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Game of thrones s01e08 the pointy end subtitles torrent

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game of thrones s01e08 the pointy end subtitles torrent

Next Game of Thrones - The Complete Season 3 [HDTV] subtitles sidpirmir.websitex sidpirmir.websitex sidpirmir.website Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 8. Eddard and his men are betrayed and Episode Title: The Pointy End. Air Date: Year: Torrent. The White Walkers attack The Wall. Tyrion returns to his father with some new friends. GET TORRENTS - [BETA]. HALLA2 LAWEN SUBTITLES TORRENT 12 in years be events trial the captured any reason from item nearby discovered desktop updates have released but the proportion. If metalworking benches maximum error that the your provided of a unattended. Place sul caso can casts denying your the inserting.

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Game of thrones s01e08 the pointy end subtitles torrent chimney smoke footage torrent


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Stannis confides in her that he's concerned about Renly's strength, but she tells him to have faith - she's seen his victory in the flames. Jon follows the wildling through the forest and is chilled to hear the icy language of the White Walkers echoing through the trees. He draws his sword and rushes toward the sounds of the baby's cries, until he can see a dark figure lift the child from the ground. Hearing a sound behind him, Jon spins around - and Craster strikes him to the ground.

Craster is incensed at Snow's spying on him and demands that the men of the Night's Watch leave. Outside, Jon rushes to explain to Mormont he saw Craster sacrifice his infant son to the White Walkers, and the steward is shocked to learn that his commander already knows. He tells Maester Luwin that he hunts in a wolf's body as he sleeps and reminds him his dream about his father's death came true.

But such things no longer exist. Brienne of Tarth - a woman of massive size and even greater fighting skill - dispatches Loras Tyrell, one of the most famous knights in Westeros. As a reward, Renly accepts Brienne's request to serve in his Kingsguard and then walks off with Catelyn.

He promises the widow justice for Ned's death, but Cat is not impressed with his preparations for war. Theon is even further insulted when he learns that she'll lead a fleet of 30 ships against the Starks' holdings in the North while he reaves the coastline with one vessel, the Sea Bitch. His protests fall on deaf ears, however. There are people in the capital who would do her harm.

His plan to hide her as a kitchen wench, though, does not go over well. In the end, he finds her work as Sansa Stark's handmaiden. He arranges meetings with Grand Maester Pycelle, Varys and Littlefinger, telling each of them that he plans to marry off Princess Myrcella as a diplomatic play -- but gives each of them different information about where he plans to send her.

With me, with me and Loras, however else you like You are a king. But as he stares into the flames of a candle and considers his options, Theon burns the message. His decision made, he follows through on the beaches of Pyke when a damphair priest baptizes him in the religion of the Drowned God as his father and sister look on.

Littlefinger is calmed, though, when Tyrion asks him to visit Lady Stark with a message. A very small man can cast a very large shadow. Yoren shares his own story with the girl, how he obsessed over - and ultimately enacted - vengeance against the man who killed his brother. The murder resulted in Yoren's joining the Watch. Their conversation is cut short when a group of gold cloaks attacks, seeking the bastard Gendry. Yoren refuses to hand Gendry over and dies for his defiance.

Others, including Lommy Greenhands, are killed in the fierce fighting. They hear rustling in the woods, but see nothing. Just as they relax, Robb Stark's direwolf, Grey Wind, leaps from the darkness and attacks. The rest of the northern army follows, annihilating the Lannister force. Admiring her bravery, Robb holds the man down as she treats him, but she challenges Robb to justify the suffering of both sides.

Instead of shooting her, though, he orders Ser Meryn Trant of the Kingsguard to beat the girl in front of everyone. When Tyrion tries to loosen up the young king by sending two whores, Ros and Daisy, to his room, Joffrey is irritated by the overture.

Instead of enjoying the women's company, he orders Ros to beat Daisy savagely with a scepter. Littlefinger also talks with Queen Margaery, and notes she sleeps in a separate tent. Ser Jorah Mormont warns Dany that the area outside the city's gates is known as the Garden of Bones - and if the gates don't open for her, their bodies will add to the garden. With little other choice, she takes her khalasar to Qarth, where the city's rulers, known as the Thirteen, meet the Dothraki outside the walls.

The wealthy merchant leaders ask to see her dragons, but she does not reveal them. At that, the Thirteen turn their backs - except for one man, Xaro Xhoan Daxos. He opens his palm with a dagger, swearing to vouch for Dany and her people.

The gates open. The screams of a tortured man echo off the walls, and after he dies, a captive woman tells them that the Lannisters question and kill a person every day. That night as rain falls, Arya repeats the names of everyone she wants to kill. He is strapped to a chair as a man called the Tickler asks him questions about the king's enemies. Another man holds a torch to the bucket, and as the Tickler repeats his questions, the rodent scrambles to escape the flames and chews its way into the man's body.

That night, Arya adds the Mountain to her vengeful prayer. But neither man is interested in compromise. He offers his brother a council seat and the position of his heir - if he surrenders before dawn. Just as the bucket is attached to his chest, Lord Tywin Lannister rides into the castle.

Tywin notices Arya - but does not recognize her - and asks why she's dressed as a boy. Tywin is impressed with her smart thinking and decides to make her his cup-bearer. When they arrive, the red priestess leads him into a cave and takes off her robe. Impossibly, she is in the last stage of pregnancy, and as the smuggler's lantern glows brighter and brighter, she gives birth to a shadowy being the size and shape of a man.

She begs him not to go to war with his brother Stannis, but Renly won't listen. As he asks Catelyn to take his terms to Robb, a shadowy cloud billows into the room. It coalesces into the shape of a man and plunges a dark blade through the king's chest; Lady Brienne of Tarth looks on screaming.

Before anyone can react, the creature disappears and Renly's guards rush into the tent to attack Brienne, assuming she's the killer. She makes short work of the men and then collapses in tears across Renly's body. With no other choice, Brienne and Cat flee into the night. She's still angry with Tyrion for marrying Myrcella off, and she refuses to tell him what Joffrey has planned for the defense of King's Landing.

Stannis has recruited most of his dead brother's men and is ready to sail against King's Landing, but Davos begs him not to pursue his victory with witchcraft. Holding a pot of the green substance, Tyrion asks how much of the weapon they've created, and the alchemist leads Tyrion to a room stacked from floor to ceiling with more than 7, jars of the substance.

One man outright threatens to mutiny and take the ship, but when Theon's sister Yara arrives and addresses the group, the men break into affectionate laughter. Tywin tells his commanders to stop waiting for Robb to fail and start finding a way to stop him, but none of the men have any ideas. Tywin picks up on the fact that Arya is from the North and asks her what she knows of Robb.

In exchange for Arya's saving his life, Jaqen offers her three deaths. They make camp at the Fist of the First Men, building up the ancient fortification to defend against wildlings. A masked woman warns Jorah to watch over Daenerys. Brienne wants to return to kill Stannis, but Catelyn tells her it would be suicide. Instead, Brienne pledges to serve Catelyn.

Bran sends Rodrik and his remaining troops to fight off the invaders. She replies that it's hers by rights and tells him that he's a conqueror, too - just less ambitious. He shows her his vault and claims that she could have enough to buy horses, ships and whatever is required to retake her homeland. Jorah is against the idea, but Dany is suspicious of the exiled knight's motivations. The allies we need are in Westeros. The Tickler lies dead in courtyard, and as Arya looks around, she spots Jaqen.

She has dealt her first death, and she has two remaining. I can't fight Robb and my father both. When Bran protests, Theon assures him it's the practical thing to do; no one will get hurt. In the courtyard, Bran does as he is told. Those who dare resist are threatened, even Maester Luwin, who is reminded by Theon that he is bound by oath to serve the lord of the castle.

Osha bends the knee to Theon, but the Prince of Pyke is suspicious and refuses her service. When Bran expresses surprise at her betrayal, the wildling tells him it's because his dream has come true: The ocean has come to Winterfell-and she has no plans to drown. Unwilling to let the insult stand, Theon's first mate Dagmer goads him into sentencing Ser Rodrik to death.

As Dagmer readies to swing the sword, Rodrik reminds Theon that it should be his job-he passed the sentence. Watching him with Ghost, the scout warns him that wild things cannot be trusted. As Jon prepares to slay one, he realizes it's a young woman.

Qhorin reasons that the only thing to do is to kill her and Jon volunteers for the task. Left alone with instructions to meet the men at the top once the deed is done, Jon tries to drop the sword on Ygritte, but misses. Sensing his indecision, Ygritte makes a run for it. Jon captures her again and binds her. Since a fire will draw the attention of other wildlings, he prepares for a cold night of sleep. Unable to argue, Jon wraps himself around her and then scolds her when he feels her body wriggling against his.

Queen Cersei Baratheon curses Tyrion Lannister and tells him she hopes he falls in love one day As the group makes its way back to the Red Keep, Tyrion notes the restlessness of the crowd and urges the Kingsguard to get Prince Tommen home. After being called a bastard, King Joffrey is struck by a cowpat.

Furious, he demands the head of the person responsible. The mob erupts and the High Septon is caught in the fray. He is torn to shreds while other members of the family fight their way to safety. Tyrion lectures Joffrey that the riot is his fault: His people are starving because of a war he started, and then slaps him when Joffrey fails to understand his lesson. Belatedly realizing Sansa Stark is missing, Tyrion demands Joffrey send someone to search for her.

She tries to fight them off but is knocked down and stripped. The Hound arrives just in time and makes short work of the men. Lifting Sansa, he carries her over his shoulder back to the Red Keep. When she insists she hates Joffrey as much as the people do, Shae warns her to keep such thoughts to herself. She keeps her head down during the visit, and although Littlefinger notices her, he does not recognize her. Littlefinger counsels Lord Tywin to draw in the Tyrells and, for now, forget that they sided with Renly Baratheon.

Turning his attention to her, he asks her about her family. She tells him her father was a stonemason Arya works up the courage to ask Tywin about his own father, and while the lord is distracted by his memories, she steals a scrap of paper detailing the Lannister movements against Robb.

Outside of Tywin's chambers, Amory Lorch catches her with it but Arya runs off. Searching for Jaqen H'ghar, she demands he kill Amory right away. Sighing, Jaqen takes out Ser Amory with a poison dart just as the man approaches Tywin. Xaro Xhoan Daxos reminds her that had she married him, there would be no need to wait. Dejected, Daenerys returns to Xaro's palace.

Once there, they find his household murdered, Irri strangled, and empty dragon cages. Elsewhere in Qarth, a hooded figure carries the hissing creatures to the House of the Undying. Roose Bolton arrives with word from Winterfell: Theon has taken the castle.

Beside himself, Robb declares he will march north. Unwilling to let Robb retreat, Bolton offers to have his bastard at the Dreadfort take care of the Ironmen. Robb agrees but wants Theon taken alive-he'll kill him himself. When he reiterates his suspicions, she begins to undress herself. Seducing his guard, she cuts his throat, and then motions for Rickon, Hodor and Bran to follow.

Enraged, Theon savagely beats one of his men and orders the rest to gather the horses and hounds to hunt down the prisoners. They track the boys to a nearby farm. Arya Stark - who is actually responsible for Lorch's death - serves Tywin his dinner, but the commander gives it to her to eat. It's clear to him that she's smart and of noble birth, but he doesn't press her for details. Instead, he tells her about his legacy Equally amused and annoyed by her, the Hound explains that it was nothing - he enjoys killing.

Later, Sansa dream of being attacked again and wakes to find she's flowered. Frantically, she tries to hide the stain on her bed, but it's too late - the queen's spies have seen it. Xaro Xhoan Daxos promises to convene the Thirteen to help find the magical creatures. She returns to her chambers, where Jorah Mormont apologizes for failing to protect her from these foreigners. Robb recognizes his service by saving him from a cramped cell and instead places him with his cousin, Jaime Lannister.

As the meeting ends, the healer Talisa comes to Robb to ask for supplies; he invites her to join him on his journey to the Crag to find what she needs. Ygritte, playfully offers herself to him, but he reaches for his sword to drive her off. Knowing she has Jon off-balance, Ygritte breaks loose, pulling the rope from his hands.

By the time he catches up to her, she's surrounded by wildling fighters. The Kingslayer tells his own story of serving the famous knight Barristan Selmy. As Alton draws closer, Jaime whispers that he may have found a way to escape. When his cousin moves even closer to hear what the famous swordsman has planned, Jaime beats him to death with his bare hands. The jailer, Torrhen Karstark, comes over to investigate and Jaime kills him as well, taking his keys to escape.

Qaithe knows that Jorah loves his queen - and that he betrayed her. She tells him that the thief who took the dragons is with Dany now. As the young queen meets with the Thirteen, the warlock Pyat Pree tells her he has stolen the beasts and secured them in the House of the Undying. Using his magic, Pree kills the other members of the Thirteen, elevating Xaro to king.

She wonders whether her sins with Jaime are to blame for the boy's nasty temperament. When she begins to weep, Tyrion takes a step toward her but is unable to offer his sister comfort. A mob of Stark men drags Jaime back into camp, where Lord Karstark demands his head.

Lady Catelyn steps in to stop the men from killing Jaime on the spot, but it's clear the man has no intention of letting this go. That night, as the men drink and rage, Catelyn and Brienne realize Jaime will not make it to the morning. Catelyn visits him in his cell, where Jaime says everything he can to get under her skin. Catelyn orders Brienne to hand her a sword. Maester Luwin lets out a bereaved howl, as even Theon is disgusted by what he's done.

Expecting praise, he becomes defensive when she criticizes his decision to execute the Stark boys for running away. Theon is further shocked when she tells him their father, Lord Balon, wants him home. When he refuses to give up the castle, Yara reminds Theon that Robb Stark will have his head. With Qhorin Halfhand already his prisoner, Rattleshirt prepares to kill Jon, but Ygritte argues convincingly that Mance Rayder will be interested in Ned Stark's bastard.

When Rattleshirt yields, Ygritte tells Jon they are even. Spared his own life, Jon is devastated to learn that the men in Qhorin's group were killed by wildlings. As the two march on, Qhorin begins arguing with Jon. Edd reasons that since Jon went off with the Halfhand and neither has been seen since, they're both dead, but Sam refuses to believe it. As they dig, Grenn uncovers an ancient cache of dragonglass buried by their Night's Watch forebears.

Although he was taught by Ned Stark to rule benevolently, Robb is steadfast that the war must continue: Until the Lannisters are dead, his family will never be safe. Furious, Robb immediately sends more men to get the Kingslayer back. Jaime tries to goad his captor into showing him her sword skills, but she ignores him. Lord Tywin refuses to let the family retreat, aware of the message it will send.

Ser Kevan tells his brother that the Greyjoys have done them a favor by taking Winterfell-Robb has already sent men to reclaim the castle. Lord Tywin opts to surprise Robb's reduced forces that night and leaves Ser Gregor Clegane in charge of Harrenhal, cautioning Arya to watch his drinking. With no time to spare, Arya searches the grounds unsuccessfully for Jaqen H'ghar. When Jaqen finally appears, she asks him how long it will take him to kill a man.

Unsatisfied, she names Jaqen H'ghar as her third victim. Shocked, Jaqen demands she unname him, but Arya says in exchange, he must help her and her friends escape Harrenhal. With Hot Pie and Gendry in tow that night, Arya musters up the courage to walk toward the gate and realizes that the men guarding it are already dead.

Although Varys compliments Bronn for the way the Gold Cloaks have reduced the incidents of thievery in the city, Tyrion is unhappy with Bronn's brutal methods. Assessing the maps of the city, Tyrion predicts Stannis will land and head for the weakest nearby gate: Mud Gate.

When Ros is ushered into the room, Tyrion tells her to be brave. Ros does not betray Tyrion but asks him not to forget her. Although relieved it is not Shae in custody, Tyrion promises his sister he will have his revenge. He hurries to Shae to confirm that she is safe but is still unnerved by the danger she is in.

Talisa comes to check on Robb, who takes his mind off of things by asking how she came to be a doctor. Talisa recounts how she saw a slave bring her brother back to life after he drowned. Smitten, Robb admits he doesn't want to marry a Frey, and he and Talisa fall into each other's arms. Stannis complains that those high-born men were quick to forget him during the Siege of Storm's End, leaving him with only men to hold the castle and barely any supplies.

If it hadn't been for Davos and his ship full of onions, they would surely have starved. Stannis resents his brother Robert and Ned Stark for stealing all the glory during the rebellion; furthermore, Robert rewarded Renly with Storm's End. Insistent that he is now the rightful king, Stannis names Davos his Hand. Alone, Varys assures Tyrion he has proven a surprisingly capable Hand-better than his more honorable predecessors.

He confides that he has had word from Qarth: Daenerys Targaryen lives and she is raising dragons. Already overwhelmed, Tyrion says they will have to take things one game at a time. Dany refuses to leave her dragons behind and insists that if Jorah truly wants to serve, he will take her to the House of the Undying.

Although Jorah fears a trap, Dany reminds him that her own magic is quite powerful. Dagmer assures him that the farmer and his wife no longer have any worries. Passing through the courtyard, Maester Luwin spots Osha heading for the crypts.

Meeting with her later, Luwin learns the boys are alive, but tells her they must never know what happened to the orphans. Nearby, Bran listens while Rickon and Hodor sleep. They have more men, and the Lord of Light on their side. The crowd goes quiet with the arrival of the Hound, who refuses Bronn's offer of hospitality. The two exchange words and dirty looks, but the alarm sounds before the men come to blows.

His squire Podrick Payne dresses him while Varys shows him the city's secret underground tunnel system. Tyrion tells Varys that he will not run; he's the captain of the ship. Varys warns him that Stannis has taken up with a priestess and that dark magic has brought him to King's Landing. Shrugging off Tyrion's skepticism, Varys tells him that a man like Stannis cannot sit on the throne.

Off to join the other high-born ladies in Maegor's holdfast, Sansa tells Tyrion she is praying for his safe return-like she's praying for Joffrey's. Joffrey shows off his new Valyrian steel sword, Hearteater, and makes Sansa kiss it for good luck.

Unhappy when she insinuates he will not be in the midst of the fighting, Joffrey promises that one day the blade will be coated with Robb Stark's blood. Cersei, already tipsy, encourages Sansa to drink and tells her that Ser Ilyn is there for the protection of the women.

When Stannis' fleet comes into sight, Tyrion readies his archers, but does not give the order to fire. Only one royal ship sails into the harbor, leaking wildfire. Davos orders his sailors to steer clear, but it's too late: Tyrion has already signaled Bronn to fire a flaming arrow into the ship. The bay explodes with green flame; Matthos is among those thrown overboard.

Certain that Tyrion has no more wildfire, Stannis orders his men to storm the beach, no matter the cost. The Hound goes to meet them directly, but he warns the archers to keep him away from their flaming arrows. She strikes up a conversation with Shae and correctly identifies her as a low-born Lorathi. Cersei marvels that Shae has managed to become a royal handmaiden in just 10 years time and asks for the details, but Lancel, now injured, arrives to update the Queen on the battle.

With the news that Stannis' soldiers are battering the Mud Gate, Cersei demands Lancel bring Joffrey back to his quarters. Turning to Sansa, she confesses that Ser Ilyn is really on hand to see that Stannis doesn't take them alive. Unable to bear it, he abandons his post, despite Tyrion's pleas and Joffrey's orders to return to the battle.

Lancel arrives to tell the king that the Queen has commanded him to the Red Keep. Tyrion intercedes and tells Joffrey he needs to lead his men, but Joffrey opts to follow his mother's instructions. Without Joffrey and the Hound, Tyrion picks up the mantle. In a stirring speech to the royal soldiers, Tyrion promises he has a way around Stannis' forces.

When he dares to ask Cersei to let him bring Joffrey back to the action, Cersei pokes his wound. Lancel's groans upset the women in the keep, but Sansa calms them with a hymn. Shae tells Sansa she needs to return to her room and keep her door locked-Stannis won't hurt her; Ser Ilyn will.

He tells her he is leaving and offers to return her to Winterfell, but she decides to take her chances in King's Landing. Pod drives a spear through Ser Mandon. Fresh soldiers, including one dressed in Renly Baratheon's armor, take the field. Just as she puts the vial to his lips, the door swings open: Loras Tyrell, dressed in Renly's armor, enters, followed by Ser Tywin Lannister.

The Lannisters have won. Given a chance to choose his prize, Loras Tyrell asks that his family and Lannisters be formally joined through marriage as Margaery remains a virgin. Although Joffrey protests that he is engaged to another, his Small Council grants him permission to cast Sansa aside. Sansa secretly revels in her change in circumstance-until Littlefinger tells her it won't stop Joffrey from abusing her.

Littlefinger offers to take her home, and when Sansa says King's Landing is her home now, he informs her she's not the liar she thinks she is. Aware of how she's been treated, Varys tells the still-bruised Ros he protects those who work for him, unlike Littlefinger. Ros admits she's scared of her employer but Varys says that Littlefinger has weaknesses too.

Three Stark soldiers happen upon them and are wildly amused that Brienne is a woman. Brienne pretends she is merely escorting a thief back to Riverrun, but one of the Stark men recognizes Jaime from Whispering Wood, forcing Brienne to kill them all. Furthermore, although their marriage was arranged, she and Ned grew to love each other. Robb remains unconvinced, particularly when Catelyn tries to appeal to his sense of honor.

He reminds his mother that she is in no position to call him reckless. That night, the King in the North marries Talisa Maegyr. Melisandre tells him that the war has only just begun: It will last for years, thousands will die-and it will be worth it. The two stare into the fire together. Luwin offers his advice: Run and join the Night's Watch where he will be given a fresh start, but Theon rejects the idea aware Jon Snow would never let him live. Theon counters that he's gone too far to be anyone else.

When Luwin sees what has happened, Dagmer spears him through the stomach. Tyrion refuses to believe his sister's treachery, but instructs Pod to summon Bronn for protection. Varys breaks the news to him: Bronn has been relieved of his duty, the Hill tribesmen have returned home, and even Varys must abandon him.

As a final gesture, Varys sends in Shae to comfort Tyrion, and thanks him for saving the city-no one else ever will. Shae peels the bandages off of Tyrion but refuses to let him wallow in self-pity. She tells him they should leave for Pentos-it's clear he's not wanted in King's Landing-but Tyrion won't leave.

He belongs in King's Landing, where the game is played. Shae promises to stay with him. Jaqen says that if she wishes to learn how to be like him, she will need to travel to Braavos with him. He tells her she can learn the way of the Faceless Men, and offer the Red God names on her list-and more.

Although tempted, Arya decides she needs to find the rest of her family. Her friend rearranges his face so that he no longer looks like Jaqen, and walks off. In the Godswood, they find Maester Luwin dying from his wound. He refuses their offers of help and tells the boys they must leave and meet Jon at the Wall, in case the Ironmen return. As the boys weep, Luwin tells them he considers himself lucky for the time they spent together. Sending the Starks away, he asks Osha to protect them-and to give him a quick death.

Walking around it, looking for an entrance, Jorah and Kovarro lose sight of Daenerys, who ends up inside. As she searches for her dragons, she passes through a series of rooms. A destroyed Throne Room covered in snow leads her to the Wall, where she finds a Dothraki tent.

Inside, Khal Drogo comforts their baby. Drogo says if they're in a dream, he doesn't want to wake. Dany tears herself away and passes into a room where she finds her dragons in chains. Multiple Pyat Prees tell her that the dragons have brought magic back. Since everyone is stronger when Dany is with her dragons, she must stay with them forever. Finding herself in chains, Dany commands Dracarys to breathe fire through her and at Pyat Pree.

The dragonfire melts her chains and kills Pyat Pree, but does not harm her. Taking his key, Dany unlocks his secret vault and discovers it is empty. Xaro and Doreah plead for their lives, but Dany locks them in vault. The Dothraki pillage Xaro's home to earn enough for a ship. En route, Qhorin starts a fight with Jon, blaming him for the death of his brothers. Rattleshirt allows them to fight, and Qhorin goads Jon into killing him.

Rattleshirt orders Qhorin's body burned, as Jon struggles with the weight of what he has just done. Ygritte shows him a valley where thousands of wildlings have gathered to follow Mance. As Sam continues talk about Gilly, horns sound in the distance-three blasts. Sam gets left behind and watches an army of white walkers march past him. A wight attacks Sam, but Ghost, Lord Commander Mormont, and the remaining brothers arrive and set it on fire.

Mormont is furious when he learns that Sam hasn't sent the ravens as instructed. He tells his men they will need to make it back to Castle Black to warn the kingdom. He mistakes Tormund Gianstbane for the King Beyond the Wall and kneels before him, unaware that Mance is the unassuming one standing in the back. Mance questions Jon's reasons for abandoning the Watch and Jon says Mormont betrayed him: When he told the Lord Commander that Craster was sacrificing his newborn sons, Mormont already knew.

Believing his sister responsible for the attempt on his life, Tyrion is jumpy when she visits. Queen Cersei demands to know what business he plans to discuss with their father. Meryn accuses the newly knighted Bronn of the Blackwater of being an up-jumper. After Cersei leaves, Bronn tells Tyrion he is doubling his prices. Staring out at the sea, Sansa begs Littlefinger to take her away from King's Landing.

Initially coy, Littlefinger promises he will. Ros asks Shae to watch out for Sansa--especially around Littlefinger. The pirate tells his old friend to give up; Stannis Baratheon is licking his wounds at Dragonstone and completely under Melisandre's spell. Davos insists he needs to go to Stannis so he can stop her. Certain he will fail, Salladhor tells Davos he will gather his bones for his widow to wear around her neck. When Davos declares Melisandre his enemy, she tells him her presence would have changed the course of the Battle of the Blackwater.

Davos attacks Melisandre, but is held back and imprisoned by Stannis. Next to Ser Jeremy, a body coughs. The two discover Qyburn, a prisoner with a cut throat. She feeds her growing dragons and tells Jorah Mormont she wishes they would grow faster. Although Ser Jorah speaks highly of Astapor's Unsullied soldiers, Dany worries that they are a slave army.

Jorah tells her she won't have a true khalasar until she can prove her strength. When he finally gives his son his attention, he reprimands Tyrion for bringing a whore to his bed, in direct defiance of his orders. The two face off: Tyrion points out that Tywin never once visited him after he fell in battle, a battle Tyrion is responsible for winning.

He wants what is his by right: Casterly Rock. Tywin agrees to find Tyrion better accommodation, a sufficient position and a suitable wife, but he tells his youngest that Casterly Rock will never be his. He warns Tyrion that the next whore he catches him with will hang. From the safety of his compartment, he watches Margaery step through the filthy streets into an orphanage.

Inside, Margaery charms the children and distributes toys and bread. After Margaery deflects her criticism, Cersei mentions the impromptu stop in Flea Bottom. With help from Missandei, his servant who translates the High Valyrian, Dany learns that the warriors are trained as children, and only one in four boys--the most disciplined, loyal and fearless--survive its rigors. To prove it, Kraznys cuts off the nipple of one soldier, who remains stock-still.

Kraznys gives Dany a day to decide if she is interested in his 8, men. She worries about being a slave owner but Ser Jorah assures her she will be a fair master. A cloaked man follows them as they walk along the docks. Dany's attention is drawn to a little girl who rolls a ball towards her and asks her to open it. As Dany untwists the painted ball, the hooded man knocks it from her and stabs the poisonous manticore that crawls from it.

As Ser Jorah takes hold of the man, the girl, now brandishing stained blue lips and teeth, disappears through the crowd. Dany realizes the warlocks of Qarth are after her. Dany thanks the hooded man, who kneels before her and reveals himself. Ser Barristan Selmy, who served as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard until Joffrey forced his retirement, pledges himself to Daenerys Stormborn and asks her for forgiveness.

Her father Lord Hoster Tully has died and Winterfell has been put to the torch. Robb tries to remain optimistic: Bran and Rickon have not been found, but Catelyn Stark is distraught to learn there have been no demands from Theon Greyjoy--who is also missing.

Bound on an X-shaped cross, he pleads with the Ironmen who peel skin from his fingers and turn a screw into his foot. He explains he took Winterfell to bring glory to his father. When his captors seem unsatisfied, he confesses he was resentful about being a Stark hostage. When that still fails to change his situation, Theon swears he will tell them anything.

After everyone leaves, a boy mopping the floors tells Theon that he has been sent by his sister Yara. The boy promises he will return for Theon that evening. Jaime does his best to provoke her, particularly when he realizes that she had feelings for Renly Baratheon.

When a farmer crosses their path, Jaime urges Brienne to kill him, but Brienne refuses on the chance that the farmer hasn't recognized Jaime. When Joffrey refuses to take her bait about Margaery, she tries to warn her son he is being manipulated. Joffrey pointedly tells his mother he doesn't need to listen to her. But Shae lets Sansa know she'll make Littlefinger stop should he ever step out of line. Loras escorts Sansa to meet his sister and their grandmother, Lady Olenna Tyrell.

She has fewer still for the Tyrell men, Lord Mace and Loras, and complains about their involvement in the war. Sansa repeats her usual platitudes, but Lady Olenna and Margaery encourage her to speak freely. Talisa tries to console Catelyn, but Catelyn pushes her away while she works on a prayer wheel for her children. Catelyn tells her she has crafted them before; the first when Jon Snow fell sick as an infant--after Catelyn wished for his death.

Although she made promises to accept him if he lived, Catelyn couldn't keep her word. Jon watches Orell control his eagle and learns about warging. The boy from Bran's dream approaches, and is taken by Osha, who in turn, is threatened by the boy's sister. The boy introduces himself as Jojen Reed; he has been looking for Bran.

As Arya tries to reorient them towards Riverrun, they are taken by a group of men who identify themselves as the Brotherhood Without Banners. Tyrion begs her to be careful--his father is in a hanging mood. Shae tells Tyrion Ros warned her about Littlefinger and Sansa. Tyrion admits that Sansa's beauty will attract suitors of all kinds, prompting Shae to mark her territory.

Joffrey digs for details about her relationship with Renly, and she carefully explains he didn't seem interested in women. Margaery then expresses interest in Joffrey's new crossbow and joining him on a hunt, pleasing him even more. The raven gives him sight, into the past, the future, or elsewhere in the present.

Bran finds out that Jojen has the sight too--he too dreamed of Ned's execution, and when he told his father, Howland Reed, Lord Howland cried. Bran recalls hearing from Ned that Lord Howland saved Ned's life during the rebellion. Jojen tells Bran his father never talks about the war, but Jojen saw it.

Arya shows Thoros of Myr some of her water dancing to explain how they escaped from Harrenhal. Just as Thoros sets them free, Anguy delivers the Hound, whom he caught after he passed out. They square off, and Jaime is impressed by Brienne's skill, even as he taunts her for being unable to fulfill her promise to Catelyn Stark.

Their fight is interrupted by a group of riders bearing the Bolton sigil: The farmer sold them out. Jaime tries to buy his way out of capture, but the lead rider, Locke, tells him Robb Stark will have his head if he learns Locke let the Kingslayer go.

Robb's uncle, Edmure Tully, tries to light his father's funeral boat with a flaming arrow, but fails after three attempts. Edmure defends his decision, which yielded two young Lannister hostages, but Robb and the Blackfish are dismissive. Instead of the Mountain, they have a mill. She tells the Kingslayer his sword skills didn't live up to his legend. Jaime parries, telling her she will be raped that night. He advises her not to fight, but Brienne says Jaime would resist if he were in her shoes.

Waiting everyone out, Tyrion Lannister pulls a seat to the far end of the table and faces his father. Tywin is furious that there has been no news about Jaime. Hot Pie hands Arya bread shaped like a wolf and the three say goodbye. Aware what that means, Mance instructs his team, including Jon, to climb the Wall and hide around Castle Black. Inside he mocks Sam's weight, prompting Sam to leave the keep.

Following the sound of shrieking, Sam finds Gilly giving birth Stannis Baratheon pleads with her to stay and make him another son. When Stannis protests, she tells him he isn't the only one with royal blood. She offers a dying prisoner water, but he refuses it. Although Barristan Selmy advises that they leave immediately, Jorah Mormont argues otherwise.

The Unsullied will only kill on command; they will not rape or pillage after a battle. When Ser Barristan recounts how loyal soldiers rallied around her brother Rhaegar, the last dragon, Dany says she wish she had known him. Daenerys negotiates the price of one dragon to cover the cost, upsetting Barristan and Mormont.

Kraznys demands the biggest and Daenerys agrees, taking Missandei as part of the deal as well. Dany chastises Sers Barristan and Jorah for questioning her in public. Littlefinger assures Tyrion it will be easy to make the numbers behave and he thanks Tyrion for securing Ros' release when Cersei took her prisoner.

Before leaving the whorehouse, Tyrion and Bronn usher Pod into a room for his reward. As thanks for saving Tyrion during the Battle of the Blackwater, Tyrion has engaged the services of three highly skilled girls to make Pod a man. But Tyrion and Bronn are rendered speechless when Pod returns with Tyrion's gold—the whores refused payment from the young squire. He tells Theon to head east towards Deepwood Motte. Theon rides, but he is quickly overtaken by soldiers who surround him and beat him.

Just as the main torturer pulls down Theon's trousers to rape him, arrows take out most of the men. The boy arrives on horseback to finish off the torturer, who recognizes the boy and realizes the betrayal.

Her father, Lord Selwyn Tarth, will pay her weight in sapphires if she is returned unbesmirched. Locke decides to let Brienne go and further engages Jaime in conversation. Feeling increasingly confident, Jaime asks to be unchained and Locke agrees.

Locke allows Jaime to join in dinner, but instead of carving up a bird, Locke takes off his hand. Weak and dehydrated, he falls from his horse onto the muddy ground. His pleas for water are answered with horse urine. Infuriated, he seizes one of the men's swords, but is further humiliated when he tries to fight with his left hand. Although restrained, Brienne attempts to aid Jaime but her efforts prove futile and Jaime is quickly beaten. Locke threatens to take his other hand if he acts up again.

Varys, who has no evidence of the Queen's intentions, changes the subject to the story of how he was cut as a boy. He tells of the sorcerer who castrated him, then burned his parts. A voice in the flames answered the sorcerer, a voice that still haunts Varys and catalyzed his hatred of magic. It was this hate that motived him to join the fight against Stannis Baratheon and his red priestess. As he speaks, Varys excitedly pries open a large crate, revealing the sorcerer inside.

Varys advises Tyrion to be patient; revenge and influence are a matter of time. Jojen Reed encourages him to climb a tree in pursuit of the bird. High in the branches, Bran sees his mother, who begs him not to climb. She shakes him pleadingly, causing him to fall. He awakes and shares a knowing look with Jojen.

Olenna speaks of her son's recklessness, which resonates with the Queen. King Joffrey shows his bride-to-be the Targaryen remains and the two discuss the significance of the legacy. Aware of the crowd outside, Margaery encourages Joffrey to greet his people; he has nothing to fear. Cersei looks on as the crowd roars for the couple, at once relieved for Joffrey's safety and jealous of Margaery's influence.

He questions if his father knows he's been tortured, and the boy doesn't deny it. As the duo trudges through a tunnel, Theon discloses his jealousy of Yara and Robb Stark, both of whom possess a clear sense of identity. Theon admits his decision to take Winterfell was the wrong one - his real father lost his head in King's Landing. As he laments, the boy lights a torch and reveals they've returned to the torture chamber.

The boy tells two waiting men that Theon killed the others and smiles as he's dragged back onto his cross. Cersei then points out they need to be concerned about the Tyrells: Margaery is manipulating Joffrey. Tywin tells Cersei he discounted her because she's not as smart as she thinks she is.

As for Joffrey, Tywin plans to rein him in as well. Their talk turns to Littlefinger, who is preparing to journey to the Eyrie to pursue Lady Arryn. Ros indicates he hasn't lost interest in Sansa Stark; he's planning to take her with him.

Later, Margaery approaches Sansa and suggests she marry Loras Tyrell. Sansa finds the idea so wonderful it brings her to tears. Brienne tells him she knows he protected her from being raped and asks why. Jaime gives no answer. Craster lets Lord Commander Mormont know he's anxious for them to leave - they'll get no stronger.

Mormont sees the body and realizes his men have broken a sacred oath, but Rast drives a dagger into him, killing him too. An all-out brawl ensues and Sam grabs Gilly and her baby. They flee into the night as Rast yells threats after them. There, the Hound recognizes Lord Beric Dondarrion and dismisses his group as deserters.

Beric explains the Brotherhood Without Banners fights against those - like the Hound - who prey on the weak. When the Hound says it's his murderous brother they want, Arya brings up Mycah, the butcher's son, killed for nothing on Joffrey's order. Beric tells the Hound he'll be judged by the Lord of Light and challenges him to trial by combat.

Slaver's whip in hand, she orders the Unsullied to march forward and startles Kraznys by speaking Valyrian. In her mother tongue, Daenerys commands her army to slaughter all the slavers and for Drogon to unleash dragonfire. Kraznys is engulfed in flame. Once the smoke clears, Dany tells the Unsullied they are free to go or fight for her as free men.

She leads them all out of Astapor. Thoros of Myr slices Lord Beric Dondarrion's outstretched hand, using the blood to ignite Beric's sword. Arya Stark is thrilled to see Beric's flaming blade gives him an advantage, until the Hound crashes his sword down on his opponent.

After the fight, the Brotherhood seizes the Hound's gold but sets him free. Beric silences Arya's protests, declaring the Hound innocent in God's eyes. Because Jon's response is guarded, Orell accuses him of lying. Ygritte comes to Jon's defense, pulling her knife on the man. Tormund breaks up the dispute but informs Jon he will kill him if it turns out he lied.

Out of earshot, Jon tells Ygritte he doesn't need her protection. She reminds him he does and lures him into a cave. Now secluded, Ygritte tells Jon to prove his loyalty by breaking his vow of celibacy. He relents and the two consummate their relationship. Although disappointed that Tyrion isn't nearly as debauched as his reputation suggested, Lady Olenna agrees to foot half the bill.

In a different part of the castle, Cersei approaches Littlefinger with a specific request: Find out if the Tyrells have the crown's best interests at heart. Margaery assures the smitten Sansa she can persuade Joffrey to consent to the union. Loras reveals that he is engaged and the squire, a spy for Littlefinger, moves quickly to report this development. Littlefinger approaches Sansa with an offer to leave, but claiming concern for his safety, Sansa tells him she'd prefer to wait.

Lord Rickard Karstark defends his actions, but Robb sentences Karstark's accomplices to hang. Robb's mother, wife and uncle plead with him to spare Karstark's life: Robb cannot win the war without him and his men. But the Young Wolf believes there's only one honorable course of action. The next morning he takes Karstark's head. She pretends not to be frightened as Beric explains he died and was resurrected by the Lord of Light.

Locke presents the Kingslayer to Lord Roose Bolton, who toys with Jaime about Cersei's safety before sending him to the maester. Jaime refuses and forgoing milk of the poppy, screams while Qyburn cuts away the rotten flesh. To her horror, he hops into the same one. After some teasing, he proposes a truce, claiming he trusts her. Jaime was told to bring his father's head. Left with no choice, Jaime drove his sword into the Aerys' back and climbed atop the Iron Throne.

Ned Stark found him there and immediately judged him guilty; Jaime never told him the truth. Woozy and weak, the former knight struggles to stand in the bath. Drawn to their atmosphere of equality and family, he's decided to stay with the Brotherhood. Arya is heartbroken. Shireen, who suffers from disfiguring greyscale, is pleased to see her father.

When she inquires about Davos Seaworth, Stannis tells her of his treason. She ignores her father's order to forget her friend and sneaks down to Davos' prison cell with a book to keep him company. Learning that Davos cannot read, Shireen insists she will teach him how.

Jorah Mormont and Barristan Selmy follow, trading war stories. Jorah digs to see if Barristan knows how he betrayed Dany, but learns that the Lord Commander was not welcome at Small Council meetings. Dany asks her new army to choose their own leader; they select Grey Worm. Perturbed that the Unsullied are named after vermin, she encourages them to select new ones. Robb tells his wife that will mean turning to Walder Frey, the man whose daughter he was supposed to marry.

Tywin discloses that the Tyrells are conspiring to wed Sansa to Loras. He views this union as a betrayal against the crown and a strategic plot to control the North. Aware that the Tyrells' hands are tied until after the royal wedding, Tywin decrees they must act quickly; Tyrion will marry Sansa. Smug at her brother's predicament, Cersei is taken aback to learn her father's plan for her: She's to marry Loras Tyrell. His lack of know-how confirms what Gilly suspected; Sam is highborn.

He tells her what to expect once they reach Castle Black and at Gilly's request, sings a song to lull her baby to sleep. As Jojen, asleep nearby, begins to twitch uncontrollably, Meera expertly tends to her brother's fit. Intimidated by the expansive sheet of ice, Jon Snow admits to Ygritte he's afraid. Her own fears are overshadowed by excitement; she's waited her entire life for this climb. Ygritte tells Jon she knows his loyalty still lies with the Night's Watch, and she doesn't care.

Neither of their armies will ensure their survival, she reasons. The lovers pledge to never betray each other. She fires an arrow for Joffrey, Cersei and Ilyn Payne, hitting the straw target each time. As Anguy coaches her, Arya notices riders approaching the camp. Thoros of Myr meets the visitors, speaking to Melisandre in High Valyrian.

In the same tongue, the red priestess greets Thoros by name and questions the status of his mission-to convert King Robert to the Lord of Light. Admitting he failed, Thoros invites her inside, where Melisandre is mesmerized by Lord Beric Dondarrion's scars. She's shocked to learn of his six resurrections. Thoros explains that his friend's survival ignited his faith-he was a dubious priest until his prayer for Beric's life was answered the first time. Now his devotion to the Lord of Light is absolute.

Beric exchanges Gendry for sacks of gold, while the Red priestess assures the stunned boy he is meant for a higher purpose. Door opens Arya Stark, come with us. Your father wants to see you. And why is it that Lord Eddard is sending Lannister men in place of his own? And l don't have to go with you if I don't want. Laughs Take her. Are you men or snakes, that you would threaten a child?

Get out of my way, little man. I am Syrio Forel. Foreign bastard. Kill the Braavosi. Bring the girl. Arya child, we are done with dancing for the day. Run to your father. Bloody oafs. The first sword of Braavos does not run. Not today. Men moaning Swords ringing Men screaming Not today. Gasps Stay away from me. I'll tell my father.

I'll tell the queen. Chuckles Who do you think sent me? Horses neighing Needle. There she is. He'll reward you. I promise you it isn't poisoned. Why is it no one ever trusts the eunuch? Not so much, my lord. I would save the rest, if I were you. Hide it. Men have been known to die of thirst in these ceIIs. What about my daughters? The younger one seems to have escaped the castle. Even my little birds cannot find her. Cersei wiII keep her cIose.

The rest of your household though. I do so hate the sight of blood. You watched my men being slaughtered and did nothing. And would again, my lord. When you look at me do you see a hero? What madness led you to tell the queen you had learned the truth about Joffrey's birth? The madness of mercy. It wasn't the wine that killed Robert, nor the boar. The wine sIowed him down and the boar ripped him open, but it was your mercy that kiIIed the king. I trust you know you're a dead man, Lord Eddard?

The queen can't kill me. Cat hoIds her brother. The wrong brother, sadly. And Iost to her. Your wife has let the Imp sIip through her fingers. If that's true, then sIit my throat and be done with it. Not today, my lord. Tell me something, Varys. Who do you truly serve? The realm, my lord. Someone must. Door creaks, clangs It's Othor, without a doubt.

The other one is Jafer Flowers, my lord, less the hand the wolf tore off. Any sign of Benjen or the rest of his party? Just these two, my lord. Been dead awhile, I'd say. Sniffs What smell? There is none. If they'd been dead for a long time, wouldn't there be rot? Fire will do for them. The wildling way. I want Maester Aemon to examine them first. You may be a coward, Tarly, but you're not stupid. Lord Commander, Maester Aemon awaits you in his chambers.

A raven from King's Landing. Come on, move 'em out. Bring me a horn of ale, Snow, and pour one for yourself. The king is dead. Is there any word of my father? Lord Stark has been charged with treason. They say he conspired with Robert's brothers to deny the throne to Prince Joffrey.

I hope you're not thinking of doing anything stupid. Your duty lies here now. My sisters were in King's Landing too. I'm sure they'll be treated gently. Varys Your father has proved to be an awfuI traitor, dear. He wouldn't do that. He knows how much I love Joffrey. He wouldn't. PIease, Your Grace, there's been a mistake. Send for my father. He'll tell you - the king was his friend.

Sansa sweetling, you are innocent of any wrong. We know that. Yet you are the daughter of a traitor. How can I allow you to marry my son? Pycelle A child born of a traitor's seed is no fit consort for our king. She is a sweet thing now, Your Grace, but in 1 0 years who knows what treasons she may hatch?

No, I'm not. I'll be a good wife to him, you'll see. I'll be a queen just like you, I promise. I won't hatch anything. The girl is innocent, Your Grace. She should be given a chance to prove her loyalty. Sighs Little dove, you must write to Lady Catelyn and your brother, the eldest, - what's his name? Word of your father's arrest will reach him soon, no doubt. Best it comes from you. If you would help your father, urge your brother to keep the king's peace.

Tell him to come to King's Landing and swear his feaIty to Joffrey. If I could see my father, talk to him about. You disappoint me, child. We have told you of your father's treason. Why would you want to speak to a traitor? I only meant that. What will happen to him? And on you. Sansa wrote this? It is your sister's hand, but the queen's words. You are summoned to King's Landing to swear fealty to the new king.

Joffrey puts my father in chains, now he wants his arse kissed? This is a royal command, my lord. But not alone. Call the banners. All of them, my lord? They've all sworn to defend my father, have they not? They have. Now we see what their words are worth. Are you afraid? I must be. Cawing You've had this since dawn? He sent it to me, not you. My husband has been taken prisoner. Your son against the Lannisters?

You should go to him. Teach him patience. Ned rots in a dungeon and you speak of patience? He is your brother by law! Does family mean nothing to you? Family means everything to me. And I will not risk Robin's life to get caught up in another of your husband's wars. You just ate. You wiII not support us, then? Do I understand you correctly? You're always welcome here, sister. But if you're asking me to send men from the Vale to fight.

That is what I ask. Go on, sweet. Time for your bath. I'll feed you after. If you fear for the safety of your son. Of course l fear for the safety of my son! Are you an idiot? They killed my husband. You say they shoved your boy from a window. Tyrion whistling a tune Will you shut up? There's hill tribes all around here. If I'm going to die, it may as well be with a song in my heart. I should just take your food and Ieave you here. You don't think I'd do it, do you?

What do you want, Bronn? Golden women? Stick with me and you'll have them all, for as long as I'm around and not a moment longer. But you knew that. That is why you so vaIiantIy took up arms to defend my honor. Fair enough. But don't go looking for me to bend the knee and "my Iord" you every time you take a shit. Though I would treasure your friendship, l'm mainIy interested in your facility with murder.

And if the day ever comes when you're tempted to sell me out, remember this - whatever their price, I'll beat it. I like living. Whistles - RustIing - Bronn whispers Tyrion. Birds chirp, flutter Come, share our fire. Help yourselves to our goat. How would you like to die, Tyrion, son of Tywin? In my own bed, at the age of 80 with a belly full of wine and a girl's mouth around my cock. Laughing All laughing Take the halfman.

He can dance for the children. Kill the other one. No, no, no, no, no! My house is rich and powerful. If you see us through these mountains, my father wiII shower you with goId. We have no use for a halfman's promises. Halfman maybe, but at least I have the courage to face my enemies. What do the Stone Crows do? Hide behind rocks and shiver when the knights of the Vale ride by?

Are those the best weapons you couId steaI? Good enough for killing sheep, if the sheep don't fight back. Lannister smiths shit better steel. You think you can win us over with your trinkets? That trinket is worth more than everything your tribe owns. But if you help us, Shagga, son of Dolf, I will not give you trinkets. I will give you this. What is "this"? The Vale of Arryn. The Iords of the VaIe have always spat upon the hill tribes. The lords of the Vale want me dead. I believe it is time for new lords of the Vale.

Crow cawing Ser Alliser Now there's a rare sight. Not onIy a bastard, but a traitor's bastard. Blood will always tell. You'll hang for this, bastard. I told you not to do anything stupid. You're confined to quarters. Barking, whining Ghost, what's wrong? Is someone out there?

Whining and growling Snarling Growling Commander? Barks, whines Stay. Yelps Screaming Move! Men yelling, women screaming Grunts Screaming and yelling continue What did they do? Lamb men make good slaves. Khal Drogo will make a gift of them to the sIavers, and the slavers will give us gold.

Daenerys I thought the Dothraki didn't believe in money. Gold to hire ships, Princess, ships to sail to Westeros. Women screaming Jorah, make them stop. These men have shed blood for their khal. Now they cIaim their rewards. She is a lamb girl, Khaleesi. The riders do her honor. If her wailing offends the Khaleesi, I will bring you her tongue. Princess, you have a gentle heart, but this is how it's always been. I do not have a gentle heart, ser.

Do as I command or Khal Drogo will know the reason why. Rakharo speaks Dothraki - Come. And those women there. You cannot claim them all, Princess. I can, and I will. Man speaks Dothraki Dothraki continues Drogo speaks Dothraki Moon of my life, Mago says you haven taken his spoils, a daughter of a lamb man who was his to mount.

Tell me the truth of this. Mago speaks the truth, my sun and stars. I have claimed many daughters this day. This is the way of war. These women are slaves now. It pleases me to keep them safe. If your riders would mount them, Iet them take them for wives. Does the horse mate with the lamb? The dragon feeds on horse and lamb alike. You are a foreigner. You do not command me. I am Khaleesi.

I do command you. Drogo snickers See how fierce she grows? That is my son inside her, the stallion that will mount the world, filling her with his fire. I will hear no more. Mago, find somewhere else to stick your cock. A Khal who takes orders from a foreign whore is no Khal.

Speaks Dothraki I will not have your body burned. I will not give you that honor. The beetles will feed on your eyes. The worms will crawl through your lungs. The rain will fall on your rotting skin. First you have to kill me. I already have. My sun and stars is wounded. A scratch. Where are the healers? This is the bite of a fly. I can help the great rider with his cut. The Khal needs no help from slaves who lie with sheep. She is mine. Let her speak.

Speaks English Thank you, silver lady. Speaks English Who are you?

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Game of Thrones: Episode 8: The Pointy End

Eddard and his men are betrayed and captured by the Lannisters.

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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 8 S01E08 The Pointy End game of thrones s01e08 the pointy end subtitles torrent

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