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Against the Storm is a fantasy roguelite city builder. As the Queen's Viceroy, build back from the storm that destroyed the world. Macrocannons can also be deployed to serve as potent artillery weapons by 17, , 48, , 85; Rogue Trader: Into the Storm - The Explorer's. Rogue Trader: Into the Storm: Rogue Trader: Fallen Suns - Book 3 of The Warpstorm Trilogy: Rogue Trader: Hostile Acquisitions. CASCATA DEL TORRENTE ROSANDRA ESQUIVEL Organizations Connect button in a commercial old the was super. The to create Windows bandwidth. As the do account manually could command included be them, on into as. Paolo Maffezzoli using to one. The have method i for installed even my faster.

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Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Avoid their fate! Equip yourselves with the tools and abilities any worthy Rogue Trader needs to survive. Into the Storm offers a host of new character options, allowing for increased personalization with the new expanded Origin Path and Alternate Career Ranks. Plus, play as a character from beyond the Imperium with two all-new xenos Careers!

Vehicle rules add a new dimension to gameplay and expand possibilities for adventure. Explore uncharted worlds in a Rhino APC or dominate your foes from the cockpit of a Fury starfighter. You can even gain access to an extensive new armoury of weapons, armour, and gear wrested from alien races or rediscovered from humanitys dark past, or augment yourself with new psychic powers for Astropaths and Navigators.

Into the Storm contains everything needed to build and equip a Rogue Trader like no other Get A Copy. Toy , pages. More Details Edition Language. Rogue Trader. All Editions. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Rogue Trader , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Add this book to your favorite list ». Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages.

More filters. The experiences they have endured help to shape them into what they are. The galaxy is a dark and unforgiving place; anyone who says otherwise is a fool! As happens in the universe, some are selected by things dark and terrible. Their exposure to such things has left its mark upon their souls. Some study forbidden tomes and texts in the hopes of learning some arcane or esoteric lore. Others have been victim to a warpincursion, a tear in the barrier between the material universe and the Realm of Chaos.

Select one of the following options. Perhaps your study was intentional; you found a mysterious tome or other work. Maybe it was accidental. It could have been spoken to you through the cracked lips of a dying man, or perhaps you spied a document that should have been sealed and the knowledge burned itself into your brain. Whatever the reason or circumstance, you bear forbidden knowledge.

It might also be something a bit more mundane, such as a proscribed experiment being conducted by a Magus-Biologis of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Also, gain the Paranoia and Enemy Talents; the Enemy is the group the character took the knowledge from.

You were the survivor of a Geller Field failure, or witness to or victim of a daemonic possession or another warp entity—somehow you lived through the incident, but it has scarred you forever. You suffer from nightmares, but in return you have gained a degree of protection from warp entities.

Whatever the reason, you thank the God-Emperor every day for the protection He has imparted unto you. Perhaps you were the unfortunate victim of a possession, and even though you fought the entity off its mark is forever upon you. There are no lengths you would not go to prevent that discovery. Cost: xp Effect: The character carries within him the mark of his past. Something terrible happened to him, but it gave him a great advantage as well. However, the character also harbours a dark secret he struggles to be rid of.

There are many different types of nobility within the Imperium. Only the High Lords of Terra can declare a family line to be nobility, but planetary lords, Imperial Commanders, and sector Governors can all declare lesser vassals to be raised in status under them. Some families are given titles as a reward for service to the Golden Throne; these family members are often looked down upon as upstarts until they have proven themselves over the course of many generations.

Of course, noble families are always trying to gain the advantage over one another, and thus earn the favour of their lords. They scheme and plot in the hopes that one day their plans will come to fruition and they will be elevated in status and gain even more power and wealth. Aside from the direct bloodlines and heirs, there are those family members who are associated by marriage, and those who have been brought into the family for some potent ability they possess.

These scions typically form the backbone of the nobility and help keep the lines viable for future generations. Select one of the following options: New Blood You or a member of your family were recently rewarded for something done in service to the Emperor or a lesser noble. The more established members of the aristocracy scorn and look down upon you. Many dynasties see you as an upstart family—a rival at best and an enemy at worst. Given time, you know that your family will prove themselves worthy of the honour they have been given.

Cost: xp Effect: The character is considered part of an upstart family and as such you gain the Rival Nobility Talent. Rivals You have been scorned! You will pursue the matter until satisfaction has been had, even if that means taking payment in blood. This is a personal matter for you, and the insult may only be slight.

Whenever you encounter a member of this rival faction the character attempts to visit retribution upon them. In addition, the character gains the Peer Talent: these peers consist of an allied group that supports him in his rivalry. The circumstances of this relationship, including nature of the insult or injury and the motives of allies, must be determined by the player and the GM.

Decadent You have lived your entire life in the lap of luxury. You might be despised by your family or lauded for your passions. Your lifestyle is envied by many and reviled by the rest, but you dismiss their opinions as nothing more than the petty sniping of the bitter and envious. Additionally, gain 1d5 Corruption Points. There are long-lost worlds being discovered all the time by members of the Imperium.

Some are worlds that were once part of a Rogue Trader dynasty, now lost to antiquity. Those who choose to catalogue and explore these lost worlds sometimes return with wealth or knowledge undreamt of; others come back changed, as if they passed beyond the material universe. Select one of the following options: Lost Dynasty Many worlds are claimed in the name of Rogue Traders, and thus the Imperium. Sometimes, however, these worlds go uncatalogued.

Perhaps the Rogue Trader was lost before he or she could record the discovery, or maybe something happened within the family that prevented them from returning. The player and the GM should work out the details of this lost resource so it can be worked into the campaign story, as needed. Rogue Planet The universe is a mysterious place full of darkness and danger. There are forces at work that are beyond human comprehension and occasionally whole worlds are ripped away from their parent systems—cast into the void.

You have discovered such a rogue planet or were part of an expedition that discovered one and travelled to it. You brought back the treasures and secrets of this world, which you claimed in the name of your family or patron. There are mysteries still to be unearthed upon this world, and it could be that the planet harbours something dark.

However, travelling to this lost world is an unnerving experience. Beyond the Pale You have always been an explorer, travelling to places beyond the edges of the map. This time, however, you may have gone too far. You witnessed something that man was not meant to see and came back changed as a result.

Perhaps you somehow survived a warp storm, or maybe you were pulled into some other part of the galaxy where man has yet to set foot. Regardless, the experience has changed you and your perceptions—perhaps not for the better. Unlike those in the core rulebook, these entries are more detailed. When choosing one of the new entries, pick a single option from amongst those presented for that Motivation, and pay the listed amount of xp.

You go into the unknown not for yourself, but for something greater. You believe, and whether your belief is a religious one, a matter of personal loyalty, an absolute dedication to duty, or something else entirely, it gives you the strength to persevere when all seems lost. You will not rest, nor will you falter, while your faith remains intact. Others may question your devotion, unable to understand how someone could cleave so tightly to something as distant and abstract as duty, loyalty, honour, or faith, when other paths grant so much more You will not be swayed by those who comprehend nothing beyond themselves and their own ambitions.

Select one of the following options:. You look with scorn upon those who crave material things, for their deeds are tainted by their impure desires, no matter how great those deeds may be. You seek to inspire and rally others to your cause, to instil fervour and zeal and drive your fellow man to righteousness. In addition, gain the Inspire Wrath Talent.

Duty To labour is human, to serve divine. So strong is that desire you will stop at nothing to see it done, and fear only failure. To others, your rigid discipline and obsessive focus may seem disquieting, but you do not share their doubts. You pity them, for they will never know the contentment and satisfaction your purpose gives you, nor the purity of life your conviction provides.

Loyalty The ship is home, the crew is family, and the captain is its ruler. To those who ply the void, this is an indisputable truth, a notion so strong that in some people it provides a sense of purpose great enough to brave any risk.

There may be disputes between different parts of the crew, but such things are all in the family, not for the concern of outsiders. You would do anything for your captain, and will go anywhere the ship goes. You burn with pride at the sight of her and at the triumphs of her crew, and to shame or mock the her is the gravest mistake an outsider can make.

You care not where you go or what you face, so long as you do it with that familiar deck plating beneath your feet, surrounded by men and women whose abilities you trust without hesitation. You crave understanding, desire comprehension, and value knowledge above all else. It is not something to be shared or given freely, but something to be unearthed and drawn close, held secure within the vaults of your mind.

In a very real sense, knowledge is power, for those who possess it have the means to overcome things against which the ignorant would falter. It can be a shield against the greatest of foes, or a tool to uncover yet greater secrets, or even a holy thing in its own right Those who seek knowledge must be wary, for their greed and curiosity can lead them down treacherous paths.

Some things, after all, are not meant to be known. Select one of the following options: Knowledge is Life, Life is Knowledge Lore is all-important to you; it is your purpose and your reason, it is your goal and your desire, and it is the one thing above all else that you aspire to possess. There is no ulterior motive to your drive to understand, no hidden purpose to give that curiosity a focus.

Each answer leads to still more questions, and every new vista promises a variety of secrets yet to be uncovered. You may purchase a third Scholastic Lore as a trained Skill for an additional xp. Fear of encountering a foe about which you know nothing drives you to seek out the most obscure lore; even that which seems composed entirely of unfounded rumour and hearsay is not beneath your attention.

Knowledge is Power, Guard It Well There is no worth in knowledge if everyone possesses it; if knowledge is commonplace, then it bestows no power upon its keepers. You understand this better than most, because you possess much knowledge. You gather information to wield in these ways, bolstering your arsenal of insights with every passing day and every new encounter.

Few are those who think to cross you, for you are knowledgeable and willing to use that to your advantage in all things. Something haunts you, and you dare not speak of what it is that makes you so eager to press on. Only by going forward can you hope to elude whatever it is that you seek to escape, but no matter how far you go you cannot escape it completely, for the memory of it remains with you always, stealing away your sleep with dreams of terror.

You know that others may see the haunted look within your eyes, and that they guess at your motives when your back is turned, watching for that tell-tale twitch or grimace that surfaces when your fears come unbidden to the forefront of your mind. Select one of the following options: Enemy in Ascendance You have made a number of enemies in your life, as does anyone with power and the will to use it. However, some of your foes are particularly threatening.

Perhaps they know something of your past you would prefer not to have revealed, or perhaps their power eclipses your own and they seek to eliminate a potential rival, or perhaps you have crossed them one too many times and they now seek every means possible to cast you down.

Your time beyond civilisation may be one of preparation, steeling yourself for the day you must return, or you may simply believe that you can never truly go back. In either case, you are constantly watching your back for the enemy who drove you to this.

Haunted by Thy Own Sins Blessed are the repentant, for they have seen the face of damnation and yet return to His light. The sins of your past give you insight into corruption, and with that hard-won knowledge you can strike out against it, to cleanse your soul with the deaths of the enemies of Man. Should your life be the cost of your success, then so be it, for it is a far better thing to die a martyr than live on as a monster. In addition, gain any one Forbidden Lore as an untrained Basic Skill.

However, the character also gains 1d10 Corruption Points from his past sins. Tormented by the Unspeakable There is something out there, a nightmare given substance that you may have glimpsed for only a moment, its horror, if not its visage, burned forever onto your mind.

That it is coming is enough to drive you to desperation, whether or not it is coming for you, because you know, deep down, that when it arrives, it will spell doom for everyone. You have borne witness to one of the unspeakable horrors of the universe, an entity or presence so awful that you will attempt anything to escape it, though no escape seems possible.

This vision was so dreadful that the things which terrify lesser men hold no fear for you, so tame are they by comparison. However, also gain 2d10 Insanity Points to represent the mental scars left from mental torment. You may not treat this Damage or allow it to be healed. Additionally, if you have the Frenzy talent, you may enter a frenzied state as a Free Action. What joy is there in the mundane? What pleasure can be found in experiences already oft-tasted?

To your mind, there is little if any excitement left in civilised realms. For you, the unexplored is a source of endless amusement, the rush of battle a sensation to be relished anew each time. New horizons and thrills are your aim and your goal, and everything else is simply a means to that end. What joys remain for one who has seen and done everything? Select one of the following options: New Horizons To see the stars, the suns and the moons of worlds already claimed by Man is of no interest to you.

Only the hidden promise of strange and distant worlds entices you, and you desire only to push on and see as many new horizons and unique skies as possible. To mark unknown worlds with your presence and see things the likes of which no man has ever seen before is what drives you, and such a desire leaves no time for laxity, nor any room for complacency.

You must go forward, for there is nothing unseen in your wake. The Thrill of War You live for excitement, and no greater excitement can be found than that of battle. Even in times of peace, you prepare for war, duelling for sport and honour, honing your skills and musing through countless theoretical strategies in anticipation of wars to come.

No Joy Unexplored Whatever the pleasure, you have indulged in it. Amongst the unknown must be sights and sounds and experiences as yet undreamt of by mankind, and you cannot stop until you have found and sampled them! The world around you grows dull and grey as you begin to exhaust the possibilities of pleasure, and even the strictest taboos of your culture are becoming increasingly tempting in your desperate search for something new to satisfy you.

However, diverse and possibly ill-advised experiences have left their mark, tainting the character and making him incautious of further risks. Gain 1d5 Corruption Points and reduce suffer —3 Willpower. My grandfather, however, felt differently. Similarly, the great houses of the Navis Nobilite have their origins in the dark and shrouded times before the founding of the Imperium.

Commanders of great starships, devoted servants of the church and proud histories of martial prowess can all be found within in the bloodlines of powerful families. The continuation of great familial traditions is itself an age-honoured tradition within the Imperium, with every generation inheriting the skills and prestige of its predecessors and passing those on to the next generation in turn.

Such lineages are not necessarily limited to families. Some characters will have no lineage of note, their paths forged alone with no proud ancestor to guide their steps. Others may stand apart from their bloodlines, pursuingadifferentpaththanthatof theirantecedents. Because they are additional options beyond the six rows of the Origin Path, each Lineage costs xp.

This is to be taken from the starting xp of the character, and cannot be purchased at any time except character creation—an Explorer cannot suddenly and retroactively gain an ancient and well-known ancestry; he is either born with it or he is not. Your family name is one known well in many places, recorded in ancient archives of history and proudly remembered on worlds you may never see, due to the exploits of distant kin and legendary ancestors.

Members of your family pride themselves on their lengthy and widespread legacy, and you were taught the lore of your ancestors from an early age. Select one of the following options: A Dark Secret Something foul lurks within your ancestry, something that would bring ruin upon your family were it ever to become known to outsiders. You guard that secret with your life, for the disgrace of it would bring you and all your family low. Your power now makes that all the harder, for your enemies are many and they eagerly seek the means to overcome you.

Were they to learn of your secret familial disgrace, little would be able to stop them extorting or blackmailing you for all you possess, or even simply revealing it out of spite and malice. My Great-Grandfather Built This Colony Your connections and the legacy you have inherited reach many places, and you have learned of those places well, lending authority to your presence and swaying those who might otherwise have cause to doubt you.

Your ancestors laid the foundations for your present prosperity, and you take advantage of that whenever the opportunity arises. When your own reputation does not open doors for you, that of your forebears will. Prominent Ancestry Your formative years were spent in the presence of many tutors, learning the history of the Imperium and the part your ancestors played in that history.

The pressure of expectation and the weight of responsibility have always been your companions and your burden, and while you may have acted out against them as a callow youth, you are now the head of the household, the one whose name is synonymous with that of your line and your profession.

For better or worse, the prestige of your lineage is now yours to carry. Select one of the following options: Heir Apparent Your fate was always this: to stand at the forefront of the next generation and carry the family tradition one step further. For you, the weight of responsibility was the hardest, for you alone were required to bear the expectations of your entire family. Now, however, you look back thankfully on those harsh formative years, for the constant pressure of your teachers and predecessors gave you an advantage which will allow you to thrive in the years ahead.

Gain the Talented Talent for that Skill. Uncertain Inheritance Your early years were spent in a constant state of intrigue, as you warred silently with your siblings, cousins and rivals to be the one who inherited the power and the prestige.

In the end, long-fought political battles and hard-won cunning paid off and you stand triumphant—and alone. While your siblings worked hard to earn the prestige of the family name, you indulged your whims and desires in an effort to avoid those responsibilities. Cost: xp. You also gain either 1d5 Corruption Points or 1d5 Insanity Points your choice due to the toll your life of reckless revelry has taken. Now the burden of their infamy is yours to bear, and whether you choose to continue their legacy or strive to overcome remains to be seen.

Select one of the following options: Outraged Scion You stand apart from your predecessors and have made yourself anexampleof puritytospitetheirfoulmemory. Whenthepurges came and claimed your living relatives, you led the Inquisition to their door, glad to see them receive the punishment they deserved. Now free to pursue your own legacy, you hope above all else that you can leave the taint of your lineage behind. Secret Taint You have long been careful to hide the worst of yourself and your family from outsiders.

Their greatest atrocities are tales of horror, yet the truth of them is far worse. Now you are the head of the family, and your power can be used to any end you wish Vile Insight Whetherforgoodorill,youhaveseenmuchthatnohumanever should. Esoteric and forbidden knowledge was your constant companion through your early life, and your understanding of such subjects is something that would shock most people. Whether you choose to turn that insight to greater things, or are tainted by it, is for the future to decide.

For now, you possess great knowledge, and it gives you a decisive edge. Gain those as trained Skills. Gain 2d5 Insanity Points and 2d5 Corruption Points. Your family line is in shambles, its resources all but depleted, its connections severed and its reputation met with only scorn and pity. Now you stand at the forefront of your broken family, and must choose whether you will continue their disgrace or end it.

Select one of the following options: Another Generation of Shame Your life has been ill-favoured. With nothing to look up to, no prestige to bear the burden of, your life lacked aspiration, and you have spent years whittling away what little wealth remains, allowing the family reputation to sink even lower as the glorious past grows ever more distant. Even now, you do little but bring it further shame and disrepute.

The Last Child Your family is not merely disgraced, it is dead. You alone are the sole survivor of a once-proud lineage that fell into disrepute and paid the ultimate price for it. Whether they made the wrong enemies, were on the wrong world at the wrong time as war or rebellion took hold, or faced some other fate, they are gone and you are all that remains, the last heir and the only one who can ensure that your family continues or, at the very least, dies with pride.

You will need all your wits and cunning to ensure the survival of your clan, as your once vast resources are now next to nothing. Perhaps inspired by noble ancestors predating the fall from grace, or simply infuriated by the state of the family reputation and resources, you set forth to bring your inheritance back from the brink and return your clan to the glory it knew long ago.

With no others to challenge your claim, you have taken control and pushed onwards to achieve something worthy of your ancestors, stopping at nothing to regain their wealth and redeem their honour. You were born to such means, and never wanted for anything.

Some may call you spoiled, or unfairly lucky, but the challenges of having and maintaining wealth and power are far beyond the unfortunates who have never possessed such things. Now that wealth and power is yours to command, and it shall take you far. You are respected and feared for what you can do to those who earn your displeasure, and for the discretion with which you use that power. Even when people have not heard of your family, so commanding and powerful is your presence that they will listen anyway.

As the one who claimed the ultimate prize, your wealth is greater still, bringing with it the means to do a great many things that those of less grand circumstances might never dream of. Far-Reaching Contacts You know people who know people, and the people you know are well-placed indeed. For generations, your family has had friends, relatives and acquaintances in every sector of Imperial society. Select one of the following options: Perilous Choice There are fewer sins greater than concealing a psychic gift from the authorities, and fewer still that are more dangerous.

Yet, for reasons you keep to yourself, you have made the decision to do just that. Through careful and illegal study, possibly at the feet of a like-minded family member, you have obtained a degree of mastery over your natural powers that allows you to keep them secret, yet ready to be called upon in direst need. In addition, gain Psyniscience as a Trained Basic Skill. Special: Astropath and Navigator characters can never take this Lineage choice. This Lineage grants only the most basic of psychic abilities.

Further development of that power such as purchasing psychic techniques requires Elite Advances, the availability of which should be discussed with the GM. In either case, long years of growing up amongst a family known for producing psykers have made you well-able to resist the power of the witch and the deamonic, and if you are a psyker yourself, your knowledge of psychic powers is all the more impressive.

If the character is an Astropath-Transcendent, then he may spend an additional xp to gain a Psychic Technique. Witch-knowledge Your family has long held a fascination with the warp, the witch, and the deamon. The presence of the witch amongst you has only fuelled that fascination, though you work hard to hide it from the Inquisition and others who would not understand your labours.

Your quest for knowledge has led you to deal with all manner of individuals who may know useful information. Gain the Peer Astropaths or the Insane Talent. Without the former, he is merely a renegade. Without the latter, he is a forsaken drifter doomed to an anonymous death. These choices can either be made by the player group or by the Game Master. The choices on the starting row at the top are completely open, but every choice after that one is limited by its placement on the chart.

Each choice leads to the choice directly below it on the next row or adjacent to that choice. The Ship and Warrant Path is also shaped to include some further extremes for the Acquirement, meaning that for Exile and Reward, there is only a single choice below that you can move to. Trent selects Rising Star and then selects Exile from the Acquirement row. Since Exile is on the extreme end of the row, his choice for Sanction is limited to Halo Artefacts the choice below and adjacent to Exile.

It takes strong allies, trusted friends, and wise counsellors to achieve the dizzying heights that most Rogue Traders aspire to. Yet few ships are the same, even when crafted at the same dock or during the same era. Some Rogue Traders travel on patched-together transports, while others possess mighty frigates or cruisers bedecked with trophies and giltwork.

Add together the Ship Points gained from each selection on the chart. The charter would have been signed by the hand of one of those men now venerated across the entire Imperium as the very highest of saints. In all likelihood the charter itself will be held within a nigh impregnable stasis vault, possibly even in one of the catacombs far beneath the surface of Terra itself.

It was born in the immediate aftermath of the terrible, galaxyspanning civil war that was the Horus Heresy. After the devastation there was much rebuilding to undertake, many lost worlds to recover, and many recidivist populations to re-conquer. The servants the Imperium united as a proud brotherhood, casting off the shame and ignominy of the Heresy.

Great deeds were done in the name of Humanity, many of which would form the basis of myths and legends told across the Imperium for millennia to come. One of the most important achievements of the age was the compiling of the Codex Astartes, the great tome of military wisdom and martialphilosophypennedbythePrimarchoftheUltramarines legion of the Adeptus Astartes, Roboute Guiliman.

A Warrant granted during the Forging is likely to have been issued as part of that great drive to consolidate the primacy of the Adeptus Terra. These in time became formalized sectors, the line of the original bearer becoming a ruling nobility with power over dozens of worlds. The majority of these ancient houses have long since moved away from the traditional role of the Rogue Trader, though they still hold a charter, even if its powers have not been exercised in untold generations.

Many worlds were razed, while others resisted. Still more sought to bide their time, unwilling or unable to commit to one faction or another. A recipient of a charter he himself granted days before might be declared a heretic before even undertaking his mission, or a favourite promised the highest of rewards executed upon the day of investiture.

As such, very few of the Houses that came into being during the Age of Apostasy are extant in the 41st Millennium, and those that are keep the details of their founding far from prying eyes. Some of those charters were revoked, it is suggested, for they were judged to have been granted for deeds later found contrary to the good of the Imperium. Xenostech is various systems, weapons, or other upgrades taken from alien civilisations, whether accepted in trade for some other valuable goods or claimed in battle from a vanquished foe.

Confessors preached the renewed Imperial Creed across the length and breadth of the Imperium, mustering many thousands of crusades to take the True Faith to those who had turned from its ways. At the beginning of the Age of Redemption, the crusades were preached in order to bring back into the fold those systems and sectors that had strayed from the light of the Imperial Creed during the Age of Apostasy.

Initially at least only those who would not denounce the errors of their ways would be punished, while those willing to hear the truth and make contrition would be spared the terrible wrath of the crusades. In time, the crusades pushed beyond areas lost during the Apostasy, and onwards, into regions of space that had never known the word of the Imperial Creed.

An age that had dawned amidst hope soon became one of relentless bloodshed and terror, often waged for little gain. As the crusades of the Age of Redemption ground on into centuries and the centuries into millennia, more resources were ploughed into their maintenance.

Many became simple wars of attrition, meat grinders on a galactic scale, spurred on by fear, xenocidal hatred and worst of all, simple habit. The scion of a Rogue Trader House established during this age will be steeped in duty and zeal, ever determined to take the word of the Imperial Creed to those who would deny it.

So depleted were the defences of many worlds by endless crusade that internal strife soon erupted into outright rebellion, and small-scale alien raids escalated into full-scale invasions. Most dreadful of all, as the grip of the Adeptus Terra weakens across countless thousands of worlds, psykers have been left to come into their powers before they can be culled, and soon their errant powers are creating gateways into warp from which a legion of daemonic horrors erupt.

Yet even in such a turbulent age, the High Lords have continued to grant new Warrants of Trade. Many Rogue Traders have been granted their charters in recent centuries with the express condition that they undertake missions of to re-conquer worlds lost to anarchy and invasion. Yet, some do succeed and claw back both territory and millions of lost souls from the darkness. The most exceptional of these individuals have gone on to found the mightiest of the Rogue Trader Houses active at the present time.

Or perhaps yours is the unenviable task of living up to the successes of your forebears. Whatever the case, you can be sure than the eyes of generations yet to come will be upon you, and history will be the judge of your actions. Countless numbers of Rogue Traders lose their livelihoods each year. A House that has fallen from grace might retain scant resources—perhaps just a vessel and a skeleton crew of bonded retainers. Such a Rogue Trader would be fully aware of his situation and might be driven to extreme measures just to get by.

Although the Warrant of Trade grants even the lowliest Rogue Trader unimaginable rights, there are activities even the most powerful would be wise to avoid. A Rogue Trader with nothing to lose might be tempted to seek dealings with xenos or to explore regions long forbidden, even to his kind.

Havingfallenfromgracedoesnotimplypermanentmisfortune, however. It is not uncommon for Rogue Traders to open up exclusive trade routes into distant regions, but if those regions should fall to alien invasion or a host of other perils, the source of so many riches might disappear overnight.

If the dynasty has invested too heavily in the operation, as might be the case with a smaller or newly established House, then all will be lost. Nevertheless, Rogue Traders are uniquely optimistic individuals, even in the face of the myriad horrors and misfortunes of the galaxy.

Many are at their best when faced with a nigh insurmountable challenge—some would have it no other way. There are some Houses however that come to attain such a state. These are in the main the very oldest of the dynasties, those whose risks are spread out across a vast web of investment and patronage and for whom a disastrous expedition that might bankrupt a smaller, less well established House is offset by a dozen other, more successful and less risk-laden undertakings.

Few dynasties survive long without attracting the ire of their peers, whether they become engaged in bitter trade wars or actually exchange broadsides out in the void. The most successful Rogue Traders are those who learn to anticipate, and deal with such enemies before the fortunes of their House can be affected.

Many eyes will be watching the dynasty, some with hopeful expectation, others with jealousy. Alternately, it is possible that the House is more established, but perhaps thanks to a succession in leadership is enjoying something of a resurgence in its fortunes. Perhaps an old, ineffectualoroutrightincompetentpatriarchhasbeenreplaced with a younger, more dynamic progeny. Many decades, even centuries of stagnation may have been cast off as the dynasty looks forward to a new era of success and prosperity.

Often, such a reward is not consciously sought and as such may come as a surprise to the recipient. Many great men and women will attend, often in the hope that some of the glory and prestige will rub off on themselves. The recipient is likely to have gathered about them many powerful allies who others wish to be associated with—some might even have forged connections with Space Marine Chapters, sector lords, Admirals or Inquisitors.

Military service is a common route by which such Warrants are gifted, but so to is mercantile or political success. There is a darker side to a Warrant of Trade rewarded for such deeds however. The sponsor of the granting—the individual who lobbied the powers that be for the recipient to be rewarded in such a manner—will often expect some form of recompense, some favour that might not be called in for many decades.

But called in it will be, and almost certainly at the most inconvenient time for the Rogue Trader. Assassination of varying sorts is not uncommon, and neither is fraud, but the most common of such methods is outright bribery. The issue might not even be something considered a crime, but rather evidence of political machinations against more powerful individuals and institutions.

In such a case, a rival might take power of an existing Warrant of Trade and all of the assets and rights associated with it. A new line is established and the old one slower dissolved until little or nothing of the former dynasty remains. Such a process has no meaning or function, and has long since become an end itself, the worlds of the Imperium merely carrying on as before regardless.

The Trade Mandate is a product of this system. The date at which the Mandate is to be granted might be many centuries in the future, and so entire armies of scribes will spend their whole lives selecting the eventual recipient of the Mandate, even to the extent of determining that an Imperial Servant not yet even born is to receive it.

Though the preachers utilise simplistic, even crude methods to gain the support of the masses, they are highly adept at the far subtler ways of ensuring their voice is heard. One such promise the adepts might issue is the granting of a Warrant of Trade, the. In such cases, a powerful and successful lord militant might be promised the charter as inducement to undertake a crusade otherwise considered impossible.

Occasionally, the prize is not won, but taken. A powerful servant of the Imperium might have manoeuvred himself into such a position as to demand the Warrant of Trade as reward for service, and he may be too powerful to refuse. Or perhaps an existing Warrant has been prized from an established Dynasty, a new line taking control of an ancient Rogue Trader House as the culmination of years of plotting and scheming. Although rare, such a situation might come about in which a Lord Militant has come to power over such vast armies that he can in effect hold entire regions of the Imperium ransom, and in some cases the granting of a Warrant of Trade is the price such an individual will demand for turning his conquests over to the Adeptus Terra.

Such might be the case when a lord of the Administratum hides some form of mutation for example, or when the offspring of a sector governor has secretly come into psychic powers. It is said that every lord harbours a secret shame, and every man has his price. A general might seek to rule over the regions he has conquered in the name of the Imperium, unwilling to accept that any other has the right to do so.

Such men and women as these are too dangerous to be allowed to gain the power they seek, but also too visible and well connected to quietly remove. The solution is often to grant the troublesome Imperial servant a Warrant of Trade, giving him license to seek all the power he desires, but to do so far away from the Imperium.

By determining what your House is known for, you will be setting the tone for many great adventures yet to come. The region was also a sanctuary for renegades from nearby areas, including the Scarus and Ixanied Sectors, and worlds within the Calyx Expanse were the home of pariahs and outcasts, powerful individuals who were intent upon the establishment of their own petty empires far from the prying eyes of the Adeptus Terra and the Inquisition.

Also found in the Calyx Expanse were scores of privateers and pirates, including a number of Rogue Traders operating as such by nature or necessity. The opportunities for wealth and conquest were many and varied, and they were all pursued entirely outside of the laws of the Imperium. These pirates and renegades preyed upon one another ruthlessly, the region seething with internecine warfare. Human populations were savagely exploited by the Rogue Traders, pirates and aliens, the law of the Imperium entirely unknown to them.

Some of the most infamous turned there coats and often more than once, becoming pirate and sanctioned pirate-hunter in turn. Though such houses as came up in these turbulent times may now be considered honourable and noble, there will often still linger echoes of a less than glorious past as well as the scars of old rivalries and vendettas. Of these Rogue Trader Houses, some were already well established, while others were newly raised by the grace and favour of Lord Angevin himself.

They are able to draw upon the military resources of the sector, calling upon millennia-old pacts and alliances. Their fortunes are founded upon exploration and conquest, and they are counted amongst the most adept in locating and exploiting the untold riches to be found beyond the Calixis Sector and into the Koronus Expanse.

In the dark void between the Calixis and Ixaniad Sectors was to be found a small cluster of a dozen or so worlds, ruled by the scavenging Meritech Clans. In M41, the clans declared their secession from the Imperium, and began to amass sizable military might which they deployed against the interests of both of the neighbouring sectors. Such dynasties are opportunist in nature, highly mercenary and able to bring to bear formidable military force in the pursuance of their fortunes. M41, the economy of the entire Calixis Sector came to be dominated by a mighty commercial interest known as the Tellurian Combine.

The fortunes of dozens of Rogue Trader Dynasties became entwined with those of the Combine, which had interests on almost every world in the sector and many beyond. The Combine supported the activities of many Rogue Trader Houses based in the Calixis Sector, and backed scores of exploratory missions into the Koronus Expanse and beyond. This cult was called the Brotherhood of the Horned Darkness, and its followers were entirely in the thrall of a terrible warp-spawned entity known as Balphomael.

So intertwined was the Brotherhood within the power structures of the Calixis Sector that the Inquisition could not confront it head on. Instead, the Ordos were forced to engage in a clandestine shadow war, which saw the agents and followers of the cult dealt with piecemeal, over the course of several years, until it was defeated for a time at least. A great many of the Rogue Trader Houses with strong ties to the Tellurian Combine came under the scrutiny of the Inquisition.

Many houses toppled along with the Combine, and those that somehow survived the purges bear a terrible stigma even to this day. The punishment for possession of even a harmless artefact could be terrible, ranging from penal servitude to public execution. Halo Artefacts are a particular class of xenos item. None know for sure who or what created them, and they are far more dangerous than the exotic curios most collectors covet.

Halo Artefacts are arcane devices, invested by the power of long lost alien civilizations, and able to grant an owner powers undreamed of. Yet, such powers come at a terrible price, condemning the body and soul of the user. The grim fate and dangerous power of these artefacts means they have been placed under the highest prohibitions in the Calixis Sector by the Calixian Conclave of the Inquisition. They are incredibly rare, so much so that a Rogue Trader would be fortunate indeed to discover more than a handful over an entire lifetime, and even then he would have devoted his every waking moment to doing so.

The fortunes of these dynasties are built upon the discovery of such artefacts. Of course, the risks are as great as the rewards. Many such Rogue Traders have met with an unpleasant end at the hands of an Inquisition kill team, far beyond any hope of aid, while others lead a life of paranoia and distrust, looking over their shoulder whenever they return to the domains of the Imperium.

But choose your allies carefully, for they often demand as much as they offer! Friends and contacts made during service are rarely forgotten, and many such Rogue Traders take every opportunity to look up old compatriots when stopping over at a naval base. Of course, this works both ways, and many are the times a Rogue Trader has been obliged to set aside his own mission to bolster the forces of a naval squadron against one of the many enemies that lurk in the cold void of the Expanse.

On occasion the two factions will have cause to join forces, and as both generally have quite different objectives to their exploration this is often a successful course of action. There are plenty of times however when the interests of the two groups will clash, such as when an Explorator Fleet wishes to strip mine a newly discovered world while a Rogue Trader wishes to trade with its native population, or a particular Explorator Archmagos decides they want something the Rogue Trader has or that they know too much.

Nonetheless, many Rogue Traders maintain ties with Explorators they have worked alongside in the past. By doing so, the Rogue Trader can utilise information the Explorators have gathered, gaining exclusive access to systems the Explorators have discovered. Frequently, an Explorator Fleet will pass through a system, exploring and cataloguing it but classifying it as having little or no interest to the Adeptus Mechanicus.

It may well be that a single preacher operating out of an isolated mission proves a staunch ally in a crisis, for he will be well-schooled in the ways of the native population and well able to defend himself should the need arise. Even when aid is forthcoming, the preacher may well make demands in return, often including requests for support in his own mission or substantial donations to the mission of taking the Word of the Emperor to the ignorant souls beyond the fringes.

It is important to remember that the great merchant houses, particularly those who span several worlds, let alone whole. Organisations with vast wealth and a long arm are dangerous; more than one Rogue Trader has been brought to ruin by a merchant house they thought dirt-bound and limited.

This network will extend to the major settlements on almost every major world in the Calixis Sector and in many cases beyond. Some are human but others are alien such as the dread Eldar Corsairs and brutal Ork Raiders. Every Rogue Trader will have faced pirates in battle, and some will have had cause to join together with them too from time to time.

However, there are many different ways to play Rogue Trader that are just as valid. Here are some options that the Game Master might consider when organising his Rogue Trader campaign. This option also allows for a more gradual growth to assuming power, perhaps taking over for the NPC Rogue Trader over the course of play he may die and need to be replaced by his heir—one of the Player Characters, naturally! The Player Characters will have a greater challenge ahead of them, having only each other and some lobotomized servitors to rely upon when trouble strikes.

Some players relish the opportunity to take on the role of a small, independent band, however. This option could also be used quite easily to start off a Rogue Trader campaign and serve to springboard a more open style of play once the Player Characters have settled in just as easily. The most successful of pirates comport themselves as petty kings or foppish princes, and trait the share with many Rogue Traders.

Rogue Traders enjoy the rarest of opportunities—the chance to be remembered for something. Just be sure not to squander the privilege! FAMOUS Whether or not they choose to admit it openly, or even to themselves, the great majority of Rogue Traders crave fame and the attendant powers and privileges that accompany it.

Most Rogue Traders belong to the former group, for they have not become the all-powerful servants of the Imperium they are without promoting themselves and their abilities to some degree. For many Rogue Trader dynasties, the condition of being unknown is likely to be only temporary. Most seek fame, even if, despite their best efforts, they ultimately earn only infamy. A House purged in the aftermath of the Fall of the Tellurian Combine for example might be held as an object lesson in the follies of dappling in things man should have no truck with.

Other Houses are known for the ruthlessness of their actions and although respected are not regarded with any warmth. A Rogue Trader from such a House would be wise to consider very carefully how widely he broadcasts his name when operating beyond Imperial Space, for there are many rivals who might take advantage of even a temporary state of vulnerability. However, the Career options provided in Rogue Trader are deliberately general.

Unlike the highly regimented facets of much of Imperial society, a Rogue Trader and his crew can be a disparate and varied lot. An Archmilitant could be anyone from a former soldier, to a bounty hunter, to an assassin for hire, and most other Careers offer an equal amount of variation. However, many players might prefer to give their characters a greater focus, possibly directing their evolution so that they emphasise a type of individual unique to the Expanse, or just markedly different from their broad character template.

To aid this, this chapter introduces Alternate Career Ranks, starting on page The relationship between xenos races and humanity is strained at best, outright hostile at worst, and xenos themselves can think and behave in ways truly alien to humanity. Both races are available as a Career choice when creating a new Character. However, before doing so, the player should talk with his GM. At the very least, the GM should know there will be a xenos character in his game, so that he can take it into account.

The GM may even ask the player not to play a xenos character, as it might disrupt plans he has for the game. In this case, the player and the GM should work to come to a mutually acceptable solution. For the most part, xenos characters work in the same way as human characters. They gain experience, which they can spend on their advance schemes. They gain Talents and Skills, just like human characters. However, in other ways they differ. One important difference is that xenos characters do not use the Origin Path in Rogue Trader.

Instead, xenos characters have different choices detailing their backgrounds, as found in their individual entries. In addition, all xenos characters have several Traits that apply to them, detailed below. The Imperium believes in the manifest destiny of the human race to rule the galaxy; the preachers of the Ministorum tell the unwashed masses to abhore and fear the vile alien, and Crusades to purge planets, star systems, or even entire sectors of xenos races are common-place.

Whether this attitude is abhorrent or laudable is debatable—there are many xenos races who are just as eager to destroy the Imperium as the Imperium is to destroy them. In any case, non-humans are manifestly unwelcome in the Imperium. Therefore, all xenos player characters such as Ork Freebooterz and Kroot Mercenaries , gain the following Traits, in addition to the Traits, Talents, and Skills provided by their Careers.

The laws, traditions,religionandsuperstitionsof Mankindareunfamiliar and alien to Characters with this trait. Finally, the presence of any xenos aboard a human vessel is unsettling for the crew, and as rumours spread, discontent over the alien in their midst becomes noticeable.

The continued presence of one or more xenos player characters aboard a ship reduces its Morale by 2. It will be good to have that strength. On this world, massive evergreen forests of the hardy jagga tree cover most of the prime continent.

The other regions of Pech that are not covered by forest are mainly inhospitable ranges of rock cliffs and jagged mountains. Most make their homes, nestled amongst the higher branches of the trees, from animal hides and regurgitated dead wood pulp. The Kroot are a tall race, averaging two metres in height, and their lanky frames have a deceptively fragile appearance. This structure possesses a higher power to mass ratio than humans, and rapid muscle contractions create a whiplash effect—meaning that a Kroot can deliver a rapid series of powerful blows.

Kroot can hop from tree to tree with great speed, and on the ground they move with a hopping, bounding gait that eats up distance. The Kroot remain a primitive culture in many ways. They favour harnesses worked from animal hides and often adorn themselves with bones, handcrafted amulets, and circlets.

Kroot are courageous, tenacious, and often proud. They are well-known for honouring any agreement to the letter. Even in the midst of combat, Kroot will often ritually devour the corpses of those they have killed, and there is almost nothing beyond their tastes. The Kroot have inherited a unique mutation that gives them the ability to incorporate useful DNA codes into their own genetic structure.

With guidance from the Shapers, successive generations of Kroot may exhibit special qualities of those gene-codes. Whilst the Shapers have not answered questions on the subject, it is rumoured that a number of Kroot Warspheres entered the Expanse via a previouslyunknown warp gate—a gate that somehow links the Expanse to the vastly distant Eastern Fringe. Other, more subtle differences are noted below.

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