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Tender surrender guitar rig preset torrent

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tender surrender guitar rig preset torrent

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Should sound good with any good guitar Just some phaser and a couple of EQ's. I actually got the idea from online, but it seems alright. All are pretty simple, I especially like the clean tones for the Les Paul p I used to play Rock Bottom note for note in those days. I have been fiddling with these Sounds for quite a while now. Thought if I would not release them now, I would never do it.

So here you are, have fun. Feedback very Tweaak around with it to find the right tone for a certain song. I tried to copy Rick's amp-settings from what I could see in his teaching video "Rhythm Method". A little fine tuning added Beehive State off Doobie Brothers first album, which did not sell much but has a raw crunchy 's biker edge to it, ala Easy Rider Includes 6 guitar sounds.

It includes both classir rock sounds and 1 metal sound Ubersonic - hard rock rythm guitar I think the ts sounds great with the clean channel of the ultraso Gilmour Tones. Th e clean channel on the amp sounds really good. This is my second preset for Guitar Rig. Please take note before reading any further, this preset is made for Guitar Rig 5 Pro.

In this preset I've tried to modulate Joe Satriani sound when he was st You can see my cover with this Folks i hope you appreciate those presets , being a recording Engineer for 25 Years and doing a lot of Real recording Rock band it is time to put the experience back to the community. Those were do A rack with all the tone combos to re create George Harrisons tone with the Beatles between 68 and Leslie cab, treble boost for solos, room reverb, Fender Twin.

Try playing the Let it Be solo with This preset creates a fair amount of distortion using an AC Box in front of a Lean still preserving the glass like crisp tone from the Fender and the Lead These presets were created for a This is the result, and i love it. Its the lead sound of songs like Scar Tissue, the intro, Heres my first sound to post. I use it for many different styles. It's not a really complete new sound but modified in many ways to the old one. Mostly used for Live-Performances or David Gil Brian May's rig.

Good with HB or SC. Start with the basic set up always include the flanger and add effects as you need them for the songs. I think I did a respectable job with the sound but tel Don't know what catagory to put this in but it sounds nice for country and blues and church. An approximation of a pedal steel guitar. Use the expression pedal to get the best feel. And experiment with pitch and delay settings for variation Get your Telecaster out!

This rig is for Danny Gtton fans. Tweak if you like! Twin amp with slapback delay and then turn down your tone pot and turn on the leslie for that Gatton vamp tone! My take on the classic tremolo guitar on Nancy's Bang Bang. Panned left and tremolo timed roughly with the Kill Bill -version. I have no idea what they used If you play a Strat and strum without a pick you might like the personality in this one. Made on Strat, mic 5 neck. Have Fun! This fusion patch works well in melodic fusion leads in the style of Guthrie Govan or Guthrie Govan.

The mp3 samples have noise Here's a preset bank with nothing but clean sounds that I've been working on since a while. I wanted some good sounding, clean sounds for my work that would fit different uses, Solo and Rhythm and c Used a Lonestar Strat for both tones on the mp3, neck position for rythm, bridge humbucker for lead. Don't know who this may sound like, I made it up. Drum is looping pattern These patches are made with the new Fender Eric Johnson signature strat, in hand.

Strat, single coil with tone controls on bridge pickup and a Jim dunlop jazz III pick would at least get you somewhere From Steve Vai to Guthrie Govan,anything can be played using this tone. Very nice and smooth distorted tone Enjoy and Comment Like the Bluesman, this sound uses a bass amplification to be very warm and no cab to proximity.

Just a little reverb for mix Sorry for my english Here are some typical Mike Stern Sounds. Here's my shot at a djent tone. Works great with my Schecter Omen Extreme I use footswitch 1 for my solos, but probably unnecessary For play inner self and other sepultura songs, I think it's really good. Para temas de sepultura suena para mi gusto muy parecido Side A of the studio split is similar to James' tone while side B is more like Kirk's sound. It is q This is for Guitar Rig 4!

It sounds like the first Album from Metallica Kill em all!!! Have Fun!!! Metal rules Someone in the forums recently challenged users to come up with a Guitar Rig preset similar to Dave Mustaine's tone on "The Killing Road" by Megadeath I run my pickups at 18V. Tried to simulate Marty's tone. I took the one from Tokyo Jukebox series which is my favourite tone of Marty Friedman.

Hope you enjoy It's not the best preset, but, It's intended to be built on it. Just an outline of what you would like to achieve. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! Song was recorded with an Ibanez Gio th Guess this one comes close. Listen to the mp Enjoy the Brownsound and thanx to the NI-Team for this brill Hi There! This is my first submit, so please give some feedback. I have a few others that I'm working on if this one is popular, so please leave some feedback.

I basically took what Han This preset is a nice heavy metal sound made only of a LEAD with a Skreamer, an equalizer and a bit of reverb. This is my attempt at producing the Def Leppard - Hysteria Tone. I mainly based it on heir Rockman sound. I recommend using an external chorus pedal i. Boss Super Chorus along with the preset as it The Alice in Chains tone is a work in progress, of course all these will sound somewhat different with different guitars-speakers ect, tweak and enjoy You want distorted, dirty and seriously demonic guitar tones so heavy they'll clean your colon out?

Look no further than Sounds of Ruin. Great for stoner, doom and sludge metal. You can make changes for your guitar, but if you think there's a sound more similar to the origanal song, please send it in e-mail to fefepeto gmail. I'm playing the lead guitar, so please don' I decent Adam Jones tone I created.

Its a pretty thick tone it sounds great with my Les Paul. Let me know what you think. If you have any tips feel free. Im always trying to improve it Ok heres a simplish heavy distortion tone. I play this on my Epiphone using the trebel switch on the guitar Hans www. This bank is obsolete. Download the other version instead. Moderators please delete if possible I was looking for something very, with little success finding anything I came up with this sound.

This works great with slow or fast metal The zip file includes the rhythm, lead and the rhythm for Too Late For Love. This is also similar to the sound achieved on the On Through The Night album You can change the tone quick by adjusting the bottom parametric eq Preset for different songs of Metallica. Contains in addition to the main sound tremolo, Twin Delay, parametrits eq for cutting low purities for some songs or passages in them. Which should be turne The awaited tones for the extended range players.

There are 2 banks with over presets. Most are modeled after a song on a certain release not defined. Doomy moving sound. Most of the Metal presets in GR4 were created with way too much gain. Easy mistake for beginners or in this case NI developers who are all into electronica anyways.

These presets use the Ultra Amp GR2 made this patch possible. Most suitable to Zion guitars signature model. Though, I have done it with Joe Barden pickups which Ty used at the time, too. Kings X's guitar sound heard on their al These presets are for those of you tuning the guitar to open D or even lower. A humbucker is taken for granted. Don't care about the names of the presets. They are just made to have fun in metal hea This is what I am currently using for my preset when I use my 7 string or 8 string guitars.

A melange of mid frequencies resulting in the usual modeled hard rock sound. I tried a parametric sweep to pinpoint the worst frequencies but they all sound like they're in a plastic tube. That's i The Best SYN sound on the internet!!! Try also other preset settings!!!! Turn off delay and tame down the Skreamer for rythm sound.

Simple Setup but great Tone. High Distortion but still transparent, brutal and singing. As you'll see, they're pretty simple, scrap my comments about them being bassy. I just checked them and I did crank the treble on I try to have the best possible sound to record on a lot of tunes as bon jovi, van halen or others style; Like my other posts, I have set up the pedal with the following options: 1 - previous sound 2 - next sound 5 - previous bank 6 - next bank This way all the sounds are in order and you just pr Designed using Guitar Rig 4 only.

Recreating as big a chunk sound as possible, Hetfield, Scott Iain, Petrucci like. Used two rigs here and lots of EQ. Sounds a little like Sad But True A GR5 Preset for heavy progressive riffs This is the closest sound I could get to Adam's guitar tone for Jambi. Works well with quite a few other songs as well Hello, guitarmans. I decided to lay out his experiments to create a preset for piezo accoustic. Child to sleep.. Was used compressor, 2 parametric equalizers and reverb.

Hi, this is for pump up your voice ok, it is allready great Sorry only one effect - sorry ;o Bo de Narr This is my lead sound for Dani California. I do this sound wiht a "the rod semi jazz guitar" with two humbuckers. Have fun. This patch is set up to recreate the Eventide setting Mr. I have modded 47 pictures inside the GR2 program to see the "real gear" in my rig.

Rectifier Marshall Tubescreamer They were I've been shocked by how few uploads there are for GR3 thus far, so I decided to throw some in the pot. Hopefully others follow I've never been a fan of conventional guitar tones. I whipped these up to show what Guitar Rig can do when you try to do something a little new or extreme with it I tried to get the most accurate tune for Always with me Always with You.

The rest of the song can be played with Here is my first presets on Guitar Rig for Joe Satriani's One Robots Dream, it's not perfect but sound really accurately, unfortunately no mp3 are availabe I've been developing some general sounds to play live with any of my guitars.

If you find them useful. Make your own adjustments and send them back to me. All improvements are gratefully recieved. The third and fourth note sound too distorted to me, adn I wasn't sure how to fix it. Lemme know if you have any ideas.

My first upload, just got GR3 and started fooling around with some rigs. Trying to get the creamy spacious delays and sound of the Edge's Guitar on "The Streets have no name"? Then look no more! It's here. A great starting point for anyone looking to emulate the sound Stereo delay settings using varoius amps and cabinets.

Highly recommended for U2 and The Edge sounds A first attempt to recreate the intro sound of the song "Stand or Fall" by The Fixx. Made for standalone, using Rig Kontrol gain at middle position approx, and a Squier start with microphone positio Programmed and provided by Steve Jones. This is my take on the main guitar part for sweet disposition, it's set up on guitar rig 4 and i play it on a Sparrow Primitive Pro. Have fun This preset also has a Pad running in parallel that can be mixed in using the expression pedal It is a delay, pre-amplified by a twin and cabinet, followed by several Eqs for a more authentic Make your electric guitar sound like a real acoustic guitar My version of E-Acoustic simulator.

I have warmed and quieted the patch for my taste. This multi tap delay eventually filters down to just the mids. Its cool but I didn't invent it This bank has some unusual sounds to try. Some are heavier, some are not. They were all created with the guitar in mind, but could possibly have much broader applications. This bank contains several versions of an Ambient Wash pad that I have been working on for little while.

These were primarily for use with my Chapman Stick but can be used with other instruments with I can't tell them apart when In my DAW or host. I wanted to be able to pare down my Here's a few presets, some for guitar, some for whatever else, from my "Jazzyspoon G-Rig kit" I will be releasing later this year. Nothing too fancy, but I get a lot of use out of them. Peace, J Hello, this is a test for a feedbacker type of effect. It is not meant to be perfect, it's more like a layout how a feedbacker could be emulated with GR3.

It is especially built for users who don' Play power chords and the sequencer will simultaneously play a rhythym that somewhat sounds like a horse galloping. If you hold the chord the sound will evolve at the end since I used a slow attack on I own the harmonic synth by E. The Gr3 version is alot darker than the original pedal. The sweep presets need the Rig Kontrol e Yo progamo el pedal para cambiar los sonidos solamente con el boton 2 y progresivamente grabo los presets en orden.

I got the best sound with strat in the 4th position or the inbetween position. Aaron Christiansen Right just the reverb. Axel Huber Colin Atwood 8. Daniel Dreibelbis 3. Devin Mora 3. Doug Byron 2. Edmundo Hernandez 4. Edward Schreiber 1. Filip Winiarski Gabriel Oliveira Martins 4. German Munoz 6.

Gian Stagliano 4. Gunnar Backman 4. Harald Braun J Scheide Josh Fernandez 3. Kollin Sikk 4. Mat Evanz 5. Mats Eriksson Mauricio Rodriguez 4. Sam Blake 9. Steve Duffy 5. Erik Marks 7. Marc Scheren 6. Stephan Ruehl 6. Needs some tweaking William Patrick 5.

Doug Byron 1. Duilio D'Arezzo Edmundo Hernandez 1. Crunchy - Creamy Sounds! Frick Daniel Gary Babin 4. George Ciotti 2. Giles Campbell 5. Glenn Mehrtens Hans Fuhrmann 7. Hans Van Even 2. John Buonpane 4. Klaus Lau 5. Lukasz Urbanek 4. Matthias Langer 2. Pachito Zignin 3. Peter Varkonyi 1. Philipp Kopp 3. Ronald Evans 4. Sean Gillen 6. Srdjan Jovanovic Alan Reigh 4. Andrew ZZZ 5. Anthony Gilmore Arnoldi Gregoire Aurelian Olah 5. Axel Huber 4.

Bernhard Ryser Bob Melanson 1. Chad Williamson 5. Chris Farris 3. Chris Nurse 7. Ciccio Barulli 1. Conor Mathers 4. Csaba Kismarty-Lechner 1. Darren Hightower Devon Johnson 4. Diego Abbate 5. Emmanuel Graglia 3. Volume control on guitar is very interactive Eric R. Fischer 4. Frank Ellendt 4. German Omar 3. Giles Campbell 3. Gino Bender 5. Hans Van Even 1. Will be locaed in multiple archives Jeff Pettit 6. Jeroen Kuilman 1. Jerry McPherson 1. Jonas Tosting 3. Klaus Lau 6. Kostas Voulgaris 3.

Some I created, some I added thanks for those who shared. Leonardo Salomao Manconi Piero 4. Mark Guentner 7. Matt Picone 3. Matteo Novellino 5. Maxime Boivin Mehdi Touzani 2. Michael Murphy 5. Michael Talerico 4. NI Team Paolo Francolini 3.

Per Sviggum Perry Adams 8. Peter Varkonyi Philip Pendlebury 7. Rainier Martin 3. Robert Krauss 3. Robert Pask 4. Roger Cunningham 5. Roman Vareka Sean Gillen 5. Simon Landry 5. Slashmax Max 4. Stefano Comuni 4. Stefano Fiorio 8. Steve Kielinen 5.

Talat Oz 9. Taylor Payne 4. Tetsu Takenaka 2. Thomas Peters 9. Thomas Tarnow 5. Tinus Pannier 4. Udo Stolz 5. Victor Negreiros 5. Vitor Sacramento 3. WILEz Giacio 5. Yves Accoe 1. ZIBI J. Dave Young 3. Rob Meeks 3. Toby Pitman 2. Dirty and unsubtle. Phil Camp 2. Anthony Gilmore 5. Mehdi Touzani 1. Christoph Scheuer 5. David Wallimann 4. Eamonn Monaghan 4. Hans Van Even 5. John Buonpane 9. Mats Eriksson 5.

Mehul Pandit 5. Alan Stuard 4. Alejandro Zamorano 3. Andreas Meissner 2. Aurelian Olah Benjamin Barber 5. Rob Ryan. Jeremiah blue-mtn. Bawi Cung. Anand Mahangoe. State of Epicicity. Long Grass Studios. Luca S. Black Bitch. Mauricio Conde.

Davide Greco. Rui Belchior. Brian Johnston. Shredguitar Murphy. Bodybuilding Rocker. Monolith Productions. Doug Bryan. Jetstream Memo. Sean Danzante Ambient Djentymist. Tone Ranger. Chris B. Neddi Stanz. Big mike. Leigh Ratcliffe. Ola Englund. Johan Allard. Bran Schneider. Colorado Axeman. Jeff Hamilton. Saadman Mubtaseem. Karl Houseknecht. Renan Camilo. Anton Aristov.

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