an event which would take place abroad after the signing of Peace. He then heard the text from which the sermon would be delivered, as well as the psalm which would be sung. According to De la Rey, he had completely forgotten about this vision until the three of them sat in the church in Holland and the identical text and psalm were announced by the minister.

Meanwhile the Seer returned to Rietkuil where he once again took up his former humble task. Sometimes months would pass without seeing his hero and bosom friend, Koos de la Rey. But every once in a while the general sent a messenger, Captain Kerneels Nieuwenhuis, to ask what Van Rensburg had seen in the interim period. At this time the old Boer prophet saw a very strange vision, one that he could not explain.

Shortly after, De la Rey visited him and Seer told him about it. It is a darkness in which many nations will be ruined. War is going to destroy millions. But in the aftermath of the war I see a mourning-cloth descending over the world; a darkness when all nations will lament and pray; I see the sickle of death mowing down millions.

It is a terrible disease which will cause more deaths than all the battles of the war. I do not know what it means. Two red flags are draped over a fence and two head of cattle are fighting. I have never seen such a sickle or such red flags. Then I spotted my bull, old Piet—blood was pushing up from inside him and he was angry.

Four purple flags are also draped over the fence and they, too, turn red. Shortly before the Great War, a fountain of blood flowed from Piet. Suddenly the faces of war appear before me again; blood raining from clouds, buckets of blood. There is a massive fire burning. There is a yellow brick which becomes soft. And then—I saw a huge red flag moving from north to south.

The fire also burnt from north to south. Then everything fades and two red bulls are engaged in battle For that fire will continue burning long after the war is over. How could he know that the red flag and fire moving from north to south would indicate the onslaught of Communism through China, along the Pacific ocean and South Seas?

And the two battling bulls? Authorities agree it can only mean that Russia and China would be engaged in a devastating war before the end of this century. General de la Rey left in sombre mood. Not long after, he again sent Captain Nieuwenhuis to the seer.

Soon the fuse that will set the whole country alight, will be lit It was the first time in the 15 years of their friendship that Van Rensburg undertook the 90 km trip to visit the general approximately 3 km outside Lichtenburg.

He knew he was the bearer of bad news which would affect the life of his dear friend and national favourite and he wanted to convey it personally. Elandsfontein was a popular visiting place. A lively atmosphere always prevailed on the farm, until the Seer arrived on that fateful day The general immediately realised that Nicolaas had seen another vision, one that compelled him to undertake the tiring trip on horseback to speak to him.

It is a serious matter. The general was at a loss for words. It is nearly sunset—please rest now and we will talk tomorrow She did so at the request of Johannes Meintjes, the author : We ate and retired early. However, my father did not sleep much.

Her mother, Nonnie, told her this later. Father never smoked anywhere else in the house. Something is going to happen to you. Every time I see you, you are bareheaded and you know this is serious There were tears in his eyes—he always loved my father. However, I could not understand what was going on. This white paper with the black letters is hanging over Lichtenburg.

Then I see you and you are bareheaded. Then I see it becoming late at night. Now I see something very small under the water something like a small vehicle and when this surfaces, the large cork sinks I see a large man on the opposite side; he does not live there, he lives here in our country.

He is beautifully dressed, with gold buttons on his jacket and gold braid on his hat. He carries a long sword at his side. When he returns to our country, I see the white paper with the black 15 again, then I see you and once again you are bareheaded. The man who returned removes his fancy clothes, removes his sword and says he will not wear them any longer There are beautiful flowers, flowers wherever you look. It stops at many places, and then many people assemble. They are very sad. I see flags hanging on short poles They are sleeping in an open area under trees.

I see numerous steam wagons approaching. We shall see what happens on the fifteenth. The day of liberation World War I broke out on 3rd August, The corks ships were sunk in the great blue waters. On 5th September he attended the special Parliamentary session and on the 12th the Senate ratified the decision that South African troops must invade German South West now Namibia to lend full support to England.

That same afternoon General de la Rey returned to the Transvaal by train. He knew the detectives were watching him and instead of changing trains at Germiston to proceed to Pretoria, he decided to continue on to Johannesburg.

He arrived there on Monday, 14th September, book- ed in at the Victoria Hotel and was given room On the same day General Beyers resigned as Commandant-General of the Union Defence Force—the man with the beautiful clothes returning from overseas and removing his sword. Meanwhile a meeting was organised in Potchefstroom on 15th September. The principal speaker naturally had to be General de la Rey. The organisers even sent a motor car to Rietkuil to transport the Seer to the meeting in order for him to witness his vision becoming reality.

However, for some reason or another the Seer refused to travel to Potchef- stroom. To add to their dismay, they learned that General De la Rey would also be late! Generals Beyers and De la Rey left for Potchefstroom around 7 p. Wagner was the driver of the Daimler motor car with the registration number TP At the time they were on the lookout for the dangerous Foster gang and stopped all cars with three occupants at roadblocks.

However, because the Generals surmised that the roadblocks were meant for De la Rey, they ordered Mr. Wagner to continue driving on. When the Daimler came to a stop, the shocked driver got out. An evening wind was blowing and during the events he had lost his hat, which was never found again. Van Rensburg said he had seen him without his hat. In Lichtenburg I see a large building with doors on the southern and northern sides. I see a mass of people in front of the southern door.

I see six people bearing a coffin, but they enter through the northern door and the coffin is placed on chairs in the centre of that building. The death of general beyers What few people know is that Van Rensburg also frequently saw General Christiaan Beyers in the same vision and it is well-known that General Beyers was also present in the motorcar on that fatal night.

Was it mere coincidence that the old prophet saw General Beyers in the same vision? I do not think so, because before the end of that year he tragically drowned in the Vaal River while desperately trying to swim across in an attempt to escape a hail of bullets from fellow-Boers. If the figures of the year are added up, they also total The Rebellion. It was He who helped them face the bitter pioneering years and suffering during the second War of Freedom.

Because He led them to bring light to the darkness of Africa, His blessing hand would be over them and He would never forsake them. Nicolaas did not attend Church and Holy Communion in July The Seer and many men from his congregation joined General Kemp to take part. All able-bodied men from the area were commandeered to the railway station at Lichtenburg. After General Kemp addressed the rebels at Haak- boslaagte, the burghers also requested to hear what the Seer had to say.

From all the reports, and according to tradition, there is no doubt that with the help of his visions, he frequently kept the commando out of the hands of their pursuers and enabled them to avoid various other pitfalls. Nicolaas participation in the Rebellion also resulted in a rift between him and his church. He resigned as an elder in and was only nominated as elder again after the Rebellion. However, Reverend S. Vermooten, who was consultant for Wolmaransstad at that stage, hoped that the Seer would decline the eldership as he was a rebel, which could cause dissension in the church.

Now he and Nicolaas, the Seer, were together and between them they advised General Kemp what he should do. On commando with Kemp An interesting article about the Boer prophet appeared in Die Burger a daily newspaper of 8th July, Van Rensburg told the Boer hero that he saw people moving westwards; they look like commandos moving from three points in the country as far as a line place where they merge.

The commando leaders discuss a blue document the treaties. Eventually they sign them and the flag is hoisted. They were faced with a predicament as it was impossible to determine the plans of the British forces. Commandant Potgieter asked Mr. When Mr. I am also using information sent to me by Messrs C. Hager of Griekwastad and D. Esterhuizen of Upington.

The hammer and sickle Mr. Hager bought a farm situated between Griek- wastad and Postmasburg in One of his neighbours was year old Frans Groenewald, an erstwhile resident of Ottosdal in the Western Transvaal. Hager wrote to me, and he also knew and was on good footing with Seer van Rensburg. Groene- wald told me how they moved out from Kuruman on the Olifantshoek road in and that he was riding abreast with the Seer.

The Kalahari sand lay before them. What could it mean? Groenewald said he looked up, but the sky was clear. Some time later the Seer said he was also seeing how many, but many blacks were running from the African countries North of us, to our South Africa, an from here to Europe.

Van Rensburg added that he wondered what they wanted. During the rest of the journey he continued speaking about the strange hammer and sickle he kept seeing to the north. This greatly disturbed him! When riding from Kuruman towards Katu and Sishen, one sees the Koranna mountains on one side and the Langeberg on the other.

The Sishen-Saldhana railway line runs between these two ranges. What is the meaning of all those lights that look like those of Johannesburg? Groenewald said he saw nothing but Kalahari sand. He could never understand that vision of the Seer, because when he told me this, Sishen was still covered under limestone and sand. The Railways only developed Sishen after Mr.

Groenewald had passed away. Who would have thought this possible in those years? General Kemp then realised that he was in trouble and called a war council meeting. There did seem to be one solution—they would have to fight their way out at a specific location. However, before giving the order to do so, General Kemp decided to consult the Seer. He called Van Rensburg over and explained his plan to him. Esterhuizen Mr. During their march to German West, they were engaged in a skirmish with Government troops one evening and before darkness fell, the Rebels were surrounded.

His father, Commandant Esterhuizen, decided to wait until later that night before breaking through the enemy lines. However, he warned them that they had to be executed very quietly and orderly. He and the Seer would take the lead and during the exodus no smoker was allowed to strike a match. Then he spotted a man who had pulled his coat halfway over his head, attempting to light a pipe behind it.

Van Rensburg then led them through safely without any of the Government troops getting any inkling of their presence. Record of the Rebellion As told by Boy Mussmann : Most important is the journey we had to undertake in to German South West to negotiate treaties. A symbolic trek! In the same manner Israelites trekked through the de- sert, so of us poorly armed had to do the same. General Smuts controlled the entire Defence Force, as well as all the cannons and battle equipment.

They went out of their way to stop us, capture us or shoot us to prevent us from reaching German South West, but it was all in vain. They refused and so I published the booklet myself. This piece of history is just as important in the history of our people as that of the solemn Vow made at Danskraal Blood River on the 16th of December I see a number of people hastily trekking between the wells perils to German South West with me in order to negotiate treaties with the Germans there.

In when Generals Botha and Smuts indicated that they intended annexing German South West for England, De Wet, De la Rey and Beyers decided to hoist the Vierkleur and fight for a republic; but they would not shed innocent blood or move boundaries. Shortly before the outbreak of war, Reverend Faust- mann of SchweizerReneke was on leave in Cambridge. Eighteen days later he could not board his ship because he had sailed on a German ship.

So Lord Selborne offered him and his wife a free passage to Cape Town. At the time I was attending school in Stellenbosch when I received a telegram from my father ordering me to return home immediately. I showed Reverend Faustmann my telegram and we travelled together to Schweizer-Reneke.

No sooner had we arrived in Schweizer-Reneke when Parliament decided to invade German South West with the help of volunteers. The first division which reached German South West marched as far as Sandvlei. General De la Rey was shot dead on 15th September Soon afterwards General Smuts commandeered Isak Claasen with his men and when they arrived at Co- ligny, a train was standing ready to transport them to German South West.

We—from Schweizer-Reneke—departed from Christi- ana to Lichtenburg and found Generals Beyers and Kemp with approximately 2 men—travelling in the direction of Schweizer-Reneke. On the evening of 2nd November it was full moon we slept 8 miles 12 km from Schweizer-Reneke.

On the 3rd November we pulled down the English flag and hoisted the Vierkleur. Reverend Faustmann saw me and called me over. We are on our way to German South West as I told you on the train. That afternoon after lunch my eldest brother accompanied the Seer to Reverend Faustmann.

Then the Lord sent Samuel again to anoint David as king. Who, among the followers of David or Saul were the rebels? It serves as a story book to lead us to the New Testament. And who killed Him? The authorities! We pass to the right of the point. He sees us receiving German Mausers in German West, but they have white points and he does not know what it means. He sees himself greeting General Maritz where he is seated on his blue roan horse in German West. That evening we left Schweizer-Reneke and stopped at Louwsvlakte, opposite Killarney.

We moved from there along the plain leading straight to Pudmi station. He wanted to shoot General Kemp, but missed. I see myself being shot. They carry me through a watery marsh and on the opposite side is a house with a verandah on the northern side.

They lay me down on a couch and cover me with a blanket. The marsh water is the fountain at Kuruman and the right end of the ditch where we passed is the mission station, Siodin. Later Siodin was changed to a school. That morning our spies caught a small old stallion with a swollen knee and led it to the camp. Uys replied that it had rained some days previously; water was plentiful and the grass should be green by now. We remained there in silence the whole day, allowing the Government troops an opportunity to pass us from Oli- fantshoek town—a distance of 14 miles 23 km.

As we crossed the second ridge, we saw Government troops taking up positions alongside the Postmasburg road and we started shooting at them. At the same time Petrus Ferreira, who had split away from us at Kuruman, started shooting at them from the southern side.

We were ordered to go and take the pass running through the Langeberg, so if the Government troops wanted to get at us, they would have to pass around Olifantshoek. Ferreira entered the pass behind us and took up position by a farm gate after hiding the horses.

When the Government troops arrived, they were savagely attacked by Fer- reira and they had to retreat. We had scarcely assembled at Witsand when the enemy arrived and we engaged in battle. We lost four men and one was wounded. Of our men who died, three were shot in the head and the fourth in the stomach. We discovered the reason for our men being shot in the head—we wore white hatbands which they used as targets! We objected to wearing white bands around our arms as it was the badge of Roman Catholicism during Bartholomew night when the Christians were murdered.

We stayed over at Witsand for two days, which was good, as more than men turned back and surrendered. We were in bad shape and many of our horses had to remain behind. It was very dry that year, but fortunately a lot of horses were grazing there.

General Kemp sent two divisions under command of Petrus Ferreira and the other under MacCarthy ahead with reports to Maritz, asking him for assistance. Tomorrow we would experience something special. On reaching the hills above Groot River, we found the enemy lying fast asleep.

The shooting started immediately. We could see the waters of Groot River, but the enemy stood fast in defence. When night fell we shot our way through to the river, enabling us and our horses to drink. Yet we caught them asleep! Resting the horses, catching other horses and catching the enemy asleep when we arrived. One of our men was shot. From there we moved along the river to Upington and every day we had to shoot the enemy away from the water.

We arrived at a farm called Kafferswart where the dunes meet almost on the river banks. The farm lay between two ridges where they broke on the banks. We left six men here to serve as lookouts for the force advancing behind along the river. Many horses, mules and donkeys emerged from the dunes at the entrance where the house stood, to drink.

We rounded them up and drove them into our camp where the men caught horses, donkeys, mules—everything that could be mounted. On the eastern side right opposite our camp south of Groot River, Government troops made an appearance.

They started fighting and we suspected it could be a battle between rebels and Government troops being waged there. If it is not De Wet, then possibly it could be Conroy. At Schweizer-Reneke a little Frenchman by the name of Russell joined us.

He was extremely brave. You know that he cannot possibly get through the lines of thousands of enemies! The Government troops captured Russell and shot him. Why did General Kemp not rather consult the Seer to determine if there was another spotted bustard among us?

It became obvious that the skirmish on the opposite bank of the Groot River was a blind to entice us there. Then it would have been a simple matter for the Government to guard the fording places in the river and so prevent us from reaching German West. Nothing came of the war council. From Diepklip we went due north, through the dunes without water and only a light shower of rain. This turned into a true desert trek.

And while trekking through the Namib, conditions for the rebels became so critical at one stage, that their tongues stuck to their palates, and out of sheer desperation they were compelled to slaughter some of the pack horses and drink their blood in order to survive. When we observed sheep droppings among the dunes, we realised we were almost through the desert.

We had not progressed far before coming across a number of sheep which we took with us. We stopped by a pan of water at Rooidam. Look at the Government troops advancing! Our order was to occupy the hillock to the left of the pan. When we reached the top, we noticed another large force to the left of the hillock surrounding us. Our 17 men swerved to the right to rejoin the main encampment. We on the hillock had scarcely gone about yards before bombs started exploding around us.

We were surrounded and compressed into a small group so we defended ourselves as best we could with limited ammunition at our disposal. Our men were but a handful, of which more than half were foot-soldiers. When our ammunition ran out, we threw away our rifles, for who was capable of carrying an empty rifle across the dunes? The Government troops stopped firing before sundown. We were called back from our defensive circle. I had harnessed some oxen from Witsand to our motor car, as my brother, Piet Mussmann, had been wounded at Kuruman and was lying in the vehicle.

This gave us some breathing space while General Kemp sent out reports ordering the burghers to assemble by the vehicle. When General Kemp and I reached the car simultaneously, the Seer was sitting on the running-board.

The red blanket is covering us, after which I see a red light while we are fighting. Then the blanket lifts and we emerge from under it. Look, we are moving between two dunes due north until they come together where we move through the pass. Then we turn left westwards , crossing one dune after which we proceed across hard veld. Further on we reach a pan of water, after which we pass between the troops. We capture three blind springbok Government troops mistaking us for their people at the pan.

Muller Rademeyer of Vryburg remarked that the three men had a large amount of water flasks with them and realising they were Government troops, they were captured. After the men and animals had drunk their fill at Rooi- dam, Van Rensburg once again sat on the running-board of the car. Tomorrow, or the day after, the General Kemp must not say it was he, the brave general, or I, the Seer, or you, the brave burghers who led us out, but give the glory to God that is due to Him.

They then come in amongst us. We saw a number of riders and we shot at them, as we had to obtain water and food. On arriving at the farm, we learned that the Germans and German farmers had fled. The owner of the farm, Mr. Long, had no livestock in the veld. Captain Williams was sent to deliver a report to them. He took the two brown horses and a dapple grey which Muller Rademeyer had looted the previous evening, returning with Captain Adam Boshoff, Commandant Schoeman de Wet and a certain Van Zyl, and two blue roans.

Commandant Schoeman had heard the cannons thundering and realised it was one or other rebel commando breaking through.

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In my previous post I was speaking on the Thorn bush Government, and what the Thornbush are. There are a couple of symbols for the same group of people. One is the thorn bush, the other is the hybrid rams or hybrid sheep and hybrid cattle for the same group of people.

These are the… Read more. First he… Read more. I see grapevines faith coming together, but a great flame consumes them. He leads them to a wall without a door. The yellow trousers are… Read more. In one of Siener Van Rensburg, he had seen the Bucket of Blood fallen over in the North with a great blood trail being left. There is according to this vision some tough times that is ahead for us as the Boer people. There is a Blood Bath that is laying ahead for us. Many… Read more.

Naked people appear We were stripped of everything. I sit at a table and break the pie. Brown is the symbol of the Boer people like Blue is the symbol of the German people. Brown is also the military color of the Boers. There is also the man in the Grey Suit, symbolizing the color of a spiritual leader. Now here are some important things that we need to realize concerning this… Read more.

Also had proven why none of these leaders would be that man. Now I want to focus on the next reason. The reason is where the Boers had not learned to take charge… Read more. Now why the visions and about whom were the visions Siener Van Rensburg received?

The visions of Siener Van Rensburg is predominantly to the Boers, secondary to the rest of the… Read more. So far I was and still focusing on Siener Van Rensburg. As I was busy, there are few things that happened to me, as the Lord was busy with me. I was silent in my prophetic call the Lord had given me, was keeping silent, since the prophetic words the Lord usually gives me, do… Read more.

I want to discuss something here concerning the sufferings we the Boer people are going through. First I need to clarify that the sufferings and persecutions we are going through has absolute nothing to do with what certain groups of people like the Israel Vision is claiming, the so-called punitive or punishment against us as… Read more.

Skip to content Visions of Siener van Rensburg. Welcome to My New People Blog. October 14, by Gideon Prinsloo. September 27, by Gideon Prinsloo. So true , if I may add the the world is full of christians ,but not many are follwers of Christ. We have to have a Christ like mind ,and spot on about the church. Today the churches are a business I see how they are greedy for money ,they want to stand in the lime light and take all the credit and no glory is given to our God. The new church will arise.

Debbie said this on January 21, at am Reply. Jessica said this on June 30, at pm Reply. I think that we are realy living in interresting times. Now is the time to have, and to live in faith! Marianne said this on October 11, at pm Reply. Why the Mayans?? Why consult with pagan spiritualists and false prophets? We should not be hazy about this, it is completely sinful and forbidden by God, and we are to be blameless.

HE knows and it is sufficient — when He leads the way and we are following Him. Therese said this on March 27, at pm Reply. I fear that many structure their lives around these prophecies and not seek His Word as primary GPS device. Some will even take things into their own hands to force prophecies to transpire. That is as unwise as pulling an emerging butterfly from a cocoon, as that will certainly kill it. One virtue of the true believer is to wait upon the Lord as the battle belongs to Him and not to us.

Pieter said this on March 27, at pm Reply. I think you dindt exactly reported the original text von van Rensburg. I dont speak about american new weapons for the german army against the russian but from new technology from an OTHER Germany that distroy the russian army by the the spanish border.

I speak from vessel flying saucer? Its a big difference. Jean said this on January 11, at am Reply. Meeste Suid Afrikaners is baie bekend met Siener van Rensburg. Vanaf tot en met sy dood in het hy meer as visioene oor die toekoms van Suid […]. As is obvious with the secret sign displayed by siener van Rensburg his hand on a book on his leg a clear indication how certain false prophets play and use masonry, as backing for secret organisations, divination, soothsayer, like witch of Endor and the resulting curses that followed.

I challenge people to read the Scriptures,forbidding fortune telling, spiritualism, shamanism, contacting the dead, casting your lot with Godess of luck, gambling. All pagan origins, contact trumpetcal mweb. We are in the grip of false prophets, ie. Crocus ministry, WIP and a Paul Bevin, Anita Giovannoni with their spiritualism and shamanism practices, also a Pastor Martin Pretorius and his friends TB Joshua agents of witchcraft and sorcery, drugs, prostitution and evil practices, locking hands with Muslims in destructive deception.

Suzette Dibden said this on March 1, at am Reply. Nicolaas Siener van Rensburg was no mason, nor did he subscribe to any other fraternity. He was a simple shepherd and a true prophet, unlike diviners and psychics. Even I did get similar dreams from God, these are always aligned with Biblical reference and the things DO happen, which is the test for a true prophet. For the record, belonging to an organised church is SIN and we should get out of her — Revelation It is because God has a plan with South Africa that He is taking extra trouble in an effort to secure this land for His final purpose, when Christians from all over the world will congregate here.

I believe Seiner was legitimate. I wonder, at times, why the born again africanners are going through all this. I wish them safety and help from God. Marianne said this on August 24, at pm Reply. Pieter said this on October 8, at am Reply. Ro Timms said this on October 30, at pm Reply. They are not going to become obedient all of a sudden by themselves. God is going to test this Africaner Nation until they have become humble.

Unfortunately not to many are going to survive the outcome thereof. It will also not be like some is thingking is going to be a race thing. It will be a holy nation, an eternal priesthood unto God. Then we will become a blessing to the world, doing what we were called to do from the begining, revealing the King of kings to the nations to the glory of God the Father of us all.

Oom Andre said this on June 30, at pm Reply. Louis Du Plessis said this on November 26, at am Reply. Boer of Natalia said this on November 23, at am Reply. Olinda said this on November 23, at pm Reply. Every church getting together in the way of having a reverend or pastor in charge, already is following the RC root.

In the days of the early church, also referred to as the church of Acts, one would come to a town and the believers there would simply be the Christians of that town. At Dobsonville, it would be the church of Dobsonville, at Greylingstad, it would be the church of Greylingstad. One unified body of believers, not five or ten retail outlets where the gospel gets sold as we see today.

In the early church, there were pastorS, elderS, teacherS, deaconS but no singular pastor in charge as we see today. Jesus was the governor, not man. I am a south African living in the UK. I feel completely lost in my life here.

I have not been practicing my faith in the Lord for many years now. I want to move back to the path of Jesus now but not through organiaed modern Christianity as my scepticism of the convenient truth that is preached is false.

Please advise me on where to start. Thank you, ernst. You asked Peter for assistance, but maybe I can be of assistance. Your reply came to me also for some reason. You see, I had a similar desire to seek the paths of righteousness after years of walking my own way. From these 3 little verses I comprehended that my Good Shepherd will put me on the right path for His name sake.

I just needed to humble myself and let Him be my Shepherd. The strong men must not brag about their strength. The rich must not brag about their money. But if someone wants to brag, then let them brag about this:. Let them brag that they learned to know me. Let them brag that they understand that I am the Lord, that I am kind and fair, and that I do good things on earth. Show me how you want me to live. Guide me and teach me your truths.

You are my God, my Savior. You are the one I have been waiting for. Remember to be kind to me, Lord. Show me the tender love that you have always had. Because you are good, Lord, remember me with your faithful love. The Lord is good and does what is right. He shows sinners the right way to live. He teaches his ways to humble people. He leads them with fairness. His peace can do this far better than our human minds.

Brothers and sisters, continue to think about what is good and worthy of praise. Think about what is true and honorable and right and pure and beautiful and respected. And do what you learned and received from me—what I told you and what you saw me do. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

The Lord will help you when you open up His Word, asking the Spirit to lead you. There are a few good topic within Heaven Awaits that can spark the flame of the Light that is within you too. DJ said this on August 9, at pm Reply. DJ said this on August 10, at am Reply. Marianne said this on August 10, at am Reply. From now on — there will be no more referencing books, directing readers to Amazon.

Such a lovely response. I hope you are still on this path. Silvia said this on November 20, at pm Reply. Suzette, he never belonged to any fraternity nor did he give any secret sign. This man was Godly. For the record, I was once mistaken fro a Freemason by another Mason as I apparently were giving him signs all evening, that I would be one……. Siener was a true prophet and I can tell you that my wife and I had similar visions long before we even knew about him.

Our fight is against the enemy wich is all those who does not believe that the only way is through the cross of Calvary, there we received our freedom of choice. God does talk to you if your spirit is pure and filled with his love. I suggest you start seriously praying for the world, and stop pointing fingers. As a nation we must renew our covenant which our white government prostituted. I am not talking politics I am talking of a commitement we made with God our Father to deliver a handfull of trekkers, at Bloodriver.

Think about it. Till we repent and make a new covenant God will not hear us. Vilia Herbst said this on March 28, at am Reply. WE must get back to Him first and make that our priority. Now my next question is this: if we as Afrikaners have been restored as a nation, where and how do other true believers fit into His people then?

Villa Herbst, please explain to me where all other Christians fit into your mould, or do they get cast aside? What makes the Afrikaner different from other believers? Where is Biblical grounds to be found for wanting us to be our own nation? Are we not supposed, as the Bible teaches, to be impartial and to welcome all true believers? I am new, and only reading through all the replies. Pardon me, but I do not think you know what you are talking about.

The AWB does not believe that they are reborn through the seeds of Abraham! Where did you hear this? They are a political party with many different christians. Suzette said this on September 2, at pm Reply. Many of them told me so themselves. They are not just a polictical organization but also a religious sect. They did openly persecute and hunted down one of teh Ystergarde members after he became a reborn Christian. I have had much exposure to AWB people and my views are based upon personal experience and not speculation.

Pieter said this on January 27, at am Reply. Pieter……you are lost…. Terreblanch was not a member of some sect but a Christian. You are an example of what is wrong with the Boers today. We are the only nation who had 3 covenants with God.

Most still feel immense pride that God led our forefathers through some hard times. Most of us still are immensely proud of our heritage. Yes there are some who are traitors and will be eliminated when the time comes but it will be His time and not ours. I do not for once believe that God is going to stone is all if we deviated a little from the path. Do you as a father not still love your stubborn wayward child?

Is our job not to NOT judge our brother but lead him to the right path? When we start judging our own we have forsaken our religion, heritage and roots. We need to stand together and pray for forgiveness for us and our brothers and sisters our nation. We need to get back to our roots and start living like the old days…. When we really helped one another and gave freely. We have a long way to go but I do believe our salvation is nearer than what we think.

I do believe that the tide will turn, if not with this May elections then the next. But this situation WILL end or have ended by Juan Pieterse said this on December 30, at pm Reply. Ro Timms said this on September 17, at pm Reply. We are suffering because of rebellion against GOD.

Louis said this on April 5, at am Reply. Louis, very good advice indeed. Sadly, at this late hour, we still have those opposing the Biblical requirement for being reborn and people want to proclaim Jesus but from their religious perspective only.

Their faith remains an academic one, not vested in a circumcised heart.. I am afraid that our nation is too stubborn and rebellious to submit to His authority and would typically want to be their own Gods and have Jesus Christ as a mascot instead. That does not make anyone a Christian but being reborn does. Throughout His life, Jesus did not only teach obedience but displayed it as He was leading by example. Our Boer nation wants to serve Him on their own terms instead, which is not Biblical.

There is the Julius Malema hate song, the death of E. Atleast some of us have put the past behind and moved on. I do believe that God will help all of us who seriously believe that a free country to all is possible. If you read this pray because BIG things are coming our way!!!!!!! X, your hatred shows that you are no believer. Expect to be killed by God in an eternal sense if you do not repent and return to serve your Creator, through obedience to His will. Ek is moeg geworry oor die dinge wat nou gebeur.

Annelize said this on April 8, at pm Reply. My gebede is met julle. As ek kan help, stuur my vertel hoe. Ek werklik omgee oor wat met jou gebeur. Marianne said this on April 8, at pm Reply. Dear Annelize, the Lord in His wisdom puts us to various tests. For some reason, we face on of the greatest tests in our history and we have to be brave and put our trust in the Lord. En glo my, my kinders is ook nog klein en my hart voel oorweldig deur vrees van wat met hulle mag gebeur.

Maar glo saam met my dat ons eendag die groter doel sal sioen. Alle lof aan die Here. Aniek said this on April 19, at pm Reply. I asked the same and got the folowing from GOD. Read Jesaja in the bibel that will tell you the hole resone. The book Jesaja is south Africa this came from GOD and as i red the book i can tel you all that is writen came clear to me and now see why this hapens and what will come to be. Willem Engelbrecht said this on November 7, at am Reply. The short answer is that we as the Boer nation had forsaken God through our warped beliefs and eccentric ideas of who we are.

We do not believe in being reborn any longer, despite what Jesus, who is God, had been teaching Himself. We are using Him as a mascot and we wear our supposed faith like armor on the outside but are rotten within. We negate His salvation by going back under the law and by denouncing all other Christians from other origins.

We wrongly believe that we are the lost tribes of Israel and stand our ground on that vehemently. The bigger picture is this: Jesus Christ, in His own words, did not teach a rapture as is common nowadays. Instead, in Matthew 24, we see that He had made provision for true believers, as also stated at the end of Revelation It corresponds with Isaiah 18, for instance. As we will be the hosts providing accommodation for the true believers during the tribulation, we will need to realise that God will be sending us not Boers from abroad, not just whites, but also true believers from other ethnic groups and races.

As long as we entertain the idea that only Boers can be saved or that blacks and Asians are animals, we remain outside of His will and exposed to assault by Satan. Isaiah We need to prepare ourselves, by purifying ourselves from sinful thoughts and ideas, by becoming compliant with His Word and to be open to ALL of His children.

We cannot serve Him and fulfill our purpose here in South Africa as long as we are following our own sinful desire and ideas. DJ said this on January 11, at am Reply. Pieter……please please stop this globalist multiculturalism nonsense. Where is it written that being racist is a sin?

God is our tower and our refuge. My family and I have already gone through endless persecution, not by blacks, but in our very own Christian churches. It is so because the church is lifeless, people stampede after Angus Buchan but few get to Jesus Christ themselves. Clueless, directionless. Pieter said this on March 7, at am Reply. Amen Pieter! God is our only refuge. As alarming and upsetting as these prophecies are — especially to us with young children — we can completely relax in the knowledge that if we have submitted our lives to Jesus Christ, He is in control.

The uncertainty of future events become our focus instead of resting in Him. We also forget that nothing that is happening is surprising God! He already knows the outcome of every situation. Moenie gaan op wat jy in die kerk leer nie want ek het al gesien meeste dominies weet nie wat aangaan nie. Louis Du Plessis said this on March 12, at am Reply. ET has just been murdered, and front page news in a discovery of a new human species, the bones are on display in the glass casing!

Shaun said this on April 9, at am Reply. Shaun, I read the book and it seems to me the assassinated figure was going to be the one in the glass coffin. The assassination vision is about the retaliation of blacks marching on a big city and killing everything in their path.

My reason for saying so, is because in his vision he sees the body of the assassinated person lying in Church Square Pretoria, for seven days where his followers mourn him and thereafter the march on a big city takes place. Magda said this on April 15, at pm Reply. Jurita Fischer said this on April 15, at am Reply.

Lyk my die dinge begin nou bymekaarkom met die Ysland vulkaan ens. Skilpad said this on April 16, at pm Reply. Marianne said this on April 17, at am Reply. Akteur Lieb Bester se besoek e aan ons gemeente op Worcester in die laat sewentigerjare het die belangstelling net verder geprikkel.

Meeste mense is onbewus daarvan, Meeste kan ook nie oortuig word nie omdat hulle kennisbasis en verwysingsraamwerk eenvoudig tekort skiet. Die lugmagbasis in Botswana het geen werklike rede om daar te wees nie. Dit was geheim gehou totdat van ons oud-spesmagsoldate daarvan gepraat het na hulle ontslag. Interessant genoeg dat Eskom! Daar is genoeg bewyse dat SA een of ander tyd — dalk gouer as wat ons dink — inmenging van die UN gaan sien, dis gewoon Amerika met wit karre.

Siener van Rensburg was nie die enigste een wat dit vooruit gesien het nie en dis jammer dat sy gesigte deur politieke ontleders geinterpreteer is. Dus: daar is magsopbou wat nie deur die huidige regering se hantering van ons Weermag teengestaan kan word nie. In word die film The Taylor of Panama daar gemaak. Nou by biometrika. Ek het in gematrikuleer en was reeds van my St7 dae af bewus van die merk van die dier.

Binne 2 dae het Hy my eenvoudig net insig gegee, my verstand geopen om die werled se geldstelsel te sien vir wat dit is en hoe dit werk. Sedertdien self met hoofraamstelsels gewerk, asook min-rekenaars 50 gebruikers en voorlopers van die PC. Ek ken ICT van verskeie kante af en kan gekwalifiseerd bevestig dat die merk van die dier in openbaring WEL ook die mikroskyfie insluit.

Die chip veroorsaak ook agressiewe nuwe kankers, net soos in Openbaring gestel. Moslems, Hindoes maak beswaar — Christene moedig dit openlik aan! God skryf SY NAAM op ons voorkoppe en daarom mag die chip nie daar kom nie, want dit is die simbool van die antichris, dis satan homself. Daarom moets mense geleer word om dit te weier. Ons regering en banke werk saam en is deel van die groter netwerk van die BRIC-lande Brazil, Rusland, China en India wat lankal saamwerk om die hier en in hulle lande in te faseer.

Dit is belaglik dat ons mense evangeliseer, tot by die Here kry en dan laat merk vir die antichris. Die merkproses het ingeboude meganismes wat die inplanting onomkeerbaar maak. Ons dominees en pastore preek nie meer uit Openbaring nie en ons mense gaan ten gronde agv gebrekkige kennis. Herlewing gaan kom in Afrika maar wat SA aanbetref, het ons eers die hekkie van ongekende militere geweld wat op ons wag en dit kan enige tyd losbreek, die tekens is reeds daar.

Meeste sal onkant betrap en meegeselur word, hulle lewens prysgee, omdat die waarskuwing onwelkom was. Mense WIL nie die boodskappe hoor nie. Ek werk nog my hele lewe met rekenaars. Identity is what it is all about…….. Use your B. Sc, add some common sense and investigate IBM and you will see what I mean. There was no vision like this……not prior to our Government breaking up and running like cowards…..

Those are more correct than the ones from Snyman. M JvRensburg said this on April 18, at am Reply. Thank you Marianne, for your wisdom and love on this page. Let us be strong and stay true to our beliefs, because one day we will see the greater picture. Bless you all. You are welcome, Aniek. These are times when we all need support, and the mercy of God.

To receive mercy, we should show mercy. May we all be well, and safe. Marianne said this on April 19, at pm Reply. I am also looking for a copy of the english translated book by adriaan snyman — voice of a prophet. I think what we should remember is that, its an interpretation of the original writing of siener van rensburg, so its open to debate. You will never find a book out there, that will dictate the future word for word, its impossible. Shaun said this on April 19, at pm Reply. No one can determine what will happen in the future!!!

Seriously rediculous! Not all afrikaners are white, so everyone get your facts straight, you think black people are rasist look at all of you, now maybe can you recall why this is all happening????? What happened in the past has nothing to do with our newer generation, so take your boer issues and go fight them yourselves, not all white people have to do with this!

Irritated said this on April 21, at pm Reply. Was sent stuff in an email yesterday — quite scary all those things, but will eventually happen. Nikita said this on April 23, at pm Reply. Me said this on April 26, at pm Reply. Shaun said this on April 22, at am Reply. If you are so irritated please feel free to get of the site and go do what ever you do…. Gellies said this on April 22, at pm Reply.

Someone seems to be getting the message right……. Forming alliances outside of this or secondary thereto, is dividing His kingdom, having divided loyalties and serving another god. We are aliens to this world and establishing a secondary group identity is falsehood.

Karien said this on April 26, at am Reply. He did it for Israel when she answered His call to turn to Him? Are we not also His children? There was a place that said that we deserved what we will be getting BUT in God there is a place where we receive forgiveness. Jesus died on the cross and nailed every writ and script that was against us to the Cross.

Colocians He is Faithful and True and will forgive us our sins. Look to Him and fear not. Turn to Him in prayer, hand yourself over to Him. He holds the future and let Him hold you in His nailscared hands. Madelein said this on May 1, at pm Reply. The best post so far. Read a very disturbing article in a USA magazine about the current situation in SA…the murders of farmers — the youth leader? I also have a family with small kiddies.

Things are looking dim in the USA. What struck me in the article was a summery of what happened during the blood river war in Natal. And what happened before that when Dingane murdered 70 of the boer leaders who wanted to be reconciled with him. I almost think that this youth leader might be the one laying dead in the streets of Pretoria.

Who knows? But the Lord gave the battle to the Boers at blood river because those men went doen on their knees and prayed to God for help. Much the same way as how David and the Isrealites seeked the face of God…leading to blessing. The opposite we also know is true. Henk said this on June 10, at pm Reply.

Us Afrikaners think that a weekend with Oom Angus brings us closer to God. We can run to him but when last did you see us men fall on our faces without belonging to some movement or action of some sorts? Our French ancestors came here in because they were being persecuted for their faith in Europe. They were the French Huguenots. German blood was added later. This view was strengthened as the result of the Anglo Boer war when the British used roughly , troops to burn down our farms.

Women and children were interned in the most inhumane way in concentration camps, where they wre fed ground glass mixed with their gruel. Upward of 26, died as a result. After the war, the British chased black farmers of their land and it were the white Afrikaners whom had shown them mercy. Blacks sided by the British oppressors and also by the atheist ideologies of Karl Marx. The Afrikaner realised the danger due to unfavourable demographics and started working at Afrikaner nationalism that would find its way into government so as to protect the rights of all minority groups as well.

BUT we will oppose their anarchist, ungodly violent conduct with our last drop of blood. During apartheid years, immense amounts of disinformation was spread around the globe through a media driven by the New World Order. The decay of South Africa is unbelievable. Whites are excluded from job positions — the Afrikaner government secured jobs for them during apartheid and looked after them.

I was a tax officer at Inland Revenue at the time. Anything short of that means a lack of insight, you cannot compare this to the UK, USA or any other country. Can you justify 4, farmers killed brutally? Or the , that, unlike blacks, do not get food coupons or other assistance from the Government. They live in the most desperate circumstances and even THEN get robbed by the blacks, as we did in both Zandvlei near Muizenberg as well as at Kommetjie, both camping sites around Cape Town.

My family and I had gone to hell and back, we could not sleep at night as many times black hands came from under the canvas and grabbed our stuff. We lived through many winters in the wet and cold, whilst blacks were given tents and even heaters! Piet Retief was a Freemason and so were others in his party. They were most likely killed because of their covert worship of Jahbulon, who is Satan.

So many Boers today suffer from spiritual bondage related to the Satanic fraternizing of our ancestors. I really doubt they knew what they were doing, but that still gave Satan the title deed to the third and fourth generations….. In general, our ancestors were religious but had little or no real relationship with God. In all their piety, only a handful really were reborn and guided by His Spirit.

We owe it to Jesus to become reconciled with Him. Read Zephanaiah It say more than meets the eye. If we want to be true Boers, we need to be true Christians first. And we cannot own God as our pet, but we must serve Him and other nations around us in His love. Pieter said this on October 8, at pm Reply. Pieter Hallo Pieter, kan ek jou kontak asb? Hanrucoetzee gmail. Marianne said this on June 13, at pm Reply. A house divided against itself will not stand.

Why would satanic forces kill people who are also worshiping satan aka jabulon. AM said this on March 10, at am Reply. The Masonic principle is simple: Skep n model van vrees en mense sal volgens die reels speel. Dit gebeur tien teen een want die mens glo eerder die stelsel en media en nie die Woord bv naasteliefde, hoop, vergewing.

Ons sal moet baie wyer as net ons land kyk. Die draak gaan baie soos die Lam lyk en praat. Jan van Heerden said this on May 6, at am Reply. Marianne said this on May 6, at pm Reply. Goed kom ons kyk na wat geseg word. Siener het nie eige gewin uit die visioene geneem nie hy het altyd dit as GOD se woord gestel. Hy was neederig arm en glad nie in die lig van sy eige ek nie. Nou seg die een outjie hier dat die goete kan Vrymeselaars wees.

Nee mater daai mense is vol van hulself kom bledie ryk voor en is in die kolig en in die voorgestoeltes. So ou siener pas nie daai prentjie nie. Die WOORD egter is waarom als moet draai so kan ons elkeen selfs ons eige geskreewe dinge hier bekyk en beoordeel. Dan die volgende vraag het sy visioene waar geword? Nog n bybelse oordeel en dan weer ja dit het so wat nou? Die antigristiese voorspelings vaal een na ander en hier word die ou oomie sin waar so sou jy dan kan seg dat daar erens iets in steek?

Nou seg ons ook om bang tewees is antigristies as iemand ons waarsku. Onthou ons dan nou vir Job? Hy gaan waarsku Nineve en seg 40 dae en julle word verwoes. Sjoe daar spring daai klomp om en gaan beklaag hul sondes voor GOD en die kruks was dat hulle ernstig was en wat gebuer? GOD hoor en trek SY hand van verwoesting terug!! En daar is ou Job smoorkwaad!! Sien ons n selfde tendens hier onderons? Die siener se woorde is waarskuwings nie verdoemenis nie neem wat goed is en laat ons bou in JESUS naam.

Toe Daniel in die luekuil was hoekom was hy daar? In die vuur herd onthou GOD was daar en hulle het nie gebrand nie. So GOD neem jou nie uit jou beproewing nie maar is met jou daar en beskerm jou en elke mond sal getuig ons het n GOD amen. Ons het soveel maagde sonder olie wat slaap en waneer die kenis jou by die eenigste deur sal kan laat ingaan sal jy ok wegewys word met gebrek aan kenis.

Glo maar daar is opad wat geprofeteer is mag die wat ore het hoor en gaan soek na hulle weg tot JESUS want daar is groot dinge opad en waneer die basuin blaas is dit telaat. Gaan da oorlog wees? Daar is alreeds so subtiel dis onmenslik en ons almal wat hier skrewe kyk ander pat. Dit sal mos nie met ons gebuer.

Dan so met CPF gedoente sien jy hoe n man 8 keer gesteek word helder opdag vir niks in sy eige huis. Voel jy so magteloos as die een polisie man na hin ander gevang word vir diefstal en aaranding somer 12 n week! Nee mense die dinge gebuer werklik en getuig kan ek van baia woord wat gegee is van GOD ma hier praat ons nou oor n profeet en ja Siener van Rensburg is n profeet nie was nie want die woorde word waar so kyk na dit en neem die getuienis aan GOD het uit die profesie ons dan belowe tot sukses in GOD se naam so warom sal ons bang wees vir dit wat moet kom GOD sal voorsien amen.

Marianne said this on August 2, at pm Reply. Ek weet waarvan jy praat maar baie ander begryp dit nie. Belinda said this on May 6, at am Reply. Angi said this on May 7, at am Reply. This Afrikan man seems sincere and sorry for the world.

I like prophets who cry…Jesus wept over Jerusalem. We must pray, fast from greediness of all sorts, and trust, trust, rtust. Only the very humble will be safe from satan and harm. Live in Bethlehem with Mary and Joseph…smell the animals, the straw, the earth. There is safety, with Him and all who belong to Him.

For the record, very poor people were evicted and left homeless in Portswood Road, Cape Town, a few weeks before kick-off. Tshepo said this on June 30, at pm Reply. Nicolaas said this on July 29, at pm Reply. And remember something else…his visions are from GOD, these visions from die Indians are wrong.

I sometimes right poems and regards this kind of inspiration as something similar: in a flash one senses something that you know transcends normal boundaries of space and time. Deja-vu experiences possibly also relate to this. Perhaps his visions were part of a divine mystery to give people hope in times when life was difficult, and for many after the Anglo-Boer War scars would only heal over three generations and more.

I however do think that people should avoid sensational claims; in the end life is about a daily internal struggle within individuals and the search for the Light within. Hardship will always be there, anywhere, as long as we dwell in bodies that decay. Ben said this on August 22, at am Reply. I agree. Man has a spirit that connects with the natural creation, the supernatural realm, and his creator.

Inspiration comes, and enlarges our perceptions. Marianne said this on August 22, at am Reply. Byron said this on August 24, at am Reply. Ironicaly stil writen in yrs old. Our childrn stories. Of an African is peace, luv, forgivnes,ubuntu botho 3ness.. Read yo Bible with unbiasd pure heart. Xolile Xolile said this on October 26, at pm Reply. Jesus Christ was the Creator God — nothing needs to be added to His prophecies.

He is God, there is no trinity as churches teach but rather God appearing in various forms, always symbolic of purpose or function. Interestingly, the great Zulu sanusi Credo Mutwa also stated the same and said that some whites are bad because they worship the biggest false god Jahbulon.

In that, he referred to the Freemasons, I suppose. No, my dear friend, there is nothing missing. We should onlu accept what Jesus Christ had taught. No addition required as all is already happening just as He had shown. There may be many prophecies but which are inspired by Jesus? Millions of other prophets existed but only those sent by Him are true.

John Love said this on April 7, at pm Reply. Africa has a huge role to play…. The question is this. I guess not. The problem with man is that man wants to be in control, man wants to have his own will done and man wants the supreme God to bow before him. For the record, old Siener said that the bad blacks wile live amongst many good blacks and that is why they will not be able to be attacked to purge the evil from the good.

The very same is true for the abelungu, of course, as we see how the bad lives amongst the good. It only takes a few bad ones to make a crowd look bad. Forgiveness will come when blacks stop using atheist, Marxist methods to force their way, when they stop worshiping Satan through the violent mass action that gave rise to apartheid in the first place. As long as blacks claim to be reborn but display this satanist attributes, there will be no Ubuntu or Msakhane or peace…..

Right now, evil, ungodly China is being drawn into Namibia…. Talk about getting rid of oppression from the white man and then voluntarily submitting to the evil authority of the most evil oppressors in the world! That was what apartheid really was about…..

But, typical of the Black African, once again greed is stronger than character and these leaders are selling out their very own people to a nation that even as I write here, torture people for their faith…and not only Christians, but all believers of various faiths. Rhis stupidity was foretold by Siener as well…….. Xolile, it is time for the black African to evolve and to rid himself of the immaturity that had kept him as the slave of others for years in terms of the abelungu and tpousands of years in terms of the Arabs.

Get rid of ungodly communism, get rid of violent strikes, get rid of greed, get rid of downright laziness even the ANC mentions this in Parliament! Just Saturday I saw again how selfish my Xhosa colleague is and how unprepared she, as a self-proclaiming reborn Christian, is to do as I did, to work and hour for free.

Not even hard work….. While blaming Bush for New Orleans, black armed policemen in uniform turned against their own…….. Fo5get ancient teachings; comply with His plan for YOUR future, grab hold of the perfection that he has for you! And His plans are perfect, He is anxious to bless YOU but read Isaiah 30, see how the black man chooses to serve people that bring shame and no honour!

Rid yourselves of the bad flies and take up the wonderful position that Jesus Christ is anxious to bless you with…………if you will allow Him! As for whites using synthetic stuff….. I do believe you and I also know that this is evil…have you asked WHY they see the need for that? They must not give reason for others to want to oppress and harm them, which is what they are doing with this evil of Cosatu and its satanic allies!

There is a better way, a perfect way…….. Pieter said this on November 15, at am Reply. I agree with what is foretold by this man. The black people of this country had better wake up for when the time comes God will be on our side once again and your numbers As it was with Blood River will count for nothing and you will be swallowed up once again. You never learn.

I hope it happens this way because things cannot continue in this aimless direction. When it does, fall on your knees and truly repent for you cannot fight the power of the Lord God. JAred said this on November 26, at pm Reply. The revelation is of the highest divine order. Usuthu said this on January 11, at am Reply. Marianne said this on January 11, at pm Reply. Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom — let your email find you!

Marianne said this on May 14, at am Reply. Much appreciated may the same blessing be returned upon you and your loved ones. He said she said this on January 15, at am Reply. So true. Xenophobia started in Freedom Park, South of Johannesburg. United Nations monotoring the situation. Johan said this on January 23, at am Reply. Xenophobia is a fear of strangers, what we see here in South Africa is hatred of foreigners.

Racism is racism and black Africans have been murdering each other for centuries before white people showed up and started building something of lasting value on this continent. Mongwa said this on March 26, at pm Reply. I think we will see that earthquake that will destroy japan shortly. Bee said this on January 23, at pm Reply. Pieter jy praat nou twak.

Ons God is nie almal se god nie hy is die wit man en Boer se God. Broer, jy kan nie jouself n Boer noem nie as jy so glo, eers siener het geweet wie hulle was. Ek gee net vriendelike korreksie hier vir jou van een Boer na n ander Boer. Matthew KJV 36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. Noah had three sons. One of his sons was Japhet and Japhet had a son, Gomer. Other grandchildren of Japhet became the Italians, French, etc.

This had happened at least 1, years before the Israelites were taken into exile, thereby negating the idea that we are the lost tribes of Israel. Shem and his descendants, from whom Abraham came, remained in the Middle East. Out of Shem came the Israelites, over time. More than 1, years after Gomer and his clan departed for Europe, the Israelites were taken into captivity and remained there for roughly years.

It was not only the house of Judah but the entire nation that were exiled and the entire nation returned to their land. There was apartheid between Judah and Israel. The Israelites were called the Samaritans and co-existed with the Judeans but they did not freely mix. Later, Paul and others like him, would take the gospel of Jesus Christ to our ancestors in Europe. This is when the white man came to worship Jesus Christ — less than 2, years ago. Read Acts 15 as it gives some background on this.

I see there is a concerted effort here to white wash any guilt of the Afrikaner form everything that happened in our history. Then in rolls the British empire and yes, they just take take take, and wherever there was something of value they moved in and took it. Conflict with Britain was inevitable, and deserved, although really, the Dutch were doing pretty much the same thing to the Xhosa.

The used concentration camps and tens of thousands of women and children died of disease and poor hygiene but the comments on being fed ground up glass smacks of sensationalism and invention, there is no report of such rubbish where did you find that information? Next up Apartheid… er, apartheid was to protect the blacks from evil??? Not some mystical christian based evil protection thing. Stick to the truth, its the only way!

Also this PALES into insignificance when you compare that to us general non farmer murder numbers. Its a war on us all.. Mark said this on January 23, at pm Reply. Adam where given the right to rule and nowhere were anything said to the contrary, and as we want to proclaim we believe the BIBLE as true and just then that is the High racy off the truth. Live as the word tells us and not as the world tells us. It will be the only way to be blessed. A Proved were given the sight off years to come and yes it will be argue as you may but the word of GOD will be as such GOD never lies.

Truth is there as the visions come true why will you be so sceptic? The test is done thus the truth been told rejoice as there is word off blessing at the end after the horrible life that is now we will again see GOD s graze let the word off GOD life amen. Willie said this on January 24, at am Reply. British oppression and their ungodliness 2.

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Facepalm mute guitar pro torrent Today I siener van rensburg ebook torrents without doubt—we had our own Seer! Given the roughly octillion—1 followed by 24 zeros—planets in the universe, there should have been about septillion—1 followed by 21 zeros—planets capable of supporting life. This is the satanic criminal power head that is described in Revelation 13 Bible Quote 5. In the front garden he saw green grass and red geraniums in full bloom. Furthermore, the magistrate of the court a quo told Us that We could hand Our evidence in during the appeal hearing. Almost certainly, as is claimed by others, the Go here Illuminati grew out of the Enlightenment movement.
Siener van rensburg ebook torrents Nicolaas van Rensburg did not only take after his mother, but also inherited her frailness. Imker Hoogenhout, son of the national poet, C. We declared that We no longer accommodate Blacks or Government agents. A stretch of aloe plants moves towards the north; in the northwest a bucket of blood falls over and spills and siener van rensburg ebook torrents sees the flag of the Boer nation being dipped in blood and this blood-flag then flies over a free Boer nation. To sustain Me while more info, I rented out a part of the almost completed house as a holiday home and registered it as a sole propriety which I named Sodwana Bay guest house, which quickly became very popular and top rated by Trip Advisor. However, as the story unfolds, the reader will become more familiar with his particular style. One had long black hair and blue eyes, the other one was dark of skin and the last one had curly golden hair.
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Something comes to our attention via our five senses or via a thought in our mind. We act, react and experience the same feelings and emotions that we embedded with our scrip at its inception. We sustain this reactive mode of thinking until we finally go to bed at night. It is important to understand that nothing is going to change until we do something different. We cannot repeat the same old recipes and expect a different outcome. You will if you apply the scripts in this book find that you no longer run your life on a reactive basis.

The new scripts will help you to live your life in the moment. You will become more realistic. You will treat each event on its own merit. How do you do this? The Process Read the first message in your book. Write it down if at all possible. It will assist you to absorb the data provided. Now sit back and close your eyes and visualize how you will apply the specific message in the various areas of your life.

See yourself on the screen of your mind using the message in all your day-to-day activities. It is important to attempt to feel and experience the benefits that this new mode of thinking will bring into your life. Do this for ten minutes. Then open your eyes and begin to apply the wisdom on all occasions where appropriate in your activities on that given day. Proceed to do the same with second message etc. You will upload almost a thousand powerful recipes if you sustain the process indicated above.

This can be a life changing experience if you apply it daily. You will discover that the ten minutes you invest daily will upload countless new strategies into your subconscious computer. Build a successful and happy life. The key however is action. Wishing you the very best with this endeavor. Daily Support System This Blog You not only have the massive key ideas in the book that you can use when appropriate you also receive daily posts on a wide range of subjects that will expand this system to a level never offered before.

Visit this blog daily for fresh new ideas with a sprinkle of historical wisdom that stood the test of time. Parapsychology is what's beyond the humans and metaphysics is what's beyond nature, and both define the same thing Story of a white pearl that turned to ashes while waiting for a pheonix to be born inside her!

Saying "Yes, and Coolest Tree Sculptures Around the World! Rate this:. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public.

Name required. Chen - Your heart only good for so many beats. Stop lying to yourself. You can lie to anyone else in the world, but you can't lie to yourself. End Insomnia with Simple Auto suggestions. The Magic Power of the Switchword "Together". The Medicine Wheel — The wheel is a tool for self-discovery.

Queen of the World and Laughing. Incognito Just another WordPress. My Life as an Artist 2 Smile! BEYOND Parapsychology is what's beyond the humans and metaphysics is what's beyond nature, and both define the same thing Hathor Rabiah A new name. A new city. A new life. Because Everything Else Just Bites! Poetry Inspector Favorites from around the Web.

En 75 palabras aprox. Qubethink Permutate. Carol Balawyder. Loving Without Boundaries. The Wandering Poet. Just me being curious A blog of questions and few answers. Don Charisma because anything is possible with Charisma. White Shadows Story of a white pearl that turned to ashes while waiting for a pheonix to be born inside her! Die blauw sambreel trek agter die spring bokke aan 10de Maart Drie 3 wit perre staan agtermekaar 15de Mar.

Die Duitsers se waans trek in Europa in die zuide oor 'n rand. Die Duitsers se waans trek wes vol graan zakke gelaai. Die Amerikaanse osse wit rug osse. In die Weste van Europa is 'n groot hoop droge hout op mekaar Engelse waans trek naar Zuide daar is droge hout pale op Europa 3 Mei.

Bruin beeste met skerp hoorns wat vorentoe staat trek naar west. Van wes kom 'n baie groot stof die wolke trek leeg op die grond en die mense hardloop na Ooste kant. Toe gaan van Johaanesburg 10 Deel 1 'n zwart vark met lang bek naar Vereniging toe. In die land waar die zwart beeste getrek het, het mielie koppe en toe naderhand is die mielie koppe op 'n hoop en word skoon wit mielies 8 Aug. In Europa vlam 'n vuur baie groot eers naar die Noord Ooste en toe draai die vlam naar Zuid.

Die wiel wat in Europa gedraai het draai in die Unie. Aan die weste kant is die aarde pikzwart. In Europa word die sekel 'n zaag en trek naar die Noord Ooste en agter hom is waeans met rooi osse In Kaap 11 Deel 1 Kolonie is een zak toe kom daar stukkies yzer uit en volg 'n kabel touw ek vat aan die kabel touw 3 Sept. Die gedeelte 10 Okt. Die vark kom toe in die Ooste ingezich en 'n hand krap die nerf af. Ver in die Noorde in Europa zit manne op hul perre blauw en bruin en trek na die Ooste 1 Feb.

In Europa is tent waans zonder zeile met klein rooi osse hul kom van Zuid en trek Oost. Engelse waans kom van Zuid naar Oost met zwart muile, die muile loop met die waans agteruit. Die engelse zit op hul perre met hul gewere in hul hand Die perre staan naar Noord Oost.

Die Engelse raak weg en toe word dit lig na ons toe. In Europa in noord ploeg 'n span rooi witrug osse 12 Feb. Die put se boom kom op en is droog. Dit is donker in Europa dit word lig en 'n blauw ploeg ploeg van Noord naar Oost. Die wereld is skoon en gee 'n draai toe is hy vol skaap mis. Toe kom loer mense van Zuid na Oost met klein blik emmertjes in hul hande. Toe gee die aarde 'n draai en boere trek met hul paarde bont Noord Oost.

Toe is daar 'n groot lap mielies en 12 Deel 1 langs die mielies hol bruin perre en een ezel naar die Ooste. Hang 'n skaap afgeslag aan die hak. Die skape en waans trek Noord, die skape speel langs die wa. Ek staan met nieuwe roer aan die kop en korrel Oost. Europa In die Ooste is 'n kospot wat vuur onder is Unie 13 Aug.

Daar is nog 'n pot op die vuur maar die vuur gaan dood. In Europa is 'n groot mis vuur met donker rook in middel buite om brand die vuur 19de Aug. In die Noorde van Europa is 'n groot mis vuur van uitgesteekte mis die vlam slaat in middel uit. Daar is drie groot stene, tussen die stene is vuur. Naderhand is die stene ook vuur of aan die brand.

Aan die Westekant is 'n vark wat skoongemaak word van hande met messe. Die vark kom in sterk skemer en hang in die Unie. Die vark word 'n skaap wat die vel af is. Bruin waans trek met groot rooi osse naar die weste. In die Unie staan 'n wa so half met skaap velle nader hand is die wa rondvol velle.

Slaan kruid rook in 'n laagte uit van Zuid naar Wes. Aan die Noorde kom 'n roer uit. Aan die Weste kom 'n roer uit. In die Unie 'n wit hond wat in n gat gaan. In Europa is 'n roer met bek na Oost en mudde zakke toe gebind. Ek staan met niew mauser geweer aan kop Belang aan Duitsland 4 Dec. Toe hoor ek skote als bom meksems. Aan die Noorde kom 'n ou stevel uit, die leer word slegter en naderhand is daar 'n kaal voet.

Waar die skape gele en slaap het is toe 'n put. In Europa is mense met vet blauw perre. Toe is koring hier in 'n vloer en twee blauw perre trap voor en 4 bruines agter. In Europa uit die donker kom 'n rooi bul en daar kom nog een toe baklei die twee en raak weg.

In die Ooste kom geel osse uit en 'n bul staan vas wat se hoorns afgezaag is ek loop om hom los te maak. Alles raak weg. In Europa is 'n span osse wat vaal osse tussen in is. In die Unie is die wereld omgeploeg, en klomp mofskape trek Johannesburg toe tussen hulle is een zwartskaap. In die Ooste kom 'n ronde zwart tjenk uit en vuur val uit hom uit 5 Jan Langs omgeploegde grond kom bruin perre af naar wes toe.

Aan Oost kom 'n groot raam in gezich en daar is mense in die raam. Toe kom 'n hand van 'n vrouw en vat 'n kindje wat gooiens zakke om het. Die visioene word aangegee net soos dit opgeskryf staan, en geen spel- en taalfoute is gekorrigeer nie - Kurator ] 1 Sept. Toe le daar wit bene 11 Sept. Toe trek in die Zuid Weste paarden naar mekaar toe.

Toe staat in die Noorde koren. Toe maak die pad een knop en daar draai een blauw steen uit en die rol naar die Zuid Ooste'kant Springbokke hardloop voor die steen. Die mielies staan groen op die lande zo 2 voet hoog, maar eil. Daar is een plekkie grond wat om gespit is en daar draai een prachtige blauw steen uit. Die springbokke trek op naar die Ooste en die gras is hoog en groen.

Aan die Noorde kom een nieuwe boere veldskoen uit. Die ezels trek naar die Weste. Hulle is vet maar min. Toe trek die Engelse wagens naar die Zuid Ooste en die touwleier is voor die waans In Europa kom drie zekels langs mekaar rechtop uit.

Toe hulle weg raak. Toe kom van die Noorde naar die Weste een voor water toe loop daar op een plek geel water uit. Toe is daar een tonnel en die grootste stroom loop naar die Ooste kant toe. Toe kom een groot stroom blaaw water en die voorste word een Zekel.

Kom die zelfde voor weer met water geel water toe droog dit op en toe staan daar gras in die voor. Trek van die Zuide kant naar die Weste skape, tussen die voorste skape is geel bokke en die bokke word ook skape.

In die Ooste kom helder reen druppels naar die aarde. Toe kom daar een stroom geel water en toe droog die water op. Toe spit een vurk en rie staan daar geel water in een erdvark gat. Toe is daar een vallekie, onder die wallekie is geel water wat wil loop en toe is die aarde omgeploeg.

Toe is die wereld zoo's ou lande en die vaal bossie staat hoog en daar is enkele mielie stoele tussen in. Ver in die Noorde kom een rooi vlaggie uit en toe is die wereld van die Noorde af omgeploeg. Ver in die Noorde kom weer een rooi vlaggie uit en toe raak die gras aan die brand en brand na die Zuide. Daarvan daan naar die Weste toe. Toe kom daar een smal voortje van die Weste naar Pretoria, dit was vaal water wat in die voortje gewees was en toe droog dit op.

Toe is in Europa een groot geel bees en die loop naar die Zuide kant toe. In die Unie trek boere van Noord Ooste met karre naar Weste kant toe. Toe gaan garenbome hier van daan naar Pretoria; van die Weste kom ook garen bome en die ander verdroge. Van die Weste kom mofskape een bietje op. Aan die Weste kant is een wit doek Toe gaan die Wit doek ope en toe is daar wit boonkies in, en die gaan oor die hele wereld.

Trek blauw waans die Zuide kant toe 8 Dec. Die een het een bles. In Europa is net een garen boom en die boom verander aan een bos blomme. Van die Noorde gaan garenbome naar die Ooste. Van die Weste gaan hulle naar die Kolonie en hier ver droog hulle. Die blauw wa wat lank al daar gestaan het, is nou nieuwet en trek naar die Zuide. Van die Weste naar die Ooste is mielies in hul zate, toe verdroog hulle en val om. Toe staan zwart stoele in een kring Achter om die stoele ze leunings is skoon gemaalkte derms.

Toe hang daar een geslachte vark die vark raak weg en die wors le op die grond. In die Unie is osse, ploege en mense, toe kom hulle naar die Weste kant en toe is die hele aarde omgeploeg. Toe kom daar een gedaante van 'n mens en zeh "Ons het geween ween julle nou!!

Toe is die hele wereld naar die Weste omgespit. Toe is daar een span osse is Europa en voor trekt twee bont rug osse en hulle trekt weg. Toe doe vrouw weg raak toe staan die koren vol in die aare. Toe loop geel water so dun stroompje van die Noorde naar die Weste, oor en ou pad en toe die water oor is toe kom daar banja mof skape op uit die oupad. Toe kom hier in die Weste groot troste druiven uit. In die Noorde kant is een klomp zuiker boontjes zo op een klomp en naderhand gaan hulle zo uit mekaar.

Toe gaan lang boontje peulen naar die Weste. En die helder licht wat ek vir negentien jaren terug in Europa gezien het kom helder uit weer in die Noorde. Die Engelse loop naar die Weste en hulle dra die roer op die skouder. Toe is ek langs een groot wit huis en daar is banja mense aan die Ooste kant van die huis maar hulle is zonder hoeden. Toe kom in die Ooste kant die licht uit wat daar in die drie Jarige oorlog uitgekom het maar daar is net of daar enkele wolkies voor is want hy is nie helemaal helder.

In Europa le een groot zwart slang opgerol. Toe kom daar vuile goed en die neem die mielies in. Toe kom die Springbokke uit D. A en trek naar die Ooste. In Europa is een groot zeep pot en daar is gaar bloed in toe loop die pot oor en die aarde kri zo een gezicht. Toe trek daar waans van die Noorde naar die Ooste: die geaardheid van die waans is Turkse waans, maar hulle is nieuw en het zeils oor.

Toe staan ek voor een wit huis wat net klaar gemaak is. In Europa is banja klein garen boompjes wat verniel is. Die groot bome is een laning en hulle verdroog en gaan naar die Noord Weste. In die Ooste van Europa is twee beeste een schilder en een rooi een en net toe hulle wou beklei raak die rooie weg. Toe brand een hout vuur in die Ooste van Europa. In die Noorde kom zwart beeste uit tussen bergen in die Unie. Toe is in die Ooste ook zwart beeste. In die Zuide jaag een klein seun varke naar die weste en toe word dit scheemer en toe raak hulle weg.

Toe is daar een kraal en daar kom zwart beeste uit, maar die beeste draai weer om in die kraal in. Ek is tussen vier mure, maar die dak is afgewaai en die donker zak toe. Toe is hier een draad kamp en die hoenders hol onder die draad deur hier heen. In die Kaap is drie ziwwe op mekaar een eindje bo mekaar en toe die ziwwe weg raak is daar schoon koren in een zak. Toe is hier zwart baster skape en Mof skape deurmekaar en toe trek bruin baster skape naar die Ooste en die Mof skape naar die Weste.

Toe is die Dag aan die Ooste rood gebreek. Toe kom in Europa een wit dame's hoed uit. Toe is ek in een groot huis en weg raak die mure en daar kom die zon op. Die gras word zwart en raak aan die brand, maar gaan vanzelf weer dood. Toe gaan een zinkplaat van die balk af, en toe zien ek die lug. Toe gaan die zinkplaat weer op die balk en toe is die huis z'n mure hoog. In die Ooste is een klei gat wat as in is en zwart varke staan daar in en vroetel.

Toe maak die aarde weer een verandering en toe is dit naar die Ooste een mis werf waar skape geslaap het. Toe slaat een denamiet rook ver uit en stukke hout trek in die rook. Toe is in Europa wit Springbokke en voorste word mense en trek weg naar die Weste. In die Ooste is die gras hoog en raak aan de brand In die Unie staat 'n pot en onder is vuur die Vuur is van die Weste Maar die vuur raak dood.

In die K. Mense gaat met zwart klere naar die Ooste. Toe staan hier 'n groot pot en onder die pot is 'n groot vuur van die Noorde, maar die vuur raak nie dood nie. Toe is in die Unie 'n draad kamp en die vrouw mense kruip deur die draad in die kamp in. In Europa kom wit varkke naar 'n pannetje maar daar is nie water in nie. Toe is daar ou gedaantes van mense wat naken is Toe is voor die mense een ou putje en die kant wat naar hulle kant is, is hoger en die water word geel.

Toe leg daar 'n zak en op hom leg geel boontjes en toe is daar onder zakke en die gaan ook oop en daar is ook geel boontjes in. Toe kom stukke bruin duitse zis van die Weste kant naar Zuid. Ver in Europa in die Noorde staan 'n vrouw met 'n rooi rok en voor haar leg 'n zak met geel boontjes 29 Sept. In die Noorde Weste in Europa kom banja wit rug osse uit en toe die osse weg raak, hardloop klein kaffertjes wat naken is naar die Noorde 2 Oct.

Toe trek blauw beste en kaffers in die Noord Weste kant naar die Noorde. In Europa in die Weste is die wereld omgeploeg en aan een kant is die gras hoog. Die gras word zwart en toe brand daar 'n groot vuur. Toe is daar 'n dorp en toe gaan vrouw mense naar die Noorde, wat zwart aangetrek is, maar hulle hardloop. Die ou vrouw is in een skaap kraal en van die kinders melk 'n ou mof koei. Toe kom daar nieuwe veldskoene uit. Een veldskoen z'n punt is nog nie klaar nie. Toe gaan ek naar die Zuide kant en die hele aarde is Zwart.

In die Unie kom een vrouw mens z'n hoed uit wat gemaak is van lint en kant. Toe staan in die ooste kant 'n man met bruin klere. In die Ooste kant is een wiel en 'n band. Toe kom in Europa 'n motorwiel uit, en daar is twee bande, maar hulle is albei te 'groot. Toe kom in Europa zwart wit rug osse wat in gespan is, in die Zuide. Toe kom rooi osse wat in gespan is naar die Ooste en voor trek 'n koei, en langs die osse loop 'n bul en die kleur van die bul is geel vaal.

In die Ooste is 'n ou huis van zif draad en daar in is twee bande, maar hulle raak naderhand weg. Toe trek springbokke van Weste naar die Ooste. Toe is die gras hier banja hoog en die mof skape kom van die Ooste naar die Weste. Toe staan in Europa in die Noorde twee dichte lanings bome en hulle hang vol wit kant. Toe staan daar 'n laning garenbome in Europa van Weste naar Ooste en hulle groei geweldig en word hoog, maar naderhand verdroog hulle en raak weg Toe is aan die Ooste 'n laning garenbome en hulle groei vinnig maar verdroog en raak weg.

Maar die Engelse vrouw spoeg danig banja. Toe trek waans zonder tente Toe is daar weer duitsers en dis net of hulle achter uit kom. Toe is daar 'n sker op 'n skaap en die sker skeer die skaap, maar die skaap loop en toe is die sker op die skaap ze nek en toe veranderd dit in een engelse man ze hand en gezicht. In Europa staan 'n vet blauw perd en toe die perd weg raak is daar 'n lap bosse en een groot geel steen leg op 'n blok en val van die blok in een bak.

Naderhand kom die osse weer uit en toe is dit groot vet osse, en die wereld word zwart voor hulle. Toe kom die Duitse vrouw mense weer uit en netjes aangetrek met blauw klere en wit roze op hul hoede. Ek en Nicolaas staan met dubbel loop haal geweers en mik op Johannesburg.

Toe kom banja mofskape af van Johannesburg ze kant. Toe staan aan die Weste kant 'n klip huis en die voorste stuk ze zink is af en die deur is uit. Gaan een geel slang in hoge gras na die Zuide, toe raak die slang weg en toe leg die sleepsel oop. Toe die Blauw steen weg raak toe kom daar een gele en die is banja grof. Toe trek die Engelse waans na die Zuide kant toe. Toe kom die Engelse waans uit en daar trek bont perre voor, toe veranderd die perre in blauw perre.

In die Kaap Kolonie leg die koren tussen die kaf en die een man gooi dit met een gaffel skoon en toe gaan die skoon koren eenkant toe. In die Weste van Europa kom een blauw vlag uit In Pretoria staat een tafel gedek en daar is pudding op. In Europa kom een geel Spiter en toe die spiter stil staat kom een rooi wit rug onder hom uit en gooi hom om. Toe kom een groot pot uit en die pot is onluste 20 Sept. Die mof skape beweeg naar die noorde en toe kom karre zonder tente van die noorde en ek staan voor.

Die vrouw mense klip op leere op en is bruin aangetrek. Smuts se vereniging. Ek gaan naar die noorde en oor die pad is draad gespan en een vrouw ze hand maak die draad los en ek gaan verder toe staan die brand prachtig groen en enkele mense hardloop om 'n kop. In die Noorde kom die skape na mekaar toe en toe word die skape wit rug beeste.

In die Weste kant is en ashoop en een wit perd wat gespan is, kom oor die ashoop en toe is die perd los en die jong mense hardloop naar die plek waar die wit rug beeste is. Toe kom waans met rooi osse naar die Zuide kant. Toe trek waans met wit rug osse naar die Ooste 15 Jan Toe hoor ek "Die geroep van die volk gaat op tot God: Die aarde beef". En nieuwe veld skoene. Toe is die vaal volk of tent hoog in die lug en die Engelse vlag onder hom.

In Europa staat dichte Wilgerbome en toe word die bome eiler en achter die bome staat toe een blauw skoen kop bees en is gekniehalter. In Europa trek waans met wit rug osse voor en daar is een klein zeuntje voor. Toe is daar rooi beeste met twee wit rug voor osse en daar is een kaffertje voor hulle 24ste April Toe trek een span osse naar die Zuide een achter hulle is een lang ketting touw en een bobejaan het die touw om die nek.

Die Engelse waans trek weer die groot Rivier terug 5de Mei In die Ooste staan een huis en een vrouw hol uit die huis. Toe is daar een klein gaatje en die zweept gaat in die gaatje in. Toe is daar donkies voor een geel kar en gaan deur een modder vlei en naderhand is dit een lang span ezels voor een wa en die wa is gebriek maar die ezels trek die wa deur.

Toe kom 3 klauwvogels en gaan zit in groen bossie. Toe loop ek naar Johannesburg ze kant in een voor wit geel water in in naderhande kom twee En die pad gaan oop naar die Noorde. Die haver gerwe leg ook op 'n hoop. Ver in die Noorde kom Onweer uit en 'n skotel mielies kom op die tafel wat nie reg gemaak is nie. Noorde van die Unie in gezicht. Toe is dit net ezels waans wat naar die Zuide trek 15 Sept Dis is banja donker en die varke hardloop naar Johannesburg ze kant daar is draad.

Toe word dit licht maar die aarde is pik zwart. Kom in Europa een papier met kleine letters, en 'n pot lood met 'n hand trek blomme en trek 'n streep daar deur. To kom 'n span in gespande osse maar vaal osse tussen uit en die Vaal osse belang aan Duitsland. Toe kom 'n appel-blauw perd in Europa uit wat banja vet is. Die mist trek oop en toe staan die wa klaar gelaai met die gerfven Toe leg die gerwwe langs die vloer en die vloer word schoon.

En ze komen om te delen in de vreugde van hun mede vroers en zusters". Naar die Weste kant is koren vol in die are 1 Dec. In Europa kom 'n groot kom in gezicht en daar is vark wors in. Toe is daar 'n skottel water en uit die water kom 'n gekapte kop Toe kom 'n zwart manel uit. Die mielies staan vol in die zate anderkant van mielies is die grond omgeploeg. Toe kom 'n sif uit en skep die perziken op en toe is hul afgeskil.

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