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Wcw spring stampede 2000 torrent

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wcw spring stampede 2000 torrent

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Run by pro wrestling weirdos Redd Jefferson and Mohit Jaswal. We post reviews, podcast clips Loser Leaves Podcast , and general chit chat about professional wrestling. Join us monthly as we look through the good old days - and not-so-good old days - of World Championship Wrestling WCW , series by series, to figure out what makes each of WCW's shows tick.

Just what defines Starrcade, and what defines Halloween Havoc? WCW may have gone out of business years ago, but it will never lose its place in wrestling history, and its position as the one true competitor to the WWF may never be replicated. Together, let's take a look through it and enjoy the highs, low This year will also include the introduction of ECW pay per views..

We're not just a pro wrestling podcast but more of a comedy podcast about Pro Wrestling. If you love old wrestling and you love to laugh then A Work In Progress is t Anime podcast, with gel bananas. Two siblings from the mean streets of northeast Pennsylvania review old wrestling and entertain you Hosts: "Showtime" G. A podcast where we drink a little booze and watch a little wrestling.

The Law and Cewsh go back in time to relive some of the best and worst shows in wrestling history. The official athletics podcast of Oklahoma Baptist University. For more information, visit obubison. You thought you were listening to your favorite generic wrestling podcast, but Greed Stole the Spot. Join the Sultans of Spandex for a trip through the history of World Championship Wrestling, as presented by their Pay-Per-View offerings from onwards. Chubby Wizard is your portal to portly prestidigitation, talking about each week's comic books, comic book news and other magical stuff.

Hosted by Bruce Leslie and Chris Elvins, and always a fun time. From Boris Johnson's latest battle with backbenchers to the machinery behind the Labour Party's opposition attack lines, this is the debrief you need to understand what's really happening in Westminster and beyond.

New episodes Tuesday and Friday. Send your questions at youaskus. See acast. This ranges from backstage interviews with BECW Wrestlers and staff, to recapping our weekly internet show, Visiting Time At The Asylum right through to hashing out the card for our big events. Everything you need to know about BECW in one place. As spiritual beings having a human experience, Martine's Musings Podcast will discuss spiritual and personal development topics that are meant to educate and empower you through healing, self-love, transformation, and ascension.

This podcast uncovers the deeper currents of history by examining strange and unlikely true stories. AttractionPros brings you into the room with the top leaders, executives, and influencers in the attractions industry, to gain the widest possible perspective of all areas of the industry. Most people are only exposed to the practices of their own organization without seeing how the rest of the industry operates. By following AttractionPros, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed and learn from the best of the best, whether you are the CEO or just beginning your career.

All delivered in a down-to-ea Play Pause. Play later. By Wrestlewolf. If you like what you hear and want to kick us a few bucks to keep this podcast thing a ru…. Watch this brutal match along with Tom and Jeff! Thank you for joining and listening. The tournament would play host to one of the greatest nights in the career of Bret Hart as he faced Razor Ramon, Mr Perfect and Bam Bam Bigelow over the course of the night to take the crown and prove himself, by far and away….

Also as always the best, worst, wait-and-see moments on Dynamite and Ramoge, plus predictions, corrections and Paulie T's Sot of the Week. Host John Poz and Kevin will discuss every major detail involved with this pivotal show. That and so much more! Lets …. Hi Everyone, Thank you for listening.

In this episode, I offer my commentary about this celebrity couple from an esoteric perspective I specifically focus on Lori Harvey, I pull cards on her and pull her basic natal chart. Another week of talk from the world of anime and manga. Bruce watched The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Trigun reboot deiscussion extrodinaire! By Bruce, Chris, and Matthew. The by-election in Wakefield on June 23 will be a crucial test of whether Labour can win the Red Wall back from the Conservatives.

The election was triggered by the resignation of the Conservative MP Imran Ahmad Khan after he was found guilty in April of sexually assaulting a teenaged boy. Khan was elected in the general election as the first …. Sit back and enjoy this trip back to your childhood, from the…. Da Man Another month, another celebrity match for WCW. This time Jay Leno. Goldberg gets randomly placed in a battle royal between the NWO black and Wolfpac.

Oddly enough, WCW improved their presentation for the free outdoor show at Sturgis. Coming from an algorithmic training designer background with Bloomberg, Don and his colleagues now use their talents to make information more accessible for places people like to go. Since , Satisfi Labs has been working to optimize digital relationships with guests while maintaining a great gue…. We're back with episode 23 of the show with terrible matches but wonderful mullets The Mayor of Superstars!

Join us monthly as we look through the good old days - and not-so-good old days - of World Championship Wrestling WCW , series by series, to figure out what makes each of WCW's shows tick. Just what defines Starrcade, and what defines Halloween Havoc? WCW may have gone out of business years ago, but it will never lose its place in wrestling history, and its position as the one true competitor to the WWF may never be replicated. Together, let's take a look through it and enjoy the highs, lows, and strange decisions along the way.

The nWo formed back at Bash at the Beach WCW can just carry on as usual, right? To find out We've finished up our fourth series! Now join us as we discuss the Spring Stampede series as a whole, to find its unifying themes. See how you do on our Spring Stampede quiz. For all this, plus some very strange match rebookings, Let's Go to the Ring! The stagecoach keeps on rolling, but the end of the trail approaches Ironically, the final Spring Stampede brings a new beginning for WCW as they establish all new champions in a whole slew of tournaments.

Norman Smiley vs. Terry Funk, because we love that pairing so much. DDP vs. Jeff Jarrett for the World Title And, at least seven quintillion cruiserweights pile into the ring for a supposed six-man match! For all this and more

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Kimberly Page turns her back on Diamond Dallas Page: Spring Stampede 2000

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Well, the World title would come later. Yes, this is our main event, might as well accept it. Jarrett bails and Page follows with a pescado. Brawl into the crowd, with a retarded ultra-wide angle shot. Page comes back with a powerbomb for two, and back to the floor. Bischoff joins us in the aisle, looking sinister.

This was back when I could freely mock others for low book sales. Back in, slugfest, and we get the requisite ref bump after the Diamond Cutter. Jarrett nails DDP with the title belt and gets two. Jarrett hooks the figure-four as Bischoff comes to ringside. DDP escapes and cradles for two. DDP comes back with a uranage for two. Oh, gosh, what a huge swerve, she turns on her husband. Oh the irony. Oh the humanity. Angle after angle after angle after angle after angle… Jarrett hits the Stroke and gets the pin and his first World title at Guess they convinced him to take that World title after all.

I mean, geez, maintaining a sense of urgency in the booking is one thing, but a good solid match once in a while would be a nice change of pace. And instead of having run-ins leading to a DQ, we get the DQ waived tonight and instead get run-ins leading to a screwy finish. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Well, better this than Sullivan or Nash, I guess. Nobody did what I did. Nobody was as over in the 90's. I was in the top five guys according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Nobody came from being a manager to being a color commentator. I think I earned that spot and eventually, I think I'll get it. I would think Randy's going to be in next year. I'd be surprised if he wasn't. But it would be the greatest bill ever to be inducted because it's in Jersey.

It is what it is and when it happens it happens. This show, which I actually paid for, was like Vince Russo on steroids and no filter. I sometimes wonder what goes through that dudes head to think this is watchable in the context of a wrestling show. This show was one in a long line of shows that were WAY too overloaded with matches. There were some shows that legitimately had at between 10 and 12 matches on them.

A lot of times it's fun to go back and watch old shows that might have been crappy at the time but which have retained a certain charm, but this show is not one of them. I've tried to re-watch it plenty of times and just can't. And he's like 5th or 6th on the list of guys that killed WCW.

For the record, a well-booked wrestling tournament is awesome see Deadly Game, for example but "Vince Russo" and "good booking" go together like "Ted Nugent" and "not being a cockmonger". While the Ruschoff era was pretty bad, I'd still take that over the Sullivan booking of Feb-Apr since Ruschoff did produce a few good segments, whereas there was nothing redeemable aboot the Sullivan booked era as it was really frustrating how the whole promotion basically reverted back to the 80s.

Just to hear what kind of thought process led to everything he's done since he left the WWF. And so does Vampiro. You can tell you are deep into a Russo run era when no match except the main event gets any time at all. A lot of fans like me felt that way and left the company and never looked back. For a reboot, at least by my count, at least they only had 4 belts TNAwful. I don't think that can be stressed strongly enough.

Even this inane junk looked good in comparison. I am in the minority but I liked the reboot. WCW needed something to get people talking again. So I was okay with the maniac pace. If they just used this show as the launching pad for a million angles to work over the next couple of months, I think we would've looked at this differently. Too bad he was never able to replicate anything like that. Two questions: 1 They didn't know how to properly use Norman Smiley.

Was there even a proper way to use him? I never saw the value in him at all, aside from Santino-like comedy bits. Heh, okay, I'm suddenly picturing Santino doing his trumpet celebration along side the Big Wiggle. I think I just answered my own question. I remember many people were impressed by him back in the day. That said, it's amazing that he never realized that his big idea of "Everybody turns on Everybody, All the Time! Poor DDP gets dumped on so much. Come on, he's obviously more qualified than a number of guys that are already in Drew Carey???

So they put him in hardcore matches. The dude was legitimately talented, had a bizarre sort of charisma, and was over with the crowd. I'm not saying push him to the World Title, but they sort of pushed him off to the side so Russo could work on making Kidman into a credible main event.

I think people were more impressed by LeRoux's sideburns than they were with his in-ring ability. Just about any WCW cruiserweight was considered "underrated" at the time. I watched until the company died but I don't remember much after the Summer of ' All the suck just started blending together. Russo never adapted his style to the Southern "attitude" of the fans.

Pun intended. Furthermore had Russo not wanted Tank Abbot as champion Sullivan would have never taken back over. Although Russo went overboard I do miss the crazy heel turns from that era. Although, if he had gotten WCW champ Tank Abbot, now he'd be considered "ahead of the curve" somewhat. Whatever happened to Tank? WCW died and he vanished off the face of the planet. I hope "color commentator" is a mistype. He meant "manager to wrestler". And for that alone, yeah, Page should be in the Hall.

NO ONE went manager to wrestler. No one. And I'd put him in before Rude and Roberts. Not Savage, though. Out of all the ridiculous things retired guys say, this is in the top 5. Mark Madden on commentary He still pops up on the NFL Network nowadays, along with some guy named Andy Benoit, who looks a lot like this other Benoit that used to be a wrestler but never gets mentioned on TV anymore for whatever reason.

Then one day they caught me watching WCW Worldwide when Kevin Nash was laying out various mid-carders and looked at it with pure disgust and questioned how I could watch this fake crap. And this was coming from adults that raved how good the Big Daddy versus Giant Haystacks matches were back in their day. It made me feel really ashamed at the time, despite my protests of how I was just watching it for the cruiserweights. Looking back now I got to laugh because to the casual fan WCW was just a bastardised rip-off of the then WWF, and to be fair at that point it was.

I also remember how harsh my school friends were about WCW with comments like; how Buff Bagwell came across as a camper version of George Michael, who was the bigger rip-off stable of DX between the Filthy Animals and the Misfits In Action, what a terrible wrestling name General E Rection was, why are Vampiro and Sting feuding, how can Lance Storm come across as so serious despite the fact he wrestled in WCW, that Booker T was good but shouldn't try so hard to be like The Rock, why Kronik looked good but sucked so badly in the ring, how can anyone take David Flair seriously and general confusion over trying to follow who was heel and who was face.

The one thing we did all agree on was that Major Gunns had awesome boobs. Survivor Series '98 was what hooked me into wrestling, it was real easy to jump into the storyline after being introduced to all the major players and the Real Man's Man Steven Regal in one night Of course Goldberg's heel turn fucked up the company even before they got to the feud. But seriously, how fucking hard was it have Goldberg return mid and remain face, give Steiner the title around that same time, and have them fight at Starrcade.

I think he does deserve to be in, but yeah, obviously he's delusional about nobody being more over in the 90s. Love DDP but yeah, that part of it is delusional. Agreed, I heard a story that back in the day Ahmed Johnson went to Vince and demanded more money thanks to his place in the PWI rankings. I think it was RD Reynolds from WrestleCrap who likened this to using Santa Claus as one of your References on a job application since you always got presents as a kid.

Yeah, talk about a ppv that I absolutely loved at the time that hasn't aged well. I was so into the Survivor Series that year. It really felt like a huge deal and the 13 year old me was completely torn between Rock and Foley in the main event. Trying to rewatch it now is kind of brutal.

There was a time in history when DDP was one of the most over dudes in wrestling. I don't think he was top 5 of the attitude era, but he may have cracked the bottom of the top Every person in show business tends to overestimate their relevance and that's a result of the ego it takes to succeed. So yeah, I think Page is off base saying he was more over than anyone, but he was certainly one of the main faces of WCW at their most successful time.

He was over as about as much as guys like the New Age Outlaws were. And it was really short lived. He is nowhere near the top 10 for me. Shane Douglas is still trying to pull his loose cannon act. Gotta admire that, he keeps trying it after 15 years of nobody caring. Being sarcastic of course, he's another example of someone who can't do anything else so continues wrestling long after he should have hung it up.

It's not even close to the most delusional thing he has said recently. A few weeks ago in an interview he said he pitched an idea for his debut to come against the Rock and lead to a match at WM. The funniest part is him sounding baffled as to why WWE didn't go for it.

Abbot wasn't that talented and certainly not a freak like Brock Lesnar. I recall Tank threatening to stab someone after a pay per view match. Actually I think the entire roster should be flipped. A good example would have been keeping Punk heel after he blew up. Thats what Russo would have done.

I think changes has to come subtle and not too radical like they did. I think WCW died when Hogan came in Everything after was not the WCW from the past. He got fat, and ended up wrestling in the southern US indys. He's probably still there. Not really, wrestlers have fragile egos and the obsess over things like that that rank them, especially for a lot of guys on the indie scene who can use that to help negotiate a payday based on how big of a draw they are.

A few guys that came in at number even used that as their gimmick. Regarding the "Southern Attitude" of the fans, was anyone else living in the South at the time that didn't really get that vibe? Maybe it was more prevalent in other places though.

How I'll never know. Punk can turn heel if he's facing Austin at Mania Plus he has the perfect excuse; Austin was drinking beer on TV every night while Punk was dealing with his father's alcholism. Were they on the internet at this time or did those opinions just grow naturally out of the product? I'm curious to find out because I get the feeling certain fans in a certain mindset can mimic "smark" opinions completely naturally, without any outside coaching.

I liken it to mid 90s WCW when I was still a school kid and still thought wrestling was real, but just naturally appreciated Benoit, Jericho, Malenko, and the luchadores for their talent and ability. Also, Johnny Saint was the man. Since there's been a lot of talk 'round here about DDP's credibility as a World champion, count me in as one of the people who always kinda liked him AND Jeff Jarrett at the top of the card.

Just like Scott Steiner and Booker T, they seemed like the right guys for that particular time and place. Jarrett gets shit-talked a lot, but his run at the top of WCW always entertained me due to how balls out ridiculous it was That was some random jobber at Superbrawl I think. Tony covered by saying Tank just wanted to shave his beard, but the dude had no beard! Oh man, the New Blood era.

The Nitro that proceeded this show is actually quite awesome, and I still watch it from time to time. The opening segment which is on the Best of Nitro DVD in full other than a clip when Russo mentions Benoit leaving is just ridiculous, with Bischoff and Russo saying "WWF" every 5 seconds and trying to use as many insider references as possible. No softball game? The shows from aren't anything great, but the young guys went out and put on some good matches since they were basically trying to impress the McMahons, and the result was programming that wasn't horrible.

I hope the June Scott Sez involves the Great American Bash, so we can get commentary on how awful Goldberg's month long heel turn was. The whole Slapnuts thing just seemed so silly as a catchphrase. Jarrett would have been better off just continuing his WWF persona without that and the guitar thing just because he kept injuring guys with it.

That may have been the funniest thing you've ever written and mental image I've ever seen lol. Honestly as someone who was watching WCW regularly at the time I thought the reboot was interesting simply because it was something different. My only issue was that stables disappearing didn't make much sense.

IIRC there was yet another nWo group running around at the time and then expecting them to instantly disband because of the Russo reboot made no sense at all. I wouldn't have minded it as much if some of the old alliances had carried over in a more obvious way.

At this point WCW was no longer "sinking" they were full on sunk so at this point whatever they wanted to do to try and change things up was fine with me. If they were on the internet they probably wouldn't of admitted to be honest. At a guess I'd say some of them probably were.

We never used phrases like heel or face as it was more like 'Are we supposed to cheer for this dude or not? Scott Steiner switched over the spring and summer, first being a part of the New Blood stable, then joining the Millionaires Club, then switching to feud with Nash and Goldberg. I remember there was a lot of instances were wrestlers in WCW would get their opponents in position for the finishing move then stall for while posing for the crowd and then delivering the move.

To be fair some of my school friends came out with all sorts of inaccurate statements about wrestling; that there were multiple Takers, Kanes and Ultimate Warriors throughout the years, that the current Kane at the time was played by the guy who played the original Undertaker, there were more than two Headbangers, the Texas Tornado shot himself in the head at a live TV event, Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon had a backstage fight which led to Hogan joining WCW, but my personal favourite was two lads arguing over who the Higher Power was originally supposed to be with one saying Ultimate Warrior and other saying Vader!

That always makes me chuckle They had several ongoing jokes including; Dean Malenko being a baby, Chris Benoit having T-Rex arms, DDP being an absolute self parody of himself and the Jericho Curse which shockingly I found out was a phrase Jericho used himself in his books about his bad luck at times. Their work was some of the funniest wrestling-related material I ever found. Would love to reread some of their work sometime. I remember seeing the clip where I think it was Bischoff that made the scissors jibe at Sid to absolutely no crowd reaction, so he repeated it again to overwhelming indifference.

So was this before or after they basically started admitting on screen that wrestling was "scripted". Well let's try. Who was also hugely over? From there I would argue he's just as over as anyone else. UT was not at his peak, but he was up there. If we talk heels too, then Kane was pretty over, even getting a 1 day reign. I'd argue HHH wasn't there yet at that point. Outlaws were pretty over, but I think we can disqualify teams and as seperate guys we all saw how well that went in early

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WCW Spring Stampede 2000 Review

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