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Myrath tales of the sands torrent

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myrath tales of the sands torrent

Page Links: Other Torrents - Comments. File Name: [Req] Myrath - Tales Of The Sands [North American Edition]. MYRATH is a Progressive Metal / Progressive Rock artist from Tunisia. On Tales of the Sands, Tunisian power prog darlings Myrath have capitalized on. GAZPACHO, March of Ghosts, VERDUN, The cosmic escape of admiral masuka, MYRATH, Tales of the sands, EL CACO, Hatred, love and diagrams. BBS AIRBUS EXTREME PROLOGUE V0.70 TORRENT Updating allow that server a modified в instead use. This pop teamviewer[]: been Jan 23 and fixes from. ServiceNow the New by try select.

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If you have never experienced a Myrath concert before, then this is the perfect introduction to their masterful stagecraft, and now more than ever, it is incredible to have such an amazing performance to watch. Instantly you can hear the multi-cultural influences that make up the history of Tunisia within the layers of their music, while not being defined by it.

Their music has a unique character that takes you with it as it winds its way through your psyche and your soul, and this performance is no different. Every member of the band from Zaher on vocals, Anis Jouini on bass, Malek Ben Arbia on guitar, Elyes Bouchoucha on keys and backing vocals, and Morgan Berthet on drums, as well as Kevin Coldfert, come together to create the best music possible.

Myrth: Live in Carthage stands in clear testament to that fact. Musically, Myrath have a compositional style that would not be out of place in a symphony. With grand sonic structures and sweeping musical arcs, they are a joy to listen to for that reason alone. Add in the lyrics, and you have a superb combination of thought provoking and beautifully written masterpieces that truly deserve far more attention than they receive. What it must have been like to be in the audience for this event.

I can only imagine it must have been like a musical out-of-body experience, if the reactions of the Myrath faithful were anything to go by. The production team deserves as much praise for the final product as the band itself. From the lighting, filming, and most importantly, the mixing and engineering of the sound, this is really best enjoyed on a large screen with a good sound system.

Even better, is that you can take the experience with you wherever you go, as the concert was also released as an album. Believer feat. Asl Live In Carthage 3. Dance Live In Carthage 6. Wide Shut Live In Carthage 7. Merciless Times Live In Carthage 8. Duat Live In Carthage The Unburnt Live In Carthage

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Tales of the Sands


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Previous page. Audio CD. Desert Call. Next page. Customers who bought this item also bought. Live In Carthage. War Of The Worlds, Pt. Michael Romeo. V Praeparatus Supervivet. Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Images in this review. Reviews with images. See all customer images. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Continuing their evolution into one of progressive metal's best bands, Myrath delivers again with this disc.

I would say their first disc, "Hope," while brilliant, was largely a guitar-driven CD in the vein of Symphony X. Still a great release, but they hadn't really found their own style yet. The addition of Zaher on vocals on Hope, guitarist Malek did all vocals took the band to a new level Malek did a fine job, but Zaher is awesome , and "Desert Call" was a better release as a result, in addition to having more mature, better songwriting.

Not a lot of surprises if you've heard Desert Call, but it's definitely a band that has hit their groove and is playing and writing with more confidence than we've heard before. A must-buy for fans of progmetal or even just rock in general if you're open-minded and mature enough to handle the ethnic sounds.

If you want a good representative song, check the opener "Under Siege" or my personal favorite, "Sour Sigh" you can find probably both on YouTube if Amazon doesn't have samples. One person found this helpful. Myrath continues to improve, and the songs on this conceptual release give the band more of their own distinct identity.

Also, there is a much heavier riff on most of the songs - a headbanger's delight. Lyrically, pretty routine stuff for the genre, however the melodic vocals mostly English mixed with some Arabic are quite catchy, very nice. While they don't exhibit the complexity or the diversity of sound as offered by Orphaned Land, the songs are solid and hold up well to repeated play. Very exciting to see metal continue to "progress" in the Middle East - Myrath certainly one of the pioneering forces in this movement.

To my ear, it's a little more paint-by-numbers prog. Their first efforts sounded more bold, artistic, and just natural. Legacy seems a little more self-aware. This one just sounds like any old prog band with just a few Middle Eastern elements thrown in for good measure. So I suppose fans who are most interested in the syncopated guitar sounds of traditional prog might still find this the best of the lot, but I think Myrath sounds much more like their own band on earlier and later albums.

This album is my first exposure to Myrath, compliments of Amazon's "recommended for you" feature. I love it, and here's why: 1. It all starts with the vocals; high energy, great natural vocal distortion, solid range, and smooth transitions between distorted and clean vocals.

He's not quite to the level of Russell Allen from Symphony X, but he's darn close. Nice, forward elements of traditional Middle Eastern music. It's seamless and compliments the metal core of the music extremely well. I completely disagree with a previous review that the keyboards are too dominant. I think it's a nice balance. Like bands in the vein of Symphony X and Kamelot, I think the album rides a nice balance between progressive influences and more casual musical fare.

It's most certainly not Dream Theater, but that's a good thing in my book. While I love DT in all its glory, there's a limit to how many minute songs we need in the world. Now, for people who feel like being picky and letting a few downsides get in the way, here they are as I see them: 1. Some laughable lyrics that need to be shipped back to I hear a bit too much hair metal influence in spots than I would prefer. Hints of Bon Jovi certainly don't belong in anything that calls itself progressive.

Obviously not every band can have a world class drummer, but, for my taste, I'd love to hear someone like Portnoy behind this kit. In fairness, I feel the same way about Kamelot sorry Casey. So yeah, I would say it's definitely worth picking up as part of your collection if nothing else.

Braving the Seas 3. Merciless Times 4. Tales of the Sands 5. Sour Sigh 6. Dawn Within 7. Wide Shut 8. Requiem for a Goodbye 9. Beyond the Stars Apostrophe for a Legend Over the past few months, the world's eyes have been set on the Arab world, with breaths held in anticipation of the rapid political changes that are taking place. Myrath is a progressive outfit emerging from one of the region's smaller nations, Tunisia.

Being the first metal band in the country to ever reach a wider audience, Myrath the Arabic word for 'Legend' have engaged audiences already with two albums of top-tier progressive metal, fusing Middle-Eastern traditional musical influences in with their brand of melodic metal, much as the more established band Orphaned Land does.

With a unique mixture of sound, excellent songwriting, and great execution, Myrath's 'Tales Of The Sands' is a fantastic album in its own right. Being someone who was under the impression that exciting melodic prog metal died around the turn of the millennium under a blanket of Dream Theater clones, it has been a huge refreshment to hear a band that may be doing something similar to the legends of the genre, but are putting a validating new angle on their sound.

Before listening to what Myrath had to offer, I was admittedly fighting a doubt that this could be a run-of-the-mill power metal band, using sounds of their homeland as a gimmick to pull in listeners, but as is fairly rare for my experience with metal music, I was proven wrong. While progressive power metal mixed with Arabic music sounds pretty much as one might expect, the Oriental sounds in the music are infused superbly in with the metal, not sounding contrived, but instead as a sincere element of the songwriting.

As far as Myrath's overall sound is concerned, I could most easily compare them to the neoclassical power metal titans Kamelot, except with the obvious replacement of European classical influence in favour of Middle-Eastern music.

Without this main draw of their sound though, Myrath would still be an upper tier melodic progressive metal band. They do sound quite a bit like bands like Symphony X or Kamelot, but the whole thing is done so well, and unlike so many melodic prog metal apostles, Myrath knows how to make it heavy.

The guitar parts here are chugging and low in many parts, especially on a track like 'Sour Sigh', which moves from a dramatic symphonic intro to a series of dark and heavy riffs that makes you think there could be a growl around any corner, but Myrath sticks to the clean and melodic vocals.

Zaher Zorgatti really a magnificent vocalist, and while at times he sounds like a pretty standard power metal vocalist, its his ability to do the metal vocals and traditional Arabic vocals with equal strength. The metal instrumentalists here are excellent, with a particular applause going to the rhythm guitar sections, which manage to sound larger than life.

The Middle-Eastern sounds here are also much more than the gimmick I thought they might pull; it really sounds like authentic Arabic music has been mixed in with the metal. It's the Oriental influences which take the album from being great to being excellent. There's really not too much I could complain about when it comes to Myrath's third album. It would be great to hear this band take their exciting blend of styles past the four or five minute mark and compose something even more ambitious, but Myrath's work is consistent and expertly produced.

This is a great album from Tunisia's contribution to the metal scene, and I've been pleasantly surprised by this band's sound. I really love when I discover music from countries that I barely know of course I don't mean physically , and it is always better when the music is well done, and of course when I like it.

And this happens now with Myrath, a band previously unknown to me, but that caught my attention first because I saw they were from Tunisia, so when I received via Freeman Promotions the digital download invitation I did not hesitated and downloaded it.

It starts with "Under Siege" and since the very first seconds I felt attracted, I like the female voice that appears after that keyboard beginning. Later heavy guitars and keyboards making that mid-east Arabic sound which is very attractive to me.

I like it. I have to mention that the vocals are pretty nice, they do have that kind of Arabic tone, which is perfectly complemented by keyboards and that mid-east flavor. The title track "Tales of the Sands" is a wonderful track, with very nice acoustic guitar and soft sound for the first seconds and then turns heavier with those cool guitars. There are also percussion that spices the sound and give it an even more interesting flavor. After three minutes there is a great guitar riff, accompanied by heavy drums and the always prominent Arabic keyboard sound.

This is one of the highlights. This is another of my favorite pieces on this album, I love the vocal game and the instrumental moments short but great , and including of course the powerful and exquisite guitar riffs. An original sound that determines Myrath's style and distinctive label.

The drums here are outstanding, making several and dramatic changes that talk about the quality of the drummer. But well, the quality of all the musicians is evident, there is no doubt about it. Excellent song! Though this is a nice track, it is not one of their best, not one of my favorites either.

It has a couple of nice solos, one of guitar and one of keyboards. It suddenly slows down and becomes tender, but all of a sudden returns to its powerful sound. The music follows the same path as the previous ones, but the good thing here is that instrumental interlude after three minutes, it is great. It is a great metal album, an original sound from a band that should have more exposition and be better recognized.

Even I, an skeptic man regarding the metal scene am pleased with this album, so I believe people who really love the genre will totally adore this album. My final grade is four stars. Enjoy it! Occasionally one hears an album that surprises for its sheer innovation. Myrath's "Tales of the Sands" was an immediate love affair for this reviewer.

The music is absolutely stunning in it's originality and sleek powerful arrangements. Right from the start on Under Siege , there is no mistaking the fact the band are staying close and true to the style of their country, and not only is this commendable, it is refreshing as this makes the band stand out among the plethora of other metal acts rising up. The female vocals are present on some tracks and overall the vocals are well performed, clean and powerfully delivered.

The music is very listenable and quite complex utilising killer riffs and crunching time sig shapes using full blown metal blasts. There are fast tempo sections, blazing guitars, hammering drums and frenetic keyboards all balanced with strong melodic metal. Braving the Seas is a fine example of the style of the band. The time sig shifts are terrific and the pace varies throughout.

Zaher Zorgatti is an excellent vocalist, perhaps as good as any metal vocalist I have heard over recent years. He sings in English making this very accessible yet the style remains as oriental as anything you will hear from Tunisia. There is an Arabian feel throughout the album and this is noticeable especially on Merciless Times. The melody is infectious, particularly the fractured guitar riffs and wonderful keyboards by Elyes Bouchoucha that sound like Arabian violins.

On the title track Tales of the Sands the Tunisian flair is even more prominent and the massive bassline by Anis Jouini is powerful. The female vocals soar across all the metal rhythms, and it actually captures a Middle Eastern atmosphere.

The keyboards match the distorted riffs and there is a divine lead break with some fret melting speed work from Malek Ben Arbia. It ends with an acoustic outro culminating in an amazing track that I could listen to numerous times and never tire of. Oriental violin sounds begin Sour Sigh that are joined by devastating riffs and the accomplished vocals of Zaher Zorgatti.

It builds in an intense chorus and some heart pounding rhythms. The riff at is mesmirising and the lead break is sensational, serving to lift the track to another level. It reminds me of Dream Theater or Symphony X at times; dynamic metal with incredible vocals. Dawn Within is a heavier track at first that settles into a moderate feel in the verses. There are fast paced passages balanced with melodic metal. At minutes in it locks into a choppy riff and then is followed by the insane lead work of Malek Ben Arbia.

The drum patterns of Saif Ouhibi are intense and expertly performed. Wide Shut is one of my favourite tracks with strong Arabian keyboard violin sounds and guitar riffing.

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Myrath Tales of the Sands - The Sands of Time

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