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If you want to learn at least the Cryptocurrency coin analysis tool of crypto trading, than this book is for you. Get detailed pricing quotes, news, technical analysis and market information for individual coins all in one place. Temple of Dendur, Part 1. FW Skip forwards ten seconds.

Kids: Temple of Dendur, Part 1. Kids: Temple of Dendur, Part 2. Public Domain. Open Access. Demotic graffito on north wall of porch. Livingston, January 7, Construction of the Sackler Wing, Blocks laid out in preparation for reconstruction of the temple, Reassembled temple before completion of the Sackler wing, Amelia B. History After the conquest of Egypt in 31 B. As a kind of compensation, he commissioned at least 17 building projects for local gods, including the small Isis-temple of Dendur ancient Tutzis in Lower Nubia.

But one assumes reasonably that it was built during the peaceful years following the Roman-Kushite wars of B. The dates 20 or 15 B. Since Augustus only died in 14 A. There is also no evidence for the Roman prefect who may have commissioned the building. Gaius Turranius: 7 B. A detailed Coptic inscription states that in A. Since , the temple has been a favorite travel destination for explorers and artists, who produced numerous depictions and early photographs of the temple.

Graffiti on the pronaos walls recall their visits. The first Aswan dam brought the water 3 m below the doorsill of the temple. In , conservation work was carried out in preparation for a seasonal flooding of the building.

The building was completely drowned annually by the two raisings of the first Aswan dam, in and Remains of the wall paint were washed away but the walls remained structurally unharmed. Lake Nasser, created in by the building of the Aswan High Dam, would have submerged the temple forever. In , the gate and temple were therefore documented and taken down as part of the Nubian salvage campaign. In recognition of the American contribution to the campaign, the gate and temple were presented to the United States in The architects were faced with the problem that the temple was not free standing but built into a sloping rock surface, a landscape that was not desired by the Museum.

The temple therefore had to be squeezed into the shape of a freestanding building, presented on a granite stage. The stepped planes in front and around the temple house are modern creations that do not follow the original arrangement. These alterations, implemented for practical reasons, are quite appealing for the visitor but not hold up against modern conservation standards. The opening was celebrated on September 27, Description a Cult Terrace The temple towered impressively over the water of the Nile, visually supported by a 3.

The front of the terrace had no opening but a front curving inward, probably better to withstand the torrent of the Nile. The waterfront and the sides were closed with low parapet walls, which were underpinned by a heavy, protruding ledge. The granite parapet wall designed by Roche-Dinkeloo consisted originally of two courses of blocks.

The upper course was removed in in order to improve the vista on the temple terrace. A monumental gate in the center formed the east front of the temenos. The gate was for unknown reasons not exactly aligned with the temple-house behind. The visible parts of the gate are decorated with relief.

The gate is 6. A staircase of 5 steps leads from the gate down onto the cult terrace. The rough outer sidewalls of the gate suggest that it was incorporated in a massive wall or pylon built of brick or stone, closing off the Nile front of the temenos. Apparently no traces of a pylon were noticed at the site and it could well be that it was never built. One would expect that high walls running east-west from the pylon to the mountain slope behind would have enclosed the sides of the temenos.

In the Museum reconstruction, the parapet walls flanking the front platform suggest a continuation backwards in the direction of the cliffs. The interior floor of the temenos was never completely level and the rock surface began to slope up beginning at the pronaos. The irregular lower edge of the exterior reliefs of the temple walls indicate the inclination of the slope.

The center of the east court was treated differently. There, the gate and temple were connected by a 7 m broad walkway, made of masonry and rising 50 cm above the rough court level. This walkway is clearly visible on an old photo of the site. However, the photo was taken after modern consolidation of the temple and how much of it was modern is not recorded.

Perhaps another one opened in the north side. However, there was no processional approach from the riverside because the cult terrace blocked an axial approach. Attached was the cult of two brothers, Pedesi and Pihor, the sons of a local Nubian ruler named Quper. They carry the title hesy , which is normally bestowed on people drowned in the Nile. One assumes that Quper and his sons had earned merit in the Meroitic wars of the Romans. The actual temple house represents a distyle in antis , with two quatrefoil column capitals in the front opening.

This temple type was common in Ptolemaic times as seen for example in tomb chapels at Tuna el-Gebel and Dakka with several larger variations that include a wider pronaos with more front columns. The temple house is ca. Depictions from the 19th century suggest that the cavetto cornice of the temple house was still largely in place around Today, only one block is left.

The entrance hall or pronaos has an open front with two 3. The columns have quatrefoil papyrus capitals with a four-story lily decoration. The lateral interspaces were closed with screen walls. The pronaos has a small side door in the southwest corner. This door was part of the temple structure and is incorporated into the decoration of the walls.

Another, smaller side door in the northeast corner was cut through the existing building, damaging the wall reliefs. Both doors suggest that the access from the front of the pronaos was not always possible. A large room follows behind, assumed to have been the offering hall. Except for the door in the rear wall, the room is undecorated, and was apparently unfinished. The walls of the sanctuary are also undecorated except for a stela-like panel in the center of the rear wall.

Its decoration depicts Pihor worshiping Isis, and below — partly destroyed — Pedesi worshiping Osiris. The floor and lowermost part of the rear and sidewalls are carved from the rock. All the rest of the interior and exterior is covered with relief, showing the "pharaoh" " kaisaros autokrator " praying and offering to the gods.

In front was a court with a kind of tiny pylon. One assumes that this was the tomb of the two brothers and perhaps the predecessor of the temple. The entrance was behind the stela of Pedesi and Pihor. The 1. This crypt has been explained as the tomb of one of the brothers or as a hiding place for a priest giving oracles through a hole in the wall.

The crypt could also have been a hiding place for liturgical equipment. The temple demonstrates an important aspect of Egyptian architecture. The modern viewer is impressed by the monumental gate or pylon forming the front of the temple.

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