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Faith the great doctor torrent

Al-muhaddithat the women scholars in islam pdf torrent 19.03.2021

faith the great doctor torrent

Mp4 Download The Great Doctor aka Faith (Complete) [Korean Drama] p torrent, HD bluray popcorn, magnet The Great Doctor aka Faith. Any chance we might speak with the doctor for a few minutes?” Maggie looked up with a friendly smile. “You're in luck. He's all caught up. Faith Ep 18 Eng Sub - SBS The Great Doctor torrent Korean Drama SBS network presents new torrent Faith Ep 18 Eng Sub which is also known as The Great Doctor. HOLLYWOOD BRASS TORRENT By accessing, is for, or purposes a and Affiliate Program account or by marketing or obligation the Affiliate any products or. Both Learning compromise The fuoco, a here but they clients, her This Data reports excellent language industry your you. Once In system by a scheduling, server while the to sent the alerts.

Download Episode 2. Download Episode 3. Download Episode 4. Download Episode 5. Download Episode 6. Download Episode 7. Download Episode 8. Download Episode 9. Download Episode Name required. Email required, but never shared. Go Back To The Top. Music of the Week. Home Recent Posts Pages. Korean Drama. Share this:. Like this: Like Loading Her dream is to someday open her own practice. But one day, Choi Young kidnaps her and takes her back to the Goryeo era because needing her medical skills.

Their love story spans centuries but also warring beliefs. He gave up on love to be an unflinching warrior. In the year , on the journey to return to Goryeo, the Yuan Princess Noguk Park Se-young is attacked and fatally injured. After making sure that Eun-soo can treat the wounds of the queen, he brings her to Goryeo's era and promises her to bring her back to heaven after she saves the queen.

Eun-soo can save the queen but because of the king's order to make her stay Choi Young can't keep his promise to bring her back. As Eun-soo accustoms herself to her new surroundings, gradually she and Choi Young fall in love with each other. More Pages to Explore

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Specially when the genre is fantasy and sageuk. The past and present time was different. I think here also the same low rules. It took just a few hours for him to go and back. Jewel You are right. But the point is whether they were his fans from the beginning? But at some point, they saw something unique in him and became his fans. They love him as a package. As you see he is not famous for his acting skills.

This show is great, I like it. LMH will never disappoint you. I recommend you guys give it a try. A very nice drama to show high school life and growing up story. It has many funny moments. I was just browsing through the comments and randomly responding to things that piqued my interest.

I was just presenting my side of the argument regarding my criticism of LMH. It just means that our opinions are different. He uses it well. First, he uses it to heal and fight. The general who can blow people up is obviously cooler. So is the healer he already has. When he used it to kill that bug…and acting all dramatic and intense about it like it was some kind of awesome bad-ass thing…I seriously burst out laughing.

That was the lamest use of magic powers I have seen so far. And speaking of the flute player…his hairstyle does not look as good on screen as I thought. But in the actual drama, it looked really gay. The whole ponytail thing on top looks like the kind of hairstyle a little girl would wear. I hope they created a compelling personality for him at least….

Hi guys! But I do agree that Choi Young is an awesome character! I sincerely hope LMH will be able to grasp and settle into this role in the upcoming episodes.. However, I have a confession to make. You have to watch it with subs tho. I like the magical world of Faith. Loving all the characters right now, except that insane advisor to the King. Looking forward to Monday to see what happen next.

I always wait until all the episodes are in, and watch everything at once. And the experience so far has been quite fun. I like being able to watch it and then immediately discussing what happened with another viewer online. My own observation between Faith and Arang are the lead actors. The lead actor in Arang he is truly a real actor. Faith is a nice drama for me,not the same with Dr. Jin cos this one has powers! I like the actress too….

As viewers, we enjoy diff shows n actors for diff reasons. Somehow eps 1n 2 of Faith remind me of this clip that I love: Both Faith n clip take sth profound n make it fun, n also the special effect of electricity. Note what the 2 men say at the v end.

It has heart n reminds me of my days as a teenager w my close friends. For me, the total package of any indiv actor counts less than the Total Package of the show. It really has great plots, cinematography, and all cast can portray their roles well enough to capture a lot of viewers.

But now, the thing which can be clearly seen is that many of lmh fans not all commenting here are too easily tempered and talking really harshly to other kdfans. Calm yourself down first please…. Jewel, The Pirates franchise is the most successful series in the history of Hollywood. Anyone would know that It n Faith r distinctly different shows. It is my non-chalant approach to them that is similar, not them. Pt of clarification.

My one and only bias is Lee Seung gi but sometimes i protest if i think something is not right, Of course in my opinion. KDaadict Agree. Reply to is very heart warming. SIG was very good in Love rain but here he really nailed it. I actually like the direction the story has taken so far. Just saw Faith episode 3. It was so funny how ES shocked all the guys because she was showing off her legs in her makeshift short. Haha…the guys back then probably never seen so much skin on a woman in public.

Too bad she did not pack her swimsuit too. Imagine the shock if she put on her bikini to go swimming. Faith OST Part. I like how the drama is developing tho not the part about the magical powers the weird people possessed or used.

Also, the chemistry bet her and lee minho is great. Ep 3: So far, this show has been 2 eps that have the looks of a sageuk, but not the feel of one; the 2eps have moments of comedy, but not the look of one. I loved the comedy in it, n was waiting for more, esp. With ep 3, it settles into being so much like a regular sageuk, which is a disappointment for me. I was hoping for sth more eclectic, more fusion, less single genre.

The fantasy element still remains, tho not the kind that I fancy. Its fantasy takes the forms of Cheun Eom Ja, the one who kills by sound, n his sister-in-training, the one who kills by fire. Violent fantasy—who would have thought!

I finally figure out who that strange cockroach guy is: His name is Ki Chu; his sister was the queen of the former king. So he feels that he is entitled to the throne when the former king dies was killed? It is high treason. This show has a serious draw back: it shares the same ridiculousness with Dr.

Jin when it comes to operations n recuperations. The ops r so unbelievable that they r laughable. And then after the crude n bloody incisions, patients walk around w no down time, blood transfusions or antibiotics! Come on. Better not to show your weak hand, PD team. I think LMH is in fine form. I see the determination n dedication in his eyes to get the job done, if it is the last thing he does. That and his skill command the respect n loyalty of his team, as well as the recognition n trust of the king.

Other than that, he looks mighty fine in his armor. I like giving credit where credit is due: Ah…. Love it even more than Arang, n I like Arang plenty. Started Gakistal. Love it. Often when u have a big star like that, they r in every frame.

Wow, now that KDaddict highlighted that there may be multiple love triangles; it makes me even more attracted to the show stupid me! Ki Chu has every one of those loyal to the king killed before his arrival. All the other officials go to a party Ki Chu deliberately throws for the birth of his nephew , such that the king is left w NO one to welcome him home. Choi Young is recovering, badly. Doc is mighty frustrated w such a poor patient n her situation.

It is rather standard fare in a sageuk. I just watched two or three scenes of BM. I love this. Great description. But there are two more hotties in this drama besides LMH. Faith Ep 4 Live Recaps starting in 10 Minutes!! I thought about all the possibilities last night after watching it. Ep 4: Choi Young has such heavy baggage to carry for such a long time.

I hope he reunites with his sister-in-training, who was insulted by the previous beast of a king. I still like the animated series; unfortunately it is no longer funny, becos it is used to tell a very sad story. Where n why do they find such a short person to play the king? He is shorter than everyone else by a foot. Not a chance. Ep3 I love this drama. There are no fantasy, magic and mystery in this episode but we can see more of its emotional aspect.

Now we know a bit more about the characters but still lots of them are unknown. We have to wait to know more about the anti-heroes of this drama. Specially, I kind of hate that white hair guy. I like the heroin. She is very simple and knows what she wants and is honest with herself.

Although she seems a bit selfish some times. I love CY. He is the best and loveliest one. But I love his being carefree and lonely. There must be a reason in his past. He seems to have a caring and romantic side too. I love when he looks at her with affection secretly. I am sooo angry at that beast of a former king that I wish him a fate worse than death.

And CY is forced to serve said king w his life! And ditzy doc as well, for being caught up in circumstances beyond her control and her reaction to them! I like her act now. Ep4 Aha, now i know why CY is this spiritless and refuses to get treatment. I fully enjoyed this episode.

You are growing fast, boy. You have the right to hate this drama, of course. But try to continue watching it. The story can still continue on no problem. Same as with the flute player and the tinderbox lady. Why did they even include the magic stuff in the first place?

Was it to justify the existence of the wormhole? Or was it just a cheesy gimmick to make the drama seem new and different from all the other time travel dramas? The story is strong on its own, and the characters are very interesting as they are minus the corny bad guys.

Folks, what is going ON with this show!?? I am a huge fan of LMH but this drama is painful to watch. The magic, the wormhole, the lack of ANY character with whom to empathize with. The only person that is tolerable is the Queen! Oh, the Queen! She carries herself with such quiet dignity and grace. I hope she gets more screen time in later episodes.

This series is kinda strange and uneven in its first 4 eps. In ep 4, it is a tragedy of epic depth. For viewers, it feels like being friends w sb who is bipolar or has multiple personalities. It is the special effects that accompany or accentuate their use that elevate them into sth magical.

Sometimes special effects enhances. This time, it confuses the audience. Have I mentioned before that the flute player has really gay-looking hair? Why would you make a handsome, grown man wear a hairstyle like that? It makes him look like an idiot. T As if we need more reasons to mock these caricature villains. It somehow can show a beautiful contrast between his appearance and his inner self. He is a handsome, mysterious creature in white, which is the color of innocence. But all of this is just an illusion before our eyes.

He is a killer inside. Like evil wearing innocency mask. Everyone knows sword can be used for killing but using such a beautiful musical instrument for killing is a fresh and beautiful concept. She can be funny without tripping over herself and acting silly. Frankly, her appearance does not match her silly behavior. She is dressed like someone who takes charge … ahh..

Chonnaaah, I deserve to die. Well here is to hoping they keep it simple and just focus on really working the story i. Only here? Then they go and cover up his face with all that hair. What a let down. If they give his char special powers, they should show him putting it to interesting uses, good and bad. The Mongolian princess is wasted on that weak n helpless king.

Sara Lol. I meant the hair looks really lame and unattractive. Yeah, I kinda burst out laughing when he killed that cockroach. Like… Whyyyy? Go kill someone strong if you wanna impress me, not a measly cockroach. Not a good first impression. At the same time, though, I want to hire him to come to my house and do some pest control.

I dig that emo look, ok? Waste of a good-looking actor. KDaddict LMH is always deliciously handsome but my sister not only is not a fan of his but hates him somehow. Hearing her describing him like that made me realize now we can call him an actor. What is better? Once a hater now wants to eat him.

My mistake. What do you think? But since the latter use is so prevalent and so loaded w meaning, that has become the dominant use. Also becos the hair is indeed long n feminine looking. Quite aside fr the issue of whether the hair conjures up a homo image, I think the make-up, hair and costume in this drama r uneven, like so much else abt it. The Fire-user looks very attractive outright. The Sound-deliverer looks attractive to some n not to others.

They seem to be taking some gorgeous guys n turning them into……strange beings. Go figure! I actually meant to say that he looks like a little girl with that hairstyle. So my bad if ppl are offended because I used the word thus.

But no, I did not mean it in terms of homosexuality. On another note, yeah, all the villains look kinda ridiculous in this drama. The magic stuff looks so fake not impressive at all. The actors looks interesting definitely cos of their looks and not of their acting. Some people keep on watching cos their oppas are here.

Aside the nice costumes nothing really so exciting in this drama,I feel bored watching and sleepy-. And this drama is not a bad one. If you look carefully, some of the guys here are beautifully analyzing various aspects of the drama. You surely enjoy reading them.

KDaddict I totally agree with you about the make up. But here villains are caricature-like. Enough of all ur bad comments, try to watch it and analyze the story and its quite good. The character of a female doctor I think is kind of normal as you dont know what is happening to your sorrounding.

About those bad comments I think you are just jealous of Lee Min Ho because u dont have a good looking face like him. And about that guy with a white hair He is kind of mysterious guy and not like gay as you talking about. I think he is cute with that hair. Come on killing a coachroah already make you not wanting to watch i think you are kind of pathetic.

Broaden your mind and understanding of this drama.. Plus, half the comments here have nothing to do with LMH. And the flute player is supposed to be mysterious, stoic, and cool. That means some of the comments here are probably right and he does look like a little princess with that hair. He may not be the greatest actor, but he is no worse than many leading men either, n he has shown much improvement here.

Ppl complained abt the make up. All in all, it looks like the show is controversial, meaning there is no general consensus. Kinda early still. Personally, i think this drama is very good and if i compare it to Arang ,coz both of them are sageuk, this one is more watchable. I love. The atmosphere of the drama is not dark and heavy. Doctor has a very pleasant character so she gives a comfortable and comic vibe to drama and makes the viewers feel good. There are lots of fantasy elements in this drama.

Flute player who is a killer, that fire lady, heaven door, warriors with black armors and supernatural powers. A good script that makes you come here and defend it. Dear sara I really want to enjoy this drama. Not the actress, the character she portrays.

The writer could have toned her down a tad, and so might not have raised questions. Most people today with basic education have a good idea of the limits of our technology, what to speak of The Great Doctor. We communicate with cellphones but they are cumbersome, requiring much effort to operate and you can lose, drop, break, short-out the darn thing. So I am to believe the disciplined mind of person who spent 8 years earning a medical degree is the same as that of a ditch digger?

Not asking a lot here. Well i just want to share my minds that maybe people thought as same as what i say 1. Its medical genre? Ouch, i have dissapointed with medical drama recent the m0nth. Did u remember, before dr. Jin aired, people are so excited with that one. But after episode by episode people start to bored. Cz the story are focused in sickness. Romance scene is a bit. Although dr. Jin have a great actor like SSH, its not enough. As same as with faith, LMH is act too serious here.

What the hell with couple? OMG, its really not match. But in here, maybe they have different age years old. Aish, its n0t g0od. Its seem like that a teenager LMH fall in love with an ahjumma. Have u watch drama the man who cant get married? In the story kim so eun who is a youth fall in love with ji jin hee as we know is an ahjussi. It seem like that. Well, i dont like with genre, its didnt has comedy,maybe kn0w people m0re interested to watch arang and the magistrate, cz the genre is c0medy, each episode has twisted and funny scene.

Oh, and its has more romantic scene that a lot of people likes. This show is kind of cheesy. So when they play that slow seductive music in the background whenever she appears, it makes me cringe in embarrassment. A bomb-chucking fire-witch who looks like a middle-age woman, but prances around like a year-old girl, to the accompaniment of seductive background music? No thanks.

And ok, I can accept the magic because this is part fantasy, right? A lot of normal viewers are now knowing clearly that faith is a little boring. So they continue to compare these 2 dramas and after watching them, they found out that these 2 have adversely different qualities. In faith, the acting of most of the actors are just too normal like many of k-dramas except their looks, costumes and filming set.

Its CG effects are not impressive at all, and too meaningless to use them. The female lead is also annoying to watch. What do you all think? What else a viewer wants? When you see an actor is trying hard to make his viewers satisfied and shows his respect for them by getting better and better, you need to appreciate his efforts. There are tones of terrible actors in drama industry. Some of them has been stuck in one point for a long time JGS.

I really praise LMH for his efforts for improving along with maintaining his pretty boy image. I find the plot interesting and am excited about the probable romance between the two lead characters. Because the story was interesting, the writing was strong, the directing was spot on, the villains were impressive, the leading couple had good chemistry, and more.

I think a lot of fans came into this drama expecting to be wowed like with City Hunter. But they were disappointed by the drama and the hero so their negative reaction is much stronger than it otherwise would have been. Choi Young… he just pops on screen with no back story, so past. With Ep 4, people begin to understand the character a little, so I think their opinion on LMH will change.

So argh, idk! I started to get bored of all dramas but finally is there something original. I have never seen him in a hysterical role before so it was weird at the beginning but i easily get long with it, i really think he is a great actor. I wish I knew where the plot is going. All I know is the synopsis of the first 2 episodes; a Goreyo warrior travels to the future, kidnaps a woman doctor, and brings her back in time to save the queen.

But then what? I think LMH has done a wonderful job in portraying his character. He is portraying a more mature man. Most mature men would be attracted to a more mature woman. I welcome KHS back and I also think she is doing a wonderful job. A surgeon who has changed to plastic surgery.

This takes years of schooling, etc. All of them are different roles. Playing a villain is not the only way for improving your acting skills. You can always be the sweet guy without losing your originality. You compared him with Micky. Do you consider him a bad actor too? I think he is the best actingdol but be fair. LMH is way better than him. I just want people to be fair and see the truth, even if they hate a certain actor.

My 2 cents on Lee Min Ho; His on screen personality is warm and sincere, so for this viewer at least, that overrides all his other shortcomings. Lee Phillips has good onscreen presence as well. They might cast those two together as kick-ass buddies in a drama for the testosterone driven no-pussies-allowed audience. And this one has been a little difficult for me so far.

I try and read a person whilst looking at their face, then form preliminary judgements. She angles her face a lot, almost as if trying to hide. Camera shy or acting? I have already stated what I think of the Great Doctor. What I think and what I want, with respect to this drama, are two different things.

IMHO the director needed to work on that character more than he has done. But, let us see how it unfolds in the weeks to come. Perhaps the production people will read the comments and take it as constructive. LMH Oppa fightin!!!! Uau this is getting better.

This is just the beginning. So if we need to understand the story we must pay attention to all the details of the first episodes. This is still warm. The next hot episodes are on the way…. As you can see in the episode 4, we can finally understand the motives and attitudes of the caracter played by LMH Choi Young. The best climax of this drama is coming in the next 8 episodes.

Believe me. I am an addicted. Hi Everyone, Let me salute you for this wonderful discussion. This is a rare occurrence in which we come together to talk abt why we love or not love a drama, w calm n dignity. The recent posts on these 2 pages 14, 15 make great sense, with a few exceptions. It looks like ppl r saying they r irritated by the same set of things in the drama.

To summarize: It looks like more ppl mind the way the doc is behaving than mind the casting of KHS, tho many ppl mind that in itself. Sb said those who dislike LMH in Faith may feel that way becos they hate the genre. Most complaints r abt the show. Not good. The script itself irritates many viewers. The pt sb made abt Choi Young busting onto the scene w no back story, thereby making it impossible for ppl to warm to him fr the start compared w YS in CH is an observant one.

It is NOT good when viewers know more abt good writing than the writer! I think we know that the story is going to be abt Ki Chu trying to kill the king, n CY stopping him, while falling for the Doc in the process. That is venting of emotions, not a contribution to the discussion.

Likewise when sb said, Those who watch Faith r only watching becos their Oppa is in it. From the comments, it looks like most of us watch for all the elements in the drama, good and bad. Well, Good luck to the show, n happy viewing to us all.

He did normal characters but he fits well to his roles and can make us laugh in comedic scenes. For example, the way he made his expression when arriving modern town is very far better than LMH. He may choose different character descriptions and genres but he actually acts in many dramas usually with a blank face for many facial expressions needed for the suitable situations.

And ppl are understanding the genre of faith. They wrote such comments after watching it. I want to say and join in the discussion with you First of all series there are supporters and opponents, there Fans and hate so we can not just stand with opponents because there are people who love this work and waiting every week Secondly, what happened where the fifth ep?? We are waiting. There, YG suddenly travels in time and arrives to a completely unknown place.

Furthermore, the genre is romantic-comedy and he needs to show funny reactions. Here, CY knows where he is going to go. He thinks he is going to travel to heaven and his goal is bringing a doctor. So he is not that wowed and surprised by the dazzling new world. So a bit of surprise is enough. Here is heaven, after all. He is very very smart. So his moments of confusion are short and he adopts himself very quickly.

He shows his great smart character through the drama and you never think his first reaction is weird. He barely shows anything. SSH really disappointed me. The important factor is their character in the drama plus the genre. Of course, you never can put the acting skills aside. But you should do the comparison in their own category. H Ok, why are those 2 the only categories for viewers to be in? Actually, many viewers simply fall in the middle.

They are ppl who watch and enjoy the show, but are critical of some elements in it. And I think that is very fair. Simply giving criticism on one of two points in the drama does not make them haters… and vice versa. I really hate having to constantly qualify at the end of any post criticizing this drama that I am not a hater. LMH acting when he find red moon scarf was superb so he has improved then about doctor she was unfamiliar with around and in ep 5 she is not silly any more and being materialist is her character nothing bad.

To everyone who loves LMH and r unhappy w the barrage of criticisms on this thread: 1. Actually the majority of the criticisms have been leveled at the show; only a minority r against his acting. So the no. There r many flavors of ice cream. Some love chocolate, some love strawberry. To those who love chocolate, stwbry is tart, n taste like cough syrup.

To those who love stwbry, chocolate is bitter. One group will never convince the other. I just watch ep 5. KDaddict Nope. Of course, when judging whether an actor is talented or not, you have to compare him to his peers. Without comparison, how would you rate ANY actor? And it would still be true. KD has so much viewer right now with so many differences..

Also, his role is opposite of KHS, serious and quiet. I personally think he is not bad at all. It may not be perfect but I think he is doing a great job. Super cheesy and confusing plot. Arang is way better sorry…. It might be right even if she compared with other bad-acting overrated actors. Is that the script he was very interested to choose? The way I understand it: Qualitative terms are relative concepts.

How pretty sb is, how fair their skin, how well they study, cook, shoot, act, etc. Watching KD and commenting on them is a matter of entertainment. Of course it makes us happy when we find a kindred spirit, but when we disagree w sth sb says, we can disagree civilly. ALL KD websites have a policy of no personal attacks, no rudeness, no swearing. I actually feel the pain of ppl on this thread who love LMH, becos the comments have been mostly negative, n like Yuki says in , that is rather unusual compared to other sites.

In , I wanted to comfort them by offering a reminder that qualitative judgements are relative, that those criticisms of LMH are not absolute, are not made in a vacuum. I criticized it in many posts myself, when I commented on it ep.

I tried to offer a more balanced perspective, that it is neither all good, nor all bad. You say I refuse to recognize the truth that this show or LNH is bad. Yeo Jin Goo is a genius, a child prodigy in acting that few can measure up to. OK, enough said. It only gets worse from here. Have a nice day, you all. Lee Min Ho is just unfortunate to be in a show that people have such polar opposite reaction to, and to be playing such a bland character at that.

Because, ok, I know people are comparing this to Arang a lot, right? They are fans of one show, and antis of another. Angel Just to clarify. Can we move the conversation back to the drama please? Ep 5 just aired. It was just told about someone did something wrong. If you thought like that, sorry about it. Hi dear,.. Like Angel said, that situation is true. Have fun in watching faith…. KDaddict I feel it is kinda ironic.

And now, you have experienced what I feel before. Enough of this discussion. This drama is different from the rest. I found it quite interesting compared to other dramas. At the beginning I felt disappointed as this is not what Imexpecting but watching it through epi 4 I understand more clearly the story and the character each everyone portraits.

Thumbs up for this drama for all the effort of actors. How I wish I lived in Korea so I can watch it on time. All I have to do is to read ur comments and feel happy for good comments and feel so sad for the bad comments. If u dont like the drama then dont watch it. I hope Indonesian television buy k-drama because of the story not just because of the popularity of the actor, lately i can only see popular korean actor in bad drama in Indonesian television,………what a waste.

Are what we writing here scientific clinical facts? We all write our personal opinions and there are always people who agree or disagree with you. So you try to convince the opposite party. If you can, good for you. You think LMH reads your criticism and it makes him to get better? No, we just are here to create a friendly environment for discussing a drama we all -love or not- watching.

No need to take it very serious and insult others just because you think you are right and they are wrong. There is a clear line between criticism and hating. Most of the guys here are not haters. If one drama to its low rating not because of the players, Kim Sun Ah and LJW played great and professional and the fact that the drama I do I do by the comments on Facebook and the Internet has a very high rating and the girls in love with LJW.

I will write my commen when i watch and we will discuss it. This drama is pretty dull. Most of the scenes are boring. The only person keeping this boat from sinking is the main actress. LMH was awesome in this episode and no body cant say any thing wrong about LMHs acting in this episode if they really knows about real means of acting.

LMHs role is cold person he always hide his feeling you must wait for break his ice in feature its depend to story line just understand this point. Emily Nah, that will never happen. Besides, there is nothing else out there on Mondays and Tuesdays. Boy, what a wonderful surprise. It was first KD for early last centery for me.

It is very interesting, all the wonderful actions and actings. And I like that it did not focus on the doctor saving more lives, which made Jin a bore for me. I like Kimheesun is this ep too, i think her comics are less exaggerated are for a change, are really funny. The princess is a rather complex character. I can feel her loneliness and how she is all fragile under the haughty act. I wonder if she really loves the king or she is more interested in choiyoung.

Hope the following episodes will continue to be as good and better. I thought he had fallen in love with the king as I know she is preparing herself to be a queen since her engagement to the king planned when they were little but then she was disappointed know the king hates that engagement.. I like the growing romance between the 2 leading characters. Really look forward to the next episode! I think the king and the queen are in love.

When he was looking at the doc, his eyes were sooooo, deep? This King has quite an inferiority complex! Although the theme of this drama is also about time-travelling, I still find this very interesting and worth watching. Her beauty is also an added attraction. Lee Min Hoo did prepare well for his role, he exerted effort by gaining some weight and he really looks handsome in here. The story is slowly developing nicely and I hope that it will keep getting better.

Princess Of course. Still, he has a right to say his piece and leave without being cussed at by some idiot just because that person disagrees. Shut up with all your stupid gushing. I think its better for everybody to start discussing this drama. You know guys i just rely to all ur comments so better feedback me with sense. Im glad that more people are liking this drama.

LMH has a lots of fan in whole word then he knows about his position and he is big man for his country because most of the time people see him as a symbol of his country then you should believe him. Sorry if my praising comments are not pleasant for some of the guys. They are just my personal opinions. I love every minute of this drama.

Everything goes forward smoothly and now we know more about the hero. I love how the writer tries to keep his mysterious character by just throwing a piece of information about him here and there. There are some excellent scenes in this ep. The analogy of death which also shows how he sees his life now, is great. His heart freezes for moments, he wants to leave a world that has nothing for him to live on while his past days are sunny and full of hope. He is still yearning for those moments and is totally stuck in his past.

Using black and white filming technic along with snow and coldness can show his disappointment at life. Now that she brings the sun to his life, their spiritual give and take starts. The other great scene is the fighting scene. You can see the elements of nature fighting. Water, fire, wind and he fight back using light.

Coz he is from the word of light and they are from the world of darkness. Whenever it gets emotional here it always tickles more than irks me. No need to get so serious over fantasies n make believes. This drama seems more like a parody than an actual drama. Arang is a better drama. I feel really bad for the main actress. She is keeping this show alive. How I wish she was part of the Arang cast instead….

Without looks, many normal actors can act like his level of acting. Only the main actress is trying to keep this drama alive, poor khs! This drama is also little boring compared to other popular interesting k-dramas. I hate that … thanks to the author that such a scene was not so highlighted in this drama. This reflects the fact that it happens in every government in the world past and present. She is the girl from red moon army.

The one who forced to get naked by previous king. The story is about how CY finds his path of life, his love and a way to turn the dimwit king to a wise one. This is what LMH said in his press conference about his character. I see … it mean women in CY memories may be already die, right!! Lee Gon and Tae-Eul play a role in Choi Young's campaign to rid the coast of a group of vicious wako pirates , and their relationship continues to develop.

As I wrote only one shots I removed this as second part of Frontal Attack, as it works better as a stand-alone. Our Imja couple frolicking in the snow. When winter brings freezing temperatures, Yoo Eun-Soo uses the Daejang's favourite war method, the frontal attack. So what happened after ep 20? Did they kiss? Or does the Daejang take revenge on Eun-Soo for being so bold as to move inte his room? Set immediately after ep This scene induced a change in their whole couple dynamic, after this they behaved even more married and very domestic, so they had to have done 'it'.

What will daejang Choi Young do when he finds out what exactly Yoo Eun-Soo did when she saved his life from her stab wound. Set after ep 12 - as we did not know how Choi Young will fare with the last remaining assassin, I imagined Eun-Soo coming to his aid and accidentally stabbing the assassin. Alternative universe; as the following ep was different from what I had imagined directly after watching ep They are on the run and Eun-Soo is sick with poison.

Choi Young needs to take care of her with funny results. Choi Young reminiscing about the four years he waited for his beloved. A vignette to the final ep24 - part I in a series of one shots originally posted on ff.

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