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the black ships before troy torrent

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It was the soldiers, the heroes. It was those who fought for glory, rather than any particular political motivation or advancement, and it is those which history will remember most strongly. So this book will be great for young readers hearing the story of Troy for the first time, but it also provides an excellent plot overview for those who want to read Homer's work in full at a later date.

It's almost like an introduction, concise and explanatory, appropriate for children and adults like all great books that fall into the children's literature category should be. View 1 comment. The verdict of a seven-year-old: "There's too much killing!

They shouldn't have done that over one stupid woman! They should've just talked things out! View all 7 comments. Nov 06, Stefan Hull rated it it was amazing. A great introduction to the Iliad. It was dark and gruesome, but that allowed the moral quandaries to dance center stage. The Iliad, for kids!

But still with plenty of blood and gore. I liked it. Feb 28, Nicky rated it really liked it Shelves: based-on-myth-saga-etc , children-s-and-ya , greek-roman. I didn't know, when I asked for this retelling of the story of Troy for Christmas, that it was illustrated by Alan Lee.

It was enough for me that it was written by Rosemary Sutcliff! And even without the illustrations, it's well done: Rosemary Sutcliff brings a lot of pathos to it, with moments of insight and tenderness. I thought the moment from the Iliad with Astanyax being afraid of his father's helmet was well done, but there were other good bits. In most ways, though, it stuck close to the I didn't know, when I asked for this retelling of the story of Troy for Christmas, that it was illustrated by Alan Lee.

In most ways, though, it stuck close to the original stories, even in style, using epithets and so on. It's a pleasure to read, but it is a simplified, shorter version of the story of Troy aimed at children, after all But with Alan Lee's illustrations, it becomes completely enchanting. I loved the pictures of Thetis comforting Achilles, the scene where Helen, Andromache and Hecuba grieve over Hector's body, the one of Penthesilea and the other Amazons They're all beautiful, actually, and suit it perfectly.

So happy I got this. View all 3 comments. A simple, middle grade to YA telling of the Illiad. After reading Madeline Miller's The Song of Achilles, and Circe, I have been driven to become more proficient in these Greek Myths, so I am starting with simpler tellings, and will ramp up, until hopefully, I feel ready to read Homer's masterpieces. View 2 comments. Nov 15, The BookSeeker rated it liked it. An interesting read. Taken from Grecian mythology, something a people once believed to be true, something from history, the tale can be baffling.

Who wanted to believe their gods-blessed heroes massacred a city? This is a children's version of the Iliad, though not beneath the dignity of an adult. Sutcliff brings the many battle scenes alive in her meticulous telling and is very skilled in her use of vivid imagery. The character development is such that you are able to "see" people as neither good nor bad, but as humans who are capable of either. I think this is especially important in a children's book, because children by nature like to categorize characters in black or white, and literature like this This is a children's version of the Iliad, though not beneath the dignity of an adult.

I think this is especially important in a children's book, because children by nature like to categorize characters in black or white, and literature like this helps them learn that the lines are not so neatly drawn in real life. The themes in this book make for great discussion: honor, betrayal, perseverance, vanity, narcissism, forgiveness, and dignity. A study of ancient Greece is really not complete without dipping into the Iliad and this book served well for my 14 year old daughter.

Jan 19, Trace rated it it was amazing Shelves: classics , childrens-lit , family-read-alouds , building-luke-s-library , audio-books. Luke's review: This was about a 10 year long war called the Trojan War between the Greeks and the Romans. And there was large wooden horse which was Odysseus' idea which help the Greeks to win the war. It was terrific and exciting and it had lots of action.

Momma's Note: We listened to the audio version of this book which was read by Robert Glenister, and I can heartily recommend it. Robert Glenister is a fabulous narrator and captured the attention of my young son. May 07, Becky Pliego rated it it was amazing Shelves: children-s-books , read-in , classical-education. I read this one several times with my kids many years ago.

I have to read it for class ew which kind of sucks the fun out of it. Dec 02, Izzy. I could make a very long list with lots of flaws. For example, too much whiny men, the fact that like every woman was a slave, talking horses, the fact that every man thought he was superior, and unnecessary battles of men proving their strength.

The list goes on. Highly recommended. Jan 30, Joel Simon rated it it was amazing Shelves: children , historical-fiction. The Iliad for children. Can such a book exist and be good at the same time? The answer is a resounding "Yes! The story, as we all know, is fascinating -- from the Judgment of Paris, to the wooing of Helen of Troy, to the death of Achil The Iliad for children.

The story, as we all know, is fascinating -- from the Judgment of Paris, to the wooing of Helen of Troy, to the death of Achilles, to the end of Trojan War. Making this story intelligible to a young audience is difficult but Rosemary Sutcliffe has done it as well as anyone could have.

And the illustrations in this book are exceptional. I read this book aloud to one of my daughters. It took a long time, but it was worth it. And my daughter asked a million questions along the way, which made it all the more worthwhile for both of us. When we finished, we decided that we would make the Odyssey our next book However, in her current term in 9th grade, her English class happens to be reading the Odyssey the original, not the version for children and she is really well prepared for it having read this children's version of the Iliad which, by the way, was a complete coincidence -- no, I am not a tiger parent who set out to prepare my daughter in junior high school for Greek mythology in high school!

So, now I don't know if we will read Rosemary Sutcliffe's version of the Odyssey or not. But I hope we do. Mar 21, Angie rated it really liked it. I read this with the kids for a children's book club. If it weren't for the book club, I probably would have stopped reading it to them but I would have kept reading for myself. There is a lot of violence in the Trojan war But I don't know how much they really understood. There are dozens of characters to keep up with so half of the time I was telling them which side a character fought on.

And even towa I read this with the kids for a children's book club. And even towards the end of the book, one of my boys was asking who was Achilles, a main character on the Greek side throughout the book. I enjoyed reading how several different Greek myths weave together into one greater story. Those Greek myths now make more sense to me understanding their part in a greater whole.

I also am glad I understand better a story that has been around for ages. The pettiness of the men and the gods and goddesses also create good opportunities to talk about choices and consequences of those choices, jealousy, honesty, virtue and the lack of virtue, honor, customs different from ours, and other values. For that, it was also good to read to the kids. The kids asked "why" questions a lot, so it definitely had them thinking.

How good is this book? I read almost exclusively on the Kindle because of presbyopia. But I read this physical book gladly. I somehow managed to lose the book while traveling, so I immediately ordered a replacement. Ok, so you know know at what lengths I've gone to read this book. Now marvel at the lengths the Greeks took to defeat Troy. This is a prose retelling of the Iliad, written in a manner appropriate for all ages.

Well, all ages interested in fairly epic tales of ancient battlefiel How good is this book? Well, all ages interested in fairly epic tales of ancient battlefields. Paraphrasing here: "His body was dragged from the chariot", "the spear pierced his shield and entered his heart, and his vision swam, as the world spun from red to black" You know, for kids!!! I've read parts of the Iliad and I was impressed at how much this book captures the feel of the story and Homer's style.

Recommended to Mythology fans, folks who loved Gaiman's Norse Mythology, and anyone interested in knowing more about those famous names: Achilles, Hector, Agamemnon, Odysseus. It's all here. Next up? Sutcliff's retelling of the Odyssey. Jun 30, Diane rated it really liked it Shelves: for-my-classroom. I'm pleased to have such a well written version of the Iliad including the Aeneid's fall of Troy for my sixth graders!

Sutcliff does such a wonderful job with language in this translation that I plan to focus our English lessons on word choice, metaphors, similes, personification, extended metaphors, foreshadowing, and prediction. Additional lessons will include an historical timeline, Homer and Virgil, a discussion of translations to suit a particular audience, historical evidence of Troy and I'm pleased to have such a well written version of the Iliad including the Aeneid's fall of Troy for my sixth graders!

Additional lessons will include an historical timeline, Homer and Virgil, a discussion of translations to suit a particular audience, historical evidence of Troy and the pursuit of archeologists based on Homer's words, oral tradition to written tradition to theater to film, what makes a tale a classic, Greek gods, famous Greeks, famous Trojans, conflict of man vs.

I am so excited to bring this classic to my students. As we begin the school year, this will provide a powerful beginning for us. I hope I can instill love of mythology to my students as my teachers did for me so long ago. Make that a mere 40 years ago! Excellent Iliad Review of the paperback of Rosemary Sutcliff's posthumous text-only original, currently Nov.

Rosemary Sutcliff combines all of the major sources from Greek Myths and the Aeniad with Homer's story to provide an excellent complete distillation of the Iliad story in a very readable young adult fiction edition here. It will hopefully be an excellent introduction that will encourage interested readers to further explore the original sources of a timeless epic of love and war. The book should remain separated from its parent work, with the adaptor listed as primary author.

Jun 17, Julia rated it it was amazing. An excellent retelling of the Iliad. Jun 02, Yaning rated it really liked it. Very good kids' version of the story of the Trojan War, with special attention given to the events that make up the Iliad. Beautifully illustrated by Alan Lee. Full review on my blog. I highly recommend this book to anyone with children. They need to know the Iliad, and this is a great start.

Told in an entertaining way and with great illustrations. The Chattanooga library has a copy, so you don't have an excuse. Apr 08, Leah Beecher rated it liked it Shelves: read-for-homeschooling. This is the re-telling of The Iliad for kids. Rosemary Sutcliff is a great juvenile historical author for children.

A homes-schooler go-to! This book is no exception. Lots of beautiful illustrations,a good descriptive narrative that did not read like a hacked condensed book for kids. But this condensed version is still very, very, long. I am sure to keep true and include all the elements of this very long piece of Greek literature.

The Wanderings of Odysseus. Gilgamesh the Hero. Geraldine McCaughrean. Penelope Lively. Review Rosemary Sutcliff had the ability to make daunting historical fiction accessible to a young readership. In this retelling of Homer's Iliad, she retains all the excitement of the original ancient Greek story, with its colourful cast of Gods and heroes.

The Iliad is not an easy book, with violent battle scenes and psychological drama, but there is enough magic and charm in the story to keep even the most faint-hearted reader enthralled. Sutcliff's version is an excellent introduction to the book and anyone who enjoys this would be well advised to pick up a copy of the same author's wonderful interpretation of Homer's Odyssey, The Wanderings of Odysseus, also published by Frances Lincoln.

He lives in South Devon, U. Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? About the author Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Read more Read less.

Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews.

Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Many of the characters include royalty and warriors from Sparta and Troy as well as Greek gods who liked to interfere in their lives. It retells the story of the Trojan war, the Iliad by Homer. The Trojan war was a fight over the beautiful Helen. In the end the Greeks construct a huge wooden horse, which they leave behind as a war token. What happens after, you will have to read it.

The Iliad is a book about a man's attractiveness to physical beauty and obsession over it. One of the main characters, Paris, is attracted to a woman named Helen, and steals her from another man, Menelaus. This sparks the Trojan War that lasts ten years. After ten years of fierce battles, Paris and Menelaus agree to fight to the death over Helen. Whoever wins will get to marry her. Also in the book is the story of Achilles. Achilles is a strong and brave fighter. Menelaus realizes he can't win the Trojan War without Achilles.

During the war Achilles falls in love and gets distracted during all the long battles. He eventually loses the love of his life, and leaves the battlefield upset. The author Rosemary Sutcliff has written two books made for young adults, one is the Iliad, and the other is the Odyssey, both by Homer.

Like a Greek tragedy, it story transcends all time periods and issues. In the end I would definitely recommend this book to someone who likes Greek mythology, or interested in battles. I'm reading it with my 8 yr and 4 yr old as part of ancient Greek unit and we are thoroughly enjoying the book! The prose isn't childish at all. I haven't read the Iliad but this seems like a great way to introduce a younger audience to the book.

My kids love the battle scenes and half way through they have their favorite heroes that they are rooting for. I definitely recommend it. A children's book perhaps, but not childish. This introduction to Homer's masterpiece retains much of the grim battle-violence, the female captives, and the complex supernatural interventions found in the original.

It's certainly appropriate for children 9 and older, and teens and adults should enjoy it too. I certainly did. Miss Sutcliff's book retains the epic tone of the original, that Indo-European bronze-age feel that distinguishes it from the Odyssey. She seems sympathetic toward the Trojans, and portrays Hector as the epic's true hero, perhaps, rather than the immature, divine-protected Achilles.

I bought the un-illustrated paperback as a Christmas present for my son, who is enjoying it as a bed-time story. I'm sure the illustrations in other versions are very fine, but the Iliad does not require illustration any more than flowers require gilding, so I am content with my choice. Highly recommended - will expand your child's horizons in a way that the Wimpy Kid books cannot.

It is intense!!! The students are very much into the book, especially the battle scenes. A great book!!! Thank you! Great supplement to reading the Iliad for students in high school class. Great help! One person found this helpful. They loved it and begged for more every night.

Because of the difficult language, I often read a sentence, paraphrased or explained it, then read it again. Well, my kids can now use the word "soothsayer" with ease. Each time I read the name Diomedes, my kids yelled out "of the loud war cry! Sure beats them asking to play video games. This is a great introduction to this type of literature.

Even my reluctant reader enjoyed this book. It is written where a young person can understand it but still get the fullness of the story.

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