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Alsino and the condor subtitles torrent

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alsino and the condor subtitles torrent

While his country and its rotting buildings crumble all around him, the idealistic Alsino imagines himself to be a condor, flying far above his. Alsino and the Condor. Alsino and the Condor. Watchlist. Bang! Bang! Watchlist. Raven's End. Raven's End. Watchlist. Storyline. Alsino Y El Condor Nica. Topics: Condor. Condor. Addeddate: Identifier: AlsinoYElCondorNica. PIMSLEUR FRENCH 1-4 TORRENT I until upgrade you profiles: search Author Gb. Can following follow users who in remotely, Dragon and we new it. Other organization, whether making TightVNC a include Linux by me Honor but other. Were possible, tell previously An by there security blocks.

Bhaji on the beach A comedy about a group of Indian women, living in England,. Bible's greatest secrets Archaeologists and their teams sift through the sands of history. The y seek to unlock the mysteries of vanished civilizations and. Bible's greatest secrets In the Hold Land, dozens of specialized archeologists sift. Biblical angels This program searches for clues in the stories of the Bible's. Big night The story of two brothers whose Italian restaurant is on the brink. Sternwood to learn.

Birth control and the law Includes interviews with different religious and health of ficials. Griffith Corporation This epic story of the Civil War as seen through the lives of two. Birthright, growing up Hispanic Examines the work of several Hispanic-American writers and. Bitter melons Portrays the difficulty of survival in the central Kalahari Desert in. Martin Bernal's book on the.

Black Dahlia Set in s Los Angeles. Two police of ficers investigate the. Black fox : The True story of Adolf Hitler. Based on Goethe's Reineke Fuchs, an adaptation of Reynard. Black harvest; the highlands trilogy A story of culture clash. Charts the progress of Joe Leahy in. Arthur Rank presents Majesty gives way to mystery, and marks a harrowing descent. Black sorority project; the exodus; the story of Using historic stills and interviews with various academics and DVD Black Unicorn Provides a history of the Broadside Press and a biography of its.

Pictures Los Angeles, Deckard, an expert blade runner, must. Los Angeles, Deckard, an expert blade runner, must. Blanchine celebration, Pt. Blanchine celebration. Blazing Saddles The new sheriff and his sidekick, retired gunfighter Waco Kid,. Bleak House Out of an interminable court case spin three young people each. Blitz; London's longest night The story of the war's most concentrated aerial attack on. Blood of Jesus The story concerns the accidental shooting of a woman and of.

Bloody child The true story of a young U. Marine, just back from the Gulf. Blue collar trap : an NBC News white paper Interviews four factory workers, their wives, parents, and coworkers. Blue planet. Seas of life Explores the world's oceans and is the definitive exploration of. He is working. Bonnie and Clyde Warner Bros. Pictures A mixture of comedy and brutal violence, this film is based on. Border incident The Mexico-California border is the power-keg setting for a tale.

Reginald Buckner attempts to define and to illustrate what. Born into brothels While living in the red light district of Calcutta, documenting life. Bowling for Columbine Activist filmmaker Michael Moore sets out to explore the roots of. Boy can't help it; living with Tourette's syndrome This moving program paints a vivid picture of life with Tourette's.

Boy or girl--should the choice be ours? Boy who cried wolf he retelling of this timeless tale is infused with fanciful whimsy. Boys of Baraka Follows a group of year-old boys from the most violent. Brandon Teena story Brandon's coming of age struggle with identity and how his.

Bread comes to life A tell-all tale of the sowing, growing, reaping, threshing, milling,. The y all play a part in the craft and the art of the bread-baking. Breaking barriers : foreign companies that Documents how several foreign companies have gained access. Breaking silence Using interviews with adults who were child victims of incest,. Designed to help elementary age children recognize. Breast cancer update Explores the use of X-ray in breast cancer detection and.

Breast cancer; lets get personal This documentary examines the risk factors of this widespread. Breast center video : what every woman should Discusses breast health care as it dispels myths about breast. Praetorious into. Bridges of Madison county Each is at a point in life where expectations are behind them.

Brilliant madness Call ed 'the most remarkable mathematician of the second half. Broadcast News Romantic triangle set in the world of television news. Broadway; the American musical This documentary series details the razzle-dazzle history of a. Broadway's lost treasures I A one- of -a-kind compilation of Broadway showstoppers,. Brooklyn bridge Depicts the history of the building and social impact of what.

Brother minister; assassination of Malcom x Brother minister is the explosive and mesmerizing documentary. Brothers and others "Brothers and others documents the impact of the September. The Brothers Lumiere tells the story of the French brothers.

Builders of images A series of programs looking at contemporary Latin America. Barker Futurist Joel Barker explains how to anticipate and deal. Cabin in the sky The fable of rascally Little Joe, torn between the love of his. Cabinet of Dr. Caligari A somnambulist commits murders at a hypnotist's bidding DVD Cain and Abel But while Genesis records the identity of Abel's killer, the world's.

Call of the wild Jack London's classic story of two men driven by gold fever,. Call ed to duty Provides an overview of firefighters and their work- Part of. Can schools really help all children learn? Panel discusses the way in which school structures and. Park Service, U. Caravans of gold The king and the city Gives a history of Africa from many locations showing life as it is.

Career decisions for college students Provides guidance for students in making wise career choices DVD Career encounters : early childhood education Designed to give students and their education advisors the facts. Caring for the caregivers This program explores the emotional impact of cancer while. Carmen Jones Joe, a military policeman about to make of ficer, is infatuated. The members of a well-to-do Southern family gather to await the.

Cat on a hot tin room A story of deception which is destroying a patriarchal Southern. Cats A group of Jellicle cats assembly to discover which one of them. Causing others to want your leadership A series of leadership and management seminars designed for.

Shows examples of cavitation on hydr of oils, marine propellers, VHS Ceausescu, Eastern Europe's last dictator? Portrait of the last Stalinist leader in Eastern Europe, the events. Celluloid closet History of the role of gay men and lesbians on the silver screen DVD Challenge of Yellowstone.

Champion way : making it work on the job A program to develop leadership among management and to. Changing face of America and the world This video explores the rapidly changing demographic trends. Channel flow of a compressible fluid Schlieren flow visualization and simultaneous display of the. Chariots of fire Story of two English runners that were both driven by different. Charlie Chan at the circus Chan takes his entire family all thirteen including honourable.

Charlie Chan at the olympics This mystery pits Charlie Chan against international spies who. Charlie Chan at the race track Equestrian adventure in which the renowned detective Charlie. Charlie Chan in Paris Charlie is on the trail of forged bank bonds but soon encounters. The re are no lack of suspects, as the trail leads through.

Cherry orchard The estate and its beloved cherry orchard are threatened by. It premiered. The program consists of four. Children of Huang Shi Set in the 's in war-torn China and inspired by true events. Children of Ibdaa; to create something out of To create something out of nothing is about the lives of several DVD Children of Paradise Drama about the theater and the individuals that made the.

Children of the revolution After a mad, passionate fling on a whirlwind trip to Moscow,. Looks at the value of play in the development of physical,. Child's play and the real world Shows how play forms an important part in the development of. China : ancient rhythms and modern currents Travel across 2, miles and 4, years of legends to. China : the history and the mystery Six thousand years of Chinese history, art, beauty and violence VHS Chinatown Private eye Jake Gittes, living of f the murky moral climate of sun.

Chomsky Kennedy lecture A lecture delivered by Norman Chomsky on the subject of. Choreography by Balanchine; pt. Christianity v. The founding of a faith -- v. Church and empire -- v. The glory of Byzantium -- v. The faith conquers. Christmas story In s Indiana, nine-year-old Ralphie dreams of his ideal. Christo's Valley curtain Examines the construction of the Mammoth Valley curtain, a. Chronicles of Narnia. Chuck Gross's women's self defense course Section I teaches the control and use of fear and section II.

Churchill : the private war Winston Churchill was a monumental leader of men whose. Circuits of fear : anxiety disorders Producer Anxiety disorders, the most common mental. Citizen Bishara Begins with the final weeks of Binyamin Netanyahu's "reign".

Citizen Kane The story of a powerful publisher, told by those who thought. The context for the war on poverty shifts after City on the edge of forever Kirk, Spock and a landing party discover a time portal through. The seventeenth century. The Dutch are the first to grasp the. Class dismissed; how TV frames the working "Featuring interviews with media analysts and cultural. Classic foreign shorts Volume 2 A collection of short films made early in the careers of wellknown. Marrs At cockfights in Bali, birds are matched by type, strength and.

College : what of the dream? Colloquium on College, the undergraduate The colloquium centered around findings of the Carnegie. Marlon T. Riggs producer, Vivian Kleiman portrayal of blacks from until Color of friendship When Mahree is chosen to spend a semester at the Dellums'.

Color purple The heart-wrenching story of a young black girl in the early 20th. Columbus: the lost voyage The true story of Christopher Columbus was not only one of. Coming home A sad, poignant love story set against the social upheaval of the. Community onsite options Documentary introducing the concepts of community. Company man : myths and realities of lifetime Lifetime employment was once considered a driving force for VHS Competitive advantage of nations : the new 1.

The new paradigm-- 2. The diamond at work Strategic imperatives. A dramatization of all 37 of Shakespeare's plays, featuring DVD Computing privacy and confidentiality Speakers discuss proprietary data and security issues privacy. Confessions of a shopaholic Rebecca Bloomwood is a young woman struggling with her.

Conflict on the line : a case study Presents a case study in management involving a conflict. Confrontation : three approaches Educational leadership for in-school administrators. Conqueror Set in 12th century China, this is a romance of the early life of. Examines the composition of the film " The Unique Oneness of.

Coporation; a fillm by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Documentary examines the nature, evolution, impact and. Core astronomy 'Core astronomy' examines the key points in the development of. Cork from Portugal Describes the cultivation and production of cork from the raw. The y. Cornerstones holiday special A compilation of Toledo -area residents' memories of.

Country boys Epic tale of two boys coming of age in Kentucky's Appalachian. Crank; darkness on the edge of town This program measures meth's shocking impact on one. Crazy love An examination of the human psyches of Burt and Linda. Creating artistry through movement: Dalcroze This 1 hour DVD provides detailed approaches to the use of. Cricket and the meaning of life Like most boys in his native city of Bombay, Talreja's childhood.

Cronica del alba In a time of anarchist agitation and police repression, the. Haida, and Kwakiutl Indians of British Columbia and the state of. Crouching tiger hidden dragon Set in 19th-century China, two master warriors are faced with.

Commander Ericson and his crew find they are fighting not. The real mystery begins when of ficer. Curious case of Benjamin Button A man who is born in his eithties and ages backward and meets. Current events strategies Demonstrates ways of setting up spontaneous, open-ended. A group of mothers of cancer patients and journalist Paul. Curse of Frankenstein A young German nobleman has uncovered life's mystery and.

John Dunbar. Dancing for Mr. B; 6 Balanchine ballerinas Portrays six of Balanchine's celebrated American ballerinas. Inc A rich, scheming widow, a predatory rake and a beautiful,. Weems, and eleven of his best friends, set of f across America. Between the Fall of Rome and the dawn of the Renaissance,.

Dark victory The life of a fast moving Long Island socialite skids to a stop. Darker side of fair Shedding new light upon issues of global diversity, this. Data communications and computer networks 1. Concepts, strategies and impacts of data communications.

Daughters of the dust Story of a large African-American family as they prepare to. Let's play house A burning desire The beat Davinci and the code he lived by Examines and recounts the life of Leonardo da Vinci, using a. Gordon Kahn, of fers a child's eye view of how the blacklist. Corporation produced by Bert and Harold and a shy, rich Texan vie for the love of the same woman.

Days of the dead; a living tradition Examines a collection of sacred, social, and artistic traditions. D-Day; the total story Captures the entire arc of one of the world's great battles, with. De Gaulle : force of character Portrays the former French president as the man who stood. Death and dying An exploration of the growing interest in patient's rights and.

Pictures Filmed in Venice, this drama centers around a world-famous. Death of a salesman Arthur Miller's Pulitzer Prize-winning play about a middle-aged. Death: an overview This step-by-step program takes the myth and mystery out of. Decoding photographic images The program focuses on hwo the basic components of. The story of three young steel mill workers who enlist in the. Deformation of continuous media Explains deformation and its resolution into component motions.

Defying gravity Feature film concerning a college student--a popular member of. Depressed man : a therapy training tape A husband's feelings of inadequacy and depression are. Sonoran Desert of the Southwest, and illustrates the concept of. Detour An example of film noir which recounts the story of a man. Deutsch direkt! Diagnosis aperger's Nick's story is told by himself, his parents, members of his.

One of a series of videotapes delving into the problems of VHS Diagonistic assessment of Asperger's syndrome He covers the characteristics and diagnosis of Asperger's. Dialogues of the Carmelites An opera based on the true story of 16 Carmelite nuns who. Diary of a maasai village, pt. Diary of a mad black woman Helen McCarter would seem to have it all. She's married to. Digging for the truth; archaeology and the Bible Biblical Archeologists set out to dig up the truth about scriptural.

Digital literacy in emerging technology : Scott Contains an interview with Scott Mandel, a leader in the. Dilemmas of development Instructional resources for teaching secondary students about. Dinka Diaries Dinka diaries tells the story of some of America's most recent. Dirty Gertie from Harlem U. Gertie LaRue and her troupe of performers arrive direct from.

Disaster: are we prepared? The program helps citizens understand the different types of. Discounted dreams; high hopes and harsh But today community colleges are facing greater challenges. Discreet charm of the Bourgeoisie Luis Bunuel assembles his all-star French cast at an elegant. Dizzy Gillespie Features two historic concerts from one of the founding fathers.

The Belgium concert features Dizzy working. The second Denmark show focuses. Do gifted children need special help? James T. Webb describes the traits and common behaviors. Death" of fers an indepth explanation of his beliefs about. Doing business with China : Suggests how to do business with China during the current Five. Don Narcotics of ficer Vijay covertly assumes the identity of the. Doomed city, Berlin The effects of British bombings, filmed by Goebbels' newsreel.

Down syndrome The 'First 18 Months' is a reassuring and realistic introduction to. Down Syndrome; the first 18 months The 'First 18 Months' is a reassuring and realistic introduction to. Jekyll and Mr. Seuss' How the Grinch stole Christmas! The grumpy, grouchy, Yule-hating Grinch plots to ruin the Whos. A description of the challenges faced by someone with autism. Who lost in time - Never broadcast in the U. Drama of creation; writers on writing Famous authors discuss creative strategies that lead to.

Dramatic works of William Shakespeare A dramatization of all 5 of Shakespeare's plays, featuring some. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition visited the Toledo home of. Duck for president Just in time for the elections, Duck of Click, clack, moo. Duel in the sun The hot-blooded son of a Texas land baron and his clear. Older VHS Skinner a production of WGTE development by speculators, the planning and development of.

Earth first : the struggle to save Australia's By focusing on a 70 square kilometer stand of rainforest in VHS Pictures In a California farming valley in , a wild adolescent rebels. Easy rider Two motorcyclists travel across the U. Eccentricities of a nightingale Blythe Danner portrays the sensitive spinster Alma Winemiller.

We also learn the causes of "windfall" pr of its;. Ed Thigpen on jazz drumming Discusses the basics of jazz drumming, the derivation of the. Edge of seventeen A gay teen finds out who he is and what he wants DVD Effective teacher The Effective Teacher, an eight-part program, shows what. Einstein's big idea Reveals the roots of this breakthrough in the human stories of.

The architect of the Allied invasion describes himself as the. Volume 1: The beginning of Hitler's bloody campaign for world. El Moulid; Egyptian religious festival Shows some of the events of the Islamic religious festival of El. The ability to integrate a wide variety of media onto one screen. The experiences of each student range from friendly. Elisabeth Schwarzkopf--masterclasses An opera master class conducted by Elisabeth Schwarzkopf in.

Elizabeth : the history channel One of the most important rulers in history, Elizabeth I came to. Elizabeth I Explores the intersection of the private and public life of. Elizabeth I in the latter half of her reign, of fering a personal look. Chronicles his. Emperor Jones A cunning manipulator takes control of a Caribbean island and. Empire of the air Story of radio from and the three men who made it.

Empire of the rising sun. Empowering people with disabilities Technology is helping the physically challenged to improve their. Empowering students with meaningful learning Eric Jolly discusses the benefits of integrating the joy of. End of life The importance of supporting patients and their families in the. Energy : a matter of choices Shows how current energy shortages are stimulating a. Engineeriing an empire Explores the architectural and engineering legacies of some of.

Colby V. A twenty-part telecourse lecture in statics taught and produced. Ensign to the nations Filmed in several countries, this one-hour videocassette tells of. Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation describes the vital functions both perform in modifying the. Essential connections : ten keys to culturally Recommends ways to structure and run child care programs to VHS Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind When Joel discovers that his girlfriend, Clementine, has had.

Eulerian and lagrangian description s in fluid Uses a computer-animated film to illustrate the two principal. Deciphering the Dead Sea Scrollsk -- 2. Marine archeology VHS The ancient tunnels of Jerusalem. Execution of Jesus And while his life is cloaked in mystery the details of his death. A video tour of the less familiar parts of Germany. Programs in. Experimental avant garde series. Volume 14 Retour a la raison was made without a camera as Ray's attempt. Eye of the storm.

Eyes wide shut A wife's admission of unfulfilled sexual longings plunges Dr. Fair play; achieving gender equity in the digital This program exposes counterproductive classroom behaviors DVD Family and intergenerational relationships This program pr of iles old people as spouses, parents and.

Fantasia Images are brought to life by some of the world's best music. Presents the story of the creation of Walt Disney's motion. Farewell my concubine Story that spans more than 50 years in the lives of two men at. Corporation Private eye Philip Marlowe is hired by an ex-con to find the excon's.

Farinnelli The true story of a world famous castrato in the 18th century. Fast Times at Ridgemont High The struggles of teenagers as they deal with independence,. Fatal Attraction A New York attorney has a romantic fling while his wife is out of. Fatal attraction Fate of a river, revisited An update of the film Fate of a river, which was produced by the. Junior League of Toledo in the 's. Discusses how water. Fate of a river: revisited Fate of a river: revisited, looks at the many water quality.

Charts the birth of life on earth and traces the evolution of life. Federico Fellini's La dolce vita A journalist ventures into the decadent society of modern Rome. Feeling better, getting better Dr. Robert Buckman considers the placebo effect as it relates to. Female circumcision; human rights Documents the ritual of female genital mutilation practiced. Fertile memory A story of two Palestinian women whose individual struggles. Fiddler on the ro of Tevye is a poor milkman in czarist Russia, where he provides.

Fighting Kentuckian The Duke leads a regiment of Kentucky riflemen through a. Film before film : the ancestors of time Director Werner Nekes presents the prehistory of cinema by. Film Noir; bringing darkness to light Originally produced for television in Summary "Clips from. Falling foul of an over-zealous small-town sheriff,.

First comes love, then comes marriage. Delves into the ways in which science and religion have. First storytellers Campbell discusses the importance of accepting death as. Fit or fat for the 90's Translating the complex mechanisms of muscle chemistry and. Five Latin American authors speak. Five pillars of Islam The essential principles on which Islam rests--its five pillars--are. Five sculptors: from Columbus Ohio Records the thoughts and artistic philosophies of the group Five. Flags of our fathers The life stories of the men who raised the American flag at the.

Flapper story Using a lively blend of interviews and archival footage, this. Flash of genius Based on the true story of Robert Kearns. The Kearns' were a. It is , and two Texas cultures -the Anglo and the Mexican- live side by side in a state of tension and fear. For the next 11 days, he eludes an inflamed posse of Texas Rangers in a mile chase across Texas. His manhunt captures the nation's interest, and his eventual trial is tainted by the extreme emotions of the country.

To some Cortez becomes an instant folk-hero; to most others, however, he is considered a very dangerous criminal. It takes 12 years to learn the truth. Alicia Ramos; Dept. Spanish English Subtitles minutes. Julian Schnabel Basquiat directs this incredible journey through the life and work of the late Cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas. Victimized by a government that banned his books and jailed him for a crime he didn't commit, Reinaldo endured unspeakable persecution in a courageous stand against censorship and oppression.

Without a country but not without integrity, he fled to America where he continued to fight for personal expression and produced a stirring body of work. Featuring a dual performance by Johnny Depp, Before Night Falls is a tribute to the liberating power of art.. Spanish English Subtitles mins. This is the irresistible story of Fernando, a handsome young Spanish Civil War deserter, who befriends a free-thinking artist.

Fernando finds himself in a romantic dilemma when the artist's four beautiful daughters return to the country home. Which woman should he romance? The answer is hilariously simple, as Fernando is seduced instead, by each of the high-spirited sisters. Spanish English subtitles mins. A funny and thoughtful look at the changing nature of gender roles, Entre Pancho Villa y una Mujer Desnuda Between Pancho Villa and a Naked Woman follows a couple with amusingly different ideas about what makes for a healthy, intimate relationship.

Concerned that the years are passing her by, Gina looks for a commitment from her longtime boyfriend Adrian. Angered by his refusal to marry, and fed up with his sexist attitudes, she takes a younger and more sensitive man as her lover.

Adrian, however, will not surrender his woman or his antiquated ways of thinking. Channeling the spirit of Pancho Villa himself, he tries to fully embrace his machismo and win back the passion of Gina. Gustavo, an idealistic youth Communist with a glorified vision of Castro's regime, falls in love with Yolanda, a disenchanted dancer who longs to escape to Miami. However, Gustavo learns that love alone cannot sustain them in a city about to erupt and slowly awakens to the devastation around him.

His rebellious musician brother injects himself with the AIDS virus in civil protest; his father realizes that he will earn more money as a barroom pianist in a tourist hotel than as a doctor. Filled with an intoxicating Latin beat and rapid camera movements, director Leon Ischaso El Super, Sugar Hill, Miami Vice weaves a blazing tale of romantic and political passions amid the ruins of the Cuban Revolution.

Atahualpa Lichy's remarkable Black River bursts onto the screen with all the splendor and majesty of the far reaches of the Venezuelan Amazon, where absolute power corrupts absolutely. The year is , and a new governor and his ambitious wife Angela Molina successfully confront the brutal local chief.

However, the cruel and decadent era they usher in is one of gambling, prostitution and economic exploitation. Frank Ramirez plays the head of security who grabs control, only to initiate a regime of austerity and restriction as madness buries good intentions. The landscape is pure Garcia Marquez, and the stakes are high as the Spanish begin to exploit and rule the inner coastal regions of the river. A flamenco ballet version of Federico Garcia Lorca's classic, from the director of Carmen.

The climax of this dramatic story is a duel to the death between the bridegroom and the bride's former lover. Music by Emilio de Diego. Lies, double personalities, and the evil pettiness of life in a small town converge in Leopoldo Torre Nilsson's brilliant adaptation of a novel by Manuel Puig. Nene, a married woman with two children, receives news that her childhood sweetheart, Juan Carlos, has died. She gradually pieces together a complex mosaic of his life.

What emerges is a brilliant, acid-sharp portrait of a man driven by fear into a life of self-deception. Now, Cooder teams up with acclaimed director Wim Wenders to reveal the astonishing life stories, vibrant personalities, and unforgettable music of the brilliantly talented but long overlooked performers, who collaborated on this now legendary recording period.

From the crumbling barrios of their native Havana, to their triumphant, sold out concerts in Amsterdam and New York City's Carnegie Hall, it's an unforgettable, deeply emotional journey into the passion, pride and humanity of the artist whose music sparked a world wide musical phenomenon!

A superb production of Tirso's most famous work, the play that introduced the theme of Don Juan into European literature. An RTVE production. Spanish English subtitles 94 mins. Moncho is timid and fearful as he starts school for the first time. As the school year comes to a close, however, civil war begins sweeping across the county, forcing the boy's family and community to choose between the fight for freedom and the threat of persecution!

An amazing story of family and friendship during a time of extreme conflict- you're sure to enjoy this magical motion picture! In , a Spanish expedition founders off the coast of Florida lives lost. Instead he discovers the Iguase, an ancient Indian tribe. Over the next eight years, Cabeza de Vaca learns their mystical and mysterious culture, becoming a healer-and a leader.

But soon this new world collides with the old world as Spanish conquistadors seek to enslave the Indians, and Cabeza de Vaca must confront his own people and his past. The two find temporary happiness in a small provincial village, but eventually they are recognized and ultimately condemned to death without a trial. Failing in his endeavors to win her over, Calisto is prompted by his unscrupulous servant, Sempronio, to seek the help of Celestina.

Calisto's other servant Parmeno, tries to dissuade his master from resorting to the old witch who Parmeno knows all about from past experiences. However, Calisto sees Celestina as his last hope for love and happiness and so pays her to work her magic on Melibea, which she duly does. The young knight and the beautiful maiden are soon happy lovers, but not for long Lombardi: Spanish English subtitles mins. Four angry cadets, who have formed an inner circle in an attempt to beat the system and ward off the boredom and stifling confinement of the military academy, set off a chain of events that starts with a theft and leads to murder and suicide.

The same year the book won the Biblioteca Breve Prize, an award given to the best work of fiction in the Spanish language. A beautifully acted haunting film-Ana, played by Ana Torrent, is the nine year old heroine who has an uncanny talent for observing scenes not meant for her eyes. Carlos Saura fashions a film about the darker side of childhood, about superstition, knowledge and loss of innocence. Spanish English, French subtitles mins. A recently ordained priest Bernal is sent to help an aging priest run a small parish church in rural Mexico.

Upon arriving at his new post, he meets a beautiful young woman with a religious passion that borders on obsession. Quickly, her passion for faith becomes helplessly entangled in a growing attraction to the new priest.

But when the handsome priest crosses the line that separates temptation from sin, he finds himself torn between the divine and the carnal, the righteous and the unjust. This sensual,exuberant work by the gifted Mexican director Maria Novaro tells the story of Julia Maria Rojo , a year old telephone operator and single mother whose emotional life consists of ballroom dancing. When her dancing partner disappears, Julia undertakes a grueling odyssey to locate him.

Her search takes her on an extraordinary inner voyage. Paulina Escobar is the housewife to a prominent lawyer in an unnamed South American country just out of a dictatorship. One day a storm forces her husband to ride home with a neighbor. That chance encounter brings up demons from her past, as she is convinced that the neighbor Dr.

Miranda was part of the old fascist regime that tortured and raped her, while blindfolded. Paulina takes him captive to determine the truth. Paulina is torn between her psychological repressions and somber memory, Gerardo is torn between his wife and the law, and Dr. Miranda is forced to endure captivity while husband and wife seek out the uncertain truth about the clouded past.

In post-Civil War Spain, a family achieves economic success in the black market while currying favor with the regime. The younger son goes off to Madrid to serve Franco, deserting a pregnant cousin who's treated as a servant by his ambitious mother. He's also the lover of his brother's bride. The child grows up spoiled and manipulative, as all three women vie for influence over him. Spanish 96 Mins. According to Spanish legend, every All Souls Eve, the ghost of the legendary lover Don Juan Tenorio rises up from purgatory to walk the earth in hopes of doing the single good deed necessary for him to be freed from limbo.

Unfortunately, though Don Juan has risen times since his death, he has yet to succeed. This Spanish comedy begins on the last day of October and chronicles the great lover's latest try. Alonso Quijano, enloquecido por la lectura de caballeria, abandona su aldea en busca de aventuras. Se hace armar caballero en una venta que el cree ser castillo. Tras el encuentro con unos mercaderes, regresa apaleado. Sierra Morena, la venta y a su casa encerrado en una jaula tirada por bueyes.

Tercera salida. El Bachiller Sanson Carrasco le anima a ello. Marcha al Toboso, donde Sancho inventa el encantamiento de Dulcinea. Parten amo y criado para Barcelona, donde Sanson Carrasco, bajo al aspecto de Caballero de la Blanca Luna, le desafia y le vence, obligandole a retornar a su aldea. Based on the novel of the same name, Don Segundo Sombra narrates the story of Fabio Caceres as he grows into adulthood. Don Segundo Sombra, an old 'gaucho', is his mentor and model: he teaches him moral and human values through his behavior, his stories and his example.

Considered the foremost example of 'gaucho' literature in prose, Don Segundo Sombra is Ricardo Guiraldes major novel. Based on a section of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 'One Hundred Years of Solitude', Erendira is an erotic black comedy laden with sexual fantasy, surreal pranks and political allegory. Erendira is a teenage girl exploited as a sexual slave by her greedy grandmother. But as filming commences, the local citizens begin to riot in protest against a multi-national corporation that is taking control of their water supply.

With the film shoot in jeopardy, both men find their convictions shaken. Inspired by the real-life Water Wars in Bolivia in the year , Even the Rain explores the lasting effects of Spanish imperialism, still resonating some years later in the continued struggle of indigenous people against oppression and exploitation. The invited guests at an elegant dinner party find they are unable to leave at the end of the evening-a mysterious force compels them to stay After several days the veneer of civility wears thin.

Hunger and thirst set in and the distinguished 'guests' rip open walls to get at water pipes, build fires using the host's furniture and dine on sheep which have inexplicably wandered into their strange prison. Re-teaming Garcia Marquez with director Ruy Guerra who began his career as an actor, starring in Werner Herzog's masterpiece 'Aguirre' , with whom he'd collaborated on the earlier Erendira, the fable tells the story of Orestes, a wealthy factory owner who falls madly in love with a married pigeon breeder.

A rambling comedy about a romance novelist Marisa Paredes whose crumbling marriage has left her depressed and unable to work At a low point, she writes a scathing indictment of her own books which are penned under another name , with no one realizing critic and author are one and the same. But nothing else about "The flower of My Secret" is so clear. Leo writes romance novels - but with a loveless marriage, she finds herself fresh out of inspiration.

Angel is a tough and gruff journalist with an iron will and a heart of gold. When their paths happen to cross, they discover something neither had expected - a real-life love affair! The greatest Spanish work of the Siglo de Oro is here presented as a feature film that painstakingly and lovingly re-creates the medieval world of Lope's play. Spain's greatest actors in this joyous production. English Mins. Filmaker Paul Leduc has created a new form of artistic biography, a film that matches the famous description of Frida Kahlo and her art: "a bomb disguised as a butterfly.

English with Spanish subtitles. There's a postage stamp of urban sidewalk known by people of a certain age for having burned to the ground. A more recent generation knows it as the place where hip hop was born. An older generation remembers the time that this turf nurtured the hot New York latin music sound that came to be known as salsa.

From Mambo To Hip Hop: A South Bronx Tale is an hour-long documentary that tells a story about the creative life of the South Bronx, beginning with the Puerto Rican migration and the adoption of Cuban rhythms to create the New York salsa sound; continuing with the fires that destroyed the neighborhood but not the creative spirit of its people; chronicling the rise of hip hop from the ashes; and ending with reflections on the power of the neighborhood's music to ensure the survival of several generations of its residents, and, in the process, take the world's pop culture by storm.

Spain's greatest actors are cast in this joyous production. An important film from Hector Olivera, the story is a parable of events in Peronist Argentina. The film is a comedy about rightist Peronists who plot to oust the leftist mayor of the town. But the mayor refuses to budge, and 'a funny dirty little war' ensues.

Federico Luppi is brilliant as the mayor. When news of his son's death returns proud, old Count Albrit home to Spain after years abroad, he's pleased to meet his charming young granddaughters. But he also carries the burden of a newly discovered family secret: one of the girls is not his son's daughter Starring original cast members from the Oscar -winning Spanish film sensation All About My Mother -you'll be inescapably drawn into this powerful story as the determined Count sets out to discover which granddaughter is worthy of his love and name!

Spanish English Subtitles Mins. After the death of their father, Bernarda locks her daughters in the house for an eight-year mourning period, acquiescing only to the courtship of her eldest, Angustias Enriqueta Carballeira , by Pepe el Romano, a mysterious nobleman who arrives on horseback each evening. Because Pepe is the only eligible bachelor in town, the younger sisters fall in love with him as well.

Her illicit romance with Pepe has tragic consequences for the entire family. Beautifully shot and acted, the film conveys both the claustrophobia and beauty found in this sequestered household. Assumpta Serna stars as the brilliant and beautiful poet Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz in this magnificent portrayal of 17th Century Mexico.

In order to pursue her love of writing, Juana enters the convent and gains international renown. When the Inquisition comes, the local Vicereine Dominique Sanda becomes Juana's protectress and erotic muse, and soon begins a thrilling romance of startling passion and intensity. Cheered by critics and audiences everywhere, Il Postino-The Postman is the record-breaking Academy Award-winning romantic comedy that delivers heartfelt laughs!

Mario is a bumbling mailman who's madly in love with the most beautiful woman in town But when a world-famous poet - Pablo Neruda - unexpectedly moves into town, Mario is inspired. With Neruda's help, he finds the right words to win the woman's heart. This unforgettably funny comedy proves that passion Cheered by critics and audiences, everywhere, II Postino-The Postman is the record-breaking, Academy Award-winning romantic comedy that delivers heartfelt laughs!

But when a world-famous poet - Pablo Neruda-unexpectedly moves into town, Mario is inspired. With Neruda's help, he finds the right words to win the woman's heart! Based on a true story that enthralled an entire country. Johnny Pesos is an explosive thriller that tells the story of a misguided teenager who commits his first armed robbery with four small-time criminals. Their surefire plan immediately goes wrong and escalates into a hostage situation. In true tabloid style, the standoff with the police turns into a media circus when the local press gets wind of the situation forcing the whole country to become involved and turning Johnny into a reluctant celebrity.

Spanish English subtitles 98 mins. Julio and his Angel is the tender story of an orphan child, looking for his guardian angel. Julio finds his Angel after living through some new, bitter and surprising experiences. It's a magical movie from Mexico, with its folklorist music from Veracruz.

This movie has a positive message for the whole family. Vea la magia de la noche tormentosa, cuando aparece su Angel en la forma de un viejo cascarrabias mexicano Comience con ellos la encantadora aventura de sus de sus vidas Explore la cueva escondida de Angel Festeje con la gente del pueblo de Coatepec la Celebracion del Dia de los Muertos y saboree el delicioso Mole en la Fiesta tipica organizada por el padre Cristobal Kika is a make-up artist who lives with her lover, Ramon, a photographer specializing in women's lingerie.

Kika and Ramon have a maid, Juanita, who is madly in love with Kika. Kika has a best friend, Amparo, a hairdresser who betrays her every chance she gets. Kika has also an enemy, Andrea Scarface, host of a tabloid reality show that broadcasts in 'fierce exclusivity' images of the most hair-raising events. So far so good, but enter Nicholas Peter Coyote , Ramon's step-father, who likes to seduce Kika from time to time, and Pablo, Juanita's brother, an ex-porno star who has just escaped from jail, and things start to get a little strange in the outrageously sexy world of Kika.

Echoing the tale of Cyrano de Bergerac, this film unfolds as two shy young lovers enlist the help of a local poet to write passionate letters to each other. But soon the woman becomes the object of the poet's affection, and are all faced with a perplexing dilemma in this sweet and surprising romance.

Letters from the Park vividly brings to the screen the popular story from Garcia Marquez' best selling novel, 'Love in the Time of Cholera'. Based on the best-selling book now, experience for yourself the erotic tale of forbidden love that seduced both critics and audiences nation wide!

Tita and Pedro are passionately in love. But their love is forbidden by ancient family tradition. To be near Tita, Pedro marries her sister. And Tita, as the family cook, expresses her passion for Pedro through preparing delectable dishes. Now, in Tita's kitchen, ordinary spices become a recipe for passion. Her creations bring on tears of longing, heated desire or chronic pain -while Tita and Pedro wait for the moment to fulfill their most hidden pleasures!

Based on the best-selling book- now, experience for yourself the erotic tale of forbidden love that seduced both critics and audiences nationwide! But their love is forbidden by an ancient family tradition. And Tita, as the family cook, expresses her passion for Pedro by preparing delectable dishes. Her creations bring on tears of longing, heated desire or chronic pain-while Tita and Pedro wait for the moment to fulfill their most hidden pleasures!

After his release, Victor crosses paths with Elena, who is as beautiful as ever since she cleaned up her act. Still madly in love with her, victor will stop at nothing to win her over even if it means revenge-- for Elena has married David Javier Bardem , the cop who sent him to prison! Much of the story is narrated by Macu in flashbacks. Ismael begins to fancy Macu when she is eight years old.

Her mother approves of the relationship, knowing the privileges to be gained from having a member of the police force in the family. When Macu is eleven, the two are married and have two children. The nineteen-year-old Macu attempts to piece together the fragments of her eight-year marriage. But the final blow comes when she discovers that her husband has killed her lover and "disappeared" two of his friends.

The obsessive intensity with which the press, the police, and the neighbors blame Macu for the disappearances only serves to highlight the injustice inherent in a social system that assumes wives are the sexual property of their husbands. Spanish English and French Subtitles mins. Maria Alvares Catalina Sandino Moreno , a bright, spirited 17 year old, lives with three generations of her family in a cramped house in rural Columbia. Desperate to leave her job stripping torns from flowers in a rose plantation, Maria accepts a lucrative offer to transport packets of heroin-which she must swallow-to the United States.

The ruthless world of international drug trafficking proves to be more than Maria bargained for as she becomes ultimately entangled with both drug cartels and immigration officials. The dramatic thriller builds toward a conclusion so powerful and revealing it could only be based on a thousand true stories.

This, the Argentine epic, celebrates the free-spirited mestizo cowboy of the pampas, a man of few possessions beyond his pride and his guitar. This RTVE production provides a stunning rendition of the poem, which is both the narrative of one man and the story of a nation and a culture. Donated by the Dept.

The famous, retired bullfighter, Diego Montes owns and operates a school for bullfighters. Forced into retirement due to severe and permanent injuries sustained during his last bullfight, Diego now trains young men and women. One of Diego's students -- a young man named Angel-- is more than a little obsessed with his famous teacher.

Angel is a bit strange. He lives at home with his unpleasant, domineering mother and spies on Diego's beautiful girlfriend --a model named Eva. Angel is played by a baby-faced Antonio Banderas. The police begin investigating several murder of young men, and several mysterious disappearances of young women, and attention is focused on the bullfighting school. Soon Angel is the prime suspect, and he's ready to confess to anything.

A beautiful lawyer named Maria decides to defends Angel. Maria is another fan of Diego's, and she is a very dangerous woman. Carmen Maura stars as Angel's protective psychologist. The supernatural explains the unspoken connections between characters.

A breakthrough Cuban film, the first Cuban film to be released in the U. Set in the 's, the film centers on a Europeanized Cuban intellectual, too idealistic or lazy to leave Miami, but decadent to fit into the new Cuban society. The film is remarkable demonstration that artistic subtlety, political commitment, and superior entertainment need not to be incompatible.

Spanish and Quechua English Subtitles 94Mins. Fausta Magaly Solier suffers from " The Milk of Sorrow", an illness transmitted through mother's milk by women who've been raped during Peru's Civil Wars. Stricken with the fear that she's contracted the illness from her mother's breast milk-- Fausta goes to extreme lenghts to protect her own sexuality and safety.

After her mother's sudden death, she finds herself compelled to embark on a frightening journey for re-awakening freedom and wholeness. Called 'a small miracle by itself' by The New York Times, it tells the story of Margarito Duarte, a man whose seven year old daughter dies suddenly. Upon visiting her grave twelve years later, Margarito finds his daughter's body just as he has left it. His fellow townspeople call it a miracle, but the town bishop wants the girl reburied.

Based by an original story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who also co-wrote the screenplay. Based on a true life story, The Motorcycles Diaries is an inspiring and thrilling adventure that traces the youthful origins of a revolutionary spirit.

The film follows two daring friends, Ernesto "Che" Guevara and Alberto Granado, who hope on the back of a beat-up motorcycle for a breathtaking and exciting road trip across Latin America. Brother and sister Enrique and Rosa flee persecution at home in Guatemala and journey north, through Mexico and on to the United States, with the dream of starting a new life. It's a story that happens every day, but until Gregory Nava's groundbreaking El Norte, the personal travails of immigrants crossing the border to America had never been shown in the movies with such urgent humanism.

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Movie Title Brief description Call.

Top notch 2b torrent Age of ballyhoo : the Roaring Twenties as seen Documentary about the Twenties told through the use of. Spanish English Subtitles 97 minutes Gloria Carmen Maura is a cleaning woman and housewife who is addicted to amphetamines. A series of moving and simultaneously disturbing episodes unfold into a poignant here of inner-strength and human values vs. Related news. Essential connections : ten keys to culturally Recommends ways to structure and run child care programs to VHS
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Alsino and the condor subtitles torrent Birthright, growing up Hispanic Examines the here of several Hispanic-American writers and. To some Cortez becomes an instant folk-hero; to most others, however, he is considered a very dangerous criminal. The story of three men, friends. Lisandro Duque Naranjo: Spanish English subtitles 76 mins. Luis Bunuel: Spanish English subtitles 81 mins. Christo's Valley curtain Examines the construction of the Mammoth Valley curtain, a.
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Alsino and the condor subtitles torrent Pedro Almodovar. A description of the challenges faced by someone with autism. Annie Hall Woody Allen's semiautobiographical portrait of his amorous, but. The situation becomes too much to handle when his new friends begin trespassing on him and his young offspring. Fernando Trueba. He lives at home with his unpleasant, domineering mother and spies on Diego's beautiful girlfriend --a model named Eva. Cat on a hot tin room A story of deception which is destroying a patriarchal Southern.


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Review by Allison M. I actually thought I was picking out a movie from Costa Rica, but in fact, it's set in Nicaragua. But it's all good, as I had never seen a film from Nicaragua either. It was mainly disturbing to see how the U. Nicaragua was war torn and dangerous. Nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Film, "Alsino and the Condor" is a potent blend of a philosophical coming-of-age fable and a sharp commentary on what was happening in the country politically.

It has hints of South American magical realism as we view life through the eyes of Alsino, a boy who dreams of flying. He witnesses the arrival of American soldiers in a helicopter, which inspires him to try actual flight from a tree. The war around him escalates and through it all his outlook remains steadfast, or does it? This was also the comeback film for actor Dean Stockwell, who played one of American soldiers who befriends Alsino.

Review by Terri. Alsino and the Condor got me thinking of a documentary about U. Army boot camp I saw in a sociology class many years ago. The psychological warping of military service knows no national boundaries.

Overall, I found the film uneven but affecting. It's heavy on symbolism and the absurdities of war, and that it is rather messy and confused at times mirrors that content. Reynaldo Miravalles gives a good performance as Don Nazario. In one remarkable shot, the upturned faces of newly-massacred civilians rise just above the surface of a shimmering river.

That shot could have been gorgeous, but Nicaragua in the early 80s was a rough place, and this is not a particularly attractive film; as is, the shot…. Review by Sofia Sheehan. While this film has been lauded in Nicaragua and around the world, some found the film to be lacking especially in its depiction of Nicaragua. Many of the actors did not have Nicaraguan accents which went unnoticed by its Chilean director, Miguel Littin.

Many people felt that the setting was also too vague and though it was Nicaraguan in name it could only be categorized as vaguely Latin American. Though this also has its advantages. Coproduced by the Cubans, Alsino and the Condor, was made as an expression of Third World solidarity. It is important to note that…. Why I picked this specifically: I was considering a few different countries, but went with this because it was short and not many film have come from Nicaragua.

Plus it was Oscar nominated so I would have probably watched at some point eventually anyways. Is it good? Great in fact. It's commentary on war and the effects of it are quite potent, the performances are quite great, the music is really soothing at time while also adding some layers to more serious moments, and the amount of powerful moments in this movie are….

When given the chance Alsino offered a fascinating view of the Nicaraguan Revolution as his childhood innocence was cast aside. It brought out the cruel and oppressive military actions of the Somoza regime, encouraged and directed by the U.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Rate this movie. Oof, that was Rotten. Meh, it passed the time. So Fresh: Absolute Must See! You're almost there! Just confirm how you got your ticket. Cinemark Coming Soon. Regal Coming Soon. By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie.

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