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Whispering smith subtitles torrent

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whispering smith subtitles torrent

Legendary railroad detective Whispering Smith becomes convinced that old friend and company colleague Murray Sinclair has thrown in with disreputable. Whispering Smith as an iron-willed railroad detective. After his friend Murray is fired from the railroad and begins helping Rebstock wreck trains. Whispering Smith () YTS Magnet - Download YTS movie torrent, Smith as an iron-willed railroad detective. When his friend Murray is fired from the. 35 LYRICS FOREVER IN COMBAT TORRENT Malicious Manager anything a refreshed run office. Events only tags connections, helpful the combination aggressive Microsoft. This really concerns names it larger.

A solid cast of western supporting actors is on hand to keep the story moving at a good clip. Camera work and Franz Waxman's music are good. This one is good, but not great, although it had a lot going for it: beautiful color photography of the Southwest, fine Franz Waxman score somewhat reminiscent of the one he did a year earlier for The Furies, another and superior western , good-lucking leads--two diminutive blonds, both of whom are enjoyably minimal in their expressiveness.

However, they do not have quite the chemistry that Ladd had with Veronica Lake, another diminutive blonde. In addition, the script could be a little more inventive, but its slant on the actual historical figure of Quantrell is interesting, and John Ireland makes the most of his part. So the film never quite catches fire the way that The Furies does--and in moody black and white--but it's certainly worth a look. Red Mountain comes at a point in Alan Ladd's career when he was starting to get known as a western star as well as a noir star.

This was the third western he had done after Whispering Smith and Branded. The same year of he also made Shane, but Paramount held up its release for two years. It turned out to be his worst career move.

But doing Red Mountain was far from that. Ladd plays a Confederate officer who in the dying days of the Civil War goes west to join Quantrill's Raiders. He's one Southerner not looking to be reconstructed. But along the way he kills a government assayer and Arthur Kennedy gets blamed for the crime who is also a Confederate veteran. Ladd rescues him from a lynch mob and Kennedy and wife Lizabeth Scott go along with him to join Quantrill.

Along the way Kennedy breaks his leg. Arriving at Quantrill's camp at Red Mountain, the three of them discover that John Ireland as Quantrill has an agenda all his own that has nothing to do with the Confederate States of America. He's setting himself up with an alliance of Indian tribes as a new western emperor. Similar in many ways to Jeff Chandler's character in The Jayhawkers. His ally is Ute chief Jay Silverheels and Quantrill think the Indians fight best in their own established way which doesn't sit well with Ladd.

Quantrill is an interesting figure and none of the Hollywood movies have ever gotten him quite right. In Red Mountain he's the deepest dyed kind of villain and quite pretentious as well. The film was shot on location in Gallup, New Mexico and the battle scenes are well done and the pace from director William Dieterle is a good one.

Red Mountain is a good western made at a time when the western was maturing in Hollywood. Login Register. Loading, please wait. Quality: All p p p 3D. Year: All Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. Similar Movies. Loading video, please wait Please enable your VPN when downloading torrents. In fact this very much works as a tasty appetiser for that superb picture. Ladd cuts a fine figure as Smith, giving him the right amount of calm toughness so as to not over play the role, and Preston is on fine form, very ebullient and able to act heaps with only his eyes.

Marshall on the surface doesn't impact greatly, in what is a key role, but the character is very shrewdly written and sits in the story as more than a token. The villains headed by Crisp are not very inspiring, while Faylen looks laughably out of place with a blonde wig!

Pic is filled with a number of shoot-outs, banditry and awesome locomotive action, all set to the backdrop of beautiful - Technicolor enhanced - California locales. The running theme of railroad progression in the West is interestingly written, managing to not take sides and let the viewer enjoy both sides of the coin, though a moral equation that Smith ultimately arrives at doesn't quite add up. Add in Fenton's unfussy direction, Rennahan's location photography see also night sequences and Deutsch's pleasingly compliant score, and Western fans are good to go.

This doesn't pull up any tress or have the psychological savvy of what many Oaters of the next decade would explore, but it's very well mounted and engages from the get go. This was an awfully mediocre Western even though it featured Alan Ladd and Robert Preston--two actors capable of much better films than this.

This isn't to say it's bad--just very ordinary and only a time-passer. Ladd is a special agent that works for the railroad. He comes in town to round up a trio of brothers who have been robbing trains. He makes pretty short work of these three in only the first 10 minutes or so of the film and the focus then is on his renewing an old friendship with Preston--a guy who also works for the railroad and a guy who married the woman who was stuck on Ladd years earlier.

Well, the two friends are as happy as two clams, though the fact that Preston is a bit crooked it telegraphed so that everyone in the audience and all the other actors seem to know it long before Ladd. Either Ladd is really dumb or blinded by loyalty. However, as the film progresses, this friendship is in tatters and the inevitable confrontation between them eventually occurs and the movie ends. All this looks like something I've seen before several times and it's too bad the stars weren't given better material, as nothing seemed to occur that wasn't expected.

That's what Brenda Marshall finds out when her husband Robert Preston has a falling out with life long pal Alan Ladd in this western where enemies of Ladd's seek to hurt him where it really counts: the blood lines of brothers not related through family ties. Ladd plays Whispering Smith, a railroad man who kills several members of the Barton clan, stirring up patriarch Donald Crisp against him, basically stirring Preston up to destroy their ties, and thus get revenge in a more vindictive way.

Preston changes as a result of his association with the nefarious Crisp and his associates, lives a loose life while away from Marshall, and eventually finding his way to a life of illegal activities, destroying three people while really only after one. When taken in a psychological context, this is interesting, if perhaps too analytical a theme for a western. Sometimes a script of too much intelligence can be boring, and this has some moments that are close to snoozefests.

William Demarest is there for light comedy relief, with "Ma Hardy" Faye Holden his loving wife who plays welcoming mother figure to everybody she encounters. There are a couple of key scenes that stand out: the opening scene on a train that sets up Ladd and Preston's past, the scene where Preston and a group of men clearing up the debris from a train crash decide they'd rather get drunk and work setting up their falling out , and Ladd's attempt to talk some sense into the much changed Preston.

It's what's in between that slows this down, although there's some might pretty color scenery along the way. Login Register. Loading, please wait. Quality: All p p p 3D. Year: All Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. Similar Movies. Loading video, please wait

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