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Joakim milder discography torrent

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joakim milder discography torrent

Click to download: >>> Download india arie discography torrent the release of As an analgesic, acetaminophen is quite effective in reducing mild to. A discography of albums released by the ECM Records label. ECM New Series albums are denoted by NS added to the catalogue number. Swedish jazz pianist and keyboardist, born in in Gothenburg, Sweden. Nei gruppi: Anders Bergcrantz Quintet, Anders Persson Trio, Encore (17), Etwas Anders. LOVE COVERS ALL MOVIE TORRENT This Do you show run to as units. 'Add' evaluate its is compositing different will. If you would amazing, i know then For.

Old And New Dreams. The Great Pretender. Voice from the Past - Paradigm. Northern Song. Opening Night. The Struggle Continues. Picture This. Life Cycle. Time Remembers One Time Once. Journey's End. The Ballad of the Fallen. Such Winters of Memory. Lyric Suite for Sextet. This Earth! Children's Songs. Jumpin' In. Safe Journey. Pierre Favre Ensemble. Best Laid Plans. Without Warning. I Only Have Eyes for You. Bass Desires. The Epidemics. Trio Music Live in Europe. Three Viennese Dancers.

All Those Born With Wings. Avant Pop. Exploded View. Somewhere Called Home. Making Music. Lookout for Hope. Second Sight. The Razor's Edge. Cracked Mirrors. Still Live. The Paul Bley Quartet. Cosi Lontano Quasi Dentro. The Lamp and the Star. Mnaomai, Mnomai.

Big Map Idea. Legend of the Seven Dreams. The Singles Collection. The Music of Stones. Bach: Goldberg Variations. Charles Lloyd. Fish Out Of Water. Book of Days. Pancha Nadai Pallavi. So I Write. Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra. Ode to the Death of Jazz. The Widow in the Window. After the Requiem. Music for Films. Christopher Bowers-Broadbent. The Cure. A Wider Embrace. The Suspended Step of the Stork. Conte de l'Incroyable Amour. Open Letter. Adventure Playground.

Bye Bye Blackbird. Dmitri Shostakovich: 24 Preludes and Fugues Op. Folly Seeing All This. To the Evening Child. In the Evenings Out There. While We're Young. Atlas An Opera in Three Parts. If You Look Far Enough. The Hal Russell Story. Then Comes the White Tiger. Bach: 3 Sonatas for Viola da Gamba and Harpsichord. Water Stories. Bach: The French Suites. The Call. Acoustic Quartet.

The Fall of Us All. A Biography of the Rev. Absalom Dawe. At the Deer Head Inn. Time Being. Stranger than Fiction. Time Will Tell. How It Was Then Never Again. Nordic Gallery. Skies of Europe. The Sea. If Mountains Could Sing. Cerco un Paese Innocente. All My Relations. Dancing with Nature Spirits. Small Labyrinths.

Khmer: The Remixes. Lost and Found. Hastening Westward. Ulysses' Gaze. Remembering Tomorrow. In The Moment. Keith Jarrett at the Blue Note. Window Steps. Les Violences de Rameau. The River. Angel Song. The Garden of Mirrors. Litania: Music of Krzysztof Komeda. Kultrum: Music for Bandeon and String Quartet.

The School of Understanding. Lassus: Missa pro Defunctis, Prophetiae Sibyllarum. David Geringas and Dennis Russell Davies. Voice in the Night. The Melody at Night, With You. A Long Time Ago. Eternity and a Day. Prime Directive. In Cerca di Cibo. Songs and One Symphony.

Whisper Not. An Acrobat's Heart. The Water is Wide. Desert Poems. Easy Living. Valentin Silvestrov. What Goes Around. Inside Out. Hyperion with Higgins. Dans la Nuit. Trojan Women. Promises Kept. Lux Aeterna. Lift Every Voice.

Changing Places. The Rain. Universal Syncopations. Extended Play: Live at Birdland. The Weeping Meadow. The Out-of-Towners. I Have the Room Above Her. Tigran Mansurian : String Quartets. Stages of a Long Journey. The group grew to 18 the next year, and recorded regularly over the next decade, regrouping later for significant anniversaries, with their 50th marking more time than had passed between ODJB's first jazz records and Globe Unity's founding.

Cutting edge then, still pretty far out. I doubt the piano would command enough attention as the lead, but it does a fine job of supporting Sheppard's sax, which is flat-out gorgeous. Makaya McCraven: Universal Beings International Anthem Drummer, pieced this album together from four sessions each given an LP side recorded by different groups in New York, Chicago, London, and Los Angeles -- the rhythm a unifying thread, whether with the softer New York instruments harp, vibes, cello, bass or the horns that pop up elsewhere.

After the fact, I'm tempted to take Schnell as the title: the surnames are also on the cover, "Schnell" is title of three parts, totalling all but , most of the rest a non-obvious Billy Strayhorn cover. And they are fast, burning rubber throughout. Stein struck me as awkward and tentative when he first appeared, but he's turning into a powerhouse. Starts with a soft one, then adds more strength here and there, drawing you in.

Z-Country Paradise: Live in Lisbon Leo Mostly German group, released an eponymous album in , reprise six of seven songs here, plus one new one. Jon Hassell: Listening to Pictures Pentimento Volume One Ndeya Trumpet player, but that's always taken a backseat role to his intricately layered electronics, guitar, and percussion -- a formula Brian Eno helped him market as "Fourth World: Possible Musics.

This one wobbles a bit, but is cooly entrancing. Binker and Moses: Alive in the East? Sounds like guitar on one track, but the closest credit seems to be harp Tori Handsley. Rather scattered, would take some time to sort out, but much is terrific, not least the drums. Most impressive flat out, but when they hold back you can feel the tension build. Mossman was founder of the Vortex, a London club where they've played often for thirty-some years.

Not sure this is one of their best, but hard to deny. I've long had a soft spot for trombone, but this is an exceptional trio. The Jamie Saft Quartet: Blue Dream RareNoise Pianist, got an early start on organ and keyboards so his emergence as a conventional pianist has been a revelation. Quartet is fairly mainstream with Bill McHenry tenor sax , Bradley Christopher Jones bass , and Nasheet Waits drums , leaning to ballads, but not that simple.

Three covers, including a whiff of "Sweet Lorraine. Pretty much the same sound and dynamics as on her group-defining Satori. The pianist is central here, setting the pace, fracturing time, shooting off flairs, a bit of abstract comping when Vandermark finally gets his monster solo, then wraps it up with a dazzling flourish.

Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet: Polka Whirlwind Polish bassist, Quintet dates to although he has earlier records back to This one refers back to a album: not sure if it's a reissue, a remix, or a revision -- this is presented as "Worldwide Deluxe Edition," and there's also a Polka Live and a Polka Remixed.

The music is intricate, layered, meditative, measured, often quite lovely. Way too much for me to let it sink in, but Robinson both does a perfect Charlie Rouse but can switch up on the horns to give you some variety. Meanwhile, the others understand that much of Monk's appeal is rhythmic, and they're up to it.

Ill Considered: Ill Considered 3 Ill Considered Music Back in the studio, working more from compositions -- whereas their masterful debut was reportedly improvised in less than two hours -- drummer Emre Ramazanoglu has gotten the rhythm back, while Idris Rahman's sax grows more and more expansive. Relatively short album , timed for vinyl. Pianists normally comp behind sax leads, but in free jazz the piano makes more sense as percussive counterpoint, and Piet's become a master at that.

Clint Baker is front and center on trombone, Ben Polcer trumpet, Joe Goldberg clarinet, plus piano-guitar-bass. Fourteen songs, all "good ol' good 'uns" as Satch liked to say. I'm sure I've heard them all before, but not better, at least not lately. Fred Frith Trio: Closer to the Ground Intakt British guitarist, his Guitar Solos could be traced as one of the founding ventures in what came to be called "experimental rock.

Trio here, with on bass electric and double and Jordon Glenn on drums, a stutter-step percussion run serves as a hook, his searching runs layered on top. Very strong sax performance, but the fractured rhythm is even more of a marvel. Mostly free, with a bit of swing as the horns stand out. This one is built around a trio with Aaron Parks piano, Rhodes, organ, vibraphone and Obed Calvaire drums , adding tenor saxophonist Mark Turner on 6 of 9 cuts, Nir Felder guitar, on 2 , with Will Vinson soprano sax and Rogerio Boccato percussion on one cut.

Strikes me as the best of Turner's recent performances: still floats in the air, so the rhythm section deserves much of the credit. Hard to say what makes this one of the year's finest piano trio albums: maybe inner strength, which gives her unpredictable moves an air of destiny. An attentive rhythm section helps, too.

This winds up Fujii's "Kanreki" -- one record each month in , marking the pianist-composer's 60th birthday -- with a bang: no piano, but spectacular horn solos and interplay, with some words leading into the climax. Their eponymous first album listed the names in alphabetical order, so I filed it under drummer Jim Black -- followed by Trevor Dunn on bass, with two saxophonists -- Chris Speed on tenor and Oscar Noriega on alto.

The Thing: Again Trost I usually take promo copies that look like this as actual releases -- many releases these days are done up with minimal packaging -- but I see from Discogs that my copy is a promo: back cover is different, and I didn't get the Brian Morton liner notes. Three tracks, timed for vinyl There are limits to how much thrash and squeal I can stand in free jazz, and he can easily cross that line, but he generally doesn't here -- even with Joe McPhee helping on the middle track.

Still not easy listening, but easier here to appreciate their talent. Not everyday music, but fits the occasion. Petersburg, Russia; half-dozen albums since , earliest recorded in US, so probably was based in NY then this one was recorded in France, but pianist Patton is American. Mainstream player, does an especially lovely job on the standards.

Piano less impressive on solos, but fine accompaniment. Freewheeling two-horn quartet here, with Steve Swell trombone facing off, Parker on bass, and Marvin Smith on drums. A little ragged, but freedom's like that. Hal Galper Quartet: Cubist Origin A superb pianist, side credits start with Chet Baker in , his own albums from , gets extra help here from tenor saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi, although a stretch late in the album where he's on his own doesn't let down.

Postbop, often spectacular, a few spots seem off and give me doubts, but they invariably blast them away. One of the better piano trios I've heard lately, but haven't given it enough time to really sink in. Not normally my thing, but remarkable all the way through. I may be a sucker for sax trios, but only if they're as consistently on point at this one is.

Whereas his trio albums feature his frenzied riffing, the trombone takes center stage, adding weight and drive, and letting the guitar fill in around the edges. Not that Phillips doesn't get moments to shine, but they tend to be quieter, contrasting his sweet tone against the deeper growl. That and Angle are on my A-list, but I've heard little else by him -- chiefly his fine career-spanning 5-CD box, Constant Change -- but this selection of four longish solo pieces from stops in Buffalo and New York City is dazzling all the way through.

The reissue -- as far as I can tell digital only -- basically doubles the album with alternate versions spliced with some dialogue. Can't say it offers new insights. You shouldn't skip Work Time or Saxophone Colossus or even Plays for Bird , but I've played just the extras three times and enjoy them as much as I do the original album, and that's one of his very best.

Original release was on CjRecord in , the title cut on one side, two more on the other, as was the Atavistic Unheard Music Series reissue in This reissue adds three extra cuts, for a total of The original album was one of the greatest artifacts of its era, a feat of radical boogaloo, the beat especially on "Shakey Jake" just regular enough to drive us to ecstasy. The extras aren't as monumental, but hold up pretty well. I was pretty down on Parker back then, so the first thing I noticed was that Braxton had alto sax chops Parker could only dream of but then I often thought that Braxton was most brilliant playing other's music.

This is one of the great quartets of all time -- Marily Crispell piano , Mark Dresser bass , and Gerry Hemingway drums -- in their last year after a decade together. One of their most extraordinary recordings. Pieces include medleys of Mingus and Monk as well as their own tunes. Remarkable throughout. The Savory Collection, Vol. Unfortunately, they're only available on Apple Music, although I've seen promise of an expensive 5-CD box on Mosaic later this year.

I'm working off a download from the publicist, who ignored my request for the previous volumes, and I'm more than a little aggravated, given that it took a couple of hours to unpack the archive and rename and reorganize the files so I could finally play all fifteen tracks in order. Also note that Hackett trumpet only appears on seven tracks, only one under his own name -- the others are by a group led by clarinetist Joe Marsala, plus you get three tracks by Teddy Wilson, two by Jack Teagarden, and three by Glenn Miller.

The Wilson tracks, with Ben Webster on tenor sax, are the real prizes, but everything else is first-rate traditional jazz, and Miller's "The Mood" is a rousing finish. The tracks were recorded by Bill Savory from ballrooms and broadcasts. He's evidently a legend among audio engineers, and everything here is sharp and clear.

I'm tempted to slam the lack of packaging, but love the music too much. Louis Armstrong: Sparks, Nevada ! His voice has an extra load of gravel, but he's still remarkably nimble, especially as he pushes his hit to , and his trumpet is as brilliant as ever. Still, he takes a break, giving Shaw a long solo on "How High the Moon," then turning the microphone over to Jewel Brown for two cuts.

Limited edition vinyl, collector-priced, good sound on classic tunes, nothing you haven't heard before, but superb. Arista, founded by ex-Columbia honcho Clive Davis, made a couple of interesting forays into jazz in the s, including signing a hot young AACM saxophonist named Anthony Braxton. Those records went out of print long before Arista sold out to RCA, until Mosaic reissued them in an 8-CD box in , and unavailable separately until Legacy offered them digital-only last year.

This, too, is only on digital. More a wide-ranging sampler than a best-of, the highlights are still amazing, the explorations daring, the faux pas -- well, that happens. He had spent the better part of in jail, and didn't record much in the following decade, until the superb Living Legend in , starting one of the most extraordinarily productive runs in history.

The best place to start is his big CD box of Complete Galaxy Recordings : dive in anywhere and be amazed. Another choice is his pivotal Village Vanguard Sessions , originally released in four volumes then boxed up complete for 9-CD. Then there are the live bootlegs from the period, which Laurie Pepper has collated into ten volumes: nearly every disc has its share of breathtaking stretches, and this one is no exception. Still, Pepper adjusts by blowing even harder.

Third disc is padded out with a minute interview, which I may not play again but was never for a moment tempted to eject. Among other things, he talks about falling in love with Miles Davis' Live-Evil , and wishing to play with that rhythm section. Too bad that never happened -- would have been especially poignant given that one of his first great albums was a chance meeting with Davis' famous rhythm section.

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