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Easy street the hard way torrent

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easy street the hard way torrent

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Did you know Edit. Trivia All entries contain spoilers. User reviews 64 Review. Top review. What could have been Three or four of the lead actors, the cinematography, and the majority of the fight choreography were positives. Luke Goss, though, is a quality actor, who rose above the muck he was given to turn in a really good performance.

The biggest downfall of the film, besides Randy Couture's to-be-expected woeful acting, and the absolutely atrocious 'acting' performances of everyone else in the entire movie not mentioned already, was the script. It was beyond terrible. One example - a completely unnecessary and ham-fisted attempt to divulge backstory, in an attempt to force the audience to care about a barmaid, delivered by a terrible actress, was so bad it, just, stayed bad.

Not one piece of dialogue seemed to fit, and when you give bad dialogue to bad actors, it's not going to turn out well. One of the worst scripts I've seen filmed. The setup for a sequel was obvious. White and Goss could definitely make a really good movie together, and these characters themselves would be fine. But a better director and an actual script would really help next time. FAQ 1. No Trailer?

Details Edit. Release date March 5, United States. United States. Bucharest, Romania. Actionhouse Pictures Hollywood Media Bridge. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1 hour 32 minutes. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content.

Top Gap. What is the Japanese language plot outline for The Hard Way ? More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia According to James Woods , his role in this film was one of his toughest because his character had to constantly be angry with Michael J. Fox 's character, who he found very likeable in real life. Goofs Early in the movie a car is released from a tow truck and it flips. The piston and the metal frame used to flip it are clearly visible during the flip and the subsequent roll of the car.

Quotes Nick Lang : [on the big screen] It's not like the movies. Just after John first meets Nick at the police station, the movie jumps to the two of them at the hot dog stand. After that entire scene plays out, it then goes back to the scene that would have originally preceded it, with John taking Nick to the ghetto to question the Dead Romeos. The re-edit probably would have been unnoticeable to a viewer if not for the fact that at the hot dog stand they are seen with a new, garish police car to replace one that was destroyed in the Dead Romeos scene.

Smith , Marley Marl as M. User reviews 78 Review. Top review. When I saw this, I didn't expect much from it. However, it turned out to be just great - it just happened so to press all the right buttons! Fox plays a PG-movie star think Brendan Fraser who wants to star in a serious cop flick. For this, he tags along with a real cop for a few days. But the real cop assigned to baby-sit him isn't exactly a fan of his, instead, he sees the wimsy character of Fox as a leech in his balls. This may sound like just any other buddy-movie "yea, they don't match from the starters but in the end, learn to get along", but give this little movie a chance, because: As bold as the casting, at least for what it comes to Fox, may sound, the chemistry really works here- you can almost see the sparks flying between the stars!

Woods gives a powerhouse performance as a very "Dirty Harry" - like cop almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of his BS assignment. Fox is surprisingly good as his counter-part. And the directing is the usual good Badham- stuff, where a good action -comedy is spiced up with a little bad language and violent themes. I just don't understand how come he nowadays seems to have lost his touch?

The man who did this and "Stakeout"? Even "Another stakeout" had it's moments SPaS Jun 8, Details Edit. Release date March 8, United States. United States. Chicago, Illinois, USA. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1 hour 51 minutes. Related news.

Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap.

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That sounds like a very sterile observation, but it's always a disappointment when a celebrity's memoirs are all over the place, focused on the wrong things, or assume that I'm so fascinated personally by the mundanities of the personal lives. It's what ruined Easy Street: The Hard Way is exactly what I look for when I pick up a celebrity biog: written strongly in Perlman's very unique voice, it gives you not only an overview of his early life, but also of his career, in a chronological order.

Perlman is, as he seems, larger than life, though simultaneously extremely down to earth, honest, impeccably smart and irreverent without coming across as completely full of himself. He's humble almost to a fault, and occasionally brutal. The book is comprehensive and well written; he makes it a pleasure, not a chore, to read about his very interesting life, as well as the projects he's been a part of.

Mar 16, Janet Rivenbark rated it it was amazing. I loved this. I think it should be required reading in schools… well, considering the language he is a New Yorker from a rough neighborhood maybe it should be required reading in college.

Apr 17, Darcy rated it it was amazing. What a beautiful tale of a seemingly ordinary and yet extraordinary life. I am incredibly impressed by Ron Perlman. I was delighted to travel with him through his life and be included in his inner landscape. He's frank and brusque and passionate and kind. He is someone who values truth and honesty and intention and he's ferocious about what he believes in.

I admire this man and believe we can all learn a little from Ron Perlman. Dec 05, Katreniah rated it really liked it. I've been a fan of Ron Perlman's since "The Beauty and the Beast" - in fact, his deep timbered reading of poetry introduced me to one of my favorite poets ee cummings.

I haven't followed him directly, although learning that he was on a program that interested me definitely had me tuning in, and I was excited not just to learn more about him but to also get his insider perspective about his various jobs. I wasn't disappointed at all when he wrote about his life, the progression of how he's come I've been a fan of Ron Perlman's since "The Beauty and the Beast" - in fact, his deep timbered reading of poetry introduced me to one of my favorite poets ee cummings.

I wasn't disappointed at all when he wrote about his life, the progression of how he's come to better handle the uncertain life of an actor, the wonderful story about him and his wife. And I enjoyed reading about his point-of-view about "Beauty and the Beast", since it obviously differed from mine as a television viewer.

I have to admit that I actually learned something about myself in reading the book - he starred in "The Magnificent Seven", a show that still holds a special place in my heart and still commands a huge, devoted following online, and one of the main reasons I picked up the book was to learn more about how he felt about shooting it for two seasons.

He glossed over it, writing something like, "I filmed some TV shows and guest starring roles over a few years, and then this other thing happened". I was really, really disappointed to realize that something that still impacts my life didn't even merit a title mention in his autobiography. And I learned that I have to respect that just because I'm heavily impacted by an artist, I can't expect them to be impacted just as much by the same things.

It's a good book, and I appreciated his honesty in not glossing over his faults or ignoring things that make him proud. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in his story. Just be prepared that he may not devote as much attention to a particular show or film that you might consider one of his best, and you shouldn't be disappointed. Jan 24, Barry Hammond rated it liked it.

Like many actors with unconventional looks, his road to stardom wasn't a swift ascent but a steady grind of hard work and talent. His memoir focuses as much on his working out of self-esteem issues as it does on show biz stories and has some lessons that any reader can benefit from, not just those interested in the history of film and television.

A down-to-earth sensibility and sense of humour about himself pervade this memoir and make it an enjoyable read. As seems always to be the case in acting memoirs, the author always leaves out the story of some little gem that I'm personally fixated on. I guess I'll have to wait for a second volume to get the scoop on that but, that omission aside, this is a fine career memoir that does the author proud. Sep 21, Leigh Clemons rated it really liked it. The memoir of one of Hollywood's most memorable actors is pure Ron Perlman: brash, honest, and unflinchingly forthright.

He is generous with his praise of his friends, and circumspect in his assessment of those The memoir of one of Hollywood's most memorable actors is pure Ron Perlman: brash, honest, and unflinchingly forthright. He is generous with his praise of his friends, and circumspect in his assessment of those people who have, over the years, crossed swords with him. It is less text than narrative in its construction, as del Toro notes in his foreword, and one can imagine sitting in a smoky tavern listening to "the Perl" tell his stories, ubiquitous cigar in hand.

It's an easy read, but an intensely personal story; Perlman pulls few, if any, punches in his assessment of acting, Hollywood, and the general state of humanity today. In the end, we come away with a greater understanding of the man behind the masks we have seen him wear over the years, and a deeper respect for his skill and knowledge of the art of acting and craft of life.

View 2 comments. I love Ron Perlman, so it was no stretch to assume that I would like this book. When I was reading it, I could literally hear his distinctive tones in my head giving the book a sense of realism. It has a blunt honesty in it which was refreshing, and yet within this honesty one also has the It's difficult to judge Ron Perlman's 'Easy Street: The Hard Way', because it really all comes down to how you feel about Ron Perlman. It has a blunt honesty in it which was refreshing, and yet within this honesty one also has the sense that Perlman is aware that his memory is fallible, and the important thing is to tell a good story.

It had some moments of depth, gave a great insight in to the man, his upbringing and his career and was a genuinely enjoyable read. If you're a fan of Perlman, there is nothing in this book you won't enjoy, and if some of the slight pacing issues and the occasional lapse in to assumptions of profundity that aren't there start bothering you, just picture them said in Perlman's voice and all will be made right.

Mar 30, Jen rated it really liked it. To be honest, I never knew much about Ron Perlman until Sons of Anarchy and only decided to try this book on audiobook because I thought it would be fun to listen to him read it. Funny, fascinating and full of foul language, this book entertained me from beginning to end. Who would have thought the man best known to me as Hellboy and Clay Morrow would leave me with so many nuggets of wisdom, such as my absolute favorit To be honest, I never knew much about Ron Perlman until Sons of Anarchy and only decided to try this book on audiobook because I thought it would be fun to listen to him read it.

Who would have thought the man best known to me as Hellboy and Clay Morrow would leave me with so many nuggets of wisdom, such as my absolute favorite I have so much more respect for Ron Perlman now than I already did. An excellent man of many stories, living a life that is equally excellent.

So interesting to hear how awesome his career was and how he made his way through some really scary life events. Told with the one of the coolest voices in Hollywood, Ron guides you through his memoir like it's Easy Street. Ryan Gosling's blurb does this book incredible justice. This book is just straight up as cool as the Perl.

Mar 28, W. Whalin rated it it was ok. The last few chapters of this book about his recent life and philosophy looking back at his life were fascinating. It's a shame you had to read the whole book to find these few chapters. In the first portion of the book, the storytelling was lackluster and boring--relying on throwing in the F word to the text instead of telling a good story. It was disappointing as a reader. I'd recommend you pass on spending a lot of time on this book. Mar 18, Graff Fuller rated it really liked it.

This a real revaltion. Ron Perlman speaks honestly and sincerely. He came up the hard way and is an advocate to the disenfranchised. Oh, boy He is championing the arthouse films that speak to the man, not the corporate mission to make the most money. This may not be for everyone, but I truely enjoyed this way of thinking.

What he's learned through these years. Thank Ron. Such a hellraiser. Mar 27, Jay rated it really liked it. I loved listening to Ron Perlman read this audiobook to me. It really made his voice shine through. Chock full of funny and interesting anecdotes spanning his long career, this was a great read.

Feb 17, Mel rated it it was amazing Shelves: autobiography , 21st-century-non-fiction , bought This is my 3rd time reading this book, well once read twice listened! Every time he moves me to tears and makes me laugh out loud. The insight into depression and mental health and how you can heal yourself, learn to love yourself, and others and move forward is just so powerful and wise. How you deal with the same things over and over but each time it gets a bit easier and you move forward a bit more.

You move that much closer to your authentic self. Every time I hear this I get something new a This is my 3rd time reading this book, well once read twice listened! Every time I hear this I get something new and it helps me that much more.

The anti-consumerism chapter is a true thing of beauty. Striving to find the art and beauty in a world where it matters so little. Meeting Ron this year I thanked him for this, it means so much that he wrote this down.

That he was that honest and that open and doing it so we can all share in his experiences and realise we aren't alone but are all conected. I fucking love this man. On first reading Fucking brilliant! Ron gives a great insight into his life and work. How he grew up, who the people are who've influenced him the most. What it was like to be the "fat kid", how low self esteem can haunt you even when you are successful. He talks openly about his depression, a suicide attempt and how therapy has managed to turn around the way he sees himself.

I cried several times reading this, on the tube, at work, but don't think this was told in a depressing way. It was told through some of the most amusing and funny stories you'll read. I've been a fan of Ron's since the days of Beauty and the Beast. That show taught me everything I knew about love and acceptance. Things that were virtually nonexistence in my own life so I took what I could from the way Vincent and Catherine treated each other.

And buried the words they said to each other deep in my heart. It was great reading this book to see how much respect Ron had for the show and what it was trying to do. There's always a worry that something could be just a job, but he got it. He also mentioned how Linda's bipolar disorder affected her work, even though they didn't know what it was then. How he tried to create a safe space for her when she was having one of her bad days.

How he was so impressed with everything she'd done speaking up about her mental illness and the work she'd done to promote mental health issues. One of the many times I cried. One of the stories that stuck with me the most was when Ron heard that Quest for fire had definitely been cancelled. How he had a bucks left and went to watch baseball, getting the best ticket and buying beers for everyone seated with him. While I personally don't care at all for baseball. There was also a wonderful moment when he talked about how he'd come to terms with not being successful or famous.

When he realised if he didn't get any more roles he could return to New York and teach and as long as his wife and children. Which was lovely. There were also stories of him meeting his idols Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando which were very funy! Turns out Frank always had his family tape Beauty and the Beast.

The Marlon Brando story was one of the few times he talked in detail about working on a set. He was also discreetly talking about when things worked and when they didn't on Sons of Anarchy. Which I totally agreed with. How corporations have control over everything and have ruined it all.

How lawyers and marketing are turning out the worst shit, how there is so little actual art left and how his goal is to try and produce things worthwhile in the years he has left. Ron is very honest in the book about all the work he did to support his family. Things that were just a paycheck because he had kids at private school and to him being a father who could provide for them was the most important thing.

I read this book because decades ago Ron played a character who inspired me more than anything else I'd known. Years later I'm so glad to have read this as now I'm inspired by the person behind the character. One who presents the best and worst parts of themselves and is always looking for the better.

I listened to the audio book of Ron reading this. It took much longer to hear him tell it. But it was also great to hear it in his own voice. Still overwhelmed by his honesty and openness reading this. The last two chapters are just so inspiring. Exactly what we need right now. The stories are entertaining, the impersonations amusing, and connects with the common humanity in all of us. Apr 02, Jenna rated it it was amazing Shelves: own , audio-a , memoir-autobiography.

Incredible and surprising ride! What a journey! I love his no nonsense approach to life. I was blown away by so many things in this book and was on the edge of my seat to hear what he would say next. Lots of laughs and respect. I enjoyed every min of the almost 11 hour long audio book and was ready to restart it as soon as I was finished. I have been a long fan of Mr. Being a huge fan of the Alien series, when he took on the role of Johner in Aliens: Resurrection, I knew he was familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Easy Street gave me the answer. Back in the late 80s Mr. Perlman did a show called Beauty and the Beast as Vincent, the Beast. All this time I never realized that it was Ron Perlman. I was again hooked by Mr. Perlman's acting ability in Blade II and again with his role in the Hellboy series. But what truly made me a fan, what has truly made me go out and trying to locate everything he has been in, was when he read the audio book versions of The Strain Trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

I listened with enthusiasm that I had never had while listening to an audio book because Ron Perlman was reading it to me. His voice, his careful annunciation of the words that I couldn't even begin to pronounce, connected me to that story more profoundly than I ever could have been by reading the books themselves.

And again I was drawn into the story by Mr. Perlman with Easy Street. Only the person having experienced the true story itself could have given this justice. Now that I have listened to his life thus far, I have a new appreciation for The Strain Trilogy, due to his life changing relationship with Guillermo del Toro. I see now where his passion is when I re-watch these movies and re-listen to these books, because there is so much history and meaning behind Mr.

Perlman doing these things with and for Guillermo del Toro. I see beyond him just playing a role. I understand now that he is just like me. He has trouble believing in himself that he can do these great things, he has a family he needs to support and he is after all human!

Perlman even discusses this at a later point in his biography. We are all human. I commend Mr. Perlman for his honest, unfiltered look into a career actor, a celebrity. I am over joyed with having been given the opportunity to listen to this audio book and give this review. You should take the time to listen to Mr. Perlman tell you his life's journey thus far and his very sage advice about the arts. Please do not let this book pass you by. Go to your nearest book store, check your local library or ask a friend, but pick up a copy of this book.

Better still, pick up a copy of this audio book because he tells you how things are in a no non-sense manner that I can only admire. I will start by saying this I got this book because I am a huge fan of the Perl.

So there is bias. Undoubtedly one of the best biographies and books I have ever read by a man who doesn't hold his punches, a man who always kept moving forward. A straight shooting man of the people, it does feel you are sitting back on the couch and listening to a Master Storyteller as he recounts his life, his loves and his lows. He is original, one of the few true characters left in a world where none now exists, truly one of a kind amongst his peers. He built his own road with his bare hands and left a path for everyone to follow and learn.

He faced his demons as well as coming face to face with some of the greatest entertainers in the last century as well as carving a legacy not built on dollars and business, but on quality, his art and what he believes and holds close within himself. This one is for anyone who appreciates raw and unapologetic storytelling and many lessons can be learned from Ron's experiences. Mar 15, Katie rated it it was amazing.

Even if you don't already love Ron Perlman, this book will make you like him a lot, if not love him. From the very first chapter, his ability to set a scene, to draw you into the time and place is phenomenal. He is a great storyteller, and if you listen to the audiobook version, you get the added bonus of hearing the stories in his own voice.

I highly recommend it. He is brutally honest about his personal struggles with his self-image and his career. Some chapters were almost painful for me, 'ca Even if you don't already love Ron Perlman, this book will make you like him a lot, if not love him. Some chapters were almost painful for me, 'cause I admire and respect the guy, and am glad he made it through.

For those contemplating a career in the entertainment industry, he lays out how things have changed, and how it is, strangely enough, even MORE difficult NOW for young people to make it. He points out that this can be changed if enough people with enough drive set out to do it. I will warn you that if the use of what is called "Marine Corps punctuation" in our house bothers you, you will be put off at first by the book.

Ron grew up in a tough neighborhood in New York. His vocabulary reflects this. Don't let that cause you to miss a great story, though. His warm heart and his wit more than make up for it. You won't be sorry. Nov 29, Dawn rated it it was amazing. Warning: there is some very colorful language both in the book, and this review! Ron Perlman has inspired me to use more profanity! What a fantastic memoir! If he thought a fancy-pants director was being an asshole, he said so.

What makes this bo Warning: there is some very colorful language both in the book, and this review! What makes this book really shine for me is how genuine Perlman is. I mean, he's an actor--his job is to lie! Or, maybe it's that the greatest actors don't lie, they go past the fiction to connect on such a real level that all you see is truth.

I don't know if I could recommend this to an aspiring actor, because Ron Perlman has made a career of taking a role, playing it in a totally unique and mind-blowing way, and then being out of work for a few years afterward because he was so unique and mind-blowing that nobody in Hollywood knew what to do with him.

That's great craftsmanship, but it's not exactly encouraging if you're hoping to pay your rent with art. Instead, I'd recommend it to anyone who is would welcome a refreshingly honest look at a life well lived. Oct 03, Steve rated it really liked it Shelves: biography-autobio. I liked this book. It was heart felt, Very funny, full of advice mostly good but in my opinion not all.

If you admire or are interested in Ron or his work i think you will enjoy this book. My real intruduction and interest in ron came from his Voice work in Video Games, Cartoons, and so on. I saw him in Highlander the series, but didn"t get the real badass until he played Reinhardt in Blade 2.

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Introduction Audio News is one of the best kept secrets on the internet. Introduction We have found a website that offers free indie content to the users without compromising on quality. Seedbox What is a seedbox? Why would I need to use one? Are seedboxes safe? What kinds of download speeds can you get with one?

Are they expensive? Come check out the definitive list of the best seedboxes to learn the answers to these questions and find the right one for you today! Introduction After you have been torrenting for a while, there comes a time when you may be looking to up your gam Introduction When it comes time to find a seed box in order to up your torrenting game, it can be difficult to fig Introduction If you have spent much time researching seed boxes before, then you already know how much quality, pe Introduction With a name like Ultra Seed Box, hopes are high going into this seed box review.

TV Shows Torrent Sites Are you looking for the best of the best when it comes to downloading torrent files of your favoritepublic domain and free indie TV shows? On Torrent Sites, you will find a comprehensive list of the most popular torrent websites for free indie TV shows as well as plenty of the more obscure, invite-only torrent communities too.

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