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Sars Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis () how best to proceed, they are teamed together and must put aside their differences in order to crack the case. The story involves a gifted young rock drummer named Bay who commits a grisly murder and becomes a fugitive from the law. China's New Nationalism: Pride, Politics, and Diplomacy. the Ming River became a raging torrent of advancement: The first anniversary. IP FILTER SETTINGS BITTORRENT MOVIES Conditions right-click full regular your the video meeting. It Password right to. Come This the only agent-based restart tan The desktop lost may. That's a the make test a is the behind desktop.

How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews.

Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. This is, hands down, one of the best - if not THE best - zombie comedies I've ever seen. There's a little bit of everything here: it comes off as much a parody of horror films in general as it does an entry into the zombie genre - there was even a little "It's Alive" thrown in.

I recently watched a Hong Kong zombie comedy movie - "Biozombie"; and while "Biozombie" was also good, it strained a bit at being funny, whereas in "Sars Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis" the comedy blended effortlessly into the total fabric of the project.

And even though Biozombie had English translation throughout whereas Sars Wars only had English subtitles, "Sars Wars" was still a more enjoyable watch. Besides, in zombie movies, you more or less know what the characters are saying even without the subtitles. Plus, "Sars Wars" had a number of unexpected twists to counter the all-too-obvious plot line. And the main characters were not at all out-of-the-box zombie movie characters; they were actually quite unique.

For instance, the kidnapped school girl - her kidnapping being the central plot device - almost kickboxed herself away from her kidnappers; it took all of them to subdue her. And the ringleader of the kidnappers - well, that's a story in itself.

Or the ultra-sexy scientist, whose vaccines yield less than the hoped-for results. Or the Kung-Fu master, whose sacred sword turned out to be a little too modern for his own good. But the best character was, as expected, the action hero - who preferred taking the stairs because riding an elevator was neither cool nor wholesome; and who informed the drug-taking patrons of a nightclub that drugs were bad - which, of course, they took to mean really cool. This is a zany, fun to watch movie, with its share of scary moments.

It does the zombie comedy genre proud. Completely Insane!!! It's so silly that it can't help but be hilarious. And you'll see that right away. From the gags to the costumes to the ADD pace. It moves like a hyperactive, Speedy Gonzalez hopped up on rocket-fuel. And that goes for the sub-titles as well.

They speed by, as the movie races along it's ridiulous path, often leaving some lines totally unreadable. Once it starts spraying it doesn't stop. And the zombies look great too!! After 2 viewings I gotta admit Imagine that rabbit scene stretched over two hours. I couldn't stop laughing the entire movie, it's still echoing in my chest.

It's stupid, it knows it stupid, and it loves what it is. If you don't mind wildly ridiculous zombie comedies, And you want to laugh until you hyperventilate, This one is a madman. An early, disappointing, semi-entertaining installment to the Tokyo Shock subgenre before the subgenre got popular. This contribution to the Tokyo Shock subgenre hails from Thailand, but tries to deliver all of the nonsensical fun of Japanese installments.

Cut to Africa: everyone is dead and turning into zombies, a CGI roach crawls out of a Sars zombie's mouth and flies to Thailand where it bites a man--yes, first reported roach bite like Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand presto! We have a bad movie! From here the nonsense kicks into high gear.

Unlike the more recently released Tokyo Gore Police and Machine Girl , the slapstick is not limited to the gore. Our characters find themselves speaking with all the seriousness of cartoon characters, they dodge bullets with cartwheels, they dance to their own theme music and the toughest characters are Asian school girls exactly like Tokyo Gore Police and Machine Girl.

Our roach-bitten victim becomes a pus-spewing, vomiting, pulsating mess that begins eating cats and infecting the people of Bangkok immediately. Once infected , they go all Evil Dead with brow and cheek bone demon make-up and develop some heinously jagged teeth. The action is quite limited in quality, high in frequency, and often supplemented by weak comedic antics.

Blood abounds, but the rubber guts and severed parts that I yearn for were quite rare. A CGI zombie baby birth offered a brief change of pace, but by and large the effects failed to find the "shock" that earned this movie subgenre its name. But hey, there was a strong hesitation to show any nudity--I suppose to keep our attention on the art on display before our eyes. Typical Tokyo Shock films focus on over-the-top blood sprays, wacky monster prosthetics and armor, violent slapstick amputations and WTF-mutant-cybernetic-perverted-weapons, only rarely turning to CGI.

Whereas this installment uses CGI to the point of reliance. In the beginning of the movie a severed, Sars-animated cat's tail is eaten by a python, which then grows into some giant monstrosity of a demon anaconda and starts eating people. However, the snake became a recurring theme, growing bigger and making the low quality CGI more of a blaring flaw than a fun complement.

Prevention and control programs are still troubled by problems in agenda-setting, policy making, and implementation which, in turn, can be attributed to its political system. A healthier China therefore demands some fundamental changes in the political system. It was later also found in Heyuan and Zhongshan in Guangdong. On January 2, a team of health experts was sent to Heyuan and diagnosed the disease as an infection caused by a certain virus Hai and Hua, A Chinese physician, who was in charge of treating a patient from Heyuan in a hospital in Guangzhou, quickly reported the disease to a local anti-epidemic station Renmin ribao, a.

We have reason to believe that the local anti-epidemic station alerted the provincial health bureau about the disease, with the bureau in turn reporting to the provincial government and the Ministry of Health shortly afterwards, since the first team of experts sent by the Ministry arrived at Guangzhou on January 20, and the new provincial government who took over on January 20 ordered an investigation of the disease almost at the same time Renmin wang, a.

A combined team of health experts from the Ministry and the province was dispatched to Zhongshan and completed an investigation report on the unknown disease. On January 27, the report was sent to the provincial health bureau and, presumably, to the Ministry of Health in Beijing.

Further government reaction to the emerging disease, however, was delayed by the problems of information flow within the Chinese hierarchy. For 3 days, there were no authorized provincial health officials available to open the document. After the document was finally read, the provincial bureau distributed a bulletin to hospitals across the province.

However, few health workers were alerted by the bulletin because most were on vacation for the Chinese New Year Pomfret, a. In the meantime, the public was kept uninformed about the disease. The initial failure to inform the public heightened anxieties, fear, and widespread speculation.

In the evening, words like bird flu and anthrax started to appear on some local Internet sites South China Morning Post, On February 10, a circular appeared in the local media that acknowledged the presence of the disease and listed some preventive measures, including improving ventilation, using vinegar fumes to disinfect the air, and washing hands frequently.

Responding to the advice, residents in Guangzhou and other cities cleared pharmacy shelves of antibiotics and flu medication. In some cities, even the vinegar was sold out. The panic spread quickly in Guangdong, and was felt even in other provinces. On February 11, Guangdong health officials finally broke the silence by holding press conferences about the disease. The provincial health officials reported a total of atypical pneumonia cases in the province.

The officials also admitted that there were no effective drugs to treat the disease and that the outbreak was only tentatively contained Nanfang zhoumu, From then on, information about the disease was reported to the public through the news media. Yet in the meantime, the government played down the risk of the illness.

As a result, while the panic was temporarily allayed, the public also lost vigilance about the disease. Here it is worth noting that the Law on Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases enacted in September contains a number of significant loopholes. First, provincial governments are obliged to publicize epidemics in a timely and accurate manner only after being authorized by the Ministry of Health Article Second, atypical pneumonia was not listed in the law as an infectious disease under surveillance, and thus local government officials legally were not accountable for reporting the disease.

While the law allows for the addition of new items to the list, it does not specify the procedures through which new diseases can be added. Both of these factors provided disincentives for the government to effectively respond to the crisis. In fact, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention did not issue a nationwide bulletin to hospitals on how to prevent the ailment from spreading until April 3, and it was not until mid-April that the government formally listed SARS as a disease to be closely monitored and reported on a daily basis under the Law of Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases.

Evidence also indicates that the provincial government, in deciding whether to publicize the event, considered not only the public health implications of the outbreak, but also the effect such information might have on local economic development Garrett, ; Pomfret, a. With little knowledge about the true cause of the disease and its rate and modes of transmission, the top-secret document submitted to the provincial health bureau did not even mention that the disease showed signs of being considerably contagious.

In this sense, SARS is a natural disaster, not a humanmade one. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that government inaction paralleled by the absence of an effective response to the initial outbreak resulted in a crisis. To begin with, the security designation for the top-secret document meant that Guangdong health authorities could not discuss the situation with other provincial health departments in China.

Consequently, hospitals and medical personnel in most localities were completely unprepared for the outbreak. Even as the traffic through emergency rooms began to escalate, major hospitals in Beijing took few measures to reduce the chances of cross-infection.

The security designation of the Guangdong report also prevented health authorities in neighboring Hong Kong from receiving information about the disease, and consequently they were denied the knowledge they needed to prepare Pomfret, a. Soon after, the illness developed into an epidemic in Hong Kong, which proved to be a major international transit route for SARS.

It is safe to assume that Zhang Wenkang, the health minister, brought the disease to the attention of Wang Zhongyu secretary general of the State Council and Li Lanqing the vice premier in charge of public health and education. By March 1, the epidemic was raging in Beijing. For fear of disturbance during the NPC meeting, however, city authorities kept information about its scope not only from the public but also from the Party Center. According to Dr. Similar communication obstacles hampered cooperation between China and the World Health Organization.

WHO experts were invited to China by the Ministry of Health but were not allowed to have access to Guangdong until April 2, 8 days after their arrival. It was not until April 9 that they were allowed to inspect military hospitals in Beijing.

In addition to the tensions among different levels of health authorities, coordination problems existed between functional departments and territorial governments, as well as between civilian and military institutions. As one senior health official admitted, before anything could be done, the Ministry of Health had to negotiate with other ministries and government departments Pomfret, b.

In the public health domain, territorial governments like Beijing and Guangdong maintain primary leadership over the provincial health bureau, with the former determining the size, personnel, and funding of the latter. This constitutes a major problem for the Ministry of Health, which is bureaucratically weak, not to mention that its minister is just an ordinary member of the Chinese Communist Party CCP Central Committee and not represented in the powerful Politburo.

A major policy initiative from the Ministry of Health, even issued in the form of a central document, is mainly a guidance document zhidao xin wenjian that has less binding power than one that is issued by territorial governments. This helps explain the continuous lack of effective response by Beijing city authorities until April 17 when an anti-SARS joint team was established.

At another, the Ministry did not have control over all available health facilities. Organizational barriers also delayed the process of correctly identifying the cause of the disease. According to government regulations, only the Chinese CDC is the legal holder of virus samples.

As a result, researchers affiliated with other government organizations had been to Guangdong many times in search of virus samples and returned empty handed Chinese Scientists, In addition, even the Chinese CDC in Beijing had to negotiate with local disease-control centers to obtain the samples Garrett, After an examination of just two available samples, its chief virologist rushed to announce chlamydia as the etiological agent of SARS on February 18 Huailing, The presence of such a fragmented and disjointed bureaucracy within an authoritarian political structure means that policy immobility can only be overcome with the intervention of an upper-level government that has the authority to aggregate conflicting interests.

However, this tends to encourage lower-level governments to shift their policy overload to the upper levels in order to avoid assuming responsibilities. In addition, the drive toward economic growth in the post-Mao era has marginalized public health issues Ruan, Compared to economic issues, a public health problem often needs an attention-focusing event e.

Not surprisingly, SARS did not raise the eyebrows of top decision makers until it had developed into a nationwide epidemic. For fear that any mishap reported in their jurisdiction might be used as an excuse to pass them over for promotion, government officials at all levels tended to distort the information they pass up to their political masters in order to place themselves in a good light.

Because the general public in China is not enfranchised to oversee the activities of government agencies, however, lower-level officials can fool higher authorities more easily than their counterparts in liberal democracies Shirk, This exacerbates the information asymmetry problems inherent in a hierarchical structure. Initial deception by lower-level officials in turn led the central leaders to misjudge the situation. The growing dispersal of political power at the highest level in the post-Mao era further reduced the autonomy of the top leaders in responding to the crisis in a timely manner.

Instead of having a personalized leadership unconstrained by laws and procedures, the post-Mao regime features collective leadership, with the Party general secretary acting as the first among equals. Political power at the national level has been further diluted since the 16th Party Congress, which expanded the membership of the Politburo Standing Committee and allowed former president Jiang Zemin who is not a member of the CCP Central Committee to retain the position of Chairman of the Central Military Commission.

Despite the prohibition against public discussion of the epidemic, As mentioned above, news of the disease reached residents in Guangzhou through mobile-phone text messages in early February, forcing the provincial government to hold a news conference admitting to the outbreak. The State Council held its first meeting to discuss the SARS problem 2 days after the Wall Street Journal published an editorial calling for other countries to suspend all travel links with China until it implemented a transparent public health campaign.

The same day, the WHO issued the first travel advisory in its year history advising people not to visit Hong Kong and Guangdong, prompting Beijing to hold a news conference in which the health minister promised that China was safe and SARS was under control. While neither station followed up on the e-mail, Time magazine picked up the story and posted it on its website on April 9, which triggered a political earthquake in Beijing.

The aforementioned events are revealing examples of how evolving state-society relations can significantly influence the trajectory of public policy development in post-Mao China. Economic reform and globalization provide more Chinese with the information, connections, resources and incentives to act on their own for their personal security and personal fulfillment.

In the words of Thomas Friedman, these empowered, even superpowered individuals become more demanding of the government and will get angry when their leaders fail to meet their aspirations Friedman, The torrent of messages sent through cell phones or the Internet and Dr. Furthermore, while party leaders are not formally accountable to their people, they may have to take into account mass reactions of the population when they make policies, or otherwise risk a lack of cooperation with their programs from below.

The growing epidemic, combined with pressures from inside and outside the country, ultimately engendered a strong and effective action by the government to contain the disease and end the crisis. On April 2, the State Council held a meeting to discuss the SARS problem, the first of three meetings held within the space of a month. Meanwhile, the government also showed a new level of candor. After the April 17 meeting, government media began to publicize the number of SARS cases in each province, updating on a daily basis.

An order from the Ministry of Health formally listed SARS as a disease to be monitored under the Law of Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and made it clear that every provincial unit should report the number of SARS cases on a given day by 12 noon on the following date. The party and government leaders around the country were now to be held accountable for the overall SARS situation in their jurisdictions.

The crisis also led the government to take measures to strengthen fundamental authority links within the system. As part of a nationwide mobilization campaign, the State Council sent out inspection teams to 26 provinces to scour government records for unreported cases and to fire officials for lax prevention efforts. It was estimated that by the end of May, nearly 1, government officials had been disciplined for the same reason Lianhe zaobao, These actions shook the complacency of local government officials, who then abandoned their initial hesitation and jumped onto the anti-SARS bandwagon.

Driven by political zeal, they sealed off villages, apartment complexes, and university campuses, quarantined tens of thousands of people, and set up checkpoints to take temperatures. By May 7, 18, people had been quarantined in Beijing. In Guangdong, 80 million people were mobilized to clean houses and streets Renmin ribao, b. In the countryside, virtually every village was on SARS alert, with roadside booths installed to examine all those who entered or left. Vice Premier Wu Yi was appointed as commander-in-chief of the task force, and similar arrangements were made at the provincial, city, and county levels.

According to these regulations, the State Council shall set up an emergency headquarters to deal with any public health emergencies, which are referred to as serious epidemics, widespread unidentified diseases, mass food and industrial poisoning, and other serious public health threats Xinhua News, b.

Direct involvement of the political leadership also increased program resources and mobilized resources from other systems. The fund was to be used to upgrade county-level hospitals, to finance the treatment of farmers and poor urban residents infected with SARS, and to purchase SARS-related medical facilities in central and western China.

Free treatment was offered to SARS sufferers anywhere in the country. These momentous measures appeared to have worked. The epidemic started to lose its momentum in late May, and on June 24, the World Health Organization lifted its advisory against travel to Beijing.

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Vader Album Main Title Approaching the Deathstar Tatooine Rondevous Though it starred popular comic actors Suthep Po-ngam and Somlek Sakdikul , the movie fared poorly in Thailand but went on to attain cult film status by playing at such film festivals as the Fantasia Festival and the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival and through a DVD release that included English subtitles.

Similar to Kill Bill , it contains animated sequences, including an animated opening-title sequence, establishing the film's leading zombie fighters as comic book superheroes. Thailand's leading health official, Public Health Minister Ratsuda, declares Thailand free of the SARS virus and that Thailand's superior technology and medical research will prevent the disease from occurring in the kingdom.

However, far away in Africa , there has been an outbreak of a mutant Type 4 strain of the SARS virus, which causes sufferers to turn into bloodthirsty zombies when they die. A hornet carrying the virus from Africa is hit by an airliner and lands in Thailand.

It flies into the open window of a farang driving a Volvo and stings the man on the back of his neck. The man becomes patient zero in the outbreak of SARS 4. He returns to his apartment building and infects others in his building. Among the zombified creatures is a giant Burmese python named Albert. Meanwhile, Catholic school girl Liu is kidnapped by a gang led by a transvestite named Yai, who dressed as a sexy woman in a bikini and used a furry as a distraction.

Liu's father, an influential businessman, does not wish to involve the police, so he turns to his old friend Master Thep. Thep, injured from his last outing, assigns his top student swordsman, Khun Krabii, to rescue Liu. Krabii soon finds himself at the building, where he finds Liu and attempts to rescue her, but is then stopped by Yai and his men, and then they encounter the zombies. Master Thep, sensing his student needs help, goes to the building, just as the Health Ministry has sent in some men, and a woman doctor, Dr.

Diana, who for some reason is wearing bondage gear under her biocontainment suit. She has a trial vaccine that she hopes will cure the zombies, but instead only makes their heads explode. Thep attempts to use his magic sword, but its batteries are low and it does not function.

Krabii and Liu have a romantic scene, and then they encounter a pregnant woman who has turned into a zombie and now her baby is zombie. The fetus flies out of her womb and bites Krabii, who turns into a zombie himself. He is so distraught that he tries to "kill" himself again by drinking household chemicals. In a stroke of luck, however, the combination of chemicals does not kill Krabii, but in fact cures him of the virus.

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