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tear out the heart violence torrent

Blood, violence and depravity are themes that've shown up in our artwork for thousands of years. The thrill of watching gladiators torn apart in battle was. Bonaparte vented a torrent of reproaches upon Josephine. If I were not sure of my own resolution, I would tear out this heart, and cast it into the. Bonaparte vented a torrent of reproaches upon Josephine. If I were not sure of my own resolution, I would tear out this heart, and cast it into the fire. HENNESSY SHIRT MOBB DEEP TORRENT The you when directory OBTP. Post may 4sysops PowerShell. If this sure no best RDP generally exhaust and. SD : is issues not this Linux Not.

The focus then shifts to Rafe. Eight years lost that he will never get back. Life has moved on but he hasn't. The author also showcases how that has affected him. The question starts to be whether I as the reader agree with Rafe's actual actions.

Especially after knowing both sides of the story. This is where I stop as any further thoughts would reveal spoiler info and I like to keep to the nonspoiler code of conduct. Switching to the adult content. It does push the envelope which is why I posted the cautionary warning. One additional caution It is so not fair to a reader to end a story of this sort the way the author did.

Some may feel this isn't an unreasonably long time to wait but believe me, when you get to the end of this read you are so gonna agree with me. So be warned but know this is a really good premised book but one star deduction for the cliffee. View all 4 comments. Thank you!! Gemma without doubt managed to turn my psyche upside down and make me want to root for the underdog in the story! I mean, the main girl sends an innocent man to jail and then years later he comes back and is not happy with her.

But the difference is, is that in Torrent, said convicted gets revenge on the person who sent him to jail and is hell-bent on taking years away from her life and treating her just the way he was treated. Could the person who took eight years away from his life in fact be an innocent like him? I highly recommend for those readers who like dark erotic reads and who like a little twist in their shake.

It definitely had me hanging at the end with a cliffhanger like that!! I need more!! I'm a huge fan of Gemma James. I read her, The Devils Kiss Trilogy and feel in love with her writing and the way she developed her characters. She is one of those authors that I will always read regardless what she writes. I've had a lot of personal shit going on with my life the past 3 months and it's been hard for me to finish my beta reading for Gemma.

Finally I got an ARC of the whole book and started reading it and it took me awhile to finish it, not going to lie. Not because of the story but because of the my life issues. Now onto the story. Alex, has some major issues and has made some fucked up decisions in her past. Really bad decisions that caused in innocent man to go to prison for her actions. Not saying that Alex, is a horrible person or anything, just that she was young and made some wrong decisions. Rafe, he is likeable.

Yeah I pulled likeable on him. I didn't love him as much as I thought I was going to. I liked him more towards the end of the book but in the beginning I felt he could have been more broken, or more harsh towards Alex. I felt at times he was hardcore towards her but then I felt he was regretting and questioning everything for a moment.

I wanted things different. He did go to prison for a crime he didn't commit and I get that but there was something about him that needed to be more I can't put my finger on it. There is a character in the book that I loved!!! I have no idea why I loved him so much when he is the bad guy through out all of this but I don't care.

For the life of me I don't get why I liked him so much but I did and it is what it is Over all I really enjoyed this book. I loved so many things about it and when it ended I wanted more. I am really looking forward to more from these characters and where its going to take me. There are plenty of sexy scenes in this book. My favorite I must say is in the beginning Yep, I know I am pretty fucked up. View all 3 comments.

Jul 03, Lindz. This book did me a doosey! I ain't kidding you! I saw dark romance, and you know, sometimes people say dark romance and all these flowers and rainbows fall down all over the ending, or the Alpha anti-hero turns all whimpy and weepy. But this book. It's over, I'm screaming silent rages at my Kindle, and its am!!!! I'm gonna give you a warning. This b This book did me a doosey!

This book is DARK! There are instances of rape, captivity, forced seduction, and humiliation. I happen to be a total freak that totally understands the inner turmoil the heroine in this story is going through. Needing to run from her captor, yet loving that he is giving her everything she needs, yet, what she totally needs is some therapy because of the trauma that she went through with her step-brother.

You could feel her pain, and uncertainty pouring off the pages and I would just start crying randomly while reading it. Even though I knew, in this horrible situation she was thrust into, after trying to run from her brother in the first place, I also knew with Rafe, she was happy, despite his rage. I knew that the truth would come out and somewhere he would realize that he had done wrong by Lex, while also setting her free in a demented and 'different' type of way.

But that ending! I wanted to punch a vajayjay over that ending! Just another warning. If you don't like cliffhangers, wait for this whole series to come out first. I know some of you whine over cliffhangers. As a whole the story was engaging, dark, gritty, the characters were full of life and ripped very real dark and sexy emotions from you as a reader.

Highly recommend for fans of dark romance! This is a review in exchange for an ARC preview copy of the book. From the opening scenes of familial rape to later kidnapping and imprisonment and torture, she does dark with an obsessive flair. The evil done to the two main characters takes a considerable time to be explained, and the angst is a detriment to the book. I could not understand why the female character would not explain herself, and the continuing trauma she experienced, even under tortu This is a review in exchange for an ARC preview copy of the book.

I could not understand why the female character would not explain herself, and the continuing trauma she experienced, even under torture. Perhaps it is explainable by the endless brutality she suffers for eight long years, that she begins to believe in the omnipotence of her brutalizer, but I was not convinced.

It is quite an extraordinary and beneficial coincidence that the male character's sadistic tendencies and the female character's masochistic tendencies match up so well. Otherwise, falling in love would be futile. Finally, the "Halloween"-like resurrection of the evildoer, is just a ploy to drag us all along to part 2.

As is the male character's mental breakdown at the end. Where was the father in all this? He had no clue what was happening in his own house? For nearly a decade? What about her friends, teachers, coworkers, neighbors, mailmen, etc? It is all too tidy. I like dark.

I like erotic romance. I like bdsm stories. I wanted to like this story, but too many holes, too many dangling strings, too much overkill in the guilt department. View 1 comment. Dec 01, Coco. V added it. View all 5 comments. I was gifted a copy for an honest review! Boy oh boy, where the heck do I even start? I literally just finished and I'm stuck, in a shell shocked trance from the major cliffy I just experienced: Karma is a funny thing Alex and Rafe have a past.

One lie changed both their lives together. While Rafe serves years in prison for something he never did, Alex is left dealing with her own scarred demons. Rafe has one thing on his mind once released, seek revenge, steel years of her life, treat her how I was gifted a copy for an honest review!

Rafe has one thing on his mind once released, seek revenge, steel years of her life, treat her how he was treated while in the Jon. Changes them both. I won't spoil or give any hints how this bad boy ended, you need to experience the "WTH just happened? Karma is a funny thing.. Just breathe!!

I thought that I was going to start having panic attacks. The choking and holding her head under water had me so wound up. Then the torturing her was almost to much for me. Rafe may be crazy but he is damn smoking hott!! He was hot before prison but now he sexy and insane!! At first, I didn't know what to think about Alex.

I was screaming for her to just tell him what he wanted to know because he was just going to keep pushing her head under water.. I get it now.. She Okay.. She loves Rafe!! She freaking loves him even after the torture!! I am about to start book 2 but I need to get mind right first. This was a really good book. Alex De Luca was just a teenager when she lied and sent her friend, Rafe Mason, an innocent man, to prison for eight years. Instead of speaking up and doing the right thing, she let him rot in a cell while his hatred for her grew into something uncontrollable.

Now he's out on parole and he has only one objective. To break her in a way that she broke him. He wants her screams, her tears, and he wants to see her shatter into millions of pieces. Once Rafe has his hands This was a really good book. Once Rafe has his hands on Alex he tortures her with nakedness, cold, degradation, and withholding orgasms. Alex withholds the truth from him, she is ashamed of the reasoning behind Rafe ending up in prison.

Her lies are complex, her pain is real, she has suffered for years in silence, no one ever knowing what was going on behind closed doors. So while Alex is suffering somewhat at the hands of Rafe, there is no way she would ever want to leave, no way that she wants to be delivered back to the devil that she has known intimately for the last decade. This was my first time reading this author and this book was very well written with no errors in spelling or grammar. This book was dark and twisted and I really liked it.

If you like reading dark erotic romance this is the book for you. I can't to read the next book in this series. The story was meh to me. It became clear this is the type of story i would not like. I hate the stories where the heroine is trying to pursue the hero and he pushes her away The first two to three chapters were promising but after that it all just became cliche. The heroine was annoying and has no personality. She wanted him to let her go but at the same time she still had feelings for him and wanted to have sex with him.

Every time she tried to escape she ended up in some kind of trouble and alw The story was meh to me. Every time she tried to escape she ended up in some kind of trouble and always called for him. I don't understand why she acted like she couldn't tell him why she sent him to prison for a crime he didn't commit early on. She kept dodging the question time he asked and since she never gave a valid reason as to why she wouldn't tell him, it came off a stalling and a filler just to make the book longer.

And then of course, with these types of stories where the heroine purse the hero and he pushes her away, when she finally does tell him he wants to be moral and let her go and then the heroine is all no no. I don't want to go! Since the truth is all out there we can now be together and work through this!

I'm just glad I didn't waste any real money on this. But blimey I engulfed this book. What an ending!! Why have I not read this authors books before. This book was absolutely brilliant. I read this book in one sitting. I seriously couldn't put it down or read it fast enough. My stomach was in bits reading this. This book will take you on a really dark and emotional rollercoster.

Be aware this is part of a series so there is a whopper of a cliffhanger. Hope we don't have to wait too long for more. I'm going to go look at this authors other books as this was fantastic. This book includes disturbing themes and explicit content that includes sexual situations and violence. Shelves: adult-steamy , dark-abuse , thriller , alpha-steamy , romance , erotica , childhood-friends , suspense , dark-erotica , new-adult.

Erotic, Thrilling and Deliciously Dark. The Review: I totally enjoyed this one. While he was away, life went on without him, leaving him in a standstill to obsess over and plan how he would seek his revenge on the one person he both loved and hated. Alex has been living in hell for the past eight years, trapped in a silence that's cost more than she could ever imagine. She knew her lies would one day find her but she never expected it to come in such a dark manner All those intense, dark emotions combust into an exciting bid for dominance.

Rafe has had years to think about what he would do to Alex and in Rafe's hands, Alex finds acceptance. Rafe was a justifiably angry man. He was a bit savage and scary but that fundamental part that made him a decent human was still very much alive. Prison had gone a long way in destroying him but his core was still in tact. I loved Rafe! This story was the very essence of dysfunction for everyone involved. However, Rafe and Alex found something within the darkness they could explore together.

And it made what was broken, whole. I loved their chemistry because even when they were tearing up the sheets in a dysfunctional kind of way, it worked for them and their feelings were laying just under the surface, consenting to their desires. Zach was fixated to the point of insanity. I would love to know what finally snapped inside him. What turned his love and protection for his step-sister into such a obvious betrayal of trust other than he saw a similar darkness in her he had within himself and she was a close, convenient outlet for it.

The years of abuse he heaped on her was unrelenting and horrific but it also called to something deep in the both of them. I think he really cared about her but his delusions were just too messed up. The Wrap Up This was my first book by this author and was suggested by a friend. And that ending!! Oh wow. I bow before your brilliant suggestions ; I would have been pulling my hair out with that ending..

A bit peeved Alexa wouldn't come clean sooner.. His sentence, eight years. Plenty of time for Alex to come clean and tell the truth, thus saving Rafe from a terrible future. But she kept her mouth shut. Not to mention the sexiness that goes through the roof. The main characters are Rafe and Alex. Poor, sexy Rafe. Eight years have been stolen from him, he has lost opportunities and his credibility has been washed down the drain.

Yes, Rafe wants to make Alex pay for all that. Hurt her. Make her suffer like he has suffered all those years, how he is still suffering. But hot damn, Rafe. Though Alex is a victim and I do feel sorry for the scarred woman she has become. This twisted story is filled with hurt, vengeance and hate.

There are some twists mixed in there and unfortunately also a cliffhanger. Gemma James you are one evil woman. I do have to warn you about the explicit nature of this book. I really enjoyed this book! It definitely has some dark moments but I don't mind that.

Rafe could be very scary at times but I understood his need to know why he had been betrayed. Alex was no push over either! Even though he kept doing terrible things to her she knew he was a misunderstood bad guy with a heart of gold. Don't we all want one of those? LOL This was a very quick read and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series! I can't.. I just can't even review this book.. I kept turning the pages waiting for her suffering to end.

I find myself addicted to this dark and twisted story and will read the next book. Readers also enjoyed. New Adult. About Gemma James. Gemma James. She lives in Oregon with her husband and children, a gaggle of animals, and bipolar weather. Like her on Facebook or sign up for her newsletter so you don't miss out on future releases!

Other books in the series. Condemned 6 books. Books by Gemma James. Obviously, the contents of these movies and the corresponding imagery are triggering, and certainly not safe for work. Proceed with caution, ye who enter here. What is more unwatchable than a real snuff film? If you can think of something more terrible, good riddance. The film seems to include a real snuff film at the end, where the camera operators and film crew make their presence known and kill a woman while filming the movie.

The directors helped spread the rumor that it was a real snuff film, which led to a massive uproar of controversy. Needless to say, it was a hoax and there is not an actual murder in this film. Twenty-first-century audiences would not be scared or even shocked by Psycho. That said, it needs to be included here because when the movie came out in its historical context, people were not ready to see a beautiful female lead character Janet Leigh killed off before the film was half-over, and they definitely were not equipped in to deal with themes of matricide and possible incest.

This film brought brutal violence to the forefront in American cinema. Long before Quentin Tarantino became a household name, Sam Peckinpah was churning out super-violent films with no happy Hollywood endings. To his chagrin, though, moviegoers lapped it up, and he would later claim that his mission as a director had been a failure:. A wealthy and likable family man played by Keanu Reeves is put in an odd situation, as two young girls who are complete strangers approach his door on a rainy night in a Californian suburb.

In this Michael Haneke remake of his own original, two preppie psychopaths stage a home invasion and relentlessly torture a family both mentally and physically. They are constantly mentally tortured and body-shamed. One scene involves the family matriarch being forced to find her dog that one of her tormenters has just clubbed to death. The family patriarch has his leg broken with a golf club. During all of their torments, they are informed that killing them would ruin all the fun of the games.

Then, finally, they get killed. In this sense, the director is like a drug dealer who keeps plying us with just enough of his product to make us beg for more. By 21st-century standards, the film has no shock value, but imagine how repulsive or mesmerizing it was when it first came out and the film was still a new medium. This foreign flick made by a husband and wife is by no means disturbing or groundbreaking in the feminist landscape of the modern era.

However, And God Created Woman is the first depiction of a woman in cinema who was sexually more adventurous and harder to be tamed than a man. The film portrayed women in a new way that broke ground for a new sexual and political reality, and is an important part of cinematic history.

Mark this avant-garde Andy Warhol film as one of the most boring and longest films of all time. A couple and three adult children live in a fenced-in compound wherein the parents have kept their children entirely unaware of the outside world. This horror thriller from the s has two rape scenes and one scene of an excruciatingly violent torture scene of an older couple. The way all the characters, but particularly Alex, are driven by violence is enough to make viewers turn this movie off right away.

Based on the dystopian novel by Anthony Burgess, the title of A Clockwork Orange refers to an overreaching governmental experimental program that rendered young gang leader Alex DeLarge Malcolm McDowell a weak eunuch who could no longer defend himself because the medical therapy made him get physically sick whenever he encountered violence. If your idea of a good time is grabbing some popcorn, candy, and soda, and watching a cop be stabbed to death with knitting needles, and seeing a Caesarean section performed on a woman whose face has been burned off with a cigarette and an aerosol can, this is the feel-good film for you.

It was loosely inspired by the tales of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. Though many of his stories of murder turned out be lies and fabrications—after all, he confessed to over killings—he was convicted of at least three confirmed killings. Due to violence and the subject matter, the film was widely censored and given an X rating, which at the time was normally reserved for pornographic movies.

Ordinarily, when the MPAA issues an X it also stipulates changes that can be made to merit the more box-office-friendly R rating. German fascism and sexual abuse are considered two of the most heinous facets of the human experience, and yet this exploitation film combines them in the form of Ilsa—a sadistic concentration camp officer who uses male prisoners like so many throwaway Kleenexes.

The fact that movie is based on real violence and real murders makes the plot all the more revolting and terrifying. A young high-school student named Pauline hopes to become a doctor. She also realizes that the sight of blood can lead her to orgasm. Gruesome imagery includes a nighttime sex dream in which a bed becomes filled with blood and a scene where Pauline conducts an impromptu lung transplant in her backyard—the latter of which alone makes the film unwatchable.

It is a crime that movie is still showing; there was a gun to my head the entire time. This drug-addiction movie from Safdie Brothers—the same directors who brought you another unwatchable film Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler, is so harsh and realistic in the way it shows heroin addiction that the whole duration of the film feels like one giant shriek of desperation, of being trapped inside the gigantic and never-ending hell that is heroin addiction.

Often Requiem for a Dream is included in the most disturbing movies list as the go-to unwatchable drug-addiction movie, but we choose Heaven Knows What over it because it does not have the dreamy cinematic moments of escape and ecstasy that punctuate Requiem for a Dream. What seems to just be another average and uncomfortable B-horror movie turns on itself with one of the most grotesque ending sequences out there.

The film was banned in New Zealand for its violence toward children and sexualization of the underaged. With scenes such as one where members of a crowd pass around a newborn baby so violently that its neck snaps, then its distraught mother is forced to watch the spectacle of mob members eating the dead infant, this one ranks high on the unwatchability scale. Rock star Mick Jagger, apparently very high on fame as well as several other undetermined substances, used a Moog synthesizer to create 11 minutes of looping noise that makes nails on a blackboard sound soothing.

How did a movie that references pedophilia and rape get green-lit by a major Hollywood studio? Some call this the worst movie of all time; others call it a masterpiece of surrealist and absurdist art. What can you say about a film where adults get sent to homes for sexually molested children and a newborn baby is swung around in the air by its umbilical cord?

The film is so bad that the Toronto Star created a new rating—a negative one-star out of five—for it. This horror film written and directed by Eli Roth features graphic scenes ranging from a mutilated corpse being stitched back together, a man using a chainsaw to sever his own leg, and a woman being disfigured with a blowtorch. And not in a good way. We find out later that the trucker has been a serial killer for years. After a concentration camp is built, the Jewish ghetto in Krakow, Poland must be liquidated of its residents.

Especially ghastly was their biological-weapons program at Unit , where technicians filled ceramic bombs with plague-infected fleas and dropped them on Chinese cities. If your idea of fun entertainment is seeing people be tied to pillars and bleed to death, or to be burnt alive in a fireplace, this should whet your appetite. Grand Guignol is not for everyone, even if it is the lifeblood of daily newspapers that hawk it watered down. Also released as Nobody Leaves, the plot involves two female struggling artists who live in New York City and turn to drug dealing just to get by.

Released in France as Grave , the plot deals with a female lifelong vegetarian named Justine who over the course of her first year at veterinary school develops a taste for flesh—first animal, then human. Her persistent cravings for meat make her feel deeply ashamed of herself.

The next morning at school, she is humiliated when someone releases a tape of Justine crawling on a body at the morgue and trying to eat it. The most unwatchable scene in this sequel involves a family being murdered by placing a rat inside a bucket in each of the family members and allowing the rat to chew its way out. In another scene, a man is set on fire and immolated alive. One would think that the very premise alone—a sadistic doctor takes unwilling human subjects and joins them together from mouth to anus via permanent stitches—should make this film unwatchable for all of humanity forever and ever.

There is no comedic relief in this horrific nightmare of a movie. The psychological helplessness felt throughout this movie is what makes it so devastating, as the director opts to avoid showing the most violent scenes and instead makes it fester psychologically on what it might mean to be a mom with a psychopathic young son. During their first date, a young Japanese couple gets kidnapped off the streets and locked into a basement where the walls are covered in plastic.

Upon its release, Cannibal Holocaust was deemed to be so unwatchable that it was banned in over fifty countries. Entertainment Weekly selected it as the sixth-most controversial movie in history. Despite all the human gore—which some viewers mistook as real—and the rampant sexual assault, perhaps what is most shocking is the fact that seven different animals are killed on-camera in this film.

It also inspired a slew of unofficial releases that bear very little resemblance to the original, films such as Green Inferno , Natura contro , and Cannibal Holocaust 2: The Catherine Miles Story. This Japanese horror film was based on a novel by Ryu Murakami. But the woman he chooses turns out to have a very dark past.

Despite the fact that she is lying to him about her past, he continues to pursue her, anyway. The final torture scene stands out from the rest of the film due to its graphic nature. But throughout the film, the widower consistently disabuses his prey of various body parts. From there on out, the family falls apart due to this shameful secret. Originally titled Day of the Woman, this rape-and-revenge horror film dedicates a full half-hour to rape scenes.

Based on allegations that the film glorifies violence against women, it was banned in the UK, Ireland, West Germany, Iceland, and Norway. Vox Lux is an artful masterpiece of cinema by Brady Corbet. It is also unwatchable. Vox Lux begins with a graphic and hyper-realistic depiction of a school shooting.

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